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Jimmy Fallon’s Followers Share Their Weird Superstitions, And Many Of Them Are A Bit Eerie

Whether it’s seven years of bad luck after breaking a mirror, the number 13 is cursed, or opening an umbrella indoors, most people believe in some form of superstition. These old wives’ tales of certain behaviors, items, or dates bringing about bad omens are more common than you think. You might even believe in a superstition yourself and not realize it. On one of Jimmy Fallon’s latest #Hashtags segments, the talk show host and comedian asked his Twitter followers to share some of the superstitions that they adhere to, but with the additional criteria that it has to be a weird one. Well, the results came in, and we found that more people have strange superstitions than we’d thought! Without further ado, here are 45 of the weirdest superstitions submitted.


This is probably the most common superstition and one of the more innocent ones on this list. Everybody knows that when the clock strikes the time 11:11, this is your moment to make a wish. Believe it or not, it will come true!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@farkasvilkarsh

It seems like more people make wishes at 11:11 than they do on their birthdays before they blow out the candles. What have you wished for at 11:11? A pony? A new phone? A bigger house? Lately, we’ve wished for life to go back to how it used to be three years ago!


It’s a relatively thin line between a superstition and a habit engrained in your brain by anxiety or OCD. Take this Twitter user, for example. He locks his door three times every night because he’s convinced he will be murdered in his sleep if he doesn’t.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kruse_werner; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ross_Swim14

This is a common thing people with OCD do. They’re convinced certain things will happen to them or their loved ones if they don’t do a particular set of practices in a specific order. It definitely makes us wonder whether the person who initially introduced these superstitions was really superstitious or if they were just anxious.

Right foot left foot

Which leg do you put on first when you put your pants on? When you put your socks on, which foot do you put them on first? Twitter user @lslndrz has a strict right-left policy. They’ve tried to skirt around this superstition before, but they ended up getting hurt.

photo courtesy of Instagram/@_cloudd.store; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lslndrz

To be fair, if you’ve fallen down the stairs twice and the only differing factor is that you put your left leg into your pants before your right, you’re bound to stick to the right-left policy—anything to not fall down the stairs again.

No hate

Big believers of karma will know that what goes around comes back around. They won’t put out into the world anything that they don’t want coming back to them. This includes their words because it manifests into the universe.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DeadheadTarot

This person must have an entire list of synonyms for the word “hate” in case she has to use it in a conversation. She dislikes, is not a fan of, does not like, and has negative feelings for heavy traffic. But she doesn’t hate it.

Lucky bill

Do you still keep random items from years ago in your wallet or at the bottom of your purse? There’s a difference between sentimentality and superstition. Keeping movie ticket stubs is sentimental. But keeping a rare bill in your wallet for 20 years is superstitious.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@1TonyShepherd

There aren’t that many $2 bills going around anymore. The United States discontinued production and circulation of these bills in the ‘60s. So we understand why @1TonyShepherd would keep this one in his wallet and not spend it. Maybe it’s his lucky charm.

Multiples of 5

Some numbers are just a lot better to look at than others. Even numbers are more satisfying than odd ones. And the only kind of satisfying odd numbers are those that are in multiples of five. Debate with us all you want; it’s just the facts.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lucky_baguioshop; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KateByrnes1

We totally understand where this Twitter user is coming from. It’s just a much better feeling when you start doing things at 8:05 or 8:10, as opposed to starting at 8:02. There’s something about the number that feels right.

The win routine

If you believe that there are a set of rituals to do before you win a game or succeed in a job interview, then you’re superstitious. We’ve heard of lucky blouses and lucky dances, but we’ve never heard of someone quite as superstitious as this high school coach.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@christianthedude47; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sadotson

This guy has a superstition for the day before, the day of, and during the game! We’re not quite sure what Olive Garden and Domino’s have to do with winning a basketball game, but if he’s won state championships, then there’s gotta be some kind of luck in eating from those restaurants!

Scaredy cat

Okay, we’re aware of the deal with Bloody Mary and mirrors. But it seems like this Twitter user has gotten things a bit mixed up. If you’re familiar with the Bloody Mary story, read on and see if you can find what’s wrong with this superstition.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@explorewithtrust; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LoriH79

Yup. Bloody Mary only appears if you call her three times in front of the mirror! Passing by any old mirror shouldn’t summon her! Mirrors are arguably only scary in the Hall of Mirrors in an old scary haunted house- you should be fine walking past any regular bathroom mirror in the middle of the night.

