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There’s Something There That Wasn’t There Before

Have you ever wanted to merge your favorite movies together to see if you could create one epic film!? Well, these movie and scene mashups are a little bit like that. We’ve gathered a collection of pictures of favorite movie scenes, but there is a twist. Interrupting these iconic movie scenes are things or characters that are definitely not supposed to be there in the shot! While it is super fun to imagine how these movies would pan out if these guest characters were really in the films they’ve accidentally popped into, some of them are actually incredibly creepy too! But don’t worry, your favorite movies and TV shows haven’t changed into farfetched fantasies. These photos are purely the result of clever and creative image editing by the Hungarian artist Pixelfaker. These imaginative movie scene mashups will certainly have you laughing and feeling spooked.

That Famous Marilyn Photo

Perhaps one of the most famous and iconic photos of Marilyn Monroe, this shot of the blonde bombshell, was snapped while filming her 1954 film: The Seven Year Itch. The trademark shot captured the moment when a sudden breeze coming from the subway below made her skirt fly up while she was stood over the grate.


Instead of rushing to cover her modesty, as most women of that era would have done, Monroe made the moment playfully entertaining. The shot was used to promote the movie but despite this image being fun and creative, it is alleged that the photo has a darker side. It is said that Monroe’s then-husband Arthur Miller was not happy about his wife “exposing herself” for this photo. He pleaded with her to not do it, and upon the moment the photo was unveiled, Miller declared that he would be divorcing Monroe. Perhaps the Deadpool photobomber represents this bad omen…

The Cat Father?!

This cat doesn’t look as though it wants to be here, and can we blame them?! That said, many “bad guys” in movies have been known to have cats. If you remember in the James Bond movie From Russia with Love, Bond’s nemesis Blofield also had a cat as a trusted companion.


Cats make sweet and affectionate pets, but perhaps the reason they are often cast as the loyal companions of movie villains is that they’re unlikely to dig up any evidence that could land their owners in trouble in the way a dog might? One thing’s for sure; this picture adds a much warmer side to the ruthless Godfather!

Th’oréal Paris

Just to clarify, this is not a real advertorial. Admittedly, when you have social media influencers advertising a wide range of products and services and actors often receiving many brand partnership deals, it isn’t easy to decipher what is real and what is not!


This Thor x L’Oreal is definitely just a joke, though! The creator of this image has used Chris Hemsworth’s character, Thor, from the movie of the same name and merged it with an advertisement for L’Oreal Paris! Now the internet often uses Chris Hemsworth’s name when repeating Loreal’s trademark slogan: “Because you’re worth it!”

Did Ariel Get a Makeover?

Long, wavy hair? Check! Half person, half merman? Check! But, wait! This isn’t Disney’s Ariel, this is Jason Momoa in Aquaman! This is a great edit and in a way, it looks quite believable. Although we love Ariel, Aquaman is a good replacement here.


This gets you wondering what would happen if Aquaman, from the movie of the same name, teamed up with The Little Mermaid’s Ariel? Perhaps they could join forces to make the underwater world a safer and happier place for all of its residents?! Wouldn’t they make a great team?!

Bates’ Motel

Without even knowing the story of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho, the house where Norma and Norman Bates live is incredibly spooky. Then when you know the blood-curdling truth about what went on at the infamous Bates’ Motel, the plot takes on a whole new creepy meaning!


Before you ask, no, the balloons are not supposed to be there! For those of you who are fans of the film, “Mother” did not put them there. After all, as the line goes: “It’s not as if she was a maniac or anything; she just goes a little mad sometimes!”

The Enchanted Nutella

When we first watched Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, most of us were fascinated with the enchanted rose, which was given to the beast by the enchantress. Then when the live remake was released in 2017, millions of fans went mad to get their hands on Beauty and the Beast merchandise, inspired by the enchanted rose.


However, we could go as far as saying that an enchanted jar of Nutella could be even more alluring than a beautiful red rose. As you will know from the movie, neither the beast nor anybody else should touch the enchanted rose because it could cause more petals to fall off. We have a feeling that temptation would be too much if there were a jar of Nutella in its place!

