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Jimmy Fallon’s Audience Share Their Stories Of Getting Caught

We’re throwing it all the way back to 2017 when participation in Jimmy Fallon’s #Hashtags segment made it to Twitter’s Trending Topics. #Hashtags is a long-running segment on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon, where Twitter users are invited to share their stories on specific topics as prompted by Jimmy himself. The result is some of the most hilarious stories we’ve ever read. And the best part? They’re all told in 140 characters! Back in 2017, Jimmy asked his followers to tweet him their best stories of when they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have. In an instant, hundreds of Twitter users confessed to times when they were caught! Here are just some of the countless #IGotCaught tweets for your entertainment.

Disclaimer: photos in this article are for illustrative purposes only. Photos and the people who posted them online are not to be associated with the Twitter user or tweet being discussed.


Let’s look at a cute, innocent tweet to start. Everyone knows the feeling of finally being asked out on a date by the person they’ve been interested in for ages. The wait was finally over for Twitter user @rachel_winters’s aunt.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@rachel_winters

This is really sweet, right? Even if she forgot to hang up the phone, it’s really endearing that she screamed “YAYYY!” We’re just so happy that they actually ended up marrying each other. Proof that you don’t have to try too hard; you just have to be yourself.

Mommy doesn’t share

We don’t deserve mothers. They work their butts off taking care of the family, managing the household, and making sure everyone is fed, and everything is clean. They deserve a break from time to time. Or some solitary time to enjoy a piece of cake in peace.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@creativespaceforme; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Meek_Milf_

Should @Meek_Milf_ have lied to her three-year-old daughter? Probably not. But did she deserve to enjoy that piece of cake in peace? Yes. Absolutely. Her daughter was three years old at the time. Surely she is must be over it by now.

Santa’s cookies

Parenting 101: if you decide to tell your kids about Santa Claus, you have to commit to the bit. That includes not closing the fireplace grate and hanging stockings up. It also includes putting out milk and cookies for him on Christmas Eve.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@therisefarm; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Julie_Powell

But it doesn’t just stop there. You have to be sure not to eat the cookies, too. They are for Santa Claus, after all. @Julie_Powell’s daughter was quick to keep her accountable. Santa is traveling across the world in one night. He needs his milk and cookies for sustenance!

Midnight movie

Hardcore fans know what’s up. They will drop everything to attend the midnight premiere of the newest movie in their favorite franchise. Be it Star Wars or the new Marvel movie; many have chosen the film over work or school.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@artby_gizienski; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@loforme

If you’re actually going to skip something important to go to the movies, you need to be a certain level of stealthy. Otherwise, you’ll end up being in the shot of a TV news report like @lofome. Consider this the next time you’re about to catch a midnight premiere.

What a waste

If you’re invited out for a meal, but you aren’t hungry, the polite thing to do is to order something light like a salad. Don’t order a steak you know full well you can’t finish. That’s just a waste of food and money!

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@tee_eats_88; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MaxDeLigne

We’re not sure what was going on in @MaxDeLigne’s mind when she decided to throw the steak out a window. She could have gotten the rest of it to go, cut it up, and reheated it to make another dish. It’s such a shame that steak only ended up on the floor.


Trying to cover up a stain or a crack in the house is almost impossible. Sooner or later, it will be discovered, and people are going to question you about it. Well, for @leapbaby625, that moment came a lot later than imagined.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@sekretsalat; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@leapbaby625

She accidentally made a hole in the wall when she was 12 and didn’t get caught until she moved out. We’d say that’s a huge success! Of course, she would have had to buy a calendar every year to keep covering that hole. But that’s worth it if it meant nobody found out about it for a really long time!


We’ve all been there before. The nerves before a first date, building up the romance in your head only to have your hopes shattered. Sometimes first dates are just disappointing, and all you want to do is go home and tell your best friend about it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@statboyslim

Yikes, this is awkward. @statboyslim should not have been texting under the table. He should have excused himself, gone to the bathroom, and texted his friend from there. It’s safe to say there was never a second date for these two.

Catching Z’s

If you’re saying that you’ve never tried to doze off for a little at work, you’re lying. That post-lunchtime drowsiness is often very difficult to fight. Everyone has tried to get a little shut-eye at work at some point in their lives.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@redmax.products; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Cristyseabow

Twitter user @Cristyseabow had a nice save. She thought on her feet and was pretty smooth about getting caught napping. Nobody can come after you for practicing your religious rituals. Just pretend you were so wrapped up in praying! This is a good trick for anyone trying to catch some Z’s at work.

