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45 Photos That Make Us Go Ummmm

On the edge of your seat, it’s a do or die moment. Everything on the line… That’s what nerve-racking really is. You are bitting your nails, wondering if it’s going to go belly up or if it’s going to have a happy ending. Meanwhile, it’s the final quarter, the home team is down, and it’s little Timmy – with half a leg and a muscle impediment – turn at the bat. Will the plucky underdog come out on top? That’s the basics of what most of the following photos encapsulate, the cold sweat of dread dripping down your back, witnessing something that might very well turn out dreadful—the chips in the air and nothing but gravity. There’s no real explanation for most of these photos, let alone why someone would submit themselves to taking them. Every instance, every image, can be a day ruiner. Hell, a lifetime ruiner. Most of these photos will have you doing double-takes; most will catch you off guard, but, most of all, each and every one define what nerve-racking really is; bottle suspense. So, with that said, hold on tight for some of the most maddening, trying, and stressful tense photo galleries in existence. 

On the Edge

Filled to the brim with uneasy emotions this picture makes us all cringe and look at life like we are at the razor’s edge. It is a picture filled with uncertainty, with danger, with unbridled possibilities. The slightest twitch and BANG, CRASH, into a million little pieces the glass goes. 

Image Courtesy of reddit.com/dlokatys

Kudos to the pic’ master that took the image. The couple is so into each other that they fail to notice the glass just hanging there at the edge of their table, a glass that at the slightest tremor or even if the wind catches it will take a nosedive.

“Honey, Could You do the Windows?”

Doing the windows is a drag. Can we all agree on that fact of life? It’s one of those chores that really doesn’t fill you with any sort of happiness or joy. It’s the equivalent of who takes out the trash, only ramped up. Everyone hates doing the windows. PERIOD.

Image Courtesy of reddit user skoalbrother

Well, imagine what this poor fellow must have been going through when it was time to do his manly duty. It was either climb outside and do the freaking windows or hear his wife bicker all day about doing said windows. “Like a banshee’s shrill… I’ll take the possibility of death over that.”

On The Edge and Loving It

Add a Uke’ maybe a Mai-tai, a scantily clad blond in a red bikini and some Jimmy Buffet, and you have yourself one of the most laid back people out there. To this fella’ those two critters from the Lion King, look positively stress. You can’t help but be in awe of his “just go with it attitude.”

Image Courtesy of reddit user pp0787

You have to have nerves of steel, hell of titanium, maybe even radioactive ones to do what this guy did for a little R & R. He really seems to be enjoying the hell out of that sky. The slightest wind and off he goes, into the great beyond. 

Honey, Got Cheap Tickets For This Funky Cruise

Cruises have these great, GREAT offers every-so-often. Two for one deal, maybe 30% off, maybe kids for free, or they give away the all you can drink pack like candy at Willy Wonka’s. Great deals, but somehow there is always a catch.

Image Courtesy of reddit user Nagol41

Well, you can imagine if this was your cruise, what that catch would have been. A giant wall of water spinning your way like Godzilla had just rose from the depths. Kudos to the photographer for having caught that perfect shot at that moment. 

Don’t Panic

This man is apparently clinging on for dear life. That definitely isn’t a soft landing down there. God only knows what sort of monster or spiky thing could potentially be waiting for him down there. His most dreadful nightmare ready to chump down a take a bite. It’s just hair-raising. Cross yourself and hope he survives.

Image Courtesy of Instagram user u_commentman10

If he slipped, there’s no guard rail, nothing to take hold off, nothing to save him. We’re all on the edge of our seats, looking at the fellow. It’s just too much. Want to scream: “get some rope, a security net, anything!” 

Leave The Sandal, Just Leave It!

Lets’ be honest, the first time we saw an escalator as a kid, we probably panicked. There’s something awful, almost primitive and ghastly about them. Rows of teeth or sharp spiky knives just waiting to cut us to ribbons. And then your parents go: “climb on up, trust us, it’s safe.”

Image Courtesy of Twitter user JonnyBWilliams

Well, that same terror still lingers in the back of our minds. We hear that little girl or boy, screaming: “it’s going to eat you. JUMP at the end… don’t step off, just jump!” Well, that terror lingers because of images like this. PERIOD. We know escalators are hungry, and they want our blood.

