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Dynamic Duos: Pets And The Kids Pretending To Be Just Like Them

In 1894, English author Rudyard Kipling flung into the world the now legendary collection of stories, The Jungle Book. Full of great characters and amazing places. Marvelous depiction of India, fantastic adventures, larger than life events. You had Baloo, the gullible, happy-go-lucky bear, the dastardly Shere Khan, Bagheera, the wise teacher and protector, and the protagonist, Mowgli. The book’s major theme revolved around Mowgli discovering his place in the universe, transcending from a “man-cub” raised by wolves to one more member of society. Rudyard Kipling and later adaptation, particularly Disney’s, were fun, a kid having a blast – when he wasn’t warding off devilish predators wanting to sharpen their teeth with his bones – in the middle of the jungle. A kid mirroring the attitudes, actions, and general mayhem of his furry friends and animal kinfolks. There was an innocence to it, something that Mowgli would inevitably lose as he grew older. Well, in the following collection of photos, we’re transported, if not into that narrative, at the very least into some of its themes and plays. These 40 odd pics depict what it truly means to be a kid and how we sometimes find more comfort and empathy in animals than in people. 

Tug Of War

Kids love to horse around; that’s a fact. Playing from a psychological point of view provides tykes with the ability to form strong family identities and ties with humans and animals. It also allows them to evolve emotionally, physically, socially, and cognitively.

Image courtesy of Pinterest user republica.it

Is it any wonder, given that fact – that playing is a natural expression of a child’s wish to interact with his family and loved one and craft stronger ties – that this baby is having such a blast with his doggy brother? 

Get that monkey off my back

Meet Emily… Emily has a picture-perfect life. She really can’t be sad about anything. There are no two ways about it. Great parents, a smile that could light up a room, a rather well-kept lawn, and a freaking baby orangutan! 

Image courtesy of animal-space.net

Yup, she has her chimp to keep her company. Orangutans are generally non-aggressive towards humans and each other. They have a rather sympathetic view towards other species, and scientists have discovered that they are incredibly nurturing and lovable towards kids. 

Help I’m Trapped!

It took us a while to actually understand what we were seeing in this pic’. A really long while, to be exact. Anyway, without further ado, let’s hear a round of applause for the next mythological half man half “whatever” beast to join the catalog of the bizarre.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/funny/comments/1or0ib/

The legend of Cat Carry-on Boy goes like this: “on cold, moonless nights, you’ll hear a scratch, a yell and a ‘mommy, HELP’ and find CCB trapped like Winnie the Pooh in a tight spot, gobbling up hairballs.”

It’s all protein

The exact composition of dog food varies from one product to the other. In general, it is a mix of meats, meat by-products, cereal, grains, and carefully picked vitamins and minerals that help maintain a dog’s health in tip-top shape. 

Image courtesy of bluefrenchbulldogscentral.com

Dog food, as a whole, is rather healthy. Quick question: “what’s more liable to give you a heart attack, Purina or KFC?” So let’s applaud this little hellion for having discovered that essential piece of info and promoting, in his own way, a healthy lifestyle. 


Before becoming domesticated animals, canines used to fend for themselves and lived purely on a carnivorous diet. After adopting them for protection, work, and companionship “cavemen” started taking care of their nutritional needs. “Fido, eat a stick of celery.”

Image courtesy of poisonedpets.com

Today’s dog food is based on that concept. It’s not unusual to see kids snacking on said dog food, given that they mirror what they see and, in a way, it’s as healthy as what their parents prepare in the kitchen. 

Corn of the cob 

By way of giving them food and shelter, the domestication of dogs helped promote kinship amongst the two species. It allowed canines to develop an omnivore diet that was far better than their previous “let’s snack on that Wooly Mammoth” fare.

Image courtesy of Pinterest user Runt Of The Web

We started sharing our meals and, with dogs at least – cats are a bit more judgmental. The equivalent of meeting up with a friend and cutting up a pizza pie. This little cutie up above is simply following the traditions of our ancestors, breaking bread with others. 

