What’s With the Tummy: 50 Amusing Pregnancy Brain Farts!

By Aileen D November 10, 2020
What’s With the Tummy: 50 Amusing Pregnancy Brain Farts!

We have all heard of this before, maybe it happened to you or someone you know. Many mothers swear to have experienced a brain fart during pregnancy. Symptoms include disorientation, lack of focus, and poor recall. There’s a brain fog that not even the brightest bulb can seem to pierce through. And that’s because a mom’s brain actually shrinks during pregnancy! Yikes!

Neuroscientists claim that these changes in brain structure can remain until after delivery. In case you don’t believe us, one woman reportedly used her calculator to set an alarm! Another said she had prepped dinner but had actually bought deserts. It seems like a love-hate relationship – having a pregnant brain. It’s basically telling you to take the whole nine months off and stay at home!

Just when we thought having a baby was hard, knowing that you will probably do some really silly things makes it seem even harder! Would you consider getting pregnant if you knew any of these brain farts could happen to you…and worse, that they would often happen and on a permanent basis? These stories will reassure you that it’s all totally normal, and to be expected. Enjoy the experience, and blame it on the baby.

Switch to a Happier Living

Even before getting pregnant, Reddit user w3rewulf‘s wife believed in healthy living. His wife swore by organic food, counting calories, and at least two liters of water each day. So when his wife got pregnant, he knew that they would have a healthy baby – what with her lifestyle and all. Well, one day, his wife decided that she would take charge of dinner. She came home with this.

Image Courtesy of w3rewulf / Reddit

We guess she got tired of healthy living. She wanted to make a switch to happier living. Attagirl mom! Sweets, candies, and licorice not only make the world better but pregnancy easier. Besides, with two liters of water a day, you could wash out all this gunk. That’s a daily detox!

In For A Joy Ride

Work-life balance can be tiresome. Take it from this mom, Rhoni, who wanted a pinch of spice in her life. She was feeling bored with the routine of work. But she couldn’t really move around much. So one day, her preggo brain decided to carpool with someone else.

Image courtesy of rhonnniii / Twitter

You can only imagine how the car owner reacted when she saw Rhoni fastening her seatbelt. Yeah, sure, go ahead Rhoni. Make yourself feel comfortable. While you’re at it, how about taking a sip of lemon water. This sounds like a great story to tell your kids.

In Person

This mom got a sudden craving to cook waffles. It’s a usual routine – just break a few eggs, add a pinch of salt and pepper, and then whisk it all around. Pour slowly into the waffle maker and wait for it all to cook. Unfortunately, this mom forgot to add the eggs to the batter.

Image Courtesy of tsa_ hard / Instagram

In case you’re wondering what a preggo brain looks like, voila! When you see a mom’s patience is wearing thin, you can imagine steam hissing from the sides. The burnt edges of the batter crawl even deeper into the sides and her hunger pangs are all but lost.

Conducting Business

When you’re nursing a baby bump, you’re likely to visit the bathroom twice every hour. That’s because the weight of your baby is pushing against your bladder. You’ll have to take a lot more bathroom breaks. Do it fast. Otherwise, you’ll miss the movie plot twist!

Image courtesy of Jennifer eally / Twitter

Well, at least we know what a decent human being David Jehnson really is right? She places the seat down and then flushes right after she uses the toilet. In fact, she doesn’t use the toilet. She doesn’t want to spoil it for the next user. Too bad she had to go through the motions twice this round for forgetting to pee the first time.

Coffee Has Gone Stale

Pregnant moms can take about max two cups of coffee a day. Jess has been particularly careful about her caffeine intake. But that doesn’t mean that she gave up on drinking coffee altogether. She decided to brew some for the house. But her preggo brain wanted one on the go, possibly an overpriced Venti macchiato.

Image Courtesy of jess m watkins / Instagram

Honey, why is the coffee stale? Because it’s made entirely of water. Jess’ preggo brain decided to sabotage the whole batch of coffee. She had forgotten to put the ground coffee in the coffee maker. That, or maybe her preggo brain decided that Jess needed hydration. Water is the way to go!

Jekyll and Hyde

The more we read about this preggo brain, the more we liken it to the strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Behind every caring mom is this evil, self-indulgent mastermind. Mr. Hyde is the type to make you forget that you’re making juice out of chicken broth and that you’ve only applied half of your make-up.

