Famous People And Their Curious Eating Habits

By Iulia P October 29, 2020
Famous People And Their Curious Eating Habits

We all have at least one guilty pleasure or one habit that some might find a bit unusual, and… that’s totally fine! We are unique individuals, and, more than this, we are definitely not supposed to be alike or agree with everybody. Celebs make no exception from this rule. After all, they’re only humans too. But what about weird culinary guilty pleasures? Are we still down to accept habits that we might consider totally weird?

From eating weird food to eating normal food but in strange places, some celebrities have indeed shocked their fans with their unusual taste and little “yummy” pleasures. Combinations that would make one vomit are a taste bud’s dream for some celebrities that you wouldn’t even think about. Get ready to be both shocked and disgusted while reading some of the most bizarre food combos famous people are in love with.

Kourtney Kardashian

The oldest sister of the Kar-Jenner clan, Kourtney Kardashian, has always declared herself as being a wellness and healthy eating freak. She admitted that her eating choices were definitely far from being healthy before her kids came into the picture.

Photo courtesy of today.com

In one of her recent articles on her Poosh website, the celebrity admitted that she indulges in eating a bar of Kit Kat every once in a blue mood. Nothing wrong with that but the way she likes eating that Kit Kats makes a lot of people raise their eyebrows. Kourtney Kardashian likes eating her Kit Kat in layers. While this is totally bizarre, we applaud her for her tremendous patience.

Mariah Carey

Everybody knows that the Queen of Christmas aka diva Mariah Carrey is one eccentric piece of beauty. From her extravagant clothes to her expensive lifestyle, there no wonder her food taste is extravagant too. The diva is on a purple food diet.

Photo courtesy of dailymail.co.uk

After her twin pregnancy, the singer gained a lot of weight, and in order to drop the pounds, she was advised to hop on the purple food diet. This diet consists of eating only purple food such as grapes, purple potatoes, and carrots, plums, and eggplants. Like this, she dropped about 15 kg. Because the diet worked so well for her, she is still eating purple food 3 times a week.

Scott Foley

The 48 years old hot celeb has made a lot of ladies fall in love with him while playing in production, such as Scandal, Grey’s Anatomy, and House. No wonder because he looks hot dressed in medical attire. So hot, you wouldn’t believe what his food guilty pleasure is.

Photo courtesy of geffenplayhouse.org/refinery29.com

The “Scandal” actor has indeed created a scandal amongst the breakfast lovers when he posted, on his personal Instagram, a picture of his plate. The outrage in the comment section was real. But can you condemn it? Foley’s plate contained scrambled eggs with… wait for it: peanut butter.

Bryce Harper

The athletes are known for having a big appetite and also bizarre habits. The baseball player Bryce Harper makes no exception. The Philadelphia Phillies is as superstitious as most of the athletes out there admitting that he has a full ritual before every game.

Photo courtesy of wkyc.com/pinterest -4pb/blogspot

While invited on Jimmy Kimmel’s night show, he revealed that before every game, he puts on the same undershirt he wore when his team won. When it comes to food, he admitted that Eggo Waffles are always on his plate before every game.

Lyoto Machida

The MMA Brazilian fighter, Lyoto Carvalho Machida, is known for his title as a UFC Light Heavyweight Champion. As a fighter, his diet is way different than the diet of a usual person, one habit, in particular, being beyond gross and weird.

Photo courtesy of fatimanews.com.br

When asked about the champion’s diet, his father said that Lyoto has been drinking his own urine every morning for years. Despite the gross idea of one drinking his own urine, this practice is pretty popular amongst athletes because of its health benefits.

Elvis Presley

The King of Rock and Roll, Elvis Presley, not only was one of the most talented singers in the history of music but also one of the most handsome American celebrities. So handsome that this one freaky culinary pleasure has to be ignored.

Photo courtesy of thoughtco.com/tastingtable.com

Elvis Presley’s weird love for peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich was so big that people not only had to try it, but they also called this combination “The Elvis sandwich.” As gross as this combination of fruits and meats sounds, people on the internet actually enjoyed their Elvis sandwich, rating it with 4 out of 5 stars on Food Network.