The Guardian 

Dogs have a strong pack drive; it is something that is tightly bonded into their genetics. This drive, that’s part of their natural impetus, is the reason why they are smitten with babies and can become overly protective of them.

Image courtesy of Pinterest user Runt Of The Web

A dog forms natural connections to new babies because, in a way, those toddlers are part of their pack, and more importantly, they call out to their den instinct. In any household where there’s a dog, there’s always an Alpha (one of the owners), and if the owner shows compassion and care for a baby, the dog will follow suit almost instantly. Hence this picture. 

Sleeping In

Quick fun fan fact, did you know that a dog only spends 10 percent of their snoozing time in REM sleep. They are always awake and tend to doze off out of boredom… But they hardly ever “really sleep.”

Image courtesy of blazepress.com

Did you know that kids, particularly young ones, full of vim and vigor, and Fruit Loops and Cocoa Puffs also suffer from the same malady? Always alert on a sugar high? That’s why pics’ like the one above always surface online; two junkies coming down and compensating for their lost REM.

Fruit Loops

James Spratt created the first commercial dog treat/biscuit/dog food in the mid-1800s. The guy was an American electrician and needed a way to feed his dogs fast before going to work. Today it is a 91.1 billion dollar industry.

Image courtesy of Republica.It

The only competition the industry has… Fruit Loops. Kids, dogs, and almost everything in between go bananas for that toucan fare… Just look at the photo above; that’s not natural; that’s like a man coming out of the desert after a week and finding a Coke bottle.

The Braintrust

Another fun fact on fur… A canine IQ test resulted in the following breakthrough: the average dog has the mental ability of a 2-year-old. That’s right; Scooby is as smart as a 24-month-old kid. That’s partly why kids and dogs get along so great.

Image courtesy of telegraf.com.ua

Part of that special bond, like the one shown above, comes from the fact that dogs even speak the same rough language as kids; roughly 250 words and gestures. So, that above is nothing more than a cabal of Dennis the Menace plotting at something. 


Yes, you probably did a double-take on that photo down below. That’s not a yeti, that’s not bigfoot, that’s not Sasquatch, and, no, life isn’t that bombastic… it hasn’t gifted humanity with an actual flesh and bone Chewbacca, at least none that we know of.

Image courtesy of cnnturk.com

That’s a cat. That’s a cat that probably eats other cats for breakfast. That kid isn’t playing with the cat; he’s doing and mirroring what the apex predator in his household does. That kid is one smart cookie, for sure. 


It’s a pain but one that assails all species, well, all species with teeth that is… The whole process isn’t a fun one. One second your gums are all bare and naked; the next, it’s an eruption of sharp fangs. 

Image courtesy of the NYTimes

Parents have a way of dealing with this issue, some better than others, but all have their pros and cons’. What this little genius did was turn to the next authority figure in the house and follow that furry fella’s advice. 


This image might as well have a tin cup being dragged across the bars, a little harmonica music, a crooked jailer cracking his stick against the cells telling everyone to “pipe the hell down!” Doing hard time, maybe a dime. 

Image courtesy of mama-likes-ru

Two hypotheses come out when you view the pic’ above. A. Junior wanted to mimic his doggie friend. B. Junior’s dad wanted to see if he could board the tyke on a plane at a discount. You be the judge. 

Sleep-away camp

Here’s another golden nugget doggy fact, petting a dog can actually help fight depression and combat loneliness. Proven fact by medical journals. In a snap, even your blood pressure drops by 10%. This isn’t pseudoscience or fringe science but cold hard facts. 

Image courtesy of pressa.tv

If you have doggie therapy and play with a pooch for more than 10 minutes, like this kid up above – sometimes they really know more than adults – your life will actually improve in a meaningful way. So, be inspired and go rock on with Fido. 

