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Customers Who Got Exactly What They Ordered And Then Some

We’ve been told time and again to be careful what we wish for because we might just get it. It’s not a bad thing if you get exactly what you asked for, but it’s disappointing when your request is misinterpreted, misunderstood, or deliberately followed to the letter with malicious intent. Perhaps you didn’t make yourself clear enough, perhaps you failed to convey your message correctly, or perhaps the other person simply didn’t understand you. Whatever the reason may be, the results can be disappointing, but most of the time, they can be hilarious, especially if it involves food. These incidents may sound absurd to people who have not experienced them first-hand, but they are all true and shared by people who had the fortunate and, in some cases, unfortunate luck of getting exactly what they ordered and then some.

#1 Ask for extra pepperoni and you shall receive

Most of the time, we get disappointed by false advertising. How many times have you ordered a burger because it looked like it could feed two hungry people on the menu only to find that it’s quite small in size when it’s finally served?

Image courtesy of yayaya6969/Reddit

When this customer asked for something, he got exactly what he was looking for and more! He ordered a pizza and asked for extra pepperoni, and look at what he got! This is surely more sodium than you’re supposed to consume in one sitting!

#2 This order took the whole ranch

This is another case of exceeding the customers’ expectations. This seldom happens, and when it does, customers are more than happy to let everyone know about their positive experience and give kudos to the staff and the company concerned.

Image courtesy of ihaveatheme/Reddit

This lady asked for extra ranch, as much extra ranch as legally allowed, and when her order was finally delivered, she got the whole ranch, so to say, a whole box full of extra ranch dressing. Things like this just put a smile on people’s faces.

#3 Can you give me a side of avocado, please?

Everyone loves avocados, at least we believe so. Who doesn’t like guacamole or avocado on their toast or salad? The only bad thing about avocados is that they aren’t cheap because they have often need to be imported from other countries.

Image courtesy of THUNDERGUNxp/Reddit

Imagine this customer’s delight when she asked for a side of avocado and was given a whole plate! This picture makes us salivate. This is more than $10’s worth of avocados in a restaurant. She saved money on this order now only if she would tell us where this place is because we’re heading right down. 

#4 Japan is generous with its eggs

Japan is high on everyone’s places to visit list. The country has a long and rich history, is the land of the samurais and geisha, is blessed with stunning landscapes, is home to some of the most polite and honest people on earth, is the land of cherry blossoms, and boasts of excellent cuisine.

Image courtesy of wetnoodle13/Reddit

We could go on and on about what makes Japan a great country, but arguably one of the best things about the Land of the Rising Sun is that they are generous with their eggs. This guy asked for extra eggs when he ordered what we presume to be ramen in Tokyo, and he got a bowl full of eggs.

#5 What the birthday boy wants, the birthday boy gets

This lady’s son asked for a rainbow dinosaur cake for his third birthday, and when the birthday boy asks for something, you need to deliver. So this mom thought of a design, drew it on a piece of paper, and gave it to the baker.

Image courtesy of thepantyprincessx/Reddit

She was pleasantly surprised by what the baker did, and we’re quite sure that her son was elated to see his birthday cake and had the best birthday party ever. Not only did the baker follow the drawing, but he also made some improvements here and there too.

#6 This is how you do chicken on a pizza

While Israel is not exactly known for pizza, the country has an abundance of cafes and restaurants that offer cuisines from all over the world. So when a customer asks for chicken on the pizza, one will normally expect that it’s at least been deboned.

Image courtesy of Kartarsh/Reddit

Not so sure what’s going on in this restaurant in Israel, but when a customer asked for chicken on her pizza, they literally served her a whole, roasted chicken on top of the pizza. This pizza doesn’t look traditional, but it’s not easy to eat with the whole chicken.

#7 Dunkin’ Donuts loves doggos

Dogs are not just house pets; they are also important family members and confidantes. It’s only natural for pet parents to want to pamper their dogs and give them the best life possible. Some even send their pooches to the dog spa to get some extra spoiling.