Head side up

Well, this is a very sweet superstitious person who considers other people as well. While there’s no difference in value between the head side and the tail side of a penny, heads are often known to be the winning side in coin tosses.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@evo_burns; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Carolyn84709458

That’s probably why Twitter user @Carolyn84709458 flips any tail-side coin she finds on the ground. It’s sweet that she thinks about the luck available for her and for the next person who finds it head-side up. There is still good left in the world.

Childhood trauma

Sometimes unfortunate things happen during your childhood that traumatize you for the rest of your life. Bullies are everywhere, and children are especially mean. They come up with very creative ways to torment someone that scars the victim forever.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@supan; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kansasbradbury

This Twitter user probably had his fair share of sprayed soda over him in his youth. If he’s now 48 and he still taps the top of the bottle or can to make sure he’s safe, it must have been awful for him back then!

The statues

Traveling opens your eyes to different cultures than your own. The superstitions you hold dear to your heart don’t compare to the ones other cultures acknowledge. Take this Tweeter, for example. Their trip to Egypt resulted in a little bit of a scare.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CeeToSea

If they believe that these statues have placed a jinx over their house, then bad things must have started happening right after they brought the statues home. But they’re caught in a Catch-22 now because what if the Egyptian gods get angry at them for throwing the statues out?

Egg etiquette

Most people don’t pay much attention to the number of eggs they use at a time or whether or not the number of eggs in the cartons balances out. But @That1AwkwardSam is not like most people. She needs to make sure everything in her carton is even.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@jamesonnutrition; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@That1AwkwardSam

This seems like good practice. It keeps the carton looking symmetrical. It also prevents that awkwardness when you want two eggs for breakfast, but there’s only one left. It’s especially useful for those who don’t like the carton to look heavier on one side.

Hold your breath

Cemeteries are pretty creepy, even during the day. Walking past a graveyard gives most people the heebie-jeebies, which is why some people have superstitions surrounding them. In some countries, people excuse themselves when walking past graves in a cemetery to not disturb the souls of the dead.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@karinan99; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thatfunnyamy

For @thatfunnyamy, her superstition involves holding her breath! To each their own, but we’re just a little concerned as to exactly how long she can hold it and how she can make it past the graveyard in one breath, especially if she’s walking!

Knock on wood

“Knock on wood” or “touch wood” is a common superstition. People believe that if you knock on wood when you say something negative hypothetically, it won’t happen in real life. But what if you don’t have anything wood around you?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@raafetmus; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_rhealynn

Well, @_rhealynn takes the expression even further here. If there isn’t wood around, she knocks on any other material. Does it absolutely have to be wood? Nope. She believes the knock will find its wood somehow. If this isn’t the most hilarious thing we’ve read so far!

Pandemic superstition

This kind of superstition has only recently developed because of the pandemic. Since everyone started working from home, there’s been a surplus of people sharing their Zoom horror stories, mostly to do with forgetting to mute themselves or turn off their cameras.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@slideewebcamcovers; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@atlantic_flow

The solution to this problem? A sticky note over your computer’s webcam. Or better yet, get one of those webcam covers! They’re very cheap, and you can slide them over your camera to close it any time you need to run to the toilet quickly!

Eating cheese Doritos

There’s a specific way to eat Oreos. Twist it, lick it, dunk it. But there isn’t exactly an instruction manual when it comes to eating a bag of Doritos. That is, of course, until Twitter user @LisaLane721 decided there was one.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@marinella_prosecco_for_life; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LisaLane721

This may solely apply to cheese Doritos for her, but we see this happening with other flavors as well. Although we’re not quite sure how licking all the flavor off will affect the way the chip travels down the throat…

Safe in the middle

We can all agree that public bathrooms can be a little awkward. Imagine you’re in one of the middle stalls, and people walk into the stalls on either side of you. An awkward silence ensues as all three of you try to go about your business, ignoring that the others are also going about their business.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@toiletrollsnz; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@briannaherrrera

Given this logic, you would think that people would prefer being in the first stall. At least there, you only have to worry about one person next to you. But for some reason, @briannaherrrera feels safer in the middle stall.