Water Gymnastics

Dogs love water but hate baths… It is the way of reality, and only someone with the cheat codes or a look at the Matrix can decipher why that is. Dogs, like kids, love to splash around, but the minute the soap comes out is game on and they’re ready to make a final stand. 

Image courtesy of smash.com

Why do dogs love water? Well, simply put, their bodies are built for it. Their hip bones, muscles, joints are dynamically crafted right out of the womb for swimming. That’s why, in many countries, parents encourage their kids to play with their dogs while learning how to swim… Like the little lady from above. 

Horsing Around

Active play with your dog’s joints lubricated, and improves their general balance and coordination… Plus as a huge add-on to all those nifty benefits, it also forces them to use their brains and stimulate their mental prowess.

Image Courtesy of smash.com

The same can be said for kids. They need playtime in order to evolve and progress. To grow into the best version of themselves. That’s why it’s normal for parents, tutors, and professionals to incentivize these types of activities. 

The Perfect Mimic

Mimicking is one of the first things we learn as humans. Out of the womb, into the world, and, aside from those actions that come naturally, everything else is us reflecting what we see. It’s how we begin to interact with the world at large.

Image courtesy of ihappymama.ru

Well, is it any wonder, given the status we grant pets in our households, that kids have a proclivity to mirror their cute little friends? Please take a look at the photo above, a perfect double, a mirror duplicated, the blond hair tyke doing exactly like his furry friend. 

A Perfect Scent

Want to know one of life’s little secrets? Why do dogs stick their heads out the car window? Dogs smell 1000 times better than humans; when they stick their noggin’ out the window, what they are actually doing is getting a sensory overload. A mix of all these jam-packed smells and air moving at great speed. 

Image courtesy of onedio.com

Kids, and adults, only manage to snag a tiny, minuscule portion of that fun. Sure, like that tiger up above, they get the thrill of the air slamming their faces, but they lose out on all the other ways a dog is really experiencing the adventure. Two separate worlds apart experiences, happing simultaneously. 

Perfect Nap

Reduced fatigue, increased alertness, improved mood, better memory… That’s why the Spaniards invented “La Siesta.” There’s nothing better than a nap in the middle of the day, particularly if you also happen to find yourself hugging the equivalent of a flesh and bone plush toy. 

Image courtesy of vov.vn

Let’s be honest; kids and dogs know a thing or two about what it really means to lead a happy life. Nothing but fun, zero distractions, no responsibilities, and, if that wasn’t enough, a nap or two in just to clear the cobwebs. 

Spilled Milk

The first use of “crying over spilled milk” occurred in the mid-1600s. What an informative article with cute photos, a two for one deal. Anyway, it was used in a narrative/instruction book by an industrialist, and from that moment onward, it sort of took off. 

Image courtesy of yaplakal.com

Anyway, back to the photo, there’s really not much to say – although let’s be honest, it’s a kind of icky scene from a hygiene standpoint. Kid lapping up milk from the floor doing like her 3 furry feline companions, completely normal. 

My Toy

A study conducted by the University of California at San Diego discovered that dogs are extremely jealous. Not only that, but they are also highly territorial towards their stuff; they don’t like to share. In other words, a boyfriend that doesn’t like you playing with his PS5 and gives other guys the stink-eye.

Image courtesy of jgalere.com

That’s why dogs don’t like to share their toys. They may show unselfish kindness, but once they claim something as their own is full-on Gollum and his freaking ring. This little baby is about to have the tug-of-war of her life. 

Prison Blues

A photo like this deserves a Johnny Cash song playing in the background. Something about wishing they’d move “them tracks down the line.” A good country song tempo and a strong beat. The story behind this delightful pic is rather self-evident. 

Image courtesy of jgalere.com

The story goes, per the user’s narrative, like this: kid decides that she wants to sleep with her puppy. Parents decline. Savvy tyke finds a workaround and gets one over her parents. Sweet and simple, but ingenious nonetheless. 