Image courtesy of solidsnake4545/eBaum’s World

Naturally, dog birthdays are also celebrated. This pet parent has a dog who loves drive-thru, so on her dog’s birthday, she wanted to buy a single munchkin. Not only did the staff at Dunkin’ Donuts indulge her, but they also gave her a glazed munchkin topped with bacon and whipped cream.

#8 A mountain of mushrooms for this customer

Mushrooms are also called toadstools, and they are fungi that don’t require sunlight to produce energy for themselves. The mushroom is very nutritious and not to mention delicious; that’s why people like to have them as toppings on their pizza.

Image courtesy of elliottb89/Reddit

This person who ordered pizza had a love of mushrooms, but when he asked for extra mushrooms, he didn’t expect the restaurant toto serve him a pizza with each inch covered with mushrooms. Aside from the cheese, we can’t see any other veggies. There isn’t ‘mushroom’ left. Get it?

#9 There’s plenty of fire in this sauce

Why do some people like to put hot sauce on everything? This is a question that is often asked by those who have a very low tolerance for spicy things. Some folks don’t think something is hot enough unless they’re dripping in sweat as they eat it.

Image courtesy of superman2706/Reddit

This person must have belonged to that group. He asked the guy taking his order at Taco Bell to give him as much fire sauce as possible, and he delivered. He was given 243 packets of fire sauce! They should be enough to last him a while at least.

#10 Help yourself to a heaping plate of onions

Onions are some of the most popular vegetables on the planet and are widely used regardless of the cuisine. Onions have been around since the Bronze Age, and the oldest onion harvest was recorded some 7,000 years ago. The onion has sulfuric compounds, which make people “cry” when chopping them.

Image courtesy of iamjustboredidk/Reddit

Onion as a side dish is one thing that’s not going to make us cry. We can’t get enough of it, just like this person who asked for a side of onions. He was delighted when he was served not a side but a while plate of onions.

#11 Can I get some extra tomato on my burger, please?

A burger is incomplete without a tomato because they provide a tanginess that goes well with burgers. There are many varieties of tomatoes, and each one has unique characteristics. However, most of us don’t care about the variety of the tomatoes that go onto our burgers, as long as they taste good.

Image courtesy of FrozenCaveMoose/Reddit

This person ordered some extra tomato to go with his burger and what he got was a thick slice of tomato. We’re not saying that the staff was in the wrong here, but from the looks of the tomato, she was none too pleased with the request?

#12 Go nuts with your order

A hot fudge sundae is just what you need on a summer day. Luckily for us, we can just drive-thru any McDonald’s or Blizzard to get one. What’s one thing that goes well with hot fudge? Nuts, of course!

Image courtesy of LammyG/Reddit

This lady’s husband requested as many peanuts as it’s allowed to be given to customers, and he was in luck. Blizzard’s staff gave him a whole cup of peanuts and he was more than happy to put them all on his hot fudge.

#13 No, this ain’t cheese

According to legend, cheese was accidentally created over 4,000 years ago when someone stored milk in a container lined with an animal’s stomach. The enzyme from the stomach caused the milk to separate into liquid and solids. The solids are what came to be known as cheese.

Image courtesy of palmtreesnbeaches/Reddit

We can’t attest to the veracity of cheese’s origins, but it makes for one entertaining story. Cheese goes well with everything, including sandwiches and spaghetti. People often ask for extra cheese to put on their spaghetti, like this person here. Chipotle was more than happy to oblige with not just extra cheese but a plate full of grated goodness.

#14 Please cut my burger in half

Millions of hamburgers are sold in a year. McDonald’s alone sells approximately 75 burgers every second. So far, they have sold at least 300 billion of this popular fast food staple. Who doesn’t like the combination of meat, a few veggies, mayonnaise, and bread? We sure do.

Image courtesy of Duck_the_Grammarian/Reddit

It’s understandable for restaurants and fast-food chains to be inundated with burger orders during mealtime, but that’s not an excuse to be lax when it comes to customer service. This customer requested for his customer to be cut in half, but instead of cutting vertically, the staff cut the burger horizontally through the patty. But, the bigger concern here is why is the patty still raw?