The Minions Really Are Everywhere

You know that feeling when you’ve settled down at night to watch a scary movie. You’ve bought tasty snacks and sweet treats for your movie night, but they quickly lose their appeal between the stressful scenes and blood-thirsty action! You’re sat on the edge of your seat in suspense, and it’s all getting too much for you.


Then, just as you think you’re heading towards another gruesome, frightening scene, out pops a Minion with a banana! Phew! Wouldn’t that be great? For those of you who hate horror movies, keep this picture in mind for the next time your friends want to watch a scary movie with you. We guarantee it will stop any subsequent nightmares!

Snow White and the Seven Minions

The more you look at this photo mashup, the more it looks like a movie we could actually see ourselves going to watch. Disney has made live remakes of many of their best-loved movies, so perhaps a modern remake of this classic could happen too?


In the original picture from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Snow White is staring at the seven dwarves at the foot of the bed. In this edited version, the dwarves have been replaced with seven minions instead. How fun would it be to have Snow White and the Seven Minions instead? And if it was to happen, we wonder what their names would be?!

John Wick’s Dalmatians

John Wicks usually acts alone but this picture shows that he has backup in the most unlikely form! Here we have John Wick from the John Wick saga with a small cast of the 101 (later to become 102) Dalmatians!


Perhaps the Dalmatians could help John Wick on his missions, luring in enemies with their cuteness? Or maybe John Wick could go head-to-head with the evil, fur-wearing Cruella Devil?! These would make gripping plots if the movies were merged, but we think we like each movie sequel too much to change them!

Just Let it Go

There perhaps isn’t much that could cheer up the angry expression of Tony Montana’s face in Scarface, starring Al Pacino. But if anything could, Disney’s Frozen heroine, Princess Elsa, would be a good contender! Of course, Elsa from Frozen isn’t really supposed to be in this scene, although we wish she were.


Known for being one to hold a grudge, we think that Frozen’s Elsa could bring Scarface’s Tony Montana out of his mood by bursting into her legendary tune: Let it Go! “Let it go, let it go. Can’t hold it back anymore…” And if that didn’t work, maybe freezing him would be another good idea?

Forest Gump Found a New Best Friend

Everybody needs a friend and this duo could offer the companionship that each of the eccentric pair needs! Forest Gump from the movie Forest Gump never really managed to fit in. He then went for a walk and famously carried on walking because there wasn’t really a reason to go home.


Mr. Bean does his best to try to fit into a conventional way of living but always seems to fail miserably! Part of the reason that these two misfits are such popular characters is that fans find them funny but also sympathize with them. Mr. Bean has been added into the frame here, but if they did actually sit down and get talking on a bench, think of the interesting conversations they’d have!

Willy Wonka and the Twix Factory

Willy Wonka’s famous, shiny, magnificent chocolate factory looks a little different here. Our bet is that Willy Wonka has been bought out by greedy investors or importation taxes crippled the Willy Wonka chocolate factory, and therefore, he had to leave and go and work for Twix?


Or “potential plot idea No #2” – Willy Wonka was sued by the parents of Violet, Augustus, and Veruca because their children didn’t return in the same state in which they entered the factory. And Charlie’s family may have sued the chocolate maker for child labor. Just a thought…

Free Dory!

Free Willy was one of the most impactful children’s movies of the early 90s. Not only was it classed as “the biggest adventure of the summer” back in 1993 when it was released, but it also prompted children and adults from all over the world to have the real-life killer whale who starred in the movie, Keiko, released from captivity.


In the film, Willy is a captive orca who lives in a tiny pool at a marine park. The whale forms an unlikely friendship with misunderstood pre-teen Jesse, who pledges to set him free into the ocean so he can be with his family. The end scene is as emotive as it is exciting. But the end scene here has been altered. Instead of seeing a 5, 440kg orca leaping over the wall, it’s little Dory! It’s ok; we support the Free Dory movement too!

Bond versus Bean

On the one hand, you have James Bond: intelligent, dangerous, charismatic, stylish, and of course, good with the ladies. Then, on the other hand, you have Mr. Bean. Perhaps we should pause for a second while we think about how to describe this gentleman…


Ok, so where as Bond is a threat and danger to others, Bean is a danger to himself as well as others. Hmm…when phrased like that, maybe Mr. Bean could be a worthy contender against the undefeatable Bond after all! One thing’s for sure, a showdown between Bond and Bean would make for great television viewing!

