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40+ Genius Restroom Solutions That Make Doing Our Business Much More Comfortable

The restroom is one of the most essential rooms in any public area or business. We want it to be practical, functional, and intuitive so you can do your thing without having to bother with or be distracted by anything else. Besides, the restroom has never been a place where people want to spend too much time. It’s either awkward and icky or just downright dirty, depending on where you are! Fortunately for us, though, there is an entire community of genius designers out there trying their best to make the entire experience better in that short amount of time you spend in the restroom. They are solving all sorts of problems that we are sure you have dealt with before. For example, there are solutions if you do not wish to touch dirty door handles or taps and much more. Below you’ll find some of the best ones we have come across!

Sloping sinks for kids

Not every place has stools to accommodate small kids who are still growing. So, when they need to wash their hands, they may not be able to reach the sink, and their parents may find it hard to hold them.

Image courtesy: cuttyranking / Reddit

This London museum took this into consideration and invented sinks that work for kids with varying heights. They have progressing sinks for kids to find the one they are the most comfortable with while washing their hands. This way, they can also feel independent!

Child holder for safety

Some innovations are smart, and people may not be able to thank the designers enough for them. And others may not even have thought they needed these in the first place. If you have kids and are alone in the bathroom, this may come in handy.

Image courtesy: ThatStinksWeAllLikePicklesAndBananas / Imgur

This restroom has a seat for your toddler, and it has a seatbelt for them not to run around while you are using the toilet yourself. It is not ideal to leave your child outside or just let them walk around. This innovation will save your day. 

Pedals for maintaining cleanliness

Schools, especially, have multiple students who use a single bathroom a hundred times in a single day. This school is trying to minimize its flu outbreaks with the use of pedals to flush the toilet. This definitely seems like a genius restroom solution.

Image courtesy: allygator314 / Reddit

Nobody has to touch the buttons or pull a lever in order for the toilet to flush. However, it’ll be wise to have two pedals for the flush function to have half and full flush cycles to save water in the school, too. 

Never forget your SPF

Sometimes people forget to use SPF and end up getting sunburn all over their skin if they are outdoors for too long. Being outside for hours also means you need to re-apply the sunscreen for it to work to the best of its ability.

Image courtesy: hotdee7 / Reddit

This zoo has a complimentary sunscreen dispenser in their restroom for people who take sun protection seriously and do not get burnt while enjoying their day around the zoo. Anyone can use it to protect their skin, and it’s free!

Small seats for kids

Parents know the struggle when they’re out and about in public, and their little one needs to use the restroom. Firstly, they are not clean and are full of germs. Secondly, they have a standard size that is not fit for kids.

Image courtesy: im-Scary-Terry / Reddit

This public restroom has a dual seat for the kids to use without the fear of them falling into the nasty toilet. They can sit on it comfortably and use it without their parents having to hold them throughout the process. 

Gender-neutral approach

Not all people identify themselves as male or female. They may feel more comfortable using a restroom that works great for their identity. Besides, a gender-neutral toilet is great for removing discrimination. That is why this sign works so well!

Image courtesy: McquacK__ / Reddit

This high school understands it and has a gender-neutral marked restroom for the students to use without giving them second thoughts. As a result, they feel less left out and uncomfortable! We love how they are trying to be more progressive!

Scented wall

Restrooms are sometimes too smelly for someone to even spend a few seconds in them without losing their mind. No amount of room fresheners and sprays can cover up the odor sometimes. What if there was a genius restroom solution to this widespread problem?

Image courtesy: Marivahlio / reddit.com

This restroom has an entire wall made of cedar wood that comes with a pleasant fragrance to mask the bad odor. Not only does it serve this purpose, but it also looks aesthetically pleasing. You may end up finding yourself using it as a selfie background.

All-time assistance

We cannot know for sure when there will be an emergency and when someone might need help. And if they are alone and disabled, they may not be able to ask for help from anyone. Well, this bathroom takes this seriously!

Image courtesy: EGPL21 / Reddit

This airport in Berlin has thought this through and has an emergency alarm cord running along the floor so that people in need can make use of it and get help in the earliest possible manner without any delays due to lack of resources. 

Don’t miss a scene

You have probably paid a lot to watch the new release in the movie theatre. What if you need to use the bathroom and the movie is still running? We have all felt this before! We try to find the best scent to miss to relieve ourselves, but it’s always such a bummer!

Image courtesy: FPS / Reddit

This restroom has a movie screen for you to watch while you use the toilet so that you do not miss any scenes and feel confused. There’s something fantastic about being able to see every detail from start to finish!

