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Left-Hand Problems You Wouldn’t Understand As A Right-Handed Person!

Did you know that being left-handed could be such a problem? It’s almost as if certain hobbies, careers, and everyday objects weren’t designed for lefties. But oh wait, that’s actually true! If you’re a natural lefty, then you can probably relate to many, if not all, of these left-hand problems that right-handed people wouldn’t understand at all. If, on the other hand, (if you’ll pardon the pun) you are right-handed, then you probably won’t have come across these issues in your life before. And that will make you realize just how many tools, pastimes, pieces of furniture, and even career options are better suited to those with a dominant right hand! Daily tasks such as cutting meat or opening a can are things that right-handers do with little thought or difficulty. Yet, as you will see from this article, these simple tasks can be time-consuming and a real struggle for those who rely on their left hands.

Novelty mugs

If you struggle to get your head around the idea of being left-handed instead of right-handed, which is much more common, then try to think back to when you first learned to write and draw. You’ll probably agree that you either don’t really remember or that you didn’t make a conscious decision to use any particular hand. You just used the hand that felt most comfortable.

Credit: zoecutter/ instagram

Yet, unfortunately for lefties, life can be very different when you rely on your left hand. Take novelty mugs, for instance; left-handers cannot enjoy stylish cups in the same way. They have to read slogans upside down or drink from the plain side of the cup, losing out on the mug’s pretty design.

Latte art is not for lefties

Latte art and specialty barista coffee has dramatically increased in popularity over recent years. It seems that coffee looks and tasted a whole lot better when a trained barista has styled your froth milk into a pretty heart on top of your coffee. We’re almost certain that that’s why there are more coffee drinkers now than there were before coffee art became a thing.

Credit: elsywelsywoo.tumblr.com

Yet, a heart, star, or another form of milky coffee art doesn’t have the same effect when you are forced to view it the wrong way around. This is what it’s like for the coffee lovers among us who hold their coffee cups with their left hands. Little did we know that they’re missing out on this Instagram cliché?

A left-handed slogan on a cup for…right-handed people

Oh, the irony! While the quote on the mug is something that most left-handed people can resonate with, the cup that the motto has been printed on to is actually for right-handed folk! How annoying! We are sure that this angered many within the left-handed community.

Credit: alexgough12/ reddit.com

Just when you see a product that acknowledges the problems that lefties face daily, it turns out that it was actually made for right-handers! If a left-handed person were to drink from this cup, only they would see what is written on the mug when the quote should be showing on the outside instead. That’s how we know it was designed for right-handers, not lefties.

Left-handed notes

Everybody knows that those who write with their left hands are usually left with ink stains on their hand. This is because, as a left-hander, your hand is dragged through the freshly written words as you write. Naturally, this can be very irritating, but some lefties have found an interesting way around this!

Credit: araimiyu/ tumbler.com

Instead of suffering those dreaded ink stains on the side of their hand after writing notes in class, this student came up with a very clever and creative solution. They decided to take notes in mirror image, from right to left, to avoid those pesky ink marks. Not only is this really impressive, but it was also a smart way to prevent classmates from asking to borrow your notes!

Silver paint issues

When you use your right hand to do everything, such as writing and painting, your hand moves away from the ink or paint as you work. Because you work from left to right, your hand never comes into contact with the ink or paint you’ve just laid down, but that only applies if you’re right-handed.

Credit: LoveOfProfit/ reddit

Yet, if you’re left-handed, you can expect for things to get messy! When you’re a lefty, your hand moves across the surface and through the paint or ink, which means that your hand always passes through the ink. This is why lefties almost always end up with ink marks on the side of their left hands.

The left-handed tax

If being left-handed wasn’t bad enough, it also works out more expensive too. Not only is the world ignorant to lefties, with a lot of everyday products proving unsuitable for lefties, some manufacturers even charge more for their left-handed versions!

Credit: reddit.com/ southpaws

In this case here, the item in question is a pair of scissors. On one rack, you have left-handed scissors, and on the other, scissors for right-handers. The two varieties of scissors are the same size, by the same brand, and they look identical. So why are left-handed scissors 20% more expensive?!

Unnecessary comments

And as a left-handed person, you must be prepared for the dumb, unnecessary comments that come after you reveal that you are a natural lefty! Why do people feel the need to comment about you being left-handed or mentioning somebody they know who is also a left-hander?!

