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License To Amuse: 40+ Cool Custom License Plates From Around The World

For many, cars are a form of self-expression. The make, model, color, interior, and exterior can all reflect the driver, and some people like to take advantage of customizable options. And, of course, bumper stickers. But sometimes, a simple sticker isn’t enough to express one’s love of their pet or their favorite food; vanity license plates are a way for car owners to share their preferences with fellow motorists, and more often than not, to make someone laugh. If you haven’t seen a custom license plate while out on the road, you better buckle up (pun sort of intended) because we’ve compiled a list of some of our favorite custom plates. And if you’re thinking about getting a custom plate, maybe one of these will inspire you.

Very obvious

Well, what can you say; this is both typical and surprising at the same time. The license plate clearly states the obvious, maybe to avoid further questions from anyone. It also shows that it’s important to be self-aware, even for inanimate objects.

Image source: Yours_and_mind_b*lls/Reddit

It is quite remarkable that this Texan vehicle knows that it’s a car. Indeed, it is a car and a cool one at that; just look at the taillights. If you need some inspiration for your custom license plate, this one may suit you perfectly. 

Whasaab guys!

One thing is clear: this car owner is a cheerful person. You can tell that just from the statement that’s written on the license plate. But it is possible you are also wondering why they chose such an odd spelling.

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

Well, from the look of things, this car is a Saab. So in order for things to match, the statement on the license plate had to correlate with the make of the car. The result is quite a unique one.

Oh Yes

The license plate right here was spotted on an Audi luxury vehicle. Interestingly, the word “Oh Yesss” has so much positivity and excitement in it. No wonder there is an extra “s” for emphasis. There’s another thing to note here.

Image source: [unknown user]/Imgur

It seems like there is no room for negativity, as far as this person is concerned. Whatever the problem is, be ready to receive an affirmative reply from this person because it will surely be a “yes” all the way.

This is really Epic

It’s almost as if the phrase on this license plate is describing the situation. Such a weird coincidence. Although sometimes, things may not really go as planned, and that can lead to some interesting subsequential effects. Let’s check out what happened here.

Image source: Samantha Dillinger/

There was not enough space for all the letters the owner wanted. The plan was to write “EPIC FAIL,” but there was nowhere to write the last letter: “L.” Thanks to a marker and some tape, the missing letter was added. The license plate may have been an epic fail, but the owner certainly is not.


Not sure what all the emphasis is for, but hopefully, you get the point already. If you’ve ever been so crazy about something before, whether it’s an animal, a show, or anything at all, then you can understand why the owner chose this plate.

Image source: Freeornothing/Reddit

This one right here was probably put up by a snake lover. And just in case someone does not notice the word on the license plate, or hasn’t heard of the funky spelling for “snake,” the car comes complete with a snake-like tongue protruding from the bumper.

Pardon the driver

There are times that certain words or phrases give you a hint of what to expect. If you see a car like this driving at high speed, there’s no need to question why they’re speeding; the plate number says it all.

Image source:

If they’re going over the speed limit, it’s a safe bet that the driver is late for a meeting and has to catch up. In other words, you have no choice but to pardon his driving skills. Surprisingly, you’ve been given a clue already that the driver will have a wild and wonderful ride.


In the 21st century, almost everything has become modernized, including our language. Our dictionary continues to expand with slang and alternate spellings. The same way you can tell your lovely big brother, “Hey Bro,” is also the same way you can say “Hey Bruhh.”

Image source:

Of course, depending on the intonation, it can also be used to say “seriously” or “really” as a response. It works as a reply to jokes, something serious, or just as a form of address or expression. And, clearly, it’s not out of place to use the word on your vanity license plate, too. 

The opposite

Honestly, it is just so inevitable to notice cars with doors that have cool features like this one, where the door opens up rather than out. By the way, these doors are known as gullwing doors. To top it off, the license plate reads “Evil.”

Image source: [deleted user]/Reddit

But hold on, the person in the car is seen helping a stranger by the roadside; surely they can’t be evil. You didn’t see that coming, right? That leaves you to believe that you can’t judge a book by its cover, or rather, a car by its license plate.

