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Netflix Memes That Make Us Feel Better About Binge-Watching Shows For Hours

We love Netflix, and the numbers justify this love affair. There are approximately 192+ million paid subscribers worldwide, which makes one wonder how many people are really sitting at home being productive on a daily basis. Maybe a fourth of this number? What do you do for fun, eh? Read? Get out of here. There are thousands of Netflix memes out there at this point that we can’t keep count anymore. It is a way people translate their love and hate for the application. These passive-aggressive roasts make us chuckle on the inside while keeping a straight face on our way to work. In this article, you will see some of the greatest Netflix memes that we find incredibly relatable, taunting, and heartwarming at the same time.

Netflix: Are you still there? 

Do you know what we love about this meme? The fact that Netflix bots think we have something better to do with our lives than waste our time away on Netflix binge-watching a seven season-long series, with 24 episodes that are 20-30 minutes long each, is quite hilarious.

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That is right! What else would we be doing?  There is nothing we enjoy more than putting ourselves in a Netflix coma. It’s the guiltiest of pleasures, and as it so happens, we’re not sorry! We’re delighted to watch Friends for the 567th time!

A Bug’s Life. Never again! 

When we watched A Bug’s Life for the first time, we loved the heartwarming animated movie. The tiny bobblehead ants keep the grasshoppers from stealing their food. We loved it! But most importantly, are they truly evil and conniving because unless there is a workplace rule that says put your phone away, these adorable little bugs are coming for you.

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Now you’ll understand how terrified we were to find Netflix suggesting The Human Centipede after watching A Bug’s Life. Honestly, not watching the adorable animated bugs would have prepared us for the horror of surgically attaching three people together. To be fair, we don’t think anything could have prepared us for that. Get it together, Netflix.

It’s playing 

We love that Netflix has no regard whatsoever for our browsing ways. That’s right. We don’t think we know what we want to watch. We don’t know how to feel about how we literally can tell the plot of any show from the aggressive premature playing that Netflix subjects to.

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Amazing. That’s the stuff. We think this makes us a humble expert of sorts on all the 2-minute long previews available on Netflix. It’s like Netflix is saying, “We can play all of them. You don’t even have to ask, and we will have a reason to showcase our strange talents.”

Smile for the camera, please 

We love that Netflix has never felt the need to correct the smiley face icons that you see when you first go into the application. You know that is what a grasshopper would look like if it was ever caught smiling, but it works for them!

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The fact that no one in the entire design department of a transnational company thought to bring up those lazy smiles in a morning meeting, like EVER, is beyond us. If we pulled something like that at work, we would be so low on the annual bonus list. We’d have to wait for next year.

I’ll put it on my list!

Here we go. The “I’ll put it on my list” option is the equivalent of “I’ll join the gym next month.” We know that everyone is entitled to their opinion and we are sure that watching The Bold Type probably changed your life. But when we say that we’re going to give The Mindhunter a peek, we’re just being polite.

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There’s no way we’re going to spoil our afternoon with that postmodernist filth Wess from Accounting is always preaching about. We are going to watch Sex Education instead. The only thing that is on our list is the number of times we are going to rewatch Emily in Paris before we become annoying like her.

Hey YOU! 

We love how Netflix is shooting its shot with this one. YOU is the most Netflix show to have ever graced the platform. The nailbiter, the page-turner, the wildcard. It really is everything we wanted from a show once we started watching.

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The fact that by the end of each season, there’s literally no one left in town to kill, so Joe has to skip town is a masterpiece! To conclude, according to viewers, YOU is perhaps the greatest horror and thriller series that was created since Dexter.

If you know you know

We get it. The stress level of your soulmate texting you back for the first time is through the roof. But does this really compare to the anxiety we feel when our phone hits one percent in the middle of our favorite Netflix show?

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You have to hit this level before you really understand what we’re trying to convey! The best way to describe Netflix is an online entertainment platform that gives us a curated and controlled illusion of torturing ourselves with content we know we cannot digest but crave anyway.

We’re not sorry

Netflix is full of some questionable shows, and if we are caught watching Too Hot to Handle for three hours in a row, you just can’t judge us. You don’t see us judging you all for still pretending to be interested in Stranger Things for the 10th time.

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We are sorry. We would rather watch pretty girls than eggnog thieves with no storyline. It is perfectly normal to be 24 and obsessed with Season 2 of Rory Gillmore. Oh, to be a nerd in a plaid skirt experiencing nothing but privilege at the turn of the century, still finding a way to complain. That’s a Saturday well spent.

Phone + Netflix combo 

Our favorite Netlflix combo is the one where we are not even looking at what is going on, following the entire storyline somehow while catching up on the great memes that are enriching our life solely by fueling our passive-aggressive tendencies.

