45 Major Fails That Make Us Want To Go Back To Bed

By Ragini A June 21, 2021
45 Major Fails That Make Us Want To Go Back To Bed

We’ve all had those days where we just want to curl up into bed and cry our hearts out, or punch a wall and crush it to dust. Don’t deny it – it can’t be just us. But lately, these moments have been far more frustrating. Patience has been running thin, and it has been harder to keep a hold of our sanity sometimes. To ensure that you don’t feel like you’re alone, and because, of course, there is healing in solidarity, we’ve compiled 45 images from social media that scream with disgust and horror – or with resignation and defeat – “I hate today.” This phrase is a very accurate representation of what the people behind the cameras of these photographs were probably feeling. 


We wouldn’t call this moldy bread. Nope, this is far worse. It’s another pandemic waiting to happen. It’s wet and green algae floating on top of water, waiting for someone to put their leg through it by accident. This is disgusting. 

Reddit u/yuvk

To think this has entered this person’s mouth, got chewed, swallowed, and was at one point in their stomach appalls us. We apologize to this person’s body on their behalf for having gone through that for several slices of mold.


This is just sad. We know that if this happened to us right now, we would sit on the road and sob, with no care for judgement or staring eyes. Dropping keys is annoying enough. But down a drain? Really?

Reddit u/theperfectslurpee

Having something as important as your keys fall down the drain – or in any nook and cranny – where it is perfectly visible, yet entirely inaccessible, is like being able to read everything in every language but not being able to understand a single word. 

Real Estate

Let’s face it, finances and property, buying land, and making a home is all a lot of work. People take months, if not years, to finalize where they want to live for a substantial part of their future. Evidently not this person, though. 

Reddit u/starbitcandies

We wonder whether they blame the agents who showed them this house, or are they cursing themselves each time they see a golf club? You probably know it already – they’re either going to have no windows or a lot of window re-building expenses. 


Very few people would say no to a freshly made fried egg as a part of their bed in breakfast on a lovely Sunday morning. On the sunny side down side, we might have identified some people who definitely will. 

Reddit u/scoobdrew

What would you do, scoop out — with patience — each pepper piece and try to enjoy your extremely cold yolk only to realize your pepper now smells of egg, or throw it all away? This says a lot about you!


At first glance this seems like a close call, a miracle. Someone got really lucky with how their box of flour landed on the floor. But think about it for a second. No matter how this box is picked up, the consequence will be disastrous. 

Reddit u/loserwhit

This is not a close call. If anything, this is pretty heart breaking, and annoying. The box could have landed on the bottom, but it had to actively fall with its bottom up, ensuring a long hour of cleaning for the person. 


Oh dear, we really hope this person is not a teacher, secretary, or receptionist. If they need these staples urgently and only bought them last minute, many would probably agree that they got what they deserve. This really sucks, though. 

Reddit u/dumudm983

What would be the better option, figuring out how to staple without staples or driving all the way back to the store to return the paper clips for staples? If it was us, we would have just used the paper clips to hold things together.


What seems like a harmless photograph showing some makeup brushes in a box full of sand slowly reveals itself to be one of the dirtier accidents on this list. If you have cats, you probably already realized that the sand is not, in fact, sand. 

Reddit u/allergies____

For anyone who is not a makeup and skin care fan, this might not sound like the most terrible thing to happen to this person in their year, but we can assure you, it is horrible seeing something so important to you falling into, well, mess. 


Oh, no. Our anxiety-driven guys and gals know exactly what this person might be feeling right now! It is not the accountability that is the issue, but the inherent guilt felt in our hearts when we mess up like this that ultimately break us. 

Reddit u/alec7717

If you don’t understand the stress of having to fess this up to administration or a superior, consider yourself lucky. Yes, this was more than likely not this person’s fault, and they have nothing to be scared of, but you never know. 


Another baking-related fail. This is why some of us here never, ever bake! Why not just go to a store and buy an amazing cake made by someone trained instead of making this sad, ridiculous-looking puddle on your kitchen counter? 

Reddit u/bakedfails

A cake is supposed to be a celebration, a delight, a mind blowing experience. Not something that reminds us of having to clean up after a child who isn’t potty-trained. Stop wasting your time! At least learn how to use the kitchen utensils first.


People have always said, “more money, more problems,” and whether you remember it from the rap single from the late 90s, or Michael Scott’s epic quotes from The Office, you might agree. And no matter what, this image is infuriating beyond words. 

Twitter @twat987

When you go to an ATM, you expect the money that you have worked hard to make will be handed to you safely and securely. This right here just feels like a sick game, and we would cry on the spot if this happened to us. 


