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Puppy Love: 40+ Times Animals Gazed Lovingly Into Their Hooman’s Eyes

Human beings aren’t the only creatures on this planet that are capable of love. If you’ve ever been lucky enough to have had a pet in your life, you will know that your little friends will occasionally show you love in return for head scratches, cuddles, food, or treats. Whether you own a cat, dog, or guinea pig, there are countless ways animals show their love to their humans. Dogs are particularly very expressive and can show you how much they care for you by snuggling into your lap, letting out a happy bark, or letting you pet them. There are even stories about how pets have saved their owners and their families. We’re all about affection from our favorite creatures, so here are 45 times pets stare lovingly into their owner’s eyes, caught on camera.

“I know you’re busy, but please give me attention”

Whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, you can’t deny that the look this female feline is giving her human is straight out of a movie. Not only does it say, “I adore you,” but it also begs, “give me attention.”

Photo courtesy of reddit/J0nnnn

This particular Reddit user posted this photo of his cat, saying, “She wanted me to stop working.” With eyes like that and the paws crossed politely in front of her, who can resist? Can we also appreciate how absolutely gorgeous this cat is?

“She’s mine now”

Reddit user bioticgod55 and his beautiful fiancé decided to add a pupper into the family. It’s only natural that little Bella would steal both of their hearts, but who knew that bioticgod55 would have a little competition after they adopted the dog?

Photo courtesy of reddit/bioticgod55

Bella is clearly smitten and comfortable in this woman’s arms. It’s the look of someone so enamored that the other person is the only thing you have eyes on. Cue the swelling strings and cute couples montage—this dog is in love.

A precious love

Imagine waking up in the morning to this adorable face. This loving look is enough to make your morning and, dare we say, your entire day. It’s amazing how a dog can cheer you up and get you out of your funk just by smiling at you.

Photo courtesy of reddit/twiggbert

The best thing about this photo? The caption. Reddit user twiggbert shared that “Sometimes I catch her just staring and smiling at me.” Well, with a gaze this pure, we would stare and smile back too. We can only hope to find a love this precious!

“I woof you a lot”

The look in this Dachshund’s eyes is unmistakably one of pure adoration. Get you someone who looks at you the way this doggo looks at its owner. We truly don’t deserve dogs! Check out the way its tail is wagging excitedly, too.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@alvssajasmine

We wonder what this owner did to deserve such a doting look. Was it a favorite treat or a long walk in the park? Or maybe the first walk outside after an intense rainy season? There are so many ways to a dog’s heart, and with these melting eyes, this pup has ours.

A grateful kitty

This look is one way to say thank you to someone for rescuing you. The caption on this photo on Imgur reads, “My sister and brother-in-law just rescued a kitten. Look how happy he is!” Seeing this kitty’s face also makes us happy.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/feistygazelle

The rescue cat isn’t the only one who’s smitten. Look at the way his new human is looking at him with the same amount of love. There’s no such thing as unrequited love with pets. If you love them well, they will love you right back.

“Can you stay with me forever?”

How do we begin to interpret this photo? There’s contentment in this dog’s eyes and the way it’s completely relaxed on the couch. There’s its front paw resting gently on its owner’s hand and its chin resting on this man’s arm.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Animellea

From what we can gather here, this doggo just does not want its human to leave. It’s practically begging this man to stay, and this man does not seem to mind in the slightest. In a perfect world, we would lay around with our dogs all day without worrying about a thing.

Husband’s first pet

Here’s the first moment this man met Maggie the fluff ball. This Imgur user posted a photo of her husband meeting the little feline for the first time. She had surprised him with a cat because he couldn’t have pets growing up.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/MaggieTheMoggy

The look on Maggie’s face is priceless. You can tell she’s kind of confused by this big person towering over her, but she looks like she’s ready to love him. There’s also something to be said about how adorable and tiny she is.

A silver lining

When the coronavirus hit, so many people had to cancel their plans and rather to stay safe. This particular Reddit user was one of the many people whose wedding had to be canceled for their friends and family’s health, but there’s a silver lining behind this dark cloud.

Photo courtesy of reddit/jdizzlepizzlemaniz

He and his soon to be wife have their little puppy as their first family member, and the new addition seems very pleased to be a part of the family. Puppy eyes are so precious and pure, you can just tell there is so much love in this little unit.

“Please work from home forever”

Another new thing to adjust to because of this pandemic is working from home. There are many stories about pets being confused that their humans are suddenly home all the time. But this particular doggo doesn’t seem to mind.

