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40+ Netizens Come To The Rescue With Lifesaving Tips That Everyone Should Be Aware Of

First of all, can anyone pinpoint why exactly we spend so much of our lives on the internet? You’re probably thinking, “Well, for everything it has to offer!” If you need a tutorial on how to roast a chicken, it’s there! If you need a good laugh, there are thousands of animal videos on Youtube. Or, if you need to simply talk to a loved one, there are plenty of platforms to do so! Let’s be honest, people use the internet for recreational purposes than anything else. But aside from this vast entertaining world, there is a whole other division of the internet dedicated to helping make your life better, safer, and easier. However, you might have a hard time finding all the useful tips on a single website or social media page. For your benefit, we have gathered some of these crucial tips that have proven to be helpful and might even save your life!

Fire control

We often make mistakes in the kitchen, which can lead to irreversible accidents. Although most kitchen problems might not be too serious, some cases might prove to be extremely dangerous. What’s the first thing you think to do when a fire breaks out in the kitchen?

Image courtesy: DueCockroach/Reddit

The first thing that comes to your mind is to pour some water on it, right? But that would increase the size of the fire. In such cases, it is ideal to use some baking soda or place another pan on top of the fire to cut off the oxygen supply to the flame.

Poison alert

Our sense of smell can help us determine danger. Mostly, you will come to find that certain things that are dangerous have a strong, terrible scent. Smells can indicate gas leaks, toxins, poisons, and more. However, not all hazardous have a foul odor.

Image courtesy: -I0_oI-/Reddit

For example, if you are in a room and can smell roasted almonds even when there are none in sight, then you should leave the area as soon as possible. Why? Because that smell indicates the presence of cyanide.

Treating heart attacks with aspirin

As most people might be familiar, heart attack victims are offered aspirin as the first and most crucial step in their treatment. Most people may not know this, but the victim should chew the tablets for an instant effect rather than swallowing them whole.

Image courtesy: g0dr0w/Reddit

This chewing process allows the tablet to get into the bloodstream faster than usual. And after that, the blood clot that formed in the victim’s heart is targeted more quickly. Just a few seconds of chewing the tablet improves the chances of survival.

Electric Hazard

Usually, electrical fires are caused by a wiring malfunction or faulty appliances. Even though nobody can predict such things, regular maintenance of the electric appliances and wiring may help prevent accidents and potential tragedies. This tip is one we never knew before researching this piece.

Image courtesy: emmaelisabeth123/Reddit

Usually, when circuits are overheated, they tend to release a fishy smell before they explode, causing a fire. If you experience such a scent, then check for the things that are plugged in and immediately unplug them to avoid fires.

Music might be the key element to life

Have you ever imagined that music can save you in times of trouble? Wait, what? Can music save people during a heart attack? Yes! It absolutely can. The compressions must be timed within specific time intervals to conduct the CPR process ideally.

Image courtesy: ishi332 / Instagram

Compressions made too fast or too slow might not help save the victim’s life. The beat of these songs helps an individual maintain the perfect rhythm during CPR, and out of these three songs, “Stayin’ Alive” by Bee Gees is the most accurate to maintain compressions at an ideal pace.

Winter Maintenance

Do you live in places where the weather is frigid during the winters? Is it so cold that the mirrors freeze overnight when you park outside? This issue becomes complicated in the morning when you have places to be because you might have to spend a lot of time scraping that ice off your windshield.

Image courtesy: AndrewwwG/Reddit

Well, you can avoid this issue with the help of a small tip, which you probably never thought of before. If you rub a sliced onion on the mirror of your car the night before, this will prevent excess ice from forming!

Beware of the wild animals

If you live in a rural place, you might be familiar with the dangers posed by wild animals. Specifically, you must be extremely careful in the areas inhabited by them, such as bears or large cats. They are beautiful from a distance but a threat up close.

Image courtesy: Wolfgang opel / Instagram

For example, if you live in northern Canada, where you might encounter fierce animals such as polar bears, then here is an essential tip for you. If a polar bear chases you, remove your clothes and run away. The bear will stop to sniff your clothes, allowing you more time to get away.

