40 Weddings That Were Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

By Abigail T June 16, 2021
40 Weddings That Were Memorable For All The Wrong Reasons

Weddings are supposed to be the most magical day of your life. All your closest friends and family gathered together to witness you marry the love of your life. You’re in a gorgeous dress or a killer tux. The pianist plays “Here Comes The Bride,” and you glide down the aisle like a fairy princess. All eyes are on you, and you hear whispers of the congregation saying how beautiful you look. The officiant tells you, “You may kiss the bride.” And then the two newlyweds ride off into the sunset. But of course, at the end of the day, weddings are events, and events always have the potential to go awry. Check out these stories of when things didn’t quite go as planned on two lovers’ wedding day.

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Wedding whoopsie

Perhaps the most awaited moment of a wedding ceremony, be it a smaller, intimate wedding or a grander affair, is when the pastor declares, “You may kiss the bride.” But that moment was kind of ruined for this one couple.

Photo courtesy of snow412.info; Story anon.

Who said the happy couple was the only people with butterflies in their stomachs at a wedding? The officiant is often nervous too! It’s no small task, joining two people in holy matrimony. We just hope the bride still ended up kissed instead of kicked!

Ring drop

Ever been to a wedding where the ring walked back down the aisle before the bride and groom did? Well, if you haven’t, then you weren’t at this wedding. When the Best Man lost his grip on the ring, it made for quite a loud ring- and we mean literally.

Photo courtesy of daliulan.net; Story anon.

We don’t know where this wedding took place, but if it were in a church hall, that would have been such a long, awkward moment. The ring hits the floor with a “ping!” and you hear a gasp. It rolls down the aisle until it inevitably stops under a pew somewhere. The Best Man awkwardly makes his way down the aisle to retrieve it.

Taking requests

Wedding receptions are great. Open bar, good food, a dance floor. Arguably, what makes a reception memorable is the music. The song for the father-daughter dance is an important choice, but more than that, the songs playing while people dance usually dictate the whole vibe of the event!

Photo courtesy of soy502.com; Story anon.

Let’s all take a page out of this wedding and just create our own Spotify playlist for our receptions. Lesson learned: never take requests from the guests! With your own playlist, you control what songs go on there and when they play.

Battle of the dads

Weddings are a family affair, so by default, it’s only courtesy to involve every family member. But sometimes, it’s a little more complicated than that. What if you have a biological dad and a stepdad, like the bride below?  

Photo courtesy of tbrb.info; Story anon.

Who walks her down the aisle? Who gives her away? Who gets to do the father-daughter dance? Suddenly it’s all politics. We’re really sad to hear that the first dance debacle in this wedding ended in the family leaving the reception.

Double wedding

Some people may think double weddings are a good idea. You get to share your happy day with your best friend or sister, or close family member. But for other people, sharing a wedding equals your thunder being stolen.

Photo courtesy of thecssking.com; Story anon.

We personally think it isn’t cool that this guy proposed during wedding week and suggested a double wedding. We completely get why this bride would be upset at this. What makes a wedding day special is that it’s yours and yours alone!

What is love?

When priests at weddings would pose a powerful question upon the audience, the response is usually silence. But that’s not the case when you have groomsmen as cheeky as this bunch. Check out what they said in response to the question, “What is love?”

Photo courtesy of ohbestdayever.com; Story anon.

Guess someone’s a fan of Haddaway here. Trolling a wedding is perfectly acceptable, but there is a limit. What do you think? Is bombing the priest’s message with Haddaway lyrics over the line, or would you still tolerate it?

Farm wedding

The thing we love most about weddings is that they aren’t just limited to a church hall or a hotel ballroom. You can do destination weddings on beaches, farms, mountains; you name it. As long as you’ve sorted out the logistics, you can get married almost anywhere.

Photo courtesy of realitatea.net; Story anon.

We’re a fan of the idea of getting married on a farm surrounded by animals. It seems like such a quaint and intimate affair. But of course, you just have to make sure your wedding dress doesn’t look like alpaca lunch!