Don’t Look Down

Our first thoughts? Was he intoxicated? What’s going through his brain at that precise moment? Why submit yourself to such madness? It’s just mind-boggling that someone would look at a bridge like that and go to themselves: “have to cross it… I just have to.”

Image Courtesy of reddit user Climb_Cam

This is the sort of picture that makes us re-evaluate our lives. Sure Netflix might be dull, and Disney+ isn’t living up to its promise; HBO MAX is just grabbing at straws, but at least we don’t have to cross that bridge to get to the other side. Count our blessings!

Chomping Down on a Porcupine

OK, either this picture is fake or set-up, or some wise-so and so is playing a really bad joke on some poor unsuspecting guy—one of two cases. Let’s be honest; this is just something that doesn’t happen regularly. That or your cereal has a bit too much iron in its nutritional content.

Image Courtesy of buzzfeed.com/philippjahner/unwohlsein

The tale, or so we’ve been told, started out when this person just went down to breakfast and found that his cereal was already poured and waiting for him. “You, honey, you could have just asked for a divorce, simpler, less bloody.”

You’re Going To Get A Headache

There’s a story behind this picture. We’re just not sure what it is. Was he trying to melt into the building’s framework? Was it a dare by his buddies, a dare that put in question his manhood? Or, and we’re just spitballing here, was he trying to have a Volcan mind synch with the building? Everything is possible.

Image Courtesy of reddit user SR_BANANA

We only hope his kicks are up to the task and have a firm grip on that railing. Nothing about what this dude is doing feels safe. The fella’ taking the pic’ probably yelling: ” OK, great, you have your profile pic? now back away from the insanity.”

Those Cool Looking Marbles

Don’t those things down there, in that picture, just look amazing? The colors, the pearl-like intensity, the jewel-like shell. Spellbinding. Now, if the casual observer were to dig their eyes in a bit further, then everything would tilt and beauty would flip into terror. 

Image Courtesy of user MyheartisdrunkwithaBeautymyeyescouldneversee

That’s what happened to this user and photographer. The pretty little marbles turned out to be snake eggs—a throwback from those Alien movies. The best thing to do was simply leave them alone and hope the momma snake isn’t around. 

Instagram Will Go Bananas!

The Instagram pic’… There’s this moment in the last Hangover movie where Bradley Cooper’s character is hanging by a sheet from the edge of a hotel. Zacs’ tubby miscreant, instead of pulling him up, takes the time to snap off a photo… Bradley’s reaction?

Image Courtesy of Instagram user SlimJones123

There he was just hanging… And he looks up at Zac and says: “did you get it?” Well, we’ve all done something stupid or nonsensical for that great Instagram pic’ so really we can’t blame this cutie for wanting an image that will blow her likes up. 

I Have The Perfect Profile Pic’

We’ve talked about the Instagram feed image, the one that will blow your feed away and get you the likes. That’s nothing compared to the profile picture. If the bright idea pops, God only knows the length we will go to for a profile pic’. That’s the gold standard.

Image Courtesy of Instagram user mustangwanted

A study showed that an average of 248 people worldwide died from taking a risky photo in 2018. That’s quite a number, right? It’s called selfie-related death, and it is such a common thing that the police actually have a code for it. Well, seeing this picture, you can imagine why.

Don’t Sit Too Close To The Window

Airlines are really cutting down their costs. Trying to pinch the penny to the max. “Sir, don’t look at the glass half empty, look at the glass half full.. What’s that? Well, at least you’ll have a nice breeze through the flight. Just remember, always wear your seatbelt.”

Image Courtesy of reddit user bob7d

Imagine being the poor sap that was given that seat. The whole flight looking at that window, hoping and praying the tape will hold. The flight attendant passing out those mini bottles of booze by the dozens just to calm the passenger next to the window. 3 Gin and Tonics in, and smooth sailing despite the risk of getting sucked out of the plane. 

Rethinking The Dive

Will he or won’t he? That’s why this completely breath-taking picture is so nerve-racking. It’s the suspense of it. That fact that this poor fellow, at that very second, was re-examining his choices in life. “How the hell did I get here? What the hell I’m I doing here?”