Image Courtesy of riley millay 32 / Twitter

It’s like a before and after look! Half of your face is au natural, and the other half is the one the public knows about. This look is even worse than appearing bare-faced. At least when you arrive for work without make-up, you’ll only look sick. If you go around with only half your make-up on, people will actually think you are sick. This preggo brain, in the ranks of mankind, is pure evil.

Can We Use Cheats

Cheats are a great way to ensure a win. We used them frequently when we played Grand Theft Auto. If you have a competitive streak, chances are you’ll still have it as a mom. You will need to play with your kids often. So if you want to find your kid quickly during a game of hide-and-seek, use cheats!

Image Courtesy of _the_ clean_ life_ / Instagram

If you are not the competitive type, we still suggest using them, as this mom should have. After this mom counted to 100, she spent 20 minutes trying to find her daughter in a three-bedroom house! That’s a small space. She realized that her two-year-old had been hiding under a towel in the same room she had been. It must have been agonizing for her daughter- remaining lifeless for about 20 minutes.

Diehard Fashionista

Fashionistas couldn’t care less if activists stomped the runway and tried to ruin their mink fur. You can bet they wouldn’t let pregnancy keep them from being well-groomed either. Robyn Ulmer has her hair conditioned every day. That keeps it bouncy and manageable. On one particular occasion, she had noticed it had been too manageable.

Image Courtesy of robyn ulme / Twitter

It was sooo manageable that it hung limply to the sides of her ears. When she ran her fingers through her silken hair, her fingers were slick with the conditioner. Sure, it smelt nice, but leave it on for too long and you’d have an itchy scalp. That’s not the best way to start the day.

Mind Over Matter

If you have ever been to Rosa’s Cafe, then you must know about their salsa bar. It’s made spicy to perfection! It’s just that if you’re pregnant and you frequently experience heartburn, you might experience discomfort when you frequent the salsa bar. Given this restraint, guess what Abbyls’ preggo brain did.

Image Courtesy of abbyl haggard / Instagram

She had gone out to go to Walmart for a grocery run. She knew the route, but her limbs were taking her elsewhere. When her car pulled up in the drive-thru lane, she realized where her preggo brain had taken her. As one netizen has put it, the mind knows what it wants.

Counting the Ballots

Every day is election day in this household. This mom has to sort through her pillbox and count the number of meds inside. That’s to keep her from taking too many or too few of the pills. It’s a pretty scary thought. But it’s best to be careful. Who do you think is winning – the red pills or the blue pills?

Image Courtesy of irmelsa / Reddit

It turns out that she isn’t the only mom who had been experiencing this. Reddit user enithermon said she’s going to have to “break out the old lady pill container”. We’re pretty sure their preggo brains would cloud their orientation of time next. What day is it?

Girdle That Belly

Most moms swear by pregnancy belly bands. These are designed to support the back and the tummy during pregnancy. With the sheer weight of that tummy, a little support would do wonders! These help decrease spinal and pelvic pain, which allows moms to perform chores with comfort and ease. Mrs. Jensen never believed in these things; she had no supply of them at home. Her preggo brain came up with an ingenious design!

Image Courtesy of mrs .jensen 11.6.14 / Instagram

The inelastic belt loop held Mrs. Jensen’s tummy in place. The front waistband accommodated space for mommy’s rear. For the whole day, Mrs. Jensen hadn’t complained of a backache. How could she notice? She was dog tired and not aware that she had worn her jeans backward!

Twirl and Tumble

If Norma Bates took form as a pregnant woman, she’d be this. This mom had wanted to bathe her baby. So she prepped a bath and poured in some essential oils. She carefully slipped into the tub, holding onto its edges to keep from falling over. She cupped her hands and scooped some water to pour it over her baby’s skin. Then she immersed it fully.

Image Courtesy of [deleted] / Reddit

Told you it was Norma Bates. But really it was just her preggo brain playing a trick on her. She had forgotten she hadn’t even given birth to her baby yet. It’s sloshing around her womb, and frequently kicking the walls for another cycle.

The Fluffiest Scrambled Eggs

It’s one of the most basic dishes there are. But the best-tasting scrambled eggs are created with a few techniques. To make an egg-cellent batch, use shredded cheese and learn the art of quick cooking. Use milk to enhance the flavor of eggs. Whip well. Don’t be afraid to take up elbow room. And most importantly, whisk the eggs in one container.