Albert Einstein

The German physicist is the genius who developed the Theory of Relativity and also the father of the Law of Photoelectric Effect. Despite his high IQ and his Physics Nobel Prize, he was a pretty normal person with pretty fascinating yet unusual eating habits.

Photo courtesy of insidetheperimeter.ca/wired.com

The genius’s live-in housekeeper, who was also his cook, said that Einstein would have two fried eggs every morning. His side dish would be some sautéed mushrooms with honey and also crickets from his own garden. He would wash down a delicious meal like this one with celery juice.

Mark Zuckerberg

The creator of Facebook is known for his low key, simple style, and lifestyle. Despite his 107 billion-dollar fortune, you would never see him sporting luxurious brands, flashy jewelry, and you would definitely not see him stunting on the internet. He is indeed a humble guy with good values.

Photo courtesy of theregister.com

During an interview with Insider, Zuckerberg revealed that in 2011 he challenged himself to eat meat that he, himself, has killed. He chose to do this in order to cut down on meat intake and also for his own satisfaction.

Vladimir Nabokov

The Russian- American writer Vladimir Nabokov is known for his eccentric novel Lolita. While he himself was considered to be an eccentric person, as his students would describe him, there’s no wonder his habits were not really that normal either.

Photo courtesy of newrepublic.com

The writer has a passion for butterflies. He would spend hours on the open fields to catch them. He would collect them, but frankly, he would snack on them too. Bizarre enough, the buttery taste of butterflies was way deeper than Nabokov’s admiration for them.

Nicholas Cage

Known for his numerous roles in movies but also for being a film director, Nicholas Cage is considered one of the best actors in Hollywood. Having won a Golden Globe and an Academy Award, and also with his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, Cage is indeed a special celebrity. We can say the same about his weird eating habit.

Photo courtesy of sickchirpse.com/ livescience.com

While asked about his diet, he stated that his diet is pretty regular except for one factor which he finds important. He will only eat the meat of the animals that mate in a “dignified” way. This meaning that he only eats fish and poultry and stays away from pork meat.

Henry Ford

The business magnate who shook the 20th century with his great invention, the first automobile, was known for his healthy eating choices. Before he became rich, he and his family lived on a farm and used to eat healthy food that they, themselves, would plant and harvest.

Photo courtesy of civilized.life

Once he became famous and rich, he did not change a thing about his healthy lifestyle. His housekeepers were asked daily to go in the garden and pick up some grass and weeds for their boss’s weed and grass salad that he loved to eat. On top of this, he loved his soybeans, having quite often soybean apple pie and celery stuffed with soybeans.

Renée Zellweger

Renée Zellweger is not only one beautiful woman, but she is also one talented actress, his Golden Globe and Academy Award being solid proof of this. When it comes to her diet, she follows a very strict macrobiotic diet, and in the past, she used to follow Atkin’s diet, but it didn’t work very well for her.

Photo courtesy of cookingchanneltv.com/reneezlovescoffee.tumblr.com

A macrobiotic diet aims to avoid the toxins that come from dairy products, refined sugars and meat so it focuses on veggies and cereals. The actress admitted to often having sugar cravings, but she has a technique to fool her body. She would snack on ice cubes. That’s weird, but whatever floats your boat, Renée!

Salvador Dali

The Spanish artist was one controversial person and not only because of his art but also because of his lifestyle and fashion choices. Considered a genius by some and a narcissistic, egocentric person by others, including his family, Dali continued to live his controversial life unbothered.

Photo courtesy of polit.ru

Controversial life, controversial art, and controversial eating habits. The artist would refuse to eat food that has not ” a clear and intelligible form.” Instead, he would love to eat “armored food,” such as seashells and eggs. When it comes to his favorite dessert, this would be an unusual combo of toffee and pine seeds.

Novak Djokovic

Currently ranked the number 1 globally, Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic is a real Balkan sensation. As you’d expect, his eating habits are very clean. He follows a dairy and gluten-free diet, eating mainly fish, beans, white meat, fruits, nuts, and avoiding where possible sugar a processed foods.