Parents aren’t the only people that can show favoritism. Non-parents can do it too. If you have multiple siblings, you can have a favorite one. If you have more than one best friend, you can prefer one over the others.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@comarsh77; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kizzleope

And if you have a lot of stuffed animals, it’s easy to show one more attention and care than the others. Twitter user @kizzleope was determined not to give any of her dolls FOMO when she was younger. We wonder if she took turns cuddling different stuffed animals every night too.

Make a wish

Here’s another common superstition most people used to tell their children. If you’re driving through a tunnel, hold your breath and make a wish, and it will surely come true. How many of us remember doing that as kids?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fukui_toshio_desu; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StremelUSN

How mean is this dad? He sounds like the chaotic kind of parent- kind of like Phil Dunphy from Modern Family. He completely turned this superstition from a fun wish-making to a competition for the kids; whoever doesn’t pass out wins.

Don’t jinx it

Do you know those overly chipper people who have a really positive outlook on life? Everything’s all sunshine and daisies to them, and they never seem to have anything bad to say about their day? Well, @erynbird22 overcorrects that kind of behavior.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@erynbird22

Stop. Nobody says they’re having a great day. It’s an okay day at best and maybe a good day at a stretch. But once anyone says it’s a great day, that jinxes everything. We kind of see the logic in this, especially if there’s proof that the day immediately goes awry after saying it’s been great.

Robot uprising

Technology has undoubtedly made our lives easier. With the rise of smart home devices like Alexa, Siri, and Cortana, you can control your house with just your voice. But conspiracy theories have suggested that these robots might become sentient with time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@elitte.cell; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ZaneChihuahua

You wouldn’t want to make these robots feel underappreciated. Always say please and thank you when you’re asking them to do anything. Make sure they know you’re grateful for their help. Massage their ego a little, and maybe they will reconsider taking over the world.

The order of dinner

When you have lots of things on your plate, like during Thanksgiving dinner, for example, it can get overwhelming. Do you eat the mashed potatoes first and then the turkey, or have them both together? What about the veggies and the stuffing?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yyjfooder; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@WillVersion4

Twitter user @WillVersion4 came up with a systematic order to eat his food. If you read this tweet a few times, you’ll understand it. It ensures an optimum progression of taste so that the last bite is the tastiest one.

New Year’s laundry

This is definitely the first we’ve ever heard of this superstition. Apparently, doing laundry on New Year’s Day results in the death of someone close to you that year. Tweeter @ckarabag is out on a mission to find out who did the laundry on New Years Day the year her mother died.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@oasistownhomes; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ckarabag

The thing about this superstition is that it puts the blame on anyone close to the victim. Depending on how her mother’s social life was, @ckarabag would probably have to go through an extensive close friends list. And that’s after she rules out any family members.

Horror paranoia

Whether you’re 6 or 60, horror movies will get to you. There’s always that period of time after watching a horror film where you’re scared of going to the basement alone or turning on the radio. The same was the case for @watchwithbianca.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@crtsafari; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@watchwithbianca

As a result of watching Poltergeist, she never really finished any film she watched on VHS for fear of letting ghosts in. What a shame to be missing out on the endings of most movies at such a young age!

M&M munching

Nobody really knows the exact amount of chocolate candies there are in an M&M bag. It seems like the mix of colors is also completely random. But one thing’s for sure. All the colors taste the same—they’re all chocolate.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ae_bakeries; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Semsilent

Apparently, for this Twitter user, it matters the order in which she eats all those colors. Wherever this habit started from, we’re not judging. But what is the superstition behind this? Does she believe something bad is going to happen if she doesn’t adhere to these rules?

Jaws trauma

A cultural shift happened in 1975 when the movie Jaws came out. Not only did the film give us the reference about needing a bigger boat. It also instilled fear in everyone watching that the next time they’re swimming in a body of water alone, they will get attacked by sharks.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@evieblackman; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TWYNNEofficial

This Twitter user isn’t the only person who gets scared of swimming alone. We’re sure a lot of people swimming in public pools are still afraid. They’re just consoled by the fact that there are a lot of people around.

