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Social Media Users Share What It’s Like To Live With Pets

Having animals around us can brighten up our lives greatly. You might not even realize how dull life has been until you go out and adopt a dog or a cat or a bird. Especially during this pandemic, being locking down with animals can bring a positive impact on your mental health, and make this trying time more bearable. Petting dogs have been proven to reduce stress, so much so that university dorms in England would bring in dogs into the common area during exam season! If you’re still living alone without animals, we strongly suggest you rethink. Aside from the stress relief factor, they are also funny and make for great cuddle buddies. If you’re still not sure, maybe the following tweets from pet owners will help change your mind.

Hanging out

Back when people still went outside to work, go to school, and hang out, pets used to spend at least eight hours alone in the house during the weekdays. This can get pretty boring, especially for dogs who are naturally active creatures.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Playing_Dad

Boredom clearly got the better of this little guy. While his humans were at work, he decided to just hang around by the hangers, and, well, things didn’t go as planned. Imagine walking in the door to this sight. Do you laugh or panic?

Dog royalty

Whether you were an animal lover, to begin with, or you were indifferent when your family first got the dogs, nothing can prepare you for how much you would treat your pooch like royalty. Take this mother-son exchange, for example.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@skittle624

The dogs get all the good food, all the snacks, the good spot on the couch. They get all the cuddles and the head scratches and all the time to play. Meanwhile, the kids have to reheat last night’s dinner. That’s just a day in the life of a pet owner.

The dog bed

If you’re the kind of person who thinks, “If I had a dog, I wouldn’t let him sleep in my bed or get up on the couch,” then get ready to be proven wrong. You might think you’re okay with giving tough love, but the dog will melt that cold heart of yours.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_Tempo11

The first night the dog gets on the bed with you, you shoo him off. The next night he does it again, and you try to shoo him off, but he keeps coming back. Pretty soon, he’s just chilling in bed with you, and you’re putting an unused dog bed in the garage.

The cat rules

When you get a pet, no matter what animal it is, you’re no longer the master of the house. You basically tailor your life to fit theirs, and not the other way around. They are the sun, and you are just like the solar system revolving around them.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@goodhairperson

Do you see what we mean? Whose desk is it? The cat’s owner. Who is in the way? The cat. But who apologized? The cat owner. This is just how life will be for the rest of forever. It may sound terrifying, but it’s actually the best thing!

Rhetorical questions

Having a pet isn’t much different than having a baby. You need a proper routine, and you need to make sure they’ve had enough to eat and drink. You are also going to find yourself asking a lot of rhetorical questions.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Social_Mime

“Do you want dinner? Who’s a good boy? What’s wrong? Are you hungry? Do you want to go out?” You ask your dog all these things as if he’s suddenly going to answer you. “Do you want dinner?” “Well, what do you think, Dan?”

No need for an alarm

One of the many perks of being a pet owner is that you don’t need to set up multiple alarms to wake you up in the mornings. Your pet will always wake you up, and they won’t stop pestering you until you give them breakfast.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@raegunwingo

It’s not just cats. Dogs and guinea pigs do the same thing. So if you’re someone who often misses your own alarms, maybe the solution is to ditch the phone and get a pet instead. It’s guaranteed to wake you up a lot more effectively than your phone alarm.


Remember when we said that having animals has amazing benefits for your mental health? Well, this person has experienced the benefits so very literally. Check out this photo of her dog lounging on a chair. You can’t tell us that he doesn’t look like a therapist!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@madamradams

With the way this dog’s paws are crossed and the understanding look that it is giving us, we immediately feel like diving into our past traumas. The dog is there to listen, not judge. And best of all, it doesn’t cost $100 an hour.

It’s not favoritism

When there’s a pet in the house, it is an unwritten rule that they are the favorite. Favorite child, favorite animal, and even favorite parents. As the rule goes, the pet always gets treated better than everyone else in the house.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jordynhalls

Does anyone else love their dog more than they love their parents? It may sound mean, but it’s true. Saying goodbye to your dog is always really difficult because they give you those puppy eyes that say, “don’t leave me.”


