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Mirror, Mirror On The Wall: Animals That Love Admiring Themselves

But seriously, now! Who doesn’t love it? Being able to check your appearance in the mirror to perfect that look, having imaginary conversations with yourself and others, and even dancing in front of it. Mirrors are Heaven’s sent, and the fact that this object can be found in every house can prove our statement. Even though the first mirror is thought to appear in the 5th century Before Christ, the mirror we all use today, the convex mirror, was invented in 1835 by a German inventor. Yes, we owe our gratitude and all the fun times we ever had in front of the mirror to Justus von Liebig. Not just us but our pets too because it turns out that they love looking at themselves in the mirror as much as we do. Mirror, mirror on the wall who’s the cutest pet of them all?


We hope that one day everybody on this planet will get to love themselves the way this orange Garfield looking kitty enjoys looking at his reflection in the mirror. You just got to love how pets always manage to teach us valuable life lessons.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/stationary_nomad

According to his owner, even though Tommy has been living with them for years, he has just discovered the mirror, and he just loves being in front of it. That’s why his owner decided to put his bed right there so he’d be comfortable while admiring himself.

Piece of art

The “lady” pictured below looks straight out of a Renaissance painting. Everything from her perfectly imperfect fur to the background’s frame and color- everything makes us think about those beautiful paintings. The funny thing about this is that the kitty knows exactly what she’s doing.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Emloin

It is pretty clear that she loves what she sees in the mirror, and not only that, but she is keeping still for her owner to take the perfect photo of her. The amount of self-confidence present in this picture is too big even for us.

This can’t be me!

As funny as the picture below may be, we can not help but wonder what was in this guy’s head when he saw his reflection in the mirror. What could have possibly made this little kitty so shocked when seeing his cute face in the mirror?

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/Bynie_

All we can say it’s that this is the same exact expression we pull every Monday morning while seeing our tired faces and blacker than black bags under our eyes in the mirror. You can never get used to that, trust us!

You got it, girl!

Have you ever put on that favorite outfit of yours and so confident that all you wanted to do when seeing your reflection in the mirror was to just kiss the mirror? If you have, then you know how this girl was feeling.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ r/aww

Turns out, this pet pig just discovered the mirror, and according to her owner, she thought that her mama brought her home a new friend. This is so cute; her owner should really considering buying her a pal to play with.

“You are a good boy!”

His owner caught this big boy while he was doing some motivational, self-confidence boosting in front of the mirror. It is known that giving yourself a pep talk every now and then is beneficial, and apparently, this guy knows it too.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/ PoopAndSunshine

The serious expression on this Rottweiler’s face, while he is staring at himself in the mirror, is making us laugh out loud. Not to mention the timing was everything. His owner should consider framing this picture because it is indeed one of a kind.

What is this, hooman?

This curious girl decided to jump on her owner’s beauty table to explore. Attracted by the glow, she discovered the ring light mirror and also her reflection in it as she peered up. The picture below shows her priceless reaction.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/TonyBolognaOG

Curiosity and a bit of fear but not enough to run away from the mirror, this cat’s facial expression is beyond cute. Lucky, the owner, had her camera close and was able to take a picture of this “kitty vs. mirror” encounter.

Beyond excited or beyond terrified?

We have been looking at this photo below for so long, and we can still not understand what was in this little guy’s mind when he saw his reflection in the mirror. Could it be excitement at the thought of meeting a new friend?

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/windhiss

Or could it be terror for realizing that his hairstyle is not as cute as he thought it would be? Nonetheless, his facial expression is everything, and this photo can easily be the next viral trend by becoming a new internet meme.

You can do this!

This sad and disappointed guy looking at himself in the mirror is all of us once the Winter holidays were over. We all enjoyed that Christmas and New Year’s food a little too much, and we all had the same sad face once we realized the result of all the overindulgence.

Photo courtesy of and reddit.com/r.aww

This little buddy looks like he’s planning his workout routine. And while there is nothing wrong with working out every now and then, we really hope he stays as chubby and fluffy as he is in this photo because he is way too cute.