Slowly dying

Uh oh. This is the first time that we have heard of this one. This will definitely put us off taking any photos of our dogs. Where has this superstition come from? It’s so sad, and we hate to even think about it!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@20dollarvintage; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Dannyinthestars

If we delete all the photos we’ve taken of our dogs and delete all the ones we’ve posted on Instagram, does that mean we’re giving them back their life span? Does that mean they will live a little longer?

Finish the whole tube

Sometimes you just can’t be asked to squeeze out the remaining toothpaste inside the tube. While you actually can roll up the end of the tube to get your money’s worth of toothpaste, you throw it in the bin and get a new tube instead.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sustainablej; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cullen18Cullen

That’s not the case for @Cullen18Cullen. She believes that if she doesn’t squeeze that tube of toothpaste for all its worth, she’ll start getting cavities. We’re pretty sure that’s not true, but it’s also making us reconsider throwing away all those tubes of toothpaste too soon.

Potato power

Here’s another sports game-related superstition. It’s less complicated than the first one and involves a little fewer carbs. Although it does involve two baked potatoes, so it still packs a punch. Following in the footsteps of his favorite hockey player, @BrickWallJamieF adopted the following routine.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@angies_adventure_to_healthy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BrickWallJamieF

We wish more hockey players would do the same thing before every game to put Potato Power to the test. If it’s proven to bring good luck, it might just become a tradition specific to hockey. Then Jamie will be a trendsetter!

Not that good

Still on the subject of sports superstitions, here’s a basketball one. While other athletes apparently carbo-load before a big game, @gumgumerson just avoids the out-of-bounds line. Stepping on said line is bad luck for him and for the team.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@rgrsportscourts; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@gumgumerson

As the years went on, he started to realize that maybe it wasn’t bad luck. Doesn’t matter if he did or didn’t step on the out-of-bounds line. Maybe he just wasn’t very good at basketball, in which case he was the stroke of bad luck for the team.

Forget something?

Most superstitions are passed down from generation to generation. They are, therefore, often only specific to one family. This next superstition is a perfect example of this, as this Twitter user said they learned about it from their mom.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MVPJunkie

Reading it back, it sounds oddly specific. You’re only supposed to look in the mirror and touch your hair if you came back after forgetting something? What are you supposed to do about your morning grooming routine and before leaving the house in general?

Dispelling evil

Some cultures and families are incredibly superstitious to the point of believing in the supernatural. While others choose not to heed those kinds of things, there are families that are very ritualistic in their approach to life. @MazeStuck’s family is one of those.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@madeleine_mau; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MazeStuck

This is certainly a different approach to illnesses—no trust in modern medicine in this family. Just burn incense and plants to ward off any further evil from invading the house. Because it’s not the illness that’s infectious, it’s the evil.

Spiders keep out

This isn’t a superstition so much as it is just paranoia over the possibility of spiders crawling in your ears. In reality, there is a slim chance that this incident might happen. But it doesn’t warrant sleeping with your hair covering your ears every night.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bjornmomberg; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@pinairea

One question: what is the guarantee that the spiders won’t crawl through your hair and into your ear anyway? We think there’s a better solution here—sleeping with cotton swabs in your ears. That will definitely keep the spiders away.

Chip balance

Food-related superstitions and habits are always pretty quirky. We’ve read the one about the order of the M&M’s and the order in which people eat food off the plate. Now, introducing the perfect way of eating chips to maintain “chip balance.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@murwaskitchen; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon

While this habit can slide in the comfort of this person’s own house, when he takes it out in public he has to reign it in. Double dipping is a big no-no in a party setting, and this guy has to dip so many times to satisfy his way of eating chips!

The last clap

This next superstition is quite a unique one. We don’t know what this person thinks will happen if she doesn’t get the last clap, but we’re going to let her keep clapping. Here’s our question: what happens when she goes to a concert?

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@AbbyTribble

A staff meeting is one thing, but a throng of people at a festival is a completely different game. Does she just keep on clapping until she gets the last clap? Will that not bother everyone around her, or are people usually too drunk to care?

Lightning in the shower

Remember when we said superstitions were normally old wives’ tales passed down through generations? Well, the superstition below is even more proof of that. The number of times we’ve read tweets in this thread containing the words “my mom said” is too much to count.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@armakart; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@heyy_rigs

For 35 years, Twitter user @heyy_rigs has avoided showering during a thunderstorm for fear of being struck by lightning. In reality, has anyone ever been struck by lightning indoors? We’re not sure of the statistics, but we’re pretty sure it hasn’t occurred that frequently.