#15 How much does that cost?

Now, here’s another interesting burger entry, a Minnesota Casino holds the record for the largest hamburger ever made. It had a diameter of over 10 feet and weighed more than a ton. We wonder how many people had to consume the entire burger.

Image courtesy of Ganjubas228/Reddit

The burger in the photo may not be the largest, but it certainly is one of the biggest we have seen. We can count at least 10 patties in there, but the more shocking thing is it reportedly cost only $18 when converted in dollars. Were they still able to make any profit?

#16 You want sour cream on the side? Taco Bell doesn’t disappoint

We understand that working in the food and beverage industry is no walk in the park. Not only are the hours long, but some customers also have outrageous demands while others don’t even care to tip. However, the same can be said for some workers in the industry.

Image courtesy of ItsMeBMo/Reddit

Some are careless, and some just lackadaisically perform their tasks with hardly a smile on their faces. Take this situation, for instance. The customer ordered sour cream on the side, and she was given a taco with a bit of sour cream clinging to the side of the shell.

#17 Double espresso for you? Your wish is our command

For those who are not well-versed with coffee lingo, espresso is both the name of the drink and the brewing process. The drink is a concentrated, full-flavored form of coffee served in “shots.” To produce a single shot of espresso, you need more than 40 coffee beans.

Image courtesy of Thierry Gregorius/Twitter

A single shot of espresso contains 7g of espresso-fine grounds. A single shot of espresso is not enough of a caffeine jolt for some people, so they might order double espressos. A double shot uses 14g coffee and yields about 60ml. However, when this guy ordered a double espresso, what he got was two shots of espresso stacked on top of each other.

#18 You want one pepperoni? That’s exactly what you get

Sometimes we’re too hungry that a single slice of pizza just won’t cut it unless that single slice has a diameter of 8 inches. Nowadays, there are plenty of pizza flavors such as Hawaiian, Margherita, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken, and Meat-Lover’s.

Image courtesy of wscanl00/Reddit

The fact that you can order single slices of pizza makes it easy to try as many flavors as you like. This lady ordered 2 slices of cheese pizza and 1 slice of pepperoni pizza. She got her order alright. She was given two slices of cheese pizza and another slice of the same cheese pizza with a single piece of pepperoni on top.

#19 Now that’s too much frosting

Working in a fast-food chain can be tiring. You have to be on your feet all day, ensure orders are on time, and be friendly with customers, no matter how difficult they can get. Within reason, fast food staff always try to accommodate their customers.

Image courtesy of denimOwl/Reddit

This man asked for extra frosting for his cinnamon biscuits. It’s not an unusual request, and plenty of people ask for the same thing, so how hard can it be? Not sure if the staff from Hardee’s went a little overboard on purpose to annoy the customer or to impress him. We can’t even see the cinnamon biscuit anymore. It drowned in the frosting.

#20 So much cheese, so little onion

Another popular side dish which everyone loves is onion rings. The first recipe for onion rings was created by Crisco and was published for their ad in the New York Times in 1933. However, it’s A&W that is credited with popularizing it in fast food restaurants when they introduced it in their menu during the 1960s.

Image courtesy of Allexey/e-Baums World

Not sure if people in Kenya have heard of onion rings or not but from the look of things, this particular restaurant hasn’t. The customer asked for cheesy onion rings but was given cheese sliced in cubes sprinkled with raw onion rings cut in half on top.

#21 Binging on fries

Sides are not the main food in the meal; that’s precisely why they are called sides. However, it’s not uncommon for some customers to try and ask staff for extra sides, and sometimes the management is more than happy to oblige.

Image courtesy of wxyg/Reddit

This person, however, did not ask for extra sides. He just ordered a gyro plate with the usual side of fries, but he was given an entire plate of them. Perhaps the restaurant had a surplus? Or was the restaurant already closing and was looking for a way to get rid of the extra fries?

#22 When you ask for extra sauce

Fast food staff can be confusing at times. They can be very friendly one day but not so much the next, but we understand. Sometimes things just don’t go their way, bosses can be mean, and the job can be overwhelming, especially for newbies.

