Fur Babies That Were Publically Called Out By Their Humans

By Iulia P December 23, 2020
Fur Babies That Were Publically Called Out By Their Humans

Having a pet is the best thing ever, and you can not argue with this statement! No matter what argument you can bring, we have over 100 arguments that can prove to you that we are right. But if you already are a parent to a fur baby, you know what we’re talking about. Waking up next to your little ball of fur, going for walks with your best friend, and snuggling on the couch while watching your favorite show on a cold winter night, there is nothing that can beat this. But there are definitely many things that can make you go bananas when you have a pet. Especially if your pet is a naughty little cupcake that likes doing your head in with its naughty little shenanigans, here are some owners that just got tired of their naughty pets and decided to pet shame them online.

Ratatouille does not approve

Imagine enjoying your favorite Chinese soup on a Friday night, after a week full of stress at work. What a cozy feeling, right? Now imagine your pet rat comes and jumps right in your bowl of yummy soup and spills it everywhere.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Now your favorite soup is gone, your bedsheets are all dirty and wet, your rat needs a bath and all you can think of at this moment is giving him up for adoption. Well we’re sure behind all this chaos there was a good intention: the soup was not correctly cooked and Ratatouille had to do something about it.

The brewery doggo

The poor doggo pictured below fell victim to his humongous appetite. He climbed onto the kitchen counter, stole, and ate 6 big bread rolls that were raw. His stomach did not appreciate this, so the poor pup started to feel sick.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

His owner rushed him to the animal hospital, where he finally vomited everything he ate. The pup felt good right after but not the vets and the auxiliary at the animal hospital because the whole ward smelled exactly like a brewery. The happiest of all was the malicious cat that is always happy when the dog gets in trouble.

Certified beggars

You have to admit, a begging dog is the funniest yet most uncomfortable sight to see! Especially if you’re the one eating and your little fur baby is begging you for a piece of your food. You can’t fully enjoy your meal without sharing a piece with it.

Photo courtesy of annimeddirect.com

Just look at the picture above. That stare is so strong it can get through your chest and straight to your heart. Not to mention if you try to look somewhere else, you will feel that stare following right through you. There is no other way to escape this other than to share your food with them.

Someone cheated on her exam

Meet Lucy, the pug. She looks like such a sweetheart, right? Well turns out she’s one naughty girl, and her owners had to register her for an educational course on how to become a well-behaved and obedient dog.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Did she appreciate the sacrifice her owners made in order to pay for her course? It’s fair to say she did since she graduated from it. Was she mad at them for sending her for discipline training in the first place? Well, the half-eaten diploma can definitely answer that question.

Noodles in a jar

No, don’t think of actual noodles in a jar! Even though some noodles would be good right now. But the Noodles we will talk about is actually a very misbehaved rabbit that caused his owner to have several heart attacks in less than a minute.

Photo courtesy of https://www.boredpanda.com/pet-shaming-funny-pics

It turns out that Noodles is a gourmet type of rabbit that got himself into the mason jar with pellets just because he felt like chewing something. Lucky for him and his crying owner, the little naughty guy did not get permanently stuck in the jar, and when his human turned the jar upside down, Noodles together with his pellets fell on the floor unharmed.

Stress reaction

We all react differently under pressure and stress. Some might have a meltdown, some might be really good at hiding their emotions, and some might be prone to destroying everything around them, like the guy pictured below who could not stand the stress of a family member fighting for his life.

Photo courtesy of thechive.com

Dogs are really smart creatures and feel the energy around them. Not to mention they feel our feelings and our anxieties and absorb them. No wonder this poor pup reacted the way he did. We just hope his owners understand him and forgave him for redecorating the couch.

Innocent Miya and her doll

While this slide’s title looks pretty innocent, you will get some shivers down your back if you look at the picture below. Miya, the Bichon Frise pup, found a doll head while taking her daily walk with her mom.

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley.com/Emily Padgett

You have to admit it, that doll head looks indeed straight out of a horror movie. At the same time, we understand why the owner did not chuck the doll’s head away. Just look at lovely Miya’s face. She’s beyond happy with her new toy.

Ralphie and his bad habits

Some like to smoke cigarettes, some like coffee, while some like to spend a lot of money on clothes and shopping in general. The point is we all have our vices. So does Ralphie, and it is nothing wrong with it. This as long as you’re not his owner.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Or the person who has to clean after him every day. It turns out this baby Boxer gets pleasure out of stepping in his brown creations every time after finishing doing it. Then he loves going all over the house and decorating it with brown smelly paws. By the look on his face, he doesn’t realize what he does wrong. Seriously now, those puppy eyes deserve some mercy!