For the shy ones

It is perfectly common for people to feel shy while using a restroom in case another person is hearing them from the outside. To deal with this anxiety, they may use the tap or flush unnecessarily, which ends up wasting water.

Image courtesy: mikieliz / Reddit

This toilet in Japan has a button that plays water sounds and white noise to ensure the person using it is comfortable and not using excessive water just to diffuse the sound of using the toilet. This is such a genius restroom solution! 

Ditched the dress for good

This has been amongst the major topics of controversy for many people. They do not agree on the signs that are usually used for the restrooms. The male one shows a person wearing pants, and the female one is wearing a dress.

Image courtesy: bucherman7 / Reddit

This restroom decided to ditch the dress for their sign and chose to go with pants. However, some were complaining about the body shape. They may have to alter this one too, but they are going in the right direction.

Changing table for men’s restroom

If only everyone was this thoughtful while designing their workplace. This auto glass repair shop did a commendable job in this area. They have a fully stocked diaper changing table in their men’s restroom for dads to use! Yes, dads!

Image courtesy: ihatedisney / Reddit

Dads no longer need to hide and sneakily use the women’s restroom for a diaper change. Also, they don’t have to put their baby in danger when there is no changing table around. This should be the normal everywhere. 

Light signals

There is no point in knocking at different stalls or trying to open a door if someone is inside using it. Some toilets don’t have a working door and may make someone feel confused while looking for empty stalls.

Image courtesy: bellz2 / Reddit

This airport bathroom uses lights to let the people know which stall is occupied and which one is available for them to use. They have two lights to signal occupied and help whoever needs to go to not play a guessing game. 

Save yourself from bad dates

These days people use dating apps to meet new people and expand their social life. Many have been on bad dates when the person they were meant to meet either catfished them or is creeping them out the whole time.

Image courtesy: daffydubs / Reddit

This brewery has a sign in case your date isn’t going well. You just have to say the code word, and someone from the staff will discreetly escort you out of the bar and save you from a disastrous time. What a way to make you feel safe!

Diaper dispenser

Diapers and changing tables are necessary, whether it is a women’s or men’s restroom. Many doting dads are willing to change their baby’s diaper when they are out in public. They are ready to take responsibility, but they may not have the resources.

Image courtesy: gospizzy / reddit.com

More dads would feel encouraged to do this if all the men’s restrooms had a diaper dispenser for convenience. Otherwise, the duty falls into the mother’s lap all the time. This Walmart washroom has a diaper dispenser for such emergencies. 

For furballs

Airports are massive and require a lot of walking around to go from one terminal to another. And for those traveling with pets, it is important for their pets to feel comfortable. Many people travel with service animals who may need to relieve themselves, too.

Image courtesy: disneyway / Reddit

In such cases, this Burbank airport has a pet bathroom for your convenience. As most airports do not allow passengers to go out, it is a great idea to have an indoor pet restroom with fake grass and a fire hydrant for the cute furballs. 

Watch and learn 

Not everyone has the skills how to tie a tie. It may seem easy to those who have been doing it for years or those who had someone to teach them how to do it correctly. There is no shame in learning a new skill later on in life!

Image courtesy: Suslik1415 / Reddit

This airport in Tallinn has a men’s restroom that has a mirror with step-by-step instructions teaching you how to tie a tie. If anyone is struggling with their tie, they can look at this mirror and learn each step easily.

No more nasty hands

Not everyone washes their hands after using the restroom, and this may make others feel uncomfortable. Also, no one can tell if someone did not wash their hands as the sinks are usually out of sight. But, not in this bar, though!

Image courtesy: Urgadur / Reddit

This bar has installed sinks outside the bathrooms to ensure everyone can see who is washing hands and those who are trying to avoid it. It is basic hygiene and should be followed by everyone, especially in a public place. 

Cleaning on demand

There is nothing more embarrassing than using the restroom and finding it out of order for many reasons. This bathroom has a genius restroom solution to make sure all the guests are able to use it and are not caught in a sticky situation!

Image courtesy: PMW11 / Reddit

They have a button to get the bathroom clean whenever needed. You can press the button if the restroom needs service. Someone from the staff will come and figure out the problem in the bathroom to help it start working again or to clean it.

Rainwater harvesting

We can all learn a lot from this idea when it comes to saving and harvesting water. There are places that get little rainfall and do not have any means to provide fresh water. The toilets in this restroom use this genius solution.

Image courtesy: Dark-Child99 / Reddit

They use rainwater to flush so that freshwater is not used up. This can also be used to conserve clean water for drinking and cooking. Many restrooms also have a sink above the toilet to use the discarded water. 

True reflections

Looking into a mirror can be anxiety-causing for many people as their brain is hardwired by society to look a certain way, and many people want to avoid them. This mirror at a fast food place has a sign that is wholesome and will warm anyone’s heart.

