40+ Jimmy Fallon Followers Who Shared Their Quirky SignatureMoves

By Abigail T May 31, 2021
40+ Jimmy Fallon Followers Who Shared Their Quirky SignatureMoves

When talk show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon tweets out, “It’s hashtag time!” you know what you need to do. The host of The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon has kept up a long-running segment called Hashtags. The show utilizes social media, specifically Twitter, to get the audience to participate in the show from the comfort of their own homes. Jimmy has tweeted out for people to share various stories using hashtags like #MomQuotes, #IGotCaught, and even #MisheardLyrics. Earlier in April, Jimmy asked his followers to tweet him their signature moves using the hashtag #MySignatureMove. Thousands of people sent in tweets, from sly moves, smooth moves to moves that just don’t quite work. Here are just 40+ of the Internet’s best signature moves.

Disclaimer: photos in this article are for illustrative purposes only. Photos and the people who posted them online are not to be associated with the Tweet being discussed or Twitter user who posted said Tweet.

Peak laziness

You know you’re adulting when you’re constantly trying to decide whether to get take out for your next meal or to cook your own food. Sometimes, even if you’ve got a fridge full of ingredients, you’d rather just order in any way.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@theshakychefs; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kaleiscool_

You just gotta put what you can in the freezer in the hopes that it will last longer. Then, you call up Domino’s Pizza and order yourself a personal pizza bundle with a tub of Ben & Jerry’s. All that’s left to do is spend the rest of the night mourning your bank balance.

Groceries exhibit

Sometimes, you have to add your own flair to the mundane, so you don’t drive yourself crazy. Twitter user @mattyhowe knows this really well. In order to make trips to the grocery store a little more exciting, he refers to the aisles as exhibits.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hatgrl; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mattyhowe

Doesn’t it just make you feel a little fancier, saying you’re at the cheese exhibit instead of the cheese section? It kind of makes you feel like you’re in a gallery looking at artwork. It completely elevates the grocery shopping experience.

Always right

The fun of the mystery genre is the twist at the end when the person that you least expected turns out to be the villain. You spend the entire movie or series hating on the wrong person when, usually, at the most unexpected time, it is revealed they are not evil.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BattleBear_

Twitter user @BattleBear_ has a way of working around this surprise ending. He just spends the entire movie accusing everybody of being the killer. By doing this, not only is he always right, but he is also not surprised like everyone else is by the end of the film.

Beware of the dog

Everyone knows that the possibility of an angry dog can keep away any unwelcome visitors. We won’t be surprised if half the houses with a “Beware of the dog” sign on the gate are actually dogless. The owners just don’t want people coming around.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@spiritjill; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@pineapple_mist

The same can be said for Twitter user @pineapple_mist. They actually pretend that there’s an aggressive dog in the house so that people who come knocking won’t feel so comfortable about coming in. What we’re wondering is, how do they mimic the loud barking?

Trickster, part 2

When things get a little stagnant in the marriage, a good sense of humor can really liven things up. The trick is to marry someone you can always laugh with. Or, in @SetkaTerri’s case, someone you can also laugh at!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SetkaTerri

We can imagine this would drive her husband crazy. There’s nothing worse than knowing you’re getting old and then experiencing symptoms of it in real life. Some may say that this practical joke is a little mean, but it is just a joke!

Bar feels at brunch

Now, this Twitter user is a rebel at brunch. Just look at what she does with the little coffee creamer cups. She might be sitting at a nice café, but her behavior makes it clear—she’s pretending she’s taking shots at the bar.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@katherinehickman_stl; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LauraLizVids

This is a great signature move to have. We can just imagine that all of @LauraLizVids’ friends expect her to take shots of coffee creamers at every brunch. This is like, her thing, and her crew knows this is part of her brunch ritual.

Wasn’t my idea

This contribution to the #Hashtags segment comes from the host Jimmy Fallon himself. Jimmy shares with his followers how he can get his way without actually asking for it. It’s funny that he plays this trick with his wife.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tuntunsmania; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon

Everyone can take a page out of Jimmy’s book. Whether you’re a husband, child, or a significant other, who wants pizza, you can definitely do what Jimmy does. Just say no to every other suggestion until they say pizza.