Photo courtesy of CaptElfimis

In fact, he seems to be very happy that his owner is working from home. If this dog could have it his way, his human would never go back to the office. The way he’s looking at this man right now, it’s like he never wants him to leave.

“Wake up, human!”

Picture this-you’re slowly drifting into consciousness. You can hear the birds chirping outside, and behind your closed eyelids, you can feel that the sun is streaming in through your windows. You slowly open your eyes, your sight still blurry from sleep, and you see…

Photo courtesy of reddit/icazz

Your little pup, who’s obsessed with you, is right in your face, waiting for you to wake up. This would honestly be a more effective way to wake us up compared to barking. Who needs an alarm clock when you can have this little face wake you up?

Flirty feline

Here’s another classy case of pets capturing their owners’ hearts. This cat is looking at the photographer’s boyfriend with so much adoration; we’re beginning to think she’s in love with him. That could potentially get just a little complicated…

Photo courtesy of reddit/ShadeeLeeann

This photo was posted on Reddit with the caption, “Maybe I’m being paranoid but I think she’s flirting with my boyfriend.” Well, ShadeeLeeann, we’re on your side. Looks like you’ve got a little competition! Your cat may very well be gunning for a spot in your man’s arms.

Third wheel

No, no. Darlene, the cat is not the third wheel here. If anything, the person who took this photo is crashing in on this romantic date. Do you see the way Darlene is staring lovingly into the boyfriend’s eyes? There’s no doubt these two are in love.

Photo courtesy of reddit/pitterpatterpeat

On a side note, forget “good with kids.” How attractive is a partner who’s good with animals? We’d say whoever is taking this photo has got herself two keepers, because of course, Darlene is one, too. Pets truly make everything better.

Absolutely smitten

This dog just made us feel so lonely. Where does one find someone to look at us the way this little girl is staring at her human? The way she’s leaning against her owner and gazing lovingly is such a beautiful thing. Only animals can show a love this pure.

Photo courtesy of reddit/EvenWhenImBored

Can we also talk about what a beautiful girl she is? Her caramel brown fur makes her light green eyes pop, and the way she’s smiling tells us she’s one happy pupper. Nothing brings happiness quite like a happy and contented dog.

“It’s okay”

There’s a reason why many dogs have been assigned as emotional support animals. Studies have shown that they have a high emotional intelligence and can sense complex emotions. The same is true for this one particular dog, whose human is having a rough day.

Photo courtesy of reddit/cazzo_di_frigida

When Reddit user cazzo_di_frigida came home from work one day feeling especially burdened, his sweet dog wouldn’t leave his side. When he lay down on the couch, his precious pooch jumped on with him and gave him a hug. Sure, dog hugs don’t fix everything, but they sure make things feel better.


Here’s another flirty little feline for the books. This is the cheeky look that this cat pulls when her owner holds her in his arms like this. She’s probably thinking something along the lines of, “ah yes, he definitely loves me.”

Photo courtesy of reddit/darbydiddle

She looks like something out of a children’s cartoon. As seen multiple times on this list, if pets aren’t busy taking up all your affection, they’re busy stealing your significant others! This one looks very happy to be cuddled, and honestly, who wouldn’t be?

The purrfect couple

Cats aren’t only good for snuggles and cuddles. They also make great prom dates, as this one Imgur user has proven! This cat is clearly loving the gesture and the spotlight, because look at the way it’s staring at this guy.

Photo courtesy of Imgur/caroline12006

Noteworthy things to point out in this picture: the cat in a dress that matches the owner’s bowtie, the proud smile on this dude’s face, and the cat’s loving gaze. Close the polls, we already know who’s going to be prom king and queen this year.

Everything they’ve ever dreamed of

We truly do not deserve dogs and the way they love us right back. This Reddit user took this photo a month after she brought her dog Charlie home. It’s so evident that Charlie is settling, or rather cuddling, right in.

Photo courtesy of reddit/kikichun

The way Charlie is looking at his human, she is everything he has ever dreamed of. Responding to a comment on Reddit, kikichun replied, “He’s everything I ever dreamed of as well!” What genuine looks of joy from both dog and owner. We love this love.

“You make me happy”

This dog probably just sauntered over to her human, slumped lazily onto his chest, and gave him this gaze. If dogs could talk, she would probably say, “You make me happy,” because if that isn’t happiness, we don’t know what is.  