A Cobra

This car right here is a Ford Mustang SVT cobra with a yellow color, and coincidentally it bears the name of an animal, Cobra. Everyone knows that snakes have a characteristic hissing sound you can never miss, and this car knows it, too.

Image source: www.hotcars/Chris Flynn

To complete the snake theme of the model’s name, the car owner thought of using the distinctive feature of the animal on the license plate. So that means you are left to see a word that makes you think of the magnificent creatures.

Quite polite

Maybe you can redefine vanity license plates not just as expressions of personality but as the communication language of drivers since drivers can’t really talk to each other while driving. The license plates are the best way to communicate with your fellow driver on the road. Other than honking, of course.

Image source: hamburgerthievery/Reddit

Moreover, people from southern states, especially Texas, are considered to be a kind and polite set of people. So when you see a car like this cut you off on the road, just know that the driver didn’t do so with malice.

Weird but funny

At times, you may not understand the idea behind some things; there may be a story or event that led to something like a unique license plate, but you don’t know what it is. However, it doesn’t matter because the result makes you laugh all the same.

Image source: PrestoMovie/Reddit

This car owner is truly an evil genius for having come up with this license plate. It’s somewhat weird, but at the same time, it can make you put up a smile or even laugh. Especially after a long day of work, seeing this on the road would surely make us giggle.

Better get ready

Everyone is busy pursuing their hopes and dreams as much as possible; doctors, pilots, lawyers, teachers, athletes, you name it! Everyone wants their turn to shine and make it in their field of choice. And this license plate is a wonderful piece of motivation to get stuck behind after a long day working towards your goals.

Image source: blargsnarg/Reddit

What does it mean to be next? The answer to this question is that it means you’re the next big thing. It also means that your star is about to shine, and even the glowing sun’s reflection on this car knows it.


Apart from entomologists, it is agreeable that not many people like bugs. So if you are someone in the latter category, then you might be able to relate to this license plate. Your reaction to a bug might be just what it says on the plate “eew a bug.”

Image source: geekyspacegirl420/Reddit

On second thought, this car is a Volkswagen beetle. Beetles are a type of bug, so perhaps this car owner is making a biology joke in reference to the car model being, well, a bug. This bug would be pretty hard to squish, though.

Somebody didn’t listen

No matter how much you prepare against something, what will be will be. In this scenario, the car owner had already politely announced that the car behind should stop. Let’s just say that the day of the accident was not really a lucky day.

Image source: kelly

The vehicle behind mistakenly rear-ended this red car, regardless of the plea on the license plate. If you look closely, you’ll notice a “STOP” sign in front, and maybe this red car only tried to tell others in case they didn’t see it on time.

Exercise Time

When it comes to exercising your body, the benefits cannot be overemphasized. Like yoga, which helps to relax you, calm you down, and also put you in good shape. It’s more like an exercise that harmonizes the mind and body.

Image source:

That’s why this license plate is more like a piece of advice rather than mere words. If you’ve not been keeping up with your exercise routine and are indecisive as to what to do, it’s high time you practice some yoga so that you always stay fit.

A Car for Time Travel

Looking at this car makes you think that it’s either from the past or the future. Either one you choose is fine. The fact is, the license plate gave the best possible word to describe how you view this car.

Image source: Papi_Queso/Reddit

It’s no coincidence that the car is the same model as the kind used in Back to the Future. Perhaps this owner was inspired by Doc Brown’s choice of license plate: OUTATIME. If you’ve ever wanted to travel to the future, what better way to travel than with a DeLorean with a cool license plate.

Rubix Cube

Ah, a Rubik’s cube, one very challenging and confusing puzzle. A person can spend a lot of time on the puzzle and still not be able to solve it. Have you tried? We have, and the unsolved puzzle cube is taunting us from its place on our desk.

Image source: forwhombagels/Reddit

Honestly, when someone manages to solve the puzzle, it just blows your mind. That could be the case here. The car owner was able to solve the puzzle and was so happy about it that the whole world had to know. Either that or they couldn’t resist the perfect match between their car’s model and a custom plate.

