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40 Times People Sold Us Short And Unnecessarily Spelled Things Out

This world is full of smart dummies; we believe that we can all agree to that seeming oxymoron. But have you ever encountered anyone who thinks they are smart but kind of lacks common sense? We all have that one person in our social circle who is easily duped or benefits from instructions attached to their bagel saying, “unwrap me before eating.” There are even times when you think that they might learn from their mistakes, but then they prove to you that for them, it’s easier not to. Then there are companies who cater to these folks, which is pretty considerate when you think about it. Maybe we don’t need those signs that say things like, “caution: fire is hot.” We have a list of examples of these folks and the signs made for them. Trust us; these are going to leave you rolling on the floor!

Smartness 101

As we said, some people can be pretty gullible at times without even realizing it. No offense to the folks, though. Like these parents of a person who lovingly left a breakfast bagel for their kid with a sweet little note.

Image Source: Nwinter228 / Reddit

They seem like a nice, considerate family. But the question is if they are alright. The person’s parents left a fresh bagel wrapped in plastic and a note beside it telling their kid to unwrap it first. Well, better safe than sorry, right?

Kids are smart; teachers are smarter

This one reminds us of the good ol’ days back in school. No, not the cheating part. Honestly, if we ever decided to cheat – which, of course, we would never – we were clever enough to change our answer sheet up a bit. That’s what you do when you don’t want to get caught.

Image Source: cheezburger.com

Well, these little fools aren’t experienced enough in this area. But the teachers are. Their decades of experience became their superpower. For instance, this teacher saw how four of these students had the same answers, so they wrote the same remarks! 

Unbaked dough

So, is this baked chocolate chip cookie or unbaked chocolate chip dough? How do they serve this dessert? We’ve got multiple questions for this item on the menu. Mostly, we were hoping you could think about it for a minute. And maybe give us your thoughts.

Image Source: BatzCountry / Reddit

Nobody bothered to correct it, so we believe that this was not a mistake. It was done deliberately to make their customers curious. We want to figure this out – is it just soft-baked cookies? Is it just warmed-up dough?


This is the thing that makes the kids confused. Incorrectly naming an animal on kids’ shirts is not tolerable. How are they supposed to learn about animals? But this happens more often than we probably realize. It would take quite the leap to make this shirt make sense.

Image Source: wickedlovley328 / Reddit

Mixing a “happy hippo” and rhinoceros wasn’t very cool. But if you get really extra super creative, you can fudge it. Like, the kid is the happy hippo and is carrying around his best friend, Rodney the Rino, on his shirt. It’s a big stretch, we know.

Stealth skills

We haven’t seen a smarter dog-napper in our entire lives. We can’t even begin to praise them for their mad, mad stealth skills. Yes, we are being sarcastic. This thief has poor rationalization skills, for real! Surely this is a joke.

Image Source: grdvrs / Reddit

This could be the best coincidence ever. It’s wild that the posters are right next to each other, whatever the scenario. Thankfully, a person with a brain put two and two together and called the owner before the puppers got sold for such wacky prices.

Embarrassing prank

We can sense the embarrassment over here. To those who can’t tell what’s going on here, let us explain this sorta clever joke to you. A bathroom door says “men” from the outside, and “women” is shown backward as if the door is transparent.

Image Source: prichardson154 / Reddit

This restaurant owner thought he did something, huh? We assume they were kind of proud of their humor. Imagine going in there, doing your thing, and when you approach the door to leave, you get red from embarrassment, thinking you’re in the wrong place.

Rain-proof hair

Oh, these pretty little liars. This guy is really trying to fool his audience. Well, we know Photoshop when we see it. We can’t say it is not a cute picture, though. And we all secretly hope for magical hair.

Image Source: ashlitty / Reddit

At first, we were all ready to go off about how silly it is that his hair isn’t wet while standing in the “rain,” but then we realized we’re the silly ones. He was making an artistic image, duh! He doesn’t have a twin – there are two of him in the photo, for crying out loud.

Marry me? Cheers!

Well, we think that it all depends on how you see it. This will probably leave you angry and irritated if you’re a grumpy person. Especially if you’re on the receiving end of this “ring” coffee mug, assuming that this ever happens to you.

Image Source: surfkaboom / Reddit

But if you’re a jolly sailor bold, well, you might laugh your arse off for days over this hilarious prank along with your partner or whoever gives this to you. We only hope that the couple who shared this moment had the best laughs after this joke!

Signed, “mom”

Five-year-olds think they are very clever when they try to forge their parents’ signatures on tests, homework, or report cards that they failed or don’t want to show them. Well, it isn’t exactly illegal. If you ask us, it’s kind of cute.