Over the last decade, the DIY fan club really has taken over the internet, with many at-home projects ranging from the cooking to the tech industry. This person, who luckily has an ability to laugh at themselves, might be the leader of failed DIY projects, though. 

Twitter @xirandii

Installing a television, something that is supposed to hang off of the wall is annoying as it is. To punch several holes and chip paint from that wall in an attempt to hang the thing properly, though, is a little heartbreaking. 


When you leave home and go live with a bunch of people your own age for the first time, it is more than likely you’re 18 or 19 and a college student. And oh boy, dorm life sees a lot more of this kind of event than you can imagine. 

Twitter @kieranriley123

This might be the stupidest thing this person has seen anyone do, but this may be a pretty normal thing for their friend from university to do. They’re out here living their best life and making the mistakes they need to. It’s okay. 

White Washed

There are multiple ways of looking at this photo and interpreting it, but most are negative. Take a step back and wonder, what if, by chance, these people wanted the inside of their car white washed at some point on their drive?

Twitter @painthoep

Doesn’t sound too bad then, does it? But we all know this was more than likely not the situation. It actually seems really bad. We feel bad for them. Imagine trying to get that paint out. But then we wonder how the paint can opened…


You take a car to the mechanic to get fixed, or to a car wash to get it squeaky clean. We have never heard of anyone taking their car to the local garage to have it drop 10 feet and further damaged. You?

Twitter @offrip

Thought as much. This person must be having a terrible time, but we hope today is a better day and their other possessions aren’t thrown from some great height and broken. We also hope this damage was fixed for free, on the spot.


Blenders for rich and nutritious smoothies at home have seen a spike in sales over the last few years with consumers becoming more and more interested in whole foods with no additives. This tenant might be second guessing their decisions right now. 

Twitter @katierobson4

The smoothie on the other hand has us split. We cant tell if it would have been delicious, or one that is so healthy that we can’t expect more from it. All we know is that it’s very…bright. What even is that color?


Cats and their bathroom habits seem to be hampering a lot of people’s days! This person lost their lunch to their cat’s mess and frankly, we blame the person. How do you confuse your lunch bag with trash that needs to be taken out?

Twitter @JuanfranB_

Anyway, we’re sending hopes and prayers that this person didn’t go hungry and has managed to live another day without making such a massive blunder. Frankly, we just hope this person is okay now and has had their coffee.


Sturdy, aesthetic, round, and useful… but they’re not cookies! Like the person behind the camera, we too feel terribly sorry for the person who decided to take a bite to taste the luxurious taste of what is actually cardboard and wood.

Twitter @hotelluxband

How does the human body even react to something like that entering it? We imagine our organs would be incredibly disappointed if, at this point, we can’t identify what is to eat and what is not. We imagine there’s an interesting story behind this.


A shower should feel gentle on the skin, something that relaxes you after a long day at work and something that wakes you up instantly after a hard nap in the afternoon. Not like a jet spray that wants to harm you. 

Twitter @ghost_ndy

Unfortunately, the person behind this photograph definitely understands what we’re talking about, and if they’ve dared to step into this headless shower, they more than likely came out with bruises because of the water pressure. What is up with their ex-roommate?


We only suggest that when you’re going out looking for jobs, you ensure you can do everything, or at least the very bare minimum, required for that job. Otherwise, you end up with something looking like this. We’re quite confused.

Tumblr u/fail

Calling this a useless plumbing job might be too harsh, but it is only accurate. We hope this person hired someone new and got what they deserve; anything but this, and something far, far better than this sad drain situation. 


If this happened to us, we might as well go back to bed and never come out of the room again. Coffee is an essential for millions around the globe, and to have the first cup of the day be ruined like this? Shame. 

Reddit u/lolcofffee

Honestly though, imagine having to clean the kitchen counter and floor, wiping away all the coffee that should have been gently slurped by you before you decided to sit down to work and have an exhausting day. Time to go back to bed.


If you’ve ever ordered a large soda with a side of hair, you probably know what this might taste like. But if you have ever ordered that, why are you even here? You probably have a lot more to regret than anyone on this list. 


Considering everything, the hair, the proximity of the drink to the ground, it being far closer to the person whose hair is floating in it, we just advise our friend here against picking up and sipping that bubbly soda. Grab a new one, dude.

Aw, Shoot!

Did you know, in some cultures across this strange big globe, falling victim to a blob of crow’s droppings is considered to be a sign of good luck? Yeah, we don’t see it that way either. But if you do, congratulations! 

Reddit u/rilescrane

Well, it might be best for this person to assume the same and believe it, right? After all, it is their first job. They could use some luck. At the very least, they will need a new cup of coffee. At least they have a good story now.