Photo courtesy of cnn.com

Like many other athletes, Djokovic has a superstition too. After every won game he would knee down to the ground, and he would eat grass. When asked about this habit, he revealed: “It’s a little tradition obviously. As a kid, I was dreaming of winning Wimbledon, so, like every child, you dream of doing something crazy when you actually achieve it — if you achieve it — and that was one of the things.”


The 1/4 member of The Black Eye Peas has always been a beauty bombshell. Now at the age of 45, she is still managing to keep herself right and beautiful; when asked about the secret, she gave thanks to her clean diet and sporty lifestyle.

Photo courtesy of parismatch.com/ walmart.com

The diva admitted to trying to stay away as much as she can from meat, processed foods, and sugar. She only eats organic and has a meal every three hours to keep her metabolism working. One of her habits that most of us would consider bizarre is drinking shots of vinegar. The songstress doesn’t let a day pass without her having her vinegar shot.

Jessica Biel

The beautiful Jessica Biel is an actress, a wife and besides all this, she is a mother too. Her and singer Justin Timberlake are married and have a son together. While all mothers go through ups and downs, Biel is no stranger to this either.

Photo courtesy of foodandwine.com/ vice.com/

Recently the actress posted on her Instagram account a picture of her having her breakfast in the shower. While some found it a weird place to eat, the mothers of Instagram totally understood her. While interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel’s show, she explained: “This is just mom life. I do not have time. I don’t have time for anything. I’m feeding Silas in the morning, trying to get ready and I realize I haven’t eaten, I just take it into the shower”. Multitasking at its finest.

Channing Tatum

Channing Tatum might be a talented actor but unfortunately for him his talent is outshined by his killer body. A body lean like his definitely needs a strict diet plan. His is based on lean meat, veggies, nuts and one freaky combo that he admitted he eats pretty often.

Photo courtesy of syndicate.details.com/ homeplatepb.com/

Peanut butter, grape jelly and crunchy cheese Cheetos sandwiches are a comfort food for Tatum. While to most of us, the idea of this combination creates a huge discomfort, Channing Tatum’s six pack seems to deal with it pretty well.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple, was indeed one-controversial personality. When it comes to his eating habits, he was an avid promoter and follower of a vegeterian lifestyle and also of the benefits of fasting; he, himself used to go days without eating any food at all.

Photo courtesy of entrepreneur.com

From his official 2011 biography , we learned that Jobs learned from a young age about the benefits of fasting and that he could experience euphoria from not eating for long periods of time. One of his peculiar diets was: eating the same thing for weeks. It is mentioned that he used to eat either carrots or apples for long periods of time.

Giada de Laurentiis

The beautiful Italian born chef looks so good you wouldn’t think that she is actually a chef but more looks like a model. At 50 years old, Giada de Laurentiis looks phenomenal, and for this, she gives credit to her clean diet.

Photo courtesy of people.com/ maxdelivery.com

The chef revealed that she barely has full meals, but instead she snacks all day long. She focuses on eating clean, fresh, and organic foods in small quantities but very often. One of her guilty pleasures that is indeed a bit weird is Milano cookies dipped in fresh lemonade.

Angelina Jolie

The beautiful actress is known not only for her roles in different box office hit movies but also for her rebellious and often shocking acts. Even if after adopting her Asian son, she became less rebellious, her food choices have not changed a bit.

Photo courtesy of gala.fr/ pinterest.com/@Gerald Levet

When asked about her adopted kids’ culture and what food she likes the most from each of their countries, she mentioned a very bizarre snack. While being in Cambodia, the country from where her son Maddox is from, the actress ate cockroaches as a high protein snack, and she enjoyed every bite of them.

Ed Sheeran

The British singer, famously known for his hit ” Shape of you,” is not really in shape, but we love him anyways. He is aware of this and he blames it all on his struggle with bad habits developed during his last tour. He explained that because of anxiety, he developed a habit of binge eating and alcohol .

Photo courtesy of rollingstone.com

Despite his awareness and will to do something to change his situation, Ed Sheeran is not ready to give up his one vice: the good ol’ ketchup sauce. The singer is addicted to the red sauce, and he eats it with every meal and on most things.

Selena Gomez

The beautiful singer and actress looks so good that you’d think she is a health fanatic. Well, she admitted to eating normal food, sometimes fried, sometimes fatty, but she keeps herself in shape by exercising at least 3 days a week.