The Circle of Life

You think no one’s watching, so you feel a lot safer doing embarrassing things. That is, of course, until you realize your windows are open and your neighbor can see you. Well, in that case, time to crawl under the covers and never come out!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@_MarkWithAnM

In @_MarkWithAnM’s defense, it’s not too bad what he got caught doing. He was just messing around with his cat. He could have gotten caught doing something so much worse than that. At times like this, it’s a good thing if you’re able to laugh at yourself. Takes some of that embarrassment out.

Mom instincts

When parents have been parenting for so long, they learn to follow their gut. When they have a hunch about something, they’re almost always right. That’s probably why @thewildsweetpea’s mom managed to catch her and her friends skipping class.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@thewildsweetpea

Well, at least this Twitter user and her friends took a chance. You’ll never know what you can do until you actually try to do it. Even though it was back to class for them, they can always try again and hope for better luck next time.


As a kid, very few feelings are better than watching your teacher leave the classroom during a test. For that short period of time that she’s gone, you can do whatever you want. Talk to your friends, get up and walk around, maybe even collaborate on that test.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@zenyaole; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@dancemomLAUREN

All @dancemomLAUREN wanted was to PARTYYY. But that dream was short-lived because her teacher didn’t take that long after all. No follow-up as to whether or not she got in trouble for this, but we can all definitely relate to her.

Not enough

Has anyone ever complained about the amount of change you would find under your bed as a kid when you lost a tooth? What is the customary amount to give a child who has just lost their tooth? A dollar? 50 cents?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lottielocketsx; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@JMKrogstad

What’s the inflation like for tooth money in 2021? However much @JMKrogstad gave her daughter in 2017, you have to at least triple that amount in 2021, right? We’re just laughing at the audacity of this kid demanding more for her tooth!

Take your vitamins

Parents are always telling their kids to eat their fruits and veggies. Some parents take it a step further and make their kids take vitamin pills. It’s all out of good intentions. They just want their kids to grow up strong and healthy.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@zittnanova_mili; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@boyd_kimberly

Of course, kids always have a way to get out of having to take those dreaded pills. Twitter user @boyd_kimberly slipped her vitamins under the seat cushions. Imagine her mom’s surprise lifting those cushions to find vitamin pills scattered all over the seat!

Told on myself

Kids, if there’s anything you take away from this tweet, it’s not to confess everything in your diary. If you did something your parents weren’t supposed to know about, tell no one, not even the pieces of paper in that book.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@marabouess; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ZabumbaHI

Otherwise, you might end up getting caught, like Twitter user @ZabumbaHI here. She really should have just gone to bed the second she got back in the house. But also, we need to call out her mother’s complete disrespect for her privacy. Reading your child’s diary is a big no-no if you ask us.

The secret’s out

The cat’s out of the bag. Everyone knows now. There’s no point in hiding. Santa is not real. Different kids find out this truth differently. For @LisaTreon’s kids, they simply caught their mother red-handed. Lesson learned: always close the file if you’re working on a shared computer.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kraftybugph; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LisaTreon

These poor kids were probably so shocked. Why does Mom have Santa’s gift tags on the computer? Why do they look exactly like the ones they got last Christmas? Wait a second… does Mom work for Santa? Wait… is Mom Santa?!

At least you tried

Everybody knows that movie theater snacks are extortionately expensive. There is no reason for a bag of candies or chocolate to cost $10. Because of this, people try to sneak their own snacks in all the time. Sometimes they succeed. Other times, their fate is the same as @StillNotJenna’s.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ernglovefood; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@StillNotJenna

Sneaking in hot food will most probably not work in cases like these. You’ll have better luck sneaking in M&M’s in a Tupperware. Of course, the smell of pepperoni and sausage will permeate the air and alert the security guard!

The journal again

What is it with kids and writing down absolutely everything in their diaries? Did they not think things through before they decided to confess to an actual crime in their journal? Twitter user @meeesheee17 got caught because of her diary. But she was 8, so maybe we can let this slide.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@meeesheee17

What’s hilarious is that the diary entry just said, “Pay mall back.” You would think, her being 8 years old and all, it would have read something like this: “Dear diary, today I took a quarter from the fountain at the mall.”