Image courtesy of Regjit/Reddit

The staff who served this customer must have wanted to please them when he asked for extra Mac sauce. Not only was he given a small dollop, but he was also handed another box with a lot of sauce in it. Although the customer complained, we don’t see any problem with this.

#23 A fruit salad that needs assembly

Fruit salad is a delicious dish that’s often slathered with syrup, but sometimes the fruits are just served in their natural juices. It can be both an appetizer and a dessert, and it’s not difficult to make as the ingredients are quite easy to find.

Image courtesy of dort/Reddit

We think that fruit salad is a universal concept; however, it seems that word of it hasn’t reached this place yet. This person was on vacation in Marrakesh with friends, and they ordered a fruit salad. However, what they received were whole apples, bananas, and oranges. Apparently, in Morocco, the fruit salad needs to be assembled by the customer, much like IKEA furniture.

#24 That’s too much for breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and because most people are too busy preparing for work or school, they don’t have to whip up a nutritious, homemade meal. Most of us just get our breakfast to go.

Image courtesy of Hendy Agus Wijaya/Succesful Life Lounge

Because people need nutrition to start their day, and fast food chains see an opportunity in this, so most have started offering breakfast choices to customers. However, a word of caution for customers to stay away from special orders as they confuse the system. Just look at what this person got when he ordered a breakfast sandwich in a bagel.

#25 If you can only get a single donut, this is what you should get

Donuts can be found in most parts of the globe. It is a snack and a pastry that has inspired tributes on film and television, and people are gobbling up donuts by the dozens. In the US alone, more than 10 billion donuts are produced annually.

Image courtesy of andyrine/Reddit

Sometimes, eating just one donut is not enough, especially if it’s delicious. This boy wanted to get donuts, but his father told him he could only have one. As per his father’s instructions, he only bought one donut, but he bought the biggest one he could find. Clever boy!

#26 Yup, this is espresso over ice

Coffee jargon can be confusing even to coffee lovers; that’s why the general population was very happy when somebody came up with a coffee order guide complete with illustrations. If coffee terms are confusing to aficionados, imagine how the rest of us who don’t drink coffee feels.

Image courtesy of kgodzilla/Reddit

This person working for Dunkin Donuts must not be into coffee because when a customer asked for an espresso shot over ice, he gave him a big cup with ice, and in it is a smaller cup with espresso. We can’t fault him, though, because technically, he isn’t wrong.

#27 Make that cheese blue

Blue cheese has a distinct salty bite because of the sodium added to it to prevent bacteria from growing and preserving the cheese. This also explains why blue cheese is paired well with honey or sweet wine. The older blue cheese is, the drier it is.

Image courtesy of Sorrypuppy/Reddit

Although it’s called blue cheese, the color is not actually blue. That’s exactly what this customer said to the bartender when he ordered some blue cheese. So, when he ordered again, the bartender had just the solution. He added some food coloring to make it blue.

#28 Craving some spicy Thai food tonight

Thai food has a reputation for being mouthwatering and spicy all at the same time. Just think of Som Tam, Pad Krapow, and Tom Yam, and you’ll instantly be salivating and reaching for a large glass of water to quell the spiciness.

Image courtesy of Ralphie25/Reddit

This person wanted to have his fill of spicy Thai food, so he ordered takeout and specifically asked the restaurant to make it spicy enough that someone would get in trouble. The restaurant didn’t disappoint, and they were kind enough to warn him too.

#29 You want sauce?

Red Robin is an American chain of casual dining restaurants founded in Seattle. Today, the chain has more than 500 restaurants all over the US. One of the things people can’t get enough of when dining at Red Robin is their wide array of sauces.

Image courtesy of Jhahoua/Reddit

They offer ranch dressing, salsa, and others, but one sauce that is very popular with folks is the Campfire sauce. This guy was dining with a group who loved the same kind of sauce. He asked if he could get more sauce than anyone else at the table, and they delivered.

#30 Where can I get a tiny pizza?

