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When Restaurant Designers Don’t Think Things Through

Two heads are better than one, they say. Bouncing ideas off each other makes it easier to spot errors, correct misspellings, and arrive at a sound decision. Third-party impartial observation is very important when it comes to restaurants. As the owner, you might think that your place is the bomb, but you might be too close to the project to notice glaring errors. Things can get messed up very bad, so you need to have someone come in and see things from a different perspective before that happens. If you’re interested in food and are thinking of opening a new restaurant, we urge you to take a look at this. This is the handbook of restaurant mistakes you shouldn’t commit, ever.

Great wordplay but we don’t want to eat Nemo

This is a restaurant where you shouldn’t bring children. They’re going to cry, and you’re going to scar them for life. If you’re a good parent or trying your best to be, never, ever take them here for a meal.

Image courtesy of oddmatter/Reddit

Whoever thought of this restaurant name is either a genius or an absolute madman. How else are you gonna convince families with little kids to eat here? Don’t even get us started on their poster. The gall to even put Nemo’s before and after photos there!

Mongolian restaurant for turds

We get it; thinking of a restaurant name can be such a challenge. You want to convey what your business is all about, but you also don’t want to be generic. You want people to notice you, so it’s always a good thing if you can think of a clever business name.

Image courtesy of Foobar85/Reddit

No matter how difficult things can get, don’t decide on names haphazardly. Don’t be like this guy who named his Mongolian restaurant Turd. We’re not sure what Turd means in their place, but we all know what that means in English, and it isn’t good.

Making new friends

Where do you usually meet new people and become friends with them? We can think of a few places such as the school cafeteria or the office, but the last thing that would come to mind is the urinal. However, that’s what this restaurant wants you to do.

Image courtesy of EasyChoiceYT/Reddit

There can be no other reason for putting two urinals in one cubicle. Perhaps it’s for best friends who don’t want to be separated even when they need to go? Anyway, if you do make friends, just make sure you wash before you shake hands.

Where do the stairs lead?

Space is a commodity when it comes to businesses. The bigger space you have, the more things you can do but the higher rent you’ll have to pay. This is why it’s essential to plan your space well so you make efficient use of all of it.

Image courtesy of sadnerva/Reddit

You wouldn’t want to waste your money on space you’re not using at all or space you’re not using correctly. This restaurant in Turkey put stairs in their restaurant, but the only problem is that they don’t actually lead anywhere but the ceiling. Now, what are you gonna do up there?

Toilet for best friends

In yet another entry for the most disastrous toilets in a restaurant ever, we have this cubicle with two toilet bowls. Perhaps this was done to ensure that all customers are warm and comfy and are always with company even when they have to unload a few things.

Image courtesy of sealysikes/Reddit

Seriously, what were they thinking? Did they not have enough room that they thought it would be a great idea to cram two toilet bows together? Did they want to maximize the space? Here honey, let me hold your hand while you push.

A place for introverts

Don’t you just hate it when people hit on you at bars or in restaurants? You’re eating there peacefully, and then suddenly someone comes over and tries to send hits that they’re interested in conversations when you’re not. Sometimes you just want to be left alone.

Image courtesy of CL4P-TRAP/Reddit

Introverts face the same challenge when they’re out in the world. Fortunately for these people, this restaurant has come up with the perfect solution. They’ve come up with a seat facing the walls so people who just want to be left alone can enjoy their meal at peace.

Oh, that’s a wall deco?

If you have a restaurant business, you must ensure that the colors and the decoration in your premises are enticing and make people want to order food and gobble it up. It would make good sense to hire an interior decorator to ensure that your restaurant is in top shape.

Image courtesy of hotdogfinatic/Reddit

We don’t know what this restaurant owner was thinking, but he surely chose the most unappetizing wall art ever. Forgive us for being blunt, but it looks like poop. Now, who would want to eat in a place like this?

This scary image of food

Art often imitates life, but we’re scratching our heads thinking as to what exactly inspired this work. We also can’t help but wonder what they thought when they saw this and decided that it would make a welcoming addition to the restaurant’s décor.

image courtesy of David_Trancon/Reddit

It looks like it’s the stuff of nightmares, or it was inspired by a bad trip. This is going to haunt customers for a long time. If you have doubts about whether something would make a nice decoration, the chances are that it probably won’t.