A Guy named Roger

If you didn’t know, this guy’s name is Roger. He owns the nice white Lexus car next to him. But that’s not what’s interesting about this picture. Like everything else on this list, we’re amused by his customized license plate.

Image source: DannyVino7/Reddit

Maybe he was in the military, or he just likes the catchphrase. Either way, this plate definitely suits him. And also, the car looks like a new one, and Roger is obviously so proud of it. So Roger that, Roger!

The reality

While growing up, everyone was taught the five magic words: Please, Excuse me, Sorry, Thank you, and Pardon me. When choosing a customized license plate, this car owner couldn’t help but go with one that, just like some of the others we’ve seen, communicates their intentions/feelings to the other drivers.

Image source: SoundGuyJake/Reddit

Short, sweet, and to the point, the statement is a polite way to address other motorists. And coming from Ontario, Canada, it perfectly captures what the country is known for; its politeness. Surely no one will question where this driver is from.

So adorable

This is one of the most adorable pictures you have probably seen. Dogs are very favorite animal for most people, no doubt about it. They love adventure and are always ready to play with you. And some pups absolutely love exploring new places, like this dog…

Image source:

These car/dog owners must travel with their pup rather frequently if they got a license plate to match him. Or perhaps the dog knows how to read, in which case it is mind-boggling that the dog is responding to the statement on the license plate. He indeed has, as the license plate has, “1 EAR UP.”

Yay Food!!

Everyone needs food for survival; it’s estimated that we can only go a few weeks, or a few months at most, without food. But it’s not just a necessity; for many, food communicates a sense of happiness and brings a feeling of sweetness and comfort. However, some people are big fans of food…

Image source:

Here goes a massive foodie who is not ashamed to let everyone know of the happiness that lies within food. Take this as a motivation and try out new dishes, or cook your favorite meal and give yourself a treat.

Honesty is the best policy

If everyone can agree that honesty is the best policy, the world will surely be a better place to live in. Not sure what was stolen (hopefully not the car), but it was quite thoughtful of this person to be honest about it.

Image source:

At least it would not happen again, right? After all, they’re letting the world know that they stole something, so they’d be unlikely to get away with it again. We’ve seen a lot of creative vanity license plates on all types of cars, but this one right here is definitely unique.

Marvel fans

Which Marvel fan would not smile at this? The popular superhero named Groot is one of the most beloved characters in the MCU. If you’re looking for a creative way to showcase that you’re a fan, you could use your license plates.

Image source: @MikePWInsider/Twitter

The Ent is famous for his limited vocabulary, with his species communicating only using the phrase “I am Groot.” Perhaps this plate isn’t simply a Marvel fan showing off, but another message entirely. It could mean “Have a nice day” or “Cool car.” The possibilities are endless.

Quite thoughtful

When a person is in a car, it is almost impossible to determine the gender of the driver. This is because the car windows can hinder you from seeing who is inside…and hopefully, you’re too focused on the road to be straining your eyes to see who’s driving in front or behind you.

Image source: @andymcmillan/Twitter

This car owner thought it was nice to share his gender with their fellow motorists so that there was never any question as to the gender of the driver. The license plate simply says “BOY,” so you’re certain of who to expect in the car. It must be awkward if his sister takes it for a spin, though…

Keep trying 

Encouragement is necessary for every human being because life is full of ups and downs. Some situations could make a person feel discouraged, and no one wants that. Clearly, this driver wants to let everyone know that they are indeed doing as their plate says and trying.

Image source: @Blue_Flame215/Twitter

You can tell that this statement serves as some kind of encouragement which is both comforting and motivating at this same time. It’s trying to let you know that you have to give it a shot and keep trying. If at first you don’t succeed, try try again.

Miss Andry?

As we’ve seen time and time again, license plates are a great way for car owners to communicate their personalities, feelings, likes, and dislikes. With this one, we’re not sure if the driver is saying their name, Miss Andry, or are sharing something else…

Image source: @Jed05/Twitter

Perhaps this car belongs to a lovely schoolteacher, Miss Andry, and she thought it was good to remind everyone that she is a teacher without making it seem so obvious, but you’re aware. Teaching is a noble profession, so Miss Andry should be proud of her job.

