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Mommy-Brain Moments That All Mothers Can Relate To

All mommies want their children to be happy. They do their best to make each day a good one. Reading stories, making favorite lunches, playing pretend…there is no end to what moms will do for the sake of their little ones.  Many aspire to be the perfect parent, but life doesn’t make it easy.  Despite our best efforts to cover all the bases, most moms are bound to experience ‘mommy-brain’ moments here and there. Whenever you experience the inevitable Mommy-Fail, try to laugh it off and move on like these moms did.  Remember, we have all been there. The fact is, if you laugh at your fails, you still win because your child learns an important life lesson: nobody’s perfect!

Teddy Bear Trauma

Moms like to keep things clean, but favorite stuffed animals are notorious collectors of dirt and grime. What’s a mom to do?  This mom decided it was time for Teddy to get a good cleaning in the washing machine. 

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Oops.  Who could have anticipated Teddy falling apart in the washer?  Maybe Mom can hide the evidence before anyone else sees and sew him back together quickly.  In any case, hopefully, junior has a back-up favorite available for nap time.   

Wet and Wild

Moms have so much going on; it’s easy to get distracted. If the phone rings while filling up the tub for bath time, it might be a good idea to ignore it…or at least remember first to turn off the faucet.

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This mom answered the phone, inadvertently letting the water run, and remained on the call for half-an-hour!  Mom remembered about bath time when she found her kids gleefully stomping around on the soggy carpet. Remember rubber duckies out, no calls in!

Little Fashionista

Mornings are often very hectic. Getting a little one up, dressed, and out the door is no small feat. Considering the difficulty, Mom can be forgiven for overlooking some small details like whether her child was wearing matching shoes. 

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This Mom didn’t realize the mismatch until she picked her child up from school in the afternoon. At least she had on two shoes.  Those suffering from Mommy-Brain have been known to send their child off with only one shoe!

Worse Case Scenario

When you are a mom, just get used to the fact that when things go wrong, they will go wrong in a big way.  Here, mom was having her child help unpack groceries.  Of course, the yogurt wouldn’t just drop. 

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In true mommy-life fashion, the yogurt is not just going to drop but explode into a big mess!  It’s the way things go in mommy-land.  Now you have an opportunity to teach your child – let her help wipe it up.   

Resourceful Mommy

Birthdays are so important.  Of course, mommies want to make them fun and memorable.  Planning is key, but even the best-laid plans can go awry:  cake (check), gifts (check), decorations (check), party favors (check), candles (oh no!)—time to pivot.

image courtesy of @aimee_mcginley/via

This mom gets kudos for quickly coming up with a creative alternative.  Tea lights worked out just fine. And guess what?  Her little one didn’t mind at all.  It seems wishes work on any kind of candle. Happy Birthday!

Lipstick on the Loose

Children watch everything we do, for better or worse.  This Mommy does her makeup each morning while her children play nearby, seemingly unaware of what Mommy is doing.  Little did this mom realize they are quite interested in her lipstick.     

image courtesy of Kelly Mulder/via

At the first opportunity, these siblings grabbed mommy’s lipstick and found some new uses for it.  In the future, it would be a good idea to ensure makeup is out of reach. Little ones can’t be blamed for being inquisitive!

Laundry Art

Laundry is a part of a mom’s daily grind. It’s to be expected that mom may forget to check a pocket here and there before throwing everything into the washer. But we all know what the unfortunate result will be… 

image courtesy of @nathaliamusica/via

Ahh, crayons. Especially red ones. Stained clothing is a childhood rite of passage and nothing to get upset over.  It is probably too late to save this outfit, but maybe mom could use it as an art smock – reuse, recycle. 

Grocery Overflow

Grocery shopping needs to be done at least weekly in most households. It takes quite a bit of juggling to manage everything.  With only one small cart and a baby, ‘Resourceful Mommy’ has to think little outside the box.  

image courtesy of Kim Baber/via

Hmmm. Carriers can make good shopping carts too! In fact, the baby is sleeping soundly and doesn’t seem to mind being buried beneath piles of groceries.  To reward the baby’s cooperation, maybe mom should have a treat ready for when he wakes up.