Hitchcock’s Shower Scene

Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho was one of the best psychological thrillers of the 20th century! The shower scene in which “Mother” stabs their motel guest to death is one of the most iconic movie scenes in film history! Yet this image suggests that the sound is muted from this scene.


The mute symbol has been added here to kind of belittle the impact of the scene, when in fact it is the sound of Marion Crane’s (played by Janet Leigh) screams, along with the musical score that makes the moment such a gut-wrenching, harrowing scene to endure!

There’s Something There That Wasn’t There Before

Remember the first time you ever watched Beauty and the Beast and found the beast absolutely terrifying initially? That moment when he sets eyes on Belle’s father, who doesn’t realize the beast is watching him, is nerve-racking for sure!


But as the movie goes on, we not only learn to accept beast for the misunderstood character he is, we actually learn, like Belle, to see past the rough exterior and see him as a kind-hearted being. The Hulk has replaced the beast in this poster of Beauty and the Beast, and although we wonder whether we could ever learn to like the Hulk, we don’t think that Beauty and the Hulk is a catching title.

“Billy Jean is Not My Lover”

Pulp Fiction was a 90s cult classic that everybody seemed to watch! Cult movies are those trending films that you feel as though you have to watch so that you’re not missing out on anything, but there is no guarantee that you will actually like the movie!


Pulp Fiction is one of those films that most people seem to love or hate. If you were one of the people who couldn’t see what all the fuss was about, the addition of the one and only Michael Jackson in this scene is most likely an improvement.

Independence Day feat. E.T.

From looking at this picture, we can’t be sure whether the editor is suggesting remaking either Independence Day, E.T. or perhaps, Two and a Half Men? That’s no disrespect to the cast of Two and a Half Men but doesn’t E.T. make a cute addition to this pair?


This trio together makes the perfect dream team! E.T. never actually appeared in Independence Day, which starred Will Smith. Still, we think the film, which was already very popular, would definitely have earned itself more viewings if it had!

Iron Man Has Competition!

He’s strong, he’s original, he is one of a kind, nobody can stop him, and next to him, you have Iron Man! You weren’t expecting that now, were you?! Jokes aside, we think Dumbo would steal Iron Man’s thunder if they did actually appear in the same movie together!


Iron Man never flew alongside Dumbo. Obviously, Dumbo has been pasted into the picture here. Admittedly, we can’t see how these two would fit together in a movie. But every superhero needs a faithful pet, so either Dumbo could be Iron Man’s or Iron Man could be Dumbo’s? You decide.

Bruce Lee’s Deadliest Opponent

Bruce Lee was an amazing actor and highly talented genius of martial arts. The beauty of Lee’s on-screen work was that it was all performed using his own abilities. This scene is from the 1978 film, Game of Death, in which Bruce Lee finds himself in a deadly fighting game.


The film sees Lee ascending a building, floor by floor, fighting off an opponent on every floor. There is a different fighting adversary on each floor of the building, all of whom possess different fighting styles. It’s a game of life or death. Considering Bruce Lee was a master of Kung Fu, we’re not sure who would have won had he have faced Kung Fu Panda on one of the floors.

Edward Scissorhands’ Happy New Hands!

Unless you look closely at this picture or unless you’re a diehard fan of the movie, it could be difficult to work out what is supposed to be in this photo. It’s the hands. The hands that Edward’s inventor is about to present him with in this photo are happy, thumbs-up hands, and unlike in the film – they’re human hands.


If you remember from watching the film, Edward has scissors for hands because his inventor has yet to finish off creating him. Sadly, just as Edward Scissorhands’ inventor presents him with a set of normally-positioned, porcelain hands, he dies suddenly. The set of hands crash to the floor and shatter into many pieces.

The Wizard of Oz Has a New Tin Man!

It looks as though The Wizard of Oz has a new tin man, judging from what we see here! Instead of the shy and retiring Tin Man, this shot features Iron Man – from the movie of the same name. This is an interesting spin on two very different characters who share similar names.