Image Source: GinjaSnap89 / Reddit

Hopefully, they won’t grow up to forge more signatures. But since this looks like kindergarten or first grade-level writing, we are sure this kid learned their lesson and actually gets his mom to sign his papers. At least, we hope so!

April fools!

We all love Ikea’s stuff, right? That’s because it has pretty much everything we need. If you’re an impulsive buyer like us who adds things to their cart just because it’s cute, or we think we “might need it in the future,” then you understand even better.

Image Source: foxystoat69 / Reddit

But Ikea’s got the humor, too, that we didn’t know we needed until now. Like, for April fool’s day, they posted this recall notice saying that they had a right-handed Allen key. If you didn’t know any better, you’d fall for it because there is no such thing!

Whole “bragging” foods

After a whole lot of experience with health food stores, we believe we are qualified enough to say that some of the companies are kind of whack. Sure, some of their food is really good, but the prices make us sad.

Image Source: MrDiou / Reddit

And it’s not just us; there are more like us out there who think they can be overrated. And after this “short” environment-friendly bag marketing strategy, the store’s bragging rights have officially been taken away. Only by us, but still.


It’s a sad move to pretend to be what you’re not. And worse, pretend to have what you actually don’t, just for the sake of a few likes and popularity. People go far beyond their limits to show off wealth and luxury that isn’t theirs.

Image Source: unknown user / Imgur

However, people go to greater lengths to show off their non-existent lifestyle by photo-shopping and editing their pictures to the point they don’t even look convincing to others. If you’re going to add a sticker to a photo, at least put it on straight.

The house with magical rain

Even cheating and photo-shopping require brains. If you’re trying to make something look realistic and convincing when editing it, try taking a close look at the original picture. You can keep it simple by enhancing what is already there. Adding new elements can be tricky.

Image Source: badwolf42 / Reddit

For instance, this estate agent guy trying to sell a house in Seattle – bro, you had one job! Why is there heavy rain pouring from on the front porch of a home when the sky is the bluest of blues?

Cat being…cat

There are two kinds of people: cat-lovers and dog-lovers. Those who are both, well, they fit in everywhere. Cats – those dramatic, cuddly, egotistical, empathetic, witchy, adorable, arrogant, proud, elegant, and graceful animals – are so loved it hurts.

Image Source: jjrs / Reddit

When cats are their purest, it’s hilarious. Like this pretend cat letter that complains about her owner taking her to the vet. Such dramatics, and then they growl, “why are humans so aggressive with us?” Like, silly, we’re doing this for you!

The office rules

This one is hilarious to us. Someone must have consistently waited to have their morning coffee until getting to the office. We’re not sure how else to explain why someone would put in bread that was already peanut buttered bread.

Image Source: palmerry / Reddit

Or maybe they’d never used a toaster before starting this job? This is another one that we really want to believe was put up just for laughs. But it looks and sounds so legit and serious that we are afraid it must be real.

Sleepy and tired

We know one thing, if we were a horse, this would be us. This is us in one picture. Sleepy and tired and ugly but very much alive and in need of peace. The person who put up this board beside their horse’s sleeping body was tired of questions.

Image Source: Zin-Fed / Reddit

Well, by the looks of it, they probably were getting way too many calls and knocks on the door being questioned about their horse. We can hear the sighs of that poor person who had to deal with those people, who didn’t even check if the creature was breathing.

The missing pepperoni

If this person thought they would get more than they were shown on the box, they were wrong and too hopeful. The world doesn’t operate this way, mate. You get what is pictured on the box, sometimes less, but seldom more.

Image Source: frystejp / Reddit

The person ordering the frozen pizza surely was primarily agitated but later felt disappointed in this world for not getting any “extra” pepperoni. Even though the pizza box clearly has six of those bad boys in the photo. At least they gave you a full pizza.

From Israel to Belarus

Changing your shirt and taking a new photo doesn’t take you from Israel to Belarus while you keep sitting in front of the same fence! The coincidence would be too crazy. We recommend using a different setting next time, bud.

Image Source: jacobwohl / Instagram

And the fact that he wasn’t even joking or acting funny makes this a bit more giggle-worthy. He thought he did some creative thinking. If you’re determined to pretend, get good at it before posting it for the whole world to see.

CATS – or FSBR and SUKS?

Whoever wrote this did their school and the entire academic life so wrong that we are rolling our eyes over here. And we are pretty sure that it was someone on the school staff who came up with this poster.

Image Source: jwildes12 / Reddit

By the looks of it, they need more instructions and education than the students. What was the point of using the “CATS,” anyway? If you need to put up instructions, just go with simple sentences with a few fun graphics.

Illegal prank

Well, it’s not illegal… yet. As someone who can feel the pain of the 11-year-old kid who had to endure this ugly prank, we are ready to speak up on his behalf. This switching of two loaves of bread to trick your kid into eating the raisin cinnamon one should be illegal.

