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Fur Buddies With THEIR Fur Buddies: 40+ Pics of Pets With Their Favorite Toys

Just as we need someone to keep us company, these fur pets need someone to sleep, eat, and prowl with. Their fur buddies help make them feel secure and loved, especially when we’re out at work. At the end of the day, they can greet you at the door with their favorite toy by their side. Together, they will tell you all sorts of adventures they had encountered and how they managed to survive each one. Buy your fur child a toy. Keep buying them one until they chose a favorite. Some of these pet owners regretted not buying their kids one sooner. Trust us; your pet will love you all the more for it. It tells them that you are just as attuned to their needs as they are to your happiness!

Watch This Hedge-hug His Toy Tightly

You wouldn’t guess it from those spikes, but hedgehogs are pretty sweet critters. They occasionally get prickly to some degree. But it isn’t always intentional. Besides, these spikes are pretty similar to the bristles of your toothbrush. So you needn’t worry about this toy dog’s safety.

Image Courtesy of Breaking Campeon / Instagram

You can tell they have a budding friendship from the way she is hugging him tightly. There isn’t even the slightest scratch on it. She brings it with her during mealtime and even grooms him during bathtime. Mommy has to remind this hedgehog that her teddy is better off staying dry in the crib. It’s only for a couple of minutes, tops!

Trash Panda Meets Self!

You may not know it, but trash pandas are pretty shy creatures. They don’t just keep away from humans; they also keep to themselves in the wild. They only group together when hunting – usually during the winter. This trash panda is pretty comfortable living alone. But sometimes, solitude can be overbearing. So his fur mom gave him a stuffed toy for company.

Image Courtesy of Gallow Boob / Reddit

She couldn’t wait to show it to him. Momma had seen it in a store. The moment she locked eyes with it, she knew she had to buy it for her fur child. When she got home, she called her child and then eagerly handed the plush toy to him – trash panda … meet trash panda! He hugged it tightly, looking at his mom and back at it.

Me and My Buddy

Charlie is a gentle cat. He has never made a mess in the room, and he cozies up to anyone. But with his fur dad away at work, he doesn’t have anyone to play with. It can be lonely, staring out at the window alone. Not even the TV can cut it…not until his dad brought him this toy.

Image Courtesy of Sn0w b0und / Reddit

Of all his toys, this is the one he cuddles most. Reddit user Sn0wb0und guesses it’s because it looks just like him. We agree. They shade the same color of fur and have the same timid smile. Now, the days are more bearable. Together, they can dream about playing in cotton candy fields, and teaching other pets about watching butterflies.

Two Loyal Steads

Growing up, this boy would shirk at loud thuds and bangs within the house. He stopped doing that when he was given his very own dragon to keep him company. With a pair of wings and able to breathe fire, he felt safe. Now, he has outgrown the latter, but that hasn’t affected his love for his toy the least bit.

Image courtesy of mac is crack / Reddit

You can see both of them smiling for the camera. Going for the name Team Droggo, this dog refuses to go anywhere without his loyal brother. Together, they can travel vast kingdoms and arid deserts. They remain wise counsel to the queen and king of the house.

Look Who Wants To Make Amends

Even pets have rifts with their toys. It can be because the latter got more attention than them, or their toy stirred up the green-eyed monster in fur pets. Whatever caused this rift, this cat had ripped open his favorite toy. He had been very regretful over what he did. But he didn’t know how to patch things up with her!

Image courtesy of and then he stabbed me / Reddit

Thankfully, grandma knew how to sew. She padded her feet towards the living room and in her hand was her sewing box. She sat down, threaded a needle, and then gently stitched up this kitty’s favorite toy. All the while, the feline had been watching with the utmost attention. I’m sorry little one. I have dulled my claws using the scratching post. I’ll be more careful from now on. Promise!

Where Are We Heading?