The make up mirror

You will never understand this poor kitty’s reaction until you have had a makeup mirror in your bathroom that enlarged and showed every little imperfection of your face. The reaction she had is the same reaction all of us had once we saw all of our enlarged pores and wrinkles.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/ktbelliss

According to its owner, the sink was this kitty’s favorite place to chill and waste time, until she decided to buy herself a makeup mirror. It took kitty a couple of days to notice the mirror’s appearance, and it turns out that after she saw her reflection in it, she’s been staying away from the sink.

The makeup mirror part II

We have another makeup mirror story but with a totally different attitude. The girl pictured below loves the makeup mirror. And not only that, but you can tell she really enjoys every second of staring at herself in it. Narcissistic much?

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/jabba_the_hun

Her cute face might be magnified a bit by this mirror, but the light ring around it makes her look nothing less than perfect. This or her ability to do her makeup, contouring, and all are on a whole ‘nother level.

Pep talk expert

There is something about Samoyeds that just makes them look so noble, so imposing. It could be their entirely white coat or that serious face they always display. Whatever it is, the guy pictured below is no exception from it.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/nevona

If you look closer, you might find at the corners of his muzzle upturned in a small smile. We would pay good money to find out what this guy was thinking while looking at himself in the mirror. Cuz by his facial expression, he definitely looks like he was giving himself one of the best pep talks ever.

Foxes love mirrors too

If you thought that only cats and dogs love mirrors, we have a picture for you to prove you wrong. It turns out foxes love mirrors as much as we do too. And seriously now, foxes are so cute it’s obvious why they love looking at themselves in the mirror.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/11-110011

The photo of this albino fox pup was taken when she saw herself in the mirror for the first time. Her reaction was just adorable. The moment she saw her reflection, foxy decided to give her “new friend” a big friendly kiss.

Who are you?

The picture below shows the exact moment Tommy realized he was not the only cat in the house. He looks shocked and also angry with the owner, who he thought was only going to serve and worship him, and only him.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/photoshopbattles

That poor owner of Tommy, he will definitely have to hear him out and apologize for this. Until then, we can only hope that Tommy’s reflection in the mirror is not rude to him and behaves properly when Tommy’s around.

After Christmas reactions part II

So far, we’ve seen quite a few mirror reactions but, you have to agree with us; this is by far the saddest. It sure looks like someone has been enjoying all the Christmas chocolate and treats a little bit too much.

Photo courtesy of breddit.com/venn

But what is really impressive to us is that the owner managed to capture the exact moment reality hit kitty. When she realized that chocolate went straight to her hips, the terror on her face is priceless. You know what they say, kitty: a moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

Oh, I didn’t see you there!

Do you know that awkward moment when you look at yourself in the mirror, you’re all caught up in your thoughts and imaginary conversation with your subconscious, and then all of a sudden, someone bursts in, and you have to act cool and normal?

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/moral_aphrodesiac

This hunting dog was doing exactly that when his owner caught him and took the photo. You can tell by looking at his face that he was trying to act as cool and collected as he could. Good try, buddy, but you aren’t convincing anyone.

If curiosity was a person

If curiosity was a person, she or he would definitely look like Renley, the cat pictured below. According to his owner, her overly curious cat could not stay away from the new side table décor she bought, a mirror.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Litswd

We don’t know exactly if his reflection fascinates him or the fact that his owner got herself a very futuristic mirror. To be honest, we’re fascinated by the fact that this mirror has a cable connected to a power point. Can someone tell us what is that for?

Parrots+mirrors= love

All human parents of parrots know that in order to make your dear feather baby’s cage more welcoming and more fun, a mirror is what is needed. Not only will it decorate the cage, but the mirror will keep the parrot entertained for hours too.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/jabba_the_hun

And if the parrot is “an only child,” the mirror will also make it believe that it is not alone in there. This is the story of this parrot who appeared on TV for playing peek-a-boo with his reflection in the mirror. As funny as the video is, the situation behind it is actually rather sad.