Image Courtesy of Reddit user flufferforfun

For this nature lover, with a wild thrill-seeking streak, this really has to be a rush. God only knows what’s beneath the water, what dangers await in its murky depths. Meanwhile, while he’s pondering his reason why, his buddies are probably yelling: “Jump, you wuss!”

Looks Like Cream Cheese

Nivea is an excellent cream, one of the best out there, full of all those fantastic ingredients that are meant to moisturize and erase the years away from your skin. BUT, we really doubt that the company has a culinary vein.

Image Courtesy of 9gag

This picture just makes us feel nauseous. It made us feel sick. NOT ALL CREAMS ARE THE SAME. Just imagine taking a bite out of that? Wonder what it would taste like? Wonder how it would go down? Wonder what the nutritional value is? Not all boxes with the word “cream” on top are edible. 

Dangling by a String

This is a tragic story in the making. The first rule of paragliding, or skydiving, or of life… ALWAYS CHECK YOUR GEAR! And have redundancy plans… why redundancy plans? Cause inevitably, one way or another, you will forget to check your gear, so you better have a back-up plan for your misfire. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user BlatternMann

This dude was probably having a ball when he decided to look up and get the startle of his life. “Is that my carabiner.” Took the picture, prayed to the gods, and left a quaint small video for his family: “The XBOX is John’s… Don’t look under the floorboards in the attic!”

Don’t Breath

“Don’t look at them! Don’t breathe near it! Don’t even think about them!” That’s probably what this user thought when this happened. The smallest tremor, the slightest change in wind patterns, the minutest change in the cosmos for that matter, and BANG, all hope is lost and their day suddenly gets a whole lot worse. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user ThePakin27

These are some really lucky keys. The keys look like they are about to fall down the drain, but the chain, the keychain, and the snazzy car FOB are keeping them aloft. Imagine the sheer terror coursing through this fellow’s veins as he stares in horror at the two grates.

Doubt Apple Covers That In Its Guarantee

Apple products are great. They just work, and, what’s even better, their guarantee is solid as a rock. You can always rely on the good nerds at the Genius Bar for a helping hand if your warranty is still in order. AS LONG, that is, you don’t do something a bit too out there with your products. Like, getting an AirPod stuck in the trash compactor.

Image Courtesy of reddit user Elbobsan

How on Earth did this user accidentally leave his AirPods in the waste dispenser? And, what’s even more troubling, is why in God’s name did he bother to go find a camera to take this pic BEFORE snatching his pods out. 

What A View

Skyscrapers are D’ Bomb. They rock. There’s nothing like looking at a skyline just at dusk, filled to the brim with towering skyscrapers. The sun, the way that star gleams on their surface.. PURE MAGIC. You can’t help but be amazed by them. They are the coolest. If you’re standing down on the road and not on the ledge of one. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram user Angela_Nikolau

This sure looks dangerous but kind of cool at the same time. She seems to be chilling like there’s no tomorrow, catching the rays, and flipping Death the middle finger. This gal seems to have no cares in the world, not even for her well-being and personal safety. But, to each their own. 

Don’t Move, You Have Something In Your Eye

This particular photo really hair-raising; it catches everyone by surprise and makes them do a double-take. Brains having a problem in processing exactly what they are seeing. It’s the sort of photo that might need a second, hell, even a third look just to synch up. 

Image Courtesy of user CrucifyMe

This photo makes everyone uncomfortable. It’s a mix of things that really raises our hackles and makes us cringe. The eye. The bee. The fact that you sense it’s just wrong. It’s a creepy photo that sends shivers and bolts of unease down everyone’s back. 

Now, That’s a Cliff-hanger

Dangers outweigh everything. You only have one life. One walkabout through this majestic place we call earth. So, whenever we as a collective see something like this, we’re just shocked at the disregard for personal safety. Smacked silly by the foolishness driving that person on.

Image Courtesy of pholder.com/u/Madclapper

We really wouldn’t trade anything in the world to be in their shoes. The thrill, the excitement might steamroll into a fool-hearty decision, but too much is just that too much. We rate this pic’ as one of the most nerve-racking we’ve seen.  

Trust Me The Cable Will Hold

This is less Nerve-racking; our lives are in danger, safe yourself, are you insane, and more: “Really! Really! That’s your solution?!” You just know, by staring at this photo, that this is the craftsmanship of a man. It might as well come with a signature on it.

