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Panda-monium: A Look At A Day In The Life Of The Mysterious Bear

Who doesn’t love panda bears? These huge bamboo chompers originating from China are popular worldwide for their black-and-white fur and often clumsy demeanor. Giant pandas are a visitor favorite at the zoo. It’s not only their cute and cuddly physique; it’s also the way they interact with other pandas. These friendly giants are adorable and hilarious, earning them a top spot online as one of the Internet’s favorite animals. There are endless panda memes, photos, and videos circulating online. We can’t get enough of seeing pandas cuddling, rolling around, and climbing trees together. This kind of content makes for great stress relief, so if you need some R&R right now, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and scroll on.  

“My turn!”

These two baby bears are reminiscent of children on the playground. Let’s be honest, who hasn’t begged another kid for a turn at the tire swings during recess? There always seems to be that one person who’s always hogging it…

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@panda_bear_feed

Baby panda in the back there seems to be pretty frustrated. How long has he been waiting to get on that swing? Poor boy. No wonder he’s grabbing his friend’s shoulder and trying to get him to step out of the way.

Just hangin’

Considering their size, panda bears are quite the climbers. Giant pandas can weigh up to 100kg, and yet here they are, casually chilling on a tree, way up above the ground. Pandas are actually skilled tree climbers, learning to do so at just 7 months old.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/

In the wild, pandas live in bamboo forests and are surrounded by towering bamboos. They can climb these trees up to a whopping 13,000 feet! Pandas don’t only climb trees to feed. They also find protection in the height and hiding that trees provide.

Munch time

This mama bear and her little cub are enjoying a bit of lunch together. It may seem like they’re posing for the photo, but this is actually how pandas eat! What a life, eh? We would also rather be munching in bed while lying back like this.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/

It’s a relaxing day for these two pandas as they chomp away at their bamboo sticks. Did you know that pandas in the wild can consume up to 15kg of bamboo in a day? In a two week period, these bears would have eaten their own body weight in bamboos.


When Dumbo the elephant sneezed, he shocked the circus with his giant ears. When this little panda sneezed, he shocked his own mother. Mama panda was peacefully enjoying her afternoon snack, when her baby suddenly went “achoo!”

Photo courtesy of Tenor

We don’t know what’s funnier here—the shock on mama’s face, the way her entire body froze, or the little jiggle of her tummy as she slightly jumped. Whichever one it is, we’ll be right here watching this gif on loop and cackling forever.


Panda behavior makes for some meme-worthy content. These clingy pandas really do resemble a couple, where one person is angry, and the other person tries to hug them because they can’t read the room. Each of these panda couples scream, “bae may be mad, but I’mma hug bae anyway.”

Photo courtesy of

Even though they are sometimes pictured together, giant pandas are mostly solitary creatures. Families in the wild don’t even live with each other, and female pandas raise their cubs on their own. This makes us appreciate good panda content, because they are rare, few and far between!

Race you to the top

Four furry friends chasing each other up a tree. This is the kind of tourist attraction you can find in some zoos in China. Notice the line of people gathered around to watch these cubs climb? Anyone would pay to see this!

Photo courtesy of, photo by Pandapia

Pandas may have cute faces, but when you look at them from behind, it’s hard not to comment on those cute little bums. While it may seem like these pandas would climb by pulling themselves up, research has actually shown that some pandas use their heads to grip the tree!

Tug of war

It’s pretty obvious who would win in this game of tug of war. Two baby panda cubs against a mere mortal—who do you think would prevail? We place our bets on the pandas for sure. But only because we don’t think we could pull a cub that could weigh upwards of 45kgs alone.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Cheezburger, photo by Pandapia

We’re not quite sure what’s going on here and why this woman is trying to pull the poor panda away. We’re too busy laughing at the panda on the far right, who’s tucking its head in and trying its best to pull his friend back.

“No, this is mine”

Please leave this little cub be. He’s just trying to spend some quality alone time with his ball. The look he gives this person when he tried to take the ball away is lowkey devastating. “No, human, this is my ball!”

Photo courtesy of

We love the way this baby also throws a protective arm around the ball and cuddles it closer to him. What an adorable little creature. We just want to give him a hug and tell him everything will be okay.