Cat invasion

For a second, we thought that this guy was hatching a diabolical plan while on a video call with his maleficent partner. Well, it turns out that this is nothing but an innocent kitty who discovered the makeup mirror.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Potato_in_Space-o

And judging by his face, he looks like he is not impressed by it at all. Matter of fact, we think that he is pretty upset with the reflection that is staring back at him. We get it, kitty! This is exactly what happens to us, too, when we’re in front of a makeup mirror.

Oh, hi there!

This beautiful fluffy kitty checking himself in the mirror is definitely the epitome of self-love and confidence. That gorgeous face and fur help him a lot. We aspire to one day reach the level of self-acceptance that he is oozing.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/B1tsyB1tches

You can tell how much this guy loves himself just looking at his facial expression. And while self-love is hard to acquire and it’s a sought after goal nowadays, we can not help but think this guy might be just a tiny bit too conceited for his own good.

Why didn’t you tell me, hooman?

It looks like someone just discovered that they look exactly like a leopard, and not only is he shocked, but it also seems that he expects some kind of explanation from his owner. How come all this time his human treated him like just a regular cat.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/DeboltSiena

We get his reaction. The Bengal cat breed was created by mixing a domesticated cat and a feral cat (such as an Asian leopard cat), so he is definitely no regular cat. We totally agree with you, kitty; your owner should have told you before.

Existential moment

We all have them, and if you think about it, it’s impossible not to consider the fact that we live in such a crazy world. Well, it turns out that our pets go through the same feelings and are haunted by the same thoughts as we are

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/WongOnSoManyLevels

Lucky for them, their state doesn’t last too long, and not only this, but it’s pretty easy to distract them with a good ol’ treat or a walk around the block. And it looks like the owner of the deep thinker pictured above distracted him with something good.

First time encounter

Turns out the upset cat pictured below had his first encounter with his reflection in that mirror, and there’s no need for us to tell you that he did not enjoy it. At all! Seriously, look at him; he is definitely ready to fight.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/tehsi

According to his owner, that mirror has always been there, but it was just recently that the cat discovered it and saw his reflection for the first time. He is ok with the other mirrors in the house except for this one. Could it be because this mirror makes him look a bit more chubby than the rest of the mirrors in the house?

Cuteness overload

In case you did not get the chance to get your daily dose of cuteness today, we got you! Here is a picture of a fluffy, white as snow Samoyed pup standing in front of a mirror while fiercely looking straight to the camera.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/LizDelRey

This model pup is not only beautiful but also photogenic; this picture came out just perfect. However, we do agree that the photographer’s talent should also be acknowledged too. We mean, he was the one who managed to get the best angle of this cutie.

Hi, there cutie!

Imagine being this pretty that you just fall in love with your reflection every time you see yourself in the mirror. And not only that, but also you can’t help but stare at yourself while you reach out to touch your reflection to make sure that you aren’t dreaming!

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Carloss107

While the reflection is just that, we cannot rave enough about this girl’s beauty. She’s gorgeous, and we understand why she is so mesmerized by what she sees in the mirror. Not to mention those baby blue eyes are nothing short of captivating.

Oh, hi there!

Meet Lola! Lola is a 3 years old Chihuahua who makes a habit of kissing her reflection in the mirror every time she passes by one. It’s so cute to see how something so small has so much love to give.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mirrorsforsale

As cute as this may be, we can not stop but wonder how many mirrors this girl’s owner has in her house. Also, approximately how many times a day do you think that she has to clean the smooch marks from all of them?

Courage, is this you?

Most of the pets we’ve seen, up until now, were very comfortable with seeing themselves in the mirror. Not to mention some of them looked downright in love with their reflections, but then there’s this guy who looks so shy and smore than a little afraid.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Lina____

Turns out it was the first time he saw himself in the mirror. His face says exactly how he felt about it. Looking closer, this guy reminds us of someone, and we can not help but wonder: can this be the real-life Courage the Cowardly dog?