Image Courtesy of chels_woody / Instagram

One morning, this mom woke up with this urge to taste that fluffy goodness. She had prepped all the materials and laid them on the kitchen table. But she hadn’t realized that she cracked one egg in a bowl and the other on a plate. Maybe her preggobrain wanted to do a dry run.

Five Months In and Out Of Job

The more we read about these pregnancy farts, the more we liken them to our drunken selves. Falak Abbas would complain that she would feel scattered most mornings. Her thoughts seem foggy, and her reflexes are a bit slow. But one particular day, her brain decided it needed an indefinite leave from work!

Image Courtesy of Fabbas_ / Twitter

Told you, preggo brains are like our drunken selves. They make you forget the most important details during the most crucial events. In this case, it was when closing a deal with a client! We hope her client believed her when she said she had a brain fart. Best refer to the calling card or the building’s front sign!

What’s Cooking

If you’re one to take supplements, then you can imagine the frothy goodness of almond or soy milk infused with whey. That’s loaded with protein. This young mom probably wanted to start her day off with an energy boost, so she headed to the refrigerator. She took out a carton box and a few fruits. She gagged after taking that first sip.

Image Courtesy of a little fancy mom / Instagram

Yep, we would pretty much choke too. She wondered if any of the fruits she mixed in were spoiled. She realized that she pulled out the wrong carton from the fridge. See, the simple truth is that your preggobrain is asking for calcium and Vitamin D. At least her juice is good for the bones right?

Call Child Services

Sure, there are a dozen ways moms can mess up, but we hadn’t thought they could get worse than this. Parents shouldn’t leave their kids unattended at home. They could get into all sorts of trouble. They could knock down vases, fall down the stairs, or sprain themselves from running. So when Jeremy McLellan’s wife forgot their baby at home, we thought it’s time to call child services.

Image courtesy of Jeremy McLellan / Twitter

When he tweeted this, his wife mustn’t have been in no more than her first trimester. During the fifth to sixth month of pregnancy, moms can feel their babies kicking in their tummies. With that notification, there’s no way Jeremy McLellan’s wife could forget the child is in her tummy.

Adding Minutes To The Hours

We are certain this has happened to us at some point in our lives. Unlike Aleena, though, we can’t blame our mishap on our preggo brain. We must have woken up late or had too many all-nighters in a week. It makes for a funny homecoming story.

Image courtesy of aleena beee / Twitter

Do you think that we could add a few more minutes to the hours we could go to sleep? It seems like Aleena needed more of it during her pregnancy. Maybe that’s what her preggo brain was trying to tell her. Subtract some stressors in your life. Multiply the movies you’re binging on and have exponential fun!

Hold That Thought

Today’s grocery day. Reddit user lalalalameow9 had written a list of things to purchase from the store. She had promised she would cook lasagna. And her daughter was begging her to make it already. So she hopped in the car and went on her way.

Image Courtesy of lalalala meow9 / Reddit

At which point, her brain tells her hold that thought. Let’s circle around the neighborhood and then ease up the driveway. How about taking a rest for the mental effort you put into buying groceries? Maybe home deliveries are the way to go for the next couple of months.

Apple Cinnamon Cake

Yes, it’s meant to be a cake. Mom followed the instructions to the tee, but her hands were bound to the preggo brain’s dictates. It wanted a couple more heaps of baking powder and baking soda. As a matter of fact, it might have been a box more. You could pass it off as a doughnut.

Image courtesy of melissafe.vi / Instagram

Instagram user melissafe.vi claims that “in all fairness, it didn’t taste half bad. It literally popped and deflated”. Well, that sounds appetizing! That probably means that we could taste a tinge of apple if we took a bite of this doughnut…err cake! Care to try some?

Crystal Salt

This mom had been craving for some ribs. Her husband bought some and arranged them on her plate. She couldn’t eat it without a dash of salt and pepper for extra seasoning. So she went into the kitchen to get the condiments. At which point, her preggo brain must have been bored out of its skull. It decided to play hide-and-seek with mommy.

Image Courtesy of If I Die Theres Nothing / Reddit

Find me the salt. Count to 100 and then find it! We would have been tired and irritated from our hunger pangs. Can you imagine having medium rare ribs on your plate – its scent wafting in the air, while you go looking for a bottle of salt? What a killer!