How to get rid of a boss

Sometimes at work, you need your own space. All you want is to get your head down and get to work at your desk or cubicle without anyone distracting you. Oftentimes that person distracting you with more work is your boss.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@russell_h_123

Twitter user @russell_h_123 came up with the perfect way to usher your boss out of your room without being disrespectful. Follow his simple one-step, sure-fire way to get rid of your boss, and you should have your workday to yourself again.


You know that feeling when you know you haven’t done anything wrong, but you feel like you’re about to get caught anyway? Twitter user @gumgumerson feels that way when he leaves a store without buying anything. Check out what he has to say about that.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@gumgumerson

We understand that he might be looking to leave the store inconspicuously without drawing any attention to himself. But pausing to admire the door is definitely more conspicuous behavior than just immediately leaving. Maybe he should change up his signature move.

The order of things

For some people, their signature move is for themselves and themselves only. For Twitter user @Semsilent, her signature move is the way she places things on her plate of food. It may not affect anyone else but herself, but it is still her move.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kristinelowski5; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Semsilent

This is the perfect depiction of saving the best for last. Some people eat every food item in the same spoonful. Others go in order of least favorite to favorite. To each his own. Either way, as long as you finish the plate and get all those nutrients, you’re good!

Way out

Twitter user @amanda_stretch is living the dream. Thanks to something that happened at the start of her marriage, she hasn’t done the laundry or cleaned the toilet in 26 years! Want to know her trick? Read her tweet here.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@amanda_stretch

Guess this is what happens when you marry someone who thinks that the only right way to do things is their way! All this Twitter user had to do was pretend to do things wrong. Her husband immediately took over and has been doing so ever since.

Still courteous

Some days, when you’re in such a rush, and you need your coffee. Where do you stop for that? The Starbucks drive-through, of course. But on jam-packed days, you just gotta cut someone off to get your coffee a little quicker.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@metal_fortress; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ijustcant2020

Twitter user @Ijustcant2020 is still courteous about it, though. She knows she did the other car wrong, so she would buy the coffee for that car too. It’s only the right thing to do. Consider that her apology to the driver.

A kind of hypnosis

When you really can’t be bothered to get up to get something, you will do anything to get what you need without moving an inch. There is proof of this in the following tweet by @atlantic_flow. It’s almost like he hypnotizes the other person at the table.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@atlantic_flow

Imagine if you were on the receiving end of this serious death stare. You’re not even up yet; you’re still sitting at the table. But somehow, you hear the words “While you are up,” and you just get up and get those chips.

Hip to their game

Are we the only ones who feel uncomfortable around security cameras? There’s just something about knowing that you’re being watched that makes us queasy. Twitter user @kansasbradbury has a way to combat that feeling, or in his words, be “hip to their game.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ztechuk; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kansasbradbury

It’s nice that he would smile at security cameras. Who knows, maybe the security guys in the security room actually caught him doing that. Maybe that smile made their day somehow. Now here’s a signature move that makes other people feel better.

At ease, soldier!

This one signature move genuinely made us laugh. We’re not sure if it actually is funny or if the pandemic has eaten away at our sense of humor. We’ll let you guys decide for yourselves how hilarious (or not ) this is.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TylerHughs

To be honest, when people shield their eyes from the sun with their hand, it does look like they’re saluting someone. So it makes sense that @TylerHughs would do this to them. Another way to respond to this is also to high-five the person while they’re holding their hand up like that.

Trickster, part 3

It’s great to see how many people on the Internet play practical jokes on their significant others. This is the third person in this thread whose signature move is to prank other people. And we have to say; this one is hilarious.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KristinG70

Sure, some people may consider playing this prank on your husband as mean. After all, infidelity isn’t something to joke around about. But if the purpose of this was to get both her and her husband to wake up, it works for sure!


You know the pandemic has really started getting to you when you begin to consider the feelings of inanimate objects. Yeah, you read that right. Twitter user @DutchFalPal1972 makes sure the buttons on their TV remote don’t feel left out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@guptaelectronicsbkt; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DutchFalPal1972

This signature move is peak pandemic behavior. If things were like they used to be, we hardly think anyone would be spending time at home with the TV on in the background all day. We wouldn’t even be thinking about the remote!