Credit: loose-pants-happy-dance/ tumbler

What makes it worse is that when people tell you about the left-handed people they happen to know, they’re always distant family members or the friends of their friends. It makes them sound so desperate to tell you about any random left-handed person that they have met! Cringe!

Apparently only right-handed people eat ice-cream

Ice-cream scoops are a genius invention. Have you ever tried to tackle a frozen block of ice-cream? It can be hard work trying to scoop it if its been in the freezer for too long. Luckily, ice-cream scoops make it easier to get nice, neat ice-cream scoops at home.

Credit: Cellar-Door/reddit

Ice-cream scoops enable us to get stuck into a big block of ice-cream instead of having to spoon out tiny pieces with an ordinary spoon. Unfortunately, left-handed ice-cream lovers cannot enjoy this useful little gadget, as the release clamp is, you guessed it- on the right!

“So why are you left-handed?”

When people discover that you’re left-handed, you can expect them to attempt using their own left hands to write, draw, and cut paper. They may also ask you, what is possibly the most irritating question there is, “so why are you left-handed?”

Credit: themkpopmemes/tumbler

It’s almost as if they expect you to reply: “Because I like to be different, make life difficult for myself and have people stare at me every time I have to explain that my inabilities are due to me being left-handed…”  So if you’re right-handed, you know what not to ask. The truth is that some people are simply born left-handed.

The familiar ink stains

When you’re a young child, it isn’t unusual for you to get into a mess with paint and pen ink all over your hands. But it doesn’t take long for you to get the hang of not getting your hands dirty when you write or draw.

Credit: artsnacks/ instagram

However, when you’re left-handed, you will have to tolerate those pesky ink, pencil, and paint stains every time you pick up a pen or pencil. Not only do lefties get ink on their hands, but they often also smudge their work too. That’s one of the reasons why lefties rarely use fountain pens to write!

Please sign here…

You know those pens that are usually fixed down to the desks in banks and post offices? Yeah, well, they are also typically not suitable for those who are left-handed! If the pen is on a short wire and is attached on the right side, as most are, it can be very awkward for lefties.

Credit: svinsf/ twitter

The pens are on a cord that is attached to the desk. Sometimes those cords are not very long, which isn’t an issue if you write with your right hand, but if you sign forms with your left hand, then you will probably find that the pen doesn’t extend that far.

Stupid signs

Recently, it was announced how a study revealed that left-handed people die younger than right-handed people. The research had shown that left-handed people tend to die 9 years earlier than their right-handed counterparts. But is there any truth in it, and if so, why do they die earlier?

Credit: lilberation.tumblr.com

The study caused a stir, with many left-handed individuals even predicting their own deaths! Were the deaths the results of accidents caused by scissors, meat cutters, and DIY tools made for right-handed people? No. The survey only took into account people who had died. There is actually no proof that right-handed people live longer. Phew!

Everything is upside down

Another example of why mugs with cute designs were not designed with left-handed people in mind! These days there are more left-handed people in the world than ever before, yet so many everyday items are still orientated towards right-handed people only. How unfair?!

Credit: ForestCrunch/ southpaws/reddit

Instead of seeing the message on the inside of the cup the right way up, lefties have two options. Either they learn to use their right hands to hold their coffee cups, or they must learn to read upside down. Why doesn’t somebody create a range of pretty mugs for left-handed people already?

Left-handed writing hacks

If there is one advantage to being left-handed, then it’s the creativity that comes with it. You learn to improvise and work out solutions to your everyday problems. Take this idea, for example. This left-handed person had finally had enough of getting ink marks on the side of their hand every time they wrote anything, so they created this useful hack.

Credit: imgur.com/user/youandmeandrainbows

All you need to do is take a food bag, poke some holes through it for your fingers and thumb before putting it on your hand. Although it might not prevent your work from smudging, it will stop you from getting pen and pencil marks on your hand and fingers whenever you take notes.

The flaw in the fork knife design

The fork knife is an all-in-one eating utensil. You use the knife on the side of the fork to cut your food, and then you use the fork part to pick up and eat it. In some parts of the world, using a fork knife is a part of regular dining.

Credit: moreteaformeplease

You won’t be given a separate knife and fork at dinner time in some countries, just a knife fork to eat your meal. If, however, you’re left-handed, you might want to research which regions use knife forks beforehand so that you bring your own cutlery to be able to eat your food with ease.

