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35+ Inventions That Betty White Is Older Than And It Puts Her Age Into Perspective

When the topic at hand is powerful and influential women of Hollywood, we must talk about Betty White. The actress was one of the first women to be in control in front of the camera, as well as behind it, paving the way for many other female entertainers. On top of having a successful career, Betty White was also successful in winning over the audience’s heart — to this day, she’s one of the most beloved artists in the entertainment industry. This is mostly thanks to the fact that White is one of the sweetest stars in Hollywood, and also because she is one of the oldest artists in the industry, being born in 1922!

In this article, we’re going to give you some facts about her and some inventions that were created after Betty was born, so that you can put her age into true perspective!

Betty Was One Of The First to be Nominated for an Emmy Award

When the Emmys were first created, Betty White was 27 years old — and she had been working in the entertainment industry for almost 10 years already! However, during its first years, there were no categories for women. Thankfully, things soon changed.

Image courtesy of Zimbio

In 1951, before the award was genre-specific, a few women were selected to win a general award titled Best Actress. Betty White was one of the first women to be nominated alongside legendary actresses Judith Anderson and Helen Hayes.

Betty Was Also One of the First Women to Produce a TV Show

It would be an understatement to say that life was hard for women back in the day — we all know what things were like. And it’s thanks to women like her that females have come a long way in the entertainment industry: she was one of the first women to take the reigns of her creativity behind the cameras!

Image courtesy of CareerAddict

In the early 1950s, Betty co-founded a production company with two friends who were also in the industry. Together, they created characters and Emmy award-winning shows, such as Life With Elizabeth — which Betty not only starred in but also produced!

Betty White is the Oldest Person to Host SNL

Back in the 1970s, a German immigrant who lived in Louisiana hosted SNL. Her name was Miskel Spillman, and she was 80 years old, making her the oldest person ever to host the comedy show. Over three decades later, our beloved Betty White changed that.

Image courtesy of Saturday Night Live/NBC

Here’s an interesting fact, in case you need more proof of how loved Betty truly is: in 2010, a Facebook group collected over half a million people petitioning for Betty White to host SNL. Fortunately, their wish came true, and Betty became the oldest person to host the show at age 88 — and she even won an Emmy for it!

The fact that Betty White is the oldest person to host SNL helps us put her age into perspective a little bit. But did you know that Betty is older than polarized sunglasses and bubble gum?! Below, we’re going to show you some inventions that were created after Betty White was born!

Cotton Swabs

Betty had barely completed her first year on Earth when Leo Gerstenzang came up with a creative idea after watching his wife attach cotton to toothpicks so she could clean her ear. In 1923, the Polish-American inventor created his own cotton swabs brand: Q-Tips.

Image courtesy of Danny Glass-YouTube

Since then, Q-Tips have become the best-selling cotton swabs brand in the world. On top of that, cotton swabs have long changed from having the sole purpose of removing earwax, and now they are used in medical settings as well. 

Frozen Food

Freezing food is, unarguably, one of the best techniques invented by humankind. If you don’t have time to cook dinner during the week, you can cook your meals, freeze them, and eat them hours — or even days — later!

Images courtesy of Grammy.com/AJC International

Well, when Betty White was born, there was no such thing! It was only in 1924 that Clarence Birdseye, who was really interested in food freezing methods, introduced the concept of quick freezing to the American food industry and changed our lives forever!

Color Television

Back in the 1920s, when Betty White was born, the only types of television available were called ‘mechanical televisions,’ meaning that they only worked thanks to rotating disks that generated video signals. From that point onward, things started evolving at a fast pace.

Images courtesy of Britannica/Phil’s Old Radios

By the 1940s, inventors were mainly focused on upgrading their television machines. It was only in the 1950s that different television networks developed their color broadcast techniques, and TV shows started being broadcast in color — and Betty was already in her 30s by then!


When we’re craving junk food or when we don’t have a lot of time to stop everything and eat something, drive-thrus are the first thing that comes into our minds. Maybe it’s our guilty pleasure, but we’re sure that most people are thankful for whoever invented the drive-through system.

Images courtesy of Elle/History Daily

Betty White had already lived the first 26 years of her life when In-N-Out Burger established the first drive-thru in the state of California. After that, the biggest fast-food chains in the country soon started opening drive-thru windows in their restaurants.


Although it’s hard to say who was the person who invented the cheeseburger — many people claim ownership of this delicious invention —we can only feel grateful for this invention. While it may be considered a simple dish, cheeseburgers are one of the traditional recipes of American cuisine.