Photo courtesy of tigerbeat.com

When asked about snacking, she admitted to having a guilty pleasure for popcorn. Don’t we all? At the end of the day, popcorn is considered a healthy snack by many nutritionists. What we forgot to mention is that she loves her popcorn with pickle juice and tabasco squeezed on top.

Adrienne Bailon

The former Cheetah Girl and an actual cast of the show The Real shocked the whole community of the internet when she posted a video on her personal YouTube account. In this video, she shares one of her favorite recipes: tuna salad.

Photo courtesy of soyummy.com

She said she invented this recipe while in high school, and it kind of makes sense. Her tuna salad has tuna (obviously), mayo, salt, and the secret ingredient: red fruit punch. Her producer was invited to taste her salad, and by the look on her face, it’s fair to say that this recipe was not a hit

Jake Owen

You might think that by now, you’ve read enough and that it can not get any weirder than popcorn smothered in pickle juice. Well, wait for it! The country music singer, Jake Owen, has one habit that would raise many eyebrows.

Photo courtesy of rbsd.k12.ar.us

The singer loves to put salty peanuts into a cold, bubbly bottle of Coke. He loves the taste of it so much that he even dedicated a verse in one of his songs to it. This raised many questions, so people on the internet tried it too—the verdict of this awkward combination: Oddly Delicious.

Danica Patrick

The American professional racing driver is 38 years old, but she looks nowhere near that. Despite her small frame, she revealed that she eats a lot and has a very diverse diet and that she is lucky to have a fast metabolism.

Photo courtesy of thethings.com/ livingnorth.com/

When asked about what she likes eating, she confirmed that her go-to meal is steak on a waffle. For most people outside the USA, the combination of meat and waffles just doesn’t sound right; this seems to be one staple food in the American culture.

Tim Tebow

Another athlete, another weird ritual. Timothy Richard Tebow has switched from being a football quarterback to being a baseball player for New York Mets. He is on a Ketogenic diet, meaning his carbs intake is little to none.

Photo courtesy of pineterest.com/ @delish

A Keto diet is pretty strict, so in order to adapt to it, Tebow had to make some changes to his diet. One of these was his coffee. Tebow has a very special recipe for his coffee. He brews decaf and normal coffee together, and after it’s done, he combines the coffee with cream, butter, almond milk, and stevia.

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is not only talented but beautiful too. She is in great shape and this is most likely because of the healthy lifestyle she lives. It is known that she likes keeping it healthy during the week and she loves having fun with her food choices during the weekend.

Photo courtesy of delish.com/ turntablekitchen.com

The blonde bombshell revealed in an interview she had with the magazine Vanity Fair that she has a pure obsession for lavender lemonade. While most of us associate lavender with decorations and therapy, it is actually used in infusions too and it was proven to be not only tasty but beneficial too.

Blake Lively

The beautiful actress who played Serena van der Woodsen in the TV show Gossip Girl is known for having a pretty diverse diet that contains ice cream and chocolate fudge cake but also a lot of veggies, nuts, and meat.

Photo courtesy of self.com/ yelp.com

When asked about her weirdest culinary pleasure, she said that her taste in food is pretty normal, but this changes when she is pregnant. While pregnant with her second child, the actress revealed that she craved a lot of pumpkin ice cream combined with a topping of… wait for it: PICKLES! Well, as weird as this can be, you can not mess with pregnancy cravings.

Shailene Woodley

Twenty-eight years old and numerous characters played and quite a few movie awards, the actress and producer is indeed one phenomenon. When it comes to her diet, the actress has gone through many drastic diets that made her miserable, so her actual diet is very diverse.

Photo courtesy of nyt.com/ redandhoney.com

Despite indulging in fast food every now and then, she is very strict to one habit that is very unusual for most of us. Shailene Woodley eats clay daily in order to get all of her toxins and free radicals out. As weird as this practice sounds, indigenous cultures have practiced it for a long, long time, and it was proven to be beneficial for digestion.

Tori Spelling

The actress Victoria Spelling became famous when she was cast in the hit TV series Beverly Hills 90210, which her father produced, Aron Spelling. The actress looked amazing in the show, and she still does now when she is in her late 40’s.