Hungry at work

No matter what line of work you’re in, you’re bound to get peckish at some point during the workday. If you work an office job, you can easily get away with snacking on a bag of chips at your desk. But if you work in the service industry, the circumstances aren’t as kind.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@maddieleefoodie; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Ktbug710

At a fast-food restaurant like McDonald’s, the workers are always on the go. They don’t have time to stop and snack because there will always be someone at the Drive-Thru window or in line to order. All @Ktbug710 wanted was to eat! Let’s not judge.

Rookie mistake

If you’re going to throw a party while your parents are away, there are so many things you need to consider. Among those things are where you will dispose of all the alcohol bottles, especially if the bins are full.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@green_gnome_projekt; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@McSweeneyPam

Twitter user @McSweeneyPam made a rookie mistake and left the trash bag in the garage. The garage, the first place her parents will see when they arrive back at the house. The bin bag would have been right in their line of vision when they got out of the car!

Let one rip

It’s always awkward when you’re in public, and you have to pass gas. You have no way of controlling how it will sound or smell. If you really have to let one rip, you just have to risk being caught.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@R_Montalvo82

That’s exactly what @R_Montalvo82 did. He just let one rip. Unfortunately, it was just audible enough for the whole library to hear. So yes, he did get caught. But what was he supposed to do? Run to the bathroom to fart?

When boredom strikes

In school, students would doodle in the margins of their textbooks when they got bored in class. They still looked like they were taking notes, which means there was less of a chance of getting in trouble. Who knew this could carry over to the workplace too?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@virtual_learning_nook; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BelleofBabble

Twitter user @BelleofBabble kept herself afloat during a work meeting by writing down the speech from Independence Day. Pretty impressive that she remembered it all by heart. But her boss thought she was taking notes! Guess she should have just doodled.

Peed my pants

Given that a child is completely healthy, at what age should they be fully potty trained and not have pee accidents in public? Twitter user @MoeRyeUhhN was 10 years old and she still peed her pants. Is 10 too old to be peeing your pants?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@okhee.kim.796; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MoeRyeUhhN

It was probably panic combined with embarrassment that made her decide to roll around in the sand to try to cover up the stain. But of course, when sand meets liquid, it sticks. There was no hope for her. She should have just sucked it up and walked home with wet pants than sandy pants.

Tooth Fairy fail

As parents, there are a lot of things you have to remember to do. Do the laundry, prepare the kids’ lunch, remind them to do their homework. But also, less pressing matters like put change under your kid’s pillow when they lost a tooth.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@shawndar

Kids aren’t the only ones getting caught forgetting things or doing things they shouldn’t do. As @shawndar has shown us, parents can get caught too! And this was how her son learned that there is no such thing as the Tooth Fairy.

It wasn’t me

If you can last an entire car ride with a box of pizza on your lap without sneaking a bite, we applaud your self-control. Not a lot of people can resist. Not when the smell of cheese and pepperoni is wafting through the car.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@eatinitblarney; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@TheActualRoss

Twitter user @TheActualRoss is all of us when it comes to resisting pizza. We would all fail. It’s on his mom for leaving the pizza with him in the back seat. She should have kept it in the front seat away from any stealing hands.

Hidden tattoo

If you’re old enough to get a tattoo, it doesn’t mean you’re old enough that your parents wouldn’t have words about it. This was the case for @kaitlynmidgett. She had gotten a tattoo in a discreet place on her body. But she was also the one who sold herself out.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@kaitlynmidgett

Unfortunately for her, her bug bite happened to be right near her tattoo. If only she had calmed down and not jumped to conclusions about the bug bite, maybe her mom would never have found out about the tattoo. But alas, what’s done is done.

Ruined the surprise

Social media and planning surprises don’t go well together, especially if you’re one to post everything online. A surprise is supposed to be kept under wraps, not posted online for the whole world to see. Twitter user @leilathewriter forgot about that.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@_special_and_super_cakes123; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@leilathewriter

It’s so sweet of her to bake surprise cakes for her siblings. If only she hadn’t posted the cake to Snapchat before the event! Maybe then it would have been a surprise. Lesson learned, kids. Don’t post everything you’re doing online!