Finally, a desk for left-handers

Finally, a desk for left-handers! Typically, these kinds of desks are right-handed desks, making it nearly impossible for lefties to work properly. If a left-handed person was to attempt working on a right-handed version of this desk, we could only imagine the subsequent back ache after class is finished!

Credit: imgur.com/user/youandmeandrainbows

As a left-handed person, seeing an everyday object that has been made specifically for lefties to use fills you with a new level of excitement! No matter whether it’s left-handed scissors or, in this case, a desk for lefties, you find yourself incredibly grateful to be spared a challenge for once!

The joys of using computer mice, coffee mugs, and tape measures!

The more we delve into this, the more we find out just how many items are uncomfortable to use if you’re left-handed. Even simple items, such as tape measures, you’ll either have to learn to use your right hand or get used to reading upside down.

Credit: scott9791313/ imgur

That sippy cup? Good luck with trying not to spill your morning coffee all down your blouse on your way to work! And how confusing does it look using a computer mouse with your left hand? There are options on your computer to change around the “left click” and “right-click,” but could anything possibly be more confusing.

Soup cans are out of bounds!

Canned food can be handy at times. Although it isn’t healthy to live off of canned foods, it is great to have as a backup when you don’t have time to cook or when you get back home, and you’re starving hungry!

Credit: aaleighh_/twitter

But tinned food isn’t just for storing convenience foods, like canned soups; they often also contain essential ingredients for certain dishes. Imagine your frustration when you arrive home hungry or when you’ve prepared a dish that requires canned beans or something, and you can’t get the can lid off because the tin opener is right-handed! You could attempt using the right-handed tin opener with your left hand, but look at the mess of this can lid!

Somebody didn’t want us to have any ice-cream or yogurt

Ladles and serving spoons can be awkward for anybody to use anyway. It’s easy to spill runny substances like soups and sauces if you’re not careful. You really do need a steady hand when serving food from a ladle or spoon.

Credit: reddit.com/r/LeftHandProblems/

But if you’re left-handed and you come face-to-face with this monstrosity, then you might as well say goodbye to your food now! You guessed it! This serving spoon is for somebody who is right-handed. We can’t imagine how difficult it would be to use it with your left hand or even with your right hand if you’re left-handed!

When a folder binder ring is way more noticeable

The majority of people never even notice the ring binder in a folder unless they’re constantly opening and closing it to add and remove files. If you happen to write with your left hand, you will know that the binder ring is one of the most annoying, pain-inducing aspects of writing!

Credit: twitter.com/micallefpc/

When you write with your left hand, the binder ring always gets in the way and causes a lot of pain and discomfort, which is the last thing you need when you have hours of notes to jot down during your lectures and meetings! The only solution would be to turn the folder upside down and work from the back to the front of the folder.

Think twice before attempting Instagram stalking

Admit it! Everybody who has an Instagram account has been guilty of Instagram stalking someone at one time or another. You might be stalking an ex, your ex’s new date, your partner’s ex, a new crush, or even a friend whose life and career you drool over.

Credit: Times of India

When you’re left-handed, it’s all too easy to accidentally hit the “heart” button, which will show up as a “like” on the picture you’re viewing. Right-handers can stalk all day long, but lefties require more concentration so that they don’t accidentally like the photos of the person they’re stalking.

The oven glove dilemma

Oven gloves can be a real dilemma, especially if you only have one! It’s not so bad if the oven gloves are heatproof on both sides, but that’s not always the case. Often, single oven gloves are designed to fit right-handed people, and therefore the heatproof pads are only beneficial to right-handers.

Credit: SingleRelative/Reddit

So for those who are left-handed, they will have great difficulty when handling hot food trays and pans. They will either have to risk getting burned (not advisable), or they are going to have to attempt using their weaker hand, their right hand, to handle hot dishes!

The inconvenience of convenience food

Food in cans is typically classed as convenience food. The idea being that it has been properly prepared and stored in a neat container that is quick and easy to open when you’re ready to eat. Think about food cans, you simply take off the lid and enjoy a meal in minutes.

Credit: thehooksite.com/

Yet, when you’re hungry and left-handed, these cans are the last thing you want to be tackling. Removing a tin lid with your left-hand makes you reconsider how convenient tin cans actually are. When you’re a lefty, convenience food can actually be very inconvenient indeed.