Potty Training

Having your child learn to use the potty is an important milestone in their development. We applaud their effort and independence.  But it is probably a good idea to use a potty until they’ve got the hang of things. 

image courtesy of @chefp/via

Poor thing!  Looks like the loo was just a tad too big for him!  He must have worn himself out struggling to get free and decided to take a map instead. There’s something to be said for those baby potties. Maybe that’s the way to go for now. 

Shoeless and Carefree

For some reason, kids just love removing their shoes.  Perhaps it has to do with their naturally free spirits.  Whatever the case, if you are not careful, you might wind up sending them to school with only one shoe. Whoops.

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It’s ok. More than a few mommy-brains have inadvertently delivered their child to school with only one shoe.  Don’t feel too embarrassed. This baby doesn’t seem to mind at all. In fact, she seems to think it is all pretty hilarious.

Morning Mommy-Brain

We all know about the brain fog that exists until our first cup of coffee in the morning.  This poor mom was so exhausted she forgot to put the cup in the coffee maker before she turned it on. Oops. 

image courtesy of Tiffany Harness

One option is to try getting your coffee maker set up the night before.  It’s too much to expect a busy mom to be clear-headed as soon as she wakes up in the morning.  No use crying over spilled coffee!

Artistic Inspiration

You might want to rethink giving your child some paints to keep them busy.  Mom was cooking dinner in the kitchen while this little Picasso was getting busy. She obviously puts her heart and soul into her artistic impression of body painting.  

image courtesy of u/jfgibbs/via

When your child decides there is nothing better than for her own body for a canvas, take a breath, and appreciate the creativity. You are witnessing nothing that a good scrubbing won’t fix. Playdough might be a cleaner option next time.  

Another Morning Mommy Moment

When children wake mom up throughout the night, she tends to just go through the motions the next morning. Who pays attention when they brush their teeth, anyway?  Confusing the tube of diaper rash cream for toothpaste is an understandable mistake.  

image courtesy of insight2lala/via

This was probably quite a rude awakening! Hopefully, mom realized her mistake before she actually put the toothbrush in her mouth.  Mom obviously needs a break. Dad should step up and handle late-night feedings for a few nights.

Intrepid Mom

Mommies love their babies so much. They bravely face every kind of gooey encounter. In this case, mom may have jiggled the baby a bit too enthusiastically after feeding time.  Someone needs to get this mom a towel, and quickly. 

image courtesy of Sean Lowe/via

The smile on this mom’s face says it all. It is one of the reasons why moms are just the best beings in the world!  Who else could smile so peacefully with a mouthful of spit-up? Nothing phases her. 

Dishwasher Disaster

With ten things to do at once, it is easy to mistake dish soap for dishwashing detergent.  If you ever wondered what would happen if you made that mistake, now you know!  Well, we hope that this Mom has a sense of humor. 

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Dish soap, dish detergent – tomato, tomahto!  We all make mistakes.  The important thing is to laugh it off and move on.  Don’t worry; you’ll get it right eventually – there will be many more loads of dishes to practice on.  

Is this Mom for Real?

We get it. Running after your toddler and needing to take care of the family dog at the same time is exhausting, no doubt.  We can give this mommy a nod for creative thinking, but we think she got the two mixed up in the rush to leave the house- not Mommy of the Year material. 

image courtesy of Life magazine, May 30, 1969/via

Do you think anyone had the heart to point out the error of her ways? The dog looks super happy, though, but probably still needs to do his business. Mommy is in desperate need of a nap (and probably a psychiatrist).   

Pizza Man

Everyone looks forward to pizza night. Especially mom – it’s a night off from cooking, and no one complains.  Eager to help (and to eat), this boy tried to carry the pizza into the house. Dropping it was a devastating blow…

image courtesy of condefle/via

No doubt, Mom will reassure him that these things happen (after she grits her teeth, takes five deep breaths, and counts to 10).  It’s back to the pizza place! Mom would be well advised to carry it in next time.