Tastes Bubbly

Here’s a great addition to your skills as a hostess – prepping a four seasons float! All you need is a half- liter of four seasons drink, a half-cup of club soda, and two scoops of strawberry ice cream. Mix the four seasons juice drink and the soda. Then place the ice cream on top. What does that taste like? Bubbly!

Image Courtesy of always chasing my chase / Instagram

That’s because this mom has placed her laundry detergents inside the refrigerator. We can only imagine what a miracle does for our clothes. Should it help rid of the stains, and are we cleansed of our forgetfulness after prepping that four seasons float juice?

Use Your Imagination

Mums are the best. This one wanted to crochet her daughter a fish. She chose a day where she knew her daughter would be off at school. Then she took her crochet hook, then slipped and stitched a chain of yarn. The minutes passed by, and soon she came up with this.

Image courtesy of I want 2 talk please / rEddit

Her preggo brain thought it was going well. But upon taking this picture, we can’t help but ask what had gone wrong? It’s supposed to be a fish! It almost looks like it from one viewpoint. What depths will these fish be charting off to next?

More Nutrients!

It’s funny how these moms’ brains sabotage diets and eating patterns. Nickie de Vaal was in for a treat when she went into the kitchen to get a snack. She took out a banana and then proceeded to unpeel it. Seconds later, she noticed that the banana was bitter to taste.

Image Courtesy of gih jee / Twitter

To be fair, Nickie, you could eat banana peels. It’s common in most parts of the world. Those peels contain plenty of minerals and vitamins, especially the B complexes. The riper the banana, the sweeter and thinner the peel becomes. After cleansing, you could throw it in the juicer or blender to make a fantastic smoothie.

Everyday is A Scare

Halloween is one of the best times of the year. You could go out as a princess, a witch, or a gumball dispenser. Take your pick. As a mom, it’s a great way to bond with kids. You could shop for costumes or make them yourself if you have the time. Look at what this mom did for her daughter’s Halloween day celebration in school.

Image Courtesy of beck ah dub / Instagram

She looks adorable right? It’s just that she had sent her daughter in full costume on the wrong day. In fact, it hadn’t just been the wrong day; it was also the wrong week. Tough luck, mom. That’s okay, though. Every day is a scare in school!

Curded Apple

There are plenty of treats we can make with an apple. You can make pie, cider, tarts or bread with them. Lately, Kendyl had been wondering what she could make with them. Her preggo brain came to the rescue. The answer appeared on her grocery list.

Image Courtesy of kendyl c fitness / Instagram

Is it even possible to make curded apple, have it salted and aged to perfection? If it is, we’d be the second to come up with this food product. It actually exists in Lithuania. The preggo brain sure has some tricks up its sleeve. If it was planning to entertain Kendyl, it had her laughing at the grocery store.

Parenting 101

Reddit user Stacieinhorrorland is a mother of two. Her kids are a few years apart, so she’s got her parenting skills down…supposedly. One morning she received a direct message from her daughter’s daycare teacher. Apparently, her preggo brain can’t tell its left from its right.

Image Courtesy of Stacie in horror land / Reddit

At least Stacie’s better self was able to do damage control. The sandals were of the same pair, each worn on the wrong foot. Maybe it’s time for this little kiddo to learn how to put her own sandals on. That way, she can adjust them when mommy’s preggo brain self-destructs.

Putting Away Some Laundry

Just because you’re a supermom doesn’t mean you can do away with household chores. You’d still have to launder, dry, iron, and fold clothes. After all of that, you have to store them in the closet. This hot momma decided to knock this chore off the list. But she and her brain perceived towels differently.

Image courtesy of raising girls x2 / Instagram

Her preggo brain must have thought they were paper towels to eat food with. Momma’s brain knew they were bath towels to be tucked neatly in the cabinets. Well, at least, this young mum was able to spot the error before she left the load to freeze in the refrigerator.

I’m Hungry…Err Late?

There are so many things to juggle when you’re a working mom. You have work, family, yourself, and your car keys to think of. Of it all, the most important during mornings are car keys. Where would we go without them? This particular morning, mom was running late. She was only able to find those keys when she addressed her hunger pangs.