Chaos brought chaos to the living room

It is said that the name you give your pet will have an influence on its behavior. It might be just a superstition, but in this case, it turned out to be totally true. We’re sure the owners and their wallets regret not naming their dog “Polite” or “Manners.”

Photo courtesy of lazypenguins.com

As you can see, Chaos, the pit-bull, decided to bring some chaos to the living room by redecorating the door’s design. His determination is something that we all aspire to have at one point in our lives. Also, that gate there, doesn’t look like something to stop Chaos from accomplishing his plan of going into the living room. You go, Chaos!

Forever mama’s baby

You got to love big dogs. They are just big balls of fur that look really scary because of their height and massiveness, but they are total cuddle bears behind their size. Not to mention that most of them are not even aware of how big they really are.

Photo courtesy of dailystar.co.uk

Just like this cute and huge Saint Bernard who still thinks is a tiny little pup. A Saint Bernard can get to 120 kg, so in this case, we can only hope his mama’s legs, on which he lays, have not gone numb from his weight.

Ready for his window cleaning career

Practice makes perfect. That’s what they say, and this cute boxer called Trooper knows the deal. That’s why, according to his owner, he’s been practicing window cleaning every time he is let outside in the yard. From the picture below, it’s fair to say he’s doing a pretty good job.

Photo courtesy of sadanduseless.com

Way to go, Trooper! Keep on practicing, and you will get to work your dream job in no time. Also, your parents should definitely give you a treat for helping them out with one of the most annoying house chores.

The dream team

We might have found the dream team of mischievous actions, the sock edition. Pictured below in their mug shots, these two guys decided to start operation: split all the socks you find and make their owner go nuts looking for them.

Photo courtesy of imgur/greypo

From the pictures, you can tell who’s the brain of the operation and who’s the guy who does the dirty, hard work. Poor pup, he’s so naïve he doesn’t know what he got himself into. Meanwhile, the cat looks like he’s plotting his next heist.

Professional thief

A professional thief is that guy who breaks into your house unnoticed and steals everything good you have in there. In this case, it’s only fair to give this title to the Pointer doggo pictured below, who managed to break silently into his mama’s kitchen and steal some of her tacos.

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley//sarah peterson cote

Look closely into his eyes. Do you see any remorse? Exactly. A professional thief will not show any remorse, not even when he is caught. Someone bring this guy his medal already! Congratulations, big boy! We hope your mama was not upset with you for too long.

Best friends foerver

This might be the cutest thing you will see on the internet today. At least to us, it definitely was. The pup pictured below is a rescue pup, and this was his second day at the house of his new family.

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley.com/ Jessica Marie Boyce-Sheddrick

The family owns a rabbit, and for the pup to make sure the rabbit accepts him into the family, he decided to invade his private space and make friends with him. Hopefully, the rabbit did not get too offended by the invasion of his privacy and accepted this little dude into the family.

Sibling love

If you had the chance of growing up with a sibling, we’re sure you know that sometimes things can really go south between them. The competition, the rivalry, and all the things you do to annoy each other. It’s a non-stop battle.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com/DistributedDenialOfService

The two “siblings” pictured above are no exception from the usual relationship between siblings. The pup ate the bunny’s kale leaves, so the bunny, to take revenge, decided to do his or her business on her sibling’s bed.

Stella, the boyfriend stealer

Meet Stella. As you can see, she is one cute black Pomeranian. Her fur is on point; her posing is on point, her confidence it’s popping. We can all agree she is definitely a sassy mademoiselle. Her mama can only agree with us.

Photo courtesy of https://www.boredpanda.com/pet-shaming-funny-pics

Apparently, Stella has a secret crush on her mama’s boyfriend. She gets really jealous when he gives her mama more attention that he gives to her. Also, every time the boyfriend is lying on the couch, she goes and snuggles with him and refuses to move when her mom asks her to. Stella sure knows how to mark her “territory.”

The guy that clearly doesn’t care

As cute as this guy might look behind this facade, there is a little rebellious boy that loves stealing cookies from little kids. Not only does he makes them cry, but he also shows no remorse after doing the bad thing he does. What a rebel dog!

Photo courtesy of imgur.com/MemeLovers

Personally, we would not want to be the owner of such a mischievous little guy. Imagine the feeling and shame his parent has to go through every time this dude decides to steal another cookie and make another baby cry.

