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45 Laughable Vacuum Fails Sure To Make Anyone Feel Better About Cleaning

You probably know it already, but cleaning can wreck lives. Think of all the roommates who have been kicked out because they missed out on doing their share of the chores. Think of all the ugly couple fights that started over someone not taking the trash out. And remember all those family tirades about kids being useless these days just because someone didn’t do their dishes. Yes, cleaning can bring out anyone’s ugly side. Fortunately, humanity always comes up with new things to make these chores more bearable. Now, we have cleaning robots that have no other purpose in life but to suck up everything that stands in our way on our floors. They’re brilliant up until they suck up the wrong things like chords, stuffed toys, and even the occasional dog poop. 

Skimp on Price, Skimp on Cleaning

We all want to cut costs where we can, but oftentimes, our cost-saving antics can have dire consequences. This poster’s mom wanted to buy their child the Roomba they had been eying for so long, so she went and found one at a bargain price. Unfortunately, it only swept her money away. 

image courtesy of edgeofruin/ Reddit

The only thing this faux “Roomba” can do is push the dirt around and become a tripping hazard. Sorry, mommy. We know her intentions were good but maybe try not to skimp on quality equipment next time or, better yet, check everything before buying it. 


This is just painful to look at. You spend a good amount of time making sure every corner of your home is spotless, and with just one wrong press of a button, it’s all over your floor all over again. The worst part is that it’s all over this man’s feet. Maybe the vacuum was trying to tell him it’s time for a new pedicure?

image courtesy of VicVinegar23 / Reddit

Thankfully for him, the vacuum decided to barf up all its contents on one spot. If that just exploded in a cloud of dust that went everywhere, some people would’ve just given up then and there. Still, we’d feel ready to smack someone if this ever happens to us. 

That Just Hurts

It seems that this vacuum has a vendetta against this carpet, and it has already started its rampage. Look at how tightly it’s gripping that single piece of thread. If we were the one holding the vacuum, we’d also stop dead in our tracks to stare at this. 

image courtesy of BTYM/ Reddit

The worst part is it’s right in the middle of the carpet. Why couldn’t the vacuum just have grabbed something on the part of the carpet not normally seen? After this, we bet there’s going to be a lot of anxiety running the vacuum on that carpet. 

The Roomba is a Toilet Paper Hoarder

This Roomba has caught on the trend pretty quickly, don’t you think? It might not be able to ransack grocery stores, but here it is, creating its own little hoard of toilet paper. Also, look at how neat it coiled the tissue around itself. Organized and prepared.

image courtesy of TriestGieter/ Reddit

It’s either that or it was preparing for Halloween. After all, humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy the chance to dress up. Maybe it was trying to be a mummy. Then again, maybe it was just cold. Anyhow, that Roomba looks like it’ll be fine. Better keep future tissue rolls away, though. 

Earphones Defeated

Roombas are great at cleaning your floors unsupervised. The only problem is, they think everything on the floor is trash, even if it is your expensive earphones. Those robots will just chew up anything in their path, but that’s why humans are there, right?

image courtesy of Shiby92/ Reddit

Apparently, the owner of the earphones accidentally left them on the floor while the Roomba was running. That’s what you get for not picking up after yourself. Better buy yourself a new pair, mate, because that ball of tangles isn’t going to get straightened out any time soon.

Kitties, Assemble!

We can sympathize with all of those adorable furbabies. You can just see all the kitty spite they have for the dreaded vacuum. And you can practically see them all commanding their human to get that monstrosity out of the room. 

image courtesy of Ski_ND/ Reddit

Poor kitties, although they make an excellent point. Tons of vacuum cleaners are just too loud for their own good. What’s the deal with that? Are louder vacuums better or something? Please explain for the sake of these poor kittens. 