Balling up

On some occasions, pandas can turn themselves into a literal fur ball. This little guy shows us how in four easy steps. It’s not really rocket science for these pandas. All they need to do is slouch, slouch some more, tuck their head between their legs, and roll away.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@HourlyPanda

This is just one of the many pandas who have been caught balling up on camera. We have a really funny gif lined up for you, but that will come a little later, so you’ll have to keep scrolling on!

Playtime with Mama

Meanwhile, at the San Francisco Zoo, this mother and son are having the time of their lives. The panda cub Yun Zi was born to his mother, Bai Yun, at the zoo on August 5, 2009. The pair immediately became a popular tourist attraction there.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/kjdrill

Yun Zi’s name is Chinese for “Son of Cloud.” Fans weighed in on what the little baby should be named, and they finally settled for the name when Yun Zi was 104 days old. At birth, Yun Zi weighed just 4 ounces, which is difficult to believe considering he is now probably a full-grown, 100kg panda bear.

Two peas in a pod

If you’re a fan of the Dreamworks franchise Kung Fu Panda, then seeing this photo will probably remind you of a scene from the second movie. In the film, Baby Po tumbles out of a basket and is discovered by his adopted father.

Photo courtesy of Flickr/anitaleej

These two peas in a pod look like they’re struggling to even fit in the basket. There are too many funny things about this pic, from the panda on the right lying upside down with legs in the air to the other cub with a leg on his face and resigned to his fate.

Tickle tickle

Tickle reflexes are different for everyone but especially adorable for this baby panda. When he’s getting the back of his ear tickled, this panda’s reflex is to start thumping his hind leg. We can’t tell if he’s annoyed or enjoying it, but it’s cute nonetheless.

Photo courtesy of Tenor/KuliRam

It’s simply incredible how baby pandas this size can grow to become the giants that they are when they mature. As newborns, pandas are basically helpless, pink, and blind. Out of the womb, they are 1/900th their mothers’ weight.

Baby it’s hot outside

We all know that feeling when it’s too hot outside, and all you want to do is jump in a pool. Well, this panda didn’t have a pool, but this stream of water will do. Look how happy he is about all that cool, refreshing water!

Photo courtesy of China Foto Press/Barcroft Medl

He’s about ready to jump in and bask in the cool glory of that stream. With pandas being the size they are, it’s easy to think that they would overheat. They can also experience heat stress if temperatures rise above 25 degrees Celcius. This stream of water isn’t only fun for this guy; it’s for survival.

A bad hair day

Girls, you know what we’re talking about. Why is it that a good hair day only happens when we have nothing to do and nowhere to go? We’re not about to waste a good mane on a whole day watching Netflix!

Photo courtesy of

… and then the one time we go on a night out, our hair decides that it doesn’t want to cooperate. These pandas can totally relate. It’s nice to know that us girls are not in this hair predicament alone.

Caught red-handed

Whoops, someone’s been caught with his hand in the cookie jar. Or, I guess, with a bamboo stick in his hand when he’s not supposed to have one. It looks like this guy has a bit of explaining to do…

Photo courtesy of Flickr/muzikid

The best thing about this picture is the very human gesture of holding its hands in the air as a sign of surrender. “Okay, okay,” this panda is saying, “I admit it, I stole a bamboo stick. I just wanted a snack!”


Even though pandas belong in the wild, there is plenty of entertainment available for them in captivity: exhibit A, this slide. Not only is it fun for the pandas, but the slides also acts as an attraction for the visitors to the zoo.

Photo courtesy of Tenor/chronicstorm

The extinction status of pandas has recently been changed from endangered to vulnerable. This means they still need protection, which is why there are around 600 pandas in captivity worldwide. Putting these creatures in captivity is a way to ensure that they survive.

At the end of a long day

We all know what it’s like to get home after a long day at work. The one thing that would make you feel better is a long, hot bath. This panda feels the exact same way. After a tiring day of entertaining tourists, he deserves to kick back and relax.

Photo courtesy of 9gag/Animals

A few things are missing from this panda’s bath, don’t you think? A bath bomb, some bubbles, scented candles, and a bottle of wine. That’s our definition of a perfect bath, but with the way this panda is doing a little dance in the water, he isn’t complaining.

