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30+ People Share The Dumb Reasons Their Family Fights

If your family doesn’t fight, are you even a family unit? No matter what the subject of the disagreement, every family falls out sometimes. Whether it’s a dumb fight or not is not up for discussion. Every family fights, but not every family goes on Twitter to air out their personal grievances. Some parents may consider it a bit rude, oversharing, and an invasion of privacy. But when Jimmy Fallon tweeted out to his followers to share their #DumbestFamilyFight for his show’s #Hashtags segment back in 2020, people got to tweeting. Even though The Tonight Show didn’t end up using these tweets for the segment, we’ve got you covered. From failed insults to debates about the direction the ceiling fan rotates, here are 45 of people’s dumbest family fights, as told on Twitter.

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A realistic dream

Your brain plays many tricks on you, from optical illusions to getting goosebumps when you’re scared. It’s the same for dreams. Sometimes, your dreams feel so real that you wake up thinking it actually happened. When this occurs, it’s good to remind yourself that it was just a dream.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@olgarism_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@nfoertch

Remember that episode of Friends, where Phoebe spent an entire episode being mad at Ross? She was so cold to him and avoided him all the time, only to realize that she was upset about something Ross did in a dream! Well, the same thing happened to these twin sisters.

Not on my lawn!

During Twitter user @TheRealChov’s first Easter with his wife’s side of the family, he was just trying to be nice by having the kids eat cookies outside. He didn’t want them to leave crumbs on the floor. But his father-in-law had a few words to say about that.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@maisondandoy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheRealChov

Something tells us this father-in-law did not take too kindly to his new son-in-law. Otherwise, why would he fuss over something so ridiculous? What do you think? Dumb fight or regular fight? If this was their first big fight as a family, we’d say it’s pretty dumb.

“Look at all those turkeys!”

Family road trips are a hit or miss. If you’re lucky, you end up having a wonderful time. But if one thing goes wrong, the rest of the trip could be ruined. Spending long periods of time in a car with people can really work on your nerves.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@the.freebird.homesteader; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BriYoungPhoto

Oh, Dad. Everyone reluctantly agreed to turn around for you to see those turkeys. Guess it really does get boring driving down the open roads after a while. Maybe you needed the entertainment. Too bad it wasn’t actually turkeys, and everyone wasted their time.

Bruce and Pearl

Giving gifts out of spite never ends well. It can end up being an annual tradition that leaves you with countless taxidermied moose and squirrels around the house. Don’t believe us? Ask @emilym’s family. It seems like the décor in their house consists solely of taxidermy.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cultofcoo; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@emiliym

While Bruce the Moose and Pearl the Squirrel may have started the trend, they have since been joined by a family of moose and squirrels throughout the years. We wonder when Mom and Dad will agree that enough is enough and start buying each other proper presents.

The dramatic one

Childhood is an important right of passage in everyone’s life, and it should be enjoyed as much as possible. However, it doesn’t mean that kids get a free pass to do whatever they want. Childhood is actually a time to learn basic values like apologizing and cleaning up after yourself.

This six-year-old really knows how to be dramatic. “You just don’t understand what it’s like to be a child!” he wails, slumping down in the middle of the room with a pout on his face, his toys still scattered all over the floor. Well, kid, we hate to break it to you, but it only gets worse from here!

The only fight

Some couples are the epitome of the term “happily married.” It’s difficult to imagine that a marriage that lasts decades can also exist without a single fight. But one couple managed to do it right somehow, going 72 years with only one fight.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@vicbarret; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@capslu55

We don’t quite believe it either, but we’ll take this Twitterer’s word for it. It’s funny that the only fight was also revolved around something quite trivial as a magazine in the trash. It must have been a fascinating magazine if his dad got that mad about it.

A heartless lie

Okay, reading this one made us a little mad. No, scratch that. A lot mad! We’re sure this mother had a good reason to give their puppy away, but the fact that she had to lie to her daughter was heartless!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bouquinesse; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@VaniaAMBorges

We’re on @VaniaAMBorges’ side on this one. Her mom could have told her that she was giving the puppy away but that she could go to visit him at the neighbors any time to see it. Also, if this babysitter was in the know, that isn’t kind.

It’s actually Trevor

This one begins on a tragic note, but it quickly took a turn. What began as a tearful goodbye on her dad’s deathbed became a revelation for @RealFionaO. What was the revelation, you ask? It’s that neither of her parents knew who she was actually dating.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ericfeldbaum; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@RealFionaO

We have to wonder whether or not her parents had met Trevor before. If they hadn’t met him previously, then this mistake would make a little sense. But if they have met a few times, then maybe Trevor just didn’t make a lasting impression.