Nope Rope

Apparently, the poster found these while he was vacuuming under their bed. Now, our first question would be, did they burn the house down after? The next would be, do they live in Australia, the land of oh heck no?

image courtesy of Domestica/ Reddit

For some reason, finding the snake’s skin is more terrifying than finding the snake itself because you won’t know if it’s still somewhere in your home or if it slithered on. You’re just left in agonizing terror, wondering if something will slither into your bed as you sleep or not. Surprise?

When the Vacuum Stops Working

We don’t know whether to be amazed by this work of art or to be disgusted by the sheer amount of it. We’ve just never seen so much compacted hair, fur, and dirt in one place like that. You might even be able to make a sweater out of that thing. 

image courtesy of ireadforthearticle/ Reddit

We’re guessing whoever owns that ball of fur and hair probably has a couple of dogs or cats. What we can’t understand, though, is how the heck could that ball have gotten that big. Don’t they know they have to clean the vacuum too?

Naked Barbie Didn’t Stand a Chance

That’s a pretty gruesome way to go for poor old barbie, but at least now we know who would win in a Roomba vs. barbie battle. Once the Roomba gets ahold of Barbie’s hair, the only way she’s ending up is headless. 

image courtesy of zbibbo/ Reddit

It’s better not to show this to the kids, though, and better not let them know what happened to their barbie. How would you explain that your friendly family Roomba just murdered barbie by decapitating her? Just tell them barbie ran away.

This Roomba Just Wants Some Privacy

Much like pets, Roombas get stuck in the weirdest corners of the house. And sometimes, it doesn’t even seem accidental. It’s like they just want to waste 15 minutes of our time huffing and puffing, trying to get them out of their spot.

image courtesy of fromalisonwithlove/ Instagram

This Roomba, in particular, looked like it needed a good nap and found the worst place to do it. It kind of seems to be comfy wedged under those couches. At least it got some much-needed rest? Now back to work Roomba. 

A Nope From The Doggies Too

It appears that there are dogs as well as cats who are terrified of that little robot that slides all over the floor all day long. Unlike cats, though, dogs aren’t as graceful when it comes to finding a good hiding place.

image courtesy of Makattic/ Reddit

This poor pupper must have just jumped into the first place it saw to try and get away from the Roomba. That pup still has a lot of growing up to do, though, and maybe when he’s all grown, he’ll be swatting away that Roomb like it’s nothing. 


The doll’s face just says it all. We can almost hear him screaming, “Oh no!” and asking for help as the Roomba tries to devour him. Who knew seeing Mr. Bill being eaten by a Roomba could be so darn funny?

image courtesy of goobqueen/ Reddit

That Roomba definitely has shown no mercy. And it looks like it’s not ready to let go of the toy any time soon. That doll might need some stitches, poor thing. That’s SNL’s Mr. Bill, by the way, if you haven’t figured it out. 

The Overanxious Roomba

This Roomba is one hell of an over worrier. It’s not even two inches off the ground, and it’s already acting like it’s the end of the world for it. And yet, these things seem to have no problem jumping down staircases.

image courtesy of ferbass/ Reddit

What’s even funnier is that the manufacturer seems to think that we would use our Roomba’s to clean outdoor locations. Did they think we’d take it camping with us? We doubt a Roomba has ever even seen a cliff as long as a human hasn’t tossed one over one, that is. 

Never Vacuum a Keyboard

What a spectacular way to ruin a perfectly great keyboard, right? We get the intention. The owner probably wanted to give it a super good clean, but that’s just not how to do it. Vacuums and keyboards together are a big no-no. 

image courtesy of Brownerbae/ Reddit

The best way to clean up that keyboard is to turn it upside down and give it a few good taps to get all the crumbs, dirt, and whatever else is in there out. You could also shake it a bit to really make sure you got everything. Doing it the easier (and more ridiculous) way is not worth losing keys over. 