Boring Car Rides

No one can blame mom for trying to keep baby quiet and busy in the back seat while she’s driving.  Of course, raspberries are a healthy snack.  Too bad this baby got more on her face than in her belly.

image courtesy of MrsBTaylor/via

This mom had the right idea, but maybe something a little less juicy and squishy would be a better choice for next time. Bananas anyone? No, they’re messy too.  How about Cheerios in a no-spill cup? Live and learn.

Where’s My Phone?

We have all said it, sometimes multiple times a day. Even people without young children are guilty of absent-mindedly misplacing their phones now and then.  But mommy-brains have everyone else beat – putting phones in refrigerators and other equally strange places.  

Image courtesy

When you can’t find your phone, retrace your steps.  Weren’t you on the phone with the neighbor when you went for that cookie?  Try the cupboard.  No luck?  Oh yes, you went for the milk next. Elementary, my dear Watson. 

Tastes a Little Dry

There is something about toilet paper that seems to fascinate young children. Maybe it is the way it rolls or the fact that it can be chewed up so easily.  This little munchkin saw an opportunity to have a taste. 

image courtesy of bocklandia/via

It’s a bit dry! Hopefully, that’s the end of this little experiment. Little kids learn about the world through their senses – including their sense of taste.  Good thing mom got to the bathroom before baby found anything else to taste-test!

DIY Tattoos

Kids are natural artists, and the world is their canvas – including their own bodies (and the walls, their siblings, the dog, etc.).  This girl wanted tattoos just like Mommy…and then some. Give her credit for doing a thorough job.

image courtesy of Whitney Hanners/via

Rest assured, drawing on herself is your child just being a kid.  It would make sense, however, to keep permanent markers out of reach for the foreseeable future. Paintbrushes in the bathtub might be a good alternative for self-decoration. 

Salon Style

Pretending to be like mommy is one of a child’s favorite pastimes. A fun game of nail salon is the perfect way to spend an afternoon.  Mommy, being the great mommy she is, let her baby experiment with the nail polish. 

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/via

It may be a little messy but give credit where it is due – the color choice is fabulous!  Mommy clearly is teaching her well. Maybe a future nail technician in the making?  At least it seems the carpet was spared.

There’s More Than One Way to Catch A Fish

Spending an afternoon fishing is a lovely way to make memories as a family.  But all of that fresh air and sunshine is bound to make little ones hungry.  Here’s a tip: ensure you’ve fed your littlest before taking pics! 

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After a long day fishing, this little guy just couldn’t resist a little taste.  To be fair, he was probably fishing for hours.  Mom, please remember the Goldfish crackers next time, especially if fish sticks are his favorite for lunch!

Read Those Tags!

Mom’s love to dress their children in the most fashionable clothes. This rainbow sweater is so cute! But it seems poor, over-worked mom forgot to check the washing instructions on the tag. It is a mistake with irretrievable consequences!

Image courtesy of vallenhoop/via

The sweater has shrunken beyond repair! This child is not happy, and we’re sure her mommy isn’t either!  This is a costly “mommy-brain” moment.  However, there may be a way to salvage things: any chilly dolls or pets in the house?

Mommy Told Me To Draw Something!

Mommies are busy, so finding ways to occupy the kids is a must. Drawing works great. Just don’t forget to check on your child now and then.  If you forget, you may find she’s adding artistic touches to your walls.

image courtesy of Katie Cline Weinberger/via

Oh boy.  Well, on the up-side, this girl is really good at drawing hearts.  And she was probably quietly occupied for quite a while, just like Mommy wanted.  Be careful what you wish for. Quiet children are cause for suspicion!

Who is Responsible for This?

Mommies take on so many roles; however, “hairstylist” may be one they want to leave to the professionals.  Cutting bangs seems easy enough, taking off a little here and a little there…but it’s so hard to get those bangs even!

image courtesy of u/Barajasjayr/via

You don’t want to be on the receiving end of this tantrum. Poor mom – she always tries her best.  The good news is hair grows back.  Next time go ahead and spring for a professional cut.  Everyone will be happier.

