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45 Convenient Inventions That Make Daily Life More Comfortable

We live in a time characterized by constant technological advancements and new inventions designed to simplify our lives. Amazing creators and designers worldwide consider common problems that could make your life uncomfortable and strive to find practical solutions. Various innovations have been made to help alleviate cramps, make cooking easier, make phones even more user-friendly, and make cleaning more fun. This article explores a list of the top forty-five inventions that have made life simpler for individuals of all ages. By the end, you should have picked at least one to help you start the journey towards a stress-free life that involves working smarter. You may come across a set of amazing inventions that could be used in your house or office desk from the list.

Remedy for Dead Arms

Each day, you should get at least seven hours of undisturbed sleep to safeguard your holistic well-being. It would help if you invested in your sleep by getting the right things, including the mattress, bed, sheet, pajamas, low lighting, and pillows.

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Photo Credits: alibaba.com

When choosing a pillow, consider your preferred sleeping position. If you love sleeping on your arm, you may be a regular victim of “dead arms.” This pillow has a space allowing your arm to pass through without it falling asleep.

Prepare American Style Chocolate, No Cheese

A hamburger is almost incomplete without American cheese. We slap on those Kraft singles without much thought about the health implications. Cheese is life, after all. Call us crazy, but what if we substitute the slice of orange-yellow goodness with slices of chocolate?

Photo Credits: tilestwra.com

Chocolate is a delicacy that can have a hoard of health benefits. You may explore options like chocolate popcorn, chocolate-covered pancakes or waffles, chocolate pizza, and chocolate sandwiches with the sliced variety. There practically isn’t a limit to what you can cover in chocolate now!

Stain Free Tables

When drinking coffee or tea, you may notice traces of the liquid on the table. After each drinking session, you might have to clean the tables. The remnants of each sip drip down the side of your cup, past the fingers, and fall onto the couch or clothes.

Photo Credits: recreoviral.com

Instead of placing a saucer, towel, or tissue below the cup to catch the drips, this new invention allows you to drink coffee and tea without fear of stains. The cup has an amazing design collecting the drip trail to avoid annoying stains.

Lay Down Your Head

The travel pillow allows one to fly (or ride) long distances without suffering neck pain. We probably all have one. What if it came in the form of a hoodie with an inbuilt inflatable pillow? If that sounds like something you’d want, check out the Pillowdy.

Photo Credits: pillowdylab / Instagram

When disembarking on a long trip via car or plane, the Pillowdy may safeguard your comfort while keeping neck pains at bay. This is great because it stays in place better, and you can deflate it easily, and it looks like a regular hoodie!

Lay Both Feet on the Floor

Once in a while, you may wake up before the alarm goes off. On most days, you may be tempted to snooze, extend your sleep for “five minutes,” or fail to hear the alarm completely. Thanks to this invention, you can wake up at the right time no matter how sleepy you are.

Photo Credits: noveltystreet.com

The Ruggie is an effective addition that will make your alarm more effective. Instead of ear-piercing melodies, at the designated time, the Ruggie starts ringing and doesn’t cease until you place both feet on it for at least three seconds.

Let Books Light the Way

Shark Tank has given massive opportunities for big picture thinkers to bring their idea to life. After a powerful presentation, the Lumio Book Lamp received endorsements from every single Shark. The lamp may pass for a hardcover book but can light up a whole room.

Photo Credits: home-designing.com

When you open the “book,” it reveals a highly effective lamp. For brighter light, you simply open the book further. It’s able to open up to 360 degrees. Turning off the lamp is easy as closing the book. You may charge it using a micro-USB port.

Protecting Your Smartphone

Depending on a few factors, your device may crack beyond recognition hours, days, weeks, months, or years after your purchase. Most phone owners opt for cases with a plastic shell for additional protection or a bumper phone case for space between the cover and screen.

Photo Credits: sugru.com

For effective protection of your phone in case of a hard fall, you can use the Sugru. It is a moldable glue that you can shape to your device. It cushions your phone from hard falls that may shatter the screen into the dreaded spider web.

Choosing Your Clothes

Matching your clothes with the right pair of shoes may be an uphill task if you love funky patterns. Thanks to smart clothing, you can coordinate your sneakers with clothes of any shade by giving you a wide range of colors to choose from.

Photo Credits: vimeopro.com

You can toggle between different colors convincing other folks that you have several pairs of the same shoe. Fortunately, the smart sneakers recharge while you walk to relieve the burden of plugging them in. You can also explore different patterns and designs.