Photo courtesy of reddit/hunter2242

Honestly, who needs a significant other when you’ve got a dog who shows you this much love? And not to mention affection! See the way this pretty pooch has got her paw on this guy’s chest? That’s a dog in love if we’ve ever seen one.

The goodest boy

This is how the world was introduced to the best little boy ever. Everyone, meet Chief! One day he’ll grow up to be a big guy, but we hope that look of love doesn’t ever change. We’re obsessed with the way he’s staring at his new human.

Photo courtesy of reddit/gisdaking

Can we also appreciate those little paws? What an adorable little guy. He looks ready to take on anything with his new owner. We can’t see it, but Chief is most probably wagging his tail with excitement back there. We wish these two a long and happy friendship!

A litter and a sleepy mister

Oh, to be a man asleep on the couch surrounded by a litter of kittens. This is pretty much a cat lover’s heaven, and this man does look like he’s in heaven. One kitty, in particular, is enjoying the attention. Check out the little light gray one.

Photo courtesy of reddit/dani_bar

He’s leaning on his owner’s shoulder, watching his owner doze off, and we’ve never seen a happier kitten. Though his brothers and sisters chose to sleep on the warm towel, this little guy knows that it’s warmer and better with his human.

“Can’t take my eyes off you”

This cat can’t take its eyes off this man, but that’s not the problem. With those big eyes, we’re worried the driver can’t keep his eyes on the road! This little kitten just wants attention, but sorry little guy, you’re gonna have to wait.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Kentfanatic

Looks like this man has enough distractions on his plate already. Aside from the adorable cat on his lap trying to get his attention, he’s also holding his wife’s hand with his free hand. Please drive safely, sir, there is precious cargo onboard.

A photographer’s distraction

Remember Puss in Boots, the swashbuckling cat from the Shrek movies? Well, this cat is definitely a carbon copy of Puss, because these pleading eyes are almost exactly the same as his! This feline was caught in the act of distracting its human.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Ash-Bandicoot

One Reddit user was just trying to take a photo of the chicken wing loaf that was made for this cat. But getting the perfect shot proved to be difficult when you have a sweet little cat snuggled under the table.

An adoring pair

If there’s anything sweeter than pets staring lovingly at their owners, it’s owners staring lovingly right back. The cat in this photo is called Honey, and she’s very cozily snuggled inside her owner’s jacket, which is probably why she’s looking at this older man with such adoration.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Kittycatnorwegian

It’s also very sweet the way that he is looking back down at the cat. We don’t know how long these two have been in each other’s lives, but there’s no doubt that there’s so much love here. We also very much appreciate the fact that Honey is casually sitting inside a jacket.

“I love you, human”

This is exactly why it’s always encouraged to adopt pets or rescue them from shelters. A lot of these animals are in danger of being put down if they don’t find a home. You would be doing a life a very big favor.

Photo courtesy of reddit/notmelania

The same is the case for this baby girl. Her new owner rescued her just before she was put down. Now, the grateful gaze in this photo says it all. If you’re looking for a pet, consider rescuing and adopting instead of purchasing. The love they will give you back is so worth it.

Bus adventures

Welcome back to another episode of humans returning the loving stares of their pets. This time, it’s set on a bus in Istanbul. This candid photo of an old man admiring his pet cat is the purest thing ever. He looks so happy with his cat in his arm, like nothing else in the world matters.

Photo courtesy of reddit/cagedragehere

We’re not sure what’s more adorable, the cat or the old man. Whatever the mood was like on that bus that day, it was almost definitely shifted when this pair walked through the doors. This man is looking at his cat with the same intensity as looking at a child because, truly, the cat is his little baby.

Bus adventures, part 2

Here’s another pet and owner duo on the bus. The old lady seems to be coming home from a tiring day at work, but her cat is determined to be the reason she smiles again. Sitting on its owner’s lap and staring lovingly at her, this cat is the definition of a best friend.

Photo courtesy of reddit/xNIBx

Who could resist that cute little face? Virtually no one, but pay attention to the woman sitting next to these two on the seat. She does not seem amused at all. She must be more of a dog person…

Purring all the way home

The joy on this cat’s face is unmistakable. Must be nice to be a cat sitting on a human’s lap in a car, being stroked and petted all the way back home. The caption on this photo read, “He was purring the entire ride home.” What a cutie!