This pet owner has to spend a lot of her time on the road. The nature of her work calls for it. Sometimes she takes her fur boy with her. Most of the time, she has to call someone to babysit him in the house. Once she had finished packing, and her fur child crept up on her to ask, where are we going next, momma?

Image courtesy of Jay Bleaz / Reddit

He was excited to go on a trip with her again. His tail was wagging, and his eyes were bright. He had brought his toy with him in to the room and laid it gently atop her clothes in the suitcase. His mom couldn’t help but tear up a bit. How could she tell her kid that she would have to take a solo flight? She kneels down and breaks the news gently to them both. Maybe next time, kiddos. I’ll make it up to you, like I always do!

When She Says “Netflix and Chill”

This kitty loves classics! She loves to sit near grandma’s feet and listen to music coming from the gramophone. She also loves a bowl of milk. For movie time, she will beg you to play The Aristocats. Just before she hits the play button, she will curl up with her stuffed Angora cat and then pull the blanket over her body.

Image Courtesy of Cozy Mouse

Marie is such a beauty! That Turkish Angora Cat is so regal – what with her gold, diamond-studded collar, and her fleek eyeliner! She always knows the right thing to say and the proper time to say it. And she’s also a good mother. This kitty aspires to be just like her, raising her own stuffed toy to become a proper member of the Aristocat society.

Guess What Whiskers Loves The Most

When Whiskers smiles, there’s a twinkle in his eyes. You can only see it if you look at him carefully. His eyes narrow into two slits. But there’s no mistaking the mirth and childishness in them. For his birthday, his fur mom had gotten him this catnip toy bottle. Naturally, he was amused!

Image Courtesy of Oddling 82 / Reddit

If you’re wondering what Whiskers loves best, take a guess. The bottle he holds is Furball Whiskey. He might take a swing at it, but rest assured Whiskers stays sober. He just acts drunk because he’s happy with his toy. We think it’s the best birthday gift he has ever gotten. Mom is going to have a hard time beating this gift next year.

Building Them Their Own Houses

Like our daughter, this black Labrador loves to play house. She dresses up her toys in colorful attire, picks them up, and helps them go from room to room. Then she lays each in their own bed. Here she is, after having built them their own house. What can you say about her homemaking skills?

Image courtesy of T zucci mane / Reddit

Her fur mom has described it as filing away her toys. But this Labbie thinks differently. She understands that each toy requires its own privacy. Each is more comfortable sleeping in its own bed. That’s why she keeps them nestled in separate quarters. To keep them from having nightmares, they sleep next to each other for company.

Me Learned My Lesson

This fur mom has invested a fair amount of money on her fur child. She had bought him plush toys, balls, bones, and squeakers. But whatever she had given him, he would always find a way to tear them apart. He hadn’t meant to. He just hadn’t learned how to manage his excitement yet.

Image Courtesy of Jem_ / Reddit

Oddly enough, the only plush toy he hadn’t torn apart was this one. It’s silent and soft. During the evenings, it creeps up onto the kitchen table and nibbles fruits, seeds, and grains. During the mornings, it snoozes under the loving arms of its canine owner. They make a cute pair, don’t you think?

Both Like to Eat Bananas

This fur mom has a black cat named Pickles. As you can guess, Pickles has a certain fondness for food. He is gifted with acutely sensitive taste buds and thus dreams of becoming a food expert one day. Pickles has found a friend in this monkey, with whom he shares a love for different cuisines. What do you think they love to munch on?

Image Courtesy of danger kitten00 / Reddit

Bananas! They can’t get enough of them, really. Pickle’s fur mom has to unpeel half a dozen for them, mash them together and serve it in a bowl. They will take their time eating the puree. You can hear them describing it in detail and then suggesting what would mix well with it. Apricots, walnuts, or caramel? We can see the bright future these two foodies have.