Sharing a Room with Your Pet(s)

Most pets don’t prefer sleeping away from their owners. Some pet lovers also prefer having their furry children nearby for comfort and safety. If you don’t like sharing a bed with the pet(s), you can get a base with a bunk for them.

Photo Credits: mentalfloss.com

If you’re the DIY type, you could customize the bed to include a built-in boudoir for your pet. Luckily for the rest of us, there are a few companies out there that thought of this and made it for us.

Traveling with Your Cats

As a pet lover, you may feel uncomfortable leaving your cats unattended when you leave the house, especially on errands or coffee shops trips. Taking dogs can be easier than cats since you can put them on leashes. Cat lovers have introduced this bag to travel with your amazing friend.

Photo Credits: life_of_fatface / Instagram

Considering their intelligence and curiosity, your cats may be a bit jumpy and prone to dart out of sight. This pet backpack gives your kitty comfortable space and a transparent bubble window allowing it to explore and enjoy the scenery without causing chaos.

Creative Sleeping Bags

Outdoors, a sleeping bag is a great substitute for the mattress. Eiko Ishizava, a Japanese artist, was inspired by a bear’s escape in the Alps in 2006 to design “The Great Sleeping Bear.” The bag is comfortable and effective for sleeping outdoors or on the floor.

Photo Credits: xmanda87x / Instagram

Consider adding “The Great Sleeping Bear” into your collection if you love bears or have a fun sense of humor. You will surely feel protected if you go camping, and you’ll be snug as a bug in a rug when wearing it at home.

Take a Stroll with your Baby

Every parent strives to spend more time with their children at all stages. Before the baby learns to walk, you can take advantage of the baby stroller to cover long distances. You can use the baby-safe longboard stroller with additional safety gear to protect your child.

Photo Credits: Baby Safe Stroller Scooter

Most folks may not consider this as it appears unsafe. If you can maneuver a skateboard well, then this would be a fun way to spend time at the park. We do not recommend taking it on busy streets, though.

Advanced Coffee Maker

Imagine waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee beckoning from the kitchen. This coffee maker allows you to connect the alarm system to ensure that you wake up to a fresh cup of joe. This makes getting up much more appealing.

Photo Credits: designfather.com

Joshua Renouf, a British designer, went the extra mile to grant coffee lovers a dream of a lifetime. Besides waking up to a freshly brewed cup of your favorite coffee strain, you get to stay awake past your alarm clock. Snoozing the alarm will turn into a relic of the past.

Multi-Task Without Extra Talent

Multi-tasking is ideal for saving time. Unfortunately, the wrong approach may cost you more time or jeopardize quality results (like trying to listen to a podcast while writing an essay). If your phone drains power fast, you will need a portable charger.

Photo Credits: kickstarter.com

The Epiphany One Puck Charger resembles a hockey puck. It’s ideal for charging your phone in less than a minute. On one side, you can charge your phone with cold drinks and flip it over to use a hot drink. It works by transforming thermal energy into an electrical charge.

Discover the Kotatsu

The Kotatsu is one of the most comfortable inventions on our list. It is a multi-functional blanket, table, and heater inspired by traditional Japanese furniture. A Kotatsu can hold more folks than a regular bed and has additional features that will blow your mind.

Photo Credits: japanobjects.com

Kotatsu is crafted from a low wooden table covered with a Japanese futon or a heavy blanket. A built-in heat source lies underneath the table to heat your food and those inside the Kotatsu. This is the perfect way to chill on the couch!

Unlock Doors Without Keys

The move from analog to digital has affected most sectors of production and industrialization. Thanks to recent inventions, you can unlock doors without keys slowing you down. Instead of jangling through your keyring, you just need your smartphone in hand.

Friday Lock replaces keys by enabling user to unlock doors using a  smartphone - nordicsemi.com
Photo Credits: nordicsemi.com

These handy systems allow you to unlock doors at the simple tap of a button. You don’t have to put down groceries or seek the help of a third party. What’s more? You can open doors for designated visitors, cleaners, or pets from miles away.

Give Your Cats Something to Scratch

The comfort of pets may also contribute to the owner’s happiness and freedom from the stress of destructive claws. Cats are notorious for scratching various surfaces, especially your prized leather couch. You can redirect the cat’s anger towards a custom pooch.