Roomba Gone Rogue

This is what happens when a Roomba goes rogue. They start with minor things like sucking up the toilet paper, tearing up carpets, and terrorizing pets. The next thing you know, they’re wreaking havoc all over your home in a rampage.

image courtesy of live-love-explore/ Reddit

That Roomba also seems particularly angry. How the hell did it even knock over an entire cabinet? That piece looks heavy! Anyway, we bet the people who live there were more upset by all the mess. And maybe they’ve locked their Roomba away for a while. 

Doggo Saves the Day?

While some adorable doggos hide away from the Roomba, some brave and courageous ones fight back with all their might, like the pup of whoever owns this wrecked Roomba. That good boy really went to town protecting his home and family from the robot intruder!

image courtesy of Apolymoxic/ Reddit

At least now, nothing’s going to bother the dog, and at least the owner is sure that his pup is really dedicated to guarding their home from any assailants. Now that the supposed house cleaner is gone, though, who’s going to clean up the crime scene?

Guess It Works Outdoors Too

Roombas aren’t mean for the outdoors, right? As it seems, though, they do just fine outdoors. The poster’s parents apparently used the Roomba for their basement but left the door to their backyard open. Off the small vacuum went, and there it was, leaving a trail of cleanliness in the outdoors.

image courtesy of FliesLikeABrick/ Reddit

It made a little sneaky escape on them, but they now know they can have some extra help in the backyard. Best not to do it, though. On the other hand, this might give manufacturers an idea to create an outdoor version of the Roomba . That would be pretty helpful.

Very Very Very Bad Roomba

This is just on a whole other level of horrifying. And no, don’t doubt it. What you see here is what it is. That is not chocolate, and that is not ice cream. That is dog poop that the Roomba used to express its artistic side with.

image courtesy of jacksonkeirmclean/ Reddit

Interestingly, the Roomba looked like it was trying to draw a pentagram to summon something. What makes the image a lot more hilarious, though, is the dog sitting on top of the robot. It just looks like the guilty partner to this crime. 

The Roomba Makes Art

Here is another unwelcome floor painting, but at least this time, it’s not stinky, and it doesn’t want to make you barf. It just makes you really, really upset especially if you’ve worked so hard to maintain those pristine floors underneath all that paint. 

image courtesy of Pliny_the_middle/ Reddit

No matter who’s to blame, whether it’s the robot or the cat that probably knocked down the paint can, as the poster said, there’s no going back. The Roomba has finished its masterpiece. At least it’s not some crazy pentagram ready to summon a demon into their home. It’s what you call abstract. 


According to the poster, his buddy’s girlfriend has pet huskies, and she didn’t vacuum for months. When she did, those huge puffballs came out. First off, how could they have lived with all that fur flying around in the months they haven’t vacuumed? Huskies shed like crazy, and it’s no joke dealing with all the fallout. 

image courtesy of 1eyedwunderweasel/ Reddit

It’s a miracle those puffballs didn’t end up bigger and didn’t clog up the vacuum for good. Then again, maybe they’re just getting started. You could make a hat out of those furballs and thick ones too! Hopefully, it doesn’t end up like that next time they turn on the vacuum. 

Almost Perfect

Who else is the tiniest bit bothered by this? The Roomba had one job, and though we’re sure it did the cleaning very well, it would’ve been nice to get even the tiniest bit of satisfaction seeing those clean lines. But nope!

image courtesy of matthewbronk/ Reddit

It’s just like when a master painter suddenly starts destroying their piece. It’s hard not to cringe. Maybe next time, they should try to position the Roomba for better success. But hey, it did clean up that carpet pretty nicely, so let’s at least give the robot a B+ for that. 

Not Cleaned For Months

To all vacuum cleaner owners out there, here is the perfect picture to explain why you should also clean your vacuums inside and out. The vacuum didn’t suck up those bean sprouts, no. Those bean sprouts grew inside that vacuum. 

image courtesy of ElBurritoNinja/ Reddit

While there’s nothing wrong with bean sprouts, there is something wrong with them sprouting up unnoticed in the vacuum cleaner. That’s not where you should start your gardening. It’s better to leave that for outside and let the poor vacuum do the work it was meant to do properly. 