The Birthday Bash

We’ve all had a friend or another that’s called us up and said: “I want to invite you to my dog’s surprise birthday party,” and they’ve said it with a straight-face. And, when the call came, we’ve all gone, “sure, why not, there’s nothing else on TV.”

Image courtesy of l99.com

Well, that’s more or less what’s happening in this pic’. The little girl wanted to celebrate her pooch’s birthday, and friends and family members said, “sure, why not… We might as well do that.” And boy was she happy . 

Tucked In

Another amazing fact about dogs… They dream just like humans. Researchers think that dogs generally imagine their favorite activities while sleeping. Dreams of running or chasing something will of make them twitch as if they were dancing the Macarena.

Image courtesy of espacio360.pe

Can you simply imagine what these two must be dreaming at that very instance? Sharing a blanket together and having the time of their life. The babe, tuck like a bug, and her guardian ready to pounce on whoever looks at them funny. 

Like a Pig in Mud

Pigs, in particular, potbellied pigs, are incredibly social animals. They are much happier being surrounded by humans than by other piggy companions. Why? Well, who really knows. Maybe they don’t like bacon? It’s not uncommon to see sights like the one below on farms across the nation.

Image courtesy of cilichili.cz

There’s just something awfully serene and incredibly patriotic about that photo. Something that speaks to the heartland and all that jazz. As a viewer, it’s impossible not to feel drawn in by the kid’s angelic and incredibly tranquil composure. 

Drinking together

Amazing dog fact number… we lost count. Anyway, here’s another tidbit for trivia night: dogs don’t have sweat glands, at least not how we humans have developed them over the centuries. They don’t sweat, as temperature regulation is a real problem for some breeds.

Image courtesy of vitafunny.com

What dogs do, whenever they want to cool themselves is pant. That’s how fluffy tells you, “Hey, it’s hot; give me a cold one.” This kid knows the 4-1-1 on fighting off dehydration on blazing summer days, and she’s sharing the wisdom with her furry friend. 

Black and White Perfection

Dogs know the pecking order; it’s part of their ingrained pack behavior. Once the alpha has been christened, and the leader crowned, dogs, in general, are content with following orders… even those that are unsaid, it’s in their nature to work in a pack.

Image courtesy of jgalere.com

That’s why they are inherently drawn to the defenseless in their pack. They guard over them, not only because it helps in their chances of survival – a big pack is one that can fight large predators – but because they intuitively understand, particularly with kids, the place those youngins’ have in the pack structure; how much the Alphas love them. This picture is a prime example of that inbred trait.

Potty Training

The joys of teaching kids how to go to the bathroom. It’s one of those times in every adult’s life when they sit back and look back at all the decisions that have to lead them to that moment… their collar swimming in pee.

Image courtesy of l99.com

Well, just for a second, imagine that nightmare scenery that every parent has to live through, wondering why poo is green, “what the hell did we feed it?” and add the delightful uniqueness of your kid’s desire to imitate their doggy companion’s way of peeing outdoors. Oh, the joy!.

Contest of Champions

What came first? The kid happily partaking of his meal? Or the kid, those “rascally wabbits” trying to get in on the action? A quack-mire if ever there was one. Cats are fishy that way, always trying to one-up their masters. 

Image courtesy of newslinq.com

There’s really not much to say about this pic’ so we’re going to skate into segways. Feline fact really is stranger than fiction. For over 20 years, a cat, an orange tabby named Stubbs, was the mayor of a small town in Alaska called Talkeetna. Does it have anything to do with the pic’? No, but what a great fact nonetheless. 

Feeding time

What’s with small humans’ desire to munch everything in sight. 40 odd photos, and half of them are of kids eating their pet’s food. Cats, unlike dogs, have a specific dietary requirement. Dogs can eat most things, well, except for chocolates, onions, raisins, and garlic. 

Image courtesy of cutestpaw.com

Cat food is rich in amino acids, Omega 3, and dozens of other excellent vitamins that control just about everything in their system. That kid, from the photo, is most likely having an incredibly healthy if not appetizing meal. 