Don’t serve food on dirty plates

According to experts, certain plate colors work well in restaurants. These colors make food look more appetizing. White is an industry classic because they are clear, clean, and classically designed. It allows food to take center stage, and it’s for this reason, white chinaware is the most popular.

Image courtesy of David_Trancon/Reddit

Other restaurants are bolder and use other colors, such as pastel tones. Whatever you do, one thing to keep in mind is to never use plates with patterns that make it look like there’s dirt on them. Nobody wants to eat their food on dirty-looking plates such as this one.

A restaurant with giant customers

If you want your customers to keep coming back to your restaurant, you need to make sure that you take good care of them. You need to ensure you have excellent customer service, and you need to ensure that your toilets are clean too.

Image courtesy of itsatimeywineything/Instagram

Another thing you need to ensure is that your customers can see themselves in your mirrors. It seems like this restaurant had giants affix the mirror on the walls because normal people have problems seeing themselves on it as the mirrors are placed way too high for regular folks.

Half a face on the wall

It’s important to make use of every available inch of space you have in your restaurant. Rental prices are not cheap, and you need to get every penny’s worth for your money. Business owners have a tendency to overlook the walls.

Image courtesy of pretzelzetzel/Reddit

If used efficiently, they can help your business grow and increase profits. Avoid having a bland and sterile space by putting up some funky wall decorations. This McDonald’s restaurant did not heed our advice and chose to put a picture of a big nose right over a table where customers eat their meals. What a nice thought!

Uhm, we’d rather not

Billboards and posters are necessary if you want to catch people’s attention and let them know what your business is offering. Want to tell them you’re giving discounts? Put up a poster. Designers are needed if you are to come up with professional-looking posters.

Image courtesy of Skwonkie_/Reddit

Another thing that must be done before putting up signs, lights, billboards, and posters is proofreading everything. The last thing you want is misspellings. It also pays to see what the sign would look like before fixing it permanently. You wouldn’t want to end up like this restaurant that’s asking customers to eat Jessica’s family.

There’s a horse at the front desk

Before painting or putting up wall art, it pays to check what it will look like from different perspectives. You wouldn’t want people to suddenly start laughing hysterically. This restaurant didn’t think that the counter artwork would look funny when viewed from another angle.

Image courtesy of Oc70b3r/Reddit

The receptionist looks like she is a centaur. She looks like half her body is a horse. Add to that her long hair that flows seamlessly into the artwork. She doesn’t have any idea that she looked like that. We like her hair, though.

Surely the waiters love this

There are inherent risks that come with working as wait staff in a restaurant or café. You have to lift and carry heavy trays, and you’re also exposed to cleaning products and other chemicals. There’s also the risk of tripping, falling, or slipping while carrying plates of food.

Image courtesy of September89/Reddit

This restaurant seems to be making the job even harder for their staff. We can only imagine how much of a challenge it is to carry dishes to the second-story tables. We get it, they want to maximize their space, but we sure do hope the waiters are safe.

When you need an audience when you relieve yourself

The last thing you want if you have to go is for a person to stand there and look at you. Needing to poop is a private business that doesn’t need an audience. You surely wouldn’t want to share that experience with a buddy staring at you, right?

Image courtesy of OutsideStation/Reddit

However, that seems to be what this restaurant’s toilet is encouraging. What else are those chairs for? Maybe they’re put in place so that if you’re having some problems pushing, they can cheer you on. “Yes, yes, You are almost done. Push, push!”

Take a peek

When you go to the toilet, you want privacy. Other people need not know what you’re doing in there, especially if it’s of the nasty kind. This restaurant, however, seemed to be thinking of something else when they designed their toilet stall doors.

Image courtesy of futuremistakes/Reddit

Who would want to use toilets if it has doors made with semi-transparent frosted glass? Nobody would be comfortable doing their business if they knew people outside could see them. “Oh, there goes Laura, she pooped at that restaurant.”

This is a work of art

Make your restaurant more inviting and welcoming with the right color palette and the right use of wall decorations. You can experiment with color combinations and not just go with white because a place that’s too white looks too sterile and resembles a medical facility.

Image courtesy of acm44/Reddit

If you decide to use white or something close to white on your walls, you can make the walls livelier with various decorations. A painting is a good idea. This restaurant seemed to have run out of ideas, so they decided to hang a random piece of crate there instead.