Photo courtesy of reddit/imthebaebae

If you take a closer look at this photo, you’ll see that the cat is also hugging this human’s arm. This is on top of the snuggling in his lap and gazing admiringly into his eyes. If we were this cat, we would not want to leave the car, even when they’ve arrived home.

Zoey just wants to cuddle

Yes, coronavirus mostly blows because we have to maintain a safe social distance from loved ones. But thank goodness the rules don’t apply to pets! With the rest of the world deprived of physical contact, pet owners have an advantage.

Photo courtesy of reddit/rvherdjr

This cheeky girl is called Zoey, and all she wants is to cuddle. Thankfully, her owner gets it and is letting her do what she wants. Zoey is pleased about it. Cuddles from pets remind us that we’ve definitely taken cuddles from other people for granted in the past.

Pure joy

What more can this pupper ask for? It’s covered in so many blankets and towels. It’s warm in the car. It’s sitting right next to its favorite human. The look of pure joy on this little guy’s face is proof enough that life is truly grand.

Photo courtesy of reddit/OGPebbles

If this is what a ride home for this doggo looks like, imagine what he has waiting for him in the house? The smile on this pup’s face means that it knows it is loved and loved well. We’re obsessed with this little guy!

Just Indy and his human

Sometimes a chill day is all you need for a good pick-me-up, especially after a rough week. The one thing that can make that do-nothing day better is your best pal by your side. This woman’s loyal pup Indy is readily there to accompany her in her lazing around.

Photo courtesy of reddit/claire303

We’re wondering whether Indy is short for anything. Indiana maybe, like the world-renowned archaeologist from the film franchise? If so, this woman missed out on naming her pooch Indiana Bones. You know, like… Indiana Jones? Get it? No? Okay.

The best boy

Hello Internet, meet Simon. He is looking fondly into his human’s eyes because there’s no one else in this world that can make him happy, feed him, and snuggle with him on the couch. He’s very grateful to his human for all the love.

Photo courtesy of reddit/LOLELECTRONICS

Simon’s human is also looking fondly back at him. He posted this photo with the caption, “Simon, my very best boy,” so he is just as smitten as Simon is. This photo fully encapsulates the love between a man and a cat, and we are living for it.

“Hello human, I will love you forever”

A year ago, this Reddit user brought home their first foster puppy. This little angel is called Sadie, and she is so ready to love on her humans forever. Just look at those doting eyes and the way she is so calm in this person’s lap.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Smalltownssuck

The comments section immediately flooded with how Sadie would soon be a “foster fail.” Don’t worry. Even though that term might sound negative, a foster fail is when the foster parents of an animal finally decide to adopt the pet as their own. We sincerely hope this is the case for Sadie and her family.


This pet owner easily wins the award for Best Name Given For A Cat. He named this gorgeous dark gray and white kitty Cleocatra, after the renowned ruler of Egypt, Cleopatra. This naming is truly ingenious and a wonderful use of a pun.

Photo courtesy of reddit/PharaohCleocatra

Cleocatra’s beautiful fur is reminiscent of the regal royalty of the Queen of Egypt herself. Here, she’s admiring her human the way we imagine the original Cleopatra would have gazed at her lover, Mark Antony. A historically scandalous love affair.

Harper up close

Sweet pooch Harper’s favorite thing to do is to lay on her human’s chest, get her face right up against her human’s, and start a stare-off. If we had a Harper in our lives, we would not mind this in the slightest!

Photo courtesy of reddit/jstevens44

Sure, having a dog on your chest might make it harder to get up every morning, but we’d take that over actually getting up any day. The way Harper is smiling here is also a plus point. She looks so peaceful and happy just to be looking at her human.

“Ha. You’re mine now”

Well don’t these two make an adorable pair? Little Tarzan here is a German Shepherd mix who just can’t take his eyes off his human. Check out the way he’s got his paws on this guy’s chest and the way he’s focused in on just his face!

Photo courtesy of reddit/Jturner0685

Tarzan is also a great name for a dog, although we’re still not over the name Cleocatra from a couple of items ago. Tarzan seems to be claiming his human, saying, “Ha! You’re mine now.” Well, Tarzan, anyone would be lucky to be yours.

Cat in a pouch

There are several very important things that this photo reveals. Firstly, was anyone else aware that there are hoodies with pouches in them specifically made to put your cat in? The person who posted this was given the hoodie as a gag gift, but we think this is the perfect present.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Terriere

The second thing about this photo is obviously this cat’s adoring gaze. It’s clearly enjoying its time in the cat pouch and is very grateful to its owner for doing it. A warm and cozy cat pouch makes for a very happy cat.