Lefties can’t sip from these sippy cups

Sippy cups are great for carrying your coffee, or any other type of beverage, around with you when you’re on the go. In recent years they have become increasingly popular because they are better for the environment than disposable coffee and drink cups from cafes.

Credit: Twitter.com/52849I

But did you foresee the issue with this anti-left-handed everyday object?! Well, not only was it designed to be carried by your right hand rather than your left hand, but it’s also impossible to drink from if you don’t hold the cup with your right hand. Don’t attempt drinking from the cup when holding it in your left hand because it will end badly!

Serving spoons can be a real problem

It’s a well-known fact that making pancakes can be a messy business. It’s easy to get drops of pancake batter everywhere, and that’s before you’ve even attempted flipping them. It helps to have utensils that are supposed to make the task easier.

Credit: Instagram.com/DanielaHouston

This ladle would be perfect for pouring pancake batter if you were right-handed, but if you’re left-handed, you’re going to struggle! Judging by the looks of this serving spoon, you’re going to have great difficulties using it with your left hand or trying to keep your balance when attempting to use your right hand!

Smudged handwriting can be expected

Back in our school days, you may have been taught how to use a fountain pen. Only if you wrote with your left hand, you’d be given a special left-handed fountain pen or wouldn’t be allowed to use this style pen at all because you’d smudge your handwriting.

Credit: jthomp000/Reddit

When you write with your left hand, your hand naturally passes through the words you’ve just written on the page. This means that you’ll end up with ink marks on the side of your hand, and you’ll probably also smudge your handwriting, possibly to the point where it is illegible!

Typing numbers on a keyboard is a chore

We think we’ve established by now that using a desktop PC is a major inconvenience if you’re a left-hander! You have to cross your left hand over your right arm to use the mouse, and it’s a similar situation with the numbers on a desktop keyboard!

Credit: Instagram.com/lieblinkshaendigkeit

The numbers on desktop keyboards are on the right-hand side of the keyboard, which is great if you are right-handed because you can type up numbers quickly and conveniently. However, if you’re left-handed, you will have to stretch your left arm over your right every time you need to type up numbers!

Writing in a notebook is painful…but not with this trick!

If you’re a right-handed writer, you probably write in folders and notebooks without any issues, but it’s an uncomfortable and awkward process for lefties. In fact, it’s a wonder that there are any left-handed authors in the world at all! Thankfully, there are!

Credit: Instagram.com/Esmeha

With spiral-bound notebooks, your left hand regularly gets caught in the little spiral rings, or your hand leans against the metal as you write, which really grates! So this left-handed writer trained themself to write from the top of their notebook to avoid injuries!

Mind your fingers when using power tools!

Although we’ve established that there is no proof that right-handed people live longer than lefties, despite initial claims, we can see why there might be more accidents among left-handed people when trying to use household and DIY tools such as this one.

Credit: Daddobfat/Reddit

If you’re a natural lefty and have no other choice than to use a power tool designed for somebody who is stronger with their right hand, then things could turn ugly! We dread to think of the kinds of nasty accidents you could inflict upon yourself when using this tool as somebody who is left-handed!

Using a PC is like an assault course

For most of us, we take for granted the ease of using a PC. So much so that many health professionals recommend that we use upright desktop computers instead of laptops, especially if we spend long periods of time sitting down at a computer. This is because a desktop computer provides more comfort and lessens the strain on our necks, backs, and even our eyes.

Credit: youandmeandrainbows/Imgur

But using a desktop PC doesn’t provide the same level of comfort and ease for those who work with their left hands. Because desktops have a separate keyboard and computer mouse on the right-hand side, lefties have to cross their left hand over their right hand to use the mouse!

Right-handed desks

Right-handed desks seem like such a great idea. They save on room and make it easy for you to sit down in a classroom or lecture and take notes. An added feature is that many models also have an adjoining chair, which makes each unit a chair and desk all in one.

Credit: robsc16/imgur

There is, however, a major flaw in this design! What on earth do you do if you don’t use your right hand to write?! If you happen to be left-handed, you’re going to find writing really uncomfortable. It seems that many of the innovative designs used to help right-handers create huge challenges for lefties!

Will you be chopping meat or your fingers with this thing?!

This meat cutter is a fine example of how a household tool, designed to make life easier for right-handed consumers, can have the opposite effect for lefties. While this tool has been created to make it easier for right-handed people to cut meat safely, you’d have to be very careful using it with your left hand.