Speak now

Is there any silence that feels longer than the one that comes after the preacher says, “speak now or forever hold your peace”? We don’t think there is. At that moment, everyone, but especially the bride and groom, are hoping nobody says anything.

Photo courtesy of vermiliongrey.com; Story anon.

Unfortunately for this happy couple, the groom’s mother had a problem with their union. As much as this sucks for everyone involved, this bride and groom didn’t let it get them down. They wanted to get married, so get married they will!

Catching Z’s

What nobody tells you about wedding days is that they are exhausting. The bride and groom wake up so early to get dressed, get their hair and makeup done. Bridesmaids and groomsmen too. It’s not a surprise that by the time the ceremony is over, everyone is tired.

Photo courtesy of kafepauza.mk; Story anon.

But the reception awaits. These newlyweds are understandably exhausted. Who can blame them? We’re glad they actually took time to catch a few Z’s and some much-needed nourishment before the reception because they’re gonna be dancing all night after that!

The wrong name

Before you freak out… no, it wasn’t the groom who said the wrong name in this wedding. It isn’t a “Ross saying Rachel instead of Emily” situation here. It was the registrar who said the Best Man’s name instead of the groom’s!

Photo courtesy of fixthephoto.com; Story anon.

This would have been fine if the bride had immediately reacted to the mistake. But the fact that she didn’t makes things a little questionable doesn’t it? Or was she just too nervous and excited to notice? She would have ended up saying “I do” to the wrong man, or maybe the best man is actually the right man- we wish we had more background information!

Pop culture reference

Perhaps the greatest wedding-centered movie ever created is the 2011 film Bridesmaids starring Kristen Wiig and Maya Rudolph. It’s so hilarious and the perfect blend of sweet moments and unbelievably crude ones. The bride’s sisters in the following wedding obviously had an affinity for this movie.

Photo courtesy of zazzle.com; Story anon.

We’re not sure whose speech they’re talking about here. Was it Annie’s or Helen’s? Or was it the one where both of them were trying to one-up each other at the engagement party? Because if it was that one, then those guests were in for a real treat.

A whole lot of history

Well, isn’t this awkward? Indeed, the world can feel too small sometimes. You can have mutuals that you didn’t even know about. Or, in this bride’s case, you can have a cousin that turned out to be your future husband’s ex.

Photo courtesy of babble.com; Story anon.

This cousin really ruined this wedding and the marriage. What made her think it was okay to expose her history with the groom in front of everyone? Why couldn’t she have spoken to the bride in private like a normal person?

Standing party

Another deciding thing about weddings is the budget. Your budget decides the kind of party you will have and the number of guests you can afford to invite. Apparently, at this wedding, it also dictates whether or not they will be sitting or standing.

Photo courtesy of kajgana.com; Story anon.

There’s really no skimping on a wedding. If you want both the families and the guests to have a good experience, you kind of have to break the bank. Otherwise, your wedding will end up giving off college house party vibes like this one.

Wet paint

Ah yes, don’t you love it when mothers come up with brilliant last-minute ideas? Sometimes they work well. Other times they leave the guests at your wedding unimpressed and very upset. Look what this bride’s mother did on the morning of the wedding.

Photo courtesy of ayearinthepark.typepad.com; Story anon.

Maybe this mother thought there was enough time to let the paint dry properly before the guests arrived. But paint can look deceptively dry after some time. The poor guests! They left the event with bench prints all over their backsides.


Of course, when you have such a joyous occasion as a wedding, you would want photos to remember it by. You want something to show your kids and grandkids when you’re older, right? And that all hinges on the quality of the photographers you hire.

Photo courtesy of sohu.com; Story anon.

This wedding photographer is so unprofessional. He should fully understand why the bride and groom refused to pay him—he missed the most important part of the wedding! Thanks to him, they won’t have any photos of them saying “I do” to remember by.