You’ll probably remember that the gang was off to see the wizard so that he could help fulfill their requests. Dorothy wanted to go home, the lion wanted some courage, the scarecrow wished for a brain, and the tin man longed for a heart. What do you think Iron Man would wish for?

Grinch Doesn’t Just Come Out for Christmas

It turns out that the Grinch doesn’t just come out for Christmas. Here he is in a dance floor scene from the 1994 movie Pulp Fiction, dancing away the night with Mia Wallace, played by Uma Thurman. One thing can be said, they both have some fancy moves!


Perhaps the pair could do a dance-off where they’d have to imitate each other’s creative dance moves. Or could it be that Grinch had come to steal their Christmas there as well? It isn’t easy to imagine how this scene could play out, but this movie mashup sure is a fun picture!

Riding Fast and Furious on Sesame Street

There is no denying that the Fast and Furious series was an utterly cool sequel of movies. But after seeing this, you know what we think would make the movie series even cooler? Kermit the frog, of course! Just imagine that you were the guy in the other car, and you pulled up and saw Kermit staring back at you?!


Kermit is a character who is known for giving advice and being a wise old soul. Although Kermit has been added to this scene here in Fast and Furious, he would make a good driving buddy. He’d be a great conversationalist, and when he isn’t involving Brian (portrayed by the late Paul Walker) in deep conversations, Kermit could sing him a song!

Home Alone: Trapped in The Shining

McCauley Culkin didn’t do that many films during his acting career, yet there are probably very few people on the planet who don’t recognize him as Kevin in Home Alone 1 & 2. Little Kevin was left “home alone” not once, but twice. As a result, the little guy found himself in a whole bunch of mischief.


Yet, if you thought the two burglars who took a disliking for poor, misunderstood Kevin was bad enough, check out this picture! There was the original Home Alone movie, then the second, Home Alone: Lost in New York, so this could be: Home Alone: Trapped in The Shining. On second thoughts, maybe not. This is too creepy for words!

“Deep in the Hundred Acre Wood…”

You never know what you’ll find deep in the hundred-acre wood! Although, admittedly, it is usually just Pooh Bear rummaging around for pots of honey. Life in the hundred-acre wood is typically quite predictable, and there are rarely any newcomers – until now…


Did Christopher Robin get a makeover? Is this how he looks now that he has grown up? No, it’s just Leonardo DeCaprio dropping in from The Revenant. We don’t think Hugh Glass is a match for the residents of these woods though. See how he already looks uncomfortable about being chased by a bear in a red t-shirt, carrying a red balloon!?

Mulan and Toothless

This is Toothless from How to Train Your Dragon, and the girl is Mulan from the live remake of the movie, which is also called Mulan. Is there a possibility that they could make a dynamic duo? A dream team? Or would Toothless be another nemesis for the strong-headed Mulan to ward off?


Could Toothless help Mulan on her missions? As much as we like this idea, we feel that too many fans love Mulan for the independent young woman that she is! Mulan doesn’t need any help, but if she did, we know just who she should call!

Nokia 3310: The World’s First Smartphone

This phone screenshot could have been taken from any film where there was a close-up shot of a now retro Nokia 3310. The Nokia 3310 was like the iPhone of the early ’00s. The Nokia 3310 made Nokia a cult mobile brand. Back in the day, all the cool kids wanted this particular model of mobile phone. Small, cute and stylish, this one-time “It phone” was highly durable too!


However, for anybody who owned this classic model or who has a good idea of the phone’s capabilities, you will be well aware that the interface did not look like this! Yes, this is indeed the interface of a modern-day iPhone and certainly not a Nokia 3310! In case you couldn’t remember it!

Deadpool versus Rambo

“Don’t push it, or I’ll give you a war you won’t believe.” Although there are now five movies in the Rambo series, it is safe to say that we learned right back in the first film, Rambo: First Blood, that Rambo was not a man to be messed with!


Rambo took on some deadly opponents during his time, but the Deadpool character featured here was not one of them. We can’t imagine how the plot of Rambo: First Blood would have differed if Deadpool had a cameo role. And more importantly, who would come out on top!?