I’m just sensitive

Some people have no capacity to argue because the entire thing gets to them, and they end up in tears. We’re here to tell you that it’s okay! Voicing your opinions in a structured manner with a level tone can be difficult if you’re overwhelmed.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@natashaham75

Adopt @natashaham75’s mom’s viewpoint and embrace it. You’re not a cry baby; you’re just sensitive. Sensitive people have their strengths, too! We’re glad to read that this statement from her turned the fight around, and they ended up laughing—what a pair of cuties.

Android phone

Grandmothers these days are a lot more down with the tech. It’s not because they’re familiar with it. They just have to be to keep up with the times. So their kids get them smartphones and set up their Zoom accounts to keep in touch with them.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@emazelle_solomons; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@etes_97

This grandmother is convinced she has the latest iPhone. Well, that would be nice if she did. But the phone is clearly a Samsung, and she has no idea what difference it makes. All touch screen smartphones are probably the same to them.


This next tweet reminds us a lot of Doug, the talking dog from the movie Up. Doug would always get distracted and stop what he’s doing when he sees a squirrel. It’s like time stops, and he has to sit still to appreciate the squirrel in front of him.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@__alexitimia_; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@QuantumFlux1701

Well, this Twitter user’s sister is just like Doug. The best part about this is that nobody even remembers what the initial argument was before they started arguing about the distracting squirrel. So really, was it even a fight?

That’s how movies work

Some concepts are difficult to grasp as a child. Kids take a while to fully comprehend ideas like time difference, shadows, and the solar system. Sometimes, they make up for that by coming up with an explanation that they can comprehend.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@han_solofanpage; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@masterbearjedi

For this kid, actors can only act in one movie or one franchise at a time. So when Harrison Ford appeared in the Star Wars saga and the Indiana Jones series around the same time, it baffled him. No one can be in two places at once!

Clockwise or counterclockwise

This is exactly the kind of dumb family fight to take place over Christmas break. No particular importance, no particular result to achieve, just an argument that started out of nowhere. We’ll leave it to you – which way do you think ceiling fans rotate?

Photos courtesy of Instagram/@restoredtotreasure; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@boogiechurv

The fact that this was still a touchy subject five Christmases later is what has us laughing. Every time this family gathers under the ceiling fan, the initial argument is all they can think of. What a petty thing to fight over at Christmas!

Argue kidding me?

When you’re dating, you let a lot of things slide. He leaves the toilet seat up? That’s fine. He uses a spoon to eat spaghetti? Kind of weird, but it’s okay. He pronounces the word “argue” wrong? I guess I can handle it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Tara_FUC

When you’re married, everything comes to light, and your ability to tolerate your significant others’ flaws gets tested to the max. But we have to say; we are on this person’s side on this one. Who on earth pronounces “argue” like “are you”?

The tomato sauce debate

Sometimes the best way to win a debate is not to tell the other person your point but to show them. When they see for themselves that they are wrong, they will have to concede. Twitter user @vickilovestacos knows this and used it to her advantage during a dumb family fight.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@paggyspantry; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@vickilovestacos

We can’t imagine what her sister had to go through just to prove her point. Tomato sauce on waffles, tomato sauce on cereal, tomato sauce on cake… that sounds disgusting. We wonder how long she went before finally admitting she was wrong.

Do you need proof?

You would think a person would know their own birthday. If anyone has the guts to tell a person they’re wrong about their own birthday; they better be someone from the Civil Registry office! Otherwise, kindly mind your own business.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@humanconnectionaddict; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@SuperWhovianNut

It’s shocking that this dumb family fight extended to this Twitter user having to show her state ID and birth certificate as proof. Didn’t we say earlier? If you can’t tell the other person you’re right; you just have to show them.

Fake fight

Perhaps some of the dumbest family fights occur among siblings. The more siblings you have, the more frequently you would fall out with each other. Sometimes the things you squabble over are so dumb that people don’t remember it for very long before they move on.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hannahfurman_

It’s probably because there were so many dumb little fights that this tweeter and her sisters couldn’t think of any specific example. But it’s not difficult to start a fight between siblings. This Tweet is exhibit A. All it takes is one little ridicule to get the ball rolling.