Don’t have a snow machine and also don’t live in the fantasy world of the Frozen franchise? No worries! You can just move to Norway and make sure you leave the window open. The more, the better! Well, maybe not really.

Reddit u/kajakan

Do you want a snow fight, or do you want to build a snowman? Or would you rather make a snow angel? Some of us, unfortunately, would like to leave and never return to this cold and soon-to-be soggy apartment. 

Oh, no…

A lot of these regrets revolve around droppings, and we’re sensing a pattern here where bad days are concerned. But this is the first one on the list with a child’s diaper being involved! Hopefully it is also the last. We’ll never know. 

Reddit u/couldntdecidemyname

It looks to us like this load will have to be washed again… and maybe again. We don’t judge the parent too much — only a little — and hope that they were able to finish their chores without breaking down.


Hey, a stapler might be a better option here. A stapler with staples in it, and not paper clips. This duct tape just looks hideous and it is also drawing too much attention to this particular area of the body.

Reddit u/SolidJuho

Living 15 miles away from your work place is just not an amazing excuse for this. Does he not drive? We doubt his manager would have understood him being a little late in this situation. We wish him better luck than his pants! 


Going by do it yourself hacks on the net might have been a better move to make for this wine lover, who evidently is having a hard time with their regular bottle opener. How could this opener fail so miserably?

Reddit u/ppeeez

But this begs the question; can’t wine be poured out of the tiny hole in the cork? Sure, it would take much longer to pour, and it might have a cork-y after taste, but any wine lover would prefer that to no wine at all, we’re sure.


Oh, no, honey, that is not a black board, or a white board, or paper on the ground, or any kind of canvas. I hope this kid’s parents didn’t shut his creativity down entirely. We’re sure, though, they definitely told their child that the neighbor’s car isn’t a place to doodle on. 


We can make out a sun on the right side, but what is the rest supposed to be? Additionally, how old is this kind and why haven’t they been taught to only destroy what belongs to them (and their parents)?


Whichever animal got stuck in this wet cement deserves the warmest bath with unlimited cuddles at the end of the day. It must be absolutely horrifying for it to be stuck in cement, of all things, especially when all they wanted was to rest.

Instagram #satisfyingmud

However, a child big enough to ride a scooter like that? We hope they’re safe and well, but teach the children how to identify wet cement! What are parents doing these days? These parents didn’t teach their kid to be mindful.

Richie Rich

We need help, because we are having a heck of a time trying to figure out how anybody with a beautiful car completely forgets that they have an expensive bike on top of their car roof. How does that even work?

Instagram @luluranksfails

Of course, no matter how rich someone is, this image has got to hurt. Two perfectly functioning machines destroyed because of human forgetfulness. What a shame. Maybe next time this person should just use their bike to get from one place to another. 


Any regular gym goers here? Specifically those who lift? Yeah, how much do you think a microwave weighs? We would suspect a microwave would weigh quite a bit and you would need to hang it securely, especially when mounting it above the stove.

Instagram @luluranksfails

We’re aren’t wrong, aren’t we? We just feel bad for the people in that house. They can only use the microwave like common bachelors. Well, they might have the oven too, if the damage from dropping the microwave didn’t ruin that along with the stove.


We’ll wait till you spot it. Found it? Yup, that is the huge mess that this person has to clean up. We were beginning to wonder if cats are worth the messes, but we remembered these are human mistakes. Cats are absolutely worth it.

Reddit u/hugelol

The fact that the packaging fell apart is really no one’s fault, but we know some would be quick to blame the cats for existing when this happens. But we hope this person got a laugh out of it in the end.


Tokyo drifting in the middle of rain, and on grass? No thank you! Wet grass sticks to cars and makes them look like they’re covered with moss like algae. It isn’t too aesthetically pleasing. And it’s kinda dumb, too, if you ask us.

Reddit u/grass2as

We like the Fast and Furious movie franchise, but not enough to want to watch it with normal cars in the middle of the day, only to have the cars look ugly with grass and mud on them. At least it comes off easily.


This person wanted a meal, a good one at that, but ended up making something that makes their entire home smell like a lotion and fancy soap. Using spoonfuls of a vanilla extract in places not meant for it sounds horrid.

Tumblr @foofailsd

Vanilla extract is to be used in drops, and most definitely not in rice. It provides a nice vanilla flavor to the food item at hand if used properly. Unfortunately, the person was likely in a hurry, and got the soy sauce and vanilla confused.


When you’re no longer playing with hot wheel’s miniature cars and are instead in charge of a whole vehicle, it is advised that you know most of the basic fix-it techniques in case of emergencies. or at least wait until you can get a hold of someone who does.