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Yep, that’s the stuff. What do you mean we have to watch the thing that we put on to watch? We are paying attention. Just let us scroll through raccoon memes some more. We promise we will look up when they actually get to the point in Narcos.

That’s the face of fun and good times

What would we rather be doing? Going out, meeting people, making friends? Gross. This is how it is going to be. We will be watching shows all day and all night long with no shame attached like millions of others.

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Netflix is the greatest invention since weighted blankets. Are we proud of ourselves? Not exactly. Would we change anything about it? Probably not. Keeping up with the Kardashians has our heart and everything else that is receptive and still works.

Netflix is our one true love

We paid for our own subscription. It is true! If you don’t believe us, here’s what we have to say about it. It’s more commitment than we have seen in years. Who are we hurting besides our back from sitting in this weird position all day?

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We made a list of our favorites. We actually sit in bed watching our comfort shows all night. It is better than going out and having real fun. Who needs that? The sun? We haven’t seen that in months.

Oddly specific recommendations 

We love some Kevin Hart stand-up and obscene jokes. We are pleasantly surprised by the potential of a family roast every now and then. We also love terrible fashion, cough.. sense… Emily in Paris… Cough cough… haven’t heard of makeup wipes… Cough …cough.

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Like we’ve said before. We love the small details as we replay Suits for the billionth time. It’s 25% of our personality. The rest of it is our obsession with cold-pressed oil and skincare while we’re sitting on the couch. Can you tell?

Are you depressed after your favorite show ends, or are you normal? 

You know, we literally did not know what to do with ourselves when The Witcher ended. It was like our life was left cold and empty. We are not being dramatic. That we do when we are talking about The Queen’s Gambit. This is for real.

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We can’t say that about The Big Bang Theory. They stopped being funny five seasons ago. Who let them air so long? Are they a glitch? However, we’re still processing the end of Squid Game. Can’t say we have moved on yet.

Come to Netflix, our anxious-avoidant traumatized babies.

You know, the last time we surrendered to Netflix, we discovered Sacred Games, and it was the best decision of our life. We can’t pick a show if our life depended on it. We can’t pull away from our comfort shows even though we have got the lines memorized. We need an intervention.

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For something different, we made ourselves watch How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, and we haven’t been more inconvenienced. What did they put in the milkshakes of the 2000s? Why are you attacking our very soul with the vivid depiction of everything wrong with our lives?

Loyalty that runs deep 

Yes, we all love Netflix. Are we going to pay for it? No. We all have that one older brother or sister who lets us use their Netflix account, and we wish we could repay them for their generosity someday. Probably in the shape of a coffee or a nice meal.

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Anyways, back to binge-watching some Elite. Are we right? Thanks for being there for us, friend. We don’t know what it’s like to lend that Netflix helping hand. We are going to learn nothing from this, but you already know that.

We don’t have all day

We mean, why would we waste our entire day watching a show that we are not even that obsessed with? We are going to run back to our options so fast. We are not above wasting our entire day on a show but don’t get us wrong, quality of content is where we draw the line.

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The Netflix show that takes more than 15 minutes to hook us in is not for us. And this is our essay on taste! Now don’t make us feel bad about wasting our time because we will put on our comfort shows before you can say anything else.

Yes and yes

Yes, people tend to search for the weirdest things. Aren’t you guilty of wondering if Netflix was a country, and if it were, could you run for president? Oh, wait, no. You searched for, “What color are Jake Gyllenhall’s eyes?” Are they blue, or are they ocean blue?

Image Source: fangirl221b/Tumblr

We have personally searched for a terrible militia of queries, but we have to agree that nothing beats, “are nuts a type of nut?” We mean, we guess this is more valuable than sitting on the couch all day watching a Netflix show? Nah.

Premium Netflix Experience 

Don’t lie. This is precisely what life looked like for all of us the summer after we graduated. We are personally guilty of having Netflix on each of our devices and watching it non-stop, not letting battery life get it in the way. When one device would succumb, the other fully charged device would take its place.

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Us and Grandma here have nothing to apologize for. We’re just living life the only way we know how. However, she really has the full set-up going on here, and it looks like she hasn’t moved for hours.

Stress is the best! 

In a state of avoidant stress was how we first discovered The Revenant when we should have been preparing for an exam. What did we learn from that experience? These shady websites where you can watch movies online don’t cut it for us.

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We are way too unhinged for pop-up ads and buttons that are not really buttons. We can’t do that anymore. Netflix is the best. You can waste your life away easily without any pop-ads. Isn’t it just the best? Now, go back to watching Riverdale. It’s not like you have a business to run or something.