“Feeling myself”

While some pets are shy in front of the mirror, some are definitely feeling the love a little bit too much. So is this beautiful orange cat who is in front of a mirror that enlarges your face and shows all your imperfections.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/laurenrightmeow

Despite the flaw-magnifying mirror that she chose to look in, she is clearly feeling fabulous and is not afraid to admit it. We are loving the big self-confidence vibes that she is giving us… Now that’s how we should all feel about ourselves.

French bulldog curse

There is something really intriguing about French bulldogs and brachycephalic breeds in general. The brachycephalic breeds are those dogs who have short muzzles, who look like they are always grumpy and ready to argue even though they are perfectly content.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/rachaelbeatson

We may not be French Bulldog experts, and it’s okay because you don’t have to be one to know that this fatty pictured above is nothing but excited to see himself in the mirror. Sure it doesn’t look like it on the surface, but we can tell he is, trust us.

Decisions, decisions…

Ladies, you surely know how this girl feels. We’ve all been there, especially if there are dozens of eye shadow pallets on that beauty table of yours. Choosing which color to use is probably one of the hardest decisions ever.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/KatAPearce

If she’d ask us for our advice, we would definitely go with a darker color. Because honey, those baby blue eyes are too beautiful not to be put on show. We can not help but wonder what color she went for.

That moment when…

That moment when you wake up after a night of insomnia, and you realize it’s not Friday but Tuesday. And on top of this, you see that outside it’s raining, and you can already tell that going to work will be a muddy, wet mission with a commute full of angry people who would rather be at home.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/icefogger

Yes, this is the exact face we all have in a situation like this. But what we don’t understand is why this kitty has that grumpy face when all she has on her daily agenda is eating snacks, chasing her toy, and maybe a cuddle with her human if she feels like it.

You still got it!

There is a moment in each person’s life (especially those who have reached a certain age) when they feel overwhelmed with their age and how the world has changed, bringing with it all new technologies and challenges since they were young pups,

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Siennalola

Well, apparently, dogs go through a phase like this too. What do they do to make themselves feel better and cope with it? Precisely what we humans do: they go sit in front of the mirror and repeat to themselves that they still got it.

Staring lowkey

This poodle knows that staring is considered to be a very rude action. To not be impolite but still meet his desperate need to look at his owner, he found a solution: staring at his human while pretending that he is checking himself out in the mirror.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/eceyunt

That’s indeed one smart move, but it turns out his owner was two steps ahead of him and noticed his little plan. And not only that, but he was fast enough to snap a picture of the sneaky onlooker too.

Here, far wherever you are

By the number of feelings that this cat expresses while touching her reflection in the mirror, we are more than sure that Celine Dion’s famous Titanic song was blasting in the background. We totally understand her reaction; that song gets us every time we hear it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/r.aww

This photo makes us laugh out loud but also makes us a bit sad at the same time. The cat’s innocent yet solemn face can easily become a viral meme. But when it comes to that paw touching the mirror, there is something really theatrical about that.

Hello, you!

This is Archie. He is a pitbull, and this was his first picture taken by his foster parents when he was brought home for the first time. According to his foster mum, he was happy and really relieved to be out of the animal shelter.

Photo courtesy of imgur.com/shelterpetadvocate

But his happiness hit an all-time high when he discovered the mirror and his reflection in it. The picture above was taken at that exact moment. His happy face says everything and even manages to transmit happy vibes to those looking at it. He’s such a ray of sunshine!

A gym program is needed ASAP

It was the exact moment when Garfield realized he ate too much Lasagna, and he needed to drop a few kilos as soon as possible. Poor chubby kitty, the disappointment on his face is too much to bear even for us.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/m2nhyuk

We can only hope that this “back to reality” moment did not last for too long and that he went back to feeling like the fabulous kitty he is in no time. If we were forced to give up lasagna, well, we wouldn’t be too happy either.