Hump day

When you see the word “Hump Day,” you may think it’s a day to celebrate animals with humps, like camels and cattle, known for their hard work. Well, the actual meaning of the word refers to the middle of the week.

Image source: @StDxFitz/Twitter

Wednesday is called “hump day” because it is considered as the midpoint of a typical working week and perhaps, the toughest day, too. Once you get past Wednesday, you are just two days away from the weekend, when you can relax.

Winner forever

The excitement that comes from winning is a feeling that cannot be explained. Imagine, you’ve trained so hard for a competition for months, and you’re sure you put your all into it. Or perhaps you’re competitive academically and you’ve been studying hard all year.

Image source: @Maggie_Klaus/Twitter

Whatever the case may be, the fact that you come out as a winner is something to be proud of, and you can understand this lady’s reason. Nothing is ever going to change the fact that “She won.” And we can’t blame her for sharing her accomplishment with the world.


Alpacas are South American camelid mammals that have a lot of fur all over their body, which can be sheered to make warm clothing. They are often confused with llamas, but a good way to differentiate them is their height. Alpacas are noticeably smaller than llamas.

Image source: @lucistubblejar/Twitter

The love for alpacas must have been strong with this car owner if they felt the need to put the species’ name on their license plate. Do you have a favorite animal? Maybe this gives you a clue of what to use as a license plate in case you’re thinking of one.


Awakening your taste buds on busy days is very important. If you’re in the mood for some flavor, quick snacks are always a good way to keep your day going. One of the quickest foods to get is fries. Fries, nuggets, ketchup plus a can of cold drink is an excellent way to go about your day.

Image source: @hlystr/Twitter

Since you now have a clue regarding what this person likes, buying a nice surprise gift will not be a problem. Only make sure you purchase enough fries and maybe nuggets that could last for the whole day. And don’t expect to share any of their beloved fries.

Great website

So many people across the world are grateful for this website/app called “YouTube.” It makes things far more accessible because you are provided with a practical solution through explanatory videos for proper guidance. Plus music videos and silly videos to brighten your day.

Image source: @SirBookwriter/Twitter

Just like the great ideas that come from the aforementioned tutorial videos, someone had a great idea when they ordered this vanity license plate. Now anytime you see this car, you cannot help but appreciate both the car and the website. This is really great.

Your mom is what?

Someone came up with the idea to keep everyone in suspense by writing an incomplete phrase. You probably may have questions concerning what you are seeing on this license plate because you’re not sure of what to think. So your mom is…what?

Image source: @LissaGreene13/Twitter

Some things are left for you to complete, and that is exactly what’s happening here. Certainly, they can’t be using the insulting reply to a cruel joke. So it must mean that your mom is beautiful, victorious, amazing, and awesome. You can also add more to the list if you want to.

Tired and confused

Have you ever tried to gather ideas together in your head but it seems like nothing is coming forth? If you’ve been there before, certain things should not be much of a surprise to you, like the one you’re about to see.

Image source: @blanchlesbian/Twitter

The statement on this license plate shows that the car owner may have had a tough time making a choice on the perfect words to use for the vanity license plate. Or perhaps they were dictating their choice to someone but got frustrated part-way through. Whatever the reason, the result is perfect.


Some words can be nice and welcoming. It’s very important that a person is able to use the right words at the right time. While driving, you may get tired, but kind words like this can keep you going, especially if you’re feeling like just one of the crowd on the road.

Image source: @sherlock_claims/Twitter

Imagine you’re on the way home from a busy day, and unfortunately, you got stuck in traffic. But surprisingly, you notice the driver in front lets you know through his plate number that he can see you too. It’s a bit funny, but most importantly, comforting.


In order for a country to, well, exist, it takes a significant number of citizens to make it so. The same is true for states within the country. But no matter where you go, where you’re from never changes. And hopefully, it was someplace nice that you’re always proud to have roots in.