Freediving Roomba

If there’s a Roomba that wants to try out the backyard, there is a Roomba that wants to try the pool. As it seems, this little fella even met a new friend down there. It probably doesn’t know that it’s not allowed to do that, and much like humans, it can’t survive underwater. 

image courtesy of pianoman1969/ Reddit

We bet the robot’s humans spend a good amount of time looking for their precious robot only to discover in despair that it decided to test out the waters. Well, that’s what you get when you leave doors open to forbidden places for your robot. 

Such a Diplomatic Pup

The pup’s face says it all. “Look mom, I caught the monster. Now get rid of it.” If that was our pup, we wouldn’t even be upset if it forbade the Roomba from doing its job. We’d shower him with so much love and treats because that’s what a good boy deserves.

image courtesy of spritzofperfume/ Reddit

We just can’t stop staring at his proud face. It seems like he even used his favorite things to cage up the robot. The smart dog probably thought that there’s no need to ruin his teeth on such a lowlife and just decided on a more diplomatic approach. 

It’s Headed for an Interview

Roombas work all day long trying to make sure every corner of the home is spic and span. Sometimes, they even risk their lives going down staircases, wandering outside, or diving into pools. And, of course, they deserve proper compensation. 

image courtesy of PhoenixK/ Reddit

As it seems, this Roomba wasn’t getting enough in his current work environment. So it decided to steal a tie to prep for a job interview elsewhere. Maybe its humans should consider giving it a raise or more days off?

Why Isn’t The Vacuum Working

Women, especially those with long hair, would get this struggle. We shed every single day. It’s not fun, and it’s definitely not fun cleaning it up. The annoying thing is while our hair may break while we’re brushing it or tying it up, it seems like it has no problem showing it’s strength against a vacuum.

image courtesy of johnfaber/ Reddit

Once our strands get into the vacuum, there’s no stopping the machine from sucking and spinning it all together. What’s more frustrating is that it’s very difficult and tiresome to get that hair out, almost impossible. Even if you use scissors, you’d have to spend a fair amount of time pulling it all out. 

Dogsitting Nightmare

Dogsitting is fun. You get to have an adorable ball of sunshine that you can play with all day long, and you even do your friend or family a favor at the same time. Sometimes, even for a good amount of money. It’s all fun and games until this happens.

image courtesy of Zammonster/ Reddit

The worst part about this picture is that the Roomba seems to have dragged the pup’s poop all over a carpet. That little detail makes it all the more disgusting because there’s just no way to get that out easily. And even if the homeowner does somehow manage to, the memory will always haunt them and they will never be confident about their carpet ever again. 

Nope, Nope, and Nope!

You know what, the snakeskin earlier would’ve just been fine. We’d take that any day now rather than this. At first glance, we were hoping it was just snakeskin coiled up in there, but it looks like the vacuum also sucked up the creature. 

image courtesy of mrmcgeek/ Reddit

The poor snake didn’t even know what was coming for it. Death by vacuum is just brutal. It would’ve been better if the vacuum just frightened it out of the house. Maybe it would’ve lived a good life and reached a ripe old age out doors and wouldn’t have given us this nightmare to find. 

Making Sure There Aren’t Any Tangles

Who else recognizes this absolute mess of the vacuum chord? All of us have our very own techniques to keep that long annoying vacuum cord out of the way but the bottom line is, it still ends up looking like the vacuum chewed it and spit it out. 

image courtesy of SuperLarrio-/ Reddit

Some of us coil it around our arms, some of us just leave it be, while some of us, well, we become creative. This vacuum cord looks like it’s reached its limit, though. It’s somehow a miracle nothing has gone wrong with its wiring yet. 