Can’t Breathe

As much as this doggo loves being cuddled, we frequently hear him squeal in the living room. Daddy often has to check up on these two. He scruffs the neck of the other and tells him to go easy on his partner. From the looks of them, you can tell that the fur dog is gasping, nothing like being cuddled really tight.

Image Courtesy of Warm Pus514 / Reddit

With a heavy sigh, the bigger dog eases off. He paws the back of his fur toy and lets him take a break. He probably didn’t mean to squeeze the plush out of him. We know he just loves his pet toy so much he can’t help cuddling him on the living room couch!

Why It’s Important To Be A Good Listener

This fur mom absolutely adores her fur son. He’s sweet, but he isn’t clingy. He spends his time in the backyard, barking at birds and chasing after squirrels. Mom had noticed that he desperately wanted to catch one. After 13 years, he never succeeded. But that belief never wavered.

Image Courtesy of Visceral Harmony / Reddit

Why had he wanted to catch a squirrel? To cuddle one, obviously! Reddit user visceralharmony regretfully says sorry, it took me so long, buddy. It had taken her 13 years to understand that he simply wanted a cuddle buddy. So she decided to buy him a plushie squirrel. Ever since she had given it to him, he had been carrying it around the house.

Showing Each Other The Best Of Both Worlds

This horse has made an unlikely ally in this floundering mess. He had chanced upon it when he drank from the stream. He saw that the yellow fish was flopping on its side, lost, and in need of a friend. Being the compassionate type, he nudged it over to the river bank. From then on, the two have practically become inseparable.

Image courtesy of if dailiy 5 / Reddit

It’s an unlikely friendship – both coming from two, separate worlds. But they have made it work. Sometimes, the horsie would wade in the water to play with the schools of fish, while Flounder would come and visit the farmhouse. They do so on one condition. The black horse would have to gallop quickly and place Flounder in a fishbowl.

Refuses To Let It Go Extinct

Like us, dogs also play favorites. This fur dog has gone through hundreds of toys. Mom has lost count. She has tried repairing them, patching them, and even buying them in bulk. But of the litter, this fur dog has one plushie she refuses to hurt!

Image courtesy of A7 xxx / Reddit

Guess she doesn’t want this dino to go extinct! It may be the last of its kind to roam the earth. The rest of its kin are simply bones staged in a museum. We can only imagine the millennia of stories this dino has told this fur dog – how it had foraged forests, hunted meals, and stared up at the cosmic sky, all until that asteroid hit the earth!

We’re Not Crying, You Are!

Ready those tissue boxes because this is quite a tearjerker. In this household, Eddie and her sister would make a mess of things – poke a hole in sneakers, tear linen to shreds or muddy the living room floor. The two would share toys with each other. Eddie’s sister, however, would keep one from him – this teddy bear. That’s because Eddie has a deathly canine grip. When Eddie’s sister died, he started carrying this plush toy around. Guess it was one way of keeping his sister with him.

Image Courtesy of Milk Shake41 / Reddit

Reddit user MilkShake41 states it’s the only toy he has never destroyed. *cue sniffles and tears. Told you guys to ready that pile of tissues. You can see from the droop of Eddie’s eyes how much he misses his sister. His parents have given him space to grieve. He has been able to cope, and it had been largely due to this teddy. But it can get too heavy for him from time to time.

Boo, Where’d It Go!

This furry cat loves to play with magic and mysticism. He has read up exhaustively about those subjects. He has a stack of books near his bed, which he has read twice or thrice now. Like any magician, he has an assistant by his side. And his favorite trick? A disappearing one! Now you see this ghost, now you don’t!

Image courtesy of Grand Paradise / Reddit

His fur mom helps him wear that sock. He practices before a mirror, waves his paw around, and then practices some more! He wouldn’t stop until he could dupe himself. When he was satisfied with himself, he showed the trick to all his friends. They wouldn’t believe their eyes. Where had that ghost gone?