Animals are basically like humans. They deserve to be treated with respect, just like we do! So when a cat or dog or any other animal sneezes, it’s only polite to bless them. Amy Miller took to Twitter to see who agrees.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@amymiller

To the 78.7% of people who voted “polite” – yes, we are with you. Thank you for being a decent human being. To the 21.3% who voted “a cat lady,” you should probably stop shaming people for owning cats!


When you’re a pet owner, your animals are your babies. You will do anything to keep them safe and make sure they get what they need to be healthy and happy. So when they’re threatened in any way, you’re definitely going to step up and defend them.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CainenAvery

This guy is just being a protective parent. We love a pet owner who steps up! And sure, it may have made him look a little ridiculous to be barking at a couple of dogs on the street. But at least he made his own pup feel safe.

A little pick-me-up

If you’re having a particularly bad day, Twitter user Ken Jennings suggested one thing to turn that frown upside down. For all you dog owners out there, apparently, putting a bandana on your dog has the ability to cheer you up.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KenJennings

Put the bandana on your dog’s head if you really want a laugh. Put it around its neck if you want a reason to squeal “aaaawwww!” Whether your dog just resignedly lets you put a bandana on him, or whether he tries to wriggle his way out, you’re sure to smile.

It’s a conspiracy

In a household, the animals have so much control that it’s hard to think they’re not conspiring against the family in some way. Take this photo snapped by Twitter user @Pandamoanimum. What do you think these three are plotting?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Pandamoanimum

This looks like a secret meeting that was not supposed to be found out. Clearly, the cat is the head of the entire operation. Are they figuring out a way to escape in the middle of the night? Or maybe to get to the leftover pizza in the fridge?

Acting out

At the end of the day, birds are meant to fly free. Living in confinement for too long never does them any good, especially if it’s in a tiny cage in a house. This Twitter user was gone for just a little too long, and her bird was getting agitated.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@catesish

The poor bird probably just wanted to fly around. Or maybe it just missed its human. Either way, it seems from this description that it was excited to be let out of the cage finally. Bird owners, please pay attention!

Begging eyes

How can you say no to your cat when it’s giving you these eyes? Little Luna is giving us straight-up Puss In Boots from Shrek vibes. Whatever she’s looking at, it’s good, and she wants it bad. Oh, Luna, you manipulative feline!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BacklineNurse

We wonder what’s for dinner. The way Luna is looking wistfully at the table, we can’t help but compare her to Garfield when he sees a plate of lasagna. We hope Luna’s human finally gave in and shared some with her! Look at those eyes!

Her own tree

If you’re a pet owner, you’ll know that putting up the Christmas tree can be a big risk. Baubles will break, and tree branches on the lower end will snap, and by the end of Christmas, you won’t have much of a tree left!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@juliafeeyoree

This cat owner figured out the best solution to save her Christmas tree is to give her cat Harvey his own tree. Look at Harvey’s face here. He’s saying, “This is so sweet, human! I can’t believe you got a little tree for me!

Supportive cat mom

Pet owners are invested in their pet’s development. If you’ve lived with an animal from when it was a baby, you’ll know that every little milestone is exciting. What did we say? It really is like having a kid and watching it grow up!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MsLisaM

This cat mom’s supportiveness when it comes to her cat’s accomplishments is so endearing… She’s like a proud mom watching her baby walk for the first time. It really is exciting and impressive when animals do tricks like this.

Peanut Butter

Model Chrissy Teigen got a pet for her children in 2019. The family welcomed a hamster named Peanut Butter to the group, during which time Chrissy took to Twitter to share her experience in becoming a first-time hamster mom.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@chrissyteigen

Pets really do take a lot of research! You always want to know that you’re doing the right thing, feeding them the right food and giving them the best possible habitat to live in. Unfortunately for Chrissy’s family, Peanut Butter died in December 2020.