Kill ’em with kindness

It has always been said that kindness is the best revenge. Twitter user @carriesmith1123 apparently takes this adage to heart. Just watch how she responds to drivers who cut her off on the road. She may be in traffic, but she takes the high road every time.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@unrindu; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@carriesmith1123

Instead of flipping the bird to disrespectful drivers, this Twitter user honks and waves instead. We applaud how she can still stay calm despite her blood boiling. But it’s a great way not to act on your anger and instead show some kindness.

Power move

By now, everybody knows that Zoom hosts have the power to control the room. They can mute anyone in the call; they decide who gets to share their screens. Hosts are basically supernatural beings in a Zoom meeting room.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TrivWorks

@TrivWorks knows this full well. Sometimes it’s fun to play tricks on people and make them think that you’re the host, simply by adding the word “Host” to your display name. Maybe you could try this out at your next Zoom meeting!

90% success rate

If you have younger siblings, chances are you’ll be very used to not having your way. But you’ll also know that your parents are more likely to relent to your younger siblings’ wishes. Twitter user @joonsbleuelune uses this to their advantage.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@joonsbleuelune

They know full well that their parents won’t budge if they’re the ones to make the request. But if it’s the little sister asking for, say, pizza or Chinese food take-out, there’s more of a chance that they’ll get it.

Family tradition

This next story is more of the signature move for the whole family than just one person. It’s a little game that @timfanchercomic and the family like to play when they’re ordering food at a restaurant. It’s a lot harder to play than you think!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@theorchardlstc; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@timfanchercomic

It’s not your regular game of word sneak. Instead of trying to fit a random word into conversation, you have to get the waiter to say that word. Maybe it’s easy to get them to say “pandemic” or “sugar,” but we have no idea how this guy managed to get them to say “parakeet.”

7 of 9

If you have a pretty uncommon name, then you’ll know the pains of having the barista at Starbucks misspell your name on your coffee cup. A lot of people prevent this by giving a fake, more typical name at the cashier.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Coach__Tiz

Twitter user @Coach__Tiz does the opposite. Instead of giving the barista a normal name, she likes to keep them on their feet. One time, she incorporated numbers into the mix. She might as well have given them the name of Elon Musk’s youngest son!

Playing it cool

The moment right after you just passed gas in public is always awkward. If it’s silent but deadly, you can stealthily run out of there. But if everyone around you heard it, it’s incriminating as heck. @MattDerdaMusic knows how to handle this.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MattDerdaMusic

Instead of panicking and pretending it wasn’t him, he plays it cool by being funny. This way, at least it makes other people laugh. We think this is a truly iconic signature move. It’s a great way to unironically make a big deal out of a fart.


We all know what it’s like to hear something but not quite understand it the first time around. Sometimes the brain just doesn’t quite catch up with the signals it receives. So we ask the other person to repeat themselves, but just as they do, we finish processing what they said in the first place.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ross_Swim14

Twitter user @Ross_Swim14 knows this problem all too well. In fact, this happens to him so often that it has become his signature move. We can totally see his wife getting sick of him doing this all the time.

Signature sandwich

Sometimes a signature move isn’t a move at all. It can come in the form of a signature sandwich, putting together a combination of ingredients only you can enjoy. Twitter user @Cinda48435099 has a signature sandwich of her own.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@mrsaaron2004; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cinda48435099

Yup, her sandwich isn’t your regular PB & J. It’s a PB, mayo, and pickle sandwich. Just hearing those ingredients together is making us gag. How does anyone find that combination of tastes remotely palatable? To each their own, we guess.

A crime

Everyone knows that when it comes to certain things, there is only one acceptable order. Underwear before socks. Right foot in the shoe before left foot. Cereal before milk. There’s really no need to debate this. The fact that people still argue about this is a crime.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@usuf_x; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mochi_choki

No, scratch that. The real crime is pouring milk in before cereal. The only time the milk is in the bowl before the cereal is when you have leftover milk from your first serving, and you add more cereal into the bowl—end of conversation.