Images courtesy of Newsweek/HowStuffWorks

Many people believe that a 16-years-old boy from California was the first person to add cheese to the already-famous hamburger. In the late 1920s and mid-1930s, cheeseburgers became really popular in the United States — Betty White was already entering her teenage years at the time. 

Sliced Bread

Even though one may think that sliced bread is one of the oldest inventions of humanity, it is actually a pretty young thing. In 1928, Missouri-based Otto Rohwedder created the machine that could slice a loaf of bread into equal slices — his invention soon spread across the country as sliced bread became a sensation.

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/Medium

Thus, it’s been less than 100 years since we were blessed with this deliciousness that can be eaten with butter, with peanut butter — or even with chocolate. Did you ever hear the famous saying, “it’s the best thing since sliced bread”? Well, Betty White has been the best thing since before sliced bread!

Pressure Washer

Have you ever used grease and then had to wash it off your garage floor? We all know how hard it is to wash off thick substances, and some of us are particularly fond of pressure washing as it is possibly one of the best methods of cleaning grime. 

Images courtesy of Woodgram/PNCIMA

As popular as it is today, pressure washing wasn’t always a thing — it was only in 1926 that Frank Woldert II invented the first pressure washer and took the first step towards the future. At the time, Betty White was already 4 years old and possibly cracking her first jokes!

Reclining Chair

Is there a better feeling than that of getting home after a hard day’s work and chilling on a comfortable recliner? If you don’t have one of these, maybe someone in your family does— a grandparent, perhaps — and it may trigger sweet memories from your childhood!

Image courtesy of usmagazine.com

There was a time, not too long ago, when reclining chairs weren’t around — thankfully, that has since changed. In 1927, when Betty was barely old enough to climb up into a recliner, two cousins from Michigan patented a reclining chair and founded the now-famous furniture company La-Z-Boy.


If you ever had an infection caused by bacteria, you were probably treated with penicillin. Although bacteria have since managed to develop resistance against this medication, it is still widely used across the globe to treat many diseases, including pneumonia and meningitis.

Images courtesy of NBCUniversal/AARP

However, when Betty White was born, penicillin had yet to be discovered. It was only in 1928, when Betty was already six years old, that Scottish researcher Alexander Fleming accidentally discovered the potent properties of a mold that grew on a forgotten culture plate.


If you’ve never drunk Kool-Aid or never even heard about Kool-Aid, you have probably been living under a rock. All jokes aside, this flavored drink mix is perhaps one of the most popular beverages not only in its country of origin but also in the rest of the world. 

Images courtesy of NY Post/Ebay

In 1927, a man named Edwin Perkins created a fruit-flavored powder and started selling it in his town in Nebraska. Shortly after his sales began, his product, Kool-Aid, became a global success. Betty White was already 5 years old when Kool-Aid was created — and maybe she even got to enjoy its tasty flavor as a kid!

Golf Cart

If you’re a fan of playing golf, you can probably tell how difficult your life would be if golf carts didn’t exist. Can you imagine yourself having to walk around the golf course while carrying a bag with a bunch of heavy golf clubs? Well, before the 1950s, that’s precisely what golfers had to do.

Image courtesy of 2011 Visit California Ad Campaign

Though the first golf cart was created in the 1930s, it wasn’t until the 1950s that golfers started using these handy vehicles. At the time, Betty White was already in her thirties, and old enough to play golf and drive a golf cart. She sure must have been thankful for this invention!

Electric Razor

The electric shaver doesn’t require that you use shaving cream, soap, or water. Using an electric razor also reduces cuts, red spots, and ingrown hairs — not to mention that it removes body hair more efficiently. In a nutshell, electric razors are one of the most useful inventions of modern history.

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/Amazon

Although different inventors have patented different models of electric razors, the very first patent was issued in 1930 by manufacturer Jacob Schick. At the time, Betty White had already been around for 8 years —  and she certainly didn’t need to use it then.

Eyelash Curler

We all know that having long eyelashes is considered a desirable physical trait and, consequently, most people wish they had longer lashes. However, not everyone is lucky to have naturally dark and long eyelashes — and we are all very thankful for the eyelash curler.

Images courtesy of Newsweek/Target

For Betty White, this invention couldn’t come soon enough. She was already in her 20s when William Joseph Beldue created the eyelash curler in the decade of 1940. We’re sure that this invention helped Betty look even prettier on TV!