The pettiest fight

This next one is more petty than dumb. There’s no denying that sometimes the issue isn’t that big, but the reaction is uncalled for. That is probably what happened between this mother and daughter. We can’t imagine spilled milk and a lost hairbrush would cause 20 years of silence otherwise.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@maggiemcniven3; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@tickledpinkat41

In the grand scheme of things, milk can be replaced. And we understand if the hairbrush had sentimental value, but we can’t wrap our heads around the fact that misplacing it warrants a 20-year silent treatment. It’s just stuff at the end of the day.

Falling up

Here’s a family debate that might end up becoming an internet debate too. This topic could even go viral. The question is, can you fall up the stairs? The feud is still ongoing within the family that started it. Are you going to join in?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@staircase_69; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thisisjaysworld

Firstly, there is the issue of semantics, in that “falling” implies a downward motion because of gravity. If that’s what we’re starting the discussion with, then there is no way you can fall up the stairs. But plenty of people have tripped and fallen down while going up the stairs. Maybe it’s just a matter of wording and sentence structure.

We’re all mortals

This is hands down the best way to win and simultaneously end an argument. The greatest part about it is that it came from this Twitter user’s mom when she was little. We can just imagine a six-year-old looking her older cousins in the eye and saying, deadpan, “You’ll die first.”

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ghost.storiesjack; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@EmmaAngelein

What a burn! Those older cousins must have been shaken. It’s the fact that she just spewed truth that’s even more harrowing. Sure, this kid can’t do the things they do because she’s too young. But at least she’s going to live longer.

Grandmothers Feud

When grandmothers fight, everyone better watch out. They may look all sweet and smell like pie, but they’ve got some real scathing remarks up their sleeves. An argument between older people is enough to make the entire room tense, even if they say very little.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@anthony.flint; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mickru79

Unfortunately, this tweeter was too young to be in the room because not only did her grandmothers argue, they cursed. Are you team Wheel Of Fortune or Jeopardy? Whose side will you be on if you were sat at this dinner table?

No one insults the dog

It’s tricky when family members bring the dog into the argument. Nobody puts the dog in the corner. You don’t get to call the dog ugly; only the owner can call the dog ugly. On the other hand, if you really want to hurt someone, you know what to do.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@littlejojo; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Kelly2980

Yep, insult the dog. This family was having none of it. Instead of sitting back and letting their aunt call the dog ugly, they retaliated. What else was there to do? They couldn’t just sit around while someone made fun of their precious baby.

Inner peace turned inner conflict

Just like road trips, vacations with the extended family can also be hit-or-miss. Relationships will definitely get tested as the group spends more time together. This family is no exception. On a beach holiday, what started out as a chill meditation turned into a full-blwn row.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tenerifetreat; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@pinkeyegus

Okay, the dad probably should have kept quiet until after the meditation session was over. But maybe everyone didn’t like this particular aunt, and he was the only one brave enough to say it. It was hurtful, but if it had to be said, it had to be said.

Always peanut butter first

Some people are really particular about the order of things. Brush your teeth before you shower, not after. Tea and sugar in before the milk. Garlic in the oil before onions. For this person’s dad, it’s the order in which he makes a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@homeyfills; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ma2adams

I mean, we kind of get it. It is called a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for a reason – the peanut butter goes first, and jelly goes on top. Otherwise, it’s a jelly and peanut butter sandwich. Who on earth wants to eat a J and PB sandwich?

Always underwear first

Speaking of the order of things, this is also something people have fought over. Do you put on underwear before socks or after socks? This has the ability actually to start a war in the comments. This one isn’t just a dumb fight. It genuinely has the ability to start a cultural reset.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@nat.the.cat.rat.hat; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@itsleahbale

If you put your socks on before underwear, we have one thing to say… are you okay? Seriously, do you need professional help? The answer to this debate is pretty simple to us. Underwear. Always underwear first, no questions asked.

Spring forward, fall back

This is the age-old mnemonic to help people remember how the clocks turn during daylight savings. You lose an hour in the spring and gain an hour in the fall. People normally think nothing of it. Until, of course, it comes to matters of the stomach.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chasethesun90; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kansasbradbury

It’s not just the cat who’s confused. The sky getting dark at 4 pm can be really disorienting the first few days, no matter how many daylight savings you’ve gone through your whole life. But in the grand scheme of things, eating dinner an hour late never hurts anyone.