Image Courtesy of imgur.com/gallery/SKhYM

This sort of haphazard fix-it could drive a person mad. An organized persona, or someone with the slightest twinge of OCD, would be scaling the walls demanding the head of the person that did that in the first place. One small pull, and every computer goes dark. 

Were You Raised By Barbarians? Pull Your Sleeves Up!

Frustrations bottle up. Irritations distilled. Hair pulling ARGG concentrated. How many times has one of us looked at a grown person do this and wondered: “Not even my two-year-old. Were you raised by wolves?” Is it really so hard to pull up the sleeves? 

Image Courtesy of buzzfeed.com/philippjahner/unwohlsein

This moment is a constant reminder to all mothers out there that, no matter how well you trained and educated your kid, once they are on their own, the Default Mode kicks in. It doesn’t matter if they are 18 or 50. They will always get their sleeves wet because the alternative takes a bit of time, and it’s too much hassle. 

One Wrong Step

Rope bridges have always been cool. Right when we saw the Temple Of Doom we as a collective became enamored of them. They are just fascinating. Rolling from one side to another. They seem thrilling, exotic, and simply fun.

Image Courtesy of reddit user u_jaykirsch

In this pic’ this person seems to be focused on not making the wrong move, on staying on the right path, and leveling their weight just right. It’s understandable; one slip, one hiccup, and down they go. Oh, and the fog isn’t really helping them much either. 

Doubt That’s How You Do It

Can you just imagine the scenario? Car comes to a screeching halt; maybe at an intersection, all hell breaks loose. There’s sticky syrup everywhere. Why? Because the old noggin’ had a short-circuit, and this template below for proper drink storage seemed like a good idea. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user IHaeTypos

How many times did our mothers impart on us the wisdom of NEVER SPILL YOUR DRINK! PARTICULARLY IN THE CAR! COKE GETS EVERYWHERE. Well, this user likes to live on the edge. Enough to drive their mother crazy or for that matter, everyone who is envisioning the disaster that will need to be cleaned up.

The Murky Depths

That’s why surfing is really an extreme sport. It’s giving those primordial predators who have survived the dinosaurs and haven’t evolved much because “they are the perfect killing machine” the equivalent of curb food delivery. Served up on board and ready to be chowed down. 

Image Courtesy of Bem135

This photo is just scary. Why? Mainly because we just know if we like the ocean and frequent it a lot, that something like this has probably happened to us. We probably didn’t see it, probably didn’t even feel it, but something nasty came in for a look and found us lacking. “Past it’s prime. Don’t like the eat by date.”

Were You Drunk? How Can You Cut It Like That?!

This photo just makes us feel upset. It has happened to all of us. Take the time to cut the cake. Slicing it just right. The perfectionist wanting it to look Masterchef worthy and then this happens halfway into the party. You just want to blow your top and scream at the top of your lungs. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user MrSquigles

Like some users commented on the photo, “If you don’t know how to cut a cheesecake properly, then you simply don’t deserve to have it.” Folks, we’re all rational grown-ups here; let’s try to like we have our baser instincts reigned in. Cutting a cake like that is telling the world we’re no better than cavemen. 

Too Much Time On Your Hands

Ideas just spin out of control. One minute we are at the desk, bored silly, minding our own business, the next a bright idea pops up, and we look at our spare change and see a chance for entertainment. It takes patience and a mind like a madman to set up something like the pic’ below. 

Image Courtesy of reddit.com/foundingarage

Looks nice and sort of aesthetically pleasing, but the fact remains that the slightest rustle and everything come crumbling down like a house of cards. Coins spinning everywhere, complete chaos, change lost behind the desk till’ Judgment Day. 

A Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Sometimes we look at something, and our lizard brain goes on overdrive: “go get the popcorn; this is going to be trippy.” A disaster waiting to happen. Higher brain smacked silly, unable to process the visual stimuli. The TV is going to fall; it’s just a matter of time.

Image Courtesy of shhthereisalsonaesthetichere

On further inspection, the lizard brain gets a jolt, “damn it! It’s not going to fall off, what a waste of time.” Stare at the picture carefully and notice how the TV is secured oddly. Slightly bent, stand tightly clasped, everything in a way held on tight.