Frozen No Longer

The characters in this photo are from Disney’s hit sequel: Frozen, but the lightsaber suggests that the Star Wars character has been added in. This has been put together in a clever way to make the Frozen gang appear shocked to see the arrival of this unfamiliar character.


The plot of Frozen is that its heroine, Elsa, has frozen the kingdom over which she rules. Although the kingdom is eventually unfrozen and everybody lives happily ever after, we think that their Star Wars’ guest and his lightsaber could help to achieve this task a lot faster, if, of course, they were on the same side!

It’s Halloween for Ratatouille

Perhaps the creepiest thing about these movie mashups is mixing up animations and light-hearted movies that are suitable for children with the most terrifying of horror movies! This scene makes us feel extremely uncomfortable. It’s mixing the innocence of Ratatouille with one of the gruesome Halloween movies!


There’s that phrase: “You ruined my childhood,” which is often used when movie fans see how their favorite animated characters have been sexualized or dramatically altered in some way. That same phrase can be applied when we see scene mashups like these. Once you’ve seen it, you can’t un-see it!

The Terminator’s Alternate Ending

Some of these movie scene edits can really have you questioning what the original scene looked like, as well as what was there and what wasn’t there in the original cut. The Terminator had many abilities, but this superhero arm doesn’t actually belong to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character.


The funny thing about this picture is that the editor has found the perfect moment to add in the super-powered arm. It looks as though Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character, The Terminator, is looking down at it, also wondering where it came from!

Fantastic Aliens and Where to Find Them

Newt Scamander from the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them franchise is used to taking on unusual beasts and unruly creatures that terrorize the town. Newton Artemis Fido Scamander was an English wizard and respected Magizoologist. He even wrote a book titled “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”


As fans of either the Harry Potter series or the Fantastic Beasts franchise will know, Newt Scamander has a reputation for meddling with beasts that prove to be too much of a handful. In this photo, he has been dropped into a scene from the movie Aliens, but we think taking on these extraterrestrial creatures is one challenge too far for curious Newt!

Ace Ventura is Here to Help with Finding Dory

As Dory goes on her mission to find her long lost parents, she accidentally gets captured by the Marine Life Institute and is put in quarantine. It is then up to her friends to go on an adventure to find and rescue Dory.


Ok, so the story so far is what really happened in Disney Pixar’s Finding Dory, but now it’s time to get imaginative and work out what Ace Ventura from Ace Ventura: Pet Detective is doing here in the advertorial poster for the film? Would he help or hinder the mission to find Dory?

Mr. Bean is “IT”

On the one hand, we could never imagine Mr. Bean adopting a frightening role and being the villain of any movie. Yet, on the other hand, he is a very versatile character and his face fits so well in a variety of film roles.


This is a surprisingly good fit! Who would have thought that Mr. Bean would make such a good “IT” from the IT movie series?! Somehow, after seeing this, we don’t think we will ever see Mr. Bean in the same way!

“Mr. Bean Go Home”

The accident-prone Mr. Bean is an unusual character, so much that you have to wonder whether he originates from a different planet. Could he be riding himself and the extraterrestrial creature to their home planet? Are they racing off to be with their own kind?


Mr. Bean is no stranger to finding himself elbow-deep in mayhem and chaos, so we wouldn’t be too surprised if the nice-but-dim Bean had found himself riding off with E.T. in his bike basket. However, this didn’t actually happen. E.T. has been added into the scene here.

Meet the Pet Detective

Jim Carrey’s Ace Ventura is everybody’s favorite pet detective. He has dealt with the craziest of animals, but this time, he seems to have found himself in the middle of the Jurassic Park scene. It looks as if he has literally been dropped into the scene here.


After catching a glimpse of this mashup scene, we can’t help but imagine what the great Ace Ventura: Pet Detective would make of the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. While in the meantime, the dinosaurs are probably wondering what species is the strange man in the tutu?

“Honey I Shrunk Ant-Man!”

If movie producers ever decide to make another Honey I Shrunk the Kids sequel, we nominate this suggestion! Seeing as Ant-Man can already shrink himself in size, even compressing himself to become a black hole, this could be a realistic plot.