Tidal Danger

Everyone enjoys watching the tide while spending their time at a beach. Surfers might even enjoy them more than the people who go to the beach for some nice sunbathing. When you are at the beach and observe that the tide is much further back than usual, it’s time to split!

Image courtesy: cehaven/Reddit

It is better to get yourself as far as possible from the water. Why? Because in such situations, the possibility of high tides is much more likely, and sometimes even tsunamis may occur. If you are caught in this predicament, it could be life-threatening.


Are you familiar with morse code? Neither are we. It is not mandatory for everyone to learn it, and learning everything about it may not come in handy as it does in the movies. However, another code could come in handy during times of necessity.

Image courtesy: lostaway / Tumblr

Almost everyone is familiar with the one code, “SOS,” which comprises three short, three long, and three short beeps. If Morse code isn’t what you’d need, then you can also use the acronym when you need to send a distress signal.

Lightning proof

Lightning is not something that needs to be taken seriously on the daily. You might be thinking, “What can I do besides never leave my house during a storm?” We have tips for surviving a lightning strike, should you ever be in that situation.

Image courtesy: jayjay362 / Reddit

Whenever you feel that there is a possibility that you might get struck, then the best option available for you is to duck on the ground and close your ears. Lightning only strikes larger objects, and by covering your ears, you can avoid hearing loss due to the thunder.

Eclipses do hurt eyes

As harmful as it is to look at the sun directly for any period of time, it is even more dangerous to look at it during an eclipse. Have you ever thought of protecting your eyes while looking at the sun during the time of an eclipse?

Image courtesy: Creativation/Reddit

You must be familiar with this life have because it’s harmful to look at an eclipse with the naked eye. If you watch the sun during the eclipse without any protection, then it can damage your retinas permanently. Remember, safety first!

Winter safety measures for pets

During winter, ice formations create a lot of hassle for people, whether it forms on highways or neighborhood roads. Mostly, this ice becomes a big problem for those traveling. The best possible solution to eliminate the nuisance is using rock salt.

Image courtesy: cowgirltrainwreck/Reddit

The chemicals that form rock salt are known to be dangerous to animals. So, when you let your pets outside in the snow, it is essential to clean their paws in order to prevent them from becoming sick because of the salt.

Flood protection

Floods can cause a lot of damage and might even be fatal. Especially when you are trapped inside a building, floods can cause a lot of shock and leave you terrified without reaching a safe place. Let us look at one of the most valuable tips if you ever find yourself in a flood-affected area.

Image courtesy: toddrigosphotography / Instagram

If you are trying to get to the underground parking or ground floor of the building, try using the stairs rather than an elevator. The excessive water might damage the electrical system in the elevator, rendering you helpless if it stops working.

Don’t trust everything you see online

There is a wide range of websites that provide information known as life hacks, which are often targeted towards health-related issues. However, you should not always follow the advice of every website you see because it might not be valid.

Image courtesy: xcupcakekitten/Reddit

For example, a tip on the internet says to apply peppermint oil to avoid bites from ticks. However, you should not do so because using oil on the insect causes it to salivate more, making you susceptible to viral diseases like Lyme Disease.

Getting out of a sinking car

In some movies, we might see people who desperately try to get out of a sinking car before losing their lives. The thought itself seems to be very frightening, and it is possible for it to occur in real life as well.

Image courtesy: adamlm/Reddit

If you ever get stuck in such a scenario, the best possible way of getting out is by breaking the car window with the headrest of your car seat. Your car should have an adjustable headrest so that it can detach entirely. You can use the metal prongs under it for this.

Hypothermia care

Most people who love outdoor activities such as camping, hunting, or skiing might have experienced hypothermia at some point. Even though it is not always fatal, the severity of the illness can escalate and become severe if left untreated.

Image courtesy: br-coz/twitter.com

People with mild hypothermia feel cold, which changes as the severity increases. A person experiencing severe hypothermia might try to remove their clothes regardless of the cold, known as Paradoxical Undressing. In such cases, if left alone, the person could freeze to death.