Nap time

If none of the other pandas on this list made you smile, then this one definitely will. What more do you need to make your day than a precious panda cub lying on a tree stump? The cheeky guy is so comfy up there.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@5starportugal

It’s almost like he’s inviting us to come and join him on his nap. If we didn’t have anything else to do, we’d definitely be there with him. We can’t get over how cuddly these creatures are, that they’re even comfortable lying on a tree stump.

Recess at the zoo

This update from the Ueno Zoo Gardens in Japan shows an adorable sight. Two giant pandas just having a ball. Check out the one that’s hanging upside down from a tree branch! It never fails to impress us the things pandas can do.

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@UenoZooGardens

We’re also obsessed with the panda who’s sitting on the floor just happily munching on bamboos. That’s a big mood. We wish we could lounge around and eat snacks like these panda bears all day, but alas, life’s responsibilities await.

“Get off me”

Never bother a panda when he’s eating his bamboo. This poor panda cub learned the hard way. All he was trying to do was have a little cuddle, but instead, he got picked up and thrown by the bigger guy.

Photo courtesy of

Even though pandas may seem cute and cuddly, they are naturally aggressive creatures. If the need arises, they will use their sharp claws and canines to protect themselves. It’s not that much of a surprise that the big panda here would throw the little one off his back.

Panda sleepover

Get us a blanket and pillow; we are crashing this sleepover! Yes, we would kill to be a part of this—surrounded by five baby pandas and loving life. We have a feeling this sleepover would give us the first good night’s sleep in a while, and we are definitely in.

Photo courtesy of

We’re not sure why these babies are on the floor, but we would join them there for sure. There’s a smile on each of their faces, and they all look like they’re dreaming such nice dreams, probably floating on clouds and munching on bamboo.

Pondering life

We mentioned a few photos ago that pandas are solitary creatures. If this photo doesn’t represent exactly that fact, we don’t know what does. From the crossed arms to the gazing off into the distance, this panda is pondering life.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/

Pandas are known to be uncommunicative. Aside from mating season, they spend most of their time alone in the wild. All those photos of pandas together are usually taken in captivity. In general, this photo shows off their actual personality.

Dozing off

You’ve seen a lot of pandas dozing off, and that’s because they sleep during the day. In the wild, pandas are normally pretty dormant in the day, only moving in the night to find food. This pal is just having his afternoon siesta before another long night.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/

It’s amazing the way this panda can balance on the crook of this tree. With the way his mouth is hanging open, we’re sure he’s in deep sleep. Look at the cute way he’s holding that tree branch too. Looks like a comfortable position to be in.

Little Grey

As nature has shown through these panda babies, the Ugly Duckling story isn’t just reserved for ducks. Meet Cheng Shi, a panda who made news in 2016 because he was colored white and grey instead of the usual black and white.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/

Cheng Shi was born in August and was the only little grey guy among all the pandas born at the time. It was suspected that his color was because his mother was “out of ink” at birth. Now 4 years old, Cheng Shi’s fur has turned into the regular panda shades.

Giant pandas and baby bottles

How else did you think panda cubs in captivity drank? Obviously, they would have a designated time every day where they sit in a line and are handed out baby bottles to drink from. What is better way there to give pandas their water?

Photo courtesy of

Of course, in the wild, pandas get their daily dose of H2O from nearby streams and rivers. Some would even choose to live near a water source, but this isn’t always available in captivity. Baby bottles may be suitable for panda cubs, but we hardly think the zoo does the same for adult pandas.

Wave hello

Is this a real panda or a stuffed animal? We’re not too sure, but this does leave us wondering—can you keep a panda as a pet? Well, if you’re looking for ways to possibly bring this little fella home, you should think twice.   

Photo courtesy of Medium/@feliciasheen

The Chinese government owns all pandas found around the world. Even the ones in zoos are lent to those facilities by China, so there is no way you can bring one home. I guess, for now, we’re all just going to have to wave hello to this little guy over the screen…

No social distancing

We highly discourage being this close to other people during a global pandemic. Instead, just enjoy this photo of four panda cubs trying to fit onto one tree branch. There’s no way you can do it, kids. Maybe try taking turns.