I Saw Tom Cruise Do It

Mission Impossible sure did a number on all of us. Tom hanging on for dear life on a cliff face, making it looks cool, sexy, and, more importantly, easy as one, two, three. Well, thanks to that, is how we find this user clinging for dear life, rethinking his movie preferences. 

Image Courtesy of Nat-Geo- VIA- YouTube

The fellow probably decided to cowboy up and simply throw caution to the wind. Tom could do it, well, so can I. The slightest push, the slightest wind shift, the slightest fail in his grip -he has no protective gear – and he’ll be watching the premiere of Tom’s next film in the big IMAX in the sky. 

That’s Just Weird. OCD Square.

How do you end up with that little art project? The one pictured below. Is it OCD on overdrive? Is it the practical joker in all of us having a laugh? Or did aliens take over and are sending out encoded messages through funky go-to art installations? 

Image Courtesy of reddit user ohohpopo

This is one of those pictures that leaves everyone stumped and scratching their head. Bottles, cans, bulbs, bowls, all on a tiny tea table, daring us to look twice and not get anxious—everything on the edge playing with our nerves.

It’ll Drive Dave Insane… He Has OCD.

OCD or Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is something we all have. It affects everyone. That’s a fact. The difference is the level of said disorder in all of us. If it triggers urges and intensely distressing feelings if we are on the extreme side of the spectrum.

Image Courtesy of user imgur

This a simple test, a visual way, to get a handle on where each of us stands. If the above picture triggers irrational thoughts and negative emotions, then it’s a high OCD level. If not, then simply look away or, if possible eat, the out-of-place candy shape. Fix the problem in a jiffy. 

You Do What For A Living? Parkour?

Life is partly about flaunting your ego and your talent. Letting the world know what superpower god bestow on our mortal coil. Take this user; his skills are not for the faint of heart. Still, he goes on and one and continues practicing his craft.

Image Courtesy of Instagram user mustangwanted

This Ukrainian urban mountaineer iswell known by the handle Mustang Wanted. He shares all manner of death-defying videos and pictures on his feed. Each one making his audience sweat bullets. He has earned a big name in the niche and is one of the sport’s most valued enthusiasts. 

Breaking Reality In Half & Making You Rethink Existence

How to open the door to another plane of existence? Simple, grab a compass, and instead of drawing a circle, map out a square. Then, do a little knob in the right-hand corner of the square, grab the knob with your fingers, pinch it, and open the door. Send us a postcard of what you see on the other side. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user AttackMidgets

This picture preaches the axiom that everything is up for grabs. We don’t have to settle for what our teachers or society tells us. A compass isn’t just made for circles; then we can hack and use it as we please. Think outside the box, pardon the pun. 

Fused Silverware

Things in disarray always cause some people to go insane. Disorder is to some, a cause of huge distress. Plates, particularly porcelain plates, come in different sizes and shapes. People choose their design, their color, their shape, and their size. It’s something rather simple, and a sea-monkey can do it. 

Image Courtesy of Instagram user FusedAt

But, here’s the thing, sometimes the set bought is a bit out-of-whack. Somewhere in the production line, everything went belly up, and mistakes were made. Here’s evidence of that. One of those plates does not belong there, and some plate owner somewhere is weeping.

So, Where Do We Set Up The Camp?

Only a real daredevil would want to camp like this. At the side of the cliff, just waiting for everything to come tumbling down. It has to be exciting but nerve-racking all the same. Not our cup of tea.

Image Courtesy of Gordon Wiltsie

Points in favor. It’s a great profile pic’ and a great story to tell your folks back home about. You won’t have to deal with bears or wildlife. Against? What if you wake up in the middle of the night for a pee and forget where you set up camp? “I’m going to the outhouse.”

Are You Just Cheap… Or a Bad Handyman?

This is either a bizarre art installation, someone trying to say something, or some fellow who went online just so he could skimp out on hiring a contractor. “Trust me, I know what I’m doing.” Either way, I’m sure the neighbors are puzzled. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user wraith priest

It’s an odd decision to have your door leveled up that way, but who are we to say that’s unnatural. It makes us feel uncomfortable and a bit queazy, but maybe it made perfect sense at the time. Who really knows? 