Electric Guitar

It may seem surprising, but Betty White will turn 100 years old way before the electric guitar will reach its 100th anniversary. Though our brains might have a hard time accepting that before the 1930s, amplified instruments weren’t in use, it’s true. The first electric guitar was created in 1932!

Image courtesy of examiner.com

Betty was already 10 years old when George Beauchamp, Adolph Rickenbacker, and Paul Barth partnered to create the first amplified string instrument. However, it wasn’t until 1937, when Betty was a 15-year-old teenager, that the patent for the “Electrical Stringed Musical Instrument” was finally issued.

Toilet Brush

We have to admit that toilet brushes are one of the most underestimated inventions of our society. They’re often overlooked as they are left forgotten in the confines of our bathrooms, but the truth is that toilet brushes save us a lot of trouble.

Images courtesy of Woodgram/Peace With The Wild

Who knows how people used to clean any debris from their toilets before the invention of toilet brushes in 1932. Considering that Betty was already ten years old by the time the Addis Brush Company patented the toilet brush, she is probably thankful for this invention.

Black Light

Also known as UV Light, this invention was created back in 1935, and it still is widely used nowadays. On top of allowing ‘neon parties’ to be an actual thing, black lights also come in handy in forensics and other fields that require UV rays to reveal things that are invisible to the human eye.

Images courtesy of NBCUniversal/Prop and Scenery Lights

Betty White was 13 years old by the time that William H. Byler first invented the black light. Since then, things have evolved so much that today it’s possible even to get tattoos that are only visible when you’re under the UV light of these lamps. 

pH Meter

We all have heard about pH and its importance — if you haven’t, you probably skipped your science class! pH balance is essential for many things, including our health. And that’s why measuring pH is essential, which led to the invention of the pH meter.

Images courtesy of NY Post/Amazon

Betty was 14 years old when scientist Arnold Beckman was granted a patent for his invention in 1936: a device that could measure the acidity of substances. Though its design and technology have improved over the years, pH meters are still widely used, especially in the food industry.

Stock Car Racing

There are only so many sports that have managed to remain popular time after time. Other than football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, American citizens certainly love another sport: racing. More specifically, Americans love stock car racing, which was first established during the Prohibition era.

Images courtesy of Elle/Wikipedia

By the time that the Prohibition ban was lifted, stock car racing was already extremely popular all across the country. Betty White was already 26 years old when Bill France founded the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) in 1948.


Although there are records of sunglasses existing from as early as the 12th century, it wasn’t until the 20th century that sunglasses took the shape that they have today. Sam Foster, the founder of Foster Grant, started the mass-production of sunglasses in 1929.

Image courtesy of AARP

It didn’t take long for several sunglasses companies to appear and to develop their own models. Naturally, Hollywood stars were the ones in responsible for making sunglasses extremely popular. Betty White must have looked very stylish wearing vintage sunglasses back in the day!


Wallace Hume Carothers is the person who is credited with the creation of nylon — the very first commercially successful polymer. In fact, nylon was so successful that it is still widely used nowadays in the clothing industry in the production of different types of apparel.

Images courtesy of Britannica/Amazon

Carothers invented nylon back in 1935 when Betty White was already a 13-years-old young lady. Although the original formula of nylon had quite a few flaws, it was still a groundbreaking invention, and other chemists have created more well-developed variations of nylon since then.


When we think about financial transactions, ATMs are probably the first thing that comes into mind. Being able to withdraw money or to transfer money, with just the touch of a few buttons, is incredible, not to mention that it is also time-saving.

Images courtesy of Newsweek/TyN Magazine

However, ATMs are actually relatively young: they were invented in the 1960s! The world’s first cash machine was installed in North London in 1967. Two years later, the innovative machine arrived in the U.S., when Betty White was already 47 years old!


Only those who have perspiration problems know how much harder life would be if antiperspirants didn’t exist. Actually, life would be tough for all of us if antiperspirants or deodorants didn’t exist. Thankfully, all these products were created around the same time.

Images courtesy of Woodgram/Tesco

It was during the early years of the 1940s that Jules Montenier created the formula of antiperspirant. Still, it was only in the 1960s that the aerosol antiperspirant first arrived on the market, when Betty White was already in her 40s!

Microwave Oven

You know those days that we get home and just want to rest, without bothering about cooking food, but we still got to eat? Well, we all know that our saviors on those days are microwaves — and we’re all very thankful for this invention.