Now, this is what we call a dumb fight. Everyone has those days when every single little thing annoys them. For Jacquelyn Mahoney’s sister, it became increasingly annoying when her sibling kept looking out of her window in the car.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@anniemoumou; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jmahoney413

“Can’t she look at her own window? Why does she have to turn her head all the way to look out my window? This is my window.” Yeah, it is as dumb as it sounds. We really do appreciate that the family still uses the line as a bit to this day.

Invested in your future

Weddings are such highly anticipated events. So much so that some people spend a whole lifetime planning it. Wedding planning can be really stressful, turning brides-to-be into bridezillas. It also has the ability to put families at odds with each other.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@cassiebakerwellness; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@cthesaltyspi

Most of the time, weddings are less for the bride and groom and more for the people celebrating in their happiness—case in point, this tweet. Even if @cthesaltythespi didn’t even have prospects yet, other people were already planning her wedding for her.

No sauce

Fast food restaurant workers operate in such a fast-paced environment. It’s completely reasonable if they get your order wrong once in a while or forget your special request. In the case of these two, the restaurant forgot the barbecue sauce for their nuggets.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@loseafewbeforeido; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@HaleyLynnTattoo

True, no one likes a dry nugget. But we hardly think that’s reason enough to punch through a drywall. This might be a slight overreaction from the husband’s side. Would it be so bad if they drove back to the restaurant and asked for some sauce?


Is it really a big fight if the neighbors don’t end up getting involved somehow? When a household is having a domestic, you can trust the nosy and concerned neighbors to somehow put an end to it. Or at least, put an end to the screaming.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@elaineclarkfam; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@EyesOfTengoku

No, neighbors. Everything is, in fact, not alright. You didn’t have to butt in, but seeing as you have come over to meddle in our situation, what do you think is right? I got the groceries last week, so I think it’s only fair that she gets them this week.

The only guy in the house

It’s hard to get away with things when you’re the only guy in the house. When it’s specifically the consequences of guy-ish behavior, the rest of the house will immediately blame you for it. The same happened to this Twitter user’s dad.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@rest_your_area; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@sorayaburgos7

Who else was the dad supposed to blame for the toilet seat being up? His daughters? His wife? The cat? He’s the only person who needs to put the toilet seat up for his business. Sorry, Dad, it looks like you’re gonna have to concede on this one.

A bruised ego

Chores are a drag in general, but perhaps the least enjoyable chore is to take out the trash. If the bins are at the end of the driveway or around the corner from the house, nobody wants to go in the dark. So it’s only normal that siblings tend to fight over who takes out the trash.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@playinfokeepz; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@libecca96

We don’t blame this guy for not wanting to take out the trash in the dark. But he’s gotta have a little bit of a bruised ego after what his brother said, which probably turned into an argument. It turns out his mom is scarier than the dark.

He slept on the couch that night

We’re willing to bet that this dad slept on the couch on the night of this argument. The game clearly calls for three things to bring to a deserted island. It doesn’t say three people. At this point, this dad is just asking for it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@damasa_monteiro; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ruachchaser

He could have saved himself by saying he would bring Dua Lipa…’s new album Future Nostalgia, which was just nominated for Album Of The Year at the Grammys. But nope. His answer started an argument, the root of which might not be so dumb after all.

The millionaire relative

It’s always a little awkward having a member of the family who is a millionaire. Meanwhile, you’re there still scrimping and trying to get by. Sometimes you’re jealous, and sometimes you just feel the need to hold them accountable.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@wealthy._.lifestyle; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@DannyDeraney

Yes, we agree, millionaires should be held accountable and not just use their money for their own gain. Nobody ever needs that surplus of money; why not give it to people in need? Guess saying that out loud is enough to offend people and stop them from speaking to you for eight years.

Bible characters mix-up

Sometimes when you’re a kid, you don’t get to be right, even if you are, in fact, right. Tweeter @bhkowboy777 knows how that feels after a fateful conversation over dinner regarding Biblical trivia. Even though he was right, his dad still reprimanded him.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@neo_distrajo; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@bhkowboy777

In order to not upset grandma, nobody was allowed to talk religion at the dinner table anymore. This is honestly a good rule to have, especially when you have extended family around. It’s not just to protect grandma. It’s also to maintain the peace during mealtime.