Image courtesy of arbonne_ with_ pam / Instagram

She opened the door, and a flash of light shone by the side. Eureka! You’ve found it, finally! She snatched them from the box and then crept her other hand in for a slice. Gotta take one from the road! She deserves this after looking all over the house for those darn keys.

On The Go

At a self-service restaurant, this mom and her cousin came to dine. A few feet from the counter, you could smell the sweet, tangy smell of buffalo chicken and the wafting heat of white rice. They just had to get heaps of that food. Unfortunately, the preggo brain wanted it on the go.

Image Courtesy of chitobandito / Imgur

It’s odd isn’t it – have the chicken placed in the cylindrical cup while having the ice melt in the styro container. You can bet this mom’s cousin was in for the shock of his life. How can anyone drink from that container? On second thought, that would be a cool trick if you wanted ice chips on the go.

Out in the Twitterverse

This mommy bird tweeted about her funny morning. She woke up early, knowing that today was laundry day. She laundered the clothes in batches and then did some cooking. When she came back to the laundry room, she quizzically looked at the load. Why weren’t there any suds?

Image courtesy of Megan Lizotte / Twitter

All the while she was updating someone on the course of her morning. She had to tell them what happened, but she couldn’t find her phone. The funny thing is that whoever she was talking to hadn’t bothered to ask, how had you managed to call me?

Come Right On In

We can tell from this image that Trishee is a friendly neighbor. She’s one to welcome newcomers and fetch them a drink if they’re feeling thirsty. She might even cook some dishes and give them away, just cause. How else would you describe someone kind enough to let you in the middle of the night?

Image Courtesy of _trishee_ / Instagram

It’s a good thing she lives in an equally friendly neighborhood. It’s safe, and she needn’t worry about anyone barging in the middle of the night. Trishee’s husband might want to double-check the doors at night, though. We wouldn’t want this to happen again.

In A Rush

This doesn’t seem too humiliating, at least until Instagram user mlbowen7 recognized she was wearing two different shoes. So long as she’s comfortable, right? We’re pretty sure it has happened to us at least once in our lives. The best way to deal with it is to ignore everyone’s odd stares.

Image Courtesy of ml bowen7 / Instagram

Maybe her preggo brain couldn’t decide between the two designs. Which one suits our attire better? Wouldn’t it be better if we wear one of each so that we wouldn’t have to choose! The child in us would agree. At least, they were both ballet flats. Imagine what it would be like if she wore a stiletto on her right foot and ballet flats on the other.

What, Again?

Most women don’t know they’re pregnant until after the morning sickness kicks in. Then they start recalling their last period. When had it last been? As they check their calendar, it dawns on them that they might be carrying a baby. A wave of emotions hit them. They feel that the next surge of acid rising up their throat.

Image courtesy of Dreaming tree 18 / Reddit

At least she knew who the father was. All she needed to do was to inform him she was 32 weeks along, if that isn’t plainly obvious by her baby bump. How do you think he’ll take it? We would be absolutely ecstatic. Pregnancy announcements are the best!

Buttery Goodness

We can only imagine why this woman’s preggo brain decided to put a lid on this tub of buttery goodness. Maybe she counted the calories and decided a few scoops were enough. She might have also wanted butter at room temperature so that it’d be easier to cook with it.

Image Courtesy of heather_tuckera / Instagram

Heather had been dumbfounded. There was a large block of space in her refrigerator where the butter had been. She remembered she had taken it out, but she can’t remember what she had done with it. When she found it on the tabletop, she couldn’t help but think, “I don’t even know how I am able to live day-to-day anymore!”

Getting Some Exercise

Of all the stories on the list, this seems the most painful. Don’t worry, Zoe hadn’t given birth. It’s just that her preggo brain thought that it would be nice for her to stretch her legs and go for a walk. Can you imagine being 30 pounds heavier and walking for about a mile and a half in the afternoon heat?

Image courtesy of The Zoe Cole

We hope she hadn’t walked back to get the car. If we were her, we would have our husband pick the car up. Our feet would be throbbing and sore after that walk. They’re normally edematous during the last trimester of pregnancy. Some degree of walking would help circulation. But if you’re planning to go on a walk-a-thon, it’s best to wear comfortable shoes. We don’t think Zoe’s preggo brain prepped for that.


Don’t you just love hypothetical questions? These are the best! One question can lead you down several rabbit holes. And one other thing that we love about them is that you can offset blame while looking for a solution. Take, for example, this mom. Her preggo brain forgot to remind her to remove the plastic lid before putting the food in the oven.