The best thing about Netflix is the memes

The best thing about memes is you have one for just about everything, even Netflix. Life is just better with Netflix and memes. How can we ever experience regular humor again? Will we ever get over these silly memes? We don’t want to find out.

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We guess the only thing better than Netflix memes is the Netflix autoplay feature which completely diminishes the possibility of having a productive life outside of entertainment. But who needs that? Now play the next episode, and on and on it goes.

Everybody’s watchin’ her, but she is lookin’ at you oh you oh you oh  

Yes, Netflix, we are still watching you. You don’t need to be reassured. There is plenty else we’d rather do, but as it turns out, we’re sitting in front of the screen, and yes, we’re on Netflix. How did you know!

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We don’t do anything productive whatsoever. We just waste all our time watching endless streams of shows that might make us feel better about our lives at the moment. Do we feel bad? Yes! Will we do anything about it? Probably not.

Night Time binging

We love a good Netflix show, especially when it is at 3 in the morning and you have no idea how you will make it to work tomorrow, but it won’t let you change your mind, no matter how much force you put into keeping your eyes open.

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It’s inevitable. The last few episodes of Money Heist are drawing you in. How can you sleep at night not knowing what happens next? We feel you on this one. Sometimes, you have to let Netflix take the reigns.

Canceling plans but manifesting 

We have jumped up and down in excitement when plans get canceled that we weren’t all that excited for to begin with. You know what we are talking about, and if you claim we don’t, you are lying. This just means we can keep binge-watching our favorite shows.

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This gives you more time to waste time and tune out the world. We are not even moving out of that comfy spot where we have our popcorn and candy to make us truly happy. We don’t need a night out to feel fulfilled.

Dream job

Working at Netflix is a dream come true for some of us, and that is what our buddy Keith here thought about when he was sending his wife off this morning. Clearly, you shouldn’t mix work with pleasure. Now, what do you do when you get 27 Dresses and Holidate as a recommendation every Friday night.

Image Source: @KeetPotato/Twitter

Netflix is just about ruined for you! What can you do about it? Set some boundaries. Tell yourself you are going to watch something fun and tell your wife that Sarah Jessica Parker looks like your old math teacher.

When you breakup 

Are you that ex who wants nothing to do with your partner after a breakup besides the casual Netflix watching? That’s right! If you are still watching from their account, chances are they are going to change the password when you are knee-deep in Prison Break. And it will hurt!

Image Source: @bryony_hutt/Twitter

And you bet they were waiting for it. We wish nothing but the best for you. Nothing says petty like icing you out of Netflix. It’s even worse than removing you from the family group chat. It’s only less bad than when you get removed on Facebook. That’s a whole other level of petty most of us have yet to unlock.

Skip for life 

Do you think if we had the attention span to pace through The Crown‘s intro, we’d be working in advertising for minimum wage editing stock footage for the third revision because the fake baby looks really fake against the fake parents and trees?

Image Source: kingcastles/Tumblr

Please. We’re pretty sure we skipped a great deal more to be here today, but that is a story for another time. Skip, skip, away. Immediately gratify us or nothing No one has literally a minute to waste when it comes to finding out what happens next.

Why is dating so lame 

This generation of young people seems like they have a lot to figure out. If we can’t ask a person out and make a connection based on our mutual taste in books, movies, tv shows, then what are we even doing?

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If Netflix really took this seriously, we will be beside ourselves! But the young one will be saying, “Let us date! Let our souls find the right one. And let us watch all of Harry Potter online while finding our soulmates, please. We don’t want anything else for Christmas.”

Again with the smile 

It takes guts to stick to your guns, and by guns, we mean the weird smile we first see when we open the app that we’ve already talked about. Netflix is so unapologetic about this. This is the energy for 2022. Nothing more nothing less. 

Image Source: cherenslegs/Tumblr

There are so many memes about this simple little smiley face that everyone is so familiar with. But this one takes the cake. And we would not be surprised if this is exactly what happen during this important business meeting.

Confessions of the Insomniac 

We’ve got 99 problems, and going to sleep instead of spending more time on Netflix will fix all of them. But, we know we are not going to bring ourselves to that, so we will be joining the rest of the Netflix zombies out there.

Image Source: @jwoodham/Twitter

Raise your hand if you are tired of the 3-app vicious cycle that keeps you from becoming a productive member of society and also prevents you from sleeping on time. We know we are one of those people, and Netflix is definitely not helping.

Netflix party or don’t call me

We are down for some Netflix and chill, and that really means Netflix and chill. We don’t want to get out of our sweatpants, we don’t want to wait in the traffic for any amount of time to go out, and we don’t want to eat at a fancy restaurant.