Credit: SingleRelative/Reddit

You have to sympathize with left-handers, though. There’s no doubt that they are constantly left feeling disappointed when they purchase products they later discover they can’t use. Not only must they waste a lot of money on pointless purchases, but they also risk causing an injury should they decide to give it a go!

Discriminative career choices

Did you know that having a dominant left hand even impacts the career path you may choose? The majority of hand tools have been designed for right-handed people because 70 to 95 percent of the world’s population is right-handed.

Credit: Holiday Inn Sofia Hotel

Even so, that still means that 5 to 30 percent of the population are lefties. You would have thought by now that left-handed hairdressing scissors would be more easily accessible for those training to become hairdressers or for those already working in salons.

When drinking your morning coffee can actually be dangerous

It’s a situation that most people overlook unless, of course, you are left-handed. As a right-handed person, these kinds of novelty mugs are fun and cute. They make the experience of sipping at your morning coffee so much more enjoyable.

Credit: twitter.com/southpaw0452

However, as a left-handed person, there is also a dangerous aspect to these cute cups. If you’re left-handed, the design of the cup takes on a whole new meaning! When this pretty kitty cup is reversed to suit a lefty, the drinker must be careful that the cat’s ears don’t poke them in the eyes every time they take a sip!

Forever sidelined

Imagine dedicating your entire life to perfecting your game and becoming a terrific baseball player, only to be then sidelined at every big game because there are no available gloves for left-handers?! Unfortunately, this is a reality for the left-handed baseball players, and there are more than you might think!

Credit: El Paso Times

And baseball isn’t the only sport that sidelines those whose left hands are strongest. Other players are often put off when they discover that an opponent doesn’t play with the same hand as them, and therefore they’d rather not play against them. Boxing is a good example of this, as it’s a well-known fact that southpaws are unique but undesired opponents.

Taking a photo might take a little longer

Cameras are another everyday item that the majority of people take for granted because they, of course, are meant for the right-handed. It’s things like this that the right-handed community take for granted because they don’t face these challenges in their daily lives.

Credit: The Verge

So what is the problem with cameras? Well, all of the functions and buttons are on the right side of the gadget. This means that a left-hander is forced to set-up the camera and carefully adjust its settings before taking a photo. If the capture button is on the right, then they must also get used to using their right hand to take a photo. It’s not the smooth process that it is for right-handers.

You’ll have a newfound respect for left-handed guitar players

Playing instruments is another problem that you may not have foreseen if you are right-handed. In fact, being a lefty makes it difficult to play most musical instruments. As a lefty, you will need to work twice as hard to feel comfortable when playing an instrument and achieving the desired results.

Credit: Sciencenewsforstudents.org

Guitars are just one of the many examples. While some people, both left-handed and right-handed individuals, can easily adapt to using either hand for different activities, others strongly rely on their more dominant hand. Juggling the challenge of getting the chords right and directing your right hand to strum away is no joke!

Dinner time can be fun!

Unless everyone sitting at the dining table is left-handed, you will probably find that your left arm is forever knocking the right arm of the person seated next to you. At best, lefties are advised to sit at the end of the table so that they don’t have anybody to the left of them.

Credit: Instructables

However, this can cause social problems and can completely disrupt an intended seating plan. It may also mean that you cannot sit next to the person you want to or should be seated next to in a formal situation, such as a partner, spouse, or child.

Even scissors are unsuitable!

Remember when you were at school, and there was a box full of scissors, and everybody would take a pair, but there would always be one person in the class who was left-handed. The teacher would then have to hunt out a pair of scissors that were suitable for lefties.

Credit: Insider.com

Well, in the adult world, it seems that everyday life is no more set up for left-handed folk than our schools were. Scissors are made to fit a thumb in one handle and fingers in the other. But if you are left-handed, using scissors can be really awkward!

Lack of Understanding

Last but not least, it’s the lack of understanding that makes being a lefty so hard. If you search the term: “left-handed” into Google, one of the related searches is: “is being left-handed a disability?” Of course, it is not! Who even decided that doing everything with your right hand should be the norm anyway?

Credit: Mental Floss

There seems to be a huge lack of understanding when it comes to being left-handed. Yet, being left-handed is not a new thing. After all this time, you would think that there would be more solutions to make life easier for the left-handed community, right?!