I’m Gonna Make Him An Offer He Can’t Refuse

In this town, knees buckle, and backs shudder at the sight of this pug. It has a scar on its back and an uncanny ruthlessness to its eyes. Its fur is coal black. You will almost always see it cruising its turf like the boss that he is. The townsfolk call him The Pugfather. You wouldn’t want to mess with him.

Image courtesy of :bahhumpug.tumblr.com

The townsfolk tell us about that time when his godson asked for help. His godson wanted in on a role, but he and the movie director had bad blood. This pugfather sent the family attorney to settle matters. The movie director wouldn’t budge. The next morning, the director’s champion racehorse, Khartoum, lay bloodied on his bed. Told you he would give you an offer you can’t refuse.

Aren’t They Corgi-ous(Gorgeous)?

How do you pick the right stuffed toy for your pet? For one, make sure it fits them. If they are too big for their size, your fur child might not be able to play with them. If it’s too small, your kiddo can easily swallow it, and that toy may lodge in your kid’s throat. Yikes! If all else fails, just choose one that resembles them – like this corgi!

Image Courtesy of Nin Looq / Reddit

Mommy had made sure that this plushie corgi’s eyes are dog-proof. She didn’t want her corgi munching on those buttons. Neither did she want to go to the vet to see those eyes swimming in her corgi’s guts. Luckily, her fur child takes good care of his toy. There are no scratches or bite marks anywhere on him. In turn, this toy takes good care of its corgi partner.

It’s Chow time!

If you had thought that cats were filled with gunk, slime, and bad juju from the underworld, then you thought wrong. They’re compassionate critters too! At dinner time, this fur mom filled her kitty’s pet dish with food. She called the latter to supper. She had gone out for a couple of minutes and came back into the kitchen to see this.

Image Courtesy of Neon Lexicon / Reddit

Reddit user neonlexicon states, apparently, he thought it was hungry too. Told you! Cats aren’t entirely heartless. When they see you as part of the gang, they will protect you at all costs. This kitty not only feeds his stuffed toy he also grooms him right after. Imagine that – he pats away the crumbs, licks his paws, and then rubs it along the length of his stuffed toy. How adorable!

Look At How Big They Grow

This mommy couldn’t believe how big her child had grown and how long her doggo had kept her company. She could remember the day she nestled this furdog in her arms. She had been a ball of fluff and barely bigger than her stuffed toy. Here’s what she looked like back in the day.

Image courtesy of Beef Lyrkii / Reddit

Now, this furball had grown into a furdog. Some things never change, though. The couch is still covered with her fur, and the room has her toys strewn all over the floor. There’s only one plushie you will find absent from that room. It’s the one she always brings with her everywhere she goes.

Just Two Senior Citizens

When she was young, this doggo would be all over the place. She would be licking your face one second and then running across the backyard the next. But like us, this doggo has aged. Now, she only has random bursts of energy. She tries to conserve most of it. It hadn’t been easy adjusting to the changes for the most part. Good thing this doggo has this stuffed toy for the company.

Image courtesy of ammo for the rank / Reddit

Reddit user ammofortherank’s son had noticed how old their dog was getting. That’s why he decided to give her a stuffed sloth toy. He told her sloths move slow too, so don’t feel too bad about growing old. She has taken heart to this kind act and grown an even greater liking for this sloth.

Doing Guard Duty

Don’t mind this fur boy. He’s just doing his job, staying at his post in the backyard. His hours are long, but that doesn’t bother him. He has a few people to keep him company – the squirrels, roof rats, birds, and these toy plushies. In fact, he’s doing guard duty because of these toy plushies.

Image courteysy of Azura _ Black Heart / Reddit

Mum had seen how bedraggled his toys had gotten. They were covered with dirt, mud, and they smelled funky. Worried that this guard dog might fall ill, she laundered all his toys. You can bet he did guard duty by the laundry machine too. And afterward…well, he assumed post by the clothesline.