Peter the vicious fluffy rabbit

This brown fluffy gentleman pictured below is called Peter. Even if he looks like a very decent and well-mannered rabbit, don’t be fooled by his appearance! Behind closed doors, he proves to be a very vicious rabbit that loves to eat his owner’s dolls.

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley.com/Adele Simmons

More precisely, their faces, leaving the poor dolls looking like they come straight from a horror movie with haunted dolls and maleficent killers. Bad rabbit, Mr. Peter! Very, very bad Rabbit! All jokes aside we can only hope that the little girl who owns the doll did not get to see this shocking sight of her doll, and also, that Mr. Peter’s rubber dinner did not cause him any harm.

A smile worth… 20$

Do you know what is one of the best feelings? When you found money that you forgot about in one of your pockets. The happiness that this little thing can give someone is indescribable. Do you know what the opposite of this feeling is?

Photo courtesy of pawsplanet.me

When your fur baby finds that money you forgot about and decides to mark them as theirs by biting a big piece off of it. We can only imagine what was in the owner’s heart when he found the bill. We can only hope that the big smile that their fur baby decided to give made the pain more bearable.

What a legend!

Have a seat because we have a legendary story to tell you. Some years ago, this little guy pictured below, whose name is Sooty, escaped from his cage, dug a tunnel, and went right into the female cage. There’s no need to mention that he had a memorable night.

Photo courtesy of thepoke.co.uk

So memorable that the poor guy was found the next day by his keeper totally exhausted. Apparently, he needed two days of sleep and no wonder since he had fun with a total of 24 Guinea-pig ladies. The result of his escapade? Well, a total of 43 babies that he will need to pay child support for. Poor Sooty!

Just Strider and his property

As cute as this picture looks, the story behind it is heartbreaking. Strider, the mixed-breed dog pictured below, was saved by Samantha from a shelter that was planning to give him the euthanasia shot. Dog, and animals in general, are smart, so Strider probably knew his end was near.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Then this angel of a woman came and saved him when she decided to bring him home. To show his gratefulness, Strider became the most overprotective dog. He even gets in between Samantha and her boyfriend every time he wants to hug her.

Overly scared dog

Diversity is beautiful, and it is what makes the world exciting. There are beautiful beings out there, and there are less beautiful beings out there too. You can find good beings and bad beings. There are brave beings, and then there is Duke, the overly scared dog.

Photo courtesy of the funnybeaver.com

So scared that he gets freaked out by his own “bombs.” Since the message written on the piece of paper is not that specific, we don’t know if it’s the smell or the sound that scares him. But it is cute, and those cute puppy eyes make us want to hug him and assure him that he’s safe no matter how bad his “bombs” are.

Vegan life

When you see a Rottweiler, the first thought is definitely not him eating veggies, but him eating a big raw beef leg full of blood with those big scary fangs of his. You have to agree with us, these dogs look ferocious!

Photo courtesy of lipstickalley.com/Alex Hook

Well, Rottweilers usually look ferocious, but then there is Suzy, the vegan Rottweiler who loves eating her owner’s flowers. Even though this breed can easily reach up to 60kg when you see one of them eating flowers and not viciously devouring meat, you kind of change your opinion about them… This, at the expense of Suzy’s owner plant collection.

Reconsider your decision, human!

Meet Bella! She is a mix between a Staffordshire Terrier and a Pit-bull and also is one big water lover. Lucky for her, her family owns a pool, but apparently, Bella is not allowed to swim whenever she feels like it. What a pity!

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Don’t rush to saying your “awwws” just yet! Bella is smart enough and knows how to convince her parents to let her have it her way. That upset look pictured on the left works wonders. And the big smile pictured on the right makes her owner’s heart melt. Smart girl, Bella!

Chicken wings are always worth it!

Look at this guy! Can you see any form of guilt or remorse on his cute little face? Exactly! There’s not even a hint of guilt on his face for eating her owner’s chicken wings. And you know what?!

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Siedina Snow-Kerntke

We can not agree with him more because chicken wings are always are worth it every time. No matter the punishment he will be given, at least his tummy is full and his craving totally satisfied. Meanwhile, the owner should stop being sulky and go buy some more chicken wings for him and for the doggo too.

Meet my friend, mom!

The cat pictured on the right came home right in time for dinner, and he brought his bestie along with him too. Kinda’ rude not to let your mom know that you’re going to have guests over for dinner, but we hope there was enough food for everybody.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

And that the guest enjoyed the food. To be honest, he looks a little hungry, so we think the food was not a problem for him. We can not stop thinking of how this awkward encounter ended. Do you think the cat stayed over, or he just left to his home after dinner?