Yearning for love

If you’ve ever fed a hungry pet, you’ll know that the look they give you is unlike anything in this world. At that moment, when you’re opening up the canned food or scooping kibble into a bowl, your animal looks at you like you’re the only person in the world.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@wendychymes

Sometimes we feel no one can ever look at us that way. The only pure love in this world is the love that a pet has for its human. We’re definitely on the same page as @wendchymes. Be right back, off to the shelter to adopt more fur-babies!

Like having a baby

You can’t have stray items lying on the floor because dogs are bound to get curious and put them in their mouth. Sound familiar? Yep. It’s also what toddlers do. We can’t say this enough. Having a pet really is like having a baby.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kookiedelukey

If you baby-proof the house, you’re also going to have to pet-proof it. The safety of your pet is the utmost priority. You wouldn’t want them choking on a LEGO or bumping their heads on table corners.

The problem with cats

You know in the early 2000s, when Paris Hilton brought her tiny dog around everywhere she went? The dog was in every paparazzi shot, and it was such a trend to take tiny dogs around in a purse or a dog bag.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheAshleyClem

Unfortunately for cat owners, such photo ops don’t exist. Cats are so squirmy, and their claws are such a safety hazard. Putting a cat in a purse will probably ruin the purse and then ruin your arms. It’s less cute, more cuts!

Drama queens

If you’re familiar with “like father, like son,” or “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree,” you’d be surprised that it applies to pets and their owners too. Living in such close proximity with a human makes animals take on their traits.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@biorhythmist

Let’s face it, we all want a bit of attention from time to time. Especially during the pandemic, pets still lack attention even though their humans are working from home. For some reason, we’re all a lot busier working from home than the office, so it makes sense that this cat would act out!

Dust bunny

Here’s a pet we haven’t seen on this list before! How adorable is this little rabbit? It may be cute, but even from its first day home, it has already cost its owners a lot! All you want as a first-time pet owner is to create a nice environment for your animal.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@FuriousPiles

But there’s always a possibility they won’t appreciate it. It’s just the truth. Sometimes they would rather sleep in the dustpan than the £50 animal bed. It’s really simple for animals. As long as there’s a comfortable corner to sleep in and food around, they’re happy.

Long live

Everyone wishes they can spend forever with their loved ones. Everyone wishes their loved ones can cheat death, or they themselves can cheat death to be with their loved ones for all of eternity. Yes, when we say loved ones, we also mean our dogs.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jennyjaffe

If only dogs can live long and healthy lives without any complications, it would be so great. Otherwise, because they can’t, we want a guarantee that humans and dogs go to the same heaven when they die. Bottom line, we never want to be separated from our best friends.

“Now where have you been?”

Told you all pets just want love and attention. We’ve learned a lesson with our own pets that before going away on a long trip, it’s best practice to say goodbye to your dog and let them know how long you’ll be away.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RuinMyWeek

This dog really does look like he’s about to have a word with his owner. “Now, where have you been, sir? How long were you planning on leaving me alone? Did you even think about how lonely I would get here?”

It’s just what he does

When a dog has been in a house for a while, he’s going to have his own favorite place to lie around. Most of the time, it’s somewhere that’s bound to make you trip over him. It’s not ill-intentioned at all; it’s just what he does.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Kendragarden

Where does your dog like to sleep? At the foot of your bed, maybe? Or right in front of the bathroom door, so you trip over him when you step out of the shower? Or maybe next to the couch or on the doormat right by the door.

Typical cat behavior

If normal dog behavior consists of lying down in places that are sure to trip you, then typical cat behavior consists of insane mood swings. One moment they’re cuddling you on the couch, and the next, they’re clawing at you.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PetiteRainCity

Owning a cat comes with its chaos and confusion, but don’t worry. You’re not the only one experiencing the same thing this Twitter user is. It’s just typical cat behavior. Just remember to love it unconditionally no matter its mood.