Sharing is carrying

And this good boy pictured below knows it! According to his owner, who posted this picture on a Reddit thread, her four-year-old poodle mix loves the new décor piece she just got for her room so much that he can’t tear himself away from it.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/zp1012

He loves it so much that every time he feels like playing, he gets his favorite ball and sits in front of the mirror to play with the guy “trapped” inside of it. Not only that, but because he gets no reaction from his new “friend,” he tries to teach him how to play with the ball. Dogs are simply angels, and we dare you to contradict us!

Fluffy meets Fluffy

Chinchillas are a part of the rodent family, and as other rodent pets, they too are a fun addition to bring into the family. They are friendly, they are energic, and last but not least, they are so fluffy, all you want to do is to squeeze and hug them 24/7.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/karaleecupcake

Chinchillas are not only full of energy but also very sociable animals, and they need a companion. Maybe that’s how her owner was able to take a clear picture of her chinchilla because he was too busy socializing with his friend in the mirror.

Not happy at all

If looks could kill, this cat’s look would definitely harm her hairdresser and also the one who decided on this awful hairstyle, the kitty’s servant, aka the owner. This was not what kitty meant when she asked the groomer to make her look fierce.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Fitz9099Mon

We’ve all been there, and the best solution to this situation is to hide inside for at least 2 weeks until your hair starts to grow back. It sure sounds very dramatic, but it’s not that hard if you have plenty of shows to watch and delicious snacks.

What a discovery!

This is Kaiser, a German shepherd, and according to his foster mum, he did not know what mirrors were before he joined her family. His reaction when he saw himself in the mirror for the very first time was priceless.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Embryoyo

And apparently, ever since that day, he developed a habit of constantly going to the mirror, sitting in front of it, and admiring his beautiful self-reflection until something more interesting (like a treat or dinner time, for example) comes up.

Who’s the cutest of them all?

This little buddy might be the most beautiful thing you have seen today on the internet. At least that’s how we feel—her pointed ears and piercing eyes, not to mention her fluffy coat. We want to hug her so badly.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/NikasaursRex

The Reddit used who posted this picture wrote in the description that this was her kitten’s first encounter with a mirror and that she was very calm and curious. Now that kitty is aware of her beauty, we bet she preens in front of the mirror multiple times a day.

Trendy poodle

If you’re an internet fanatic and you keep up with all the current trends, we are sure you know about this one. The trend of taking a beautifully framed mirror outside in the daylight and taking photos of yourself in the mirror.

Photo courtesy of twitter.com/buddyfrienddude

The results, no matter who is the one in the picture, are all gorgeous. And the pretty girl pictured above is rocking it. Everything about the picture is just perfect: the posing, the light, and the angle too. Kudos to the photographer! He/she did a great job!

You can not be serious, hooman!

Looks like this poor Great Alexandrine parrot had a very intriguing “you can not be serious?” moment when he decided to land in front of the makeup mirror. He looks beyond annoyed by the reflection this mirror shows of him.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/Cameron909

Not only that, but it looks like someone will have to give this guy some explanation. And you know what, little buddy? We totally understand your anger. Who in the world would want to buy a mirror that makes them look fat and shows them in detail every tiny little imperfection?

Friend substitute

You may need to grab a couple of tissues for this one because the story behind this picture is beyond sad. The user who posted this picture and her family lost one of their four-legged babies in a car accident not long ago.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/sophiedhen

In order to make the loss less hurtful for her other dog, she decided to place a mirror in front of his bed. We do not know if this worked, but we really hope the poor guy is in better spirits now and also that his owner got a new pup to help everybody heal.

I see you, hooman!

This cat discovered the heart-shaped mirrors, and he just loves looking at his owner through them. And he is doing it so nonchalantly that we are sure he doesn’t know that his owner knows he’s looking straight at him.

Photo courtesy of reddit.com/mac_is_crack

Well, the last picture shows exactly what his reaction was when he found out his owner knew about his little tactics all this time. We feel that this cat has something against cameras and pictures because he does not look that happy seeing his owner taking a picture of him.