What time is it?

Clocks help us keep track of time, and people who have tight schedules must always be aware of the time. We all have 24 hours in a day, but that doesn’t seem to be the case in this restaurant. We’re feeling dizzy just looking at their wall clock.

Image courtesy of IShouldSleepAlready/Reddit

If we were asked to look at the clock and say what time it was, we’d throw our hands in the air in surrender. We just can’t, for the life of us, tell what time it is. Perhaps they used this clock in another dimension.

Yup, we’ll need this to lose weight

Losing weight can be a challenge. It can be difficult to say no to all of your favorite foods. How else are you going to say no to chocolates, ice cream, cake, and other sugary desserts? But. If you can’t keep fit in your pants anymore, it’s time to exert some effort and discipline to say goodbye to the extra pounds.

Image courtesy of Saima Mohapatra/Buzzativ

Fortunately, this restaurant understands just how difficult dieting is that they’ve thought it would be helpful to offer some diet ice to their customers. Seriously though, what’s that going to do? We didn’t even know that there’s diet water available nowadays.

A door that leads to nowhere

The primary purpose of a door is to provide security, especially to places where the general public is not supposed to have access. If doors weren’t invented, then people could just enter spaces whenever they pleased, and that would be a big problem, especially if you’re talking about the toilet.

Image courtesy of bloxxor44/Reddit

This restaurant, however, apparently has the same designer as the Winchester Mansion because they have a door that leads to nowhere. Seriously, why would you put a door on the wall? If you think the wall is too boring, a nice piece of artwork would have made better sense.

Uhm, no we’re not into that

The person who designed this artwork in a bathroom hallway in a restaurant in Tampa needs to be fired ASAP. Think of the many disastrous posters he could be responsible for designing. If he shows this on his portfolio, we’re surely saying no.

Image courtesy of bloxxor44/Reddit

No, because we’re not into that sort of thing. We may eat pigs, but we don’t rub up against them. Seriously though, we’re surprised that this design made it past the initial sketch stage. The words ‘Life-Long Partners’ also just make things worse and sooo much more cringy.

There was really no need for this

There was a time when people were fixated on their televisions, and restaurants had to resort to setting up TVs where customers could watch and eat at the same time. However, this has gone out of fashion since the advent of smartphones. Nowadays, people can watch videos and even stream on their mobile phones.

Image courtesy of tommyjoe2/Reddit

This restaurant understood that there’s no need for televisions. However, they missed the memo that when you remove the television, there’s no need to replace it with a painting. It would have been more interesting if they put up a painting of a TV.

Whose turn is to clean the pee pail?

What’s one of people’s top pet peeves? We’re quite sure that dirty urinals and toilets are up there on the top 10. This is especially true if you’re in a restaurant. For a place that serves food, you’d think that they would clean their premises thoroughly, including the bathroom.

Image courtesy of keithlashley00/Instagram

This restaurant’s urinal has great tile work. However, the urinal is dirty, and more importantly, it’s not even in working order. Instead of putting the pail there, they could have just put up a sign that the urinal is not in order. We pity the person who’s assigned to emptying the pail. Sorry buddy, life is tough.

Table for one

Eating alone can be a challenge for some people. We’re so used to company and eating while in the company of friends and family members. However, some people enjoy having their own time and space to enjoy their meals in peace and quiet.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/El-Discrepador

This table, however, is taking up a notch. Not only will you be seated alone, far away from the crowd, but you’ll also be facing the wall. This might seem like torture to others, but this will be a delight for introverts. They have just found their favorite restaurant.

Is there an earthquake?

What are the subtle signs that hint at an earthquake? It’s important to know how to recognize them, especially if you live in a place that has tremors frequently. Chandeliers swaying from side to side, animals behaving strangely, and of course strange movements and noises from the ground.

Image courtesy of SlashDiddy/Reddit

People eating in this restaurant might be fooled into thinking that there’s an earthquake because of how their glasses are standing. Staff should be on the alert to reassure diners that everything is alright. The owner just thought it would be great to play a practical joke on their customers.

There’s sh&t on the wall!

If you’re designing a bathroom, there are things you need to take into consideration. If it’s quite cramped, you’d want to make it look larger. Of course, you need a place where customers can wash their hands and ensure they look good before stepping out.