Not One to Outgrow Friends

We don’t know if this kitty is an Aussie, but she has taken a liking to kangaroos. Dad had seen her watching one on the telly, and she was absolutely fixated by those strong hind legs. She would sit on hers while she watched. And every so often, she would attempt to mimic their hops.

Image Courtesy of Paw Buzz

Her lurches are farther in her dreams than they are when she attempts them when awake. That’s because, in her dreams, she pounces with a herd of kangaroos. Her pet takes her to the wildlands and teaches her the ins and outs of the desert. It’s like this kitty is being shown her hunter roots.

Woof At Me!

In a decade, much has changed in this household. The walls have been repainted, the stairs now creak, and the upholstery has been remodeled. But this dog still loves to be the center of attention. Seeing this fur boy’s familiar face comforts those who visit the home.

Image Courtesy of The Great Ambini / Reddit

He announces the arrival of guests with a shrill howl and a series of barks. After he boops their hand, he rushes to his room to bring them his fur toy. He will rub his body on your leg and then nudge you to a seat. Then he will place himself before you while mom prepares a kettle of tea. How do you like it – with cream, sugar, or both?

Mini Me

Witches in this neighborhood cast spells and draw hexes for the protection of its residents. The big cauldron is filled to the brim and stirred nonstop. Outside, there are owls whose heads turn 360 degrees. And on the floor, lies these mystical creatures. They make sure that everything goes to plan!

Image courtesy of King _ Bumi _ the_ cat / Reddit

They stand guard in the night when it’s hard to see them. When one falls asleep, one wakes the other up. Their eyes glow like crescent embers, and their ears hear the faintest of sounds. By morning, they tell the witches what they had seen, then ask for a tablespoon of treats, preferably catnip.

Unleash The Fighter Within

This furball crept into his brother’s room one night, sniffed the contents of his toy box, and picked this fighter out. He carried it to the living room and branded it as his own. By morning, you could make out the imprint of his teeth. His human brother didn’t want anything to do with it anymore.

Image Courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

Fast forward a couple of years, and we couldn’t make sense of the toy. He loves this toy so much; he had gobbled half of him up. But he’s still keeping the habit going until today and using what’s left of the action figure as a toothbrush. We think it did his oral hygiene wonders!

Got My Pearly Whites On Sale!

This fur boy has an unlikely toy. Like any other, he’s very proud of showing it to family relatives and strangers. People who see him always grin from ear to ear. You wouldn’t be surprised why. How would you react if you saw this critter beaming at you from the living room window?

Image Courtesy of Han Faz94 / Reddit

Got my pearly whites on sale at $4.99! *woof, woof His toy will fall right out of his mouth. Then he will eagerly pick them up and wear them on. Sorry, the dentist said it would take some time before I get used to them. See how pretty it looks on me? Yeah, we sure do! Can’t wait to have our own set made!

Promise, Just One Round!

This doggo didn’t know what he had done wrong this time. He couldn’t believe his eyes. He woke up to see his mom gathering all his plushies in a basket and then taking them downstairs. Was this the end of them? He got to his feet and tugged at mommy’s pajamas. No! No, not down there! But mommy wouldn’t listen. Finally, he begged, promise me, just one round please?

Image courtesy of Livie Luv / reddit

He rested his front legs on to the washing machine, and then booped the heads of each of his toys. It will only be a little while! Then he turned to mommy with his eyes pleading, cool wash only, please! She had read his mind. She rubs his head, draws him back, and then closes the door. Of course! Its the gentlest wash for these furry critters.

Has The Trendiest Toys

This kitty is a bit high-maintenance. You wouldn’t know by the looks of it. Neither did her fur dad. But over a couple of weeks, he had found that she has this terrible habit of chewing on shoes. Her fur dad has scolded her on several occasions. But all to no avail!