Purr alarm

We’re not sure if we’re looking at a black cat or a photo-realistic cartoon version of one. The way her eyes shine is enamoring. We’re just sad that we can’t hear the purrs which her owner is talking about in this post’s caption.

Photo courtesy of reddit/Krstnzz

Apparently, this human woke up to the sight and sound of her cat purring at her. This is honestly the best way to wake up. Alarms shouldn’t immediately go off and startle us; it should be the sound of a cat purring that gradually increases in volume.

Grandma’s bed bud

Well, if it isn’t the happiest little guy around! We’re obsessed with this little doggo’s grin. His name is Mitus, and he’s so undoubtedly happy to be with Grandma. Just look at the way he’s sticking his tongue out. He’s cheesin’ so hard even his eyes have disappeared.

Photo courtesy of reddit/KotaCali

Aside from Grandma’s warm smile for her best bud, let’s also appreciate the other things in this photo that might go unnoticed. Mitus’s pink polo shirt for starters, which matches Grandma’s pink nails. Also, check out the hot dogs on his leash collar!

Engaged in deep conversation

“Human, what’s the meaning of life?” That’s what we’d like to think this cat asked this man as it sauntered into his lap and assumed this position. Whatever this man is telling his cat, we would like to hear it because we have the same question.

Photo courtesy of reddit/owelie

These two appear to be engaged in deep conversation, the cat listening intently to every word. We don’t want to distract you, but look at just how big the cat is! It fits snugly in its owner’s lap. Maybe the meaning of life for felines is simply to cuddle.

Adopt, not shop

If you ever want to be on the receiving end of a gaze this pure, adopt a pet. Providing an animal with the care and attention it needs strengthens the bond between human and pet. This little dude’s name is Tucker, and he already looks very grateful to his new human.

Photo courtesy of reddit/TheBelowIsFalse

Dogs are highly intelligent, and the look on Tucker’s face tells us that he somehow knows this human has just saved him from an otherwise sad and lonely life. He’s going to grow up to be such a handsome and loving boy.

Barkday girl

Happy birthday, Winnie! This gorgeous cocker spaniel just celebrated her barkday three weeks ago. Her day was complete with party hats, pink balloons, and a doggy treat birthday cake. As you can tell from this photo, she’s very happy about it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@winnie_thecocker

Winnie is a pretty famous pupper. You may recognize her from Instagram, where she has a following of over 487,000! These people love Winnie as much as we do. She’s such an adorable gentle soul, not to mention beautiful.

Trick or treat!

The best thing about pet content online is definitely seeing all the animals in their Halloween costumes. Pet costumes are a testament to the creativity of their owners. This year, Savannah the Golden Retriever dressed up as multiple characters, including an adorable batgirl.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@savannahgoldenretriever

Seeing the way Savannah is posing, we have a feeling that this isn’t her first Halloween. That cheeky over-the-shoulder gaze, the wide grin, and her tail curled up nicely next to her—this is a dog who is used to having the spotlight.

Neck scratches

If your pet is having a moody day and you’re wondering how to cheer them up, a fool-proof trick is to give them neck scratches. This is, of course in addition to treats or long walks. This kitty here is Marmite, and he’s enjoying a relaxing scratch from his human.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cat

Marmite lives at home with his sister Stella. Together, they are Stella and Marmite, the protagonists of the Instagram account @cat. These rescue kitties have a total of 181,000 followers who tune into their latest antics on the social media platform.

Higher! Hiiigher!

If your dog is lucky enough to still fit in the baby swings at their nearest playground, this may be worth a try. Check out Chelsea kickin’ it on the swing. She might be asking her human to keep pushing her higher and higher.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chesterychelsea

The look on Chelsea’s face is of pure bliss. Oh, to be a dog on a baby swing—mouth open, tongue hanging, eyes closed, head thrown back and feeling the wind gently fanning her with every swing. It’s a good life for Chelsea.

Hey mister

It’s a nice warm day. You decide your garden needs a bit of sprucing up, so you step outside and grab a hose. You start watering your plants and the grass. You’re peacefully minding your own business when you turn right and are greeted by these faces.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lifewithmalamutes

Perhaps the best thing about sharing a wall with someone is that you get to greet their dogs when they’re outside. These Malamutes are two of three. They live with a family that just welcomed a new baby. They’re all over Instagram and YouTube, too!