. Image courtesy: UguetQ / Reddit

The mirror has a sign that says the reflections in this mirror may be distorted by socially constructed ideas of beauty. This is uplifting for people with disorders such as body dysmorphia or simply don’t like looking in a mirror. They feel less pressured. 

No more awkwardness

Many people have experienced this once in their life when they are trying to use a restroom and have constant anxiety about someone looking at them from the cracks. Some kids may even find it funny to disturb others in the stall.

Image courtesy: Won_and_dun / Reddit

These bathroom stall doors are made of sturdy materials with an overlapping design to avoid that awkward crack. Therefore, no one will be peeking inside the doors or give the user anxiety by knocking too hard while doing their business. 

Dual soap options

There is a soap for different needs. This sushi restaurant has two soaps in the bathroom, one for before you eat and another to wash your hands after. You can either pick between scented or unscented options as desired.

Image courtesy: Allformygain / Reddit

This is also amazing for people who want to use no-fragrance soap due to allergies and reactions. Besides, some people prefer to eat using their hands, and it is ideal for washing hands without perfumed products to avoid tasting them. 

Wave to open

Nobody wants to touch a door that multiple people have touched. It is a small space with billions of germs and bacteria. Here is a solution for this in the form of a touchless door. You just have to wave at it for it to open.

Image courtesy: Doctor_McKay / Reddit

This is a smart option to get through the door without touching it. One thing that technicians had to make sure of for such doors is to make the sensors super sensitive so when a person waves, it always works. Some people have suffered from doors and taps like this not working. 

No mess door

Many people are paranoid about touching public restroom doorknobs as they are dirty and full of germs. Some door handles are wet after a person has just used them. It is never a good feeling to be touching damp surfaces, especially in bathrooms.

Image courtesy: rodrigo2220 / Reddit

This college is doing it right by putting a foot door opener on the door to ensure no one has to experience this bad feeling. Public places such as stores, schools, and offices should have this to ensure there is minimal germ transfer. 

For forgetful ones

How many times have you been in a situation where you left your purse or other belongings in the stall after using the restroom? More than once. Well, if your restroom had something like this, you’ll never forget anything again.

Image courtesy: notanaijin / Reddit

This toilet lock also works as a tray to keep your things in one place. When you open the restroom door, you will instantly see your items and not forget to grab them on your way out. What a simple but useful addition to a bathroom stall!

Say bye to germs

Another home for bacteria to multiply in public restrooms are taps. No matter how much they are cleaned, they will always be a breeding ground for diseases. A tap that works with pedals is an amazing solution to avoid this!

Image courtesy: halcyon627 / Reddit

This will also encourage people to not forget to wash their hands. Moreover, there is no use of high-tech sensors or other electronic means to make the tap work or avoid germs. One can just pedal a little to get the tap to run.  

No scribbling

We have all seen a restroom somewhere that is scribbled with phone numbers and funny drawings on the walls. It is a work of art that might find its place somewhere else. Think of the cleaning people who may have to scrub these to make the restroom look better.

Image courtesy: BigJCD1 / Reddit

Here is a fast-food restaurant restroom that has a sign to not scribble on the walls. And if someone is feeling creative, the staff will be more than happy to provide them with a coloring book, markers, and crayons. 

Two-way closure

This is a nifty hotel bathroom that has made use of construction supplies in the best possible way. They have installed a single door for closing the bathroom, and the same door will also close off the sink area.

Image courtesy: Jave85 / Reddit

This means two people can use the washroom at a time. If someone is brushing their teeth or getting ready, they do not need to get out for the other person to use the bathroom. There will be no awkwardness while excusing themselves. 

Clever wet sign

Wet floors are a hazard as many people may find themselves at risk of slipping and breaking a bone or being ridiculed over a funny fall. This school has a clever wet floor sign, so you don’t have to worry!

Image courtesy: WFS12 / Reddit

Not only does it signal people that the floor is wet, but it also has a fan at the bottom for the floor to dry quicker. This is a smart innovation and should be used in more places to prevent people from falling on the slippery floor. 

SOS on the train

It is remarkable when the designers are considerate of issues that may arise in the future. In this train’s toilet in the Belgian city, there is an SOS button that is close to the ground in case someone falls and is unable to get up.

Image courtesy: zotket / Reddit

The placement of the SOS button is strategic and works well for people who may not have complete mobility or are not in the condition to get up to ask for help. Every public transportation restroom should have this button. 

Crack cover-up

Public restrooms have doors with tiny cracks that make the users a bit alarmed each time they go in. Many door models have a thin metal strip that may get out of shape over many years of use, and it ends up increasing the width of the crack.