Photo courtesy of foxbusiness.com/ albanesecandy.com

The mother of two is keeping her weight in the chart’s lines by eating a balanced diet. Her meals are mostly organic, and she makes sure to exercise often. Despite the Hollywood pressure to be skinny and always in shape, Tori Spelling has one vice she can just not quit: gummy bears. Well, in order to make herself not feel guilty about indulging in the yummy gummy bear world, she mixes them with veggies.

Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen might be a swimsuit model, but her eating habits are more like a regular person’s. She loves food, and no wonder because she has written two recipe books already. Her favorite food would be anything junk food: queso, fried wings, and anything from McDonald’s.

Photo courtesy of people.com

While junk food and a fit body don’t really go together, the model admitted that she sometimes struggles to keep herself from indulging in her junk food cravings. One habit that even she considers a bit weird is licking the flavor off the Doritos chips and putting them back in the bag. Satisfying your cravings with fewer calories, well, that’s what we call a win-win situation.

Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Dale Earnhardt Jr is the son of the famous NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt Sr. Like his father, Earnhardt Jr is also a reputable NASCAR driver who has won numerous cups and titles. Racing drivers need to be in shape and train hard to be ready for the race.

Photo courtesy of nbcsports.com

In order to drop some pounds, the driver sticks to a very strict diet. Even though the diet would not allow him, he would cheat it now and then with one of his declared guilty pleasures: a good ol’ banana sandwich in which he would squeeze some mayo. Sounds delish, right?

Padma Lakshmi

Fifty years old and with the body of a goddess, Padma Lakshmi, the American-Indian model, and activist, is definitely doing a great job when it comes to her diet. She is known for eating a mostly vegetarian diet, but she has her days when a nice piece of meat is needed too.

Photo courtesy of hellogiggles.com

One of her go-to, comfort, and all-time favorite snacks is: peanut butter spread on a slice of toast and sprinkled with some pomegranate seeds. While most of her followers found this snack weird the combination of the three tastes might actually work.


Back in 2018, Queen Be announced her pregnancy with twins. Despite the strict diet she used to follow before the pregnancy, once pregnant, Beyonce gave herself the green light to take advantage of everything pregnancy has to offer. Indulging in your cravings being maybe the best part of it.

Photo courtesy of hellomagazine.com/ twitter.com/@HalieAtisuto

While it is known that pregnancy cravings can be pretty unusual, it’s fair to say Queen Be’s cravings were the definition of WEIRD itself. One of her close sources revealed that the singer was craving: “Oreo biscuits and gherkins, Bounty ice creams with hot chili sauce and she loves dipping bananas in ketchup. For breakfast, she’s been having croissants with melted Dime bars inside.”

Gwyneth Paltrow

The beautiful actress has always been in great shape, all because of her clean diet and fitness routine. Paltrow’s secret “diet” was revealed while on a podcast, and to everybody’s surprise, her eating habits are pretty relatable.

Photo courtesy of goop.com

The founder of Goop, a wellness brand, Paltrow declared herself as being a Guinea pig when it comes to the new wellness trends and diets. One of the trends she hopped on and fell in love with was the habit of drinking a combo of almond milk, ginger, coconut sugar, and roasted sesame seeds.

Kristin Cavallari

Fashion designer and TV personality Kristi Cavallari has a huge passion for food and cooking, her three cookbooks being solid proof of this. In one of her books, she said that she and her family are following a low carb diet, and because of that, she needed to change a bit some of the traditional recipes.

Photo courtesy of cheatsheet.com/ primaverakitchen.com

One of the recipes she had to change in order to satisfy both their diet and their cravings was the recipe of her burgers. She opted for a bunless burger, switching the buns for lettuce leaves. As much as Kristin wants to call this combo a burger, it is far from being that.

Kylie Jenner

The youngest self-made billionaire is, despite her huge fortune, pretty normal when it comes to her food choices. More than this, the food she chooses to eat can easily be found at the junk food alley in the supermarket.

Photo courtesy of Tmz.com

From her famous noodles with butter egg and garlic powder to her Halloween cookies, Jenner’s go-tos might sound weird but can taste really good. One reveal, that created outrage amongst her followers is: the bombshell likes eating her cereals with no milk.