Safety from scams

With the advancement in technology, one of the critical issues faced by most people is identity theft. As the ways to steal a person’s identity are increasing every day, it is vital to know how to save yourself from such scams.

Image courtesy: SaveYourself / Reddit

We often get curious to answer the call from an unknown number. And we’re more inclined to answer when the number seems similar to a familiar phone number. Unless you are getting a call from the contacts on your phone, it is best to avoid unknown calls.

Water quest

If you get stuck somewhere, you will need shelter, food, and water to survive. This can be hard if you have no idea how to find any of these necessities. Finding water, however, can be an easy process if you can follow birds.

Image courtesy: Dlatrex/Reddit

Birds always fly towards the water in the morning, and therefore, if you follow them, you can reach a water source. They fly back to the nest in the evening, so you can likely get to the nearest water source if you follow the opposite direction.

Light source

In some extreme circumstances, such as thunderstorms, hurricanes, or other natural disasters, you might have to face power outages for extended periods. Then, you might have to stay in the dark, which turns an annoying situation into an uncomfortable and scary one.

Image courtesy: iamtheggman / Reddit

However, if you can find those crayons, it might be the best thing. Why? Because crayons can burn up to 30 minutes. And that means you don’t have to stumble around in the dark. You’ll at least be able to see what’s going on.

Call a Pro

Many problems do not need help from a professional to acquire a solution. However, this does not mean that you can do everything on your own without the assistance of a professional, and one such thing is fixing a garage door.

Image courtesy: thefrankbaconian / Reddit

Garage doors are made up of springs that are very tightly wound up. When these springs are released, they spin extremely fast while contracting. In case your hand, glove, or any other item gets into the spring, then it might lead to a severe injury or even death.

Tips for someone choking

The Heimlich maneuver is a useful strategy to help someone who is choking. As we learned from our first aid training manuals, a person can save themselves even when nobody else is around. How can this be done, you may ask?

Image courtesy: In Home CPR/ YouTube

First, you need to get some leverage to apply the traditional technique to yourself. And this leverage can be obtained by leaning over a chair and doing what is called stomach thrusts, and then you can eject the food that was stuck in your throat.

Don’t keep your feet on the dashboard

Whenever you go for a long ride, it is normal for you to feel leg and back pain, and in such circumstances, most people put their feet on the dashboard of their car for comfort. This has been proven to be very dangerous, especially in an accident.

Image courtesy: sashasmiles27/Reddit

Whenever the car hits a hard object in front of them, airbags deploy automatically. When a person keeps their feet on the dashboard of a vehicle, they are susceptible to broken legs, hip fractures, and sometimes the situation might become fatal.

Attire based on the profession:

It is important to stay safe in the workplace when you are working in construction-related fields or involved with heavy machinery. Accidents in such workplaces can be fatal, and therefore it is crucial to prevent accidents. There are many strategies one can put into place.

Image courtesy: casualappareleu / Pinterest

One common way of avoiding these sorts of accidents is by wearing blaze orange-colored (or bright yellow, as seen here) clothing. This is highly visible and helps prevent accidents that might happen if a person is wearing clothes that blend into their environment.

Maintenance Check

One of the best possible ways of preventing house fires is by conducting a regular maintenance check. This principle particularly applies to smoke alarms, which, as we all know, are helpful to alert you of a house fire. These devices save lives.

Image courtesy: bottomofthefifth / Reddit

These smoke alarms must be checked every year, and they should be replaced after every ten years. You should be attentive to the manufacturing date of these products and be aware of their expiration date. Keep the batteries fresh as well.

Snake danger

While spending time doing outdoor activities, you must be aware of the danger of being attacked by a wild animal. It happens more often than we think. Snake bites are the most common and might lead to serious injuries or even death.

Image courtesy: Rusty Dodson / Shutterstock

An excellent way to avoid snake bites is by watching out for them on the ground. Most snake species are camouflaged, and you may not see them at first. Keep an eye out for any movement on the ground and only walk where you can see everything.


Coconuts are very helpful in situations where it may be hard to find water. However, not all coconuts are good for drinking. Let’set’s find out which type of coconuts will help in hydrating you in case of an emergency.