Image courtesy of FritoMatt/Reddit

If you’re asking what you shouldn’t do when designing your bathroom, you’re looking at it. Yes, we understand it’s a bathroom, but you shouldn’t paint “that” on the walls; it’s just not necessary. This is what you would call a ‘crappy’ design.

Hey, you done in there?

Bathroom or toilet business, in general, is something that is best done in private. The business can rapidly get smelly, and the last thing you want is for someone to catch a whiff. We don’t know what this restaurant was thinking, but someone must have been drunk when choosing the bathroom doors.

Image courtesy of eamesheard/Reddit

The door lets people see into the toilet from outside. Horror of all horrors, people see you in there with your face contorted while maneuvering and wishing that you can let last night’s dinner out. What if someone you recognized passed by and waved at you at that very moment?

That escalated quickly

We understand that some places might want to be creative when it comes to their signs or decor. In bathrooms, sometimes they put the figure of a woman and a man but in some places, they just spell out the words. This restaurant decided to do something a little different.

Image courtesy of tyw7/Reddit

However, their design makes the place look like the “Red Wedding” of food poisoning episodes with uncontainable and unspeakable events happening on both sides of the door. Trust us, folks, the bathroom is not a good place to be creative.

Your menu matters

Your menu design matters. If you want to boost your profits, you need to know how to use it to your advantage. Some fonts are hard to read and there are those that are easy on the eyes, even for old people.

Image courtesy of gadget593andahalf/Reddit

Your design and font must be inviting enough for the customers to want to order dishes listed there. And whatever you do, please don’t put your children’s pictures such as this one. Strangers don’t need to know what they look like.

Now that’s what you call ‘rustic’

It’s important to pay attention even to small details because these are the things that can ruin the whole picture. This is especially true if you work in the food and beverage industry. Your dishes can taste excellent; however, if your presentation is a problem, customers won’t be enticed to return

Image courtesy of gadget593andahalf/Reddit

The same thing applies to your premises. If you serve food, you have to ensure that you observe cleanliness guidelines. This restaurant seemed to have spent a lot of money on their décor and premises, but they forgot to pay attention to their bathrooms. Or perhaps they were going for a ‘rustic’ design.

They’re looking at you

When people design their walls, what do they think of? They often look at Pinterest and the other images on the internet for inspiration. They think of their favorite colors and their favorite designs. Some people are lucky enough to have interior designers by their side to offer expert help.

Image courtesy of Kissyface248/Reddit

Clearly, this restaurant didn’t have the help of an expert interior designer. How else can you explain what they have on the wall? It seems like prying eyes are looking at you while you’re enjoying your pasta and your pastry.

Sorry, but I don’t eat cat

We may like certain animals very much; however, that doesn’t justify putting them on the menu. The rule of thumb is that if you have an Thai restaurant, you should design your interiors so that customers are reminded of their favorite place in Thailand.

Image courtesy of ItsAllenPalin/Reddit

Your menu should also have pictures of delicious Thai food. It shouldn’t have any images of felines because that’s something you don’t serve. Perhaps this restaurant owner ran out of ideas, and since he loved his cats very much, he decided just to put them on the covers of his menus.

One-star rating

Thanks to restaurant ratings and social media reviews, customers can now let everyone know all about every detail of their restaurant experience. This helps other diners decide if they should eat there or go somewhere else. Naturally, we’d gravitate towards restaurants with high ratings.

Image courtesy of Super_Zac/Reddit

What’s not normal, though, is someone giving themselves a very low rating. If we were to rate ourselves, we’d say five stars. We’re wondering what happened here. Have they been disappointing their customers? Have the staff been catty towards each other? We can only guess.

This is giving us anxiety

People, pay attention to what you put on your restaurant walls. You want customers to think you’re dedicated to your job. You want them to think you’re serious when it comes to pleasing them, and you want them to know that you’re an expert at what you do.

Image courtesy of jshannow/Reddit

This restaurant does not convey that message. Instead, they’re telling customers that they’re clumsy and sloppy and don’t have any idea how to make their coffee properly. If you saw this on the restaurant’s wall, would you go in and order food and coffee? We’d turn around and leave.

No window? No problem!