Fishy Behavior

Jacques Cousteau in the making. Look at that kid, and you can practically imagine him in his late 40s, wearing a striped speedo, riding a whale, and exploring the oceans with a film crew. Buy him a red beanie and get it over with.

Image courtesy of nnm.me

This pic is one of our favorites; why? Because it simply so out of place. In a blog post full of sleeping dogs, laying cats, and mountains of ravenous little kids eating everything that falls on the floor, this little tyke went and did something truly unique. Give him a round of applause, and, once more, a freaking red beanie!

A Cat’s Life

According to Veterinary Hub, cats spend over 70% of their lives sleeping! That’s right; they really are that mellow. How mellow? Well, hippies from Colorado with “glaucoma” look at them for inspiration. This is by far, one of the most easy-going pics’ in this collection.

Image courtesy of nnm.me

Just to wrap our heads around that number: that means that cats spend an average of 13-16 hours a day snoozing. The other 10 or so hours? Lounging around looking for food, something to play with, and an able body to rub their bellies. 

Doggie Door

Want to know who invented the dog door? Well, hold on to something. The dog door is attributed to none other than Sir. Issac Newton. Yes, that same fella’… the one with that also redefined physics and spearheaded the laws of motion—he of NEWTONIAN PHYSICS. 

Image Courtesy of smash.com

I really doubt these two miscreants were pondering that sweat nugget of info when this pic’ was taken; still, it really makes you think, right? The whole story is that Newton got up one day and decided to make a large hole in his house for one of his adult cats when he got tired of opening the door for her. 

Hedgehog in a box

The newest craze in the pet industry are hedgehogs, more to the point, the African pygmy hedgehog. They are nocturnal animals and thanks to Pinterest, they have become a pet-owning craze in North America and parts of Asia.

Image courtesy of Jack Draws Anything

Let’s be honest, who can blame them? With their bristles, their entertaining act tide, their nocturnal feeding times, and the fact that they are so cute. Is it any wonder that this kid went bananas and tried to imitate his Sonic – that’s a joke, and excuse the pun!

Sneaking in a nap

Food and naps, that’s the tally of this blog’s MO. Kid acting all cute while either eating or sleeping beside their favorite dog. Here are some surprising stats: over 45% of dogs sleep in their owner’s beds with them at night. 

Image courtesy of jgalere.com

Pups have, due to the fact that they can’t regulate their temperature a need to curl up next to their masters. When it’s hot, it’s scorching. When it’s cold, it might as well be Antarctica. Add to that fact their protective nature, and BOOM, suddenly the home is filled to the rafters with photos like the one above. 

My bowl!

Here’s another mind-blowing fact about cats, house cats share over 95.6% of their genetic makeup with tigers. A study discovered that our feline friends have more in common with those huge predators from the jungle than with any other animal out there. 

Image courtesy of kwejk.pl

That’s why photos like this pop up every other day; cats consider their bowl as something that closely resembles an Indian watering hole… You know, the type where they would go to eat and growl. So, when a kid gets close, they’ll share, as long as that little upstart shows some respect. 

Milk, it does a body good

Dogs, like cats and most mammals, have a basic need for milk bred into their DNA. This necessity is something that is instinctual and switches on early on as all babies starts to nurse. They are bred with this intrinsic need.

Image courtesy of cutestpaw.com

Kids, well, humans, to be more exact, also have this innate instinct scratched into their genome. That’s why we love ice-cream, cheese, and all types of dairy products. It is a genetic byproduct that stays with us throughout our whole adult life, and one, as the picture above documents, we share with our 4 legged companions. 


There’s Spider-Ham, Spider-Pig from the Simpsons and, if Marvel gets its way and ultimately dominates the world – and has to shoot out a different product every week or so – soon, we’ll have Spider- Dog. A canine bit by a radioactive spider. 