Image courtesy: dariadziendziol / Instagram

Green coconuts have a juice that is best suited for hydration, whereas brown coconuts may not be suitable as their juice leads to dehydration. However, the husk from brown coconuts is flammable and is a good option for repelling mosquitos.

Swimming Pool Safety Rule

Even children know that severe accidents happen when electricity comes in contact with water. To many people’s surprise, such accidents might even occur in swimming pools, which may pose a greater risk than expected. We all knew about drowning, but we didn’t consider this.

Image courtesy: 32895389572/Reddit

So when you are in a swimming pool, and there is a metallic taste in the water, evacuate the swimming as soon as possible. This metallic taste suggests an electric shortage in the pool because of a fault in the pool’s system, resulting in severe mishaps such as electric shock.

Cooking Beans

The items we eat every day might prove to be dangerous, but the typical methods of preparing them render them safe for eating. Such a case applies to kidney beans, which turn out to be poisonous if not cooked properly.

Image courtesy: tomatopastesz / Reddit

Kidney beans have a deadly toxin, but it can be removed if the beans are boiled for 10 minutes before cooking them. If you toss them in the pot without soaking, this toxin can lead to nausea, vomiting, cramps, and diarrhea.


Whenever there is an emergency, the best possible thing that a person can do is call 911. It must be taught to children from a young age. When you face an emergency, all you need is a phone that works.

Image courtesy: Payphone / Reddit

You don’t have to worry about whether they have a carrier service or not because all the phones in the USA can be used to contact 911 regardless of the service. Even payphones can be used for this without paying any money.

Stampede survival

People may not get caught in stampedes regularly, but it is always better to know how to survive any situation. Nobody would expect this to happen, yet we all know it does, and have all probably heard some tragic tales.

Image courtesy: marina_wert / Twitter

As soon as you fall, get into a protective posture by tucking your legs and covering your head with your hands. Go in the direction of the crowd’s movement to avoid kicks. As soon as you can, get back up and move to safety.

DIY Water Filter:

Generally, unfiltered water consists of various types of bacteria, viruses, pathogens, and germs that cause severe illnesses. It may not be possible to obtain filtered water wherever you go, so it is better to have a filtration system ready.

Image courtesy: cleanwatergear.com

You can make a filtration system wherever you go, and all you need for that is three long sticks, some cloth, sand, grass, rocks, and charcoal, as mentioned in the picture. It is still suggested to boil the water after filtering it to ensure that it is completely safe to drink.

The correct way of lighting a match:

For any outdoor activity, fire is essential for survival. It is necessary for keeping yourself warm, boiling water, cooking, and it also comes in handy for improving your mental health while boosting morale if things aren’t going well or if there is danger.

Image courtesy: DS / YouTube

There are some challenges in lighting a match, especially if the climate is windy. By cutting the match in the shape of a Christmas tree, you can ensure you can light it and it will stay lit even in windy conditions.

Frozen water

Chilled water is necessary for survival in various conditions, but frozen water happens to be much better. This tip is particularly helpful in hurricanes, yet it is also useful in other climatic conditions. And we don’t just mean for water supplies.

Image courtesy: mrzippyz / Reddit

When kept in fridges during power outages, frozen water helps in keeping the foods fresh for a longer time. If you are in a hot climate, the frozen bottle can be kept under your blankets to make you feel cooler.

Termite protection:

Mosquitos are the worst living things on earth, and everyone wishes for them to go out of existence. Nobody knows how to do that, but this tip will prove to be useful for you to repel them if you forgot repellant.

Image courtesy: Skow48RN/Reddit

You can crush termites and use the paste as a repellent, which not only works for mosquitos but other insects as well. Additionally, they are a good source of protein, and you can eat them if there is nothing else around.

Water path

In some scenarios, we might have to cross bodies of water in order to reach our destination, and it might not always be as easy as it sounds. Crossing normal water is one thing, but crossing a fast-flowing river is an entirely different thing.

Image courtesy: Yasin Yusuf / Unsplash

One tip to determine the current is by throwing a stick into the water. If the stick moves at a speed faster than you can walk, don’t try to cross it. You can also throw a stone into the water to determine the depth of the water source.