Photo courtesy of

Seriously though, how many of us reading this have been in the exact same situation? Possibly the most awkward thing about a cramped elevator is the overload alarm going off just as you step inside. We wonder if these pandas would be able to push their way into an actual elevator…

“Oh bother…”

Recognize that phrase? Yup, it’s one of the catchphrases of none other than our favorite honey bear, Winnie the Pooh himself. This panda bear on a tree is feeling about the same way as Pooh. He’s woefully regretting something he did.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Cheezburger

We don’t know what he’s done or what just happened, but we feel for him. The flustered look on his face and the way he’s face-palming says it all. Poor panda, it’s okay. We’re sure whatever it is will resolve itself!

Roly poly panda

As if pandas don’t get up to enough mischief when hanging out with other pandas, they are also chaotic when they’re alone. Exhibit A, this one panda who probably decided to ball itself up out of boredom and ended up rolling down a hill instead.

Photo courtesy of

The hilarious thing about this gif is the panda’s face when it landed on its bum and unfurled from its ball. It looked so confused and disoriented. We wonder how long it would take a panda to recover from all that dizzying rolling.

King of the monkey bars

We’re seeing a definite theme developing here. Pandas roll around and fall asleep on trees. Pandas tackle each other while eating bamboo. But this is the only panda so far who is dangling by his legs on a monkey bar.

Photo courtesy of Janneke de Langa/Pairi Daiza

If you Google “panda on a monkey bar,” you’ll find that this is not the only panda who has mastered this skill. Despite their size and weight, pandas are pretty much gymnasts, able to climb, swing, and dangle from heights.

Come to Mama

Ah, a mother’s love. There are few things more adorable than clumsy panda cubs hanging out together. A sweet mother-cub moment is one of them. We love how the little panda gave his mom a peck on the cheek before fully settling into her embrace.

Photo courtesy of Tenor/macinswiss

Panda families are kept together in captivity, especially those with very young babies. Panda babies are basically helpless, and their mothers do an amazing job at raising them on their own. Despite this, once a panda grows into adulthood in the wild, they will usually part ways.    

Prison break

Human babies aren’t the only ones who try to escape the crib. This panda has had about enough of sharing his space. Watch him practice his climbing skills early by trying to jump out of the crib. It’s too bad the gif cut out before we find out whether he made it or not!

Photo courtesy of

Here are a couple of things you might have missed about this gif. The first is the attendant with her back to the crib, completely oblivious to what is about to go down right behind her. The second is another baby panda in the crib, on the lower-left corner of the image, who has knocked himself over while playing with a plastic box.

A family reunion

Bless these zoos for providing us with heartwarming animal stories. This tale dates back to 2014 and originates in the Chimelong Wildlife Park in China, with three history-making panda cubs. These three pandas are the only surviving panda triplets in the world.

Photo courtesy of Imaginechina/REX

They were born to panda mom Ju Xiao and were separated from their mother immediately after birth. This photo is from the first day the cubs were finally reunited with her since their birth in July of that year. What a sweet moment!

That drunken blurry photo

Admit it, we all have at least one group photo like this in our camera roll. Yup, that’s right, that blurry photo from a night out where everyone has had one drink too many and are barely keeping it together for the ‘gram.

Photo courtesy of

Tag yourself. Are you the panda on the far left, trying not to vomit for the second time? Or the one on the far right slumped on the floor regretting your life choices? Maybe you’re the second from the right, and the drinks have made you a little over-confident. If you’re like us, you’re the second panda, mother of the group trying to take care of everyone.

The breakup game

Oh, the glorious feeling of triumph when you see your ex post a photo with their new boo on Instagram, and you realize… they totally downgraded after you! Okay, we know the breakup game is a petty one, but it’s always a really validating feeling.

Photo courtesy of

These pandas are basically our girlfriends and us laughing and cackling at that Insta post. Now you can finally move on. Maybe find yourself a better man to show that dumb ex that you can do so much better than him—time to get back on the apps, girl.

Taking a tumble

Sometimes playtime with Mama can also lead to a tumble. Little panda cub just wanted to have some fun with his mom, but it doesn’t look like she’s up for any games. What started out as a little cuddle turned into a tumble.