Image courtesy of l99.com

Well, this kid upped the ante and decided to swoop in and wrestle the franchise out of Marvel’s hand. His take? The pet spider-verse. Spider Dog, Spider Cat, Spider Teen, hell, give him a hedgehog and hamster, and he’ll craft his web-slinging Avenger’s offshoot.


Do dogs like being on a leash? That’s a very good question. Luckily we have AN answer. Is it a good answer? Well, it’s not exactly a scientific paper that you’re scrolling through; it’s an answer- for everything else, there’s always Google to refer to. 

Image courtesy of vitafunny.com

As a whole, dogs like to be leashed. After a while, it grants them certain security that other animals don’t have; that’s code for don’t dare try to leash a cat. In this pic’ we see something of that nature, as canine security and protection infects a household and siblings try to capture that magic.

Nutty Scent 

This one is way too cool to pass up… Have you ever wonder why your dog’s feet smell like Fritos or cereals? Well, there’s a rather snazzy scientific explanation as to why that occurs. Ready to take on the Dorito’s challenge? 

Image courtesy of http://imgur.com/yczzPYS

It turns out that a combination of microorganisms picked up from the ground and the sweat from a dog’s pads/feet has a rather nutty combination. They really do smell like Fritos; it’s not our imagination. So, yeah, there’s a reason for the madness. Oddly enough, it’s also one of the reasons kids love dogs so much.

Cereal fun

Can dogs eat cereal? The overall answer is a resounding, yes! Sure, some are less healthy than others, but overall, those canine friends can eat cereal. Still, nonetheless, some brands like Lucky Charms and Cocoa Puffs or Reese’s Puffs should be avoided- but please always consult a veterinarian before giving your pup cereal.

Image courtesy of clipmass.com

Kids, meanwhile, can have all the other sugary madness filled brands. Heck, they are kids; it comes with the pre-uploaded program. This little tyke decided to imitate his canine compatriot, really chump onto the pebbles, and go hog wild with his Fruit Loops. 


Peek-A-Boo or peekaboo is an integral part of developmental psychology and paramount to an infant’s ability to understand object permanence… which is basically a kid’s ability to understand at a 3d level where things are. Linguist Iris Nomikou compared the game to a predictable back-and-forth dialogue.

Image courtesy of pic.wikianimal.news

Others have called it a “protoconversation,”… a way of teaching an infant timing and structure. Kids develop a taste for it, and after a while, they start doing it to everything – even cats – because it’s their brain’s way of helping out in this intriguing part of their development. 


Dogs really are man’s best friends. Scientists have discovered that, to a certain degree, dogs’ evolution as a domesticated species traces the evolution of man as a dominant species. In other words, to a degree, they’ve actually followed us each step of the way.

Image courtesy of irarott.com

Wolves became domesticated “dogs” somewhere between 18 thousand and 32 thousand years ago in western Siberia. Since then, they’ve become our BFFs. Always at hand, always there to give us a hug or simply as something to hold onto. 

You scratch my back

And really, that’s what it’s all about. Dog and humans working together as part of something greater. A symbiotic relationship where needs are met, and friendships dand bonds are developed. Canines have become a critical part of our everyday life. 

Image courtesy of liveinternet.ru

Not just as companions, but as guardians, therapists, helpers, assistants, and even war-vets. The bond between a man or child and his dog is unbreakable. This photo perfectly summarizes what that relationship boils down to: “you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours.”

Easter Promises

Loyal, trustworthy, and… well… let’s just put him in a Minion costume and see what happens. Dogs, they really take the brunt of our collective madness. Do dogs like being dressed up? Who knows, but the internet sure likes it! And that’s enough.

Image courtesy of imgur.com/youandmeandrainbows

How many times has something of this nature happened? A cute furry pooch submitted to this humiliation? Dozens, thousands of times. Well, it’ll keep on happening. Why? Cause it racks up the views, and let’s be honest it’s so damn cute!