A terrible idea

You know how these days you’re only thinking about how aesthetically pleasing things would look on your Instagram? Well, maybe in the case of weddings, you should be a little more reasonable than simply wanting things to look “Instagram-worthy.”

Photo courtesy of news.walla.co.il; Story anon.

This bride learned the hard way that Insta-worthy content comes at a cost. Sure, it would have been nice to have a wedding photo on horseback with fireworks in the background. But was it really worth getting dragged away by a spooked-out horse?

The Hangover

Maybe the movie The Hangover was based on a true story. This next wedding horror really does sound like the plot of The Hangover. Missing Best Man? Groom showing up mere minutes before the wedding? Did he have a chipped tooth and nasty bruises too?

Photo courtesy of Twitter/@TravelLeisure; Story anon.

This is probably the reason why bachelor parties shouldn’t be held the night before the actual wedding. Everyone should just turn in early and get some rest before the big day. That way, you can avoid any potentially damaging shenanigans.

Payback time

First of all, why is there a derogatory term for a woman who is just trying to make her wedding as perfect as can be, but not for a man? Here’s our formal petition to remove the term “Bridezilla” from wedding culture.

Photo courtesy of owlwedding.com; Story anon.

That being said, how cruel are these guests for voting the bride! She spent so long getting her face done in the morning, and it all got ruined by cake in the end. Although, this does make for a funny wedding moment, and the photos will definitely be worth it.

Father Fisherman

Oh my. If this were to happen at our wedding, we would be mortified! As we’re sure, the groom was too! Unless specifically stated in the invitation, the dress code for a wedding is always formal wear. Not fishing wear.

Photo courtesy of timebounce.com; Story anon.

If anything, this kind of signifies to everyone that the dad thought his fishing trip was more important than his son’s wedding. How could he have scheduled something so close to the day of the wedding and forgotten to pack his tux on top of it?

Jetty chaos

Aah, a lakeside wedding. Sweet, serene, and potentially damaging. Note to self, if having a wedding on a jetty, make sure it’s safe for all those people to stand on. You wouldn’t want the entire wedding party submerged under water for the vows!

Photo courtesy of letssmiletoday.com; Story anon.

We wonder if the bride and groom decided on having a do-over wedding at a later date. This isn’t the way you want your big day to go, especially having paid for all those beautiful tuxes and gowns. Not to mention the venue too!

Congratulations, Karen!

We can’t believe this wedding horror story is even real. Sure, wedding DJs are normally just hired, and they don’t have any previous connection with the bride and groom. But it’s on the DJ to at least remember the bride’s name!

Photo courtesy of awkwardfamilyphotos.com; Story anon.

If we were the bride, we would also hit this guy over the head with a bouquet. How hard is it to just sneak a glance at the invitations or the signage? It couldn’t be clearer that it’s the “Wedding of X and Y.”

Going commando

The moral of the story is, if you’re planning on breakdancing or doing the splits in public, make sure you’re wearing underwear. Better yet, wear the appropriate attire. The seam of your dress pants can only withstand so much movement.

Photo courtesy of onewed.com; Story anon.

All the guests at that wedding were not expecting to see such things on the dancefloor. They were probably just standing around in a circle watching this dude do head spins and circles when suddenly, rrrrip. Poor guy must have been mortified.

Heels are torture

Whoever invented heels and stilettos clearly meant to torture women and their feet. It’s bad enough that bridesmaids are standing up for most of the wedding. To have to stand for a long time in heels is excruciating, so we understand these bridesmaids’ pain.

Photo courtesy of hiveminer.com; Story anon.

Unfortunately, barefooted bridesmaids don’t make for good wedding photos, and the bride had strong opinions about it. It is, of course, her day, and she just wanted the photos to be perfect. Surely the bridesmaids could have put their shoes on for a couple of photos.

Catering mix up

Aside from the location of the reception, wedding décor, and the party itself, people almost always walk away from a wedding talking about the food. You want your guests to have a memorable experience. And weddings call for decadent, fancy catering.