Photo Credits: Studio Erik Stehmann / Facebook

The dog-shaped scratching post gives your cat the impression of a static antagonist in the house. Your cat will spend more time climbing over the statue while protecting your chairs, couches, and other delicate surfaces. It’s also a cute decoration.

Feel the Magic of a Smart Bed

While watching TV on the couch, you are likely to fall asleep after a while. You may also wake up with back or neck pains based on the position you slept in. A smart bed is exactly what the Netflix lovers out there need.

Photo Credits: dailymail.co.uk

The bed is fitted with a projector and retractable 70-inch screen, delivering an experience that rivals the theater. It also features a light system, and there is an app you can use to analyze and control the temperature and air quality.

Immediate Access to Painkillers

Most people don’t love swallowing tablets or syrups for pain if they can avoid it. Those prone to recurring pain like women are likely to experience every month would probably love to hear of a drug-free way to ease painful cramps.

Photo Credits: blog.bestbuy.ca

This invention alleviates discomfort by using vibrations to stimulate nerves to prevent pain signals from getting to your brain. You can attach the device to your abdomen for protection from painful cramps that make one dread that time of the month.

Environmentally Friendly Water Bottle

Over the last few decades, more debates have been directed towards environmental conservation and environmentally friendly inventions. Most folks have embraced the tradition of recycling and reusing products like cups, bottles, and straws. Companies have popped up to provide consumers with more options.

Photo Credits: thegadgetflow.com

Water bottles are a necessity. Unfortunately, the bottle may take up more space or appear heavier than usual when it’s empty. The DiFOLD collapsible origami design lets you fold it to take up less space in your pocket or bag.

Wireless Dryer

Women take different amounts of time to prepare for school, work, or fun activities. You may invest in quality and convenient equipment like the wireless dryer for its ease of use and portability within the house and beyond. It’s a game-changer.

Photo Credits: digitaltrends.com

This beauty equipment is portable and ergonomic. The AER Dryer uses AI technology to ensure that you get the best results from the wireless device. You can connect it to your phone to adjust settings or control humidity and temperature.

Advanced Lullabies for You

Before falling asleep, you have to pretend that you are sleeping. During that time, you are likely to entertain deep thoughts and intense memories as your mind races on and on. You may not have full control of your mind as you await sleep to embrace you.

Photo Credits: marceletmaurice / Instagram

With the help of sleeping aids, you can fall asleep more gently. You can use the Dodow Sleep Aid Device, a metronome projecting light into your ceiling to help you maintain relaxed breathing and a calm mind as you drift into sleep.

Walk with Your Cutlery

Most folks used disposable plastic forks and spoons in restaurants and take-outs a while back. But some of us want to save money and use less plastic. Carrying a fork and knife loose in our bags will probably lead to lots of lost and forgotten silverware.

Photo Credits: Vet2Homemaker / etsy.com

The gorgeous and stylish pouch comes with space for a whole set of cutlery, including a knife, fork, dessert spoon, chopsticks, and other essentials you may desire. You may carry an extra set for your dining partner based on your pouch size.

On-the-Go Laundry

Everybody loves to look smart, but only a few go the extra mile. The Dolfi travel laundry device is ideal for cleaning your clothes using ultrasound technology. This technology was previously used in industrial and commercial settings, but now we can take it home.

Photo Credits: newatlas.com

Throw your clothes in a bucket, basin, or bath to do laundry on the go. Add soap and the Dolfi to the water. It takes thirty to forty minutes to complete the laundry. The device is ideal for travelers and those that spend time in hotels.

Ensure Your Child Eats Well

Busy moms are likely to stop breastfeeding before the time is right. Technology caters to the needs of boss moms by allowing them access to breastfeeding aids. You no longer have to go to the bathroom to pump milk in advance.

Photo Credits: washingtondc.momcollective.com

The Elvie model allows a mother to wear a pump inside the bra during the night or day while doing chores or working. It is less noisy, ergonomic, and designed for comfort. You can use an app to check the milk volume and control the device.

Keep Your Nails Safe

After doing the nails, you may refrain from doing dishes to ensure the polish doesn’t chip. If you love cooking your meals or cleaning the house yourself, this invention is best for your needs. You can use the handheld dishwasher alongside or instead of a standalone dishwasher.

手持式洗碗機收納方便,不必如傳統洗碗機般特地騰一個區域放置。(圖/翻攝自 Thanko,智慧機器人網提供)
Photo Credits: storm.mg

The handheld dishwasher allows you to pick up a dish and commence the cleaning. You can toggle between settings to get the right controls for removing different residues. You don’t have to touch the grime for your plates to get sparkling clean.