Image Source: Boogsiefil / Reddit

This father switched the chocolate chip bread with the raisin one. That is not how you do it. We all know the difference between raisins and chocolate, even before taking a single bite. We are certain this trick worked on no one.

Bushy sidewalk

Look, we can’t tell if this is an honest mistake or it’s just there as a joke. Whoever put this sign up had something going on their head. What was it? We can’t tell for sure. Maybe the notice came before the plants.

Image Source: eddie_8711 / Reddit

We have a thought: maybe there had been all kinds of incidents where people tried to cross or walk through this bush thinking that it was a pedestrian walkway. This is the only thing that makes sense as to why the sign was left.

Cheap Italian Bistro

Pizza Hut is trying too hard here. Pizza Hut is one of the most famous pizza places all over the globe. But calling it an Italian bistro and using a nice font isn’t going to convince anyone that it’s fine dining.

Image Source: captain_red_beard / Reddit

Italian bistros are usually high-class, fancy restaurants with high-priced wine and food prepared by professional chefs, with candles and live music lighting up the place. Pizza Hut, just be yourself. We love you no matter what and will always eat your pizza.

Creepy black snack box

This is just another store doing its thing incorrectly by placing this sign over the squeegee spot. Although most of us know exactly what they mean, the message can be interpreted in two ways, one of which is slightly spooky.

Image Source: bcrock10 / Reddit

First, of course, being the literal way that you’re going to find the snack and drinks inside this mysterious plastic black box. And the second one is the smarter way: the snacks and drinks are inside the gas station! Well, let’s see who’s smart enough.

No Dumb Zone

Sure, English is an international language. However, most countries on this earth do not care about learning English in their schools. So, when you happen to visit those areas, you might not be lucky enough to find or hear your language for days.

Image Source: Mirasdad / Reddit

One of our favorite things on this planet is bad translations. And lucky for us, they are everywhere. One letter and everything has changed! This sign was supposed to indicate the area was a no-dumping trash zone, in case you were confused.

Invisible tattoos

It’s hilarious what people do to create a fake persona for the world. Pretending to be who they are not by photo-shopping almost every aspect of their life is often very entertaining for us, the audience. What did we do to deserve all this hilarity?

Image Source: lostproton / Reddit

Next time, if you’re so fixated on taking pictures of yourself in tattoos, do the tattoo art over you with your little sibling’s markers or something. Or make sure the graphic you add doesn’t stick out. Just a small tip for you influencers out there.

Let’s go to TSE – Translation Server Error

Ah, more hilarious translation mistakes. We love the results more and more. It’s not us making fun of them in any way – we know perfectly well the same thing happens in reverse. It’s fun to see the results of a bad Google translation.

Image Source: iluvtheinternets / Reddit

For instance, this restaurant owner probably used Google Translate to get the name of his Chinese restaurant into English for foreigners. Little does he know that what he’s been using isn’t the exact translation of what he was originally going for. We’d patronize this place just to see what their English menu looks like.

Learn Math the fun way!

It’s always fun when you get to learn math from toys, objects and shapes, and flashcards, but real-life examples are the best. Coca-Cola didn’t want its customers to forget their mathematical education, so they gave us a small quiz. But they are nice enough to provide the answers.

Image Source: Bosharaptor / Reddit

So they’re using their advertisements to remind people of basic addition. All we have to say is that we are old enough to know our numbers, and their tricks. But, of course, we are still going to buy their product.

Tralse or frue?

Well, we’ve got to give some bonus points to this kid for being clever. This is not some normal smart student – this kid is the future, and we all know it. But oh well, these clever tricks don’t work in school or real life, kid, we’re sorry.

Image Source: Rapturos / Reddit

Mate, you tried your best, but teachers can’t pass you on your tests just because you were funny. Humor isn’t the best way to win your teachers’ hearts and pass your exams. Leave this for other times in life, but right now, worry about the big ol’ zero on your test.

Mirror, mirror on the wall

It’s a shame how society pressurizes you so much that you feel forced to pretend to be someone you’re not or to do something you don’t enjoy doing. It often feels like we have to reach certain “levels” by a certain age or have not done our best.

Image Source: mr_kord / Reddit

This young guy edited his picture showing the heavy loads of weight he’s lifting. Pal, you’re not fooling anyone. Even if the mirror wasn’t showing the truth, we could easily tell this photo was manipulated. Just be proud of where you are!

The girl in the window

It is heartbreaking how the bar of beauty has been set. Everyone is trying too hard to be “perfect” and have everything their favorite Instagram models have. Self-expression and authenticity are trying to make a comeback. We are rooting for them!