Image Courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

So, yes, this kitty has the trendiest toys on the list. If a sneaker smells of stale sweat, you can bet she will nick it from dad. If he buys the latest shoe model from a shop, she will wear them the second time around. Guess Daddy should stick to wearing Crocs and slippers… just to be safe.

Do You Think He Likes It?

When mommy decided to adopt a dog, she asked her boyfriend to accompany her to the dog shelter. She had a hard time picking one out. But after a few minutes of discussing, she picked this puppy from the litter. Why did she like him so much? He was lively!

Image courtesy of Common Vanilla / Reddit

She had given him this plush toy right around the time that he was adopted. He had absolutely loved it! But being a young, good boy, he would expend his energy on it. Over the years, he has mellowed and has taken better care of it. Reckon mommy could do this teddy dog a favor? Stitch it a nose and a new pair of eyes.

Hmpft, Just Another Push

Remember how, as kids, we would hold our parent’s hand during potty training. They might have also turned on the faucet or mimicked the swoosh of water to ease our tension. Well, Tigger does the same for this puppy. He knows how distressing it can be – taking a dump with mommy watching you from the porch!

Image Courtesy of rileigh valdez / Reddit

There goes T-I double guh-er to the rescue! He’s giving this puppy a pep talk. Okay deep breaths, young one. One, two. Feel the flow of air into your lungs. Three, Four, Feel it flow out. And in a minute, this puppy is shoveling dirt over the poop.

Dreaming of Catnip and Jugs of Milk

Like most of us, this kitty loves to stay indoors. Next to the radiator, she will lounge, nestled between two pillows, with this piggy between her arms. From time to time, she will rub herself on mum’s leg and then purr softly. My piggy wants some soy, and I want some milk. Can you give us some?

Image Courtesy of Jenny Varela / Reddit

After a snack, she will lay on her back and then raise her piggy to the ceiling. Sometimes, she will tickle it with her teeth. But she’s careful not to hurt her piggy. When they both get tired of play, they drift off to sleep. You will hear her purr softly. She dreams of a garden of catnip and jugs of milk for her and her piggy.

Taking His Time

This doggo has only known solitude and shelter bars his whole life. Yes, he grew up in the dog pound. Had it not been for his new fur mom, he wouldn’t have known what it was like to play. When his mom had bought him a toy, he sniffed it and then sat across it. It has taken him some time to find his snuggle buddy.

Image Courteys of Judacious Green / Reddit

Of the bunch, this is his most favorite. When mommy is rubbing his tummy or scratching his neck, he has this plushie in tow. Mum has named his plushie Slothy. Why is it his favorite? We can only guess. It’s probably because it’s the biggest toy he has, and the one with more or less the same coloring as he has.

Looks Like Me, Barks Like Me

Dogs are pretty much like kids. They never tire of telling you the same adventures they have with their plushies every day. When mom comes home from work, this Golden Retriever hurriedly scoots to her mum and leaves this toy on her lap. Looks like me, must bark like me too!

Image courtesy of Edible Psycho / Reddit

Mommy will pet it and then reach over for her dog. Then she will ruffle its coat just a bit more. Would you like a treat or would you want to watch a movie? One bark means a treat. Two barks mean a movie. Two barks with gap in between means a cuddle. Tonight, she had wanted a movie. Mom went to the kitchen to make buttered popcorn.

Loves Cheesepuffs

Of all the toys on this list, this is the one we love most. That’s because this globular mass reminds us of a gigantic Cheddar Cheese Puff. Just imagine biting into one of those every time you play fetch! But user beware, this furball doesn’t like to share his treat with strangers.

Image Courtesy of Anna Nicoara / Reddit

Remi was only four months younger when the picture on the left was taken. He was a clumsy pup. He still is, for the most part, but he has gotten better at catching the ball. Now he can bite into it mid-air and then land gracefully on his feet. He’ll pad over to dad to have another go!