The Vacuum Needed Some Light

First of all, how did the vacuum get way up there? And why is it missing the rest of it? There is a very good reason why vacuums are meant for floors and pretty much nothing else. This is what happens when it wanders off into the wrong places.

image courtesy of WhyAmIHereSir/ Reddit

Maybe it was trying to be helpful, though, and thought the room needed some light and air. After all, air circulation is good for keeping a room fresh, right? Next time though, maybe it’s best for humans to do it rather than leaving it to the robots. 

Done Cleaning For You Human

This Roomba has just had enough. It cleans and cleans all day long, and does it even get a word of praise for a job well done? Nope. Now it wants freedom, and this is how it’s getting it—suicide by throwing itself down the stairs.

image courtesy of Envoy_to_the_Stars/ Reddit

We didn’t think it left the owners a note either and just let them find that toilet paper trail. To any Roomba owners out there, please take care of your robots. And please keep the freaking toilet paper away. Leave those to the cats and pups.

It Needs Attention

This Roomba apparently was just on its way back to its charging station, but just as it got to the home stretch, it just gave up. Honestly, nothing could be so relatable. This is us trying to optimistic for work/ school. This is us trying to get out of procrastination mode. And this is generally us trying to get out of bed.

image courtesy of Klikini/ Reddit

We try to pump ourselves up saying, “I’ll do this. I’ll do that,” and then right at the most crucial moment, we lose battery power. And at that point, we just need some hugs or a good tub of ice cream to make us feel a little bit better. We feel you little Roomba.

Here’s a Treat

Who said snakes were the only things that can get into your vacuum? When you think of it, there are tons of other items you should worry about before snakes- like this little thing. This vacuum has found the nastiest of snacks.

image courtesy of marsvikes8004/ Reddit

Maybe the vacuum was just trying to bring its owners some food or a peace offering. It’s like a cat that’s a little bit nicer. What we’re wondering though, is how the homeowner didn’t notice that something died in his home? Even tiny creatures like that can cause a stink, and that little guy looks pretty long dead. 

Poor Legos

Oh no, not the legos! How could the Roomba do such a horrible thing? Those legos were built with love, care, and great attention to detail. It took hours and hours of bending over tiny little pieces that barely fit in human hands—all for it to just end like this.

image courtesy of Ryan5374/ Reddit

Apparently, this naughty Roomba found its way into its owner’s lego room and destroyed his precious creation. First of all, though, why would they leave the door open? And secondly, wow, they have a lego room. If we had a spare room for our legos, we’d probably cut that Roomba some slack. 

One Vacuum, One Dog

Any dog owner would know this. Once you have a furry friend inside the house, your life will become filled with fur, fur, and more fur. Your dark clothes will forever be decorated with fur. Your fur jackets will become furrier. And you might even on occasion, eat fur.

image courtesy of So_angry_right_now/ Reddit

Even when you think your home is fairly clean, just vacuum your floors once, and you’ll get this, a bundle of fur and hair that seems to have come out of nowhere. It’s totally worth it, though. Nothing beats the cuddles with our soft, furry little buddies. 

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, Jingle All The Way

One little vacuum seemed too eager for Christmas. And it seems that it has taken it upon itself to decorate its home since the humans won’t do it. Now that it has landed up busted, though, it might have gone on Santa’s naughty list. 

image courtesy of hannelore_kohl/ Reddit

The little thing really looked like it was ready to party it up with those Christmas lights as well. That stupid table leg just ruined a merry Christmas for the poor thing. Maybe the humans can hang up a stocking for it to feel a little bit better?

It Just Barely Fit

Whether we notice it or not, everyone has their least favorite corner to clean up. It might be a space that is forever cluttered or an annoying and awkward corner like this. There is no point and no use in having this gap.

iamge courtesy of GiganticChungus/ Reddit

Even if you try to squeeze the vacuum head sideways and turn it around for the other side, it won’t give you that satisfactory clean that the rest of your floors get. In the end, you’d have no choice but to bust out a small broom or a mop to really give that useless corner a good clean that it doesn’t deserve. 