In business, there are three important things, and they are location, location, and yup, you guessed it, location. If you don’t have the right location, you can have a tough time making it a profitable business. If you want to open a restaurant, it has to be in a high traffic area.

Image courtesy of JoffreyGoldblum/Reddit

Open spaces are also nice as some people like to enjoy their meals al fresco. You wouldn’t want a restaurant that’s stuffy and cramped. This Indian restaurant didn’t have the best of locations. It didn’t even have a window, so what they did was they created a wall of fake windows complete with parking lot views.

What’s the purpose of the mirror?

Ladies don’t just go to the bathroom for the single purpose of doing what nature intended. They also go there to gossip and plan, but of course, they go there to do some retouches on their makeup, especially if they are on a date. They want to look good after all.

Image courtesy of lavitaetroppobreve/Reddit

However, this restaurant didn’t get that memo, or perhaps they don’t like ladies crowding around in the bathroom. They just want the ladies to go there, do their businesses and get out as fast as they can. How are they going to do that? By installing this mirror.

Waiter, there’s hair on my food

It’s a good thing to do some research before you purchase plates for your restaurant. Some colors make the food look less appetizing. You want to go with plates that showcase your food and make it look like it’s the most sumptuous thing on earth.

Image courtesy of 7-methyltheophylline/Reddit

We don’t know what this restaurant owner was thinking when he opted for plates that make it look like there’s hair on them. The last thing you want to find when you’re eating is someone else’s hair on your food.

Why get a trashcan when you can use the box of a trashcan?

One of the things which you need to have in a restaurant is a trashcan. People need to throw their used napkins somewhere. You surely wouldn’t want them lying around on the floor. If you’re in the food and beverage industry, the last thing you want to be is dirty.

Image courtesy of captainkman/Reddit

Well, this restaurant thought that it would be better to use the box of a trashcan instead of the actual trashcan. They obviously bought the trashcan, and it’s around there somewhere so, why not use it? Perhaps it’s in the kitchen.  

This place is a waste

We have previously mentioned how important location is if you want a business that succeeds. This applies to brick and mortar businesses but not so for online businesses. This restaurant seems to be the unluckiest of all we come across so far.

Image courtesy of madboater/Reddit

They have what appears to be a sewage pipe running right through it. Your customer service can be as impeccable as it can be, and the food you serve can be the most delicious on earth, but if your customers have to see and hear those pipes in action, your business is going to go to poop, Literally.

We dare not amuse ourselves

There are just some things that are lost in translation, especially if the person doing the translation is not a native speaker. We’ve all seen funny signs, but you haven’t seen one like this yet. This was hanging in the bathroom of a restaurant in China.

Image courtesy of thethriftytrekker/Reddit

At first glance, you’ll think that the elephant is cute, and you’ll wonder what it’s doing in the bathroom, but when you take a closer look and reread the words, you’ll understand what it means. So, don’t amuse yourself, ok?

We’re gonna help you go on a diet

Going on a diet, especially during the holiday season, is incredibly difficult. How can you control yourself when there’s chicken, steak, and desserts of all kinds? We take our hats off to people who were able to control their urges and lost the excess pounds.

Image courtesy of hcheezburger.com

This restaurant seemed to have made it their mission to help people lose weight. They’re serving nutritious salads, but their bowls are taking their dedication to another level. They have made it doubly difficult for people to eat. Great job.

Let’s make the menu hard to read for the customers

This restaurant owner must have been thinking, “Let’s make life more difficult for our customers than it already is.” How do they plan on doing that? By making the menu unreadable. Seriously, who wraps their menu around a wooden stick?

Image courtesy of jookz/Reddit

The person who thought of this is sadistic. There’s just no other explanation for it. What do you wish to achieve with this? We wouldn’t be surprised if customers started beating them with the stick after having great difficulty reading the menu.

Is the bathroom a crime scene?

Washrooms are known places where crimes take place, and we mean crimes such as people conveniently “forgetting” to flush. There’s nothing more horrible than going to a toilet after a person who just left their waste sitting there. Eeeew!

Image courtesy of nabeshiniii/Reddit

This toilet, however, looks like a real crime scene. It seems as if a slasher movie was filmed there, and the evidence was left sprayed all over the place. This is honestly the last thing you would want to see when walking into a restaurant bathroom.