Bought It Off The Back Of A Truck, Said There Was A Small Error In Design

Knock-offs, how many times have we heard, “they look just like the original.” Well, let’s be honest; they aren’t. Not by a long-shot. Most knock-offs have errors in design or fabric or just look cheap… Well, this sweater takes the cake in the endless possibilities of a knock-off. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user SneakiePuffins

Maybe it’s a revolutionary design, a new step in chic’ fashion and shirts. People have always been fans of the counterculture, of the asymmetrical, of the weird. Maybe we’re just missing it, and this is an original that’s about to wow the walkways of Paris… But we highly doubt it. 

The Snowy Triangle

The shape of the chip… the Dorito chip. Love triangles are generally messy; someone will get hurt. Generally speaking. There’s heartache, there is pain, and well, every so often, there is a bit of fun. You never can tell what you’re getting into with a love triangle.

Image Courtesy of Instagram user ANTOINEJANS

Well, this user from Instagram decided to take her LOVE TRIANGLE to the next level. She forwent all the strange emotional mire and simply dug herself an actual triangle in the snow. Easy as pie, although, pie is a completely different geometrical shape… so maybe not as easy. 

Blink And You’ll Miss It

Remember those old books at the doctor’s office—the ones with the drawings that dared us to find the incongruities. Find the irregularities. Find out what is out of place. Well, in a way this picture is like that. Stare at it for more than a passing glance and it’ll pop up.

Image Courtesy of Pfeifenrein***er

Dice might be universal, but their design, although rather simple, is not. There are a plethora of small tweaks and design changes between one company and another. They are not flaws but actual design inputs. This is what happens when you mix the dices from two different companies. 

Do You Even Understand How A Ruler Works?

Rulers are simple, you add to them ruler paper, and it’s a walk in the park to get a design down. It’s like having a belt and suspender at the same time; redundancies that make the job easier. Still, every-so-often this pops up on the internet, and the world facepalms itself. Flabbergasted by what they see.

Image Courtesy of pikabu.ru/profile/Tekstolit

Somehow this person managed to do the impossible. Put the dots outside the yellow lines.. WITH THE HELP OF A RULER. Until this guy uses an eraser and puts everything in order, the world will cease to spin, and 2020 will go on forever! Doom and gloom.

What the Fork?

We have a universal idea of what a fork looks like, right? 3 to 4 prongs, or tines generally of equal lengths and handle. Simple, and it’s one of the first tools we learn how to use. Then this comes along and has us stumped… Why the long gap in the middle. 

Image Courtesy of WhatTheFork87

Well, it turns out the gap is actually beneficial. Having a gap helps in easing the food off said fork. The gap makes it easier for our teeth to pry our food, particularly when it’s protein-based, off the skewers. Everything, although odd and bizarre, has a reason behind it. 

That’s Why I Tell You: Put The Toilet Sit Up!

The laws of gravity are immutable. They are consistent. They can’t be broken. Well, they can’t until a man comes along with liquid and decides to slap reality in the face. Pouring a liquid from one container to another should be about the simplest thing to do in this world. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user Happy_quack

Well, it seems that certain people – we’re betting it’s a guy – have difficulty performing even that easy task. Somehow this liquid is trickling, defying physics down the side of the glass and missing its target altogether.

The Nightmare Scenario

A bee in your bonnet. A fly in your ointment. An ant in your picnic. All perfectly nice and normal scenarios… Then there’s this spine-tingling HOLY HELL image… A HUGE SPIDER IN YOUR TEA. It’s enough to just make us wave off the concoction for the rest of our lives. 

Image Courtesy of hbuzzfeed.com/philippjahner/haha-spinnen

Sitting casually having a cup of tea when down goes your eyes… and ARGG the nightmare scenario. Want to know what’s worse? The dead spider was at the bottom of the mug. The poor person actually drank almost all their tea before realizing the prize that was fermenting at the bottom. 

I Have The Perfect Plan For The Weekend, Trust Me

Wake up on the weekend, buddy comes over and asks: “what do you have planned for today.” Reply: “Chilling, navel-gazing. The usual” “I have a better plan.” Next thing, this happens, and the idea pops in that maybe said buddy is missing a screw or two. 

Image Courtesy of reddit user RonaldMcD

People love high places, that’s a fact. The higher, the better the view, the more exciting it is. Well, this one really beats all other views. The daunting thing that makes this picture even more nerve-racking is the lack of proper safety equipment. Makes us wonder: “were they high?”