Image Source: @netflixmemes_./Instagram

We don’t know about you, but it looks like this group of friends has it all figured out. They each are connected to the same Netflix account, and they seem like they need no other stimulation than hanging out on the app with the other ‘boys.’

What to watch? 

We know how overwhelming it can be browsing through Netflix and deciding what series you should start watching. We also don’t want to waste so much time browsing. There are so many options as Netflix puts out new series every now and then.

Image Source: Pete Thompson/Pinterest 

We sure do love watching something new, but chances are we will spend a good 20-30 minutes deciding what show or movie is worth wasting our time on just to end up watching the same comfort show for the 100th time because who has time for trying new things? Not me.

Interest level

If you are watching a show that is 40 minutes long in 20 minutes, chances are you are only watching it for the character you are crushing on, or you are watching it because it is terribly dull and you want to see the action.

Image Source: okaymas/Reddit

In this case, fast-forwarding is the answer to all your prayers. We can’t sit here and say there is a ‘right’ way to go through your Netflix binge-watching sessions, but if it works for you, then that is all that matters.

Thank you for being our only true friend

We have had some trouble trying to get ourselves detached from the phantom limb that Netflix has become at this point. We mean, on the flip side, we could be doing so much worse, so that is something to be thankful for, right?

Image Source: @anthonygonnn/Twitter

We could be one of those guys ruining lunch by bringing up Crypto, but here we are. The worst thing we have ever done is talk about our undying love for LUDO. It’s better! Isn’t it? But nothing is quite as disappointing as having Netflix check up on you from time to time.

Do we even have a choice? 

The next episode button that asks you a simple question and doesn’t give you enough time to respond is officially our favorite thing about Netflix. It’s like it already knows what our next move is, so we truly don’t have to do anything.

Image Source: @netflixmemes._/Instagram

We say we’re just going to watch one episode. Then we’re going to clean our room. But no, that is not the destiny that is laid out for us. We guess we can squeeze one more in before we get to the task at hand that is extremely important.

Do you have Rave, or are you normal? 

If the pandemic has given us anything truly amazing, it is the Rave app that lets you watch alongside your friends and family on their own devices, no matter how far away they are. Just one more way to bring us closer together.

Image Source: @Sumyloomy/Twitter

It is the greatest invention. We don’t think we have ever enjoyed watching anything from the actual comfort of our bed with someone else who is not physically in the same place. It is amazing. 10/10 would recommend to anyone.

The best and worst of Netflix

Unfortunately, not everything about Netflix is the best. Yes, at some point, it becomes more about quantity and less about quality. They draw you in, and sooner or later, you are at the reigns of a show that is quite mediocre.

Image Source: cas-lestial/Tumblr

That is life, and that is the Kissing Booth series. There is a place in the deep dark dungeons of the underworld for whoever came up with that madness and for the people who paid to watch it, so now there are three of them. Atrocious!

Netflix is for the numb 

Does watching a series usually require caring about it? We don’t really care who ends up with who in Gossip Girl. We are just here for the quality content of the ‘playing in the background’ genre. We guess you could call this white noise at its finest.

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That is our favorite. Oh, there is a back story and everything? Thanks, guys, but you really didn’t have to go there. We mean, if Game of Thrones Season 8 didn’t have to, then surely you don’t either. We will be fine on our own.

Favorite show? 

We have all been there. We search for our favorite shows that somehow popped into our head when we were driving home, and of course, they are nowhere to be found. This is the exact reaction that will flash across your face when you realize that you can’t binge on your favorite show.

Image Source: @hilaryreactions/Twitter

We mean, there’s the Kevin Hart show that we always go back, too. But come on, Netflix! This is quite honestly the dumbest question anyone has ever asked in the history of asking. Get it together, y’all, get it together!

Living Dangerously

We can’t believe we even graduated, considering how dedicated we were to watch The End of the F***ing World when we should have been preparing our exams or studying diligently in the library. We all know this feeling.

Image Source: the-netflix/Tumblr

In case you don’t know already, we like to live dangerously. And we know that includes many of you who are reading this and asking the same question. How did we make it through college with all of those necessary “study breaks.” 

You can keep the kids, we just want the Netflix 

The worst thing about breaking up with someone you love is saying goodbye to the amazing series that you added to your watchlist on the Netflix account they paid for—or breaking up in the middle of a show when you haven’t even gotten to the climax yet.

Image Source: @hilaryreactions/Twitter

Now you have to say goodbye and spend the rest of your life wondering what happened in Orange Is the New Black. It is just the worst type of pain. We wouldn’t wish it on our mortal enemy. But to truly move on, it is best to fight it, one episode at a time.