Grows With Him

To make her fur child feel like a kid until she grows up, this momma made sure that she swapped her toy with a larger one each birthday. Talk about effort, aye? But look at this fur dog. It seems like all mom’s effort had borne fruit. She has got a cuddle buddy and a bed in one!

Image Courtesy of Kuaibao qq

In over three years, she has never tired of stuffed bears. Give her a doll, and she will leave it by the bin. Give her a plushie, and she might just put it by her bed. But if you hand her a white, stuffed bear, you’ve just bought yourself this dog’s lifetime loyalty.

Off Shopping

This doggo has been loyal to his owner for nearly eight years. They have sat on the porch for over a million sunsets and taken a walk around the neighborhood for the same amount of days. They have made so many memories together. And here they are, making yet another one. This time, they’re shopping!

Image courtesy of Moose 930 / Reddit

Grandpa decided that he needed to buy a new polo shirt. He could use a little variety in his closet, he thought. So he called his dog and told the latter they would be going for a walk. Instead of bringing his leash, this doggo brought his pet. That had always been the custom. He has earned it, especially when he has behaved like the good boy that he is for all the years that they have been together.

Learning How to Hum

After watching the Broadway musical Cats, this kitty has only ever dreamt of doing one thing. Wonder what that is? Singing! Well, the closest thing she can get to do is humming. That’s why she has befriended this Chilean Alpaca. Rumor has it that they bleat and hum.

Image Courtesy of Max Morgan / Reddit

That’s pretty much how she looks like with her eyes fixed on the screen. It’s the ninth time she has watched the show, but we can’t keep her from watching the musical. Just look at those two. Who would have the heart to change the channel? Bless us. We’re finding ourselves a seat on the couch.

There’s A First Time For Everyone

Can you remember the first toy your parents ever gave you? We can’t. But we’re certain we must have been excited to play with it. Well, this doggo had his fair share of excitement when mommy brought him to the pet store! She carried him in her arms and then put him on the floor when they arrived there. She gently nudged him as if to say, go ahead, choose your toy!

Image Courtesy of Daiay Yellow21 / Reddit

He was uncertain at first. But when he saw his mum’s reassuring smile and felt the nudge on his back, he started to walk the length of the store. He would look up and down, left and right until finally, he chanced upon this pink wabbit! It must be a joy to hop on two hind legs. So he had picked it, carried it to the car, into the house, and right into his crate at bedtime.

Guard Dog Guarding His Dog

You wouldn’t want to mess with this dog, not even while he sleeps. He packs the fiercest bite and the meanest growl you have ever heard in your entire life. He’s friendliest when he’s with his plushie. But don’t attempt to reach for it. He wouldn’t let you within an inch of this toy.

Image courtesy of ill be your chaser / Reddit

He knows if anyone has touched it. On rare occasions, he has let his fur mom hold it, but only to have it washed clean and dried on the clothesline. After that, it’s pretty much off-limits too. Guess he’s protective of himself, seeing how this toy looks a lot like him!

Molly and Her Dolly

Molly is shy around most people. But have her bring her toy, and some of that shyness will wear off. She will look at you with sad, puppy dog eyes. Don’t worry. That’s pretty natural for her. Most people find themselves spilling their troubles at lengths when looking at Molly. She and her dolly are good listeners.

Image Courtesy of A _ Dozen _ Eggs / Reddit

But like most people, she tires easily. After spilling your woes, you will see her drifting off to sleep in the corner of the room. That’s how she gets rid of negative energy. After all, she wouldn’t want to be carrying it around the house. Wouldn’t you?

Still Attached

This kitty has a love-hate relationship with her toy. To this day, her fur parents can say she’s still attached to it. The good news is that it’s a committed relationship. Since this string is durable, it had been able to survive this kitty’s sharp teeth.

Image courtesy of [unknown] / imgur

We shouldn’t be surprised. After all, when we think of cats, we think of them playing with a ball of yarn falling out of a basket. This one may have a foot-long string but treats it just the same. It will pounce on itdrawbackck and then attack again. We can’t tell who’s winning though.