Stay Refreshed All Day

You may need to refresh with your favorite energy drink, coffee, tea, soda, or water at the office. The lack of space to place your can or mug may result in knocking your glass over, spilling on your desk, clothes, and maybe even non-tolerant colleagues.

Drinklip Is A Clip-On Cupholder For Your Desk
Photo Credits: coolthings.com

The cup holder is ideal for your water bottle, soda can, energy drink, or mug. It clamps onto table edges using techniques similar to the guitar capo. Fit the cup holder onto your desk to reduce irritating spills and messes.

Cook All at Once

Conventional cooking techniques involve opening and closing the oven over and over again. You can save time and energy by using modular dividers, allowing one to isolate ingredients in the right proportion. You may need to be cautious to ensure that none of your food overcooks.

Photo Credits: kickstarter.com

As you cook, you must prepare ingredients and get the right proportions. You can remove the tray occasionally to check the progress of individual elements. One doesn’t need world-class cooking skills to use this invention in preparing delicacies.

The Hands-Free Phone Holder

Smartphones have become essential in our everyday lives. You can use your phone to stream movies, play music, take photos, record videos, or deliver a presentation for your colleagues and bosses. Oh, and you can still use them to make calls!

Photo Credits: eudirect.shop

The sturdy phone holder is attached to a surface, after which you can adjust the thick wire to manage the perfect shots and projections. You can watch from your bed, control your devices from one spot, and complete various tasks without touching the phone (if you use voice control).

A Mattress for the Backseat

Once in a while, the car may serve as a motel. Sadly, you may need more leg space and freedom from seatbelt buckles pushing into your back. You can transform the back seat into a comfortable bed thanks to an air mattress.

Photo Credits: odditymall.com

The portable air mattress is an ideal requirement for car owners and campers. It may come in handy when you lack a place to sleep, when camping, or when your substitute driver is taking a nap. It also provides more space for children to play and rest while making stops.

Getting Rid of Kernels

Popcorn can be made at home or bought at the store. If you’re familiar with the process of making popcorn, you know the struggle of having those kernels accumulating alongside the popped pieces. Separate them from your popcorn to avoid ruining the experience.

Photo Credits: thegreenhead.com

If you prefer homemade popcorn, you will need a specialized bowl to make separating kernels from the popped pieces easier. Anybody can use the kernel sifting popcorn bowl – it’s super easy! Just pour the whole mixture in and give it a shake.

Rechargeable Batteries

A set of batteries needed accompanies almost every technological device. You can use batteries in remote controllers, power Bluetooth speakers, and use the Xbox controller. After a while, the batteries will run out. Of course, they run out faster the more you use said device.

Photo Credits: Sarah Kobos / nytimes.com

You can avoid the search for batteries by using the rechargeable version. You can plug the battery into a mini USB charger as the power drains instead of purchasing a whole set. The batteries may have an LED indicator showing the power level and whether it’s charging.

Enjoy a Bountiful Breakfast

Most folks argue that breakfast is the most important meal as it gives you the energy needed to start your day. The main problem is the amount of time taken to prepare it. You can use sheet dividers to save on time and make your meal in one go.

Photo Credits: firebox.com

This partitioned skillet allows you to allocate partitions for each addition. The 5-in-1 Masterpan enables you to cook many items evenly. Place the slower cooking ingredients at the edges while placing others -like meat – directly over the fire.

Read from Anywhere

Reading improves your knowledge in diverse fields, provides entertainment, as well as an escape from the grip of devices like smartphones and computers. Readers face challenges like long paragraphs, weak spines, and pages flipping in the wind.

Photo Credits: trendhunter.com

Instead of limiting your reading to the indoors, you can use an effective aid to limit the flipping of pages. Book holding devices are ideal for keeping your books securely in place, allowing you to enjoy your coffee without worries.

Listen to Your Singing in the Shower

Most of us love our music. We have our headphones n every second we can. Many of us also love to sing along to our jams. We are comfortable singing indoors, in the shower, or in the company of trusted friends and relatives.

Photo Credits: inspireuplift.com

You can use waterproof Bluetooth speakers to blast music in the shower as you refresh your body and mind. Besides listening to podcasts or the radio, you can sing along to your favorite tunes. This will make every shower an epic performance.

Keep Your Snacks Fresh Longer

After opening your bag of snacks, resealing it doesn’t keep the freshness in as well as when it was sealed. If you love snacking but don’t plan to finish a whole bag every time, resealing can help you ensure that each bite is fresh and delicious.