Short person’s luck

Any introverts out there? If you are one, you’ll know that sometimes, when you’re out in public, and you really don’t want to be there, you wish that you could just hide somewhere. Oftentimes the toilet is your go-to spot. But @kerrikgray doesn’t need to go that far.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@discogypsy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kerrigray

One of the blessings of being 4 feet 8 inches tall is that you can hide behind anything as long as it’s taller than you. And almost everything is taller than 4’8”. Imagine having the convenience to hide behind clothing racks and not be seen when you’re about to bump into someone you’re not particularly keen on meeting!

Dad jokes

We’re not sure if this next Twitter user is a dad or not, but he sure does crack some very dad jokes. There’s not much explaining to do here. We’ll let you read the actual tweet before we say anything else.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@quirkyncreative; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Evan_19950

If you still don’t understand the joke, try saying “soup or salad” out loud really quickly- If it’s starting to sound like you’re saying “super salad,” congratulations. You’ve understood the dad joke. But if you’re not laughing, we get it. Nobody laughs at dad jokes.

Dad trick

Children aren’t the only ones who know how to weasel their way into getting what they want. We forget that parents came up with those tricks first. This Twitter user’s late father used to trick everyone into getting up to get him something.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@YitzyRaven

We’re gonna save this trick in our back pocket for the next time we’re too lazy to get up and turn the TV off. It seems to work with most people, considering the trickster from a few tweets back has also used this maneuver before.


Are you one of those people who get worked up over technicalities? Like when people ask if they can go to the bathroom, you’re struggling not to say, “I don’t know, can you?” We don’t know @kimparato91, but it seems she is one of those people based on this tweet.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kimparato91

Imagine conversations with her. “Hey girl, can I ask you something?” you say, trying to be polite and respect her boundaries because what if she doesn’t want to talk right now? “Uh, ya just did,” comes the short reply.

A roundabout way

Some people have to make things a lot more complicated than they are. What is supposed to be done in one or two steps ends up becoming a ten-step affair with them. Twitter user @irememorever may not be this person, but apparently, their sister is.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@hillaryeve; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@irememorever

We cannot begin to wrap our heads around the way this girl eats her cereal. How hard is it to just put the cereal in a bowl and pour milk over it? Why does there have to be more than one dish involved in the affair?

Just in case

Paranoia makes you go to great lengths to make sure that you’re okay and that your worst fears aren’t realized. Some people might think that these measures are extra, but to you, they seem perfectly normal. This Twitter user knows what we mean.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@betteronabargain; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@90sKid00231029

Ninety-nine percent of the time, the chances are that there isn’t anyone hiding behind the shower curtains. But, you know. Just in case this particular time is the 1%, you should probably yell, “I know you’re here!” to scare him off.

Locator skills

You know how moms are always able to locate what you’re looking for, even if you swear it’s not there after you’ve turned the entire room inside out? Well, that doesn’t only apply to moms. Apparently, wives have the same set of skills.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@renovation_before_and_after; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LoraCramer

@LoraCramer’s signature move also doubles as a power move. Not only is she able to tell her husband where the item he’s looking for is located. She can also do so without even looking at the fridge. Truly a Superwoman.

Brake check

Remember how we said parents need to be resourceful in how to deal with their kids? Well, we think this mom has found an infallible way to make sure the kids have fastened their seatbelts every time they get in the car.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@yanncars; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lizzyb_21

Okay, maybe this method does kind of put the kid who doesn’t wear the seatbelt in harm’s way. But isn’t that the point and the moral of the story? If you don’t buckle up, you get hurt. They gotta learn the hard way.

Working dog

Everyone needs a little dose of sanity during this pandemic. For a lot of people, that sanity comes in the form of a pet. Animals are great because they’re not only good company. They can also provide entertainment from the mundane.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@binbmore

Twitter user @binbmore took a photo of her dog behind the computer. It really does look like the dog is in a serious Zoom meeting. Wonder what he could be talking about with his fellow canines. Maybe they’re planning their next park date?

Use The Force

Sometimes you have to pretend you’re in the Star Wars universe to make your day a little less boring. Twitter user @darth_devon knows what that’s like. The way she entertains herself as a retail store worker is to pretend to open the automatic doors using The Force.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ntm_automazione_ingressi; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@darth_devon

Whatever makes you feel like you’re a Skywalker, right? All of a sudden, you’re not just mundanely stacking tissues and floor cleaners on the shelves. You’re a young Jedi in training, hiding in plain sight in the real world.