While Mom’s Away the Kids will Play            

No one is going to blame Mom for taking a minute for herself.  Everyone needs time to shower, exercise, visit with friends.  Just make sure that “minute” doesn’t last too long.  Kids will always find interesting ways to occupy themselves… 

image courtesy of Liesel Vasher/via

You’ve heard the saying, “when the cat’s away.”  Well, when mom’s away, the kids go…wild!  It probably makes sense to take the kids to the playground first, before mom indulges in her well-deserved time-out.  Now, who’s going to clean this mess?

It’s the New Style

Mama’s got a new pair of shoes!  Whenever you make a social faux pas,  there’s always the option to play it off: Oh yes, I meant to do that!  It’s the newest style, of course!  Individual expression and all that…

image courtesy of @hollywashere/via

You could just admit to having little ones in the house. Everyone would get it. Tired, over-worked mommies are bound to have these moments.  At least you didn’t leave the house in slippers, as some “mommy-brains” are known to do!

Mommy’s Little Helper

For mommies everywhere, cleaning the house is an ongoing and sometimes unwelcome chore.  Most of us would welcome help whenever and wherever we could get it.  Unless, of course, that help meant using a toothbrush to clean a training potty.

image courtesy of u/Ka3de/via

He means well.  Mom obviously taught him the importance of cleaning up after himself.  Now he just needs a little more instruction in the finer details. Despite the obvious problem with his method, mom gets a pat on the back.

Slimy Hair

Making slime with your kids is a fun activity on a rainy day.  Just don’t let them play with it unsupervised, or you may have a big problem on your hands. Cutting it out might only make things worse!

image courtesy of vellowitty/via

Aww.  We feel for this poor child!  The tangled-mess is quite a problem.  Mom needs to do some research on how to remove slime without scissors.  Otherwise, this child may need to wear a hat for some time to come!

Peanut Butter Panic

Kids love peanut butter, and so do adults.  But adults typically won’t use it as a body lotion!  Kids have the most original ideas. Especially when left alone for any length of time. Can’t Mommy take a phone call without fear?

image courtesy of

The answer to the last question is a resounding “No.”  Mommies must always have a little fear to keep them attuned to their children’s antics.  Otherwise, you may check on them a bit too late and not recognize them anymore!

The Case of the Missing Socks

We’ve all experienced the pervasive problem of missing socks.  It seems to be one of the world’s most enduring mysteries.  We look everywhere, but they can’t be found.  Of course, there’s only one rational conclusion:  Gremlins must be eating them…

image courtesy of Cathy Hinz/via

Finally, we have the answer!  The catch in the laundry machine swallows them whole.  It appears that only a screwdriver and some elbow grease can remove them from the belly of the beast!  The mystery is solved.  You’re welcome.  

Bean Bag Exploration

Having your kids play quietly together sounds like a great idea until it isn’t!  Best to check on them regularly.  Playing catch with a bean bag chair can be a lot of fun but, potentially, can also a big mess!

image courtesy of Marji Craft/via

Well, everyone is going to be occupied for a while now. This mess is going to take forever to clean up.  Hopefully, mom will take it easy on these two. Both seem quite regretful.  Really, it was an honest mistake!

This Little Piggy

Mom had the right idea of taking her kids to the petting zoo. It is always great fun. But do not turn your back for a second. You taught baby how to give kisses; now anyone (or anything) is fair game.

image courtesy of Pinterest

We can probably assume this little guy is going to grow up to be a real animal lover.  Maybe even a veterinarian!  But his love of animals might need a bit of taming.  Hope this mom brought a toothbrush along. 

Wire Wonder

Everything in the world is new and amazing to your toddler. This little guy is having a blast with an everyday wire. Why spend big bucks on toys when such ordinary things are so interesting to them? Children are very imaginative.  

image courtesy of Christina Beyer/via

Remember, it doesn’t take much to occupy your toddler.  However, as always, don’t forget to check on him frequently throughout the day. If things are getting a little too quiet, you can be assured someone is up to no good.

Coffee on the Go

Like most moms of small children, this mom obviously woke up a bit out of sorts. There’s so much going on every morning that an exhausted mom can’t be blamed for mixing up a sippy cup with her coffee cup. 

image courtesy of Suzy Leanos/via

Between getting the children up and fed, taking out the dog, and the host of other chores, mornings typically are a whirlwind of activity.  And not everyone is a morning person! This mom just needs to laugh off this oversight.