Image courtesy: D4Bama / reddit.com

This bathroom stall door tackles this issue in a smart manner with bristles around the door cracks to cover any visibility spots. These do not lose shape or create huge holes around the doors. Moreover, they are easier to repair and replace than other doors. 

Built-in hand sanitizer

Like we said before, most people are afraid of touching the handles of public places as they are full of germs. Besides, many shops and restaurants offer sanitizers when you enter the premises and not when you are leaving.

Image courtesy: Whippity / Reddit

Sanitizing your hands is an important task for both situations to prevent the spread of germs. This bathroom door handle is equipped with a built-in hand sanitizer dispenser that will provide you with sanitizer on the go whether you’re coming or going.

Freshness on the go 

So many restrooms barely have toilet paper and hand soap for the visitors. It might get annoying to carry these toiletries with you each time you want to use the restroom. However, this bathroom at a fast food joint has a mouthwash dispenser.

Image courtesy: LHOW27 / Reddit

The outlet is going the additional mile to provide the best services to the users. Moreover, the staff is making sure the visitors leave happy and smelling fresh on their way out. This kind of customer service is worthy of all the praise. 

Electrochromic magic

This is one of those high-tech genius restroom solutions. The glass door of this restroom may appear a bit alarming as it is see-through. But, it works in mysterious ways. This type of glass is called electrochromic glass, and it’s actually fascinating!

Image courtesy: xxStefanxx1 / Reddit

The doors made from these materials are transparent when the door is unlocked and signals an empty stall. When the stall is occupied, the door will turn opaque and signal that the restroom is occupied. This is a great innovation for the users. Just don’t forget to lock the door!

Clever sidewalk signs

If you’re new to a city and do not know your way around, then you will find it hard to spot the next available restroom. In an emergency, you may not be able to find someone to ask for the restroom either.

Image courtesy: ruskimaster / Reddit

This city has this covered with strategically placed sidewalk signs that show the nearest restrooms with their addresses. All the bathrooms have their availability written on these signs for the users, such as weekdays, weekends, 24 hours, and pop-up restrooms.

Phone holder

People take their phones to the restroom, and this is not a new piece of information. Keeping this in mind – this restroom in South Korea has a retractable phone holder under the buttons to keep your phone in one place.

Image courtesy: SlavaKomsomolu / pikabu.ru

This will prevent the people from placing the phone in an unsanitary area or feeling uncomfortable holding it in their hand. Also, there have been instances of people dropping their phones into the toilets. And this is more likely to happen if your phone is in your pocket. 

For additional privacy 

This is one innovative way to make all the restrooms gender-neutral. One thing that separates the restrooms is that men’s rooms have urinals, whereas the women’s rooms have stalls for more privacy. This university knows that everyone needs privacy.

Image courtesy: jchamps2 / Reddit

They have added stalls even in men’s restrooms to ensure all the users have privacy and do not need to go in front of everyone. It may be time for all the restrooms to upgrade to this design. It just makes more sense!

Restroom traffic management

The long restroom queues will have you waiting in line for a good twenty minutes or more. This can get longer in the rush hour as everyone might be on their break. And there is always a restroom that is closer to everyone, which means it’s the most used.

Image courtesy: riverotterr / Reddit

This university understands that and has placed a sign to help the people! It says if there is a long line, you may use an underutilized restroom that is directly above this one on the third floor. Besides, it has double the stalls to accommodate more people. 

One-way viewing screen

How sad would it be if your team scored a goal or won the match while you were using the restroom and missed seeing it live with your own eyes? This will be the last thing you will want to experience if you are in a sports bar.

Image courtesy: rearle / Reddit

This sports bar accommodates this fear by providing one-way viewing windows for the users who are in the restroom. They can do their business while also enjoying a full view of the match being aired on the screen outside. 

Genius changing boards

You may have a fear of putting down your bare feet in the public restroom as the floor is full of nasty dirt and bacteria. This restroom in Japan has a changing board to help you change into a fresh pair of clothes without getting your feet dirty.

Image courtesy: lushico / Reddit

You just have to step on the changing board to change your clothes. This will also prevent your trousers from getting dirty and help you feel fresh and clean after changing. Providing such a small service can be lifesaving for adult users. 

Rate your restroom

Feedback is important for everyone to improve their services and provide better ones in the future. This bathroom comes with an electronic rating machine for the users to show their appreciation or complain about the condition of the stalls.

Image courtesy: Tarynntula / Reddit

The electronic option of surveying the users for their experience is definitely better than the paper surveys that no one has fun completing. On the other hand, pressing a button is easier to give your review depending on your experience.