Image Source: DanteMarlvin / Reddit

It’s so distressing to see this young girl edit her face to the point that it looks nowhere like the actual reflection in the mirror beside her. Why does everybody keep doing it to themselves? It’s upsetting. Embrace your natural beauty; you’re perfect just the way you are!

Sweet treats with cheese

If you are smart enough and a foodie who’s obsessed with orange-glazed sweets, you can tell which one of these has a cheese topping instead of orange-flavored glaze. The husband of this hilarious yet mean wife isn’t the only one who can’t tell.

Image Source: asparagustus_gloop / Reddit

The prank was that she made orange rolls but topped one of them with nacho cheese instead of orange glaze. This poor sweet-loving husband will have a hard time trusting his wife after this when it comes to homemade desserts.

Dumb hoomans

We wonder why some people believe that animals are dumb even though we have more than enough stories of real-life incidents to prove that animals are actually quite intelligent. They can even understand humans quite well, and many animals even laugh and understand some humor.

Image Source: TheGuestDJ / Reddit

Especially dogs. They are those innocent creatures with high-functioning brains. This one’s owner tried mixing his favorite food with the type he didn’t like as much, assuming that he wouldn’t notice. But the joke is on you, human; the dog picked out the pieces he wanted and left the rest.

Personal closet manager

Well, we can all figure out what’s going on here pretty easily. Probably because some of us have had the same experience as this poor guy, or they know someone who has. We have to say, this is not very nice. Pretty patronizing.

Image Source: bmwhd / Reddit

Instead of rudely marking a territory between good and bad clothes according to her personal choice, this partner could have trusted he knows how to dress. Or, if they thought he wasn’t quite professional enough, they should have just had a chat.

A perfect fit

Ever wondered how Instagram models and bloggers always fit into every slim-fit dress perfectly like it was made for them? Well, here’s your answer to the question that has been disrupting your sleep. It’s all about what you can’t see. 

Image Source: scoff9 / Reddit

The fashion industry thinks we don’t know anything about clothing, fashion, and glam. Well, we don’t, to be honest. But at least we know that there’s more to what meets the eye. And that includes dozens of hidden pins and clips. Alterations can be a hassle, after all.

Superpower: Determination 

When we talk about kids being heroes, this is what we mean. They are little boss babies with entire enterprises and side hustles operating behind our backs, and adults aren’t supposed to be a part of it. Their superpowers and gadgets are a secret.

Image Source: PeacefulWay / Reddit

This kid’s mom caught her climbing up a fridge like it was nothing. Like the doors weren’t steep, slippery slopes that lead to linoleum. The girl’s determination to get those Halloween candies is beyond impressive. Kids are seriously very clever.


We are starting to believe that men act careless and messy inside the house on purpose, so they don’t have to do the house chores. Because when it comes to their cars, sheds, or garage, you’d see how clean, tidy, and organized everything is in there. Well, sometimes.

Image Source: wakethesleepingpills / Reddit

Like, we can clearly tell someone else was in this guy’s shed and used one of his extension cords. The way everything is tidy and in an orderly fashion tells us that the guy didn’t wrap this messy cord; it was someone else in the house.

Brain glitch

Most of us are half asleep when we go to the washroom to freshen up in the morning before we start our day, right? And our brain starts working on autopilot, almost like we have muscle memory of every chore we have to do in there.

Image Source: duncanmack27 / Reddit

But when you’re tired or haven’t had a good night, brain glitches are quite common. For instance, you might put shaving cream on your razor the way you put toothpaste on your toothbrush like this guy. We’re relieved that he noticed it.

He did not reinvent the wheel

We love it when someone posts about something “brilliant” they did, only for everyone to see that, well, they actually made things harder. They end up not looking so smart in the end. But they tried and that is what counts.

Image Source: xRoyalBlood / Reddit

Flipping the lid of your Slurpee only leads to spillage and not to you getting more bang for your buck. We’re not sure where this guy’s head was, but we will give him a few points for trying. Not full credit, though.

Office puns

Now, this is a very good pun. It’s been so long since we’ve heard a good pun coming from the workplace. Whoever came up with this has our whole heart and mad respect. Also, the way it is giving The Office vibes…

Image Source: v12a12 / Reddit

The pun was to target those who make so many typos that the manager or the boss had to paste a notice making fun of them. Or this could be the editing department. We wonder if it worked or just annoyed people.

Cow glamor

We know that we aren’t used to a cow having hair on its head, let alone flaming locks of auburn hair. And honestly, it looks weird seeing a cow that is so “youthful” that its hair hasn’t fallen off yet. For some reason, we always think of cows as already old.

Image Source: Kalansummer / Reddit

We have to admit this is one fabulous-looking cow. The thick orange hair fluttering in the wind looks really amazing, and we commend this bovine beauty on its glow up. Even something as simple as a wig can make anyone feel like a million bucks.