Photo courtesy of weddingetc.co.za; Story anon.

Unfortunately, because of the catering mix-up, they ended up eating take-out fried chicken! It’s not that this is bad; it’s just that you would expect to be eating something along the lines of salmon en croute or fillet at a formal event.

Canceled plans

Family drama within one family unit is bad enough. Family drama between two family units who are soon to be joined together is a whole other ballpark. As horrible as it is for this wedding to be canceled last minute, it’s probably better for both parties in the long run.

Photo courtesy of micetimes.asia; Story anon.

The wedding party should have probably notified the guests, though. It was unfair of them to let the poor priest break the news to everyone. “Terribly sorry, folks, but it seems that the families have decided to call off the wedding. You can go home now.” How sad!

Blame the flower girl

Aren’t flower girls at weddings just the cutest? Little girls dressed in their gowns wobbling their way down the aisle with their flower baskets in hand? As they are flower girls, this is really all they should be doing. But not at this person’s wedding.

Photo courtesy of donnad.it; Story anon.

Maybe they didn’t have someone older to man the gift table. Or maybe they wanted to give the little girl something to do. Either way, it ended up in a mess, and they couldn’t properly thank the guests. Someone should have been supervising the gift receiving.


We can’t believe this next one could have ever happened IRL. It sounds like the plot of a rom-com in which this guy is the unfortunate main character dragged into something he really wasn’t prepared for. Any screenwriters out there want to take this prompt and run with it?

Photo courtesy of brainstudy.info; Story anon.

We would watch the hell out of this movie. It has the potential to be such a blockbuster—and the good kind too, not the guilty pleasure kind. Seriously, if anyone reading this is a screenwriter, please do us all a favor!


This next wedding horror story reminds us of that one episode of Friends where Rachel was a bridesmaid at Barry and Mindy’s wedding. She walked the aisle with the back of her dress stuck in her underwear. The same thing happened to the bride at this wedding.

Photo courtesy of awkwardfamilyphotos.com; Story anon.

That must have been so embarrassing for her to be standing at the altar with the entire congregation staring at her exposed backside! We hope one of her bridesmaids rushed over to fix the situation immediately to save her the humiliation.

Impromptu wedding

There’s something about shotgun weddings that screams romance. The idea that two people can’t wait any longer to be with each other for the rest of their lives that they decide to skip the showiness of a wedding event is so sweet.

Photo coutsy of brides.com; Story anon.

But maybe people living in a four-season city just have to remember not to have an outdoor shotgun wedding in the winter. Unless, of course, you would want to get married in the middle of a windstorm. Wait, that actually just made it sound even more romantic.

Gold dust

People are allowed to believe what they want. Other people are required to respect that. So if this bride’s mother believes that there is divine gold dust falling over the bride and groom, then the guests just need to shut it and watch this take place.

Photo courtesy of eventist.ro; Story anon.

We hope this glorious vision was worth getting glitter stuck in every crevice of the bride and groom’s body. If you’ve worked with glitter even just once before, you’ll know that it literally takes days to get rid of completely!

An intimidating message

On the happiest day of your life, the last thing you want to hear is a message about suffering and sacrifice. You’re looking forward to domestic bliss with the love of your life. Nothing about suffering and sacrifice screams “bliss.”

Photo courtesy of onedio.com; Story anon.

Despite the intimidating message from the preacher, these two are still so in love with each other. The silver lining is that they now get to be together for the rest of their lives. Doesn’t matter what the preacher said.

Match made in nerd heaven

The only thing that can top a Best Man saying the entire wedding toast in Elvish is a Maid of Honor saying her wedding toast in Klingon. These two are truly a match made in nerd heaven. This meet-cute was written in the stars.

Photo courtesy of weddingtrunks.tk; Story anon.

We can only say that we want their wedding to have a fantasy/sci-fi theme of some sort to really hone in on the fact that they first bonded over Lord of the Rings and Star Trek. We hope it feels more like ComicCon than a wedding.