Girls night

Pandemic life can get a little lonely. We’ve all been stuck indoors for a year now, and we’re all missing the better times. It feels like the last time we had a proper girls’ night was ages ago. Now we only do girls’ night at home with our one true BFF.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@danisnobunk

That’s right; our pets are our one true BFF. For this Twitter user, it’s her pet iguana! Who knew they liked cookie dough too? We’ve been talking so much about regular pets. This one is exotic and pretty unique, seeing as not many people are iguana moms!

All that yelling

Before you get a pet, it’s good to do a bit of research. Are they high maintenance? Do they require constant grooming? What kind of food do they eat? Which specific breeds are child-friendly? Most importantly, which breeds are quiet?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hell_doe

Having noisy pets can be really stressful for yourself and even for your neighbors. If your bird keeps yelling, your neighbors are probably going to hear it too. Wouldn’t want any noise complaints now, would you? Be careful which pet you get!

Best Friends Forever

When you’re stuck indoors with your pet, you literally do everything together. Whether you have a cat, dog, iguana, guinea pig, or hamster, your pets are basically your life partner now. It’s everyone’s dream to room with their BFF, and pet owners are lucky to be living it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Amber_Dzimirza

Look how adorable this little hamster looks in his bed! Now its human doesn’t have to worry about ever losing it. It looks so comfy in that fluffy bed that we don’t think it’s ever going to want to leave!


More and more cafes are upgrading the definition of what it means to be dog-friendly. Not only do they welcome dogs, they now provide a specific canine menu. If your dog has been eating kibble the entire week, the weekend may be a reason to take him out for a gourmet meal and a puppachino.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@von_owie

Sure, the canine menu costs almost the same as the human menu. It can be expensive for some, but look at what comes with it. Steak? Brown rice? Sounds like it’s worth $10 to us! Your dog is definitely worth it.

First day of school

It’s not the first day of school without an all-new outfit, backpack, and school supplies. Kids aren’t the only ones who are excited for the first day of school. Pets can join in on the fun too! Take these little bunnies, for example.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KimmDoan

Trust Twitter to provide us with this precious content. The fact that these bunnies have backpacks with bear and mouse faces on them is so adorable. They look like two best friends meeting at the end of the driveway to wait for the school bus!

We don’t like you

The number one screening process for anyone walking into this Twitter user’s house for the first time is testing whether the cat likes them. If the cat immediately sits on their lap and purrs, then they are worth the time.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mtaucoin

Cats are creatures that exhibit two extreme ends of the mood spectrum. They can be adorable one moment and then really rude the next. But rest assured, their first impression of new people is usually spot on. So it’s always good to listen to your cat!

“You have offended us”

If you think people nowadays are easily offended, then you haven’t met cats. Their moods can shift so quickly if you’ve done something that they don’t agree with. They can suddenly be so moody and treat you dismissively to make their point clear.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Baddiel

Kind of like these sullen kitties. Cats have been known to hold grudges for a long time. They’re not going to simply forget your wrongdoings just because it’s been a while. The phrase “time heals” does not apply to cats!

Kids these days

Parents are now shoving iPads in their kids’ faces instead of toys and stuffed animals. It puts kids in a trance and distracts them for a time, but it’s been known to create short attention spans. This can translate to cats as well.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@liz_buckley

Babies aren’t the only ones getting easily distracted by technology. As seen by the example of this cat here, as long as you leave the iPad charged, you won’t have to worry too much about the cat. Just remember to feed it every once in a while.

The guilt

Your dog is your baby, and you never want to do anything to hurt your baby. Accidentally hurting your child makes you feel like you’re a bad mom to a human child or to a dog. This Twitter user knows exactly how this feels.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@skittle 624

Her poor dog was so hurt that she yelped! We hope she’s okay and that there’s nothing wrong with her paw now. But yes, @skittle624, we would also be feeling the same way you are. Poor baby girl, we promise we won’t hurt you again!

Do-nothing day

Even with the pandemic restricting us to our homes, we’re all still working. If anything, it’s worse now that there is no physical boundary between where we work and where we relax. It can get really tiring at times.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ElyseWillems

But no one is as tired as a dog. It does nothing but lay around and eat all day, and yet it’s more exhausted than we are! When we’re done with work, the dog usually comes over and lays its head on our lap as if it’s had the toughest day ever.