This person seems to have really taken offense to that piece of advice, though! They’ve tried to fix something that cannot be fixed with an axe, with an axe, because of course that is the only logical step to take. 


Laptops are expensive. Food is delicious, necessary, and sometimes also expensive. Food falling onto laptops and their keyboards renders the food inedible and the laptop can suffer damages. To think this person had it in them to click a photo! So brave.

Twitter @AtrocityVendorr

If this was us, we would totally be freaking out, flipping the laptop over and putting it into a bucket of dry rice. This particular Do It Yourself really does work, by the way! But thankfully, we haven’t had to try it with a laptop…

Watch It

We’re split here, so help us decide. Is it horrible that this person lost their watch under the ice several months ago, or is great that they’ve found it now? It proves it was with the earth, and not lost, or stolen. 

Reddit u/fbmemesmonopoly

We’re sure many still see it as lost and wasted time – hehe – but eventually, it came back! We think this regret has a silver lining to it, and it’s shimmering lightly under the cold winter ice. Maybe it will still work?


So far, this definitely looks like an uncomfortable position for a sofa to be placed in. We’re at the edge of asking how and why the person ended up with this kind of an arrangement, but we think it would be best not to. 

Twitter @turbojedi

We are most definitely more than a little scared for the adorable little dog in the frame, and hope it is safe and sound. That is one massive sofa and must have needed a very strong person to help. Pivot! Pivot!


One of the main things doctors across the world have identified as a sign of dementia and Alzheimer’s has to do with money related mishaps and fraud! Check your pockets before working with a machine as fierce as a lawnmower. 

Twitter @stinkythinktank

Make it a habit to check your clothes before putting them in for a good wash, because money torn up or made wet is, in usual circumstances, not usable again. That is just sad. Such a waste of a good amount of cash.


This screams literal heartbreak for some of us. Imagine sitting down in a movie theater after so long, ready to have the experience of a lifetime, only to have your food land anywhere but your mouth! We might just get up and leave.

Reddit u/ThingsThatAreNotAesthetic 

Frankly, even we don’t know who to blame here. Is the person who bought the food, is it the jutting out leg of a jerk in the row that made someone trip over? We might never know. We just don’t want to experience this. Ever.


If you’ve ever watched Kung Fu Panda, you’ve heard the line, “there are no accidents,” and it might have stayed with you. We’re here to prove that line wrong. How could washing a block of cheese possibly be of any use to the universe?

Facebook bethany.pridemore

But hey, who are we to judge? Maybe this person secretly likes the smell of cheese enough to make their clothes smell like that, too. Maybe, just maybe. It could be anything, really. Human beings are so strange, and easily distracted.


Chocolate and snacks are always welcome here, and it seems this person behind the camera agrees with us, no matter what they look like. Honestly, if those bars of chocolate-looking things were kept in front of us with a warm tea to sip on, we too would be munching on them.

Reddit u/PepperMinimum4979

Can the human stomach and body actually digest scented burner wax? It’s not supposed to, but can it? How much did they eat? Did they ever recover from this? We would have maybe moved countries, changed our identities. You know, self care.


Many artists and painters are actively trying to move away from the stereotype that encloses them within a description of being stuck in the clouds, muddled, and lost in their own worlds. This artist seems to embrace that stereotype wholeheartedly! 

Reddit u/pm-me-fun-facts

Since the incident pictured seems disgusting, and probably very unhealthy, we really hope this painter is okay! Wouldn’t you like to see the art made by someone who gets so immersed in their work that they can’t spot their tea?


This photo gives us nothing but midnight snack vibes! We love groggily walking up to the kitchen counter and putting some of our favorite cereal into our bowls. Waiting for the cold milk to splash on the cereal is just another excitement. 

Instagram @luluranksfails

This is such a big disappointment, we want to curl up in bed just thinking about it. This person probably did just that after this tragedy. We do have some questions. Why is the milk frozen? Turn that fridge thermostat down, stat!

Makeup Down

Multitasking is one of the key traits and abilities that gets businesses and people running and functioning in the world. Unfortunately for this person, it is not their strength. Or we can be kinder and blame it on something else.


It was the bumpy road, was it? No? Then it must be the driver. All their fault. Tell them to restore your make up and drive carefully! But in all honesty, for a makeup lover, this seems like a nightmare. 


Hey, we don’t blame them. Everyone wants to look cool and stylish while baking one of the best possible things for a person with a sweet tooth. If you don’t like cookies, please just scroll, because you will never understand the love. 

Reddit u/bakesggg

Thanks for the warning story though, buddy! That burn mark from the tray seems painful, and is not as aesthetically pleasing as the shirt looked without it. Good on you for sharing! We hope we learn from your mistakes (but will we?).