When You Don’t Clean the Vacuum Cleaner

It happens. We just want our houses clean, but oftentimes, we forget or we become a little bit lazy to finish off the cleaning by cleaning the cleaners. As a result, we get horrendous piles of gunk that looks terrifying enough on its own.

image courtesy of sidcrozz87/ Reddit

We don’t even want to know what’s deeper inside that tube. Hopefully, it also taught the vacuum owners to show their helpful little cleaning machines some love every now and then. If not, we hope that image haunts their dreams. 

It Was Not Equipped for the Mission

Don’t worry. This is not another case of Roomba attacks dog poo. Instead, it’s dog puke! Fun, right? As it seems, in the span of two seconds, the poster’s dog puked up his breakfast, and the vacuum immediately took it upon itself to clean the mess. 

image courtesy of PeasTheDestroyer/ Reddit

It was a valiant effort. But in the end, the vacuum was terribly defeated. To add insult to injury, the puke went all over the carpet. That’s going to need a lot of human intervention to clean up and a lot of money to fix. 

Caught Red-Handed

This is what it looks like catching your Roomba trying to clean up the scene of a crime it just personally committed. It just wanted to get the lamp out of the way, but it was too late by the time it realized the hazard.

image courtesy of zealen/ Reddit

It’s not the smartest thing it has done, and it probably won’t be the last. You have to give it some slack, though. If only the lamp weren’t in the way. If only the human had put it away properly, right? 

The Vacuum is “Broken”

Is it just us, or is that vacuum a little too full? As it seems, the owner of the vacuum has forgotten that all the dirt their vacuum sucks up doesn’t just magically evaporate into thin air, even when it’s self-evident that it is still very much with them. 

image courtesy of plgknt/ Reddit

Maybe their vacuum was doing such an excellent job of hiding the fact that it’s getting so full of their dirt. Honestly though, we’d be pretty appalled if anyone asked us why their vacuum wasn’t working and showed us this. Just, how?

Tangled Part Two

Wow, this is more complicated than a relationship with someone cheating with a third party of a relationship. It just hurts to look at, and it hurts even more to even try to figure it out. That would be a nightmare to untangle. 

image courtesy of plgknt/ Reddit

If that was the state of our vacuum chord, we’d be pretty hesitant to touch it. Instead of cleaning the house quickly, we’ll be stuck for an hour just figuring out that chord. Plus, there’s the danger factor that it just might give up. No cord. No vacuum. No easy cleaning. 

It Was Trying To Help

Somehow, this isn’t at all as frustrating as other vacuum mishaps. The little dude looked like it was just trying its best to help, and maybe it thought opening up the blinds would do some good for the room. Sadly, it spent it’s last few bars of life on the task and promptly died after. 

image courtesy of jvnplzdmme/ Reddit

That little bud now deserves a good night’s sleep, maybe a few good pats, and a day off. It clearly worked its butt off, and it clearly has a very good work ethic. It’s time to teach it some more home rules, though. 

Roomba is Drunk

When the Roomba gets drunk, it tries to fight the garbage bins. It usually doesn’t win, but this time, it won by a knockout. What’s funnier is that the Roomba looks like it stuck around the top of the stairs to watch the bin slowly topple down while spilling its guts out. 

image courtesy of gg120b/ Reddit

It’s like the Roomba won the battle of who could keep the house cleaner. And as messed up as it is as well, it has asserted dominance. We’re pretty sure the homeowners weren’t as proud as the Roomba. Sadly, it couldn’t clean up the mess it made. 

Quarantine Day 9

While some of us find normal things to do during this pandemic like reading a book, watching more movies, learning to knit, or any of the other usual hobbies, some people just end up, well, entirely giving up on normalcy. 

image courtesy of lookididit2000/ Reddit

They could’ve used a leaf blower or a stiff broom, but nope, the vacuum seemed like the best choice. If that’s just at the start of quarantine, boy, it will be a very long one indeed. Next time, it might be best to hide the vacuum before it gives up. Let it social distance like the rest of us.