A knack for keys

If you thought woodpeckers were the only birds who could ruin your furniture, think again. This Twitter user’s cockatiel has a knack for keys, and one day he decided that he would have a peck at every letter on the keyboard.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PepperNPals

This is especially fatal if you’re someone who works from home. What are you going to tell your boss when you can’t join the next Zoom meeting? “Sorry boss, my bird ate my keyboard?” Best thing to do is show him these photos as proof!

How to live forever

You didn’t hear it from us, but dogs are the secret to living a long life. It’s the ultimate life hack you need to know. So if you do have a dog now, make sure you keep it healthy and happy so that they keep you alive!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheAlexNevil

If you really do want to live forever, move to a much bigger space and get yourself lots of dogs. You can be a dog parent to as many dogs as you want. Not only do they bring you so much joy and keep you active, but they also bring you life.

Punching bag

When life gets a little too much and you feel like smashing glass, it’s only normal to lash out at other people without meaning to. But when you only live with your dog, you’re probably going to blow up at your dog from time to time.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@NicolleDWallace

With the pandemic affecting lives in such a negative way, it’s only fair for people to blow up or break down at times. To answer @NicolleDWallace’s question, we are not holding up. We are barely getting by. But at least we have our pets!


A few years ago, the abbreviation WWJD, or What Would Jesus Do? became trending, before the age of Twitter’s Trending Topics. Nowadays, people are looking elsewhere for advice and inspiration. And by elsewhere, we mean looking to other species.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@NASHterpiece

Cat’s don’t do much else except sleep, eat, and occasionally clean themselves. If you’re looking for inspiration on what to do and you’re looking to your cat for advice and guidance, you’re probably gonna end up doing what he does. We can’t lie; cats do live a good life.

Love between pets

Contrary to stereotypes and myths, dogs and cats can actually get along. Whatever the origin of the story was, animals have evolved much since then. They can now coexist in the same house without being at each other’s throats all the time.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jor_nicole4

How sweet is this? We told you cats and dogs could get along! If you’re ever thinking of getting a dog and a cat but also worrying about maintaining the peace in the house, worry no more. Adopt that pair of unlikely buddies. You won’t regret it.

Have you met my cat?

As pets are equivalent to our babies, it’s only natural that we would want to show our cats to the world. Especially with all the Zoom calls we’re having these days, it’s our chance to show off our pets to our workmates who otherwise may not have seen them.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@VampireGhuleh

This image is all of us in the Zoom call picking our cat up from the floor and holding them up toward the webcam. “Have you met my cat? Have you guys met my cat? This is my cat.” And of course, we expect everyone else with pets to reciprocate and introduce their pets too!

The important things

Like babies, cats can be clingy, too, especially when you’re about to head out the door. All they want is to have someone to play and laze around with. So what do you do to comfort them before you leave?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@annetdonahue

Of course, the only logical answer is to hold your cat like a baby until they feel better. Sometimes this can take a little longer than normal. But nothing is more important than assuring your cat that it’s going to be okay and that you’ll be home by 6 pm.

Learning to share

If there’s anything this Tweet has taught us, it’s that hamsters eat popcorn. Yup, there’s this video to prove it. How adorable is this? Now you can have your hamster as your movie buddy, and he can help you finish your popcorn too.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LeenaSalinas

If you’re not too happy with this, then that means you have to learn to share. All your hamster wants is some quality time over a movie and popcorn! There is still a way the two of you can relax. Maybe put his share of popcorn in his own little bowl?

Trolling the cat

Ever been so bored you start trolling your cat? Yeah, same. Twitter user @sarahdelri0 has also been in the same boat. Her poor cat is probably so sick of being trolled with like this. It sounds like he’s pretty frustrated.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sarahdelri0

If you’ve ever doubted how much cats love food, just read this tweet. The string of “meow”s at the end clearly translate to “Don’t you dare eat that! That is my food! I am right here, Sarah please don’t do this, I am so hungry!”