Photo courtesy of

Actually, maybe this cub didn’t really want to cuddle. Maybe his intention was to use his mom’s back as a slide all along. If that’s the case, then this is a pretty resourceful panda cub. His mom doesn’t seem to be too impressed, though.

That feeling when it’s Sunday night

Whoever decided weekends should only be two days long has clearly never worked a day in their life. What if we don’t want to get up early on a Monday to go to the office? This panda cub is everyone on a Sunday night.

Photo courtesy of

From the way he’s clinging on to the weekend to the pleading eyes begging it not to go just yet, this meme is 10/10 relatable. And okay, maybe some of us don’t have to go to the office in this pandemic, but working from home is the same thing!

Snow slide

Oh, poor guy. All he wanted to do was have some fun on the slide, but it seems the weather had other plans. The snow has fallen and settled, even on the slides. Instead of sliding down, this panda is now stuck! Oops.

Photo courtesy of

Pandas are able to brave freezing cold weather, with temperatures of up to -10 degrees Celcius. A number of them are recorded to be very active in the wintertime, and in general, they do not hibernate, unlike other bears in the wild.

When all your mistakes come back to haunt you

Lying awake at night, unable to sleep is already painful enough. None of us need to be reminded of that one conversation where we said something awkward. This panda is a true embodiment of our response to midnight intrusive thoughts.

Photo courtesy of

The level of remorse and embarrassment is so painfully obvious; we can’t help but feel bad for him. We don’t know what it is that he’s thinking of, but we feel his pain. He must be screaming, “Why did I do that!!!”

“Long live the king”

Remember in The Lion King when Mufasa is hanging by his nails at the edge of a cliff and Scar is standing over him? This scene is exactly what these two pandas remind us of. The panda on the log is Scar, pushing the other panda away.

Photo courtesy of

“Long live the king,” Scar says menacingly before he pushes Mufasa off the cliff. Imagine if these pandas planned an accurate reenactment of the Disney classic. Of course, we’re just glad that the drop isn’t too far from the ground!

A panda farewell

If you’re wondering why these two look devastated, it’s because they’re about to leave the home they grew up in. They are twins named Mei Lun and Mei Huan, born in Zoo Atlanta in 2013. They were set to move to China in 2016 because they had then reached adulthood.

Photo courtesy of Facebook/Zoo Atlanta

It was part of an agreement between China and the zoo that the pandas were returned when fully grown. The furry siblings left the United States with supplies of 8 gallons of water, 375 pounds of bamboo, and 25 pounds of treats.

Master Procrastinator

No judgment here. Sleeping is a valid coping mechanism, and we support anyone who uses it accordingly. Like these pandas, for example, who have decided that they’d rather take a nap on a tree instead of going about their day.

Photo courtesy of

What a completely accurate meme to describe us. Aside from being a valid coping mechanism, napping is also a productive form of procrastination. At least, that’s what we’ll keep telling ourselves, so we don’t feel bad about taking a 3-hour nap again.

When your song comes on in the club

“Oh my God, this is my jam!” This panda cub is certainly having the time of its life, dancing to its favorite tunes. We wonder what song is playing that has it dropping moves like this. Possibly I Wanna Dance With Somebody?

Photo courtesy of

Even though we can’t party together this new year’s eve, there’s nothing wrong with knocking back a few drinks, turning up the volume on the speakers, and dancing around the room on your own. Throw your hands up in the air, and wave ‘em like you just don’t care!


If you know, you know. This iconic chat up line comes from our favorite sitcom Friends, and belongs to none other than Joey Tribbiani himself. This panda is channeling big Joey energy with the way it’s smirking at the camera.

Photo courtesy of Pinterest/Cheezburger

It’s not just the smirk, though. It’s his posture too. The way he’s leaning on the tree, his hands grabbing the log and his face resting on his hands like that. He’s definitely looking past the photographer at the lady pandas lounging around.

How to make a panda

This is by far the most hilarious meme on this list, and that’s why we saved it for last! Ever wondered how pandas evolved into the black and white creatures, there are today? We think we have an explanation for it.

Photo courtesy of

Take a honey bear and a polar bear, mix them together, and what do you get? A panda! We’re not serious, of course, but doesn’t it kind of make sense? The way a panda prefers the cold over the heat, it could have evolved from a polar bear at some point. But don’t take our word for it.