Photo Credits: itouchless.com

Instead of a stapler, you can use a heat sealer to reseal the bag and restore it to its original state. This will ensure ultimate freshness and increase the shelf life of the food. You can also use it to seal plastic gift bags.

Toast Like a Boss

Very few of us like burnt toast, and it seems that every toaster works differently. For some, four minutes is too long, and it’s not enough for others. The Magimix transparent toaster is designed to make breakfast less hectic while ensuring you get the best piece of toasted bread.

Photo Credits: remodelista.com

The transparency allows you to track the change of your bread turning into toast. Following the change through every stage ensures that you do not over-or under-toast the bread. The appliance’s design is also ideal for making yummy sandwiches.

An Ideal Salad Spoon

You may have noticed the ineffectiveness of salad utensils. We have all come across oversized spoons and forks. These were a good idea, but they aren’t so practical. Divvying out salad honestly becomes a mess. Tongs are a good option, but we’ve found the best option around.

Photo Credits: brightside.me

To strike a balance, you need the right size of salad utensils. The salad spoon/ salad claw allows you to dig in and grab enough greens without dropping pieces everywhere. It also helps you get equal proportions of salad with each scoop.

Cake Slicing Made Easier

A party without cake is incomplete. However, if the dessert isn’t cut right, some guests may miss the cake or complain about the irregular pieces. To address the problem of uneven slices, you can get a cake slicing device to make your work easier.

Photo Credits: amazon.ca

The cake slicer produces regular-sized and perfectly equal slices to guarantee that each guest gets an equal share. Instead of making two or more cuts, the slicing device ensures that you dig into the cake and lift out a perfect piece.

Potato Chips Hoister

If you love Pringles, you know that getting those last few chips can be a hassle. You can slide them out by topping the container, but then you get all those crumbs at the bottom too. There’s an invention to help you avoid the mess.

Photo Credits: onedio.com

Considering the size of your container and chips, you may get a crumbly arm that may get your clothes dirty. With the amazing invention of a potato chips hoister, you can eat as much as you want without fear of getting your hands dirty or crushing the remaining chips.

Clean Your Fruit

You are advised to wash fruits thoroughly in running water to get the dirt and bugs off. While it may seem easy, washing produce can be an annoying and messy task. We found a device that can make it much easier.

Photo Credits: inspireuplift.com

This bowl allows you to clean produce with just one dish. The holes on the first layer serve the same purpose as a colander, and thereby reduces the need for pouring out the water after cleaning and rinsing the fruits.

Perfect Your Circular Food

You don’t always have an say on how your food turns out, but you have full say on the size and shape of each bite. If you prefer round-shaped eggs or perfectly shaped pancakes, you may use the nonstick induction Plett pan to prepare them to your liking.

Photo Credits: thechive.com

The pan allows you to prepare more pancakes and fried eggs perfectly rounded to your specifications. You don’t need additional expertise to leave haphazardly shaped eggs behind you. These precisely circular pancakes just might taste better than you may expect.

Sweeping has Never Been Much Fun

When cleaning floors, each household has preferences that may pass from one generation to the next. Each person also has a different attitude towards sweeping. We are here to tell you that this necessary task can now be a fun chore.

Photo Credits: ikea.com

You can use the set featuring a self-cleaning brush that makes your cleaning more efficient and fun. The broom and dustpan come connected to make its use and storage easier. This broom keeps the dust bunnies and dirt where they belong.

The Perfect Bookmark

When reading, you need to leave bookmarks to offer guidance on where to pick up on your next session. A bookmark makes it easier to find your last page without wasting more time locating your page when you resume hours, days, weeks, months, or years later.

Photo Credits: thisiswhyimbroke.com

The bookmark above makes your work easier by pointing to the specific sentence you left off on. Rotate the band until the hand points to the exact line you stopped. No more dog-earing those pages, friends. This handy thing keeps your books in good condition.

Get the Perfect Yolk

Separating the yolk from the white requires extensive talent and skill. When preparing specific dishes, you may need to separate the two parts, but we find that to be quite annoying. This device allows you to make meringue much, much easier.

Photo Credits: peleg-design.com

You can use a fish-shaped yolk separator to isolate whites from the yolk. The piece sucks up the yolk specifically to leave the white undisturbed. After each sucking, you can squeeze the fishy to release the yolk into your designated container.