Stopping The Spread Of COVID-19

By Shane R November 16, 2020

Person Washing Hands

As we enter into the last remaining weeks of 2020, it is imperative that all people know how to stop the spread of the Corona-virus. The illness has continued to spread around the world, and the numbers are only increasing. But, you can neutralize it better by sticking with these tips below.

#1 – Washing Hands

This one may seem matter of fact, but with soap and water, you can disinfect really well. Some go for a hand sanitizer, but good, old soap and water are good here. Practicing hygiene like this can go a long ways.

#2 – Covering The Nose And Mouth

Little girl sneezing while walking in park

Another self-explanatory concept is important to keeping COVID-19 at bay. By having a face covering to sneeze into, you can keep all the germs away from others as well. Non-surgical masks are a good way to go, as well.

#3 – Social Distancing

You have heard the 6-feet apart rule by now. But, keeping a fair distance away from people is a great way to keep the illness away. Spending time outdoors is another way to have promising results against COVID-19.

#4 – Giving Blood and Plasma

Many people might not think much about this next tip, but our world needs it. By giving blood and plasma, you can help people who are in their most dire situation. There has been a lot of loss during 2020. But, with the little light, you can bring from doing this, it could go a long way to saving people who you do not even know in this difficult time.