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/Zilan

Betty White was already in her early 20s when engineers first started developing successful microwave heating devices. But it took another two decades before manufacturers managed to create the microwave ovens that we know today — and, by then, Betty was almost 40 years old!

Iron Lung

Though it is not as commonly seen nowadays, the iron lung was once the most critical machine in mechanical ventilation — and it helped save millions of lives. Before the invention of modern ventilators, patients who needed help breathing relied heavily on the iron lung.

Images courtesy of NBCUniversal/MySoutex.Com

When Phillip Drinker and Louis Shaw created the iron lung in 1930, Betty White was barely 8 years old. Even though the iron lung encloses almost the entire body of the patients who need it, some users claim that they prefer using this device rather than being subjected to ventilation via intubation.

Bubble Gum

When we were children, most of us considered bubble gums the best treat ever — and had we got the chance, we’re sure that a lot of us would’ve skipped lunch any day just to chew on strawberry-flavored bubble gum.

Images courtesy of NY Post/Hancocks

An interesting fact about bubble gums is that an accountant invented them! His name was Walter Diemer, and he created the very first bubble gum in 1928 while he worked for a chewing gum manufacturer. At the time, Betty White was around 6 years old!

Scotch Tape

When we think of tapes, the brand 3M is probably one of the first things that pop into our minds. More specifically, it’s of Scotch tape that we think about. Since its creation in the 20th century, the brand has stayed strong and steady in the market.

Images courtesy of Britannica/Amazon

Betty White was almost 10 years old when an engineer for Minnesota developed a transparent sticky tape while he worked under 3M in 1930. His tape was so successful that people even used it to mend clothing during the Great Depression!

FM Radio

Although podcasts and streaming services are widely used nowadays, radio broadcasting has stood the test of time and is still popular to this day. The radio was invented long before the 20th century; but it was only in the early 1930s that the FM radio was created.

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/Mercado Livre

AM radio broadcasting started during the first years of the 20th century, and it was the very first audio radio transmission method. However, the quality of AM radio wasn’t the best for music. So, an engineer called Edwin Armstrong invented the FM radio in 1933, when Betty White was 11 years old and changed the course of history forever! 

Garage Door Opener

Back in 2015, a study reported that over 60% of the homes in the United States had garages. Not only do garages protect our vehicles from the elements, but they also keep our cars safe from human tampering and theft. However, it was only in the 1920s that the garage door was invented.

Images courtesy of NBCUniversal/SoftLikely.com

C.G. Johnson was the genius behind the overhead garage door. Approximately five years after his innovative creation, Johnson came up with the garage door opener — which is one of the devices that homeowners are most grateful for nowadays. At the time of his invention, Betty White was 4 years old!

Jet Engine

Prototypes of jet propulsion devices can be traced from as early as 150 BCE. However, these devices only came to life in the 20th century, thanks to the works of different scientists, but more precisely, thanks to the work of Frank Whittle and Hans von Ohain.

Images courtesy of Elle/KLM Blog

The two engineers created the jet engine around the same time, though it’s noteworthy to mention that they didn’t know each other. Thus they had no idea that they were both working on the same project. When the first jet engine took flight, in 1939, Betty White was 17 years old!


For modern homeowners, Teflon-coated pots and pans are a dream come true. Cooking anything without having to go through the hardships of cleaning food that stuck to the pan? That’s probably the best thing since sliced bread! And for that, we have to thank Dr. Roy J. Plunkett.

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/ThoughtCo

At the time, Dr. Plunkett created Teflon — entirely by accident, may we add —, Betty White was 16 years old, and she probably already knew how to cook by then. The year of the discovery was 1938, but Teflon was only commercialized in the mid-1940s.


Though the process of development of helicopters took quite a long time and involved multiple inventors from around the globe, Igor Sikorsky is widely credited as the inventor of the first commercially successful helicopter, the VS-300. Safe to say that his prototype changed the world!

Images courtesy of Elle/New York Times

The year was 1940, and Betty White was just becoming an adult as she turned 18. Sikorsky’s helicopter was successful, and it led to the creation of large-scale mass-produced helicopters in the United States — these helicopters were subsequently used during World War II!

Strobe Light

Going to nightclubs wouldn’t be the same thing if strobe lights didn’t exist. Part of the entrancing experience of partying is thanks to the blinding lights that come out of the stroboscope. However, that’s not the only use of strobe lights!