The pooping song

Just as lullabies were invented to sing babies to sleep, Twitter user @waswaq apparently invented a pooping song designed to get their dog to go a lot easier. What we need to know is whether the pooping song actually works or not.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@litterally_poopypuppy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@waswaq

We would greatly appreciate it if this person will let us know with a follow-up tweet. If the song does work, we would like @waswaq to teach it to us because that would definitely help shorten the time we are out to walk the dog.

New parenting

Some new parenting methods teach that you shouldn’t say no to your kids. If this is the case, we don’t know how parents who adhere to this method prevent their kids from doing harmful things. Well, this Twitter user answered our question.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@KatyRic27644386

We love the term “a spectacularly bad idea.” It implies that it isn’t just any ordinary bad idea. The consequences of going through with this idea are spectacular! At the end of the day, it just enables the parents to say, “I told you so” – and that is the greatest victory.

Unsolicited selfie

This next signature move brings back memories because we’ve personally probably all been victims of these unsolicited stranger selfies in our camera roll. @RogerMFreeman might think this is a good idea, but he should probably stop doing his signature move.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RogerMFreeman

Not everybody wants selfies of the stranger who helped take their photo on holiday in their camera roll. They just want to see the photos of them and post one to Instagram. No need to remember the person who took said picture.


A big skill required in parenting is resourcefulness. Your creativity gets tested daily, starting from keeping your kids occupied to how you can teach them life lessons. This mama knew just the trick to teach her kids not to taint the cookie jar.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@amer.pasanovic; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@poormomsunite

While we understand that the kids would want to eat only the filling and not the actual cookie, it’s just disgusting to put saliva-coated Oreo cookies back in the jar. The cream cheese should teach them a lesson not to do that again.

First one to leave

You know how in a group gathering, there comes a point where people are restless to leave, but nobody wants to be the first to go? Usually, once one person gets up to leave, the others follow suit. It’s just a matter of waiting for that one initiator.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@origJAnel

Well, Twitter user @origJAnel is that person. She’s the one whom everybody waits for when they’re itching to get out of there. In fact, her signature move is being the first one to leave. Everyone thanks her for her boldness and initiative.

Clean cob

There are generally two types of eaters—the messy ones and the polite ones. It all comes down to table manners, really. If you make a mess, your table manners perhaps could do with some improvemnets. Twitter user @Spiczynski is definitely a polite eater.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@artisticfromageandwine; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Spiczynski

You can tell by the way this person eats corn on the cob. Most people would just bite first, think later. They’re left with a messy cob with some parts of the kernel still on there. But not this Twitter user. Clean cob through and through.

Magic in the mundane

Here is another way people are trying to infuse magic in the mundane. You’ve read of someone pretending to open doors using The Force. You’ve read of someone pretending the grocery store is an art gallery. Now get ready for this next one.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@CMGardens; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LoveyHowell

Why mow the lawn regularly when you can ride it and pretend you’re an evil villain? Twitter user @LoveyHowell pretends they’re Loki striding into battle in all his glory. It doesn’t matter if they’re actually just mowing a lawn. Now they can feel badass while doing it.

Cursing without cursing

Here’s another way to deal with someone who has just cut you off in traffic. Earlier in this article, we saw how one Twitter user repays menace with acts of random kindness. Well, @RyanBartholomee just openly curses his transgressor.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RyanBartholomee

Basically, he just wishes a poor financial situation over anyone who cuts him off in traffic. Maybe it isn’t the best consequence to wish for. It’s pretty extreme if you ask us. But hey, when you’re having a rough day, everything irks you in about the same way.

The other way around

There’s a running joke in every household that has dogs, where people would fart and blame the dog. It gets them out of trouble, but really everyone knows the truth. Well, in the @StaggerMcTipsy0 household, it’s the other way around.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StaggerMcTipsy0

Instead of the people blaming the dog for their farts, they blame themselves for the dog’s farts! That way, the dog won’t feel shame. How selfless is this? That’s how you know you truly love your dog more than anything else.