Image Courtesy of amy_kl_ scheerer / Instagram

So hypothetically, what’s the best way to remove melted plastic off the oven rack? Worry no more. Place the rack in a freezer and leave it there for about 30 minutes. That should harden the plastic. Scrape it off until the metal racks look immaculate! Hypothetically, this is what you should do.

It’s Purge Time

There are several ways you can keep your skin young-looking. One of which is to drink at least two liters of water a day. That will keep it supple. Second, employ a good skincare regimen. That will help unclog the pores. Lastly, you’ll want to lock in moisture, so apply lotion or baby oil as needed. While doing these acts, Supriya’s preggo brain quizically wondered what baby oil tastes like?

Image courtesy of Supriya Salvi / Instagram

That’s right. She took a sip of that baby oil. Not only did her preggo brain want youthful-looking skin for mom, but it also wanted supple skin for baby in utero! That or maybe it just thought it was a great time to purge. Good thing, Supriya immediately recognized the odd taste of the thick fluid in her mouth. She put the cap on it immediately!

Happens To Everybody

On rare occasions, Nydia Jimenez comes home and tells her husband about her uneventful day. Most of the time, things don’t go her way. She forgets to bring her lunch with her and has trouble remembering where she put her meds. That’s the norm.

Image Courtesy of nydialjimenez / Instagram

At least Nydia, you have your preggo brain to blame. This happens to us frequently, and we only have our forgetfulness to credit. Over time, we have learned to keep our lives simple and our routines short. That way, we won’t have to take up much mental energy for the most basic things.

Cute Get-up

We aren’t die-hard fashionistas, but we can’t help but want to order this pair of shoes from a catalogue. This momma is sporting an edgy look. On her right foot, she’s wearing blue leather ballet flat, and on the other foot, she’s wearing tan suede shoe.

Image Courtesy of marsie3 / Instagram

She was on her way to the doctor’s appointment when she slipped both on. She hadn’t noticed with the baby bump blocking the way. No one at the office minded it. They were too busy minding their own bumps and bruises. Even if they had, this would be making rounds on New York’s fashion week!

After You

Some drivers make you want to go on a road rage. Their cars are built for maximum speed, and yet they’re cruising at an old man’s pace. We would honk our horns and overtake them. Who in the world gave them their licenses?

Image courtesy of silly nino paris / Reddit

After you insisted her preggo brain. This post puts everything into perspective. The next time we feel like going on road rage, we’ll assume differently. It just might be a pregnant mom driving behind the wheel. Not only has her drive gone on cruise control, so has her brain.

T Minus 10

How do you know mom loves you? She bathes you, cares for you, and most importantly, prepares meals without you asking. She incorporates all of these things in her daily routine, partly out of obligation and mostly out of endearment. Just in case she has to go somewhere, she’ll tell you, “Honey, I left your dinner in the microwave.”

Image courtesy of Mdrn Us3r 20 / REddit

Much to her surprise, this mom found out that she had left the bowl of spaghetti in the cupboard. Her kid had been counting T minus 10 until she could taste that zesty goodness. When she opened the microwave, she was met with nothing. Who had beat her to it? Mum’s preggo brain did. In fact, it made sure no one would be able to find it.

Joining the Bandwagon

One internet user got the ball rolling by asking the Redditverse what their preggo brain subjected them to do. Within a couple of minutes, she had a litany of responses. There were a lot of people, like starrienites, who joined in on the bandwagon.

Image Courtesy of starrienities / Reddit

It’s a good thing this mum conducted business at home. Imagine how uncomfortable it would have been if that had happened to her at the office. She would have been walking in shame- her humiliation a few seconds to detonation! Should we suggest a particular brand of diapers?

Comfort Over Style

For the most part, it seems like preggo brain cause mums great distress. But it hadn’t been that way for Jess. She had an appointment for the day and had to drive for about an hour and a half to the location. She would hum and bop her head to the stereo and switch gears when needed. It was only when she arrived at her point of destination that she realized she forgot to take her bedroom slippers off.

Image Courtesy of jess_ rhoads / Instagram

At least she had an hour-and-a-half of a comfortable ride. Comfort should be the new stylish norm, especially for moms. With the added weight, there’s greater strain put on legs and feet. Those slippers cushion the blow. We daresay you can only look great if you feel amazing, which Jess’ preggo brain did for her.