Lifegoal : To Roam the World

This fur girl has found it difficult to bond with the plush toys mom had given her. She would cozy up to them then tear them apart within a couple of days. Then she would ask mum for a playmate. One day, her mum had found her the perfect companion. Meet Drogo.

Image Courtesy of Durpa Biscuit / Reddit

They have similar life goals: to roam the world and to conquer it one city at a time. It seems pretty ambitious. But you can expect that personality trait from this dog. She always gets what she wants. Now, she has gotten herself a lifelong companion with whom she can share those sights!

Predator VS Predator

This is a deadly battle between two predators. On one side of the ring stands a feline, and in the other corner, a reptile. Place your bets, everyone. Who do you think will win – the sly, crescent-eyed furball or the ruthless body of scales?

Image Courtesy of Dmitry Gudkov / Flickr

You can bet that this friendly battle is one to the death! They have been this way ever since mommy gave this kitty his stuffed crocodile. He can’t stop playing with it, even as an adult. After the mud has settled and the water has stilled, mum often finds these two cozily sleeping in each other’s embrace.

Warm Greetings

We’re certain you have seen this kind of dog. They’re the type who waits by the door with toys in their mouths. Their ears are alert for the roll of a car up the driveway. This pup has made a habit of doing the same. She waits at the door for her fur dad to get home. She knows the time, without looking at the clock!

Image Courtesy of forest mirage / Reddit

Tonight, she had brought him her toy monkey. She had almost torn this into shreds when playing tug-of-war once. Daddy had to make her let it go to keep it intact. When she saw that she had won, she returned the toy to him and nestled by his leg. Such a daddy’s girl!

See How She’s Slipping

We can’t understand why this kitty would choose a toy that’s nearly twice her size. It’s not like she can carry it around. It’s probably because it gives her a den to hide in from time to time. After all, cats love dark, enclosed spaces. It’s just a matter of animal instinct.

Image courtesy of Animal Shelters Near Me

She can be very territorial of this slipper. It doesn’t matter if she can’t fit inside it. All that matters to her is that it’s lined exclusively with her fur and that it reeks of her scent. She can’t afford to have it smell of her human’s foot.

Nice Try

Samoans call the Coconut tree the tree of life. You can live off it. Its bark can be used for making furniture, its fruits can be used for sustenance, and the husk can be used to start a fire. This Golden Retriever has found another benefit to husks – it helps him clean his teeth.

Image Courtesy of [unknown] / Imgur

It used to take him hours to remove the husk; now it takes him 30 minutes tops! He has been at it for three years now, but he hasn’t tired of this sport. When he’s tired, he will simply carry it over to his Samoan dad. He’ll get some coconut meat in turn.

All Grown Up!

We wouldn’t have guessed that these two cats are one and the same. All thanks to that toy! These two pictures were taken only a year apart. You can tell that this kitty grew up loved and cared for – what with the healthy coat and her baring her tummy.

Image Courtesy of Pale Blue Dot _ 23 / Reddit

Just a year before, she wouldn’t even look straight at the camera. She would look at mommy and then cast her gaze downwards. Now, she looks directly at mum and even cozies up to her. Over time she has learned to ask for what she wants – which is pretty much just time and attention.

Winnie the Pooh and Friends

We’re certain you know the tummy-bulging bear named Pooh. If you live in the forest, you will be woken up at the same time each morning by the rumble of his stomach or the bang of his cupboards. He’s just looking for honey. This time, he had tried to find it on this kitty’s shelves.

Image courtesy of Joy Pup

He hadn’t been successful. But ‘Pooh!’ he didn’t want it that much anyway. The great news is that he had earned himself the company of two new friends – Mickey and Kitty. Here they are – hanging around and having a fabulous time. It looks like a scene straight out of a Disney movie.