Let another one rip

We all know what it’s like to be in public when we need to let out some gas. It’s always awkward trying to make sure that you’re alone in the area. But the thing about being in public is, you can think you’re alone, but you really aren’t.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@humantedddddddy

This Twitter user should have looked around for a little longer. Maybe then he would have noticed the guy sitting on the bench minding his own business. But alas, he let one rip in front of the innocent bystander.

“I know the manager”

People would literally say or do anything for a discount or a free meal at a restaurant. This includes using expired coupons, taking a chance and reusing a promo code, or straight-up lying. Twitter user @LeahBaleee’s friend chose the latter.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LeahBaleee

This friend must have forgotten that managers also take orders, serve food, and take care of the bill. Must have been awkward when he said, “I’m friends with the manager,” and the manager replied, “Really? Because I don’t know you.”

Quick, hide!

Some people just don’t have a great relationship with their in-laws. They would rather not be in the same room if they can help it. The same can be said for Twitter user @Mom_In_Heels. She literally hid when her in-laws showed up!

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@Mom_In_Heels

She should have remembered to leave her phone on vibrate! We can’t imagine the in-laws’ faces when they discovered that she was actually in the house—what a hilarious turn of events. We can only feel bad for Melissa and the kids.

Practice makes perfect

As with every new skill you’re trying to hone, practice makes perfect. It just takes commitment and discipline. But if you’re just disinterested, it’s difficult to fake it. Twitter user @CorrinneDiller was not a big fan of piano practice, so she found a way out.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@kateinholland; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@CorrinneDiller

Or at least, she thought she found a way out. It’s too bad that she left the scales running even when she didn’t want her mom to think she was practicing. We’re sure her mom was disappointed in her, but there has to be a small part of her that was impressed by her daughter’s wits.

Skipping class

Okay, we know everyone is asking the same question. If you’re skipping class, why are you hiding in the library? Honestly, who goes to the library to skip class? Other kids leave school grounds, go to the mall or hide under the bleachers.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@fhclibrary; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@hollyglows70

What’s done is done. @hollyglows70 went to the library and got caught. We wonder what lie she told her teacher when the whole class discovered her there. It all feels a little like The Breakfast Club. Maybe after that, she got detention at the library.

Styx > date

You know you’re a hardcore Styx fan when you cancel on a chance to find love to go to their concert. Everyone deserves to prioritize in their own way. Maybe for @noteverygirl91, it’s Styx before dates, and no other way around it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@ateliero.blanko; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@noteverygirl91

Here’s the thing. If her date was also at the Styx concert, then why did she go to the same place, knowing he would also be there? Did they already agree that they were going to go see Styx? Something doesn’t add up here.

It wasn’t me

If there’s one thing siblings do best, it is pinning the blame on the other person. No matter how old you are, siblings will always be uttering the words, “It wasn’t me, he started it!” the same goes to Twitter user @LittlebearJC and her brother.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@bookingwithbordeaux; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@LittlebearJC

Unfortunately for Jenn, her trying to make it look like the spilled flour was her brother’s fault ended up backfiring. Seeing as her brother still slept in a crib, he was still a baby, and there was no way for him to have spilled the flour. Her flour trial only incriminated her even more.

The balloon

If you sneak out or skip class, you have to also make sure you get rid of all the evidence before you come back. It’s basic sneaking out 101 and something Twitter user @MDavisbot obviously and completely did not grasp.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@chloebryon; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@MDavisbot

How hard was it for her to just throw the balloon in the trash before leaving the mall? Why was she walking around hanging onto a balloon anyway? She might as well have been carrying around a sign that said “I SKIPPED CLASS.”

Nice save

A habit of sneaking around needs to also come with the skill of thinking up any kind of plausible excuse on your feet. Otherwise, you will end up saying something that makes no sense, and you would be incriminating yourself.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mattliptoncomic

We don’t condone underage drinking, so @mattliptoncomic probably got whatever consequence he deserved. It’s just hilarious that the first thing he thought of was Jolly Ranchers. As if beer smelled the same as cherry or any other fruit-flavored candy.