Ramen for Desert?

If you have ever gone to a legitimate Ramen house, you can bring to mind the umami taste that a steaming bowl of noodles gives you. Depending on the broth, it could be salty, tangy, or spicy. Its ingredients are made of fish, chicken, or beef. It turns out they can be made with sugary, carbonated drinks too!

Image courtesy of Ruzal kah / Reddit

Her preggo brain must have wanted dessert for dinner. Skip the noodles and the umami clear broth, we’re going for caffeinated sugar. One scoop of that broth will have you jolted alert! What do you say, mom? She gives a definite no as the juice spills over the kitchen sink.

Gone Defunct

With the number of dishes this microwave has had to reheat, it has gone defunct. The last time it ever did a favor for this family was this particular evening. This mom wanted to make Taquitos for everyone. She placed them on a plate and set the timer to two minutes. Then she went to fix the table.

Image courtesy of Burnt Mom Warfare / Imgur

It hadn’t occurred to this mom that the Taquitos were left on the countertop. She quickly placed them inside the microwave, but it had gone defunct. It doesn’t want to turn on. We suggest cooking them in an oven. It’s twice the effort, but at least you could bite into that deliciously shredded beef.

Someone Is In A Hurry

The best part of mealtime is getting to sit down with family and bond over food. It can be pizza, spaghetti, or a pile of saucy dishes. But preparing the meals and washing the dishes is a pain. Kath’s preggo brain seems to agree too! It had been in a hurry to clean the kitchenware.

Image Courtesy of kathyakey / Reddit

Not only will Kath have to clean the dishes (again), she’ll have to clean the cabinets. We can only imagine the gunk and oil that stuck to the walls of her cupboard. We hope dinner had been light. At least she can have her husband help her. It’d be a great way to bond too!

Tasty Waffles

To make a fresh batch of waffles, you will need eggs, baking powder, oil, white sugar, and all-purpose flour. This mom had all these in the kitchen. So she went about to create the batter. In a jiffy, she was pouring them over the waffle maker. Her husband went into the kitchen to have a bite.

Image Courtesy of mrjeriel / Instagram

He was dumbfounded. The waffle was gritty, and it stuck to his throat. He washed it down with water and realized that the batter had been burnt. All this time, he thought it was chocolate. No wonder she had been able to make some, despite the lack of cocoa powder. Yikes!

Hard Time Telling The Birds From the Bees

One evening Reddit user jazzberryjamm lay in bed with her hubby. Most nights, they would cuddle and enjoy each other’s presence in silence. On other nights, they would simply talk about how their day had gone. This particular evening, jazzberryjamm‘s preggo brain struck up an interesting topic.

Image courtesy of jazz berry jamm / Reddit

It had a hard time telling the difference between the birds from the bees. After all, when you’re carrying your baby in utero you can only rely on an ultrasound to tell you its sex. Sometimes, the gender reveal is different from what you get in person. That’s probably why it had broached up circumcision. Just making sure folks!

Trend Setter

If Paris Hilton was able to make jumpsuits look hot in the early 2000s, then this preggo brain believed it could make wearing clothes inside out the new norm! Think about it. Wouldn’t it be comfortable wearing the right side of the fabric against your skin? That will help keep your skin from chafing.

Image Courtesy of randi_blair / Instagram

In case your neighbors are wondering where you got your stylish clothes from, all you have to do is walk up to them. Show them that tag. Tell them you got it at a discount. If they aren’t sold, drop the bomb – it’s a free size clothing. Who wouldn’t be dead envious?

Makes Them Yummier

You can cook the same dish or prepare the same food item but have it taste differently. It all depends on how you prepared your ingredients. Crushing grapes allows the juice and skin to mingle together; whereas pressing separates the fruit juice from the fiber. The same holds true for marinating chicken. That would make it tastier.. This preggo brain thought this can of beans would taste yummier if mum put in more effort opening them.

Image courtesy of rachycurtis / Instagram

Oh, the horror! There’s nothing like sore fingers to remind Rachy what her preggo brain put her through. We hope she hadn’t been too hungry. We would have been dying to eat those beans. Besides, they taste the same – easy-open can or not. We hope her preggo brain realizes that.