Second time around

Everyone deserves a second chance at love, divorcees included. They shouldn’t be judged for marrying for the second time. Unfortunately, some parts of society still frown upon this, even deciding to call these people out at their own weddings.

Photo courtesy of onefabday.com; Story anon.

We wonder if the guests actually laughed or if they let out a small polite but awkward giggle at the joke while squirming in their chairs. Nobody needs to be made fun of for their life decisions. Just stay in your lane and let people live their lives.

For richer or poorer

You can say that wealth doesn’t matter in a relationship or marriage. But when it comes right down to it, it matters pretty dang much. This can absolutely be said about the bride in this next wedding we’re about to read about.

Photo courtesy of telegraf.com; Story anon.

Can you imagine? She skipped a whole section of the vows! She basically promised to stay with her now-husband only if he’s got the dough. That must have been rough for the groom to stomach, and awkward for the guests to witness.

Wedding traditions

Just like it’s tradition to kiss someone under the mistletoe, it’s also tradition for the groom to not see the bride in her dress before the ceremony. It’s just a long-standing superstition that people say might affect your marriage.

Photo courtesy of webdelanovia.com; Story anon.

The groom in this wedding really adheres to this superstition. So much so that he threatened to cancel the wedding! Bit dramatic, don’t you think? We really hope they ended up just continuing with the ceremony. The fate of your marriage is not determined by whether or not you saw your bride in her dress before she walked down the aisle.

Cat’s out of the bag

Some people just can’t keep a secret. Once they hear it, they’re itching to tell someone about it. Being discreet is truly a skill and one that this Best Man does not possess. He gave away the bride and groom’s secret in his toast!

Photo courtesy of buzzpls.com; Story anon.

How is he even the Best Man at this wedding? Isn’t the Best Man supposed to be trustworthy? Instead, he completely broke the couple’s trust, to the point where even the wife still won’t speak to him. This isn’t good.

Interrupted on the dance floor

Yikes, this sounds like an unpleasant time. This is why you should either pay for a premium service or install an Adblocker. You don’t want your party to be interrupted by ads every few songs! It’s the most annoying thing ever.

Photo courtesy of newsbeast.gr; Story anon.

Perhaps the main problem at this wedding is that they used a YouTube playlist to begin with. As we’ve said, the music that plays at a reception is no joking matter. You want to be able to customize everything. So, splurge a little on Spotify premium, sit down with your future spouse, and plan out what songs you want to dance to.

Jealous guy

It’s only obligatory at wedding parties for the bridesmaids to dance with the groomsmen. Of course, this includes the Maid of Honor and the Best Man. But what if your Maid of Honor is already married to an extremely jealous guy?

Photo courtesy of dunyanewsss.blogspot.com; Story anon.

This guy couldn’t be understanding enough to let his wife dance with the Best Man. They made a scene during someone else’s special day and basically stole the bride and groom’s thunder. A sad end to a wedding, if you asked us.

Mic drop

Revenge is a dish best served cold, and this bride was ice cold. The sensible thing to do after finding out her fiancé was cheating on her was to live and let go. Call off the wedding, give your guests a discreet excuse. But not this bride.

Photo courtesy of sembeo.com; Story anon.

She went through with the wedding and fully exposed her fiancé in front of all their guests. Then, she walked away. We hope she took the wedding ring and threw it at his face before she left. It’s the ultimate mic drop. You deserve better, sis. Go off!

Golf course wedding

Here’s another idea for a wedding venue. We’ve heard about farm weddings and ceremonies on a jetty. Now, get ready to hear a wedding horror story from a golf course wedding. Having your ceremony in a shared space means that there are public variables you can’t control.

Photo courtesy of hitched.co.uk; Story anon.

As it turns out, one of those variables on a golf course is golfers who keep missing their putts. Imagine saying your sweet, touching vows only to have someone interrupt from a distance screaming expletives! It really ruins the moment, right?