The plot could have an unusual twist in the way that scientist, Wayne, may have believed he was the one who shrunk Ant-Man when in fact, Ant-Man shrunk himself?! Honey I Shrunk Ant-Man never actually got made, but when you have movie scene mashups like this one, who needs movie sequels when you can use your imagination?

 “You Have 3 Wishes!”

At first glance, these two look very similar. No, you’re not mistaken. At the time of writing this, there is still only one genie in the Aladdin movies. We can’t decide whether Martin Lawrence of Bad Boys looks more like an additional genie in this photo or like the genies alter ego?


Either way, this is definitely a cool mashup of Bad Boys and Aladdin. We’re not really sure that there is any correlation to the plots of the movies. But the photoshopped movie poster certainly leaves you wondering how this story would go if the two characters really did become acquainted in Disney’s 2019 live remake of Aladdin!

When The Grudge Met Ted

This is a very scary movie scene mashup, featuring TED from the TED movie and The Grudge sequel. First of all, we hope that Ted doesn’t become involved in The Grudge’s curse. Second of all, it’s hard to look at this image without wanting to shout: “Run, Ted, run!” at the screen.


These two movie franchises couldn’t be more different. On the one hand, you have The Grudge, which is a horror movie about murder and curses. On the other hand, you have Ted, which is about a man whose childhood wish is to bring his teddy bear to life.

Dorothy Looks a Bit Different Here

Here you have the Tin Man, the Lion, and the Scarecrow after completing their long, turbulent walk along the iconic Yellow Brick Road in The Wizard of Oz. And then there’s the beautiful brunette, a young girl named…but wait a minute, that’s not Dorothy?!


Dorothy looks a little different here. The movie’s leading lady has been swapped for Rey from the Star Wars sequel. This is certainly a quirky parody, and who knows?! Perhaps they would have fought off the wicked witch and got to see the wizard faster if Rey was there instead of Dorothy. Yet, we have to say that we much prefer the original Dorothy for this role!

“Come Play With Us”

Just when you thought that Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta were terrifying in 90s cult classic Pulp Fiction, here you have an even more frightening possibility! The twin girls from The Shining! It’s hard to say which pair is the scarier duo; maybe it would depend on what you find frightening.


If this scene isn’t familiar to you, it is the twin girls from The Shining who have been added into the shot. The Grady twins from The Shining had a famous, creepy line: “Come play with us!” Despite chanting this line in unison, the Grady daughters are actually dead – they’re ghosts! So no, you wouldn’t want to go and play with them!

Stephen King’s Christine

Stephen King’s Christine is such a classic, and you have to admit that this one has been done impressively, using one of the car “characters” from animated kids’ film Cars. This book cover or movie poster kind of makes us feel uncomfortable in the way it’s associated Cars with the horror film, Christine.


Stephen King’s Christine is another of the author’s bestselling novels. The horror story tells the tale of Christine, a possessed, supernatural 1958 Plymouth Fury. Christine, the car given in King’s masterpiece, is the same shade of red as the animated car from the Disney Pixar movie. It’s safe to say the plots are completely different!

Finding the Meg

The main part of this image, with the little girl looking out of the ocean window, is a scene from The Meg. Only, in the real film, an animated shark wasn’t staring back at her but rather a real, full-sized megalodon!


Seeing how the shark and fish were replaced with the animated characters of Finding Nemo makes this much less unnerving to look at! Although The Meg received mixed reviews for being a fantastical action movie about a giant shark, when movie-goers did their research afterwards and discovered that the megalodon did actually exist at one time, the movie takes on a whole new meaning!

 When Monica and Chandler Moved Out

Popular TV show Friends ran for a total of ten years and gathered many fans in the process. However, sadly, the sitcom came to an end in 2004 when in the show, Monica and Chandler decided to sell their apartment and move to a house in the countryside.


Whether done intentionally or incidentally, this shot captures the four remaining characters who decided to stay, living the apartment life in New York City. This comical shot looks as though it could be the Friends gang having a peek around the door of Monica and Chandler’s old place, wondering who their new neighbors might be.