Tornado Trouble

Tornados are on the list of things you should avoid at any cost. It is always better to remain at a safe distance instead of waiting for them to get closer. However, you can generally see tornados go in specific directions from a far distance, which allows you to have the chance of running from it.

Image courtesy of: solateor/Reddit

But what if the tornado you see is not all moving in any direction? Then it would be best if you immediately left the vicinity because the tornado is moving towards you. People on the internet advise to run to the interior of the nearest building and find a room where there are no windows.

DIY compass

So, if you are lost and are trying to reach safety, what do you do? If you know about the geographical location, you will be able to find the direction to safety. Then you can determine which way to go by using a makeshift compass.

Image courtesy: offgridsurvival.com

To make one, all you need is a needle and a leaf, which should be placed as shown in the image. Keep any metal objects away from this to avoid pulling the needle off course. Even though this might not seem like much, this can lead you to civilization.

Cleansing wounds:

When packing for a camping trip, first aid is one of the essential things you need. It can be helpful in various scenarios that might prove to be dangerous. Even a small cut can lead to some serious infections in the wilderness.

Image courtesy: MaryBJonas10 / Pinterest

Always keep a kit in your backpack, one in your car, and one on-person while traveling. If you need to treat wounds and don’t have a first aid kit, then you can make saline on your own by following the instructions above.

Protective shelter

Making a shelter outdoors is very important for survival, and it should be done well. This doesn’t simply mean you need a roof and walls, but it should be able to block the wind and other elements for it to be a safe place to stay.

Image courtesy: preppinginsider.com

When it comes to building an adequate shelter, you should insulate the flooring as well, as it is where a significant amount of heat is lost. Grass, leaves, or moss can be utilized for building a make-shift bed for your shelter. Make sure you choose the right place for your shelter; avoid holes and anthills.

Easy fire

As you know, creating fire is important if you’re out in the wild. Some people find it hard to make fire without lighter fuel and a lighter or match. But with this tip, you can easily make a fire anywhere without any hassle.

Image courtesy: Trudo / YouTube

It is even suggested by survival expert Bear Grylls as an efficient method of making fire. All you need is a chewing gum wrapper and a battery. Create a small bundle of kindles for making the fire, which can be made up of grass, hay, or wood husk.

Candle helps to survive cold

While living in cold climates, you must always be prepared to deal with the worst-case scenario. If your car ever gets stuck in the snow, you must make sure that you stay safe and do not get affected by hypothermia.

Image courtesy: Candles / Reddit

For this, a survival candle or even a normal candle might provide enough heat to avoid hypothermia. Survival candles are very important survival tools that should be kept in the car, as these can stay lit for as long as 36 hours and can even be used for boiling water or heating food.

Venomous or Non-Venomous?

When a snake bites you, the first and foremost thing that you need to know is whether the snake is venomous or not, because some bites might be deadly whereas some are less harmful. Having this knowledge can ease future panic.

Image courtesy: sentinel-echo.com

Snakes with triangle-shaped heads and elliptical pupils are extremely dangerous, whereas round-headed snakes with round pupils might not be that deadly. Think of rattlesnakes versus your typical garden snake. Nevertheless, it is better to stay away from a snake if possible.

Quicksand survival:

Even though most people think of it as something that only exists in adventure books and movies, quicksand is extremely dangerous and can be fatal. If you ever got stuck in it, would you know how to survive to tell the tale?

Image courtesy: howitworksdaily.com

The first step is not to panic and stay calm, because struggling makes it worse. In case you can’t reach anything nearby, it is better to lay flat so as to increase your surface area. After you float, you can slowly move to reach safe ground.

Lighting a grill properly:

Barbecuing is a fun activity, but if not done right, it can quickly escalate into a fire emergency. The chances for this to happen are significantly increased when you are not able to light a propane grill properly. Here is a tip.

Arina P Habich / Shutterstock

Always light your grill while the lid is fully open. Lighting a grill when it is closed partially or completely can cause the propane to build up. If enough amount of propane is gathered, it can lead to an explosion and can cause severe injuries.