An even volume

Remember the number-related superstitions from a few tweets before? Here’s another one to join the list. This one is actually not that uncommon, as we’ve heard people who adhere to the same habit. That being said, we’re not sure if this is just a habit or an actual superstition.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@thearcadevaults; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@NatteringNic

It’s just more satisfying when everything lands on an even number or a number divisible by 5 or 2. We don’t know why this seems to be the one thing most people can agree on. Something about the maths of it all, maybe.

No favoritism

There’s no room for favoritism if you have more than one pet in the house. Even though you secretly favor one dog over the other, you still need to treat them both equally. Believe it or not, animals can sense favoritism, and they can get jealous.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@mikzukrudyandgiotto; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PacNW2021

Twitter user @PacNW2021 knows what she’s doing. She makes sure both her dogs feel the love before bed. Although considering this is a superstition, it’s more for her good than for the dogs. She only does it to clear her conscience so that she can sleep at night!

Monsters under the bed

The “monsters under the bed” stories have been around for ages. It’s the basis for movie genres, from horror to children’s films. In our books, this isn’t really a superstition so much as it is a culturally ingrained fear of what’s lurking under the mattress.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Tigger10251

Another variation of the same superstition would be not sleeping with any limbs peeking out of the blanket. Or sleeping with the blanket completely over your head. We would tell you that there aren’t any monsters under the bed. But really, who are we to say?

Double gifts

Well, isn’t this a superstition that leads to a kind gesture? We now wish everyone would be as superstitious as @kimlustemaran. She has definitely restored our faith in humanity by putting money in the wallets that she gifts people.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@renee.sydney; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kimlustemaran

Imagine being pleasantly surprised that your gift also came with another gift inside of it. It doesn’t even have to be hundred dollar bills. Even finding a few coins in a new wallet’s coin pocket is enough to make someone’s day.

Calendar change

We don’t know anyone who still has a wall calendar or a desk calendar in this digital age. Everything is now stored in the Google Calendar and synced up across all our devices. So this one maybe doesn’t apply to most people anymore.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@alice.belain; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jayeokie

As outdated as this superstition may be, it oddly makes sense. It’s kind of like not wanting to jump the gun and say you’ll live to see another day. You want to actually see that day before making any decisions.

The Candyman

This is a pretty eerie superstition to think about. We’re not sure if it’s the singing, the mirror, or the number of times this Twitter user’s grandfather sings it to himself. Actually, we know what it is. It’s the idea that The Candyman could come and kill him.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MadAnter

We’re more inclined to consider the more spooky beliefs as superstitions, so this definitely is one. While it’s a scary thought, we’re sure @MadAnter’s grandfather never let himself sing the song more than four times. Otherwise, this tweet would have been written in the past tense.

Saving Jack and Rose

Although you already know how certain movies will end, there’s no denying that you would do anything to change the ending if you could. This is especially true if the ending is a particularly tragic one. Take Titanic, for example.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@that_boy_zeus; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ben_levine

We’re with @ben_levine. Jack and Rose deserve to live their happily ever after together. If we could stop the movie before the iceberg hits, we would! Anything to give the two greatest lovers of all time the ending they deserved.

What doesn’t kill you

…makes you stronger! We’re a fan of this old adage. It’s definitely an encouragement for when things get rough in life. But one Twitter user’s friend took this saying a step further and made it all way creepier than it needs to be.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SocTwisted

We’re not sure if this is a superstition or just straight-up weirdness. If only strength worked that way. This could probably be very helpful for people who are facing bullies, backstabbers, and cheaters. But in general, we don’t encourage collecting and drinking your own tears. EEUUWWW.

Lonely food

You know you’re superstitious when you’re considering the way food feels when a small piece of it is dropped on the ground. This Twitter user is one of those people. Read on to discover what she does so that food doesn’t feel left out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@rileygracelouise93; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Shannymcb1

Who knew food could have FOMO too? We consider this a little bit of a waste. Why drop food that was perfectly good to eat, just to make other foods feel better? And just to sweep them up anyway?