Fooled ya

It’s typical of older siblings to try to freak their younger siblings out by telling them some ridiculous lie. The goal is to see how long they will believe it and live in fear. That’s what this Twitter user was trying to do—just have a little fun.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@flamingoorganising; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@officialumairs

Poor younger siblings. They’re just trying to live their life free from fear and of getting fooled by thier elder siblings. @officialumairs’ little brother must have brushed his teeth til his gums bled dry to make sure he didn’t get brain freezes!

Friendly greeting

Families have their own habits and traditions. Whether it’s what dish they always eat over the holidays, what they call each other, or how they greet each other (some people have a secret handshake), you can bet it’s something unique to them.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@layyouder

Yes, @layyouder did this greeting as a joke. But imagine if there was actually a family who did this unironically? Anyway, that’s not the point. The point is she sniffed up a total stranger at Target! We have secondhand embarrassment just reading this tweet.

Still qualified

If something is meant to be yours, nothing can ever take it away from you. You will receive what has been portioned for you. If you need further proof, just check out this tweet from @jorgelgarcia_ about how he landed his new job.

Tweet courtesy of Instagram/@jorgelgarcia_

Not even an awkward fart in front of the interviewer could stand in the way of him getting the job. See? It was meant for him, so he got it. Hopefully, this gives you hope for the next time something doesn’t seem to be going in your favor.

“Yes I was asleep”

Mothers are always on you for sleeping late or staying up all night. Sometimes a little white lie won’t hurt anyone if only to get your mom off your back. So you wanted to binge-watch Friends until you fell asleep. Why is that so bad?

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lizzyandchloedollsandart; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@mollyligonn

You have to admit, the way @mollyligonn got caught is hilarious. Who can resist clapping along to the Friends theme song? Virtually nobody! You hear, “So no one told you life was gonna be this way,” and you immediately clap!


Everyone is a shower singer. It’s where you get to be a Rockstar. It’s where you get to live out your dreams of auditioning for The Voice and having all four chairs turn for you. The song choice for said audition? Completely up to you.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@BeckySueLucky

Twitter user @BeckySueLucky was feeling extra patriotic, so she started belting out the National Anthem. The neighbors never let her live it down. It’s either her neighbors’ houses are just so close to her, or she was just singing that loud.

Just to be safe

This next one comes from none other than Jimmy Fallon himself. Yup, he’s had his fair share of getting caught, including this one time he was supposed to meet up with someone he wasn’t too familiar with. It turned out awkward.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jimmyfallon

We can understand where Jimmy is coming from. Especially if this person were someone important, you would want to do your research before you met up with them. Only next time, you should probably close the tab when you’re done.


We’re not sure which era this tweet took place in. Considering this Twitter user used a college computer instead of her phone, we’re going to guess this stalking took place pre-social media. She was just casually Googling this guy’s name on a computer everyone around could see.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lambeth_libraries; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@auntgirl

This has so much potential to be a meet-cute, don’t you think? Sure, it was a little awkward that the guy she was stalking caught her while she was looking him up. But things could have turned around, and they could have ended up going to get coffee!

Shooing the cat

You know when you start doing something completely embarrassing because you’re sure no one is around to see it? And then you look up, and you realize someone was there the entire time? It ups the mortification level by a lot.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@emelynebjd; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@ScarletReaper8

Twitter user @ScarletReaper8 was probably just trying to shoo the cat. The age-old stereotype of dogs and cats not getting along was probably the reason why she was barking at the neighbor’s cat. She should have looked around to see if the owner was there, though.

It doesn’t matter in the end

You would think it’s over for you when you get caught cheating on a test. There’s no really bouncing back from there. You just have to deal with the consequences. But not for Twitter user @jOe_doylerules. He managed to get away with it.

Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@jOe_doylerules

Even though he got caught cheating on the test, it turns out it wasn’t even the test he was supposed to take. He was in the completely wrong class! It didn’t matter in the end, even though he did end up having to take his actual test.

Watering the plants

Believe it or not, there have been scientific studies that proved that talking to plants can help them grow faster. There are also studies that concluded that certain genres of music could help plant growth. That’s probably why @koalabear29 was talking to her plant as she was watering it.

Photo courtesy of Instagram/@lastron; Tweet courtesy of Twitter/@koalabear29

Sure, she got caught talking to leaves. But with those scientific studies, she shouldn’t really be ashamed. Consider whoever it was who caught her doing that to be someone who’s not learned enough. That’s why they probably thought it was weird.