This is one good example of never to place a food order when you’re intoxicated or under the influence because you’ll most likely end up with something you don’t want. Kidding aside, this person ended up mistyping the numbers.

Image courtesy of superjam0508/Reddit

Instead of ordering a 12-inch pizza, he ended up with a 1-inch pizza. How’s that gonna satisfy his hunger? To prove that they were just following his request to make a 1-inch pizza for him, the staff took a photo of the receipt.

#31 We have plenty of extra cheese for you

How much cheese is too much? Most people love cheese, except for those who are lactose intolerant, but you have to draw the line somewhere. The guy who submitted this photo worked for a small chain pizza joint, and when one customer asked for a pizza with extra cheese, he didn’t see any problem with it.

Image courtesy of nburns1825/Reddit

He was more than generous with the cheese. He put four times the normal amount of cheese on the pizza, about 300 oz. Did he go overboard? We don’t think so because, as you can see, the crust is still visible. All’s well here.

#32 They were given twice the amount of tacos

People who work in the food and beverage industry get tired and sleepy, especially when working the night shift, and this is when most mistakes happen. Sometimes they give less; other times, they give way more than what was ordered.

Image courtesy of luci73/Reddit

Luckily for this person, he got the better end of the deal because he ordered a dozen tacos at Jack in the Box, but the staff mistakenly keyed in the order for twice that amount. They were surprised to receive 24 tacos when they got to the window. Luckily, they weren’t asked to pay extra and got to keep all the tacos.

#33 Want your sandwich cut? You got it

Sandwiches are another popular type of fast food. There is an array of ingredients to choose from, they are easy to put together, and they don’t cost a lot of money. If you don’t have the time to make a sandwich, you can always get them from various shops, such as Subway.

Image courtesy of nglister/Reddit

This fellow ordered a sandwich to go so he can have it at work. He asked the lady to cut it for him into three pieces, and she said yes. He was surprised when he finally got to open his sandwich. The lady did as she was told, but she cut it into uneven sizes.

#34 We’d love to give you more chickpeas

Chickpeas are known all over the world by different names. They are also called garbanzo beans, Kabuli chana, Egyptian peas, and Bengal grams. They come in different colors, namely brown, green, red, and black. Contrary to what most people think, chickpeas can be used for more than just making hummus.

Image courtesy of sneaky_donut/Reddit

This person must have liked chickpeas very much that he asked that he be given extra in his rice bowl. Maybe it’s not every day that this happens, so the staff gave him almost as many chickpeas as there was rice. They just made the customer very happy.

#35 You sure you want everything on your burger?

It’s not unusual for fast food staff to get weird requests now and then. Some people just have quirks, and whenever possible, the staff will usually give in as long as it doesn’t seem so ridiculous. This staff received a weird request, but it was doable.

Image courtesy of TheRealMrCrowley/Reddit

The customer asked for a burger with everything on it, so the staff put 3 mayos, ketchup, mustard, 4 hot sauces, A1, 5 kinds of cheeses, all veggies, and all sorts of toppings. The burger looked unappetizing, to say the least. Perhaps the staff misunderstood the request.

#36 Social distancing sandwiches

We are living in unprecedented times, and truth be told, everyone is adjusting. A pandemic of this scale has never happened before. One of the things we’ve been asked to do to curb the virus’s spread is to practice social distancing.

Image courtesy of lachary1234/Reddit

A customer ordered sandwiches and asked the staff if they are practicing social distancing with her sandwiches, and she was told yes. As proof that they were telling the truth, the staff took a picture of the food meters apart from each other. It was hilarious!

#37 I want a cheeseburger with ketchup

Have you ever stood behind someone at Subway, McDonald’s, or Starbucks and heard them ordering something with special requests? Although the staff has been trained about these non-standard orders and how to go about them, not all know what to do.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

This customer ordered a cheeseburger with only ketchup, and boy, was he surprised when he was about to eat his burger. There was no patty at all. It was just two buns spread with ketchup. He must have been so disappointed.