What are families for if not to ridicule each other from time to time? As long as it’s innocent and never with cruel intent, a little bit of insulting and jesting is fine. You shouldn’t take anything to heart. But @Corinnee96’s mother did.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Corrinnee96

We’re now really curious to know how their mother sleeps. If it’s called “mom-planking,” then does their mom literally plank in her sleep? Or does she just sleep on her front? The latter doesn’t make sense because sleeping on her front is pretty normal and doesn’t warrant ridicule!

Brain malfunction

In situations where your family members start exhibiting unusual behavior, it’s best to keep an eye out. You may feel annoyed by their actions, but they may not even be meaning to do so. The case in this guy’s family is a good example.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lifeinavintagehome; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MTLFORBRKFST

Imagine if their mom just kept getting mad at the brother and repeatedly grounded him. Nobody would have figured out he actually had a concussion. So, look at the signs of abnormal behavior, and if it keeps persisting, go to the doctor.

The better twin

Even identical twins don’t have the same fingerprints. That just goes to show how unique each human being really is. That being said, it’s only fair that these identical twin brothers would have the argument of who’s the better-looking twin.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ezmerald

You’ll understand why this debate happened between the two brothers when you look at the Sprouse twins or the Olsen twins. As twins grow older, they start to look a little different from each other! So it only makes sense that these two were fighting for the handsome twin spot.

Not trying hard enough

Well, well. Looks like mother is lowkey gaslighting dad into thinking he’s actually okay. When it comes to eyesight, it’s serious. You should get your eyes checked at the first sign of discomfort or a decrease in your vision to prevent it from potentially getting worse.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@pomoptik_bt_pomazi_optika; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ms_emily_allen

It’s better to go to the ophthalmologist to get your eyes checked from time to time to make sure that everything’s fine than to tell yourself you’re just not trying hard enough and suffering the consequences further down the line.

Insult fail

Sometimes sisters go on an insult war at 2 am just because. They don’t need a specific reason to call each other names; they’re sisters. If the goal was just to see who would run out of insults first, then @Superhero4Life’s sister definitely lost.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Superhero4Life

As much as it is a bad insult to call someone a thigh, it is still pretty funny. We can just hear the banter. “Your hair is flat.” “Your cheeks are chubby.” “You stink.” “You suck!” “You loser!” “You… you… THIGH!”

The library book

Credit scores are a super important thing to maintain, and you certainly wouldn’t want anything affecting it negatively. But we’re just not sure if an overdue library book would be enough to have a negative impact on one’s credit score in that way.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@iowacityoflit; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@magicdel

Whatever the actual implications are towards this dad’s credit score, the lesson here should be that you should pay attention to when your library books are due. It’s just the right thing to do. You owe it to the library and to the people waiting to read that book too.

Brotherly competition

Ah, there is nothing like a little friendly competition between twin brothers. We have to admit; this one is right up there on the list of dumb arguments. These two literally spent 30 minutes trying to make the other person sit down.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@lucklee1972

Yup, it’s as dumb as it sounds. Neither of them would relent, so they just laid down, waiting for the other person to sit. “Sit down.” “No, you sit down.” “No, you sit down.” “Fine, I’m just gonna lie here.” “Fine, me too.” “…sit down.” And on and on it goes.

Santa’s secret

Have you ever wondered how Santa Claus manages to deliver presents to every single house in the world overnight? It must involve some form of magic, right? Maybe he and his reindeer have the power of speed like The Flash.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@mcscanvas; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@PeaceLoveOil

Well, the answer is less magical than you would think—time difference! Scientifically and mathematically, it would make sense. Some parts of the world experience Christmas Eve before other parts do. The idea of this seemed to really be polarizing in the household of this Twitter user.

Battle of the Pop Tarts

Sometimes the off-brand version of food can taste better than the real thing. This next Twitter user had an argument over this with her husband back when they were still dating. Whose side are you on? Original or off-brand Pop-Tarts?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@snackk.daddy; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Faith_Lalaian

Truthfully, this isn’t exactly a dumb fight. We hardly think a relationship could end over a disagreement about Pop-Tarts. That’s just bad press for the Pop-Tarts brand. But we are happy to hear that these two got over it and got married.


Favoritism is never healthy in any family relationship. It leaves people feeling underappreciated, unseen, and inadequate. But when it comes to choosing between the kids and the dog, of course, the dog will always win. The kids should know better than to be offended.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@paprikafarmpup; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@adidasoftball

If you’re a child living with parents with a dog in the house, you’re lying if you said you would favor your parents over your dog. Dogs are precious animals, and we don’t deserve them. We must protect them at all costs, and they will always come first in our book!