After its invention by Harold Edgerton in 1931, when Betty White was 9 years old, scientists found that strobe lights were also quite useful in medicine to diagnose vocal cord-related diseases. They’re also used in different types of research. 

Kidney Dialysis

Kidney-related illnesses are probably some of the most difficult issues that humans have to deal with — there’s a reason why we have to drink about two liters of water per day, folks! For those of us who are plagued with kidney diseases, dialysis is, literally, a life-saver.

Images courtesy of NBCUniversal/Alibaba

The first type of dialysis machine was created in the 40s when Betty White was already a young adult. However, the first machine was only scarcely successful. It wasn’t until the decade of the 1960s that Dr. Belding Scribner managed to create a dialysis machine and opened the first official clinic for kidney treatment.

Atomic Bomb

The atomic bomb is not exactly the best invention that humanity came up with, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. One thing is for sure: the atomic bomb changed the course of history forever.

Images courtesy of Woodgram/CFACT

During World War II, scientists were working really hard to develop weapons that used nuclear energy in order to help their respective countries win the war. The first successful atomic bomb was created somewhere between 1942 and 1945 by J. Robert Oppenheimer. 


When it comes to plastic containers to store food, Tupperware is the leading brand in that market. In fact, it’s influence on the food storage market was once so great that, in some countries, plastic containers, in general, are referred to as Tupperware even if they’re from another brand!

Images courtesy of Elle/CLASF-Pinterest

Earl Tupper, the creator of Tupperware, first created the plastic for his brand in the late 1930s, but it wasn’t until 1948, ten years later, that Tupperware was introduced on to the market — and Betty White was already 26 years old by then!


Playing with a flying disc is a synonym for fun times with family, with friends, or even with our beloved dogs. Even though it’s quite a simple toy, playing Frisbee brings a lot of joy — not to mention that it’s a great way of staying fit!

Images courtesy of Smithsonian Institution/The Royal Banner

The flying disc, as we know it today, started being developed in 1937, when Walter Morrison and his wife were throwing a can lid back and forth. They realized that they could make a business out of their toy when someone offered them money for it. By 1957, the company Wham-O had bought Morrison’s idea and sold it under the name Frisbee — at the time; Betty White was already 35 years old!

Cake Mix

Sure, cake mix is not exactly well-used among those of us who know how to cook, but no one can deny that this invention has changed humanity forever. Whether you don’t know how to bake a cake step-by-step, or simply don’t want to go through the whole process of baking from scratch, cake mix is a lifesaver.

Images courtesy of NY Post/Betty Crocker

This handy invention was created in the 1930s, around the time that the way people used to eat was changing. It was then that John P. Duff had the brilliant idea of mixing all the ingredients of a cake and drying them up into a powder, giving a whole new way of baking cakes when Betty White was a teenage girl!

Canned Beer

After the Prohibition era was over, beer-lovers just wanted to be able to drink peacefully. However, there was a drawback to drinking beer from the bottle: drinkers had to pay a deposit when buying the bottles! That’s why the Krueger brewing company decided to sell beer straight from tin cans!

Images courtesy of Elle/ILikeHistory

Drinkers loved that the content of the can took a shorter time to chill, and sellers appreciated the fact that canned beers were easier to stack than bottles of beer. In 1935, when Krueger’s canned beer debuted, it became so popular that it sold over 200 million units by the end of that year!

Instant Photography

The Polaroid Corporation was created in 1934 by inventor Edwin Land, who was a genius that had over 500 inventions patented under his name. When asked by his daughter why she couldn’t see a picture she had just taken, Land came up with the mental visualization of an instant camera.

Images courtesy of Film Daily/Tecnoblog

It’s an understatement to say that Polaroid changed the world forever, as it first introduced the concept of instant photography. In 1947, Edwin Land debuted the world’s first instant photography system — at the time, Betty White was already 25 years old.

Car Radio

Listening to music in our cars is probably one of the best things in life. It may lead to memories of driving past beautiful scenery in the company of the people that we love. Or maybe it reminds you of hours of being stuck in traffic and listening to music in the car in order to stay relaxed. 

Images courtesy of Good Housekeeping/Crutchfield

All in all, the car radio is a blessing, and it has come a long way since it was first created. It was in 1930 when the company Galvin Manufacturing developed the world’s first car radio, under the name ‘Motorola’ — Betty White was just an 8-years-old kid at the time, but she sure must have loved this invention!