#38 When fast-food chains over-deliver

Pickles, some people can’t live without them, but others hate them. This person must love pickles so much that he asked for extra pickles when he ordered a sandwich at Subway. Seeing as not many people ask for extra gherkins, the staff were unsure how many were too many.

Image courtesy of Steven_Seagal/e-Baums World

We’re not sure if the customer was very persistent and if the staff didn’t like him because they gave him too many pickles. We can’t even see the other ingredients in there or the bread. All we see are the pickles.

#39 Is there a patty somewhere there?

Macaroni and cheese, another favorite snack that people can’t get enough of. Kraft sells more than a million boxes of mac and cheese daily. Some fast-food chains thought it necessary to combine a mac and cheese with a burger.

Image courtesy of behaigo/Reddit

We don’t see the logic there but hey, it if works. This customer ordered a mac and cheeseburger and requested for as much mac and cheese as possible without the staff getting fired. If you look at the photo, you can’t even tell if there’s a patty somewhere in there.

#40 Another case of someone going overboard with the pepperoni

Believe it or not, pepperoni is so popular that September 20th is known as National Pepperoni Day. Americans consume more than 251,000,000 lbs. of pepperoni annually and that’s an astounding amount. Pepperoni is also a favorite pizza flavor of many.

Image courtesy of AutisticDodo/Reddit

This fast-food chain shows its love for pepperoni by treating customers to tons of it on their pizzas. We’re sure that their patrons have nothing to complain about when presented with a pizza covered in such heaping amounts of pepperoni.

#41 Sauce makes the food taste much better

Sauce is there for a reason. It makes food taste better, so it’s no wonder people like to hoard them at fast-food chains and restaurants. This customer went to Taco Bell in New York and ordered food. He mentioned that he would like some extra sauce.

Image courtesy of na11373/Reddit

The staff complied, and they deserve kudos for filling the bag with countless packets of sauce. They may have gotten rid of a few items from their menu, but they still give out extra packets of free sauce, so they deserve forgiveness.

#42 When you want a blueberry, they will give you a blueberry

Muffins are small, cup-shaped treats that are almost always sweetened and commonly served hot. Blueberry muffins are some of the most popular muffins today, and July 11th is celebrated as National Blueberry Muffin Day. This post is going to be a lesson for those who love blueberry muffins.

Image courtesy of iamtheoneandOP/Reddit

This guy ordered a blueberry muffin and was looking forward to his snack. With every bite, he looked forward to the taste of blueberries but couldn’t find any until, at last, found a single solitary one. It wasn’t what he expected. Maybe next time, it’s better to emphasize plurality.

#43 Extra onion in the chili

The chili was said to be introduced in the 1880s when Latino women called “Chili Queens” sold a stew made with dried red chilies and beef. The chili was made at home and was sold at the Military Plaza Mercado.

Image courtesy of

The popularity of chili hasn’t waned over the years. People still enjoy it to this day and have created different versions of the recipe.  This guy loved chili so much that he ordered some from Wendy’s and requested extra onion. Sadly, he got raw onion rings haphazardly thrown into the chili. Disappointing!

#44 Ice cream on a cone or in a cup?

Soft serve cones are some of McDonald’s most popular products. Although massive recipe changes have been made over the years and there was news of the company faking vanilla, avid fans of the ice cream hardly noticed and continued to buy the product.

Image courtesy of Raph-mutt/Twitter

The soft-serve ice cream can be had in a cup or a cone. This customer ordered two cups of ice cream instead of cones, but for some reason, the person who served them got confused. He must have forgotten the exact order, so what he did was just dump the two ice cream cones in cups.

#45 Can I get some extra mayo, please?

Mayonnaise just goes so well with sandwiches and burgers. It enhances the flavor of everything you put it on and prevents you from choking on dry bread. There has been debate over mayonnaise or ketchup being the better condiment.

Image courtesy of

Please don’t ask us to choose between the two because we like both ketchup and mayo equally. However, this person loved mayo more and when he ordered a sandwich at Subway, he asked for extra mayo. What the Subway staff did was put about a cup of mayo on his sandwich. Oh, the horror!