Image source: @TheTexasFlag/Twitter

No matter what happens, your nationality is something that cannot be changed easily because it’s your identity, and that’s for sure. From the look of things, nothing will change the fact that this person is from Texas, the Lone Star State.

Fresh Prince

This car seems like it belongs to a young adult, and you can guess that from the words on the license plate. The youthful feeling is so good to experience because it is a time to explore and experience countless new adventures.

Image source: @srustudents/Twitter

If this person were still in college, they’d surely be making a lot of friends. In addition, if you look closely, there are cool dice on the car’s mirror and a few small figurines on the dash to spice things up.

Good connection

Soccer, otherwise known as football outside the US, is one of the most popular sports in the world. Young and old, boys and girls, the sport is a fan favorite for all types of people. For avid players, all the energy inside of you could get awakened when it is time to play.

Image source: @_soccerislife__/Twitter

So you can understand the reason for the expression on the license plate. And if the person behind this car is a soccer fan, it will surely lighten up their mood for the whole day long. Perhaps if they end up in the same parking lot, the two car owners can stop to chat about the game.

Go elec

Tesla is an American electric vehicle company that is focused on accelerating the transition of sustainable energy in the world. The company made waves by producing its own electric car, and it’s a good step because it’ll help reduce pollution and greenhouse gas emissions.

Image source: @ConnollyMer/Twitter

So the car owner understands the advantage of electric cars and decided to let you know through the license plate. It’s also nice to see that the car owner is leading by example. Honestly, the future is already unfolding, and you know it.

God can

God is a supreme being that is worshipped all over the world. (S)He is the mightiest being and is believed to perform miracles for human beings. One universal truth all monotheistic religions can agree on is that God is omnipotent and can do all things.

Image source: @bookmobility/Twitter

It’s not a stretch to guess that this car owner is a believer. If you’re also a believer, this is one of the most encouraging license plates you’ve seen so far, and it’s something to be glad about. It would certainly be an interesting sight out on the road.

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Agreeably, this car will definitely bring a feeling of nostalgia to anyone who sees it. Remember when you were little and mom would sing a lullaby for you with her soft and sweet voice so you can sleep off. Those were golden days.

Image source: [unknown]

You bet the design on this car is a masterpiece. The stars on the car says it all, and the license plate agrees with it. Feel free to stare at this car all you want, and begin to reminisce on the good old days.

Love for Daddy

Dads are amazing. The list of what they do is endless, and they’re always out there working and trying to put things in place for you. Daddys are considered to be the protector of the house and also the head of the family.

Image source: Schwartz

It’s very important you appreciate them and also send love to them like this person is doing right now. Moreover, the country recognizes them too; that’s why there had to be a special day for them known as Father’s Day.

Nicest Mom

Moms play an important role in the life of a child. She is always there to guide, teach and cook those scrumptious meals that would leave you wanting more. If you had a bad day, mom is ever ready to make you feel better and put up that smile. 

Image source: [unknown user]/Reddit

Although moms don’t slack when it comes to discipline, but at the same time, they still embrace you with so much love. If you really want to appreciate your mom for all she has done, this license plate is a great way to start.

Oh You

Don’t look behind you; you’re the one being addressed with this plate. Just kidding. No one knows who this license plate is talking to, but it’s definitely addressing someone. The tone of the statement is quite uncertain because you’re not sure of the form it takes. After all, there is no tone in text.

Image source:

When a person says “Oh You,” it can either be to show that you remember someone and you’re surprised to see them. The phrase can also be used in several other ways like using them on a plate number. Though the bear next to the phrase gives it a whole different vibe.

Perfect match

This is one very creative use of a vanity license plate. Infiniti is a luxury vehicle, and someone thought it was nice to use a license plate that would not just be a perfect match but also bring back some childhood memories.

Image source: OliverCarrol/Reddit

While growing up, Buzz Lightyear was a beloved fictional friend. When he said, “To infinity and beyond,” everyone just sort of clung to that forever. Honestly, no one is too old to watch Toy Story, as it will always remain a national treasure.