Alisson Sweeney

Actress Alisson Sweeney gained recognition after playing the role of Sami in the TV soap opera Days of Our Lives. When asked about her diet, without revealing it directly, it is pretty clear that she has a major obsession with blueberries.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/katiecouric.com

She revealed that she eats blueberries every day for breakfast with her oats and she loves sprinkling it on top of her soft flatbread. But one quite bizarre habit drew our attention: there is not turkey burger on her plate that doesn’t have blueberry jam as an accompaniment.

Jessica Alba

The beautiful Latina actress is known for her roles in movies, for her numerous awards, and also her passion for wellness and a healthy lifestyle. She admitted to indulging in small guilty pleasures now and then but most of the time, she is on track.

Photo courtesy of popoholic.com

One of her habits that can be considered weird is drinking salty water. The actress likes having daily a bottle of water in which she sprinkles granulated salt. As weird as this sounds and maybe tastes, it is allegedly beneficial for digestion and health in general.

Kourtney Kardashian- again, i know!

The oldest Kardashian sister strikes again. In an episode from Keeping Up With The Kardashians, filmed in 2008, when Kourtney was pregnant with her first child she revealed something that made the fans of the show turn the TV off and take a break.

Photo courtesy of mirror.com.uk

The reality TV star expressed her desire to eat her placenta. While this is bizarre beyond words, it is apparently a very usual practice due to its health benefits. Kardashian turned her placenta (with the help of the experts) into capsules and has done this after the birth of each of her kids.

Kelly Rowland

The former Destiny’s child has always looked fitter than the rest of the group members, and her abs were always stealing the light in the music videos. More than a decade later, her body hasn’t change a bit. She still looks amazing.

Photo courtesy of stylebistro.com/ kirbiecravings.com/

There’s no need to say that this body of hers is made in the gym and also with a very strict diet. While sitting down with Women’s Health Magazine, she admitted to having cheat meals every now and then, one of them being her all-time fav: fries with salt and sugar.

Flo Rida

The Florida native, singer, and rapper Flo Rida has his unusual guilty pleasure too. While asked about his favorite Thanksgiving dish, besides the turkey and the Cranberry Sauce, he mentioned Mac and Cheese too. Mac and Cheese is definitely for most of us a comfort food, but Flo Rida’s recipe has a twist in it.

Photo courtesy of wikipedia.com/ xoandso.com

The artist said that besides from all the normal ingredients that are put in the recipe ( butter, milk, flour, sour cream and all types of cheese) he also loves it when his Mac & Cheese has Flaming Hot crunched Cheetos sprinkled on top of it.

Warren Buffett

The third richest American, Warren Buffet, has admitted to having the diet of a 6 years old kid. The investor is probably the most unhealthy famous person fon our list. While having a bit of junk food every now and then can be alright, eating it daily is a huge No-No.

Photo courtesy of majorblog.com

While revealing what he eats in a day, Buffet said that he was not scared of death. On a regular day, his meals would be chicken nuggets from Mc Donald’s, 5 cans of Coke, heaps of salt, Dairy Queen ice cream and candies, a lot of candies.

Jennifer Lawrence

While sitting down with Glamour, the beautiful actress revealed that she has a passion for wine and pizza. While this might sound regular, her pizza recipe is pretty unusual. She actually makes a pizza sandwich with two pizza slices and adds southern style chili and noodles in between them.

Photo courtesy of elitedaily.com

As weird and gross as it sounds, there are people out there who actually decided to give this recipe a try, and the feedback was shocking. The Lawrence style pizza sandwich gained a 5 out of 5 star rating on Food Network.

Jessica Simson

The singer shocked the entire world after dropping a significant amount of kg after her pregnancy. Despite the backlash she got from the public during the time she was not skinny, the songstress kept positive energy and got right into it the moment she was allowed to diet and exercise.

Photo courtesy of refinery29.com/ wikihow.com

Her diet is now balanced, and it permits her to cheat every now and then. While now she likes eating healthy, she admitted that in the beginning, it was hard to ignore her bad cravings. One of her go-to snacks that always helps her distract her cravings is cantaloupe and salt.