Twins are never alike

Even if twins look the same and you can swear they are identical there are some details that will always make them different. It may be some feature characteristics or some personality traits. The point is, twins are never alike, and these two Golden Retrievers are good proof of this.

Photo courtesy of curiousdoodle.com

Yes, we agree; these two guys look kind of similar! But have a look at the piece of paper hanging on their necks. You can easily identify who is Hugo and who is Huxley just by observing their behavior. We hope that Huxley actually responds to his name because “Huxley drop it” it’s indeed one long name to say.

We feel you, Mr. Whiskers!

We don’t know the exact name of this black beautiful cat, but he looks like a Mr. Whiskers, so we will call him that. Turns out Mr. Whiskers loves stealing the goldfish pack of biscuits and not just that, but he loves taking the whole pack upstairs to enjoy it by himself.

Photo courtesy of pinterest.com/Katy W/shameyourpet.com

Sounds so familiar, right? Don’t tell us you didn’t do this when you were a teenager too. Maybe Mr. Whiskers is going through the same phase. In this case, we won’t judge nor laugh because puberty is not an easy phase to go through.

The overly empathic cat

We all know what a cat’s purpose is: keeping the mice away from our houses! Nowadays, they don’t really get to do their jobs, and the only hunting exercise they get to do is hunting for their toy. While this might be sad, it can actually turn into a funny situation too.

Photo courtesy of petshallofshame.com

For example, this cat pictured above didn’t move a paw when she saw a mouse eating from her food bowl. Cats nowadays! Back in the day, the cats would have transformed that mouse into lunch in a second.

Guilty pleasures

Guilty pleasures- we all have them. And when we say all, we mean it. From humans to animals, we all have some guilty pleasures that we might not be proud of. Most of us might not be proud, but not this guy pictured below.

Photo courtesy of rover.com

Well, this handsome guy loves eating deer poop every time he goes out to the park with his owner. Sure, some of us have more decent guilty pleasures but can one mock someone’s taste in something? No, the answer is no!

Poor cat

It must be bad when you’re in the minority in your own house. No matter if you’re just one guy surrounded by multiple girls (wife, daughters, etc.), or a cat surrounded by multiple dogs. Having no one to relate to is not easy.

Photo courtesy of animalsense.com

And the cat living with these two guys can definitely confirm our statement. Poor cat! The guy’s pictured above not only managed to steal her food, but they invaded her litter too. Hello, guys! Can a cat have some privacy, please?

Halloween candies?

Just have a look at this girl’s face. It has guilty written all over it. Well, no wonder. Apparently, she decided to eat her dada’s teeth that he took off and put on his side table for the night. Imagine the surprise dad had when his teeth were nowhere to be found the next day.

Photo courtesy of awesomeinventions.com

Can you blame this girl? The teeth definitely look like those gummy Halloween teeth treats. We’re sure that’s why she decided to eat them in the first place. Well, after this happened, we can only hope that the teeth did no damage to this sweet girl and that the insurance covered Dad’s new teeth.


Have a look at this doggo and his sad face. It broke your heart, too, right? Well turns out he’s upset because he escaped the yard and went to the next door’s neighbor’s yard, where he played with his neighbor’s guinea pigs.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Turns out he got so caught up in the play that he forgot he is way bigger than the poor pigs and accidentally killed them. All of them. And together with them the decent neighborly relationship his parents had with the people next door. Oopsie!

Frenchie vs Roomba

Having a Roomba is every housewife’s dream. How cool is it that you only have to press on a button, and in less than 10 minutes, you floors will be totally clean? No more back pain and more time for yourself to enjoy doing whatever you want to do.

Photo courtesy of barkpost.com

Well turns out this Frenchie saw a massive threat in her owner’s newly 700$ purchase and decided to save the day by destroying it. The mighty pup put so much effort into taking the Roomba out for good that the poor device could not be repaired ever again. His owner’s wallet was surely depressed that day.

The “muhaha” dog

This little white fur ball found his owner’s plate loaded with peanut butter toast and decided to lick the peanut butter off each piece of bread. Genius! He did it in such a way that his father needed to eat 3 slices in before realizing that his cute dog might have done something fishy.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com/

Unlucky for this mischievous pup, his dad realized he was guilty of the crime because of all the peanut butter was around his snout. Hopefully, next time little guy will pay more attention and wipe his face before being getting caught again.

Business calls from the country side

No matter how many times this guy’s owner will tell her boss she does not live in the countryside on a farm; the boss will not believe her. And that is all thanks to this cute ginger face that moos every time her mom is on a business call with her coworkers or boss.