Don’t Cry Over Burnt Treats

Moms have the best intentions.  This mom was attempting to make a caramel treat for her children but, as is so often the case, there was too much going on to ensure the dish got the attention it needed. 

image courtesy of u/Skiddle1138/via

If you find yourself being called away from the stove over and over again, you will inevitably suffer a major cooking defeat as this mom did. Take the opportunity to teach your child an important life lesson: Try, try again.

Four Little Kittens

Kids have such great imaginations. This little girl wanted to share her milk with the family’s cats.  She decided to dive right in and join them in lapping up the spill! Mom, you’ve got to admit, this is too cute.

image courtesy of momoneymofood/imgur

Now that you know your child likes to pretend to be an animal try to make this work to your advantage (think: “quiet as a mouse”). A hibernating bear might be a good idea at bedtime. Outside the box, Mom. 

Tenting the Bathroom

It’s always a good idea to monitor how long your child is spending in the bathroom. Toilet paper temptation is hard to resist. And Barbie’s like to swim in the toilet! Beware when things are too quiet for too long.

image courtesy of

This little one was quite busy. For all we know she managed to create bathroom mayhem in a matter of minutes. It’s important to teach your children privacy but better to keep the door open until they are older. 

Imprisonment by Lounge Chair

This awesome mom brought her kids to the pool on a hot summer day.  But did she make the mistake of sending her son under the lounge chair to retrieve something? Entrapment by lounge chair is really quite distressing! 

image courtesy of

Moms certainly cannot be expected to anticipate every possible childhood foible. Who could imagine the dangers presented by a lounge chair?  Maybe he’s still wet enough just to slip out. How can mom save the day?  Ice cream, of course! 

It’s Fairy Dust, Mom!

If you decide to allow your child to play in the kitchen, it is essential to keep certain items far out of reach. Flour makes the most interesting fairy dust!  Don’t blame your little one for having an active imagination!

image courtesy of Sarah Pineda/via

If your child gets her hands on the flour container as this little girl did, all bets are off.  Hide anything and everything that has the consistency of sand. If you do not, you can’t say you weren’t warned!

The Muffin Man

Mommy-brains misplace lots of things: cell phones, keys, glasses, to name a few. This mom baked a cake, and her glasses must have fallen off right into the batter.  She had no idea until she popped it out of the tin!

image courtesy of MyLoveBox/imgur

Mom and the kids got a good laugh at this mommy-fail!  Sometimes, you just have to laugh. This is the result when you are so tired you can’t see straight.  Or maybe that’s because she didn’t have her glasses on.

Murphy’s Law

No use crying over spilled sauce.  As you may know, Murphy’s Law states that whatever can go wrong will.  This poor mom slipped while holding the spaghetti sauce she made for dinner.  The cat certainly seems to be enjoying it!

image courtesy of bunnyfood/imgur

Take a deep breath, mom. We know it’s overwhelming being a parent sometimes- It will be ok.  This is all part and parcel of motherhood.  Just grab a mop and the Chinese take-out menu. Tomorrow is a new day, and you’ll get to do it all over again! 

The Fun Mom

This mom just wanted to get into the “swing” of things and join in the fun to be had at the playground.  Unfortunately, it seems she discovered the hard way that baby swings were not built to accommodate adult bottoms.    

image courtesy of

Unfortunately, mom was unable to extricate herself without needing to call the fire department for help. But, even though she had to call in the calvary, she would not be the first to do so…and certainly won’t be the last. 

No One Can Make it Better Like Mom

Considering all the inevitable goofs and pitfalls of motherhood, it’s important to remind ourselves of the many things that only moms do best.  When your child is sick, hurt, or upset no one can ease the pain like Mom can.

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Nothing in the world is as warm and comforting and hugs and kisses from Mom.  So, whenever you feel a bit defeated by the “mommy-brain” moments and long, tiresome days, remember who matters most – Mom is a true hero, every day.