Photo courtesy of dogtrainingblog.net

The medal for prankster of the year should go to this dog! We just hope the owner did not feel too embarrassed and the boss and her coworkers were not too serious about it and that everybody laughed at the funny situation.

The drama queen

We might have to give a “Drama Queen” medal today too. To who, you may ask? To this cute little Shiba-Inu that got into a pretty unique situation and got so scared that her reaction was totally exaggerated. At least that what her owner reckons.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/user/Shibaru-in-a-Subaru/

Apparently, the little snow ball went potty, and her business got stuck to her behind. The sensation or the idea that her clean white fur might turn brown scared the heart out of her and made her scream so hard that her owners thought she was dying.

Such a waste

This one is definitely not for those who went on a shopping toilet paper frenzy when the lockdown of 2020 was announced. If you are one of those persons, make sure you skip this one because your eyes and heart will hurt looking at the picture.

Photo courtesy of pupperish.com

These two girls, an English Bulldog and a Staffordshire Terrier mix had a bit too much fun when they decided to eat their owner’s toilet paper stash in a time when toilet paper is definitely something valuable. By the looks on their faces, we can see they understand the gravity of the situation and regret their action. But is regret enough to put all that toilet paper together again?

The offerings were well received

This doggo decided it was time for an adventure when he escaped his parent’s yard and sneaked into the neighbor’s yard. The neighbor, a Buddhist, had an altar full of offerings to Buddha, which this little doggo could definitely not resist.

Photo courtesy of cheezburger.com

He ate all of them and went back home with a big belly. The offerings were more than well-received, at least by this pup. Imagine the neighbor’s face when he saw that all the offerings he left there had simply disappeared.

The manipulative cat

This black cutie found an awe-inspiring way to get more food from her owners without having to do the dirties like stealing, for example. She noticed that if she “meows” with a certain tone, her humans will think she is starving and automatically give her some food.

Photo courtesy of  themindcircle.com/

That was smart, but unfortunately, it did not last for long because her owners noticed her malicious plan. Now they leave notes to announce to each other every time the cat was fed. Little buddy needs to find a better way to get some more food than this one.

The jelly lab

This cute Labrador got really tired of her workaholic father being on his phone all day and thought of making his life easier by destroying the annoying device. Well, by looking at her handy work, we think his father did not appreciate it at all.

Photo courtesy of dogshaming.com

But hey, the gesture counts and those puppy eyes she’s giving might have melted her father’s heart, convincing him that she deserves not only to be forgiven but also more of his time. At the end of the day, these sweet souls are with us, humans, for a limited amount of time. We should take full advantage of every second spent with them.

Rainbow poop

What can be cuter than a Dachshund dog or, as known commonly, sausage dog? Well, something cuter than a sausage dog is definitely a sausage dog that poops glitter. Look at this guy pictured below and you can tell he’s special.

Photo courtesy of tfln.com

According to his owner, the little guy ate a bottle of glitter out of curiosity, and the result was marvelous: glitter and rainbow poopoo everywhere. All jokes aside, we can only hope that the glitter he ingested did not harm this beautiful little thing.

Loulou the architect

The Poodle pictured below might not be named Loulou, but the name suits her. Those two bows placed on her long curly ears make her look like a smart girl. And if you look closely at the picture, you will agree with us.

Photo courtesy of dogshaming.com

It turns out Loulou thought of redecorating her mama’s mosquito screen to create a doggy door for herself. We got to love a strong independent lady dog that needs no man or no help from her owner to achieve what she wants to achieve.

He just wants to show love

Let’s have some mercy for this Boston Terrier guy who, every time he sees his neighbor’s kids, jumps on them and “accidentally” humps them. The way he shows his love might be a little too much but let’s assume his intentions are good. He probably doesn’t mean to do that.

Photo courtesy of boredpanda.com

Boston Terriers are very sociable dogs that love children. In his defense, the excitement of being around his friends makes him forget how to act properly. Forgetting our manners can happen to the best of us so let’s just be more tolerant.

Was the pork worth it?

Despite the cute face, this guy pictured below has a name that makes you think of a compelling personality: Dr. Dre. Dr. Dre, the dog, not the artist, decided to jump from the chair on the kitchen counter and ate the dinner his mom prepared for her guests.

Photo from personal archive

As if the situation wasn’t already bad, the chilly pork he ate made him have a sore belly, so he couldn’t help but poo all over the house. You might wonder why Dr. Dre is wearing that shirt. Well, that shirt is the Shame Shirt. He has to wear the Shame shirt every time he does something bad. As you can see, he really hates it.