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Kids Who Were Left Alone For A Few Minutes And Wreaked Havoc

Parents can understand the dilemma of having kids; not only are they sometimes too rambunctious, but they can also do a lot of weird things that we don’t fully understand. This is one of the joys of parenthood that you can guide your child into the direction they need to go, and other times, you find them molding you instead. This is a great thing, albeit you’ll sometimes need a lot of patience to endure their wishes. These parents mustered up all the patience they had to accept their children’s chaotic tendencies. It’s funny because when you leave kids alone for a few minutes, you assume they’ll stay out of trouble and not cause chaos- But the opposite happened in these cases; the kids went awry and executed all sorts of mishaps. From TP-ing the house to splashing red paint all over the walls, these kids have done it all, and we’re pretty sure parents can relate to at least one of these scenarios.

Baked Barbie

If you have a little girl or have female cousins or sisters, you’ve definitely come across a Barbie doll at least once in your life. They’re usually seen sporting a beautiful dress with the Barbie’s hair looking flawless, and she is sporting a bright-colored set of pumps.

image courtesy of Pinterest/ Brenda Rose

This time though, Barbie isn’t rocking a killer dress. She’s wearing a whole chicken. This toddler thought it would be funny to exchange Barbie’s dress for a chicken suit; while this may make you laugh at first, it does look more than a tad creepy.

Sketchy Couch

You’ve finally bought it, your home’s first couch. The leather is spotless, the couch is smooth, and exactly the color you wanted. The only downside is, your toddler managed to somehow draw all over it with their favorite black permanent marker.

image courtesy of heisenburgerballs/imgur

Oy vey, that’s going to be a doozy to remove, not fun at all. You’ll need some heavy-duty cleaning agents to scrub the marks off. It looks like parents shouldn’t scrimp on buying their kids’ coloring books because this kid looks like he is going to need many!

Bathroom Teepee

We’ve all seen movies at some point where these rebel kids teepee a home. It’s no fun, and it’s really challenging to remove the toilet paper since it’s delicate and land up sticking to everything. Luckily, this household only has toilet paper all over the bathroom – which is much easier to clean up.

image courtesy of Pinterest/ Brenda Rose

When things get tough, it’s always good to look on the bright side of life, and the positive side of this situation is that at least it’s only the bathroom that’s affected! With a smile like that, how could you get mad at the kid? The way she innocently holds the baby is just so adorable.

Coloring Dog

Some people like to color books or even paint designs on their skin, but this child decided to color their dog. It’s all about preference, and this dog was the easiest target. He looks almost filled in completely, which means he must be a very patient doggo.

image courtesy of heisenburgerballs/imgur

The look in his eyes scream, “what is going on?” and the spots on his body say, “look, I’m a beautiful dog” It’s quite conflicting, and we’re not sure how he feels. He’ll need a good scrubbing after this, but hey, it must have been entertaining to color him in!

Honey The Kids Are Covered in Soap

When mom and dad said it was bath time, they didn’t have this in mind. Their kids are nose deep in suds, and they look like bobbing heads floating on a cloud! They look adorable despite drowning in soap, and of course, mom and dad had to take a snapshot of them.

image courtesy of LongtimeLesbianLurker/imgur

After this intense bathtime experience, they won’t need to wash or get soaped up again for at least two days! At least they got getting clean out of the way. Good for mom and dad, they don’t need to worry about their children being dirty, such lovely kids they are!

Money Game

When you have toddlers, always make sure to keep your money in a safe place. You never know when they’ll find your hidden stash and snip away. In no way is this a good thing, but we’re praying that it was just play money she found and not actual cash.

image courtesy of PM_ME_UR_ARSE/imgur

Judging from the way the bills are bound, it might be actual money. Even though she wasted a lot of the money, her cutting skills are spot on. She truly followed the lines here and made sure it was well thought out. Good on her for making sure the paper cut-outs looked their best!

Puss in Boots With Eyebrows

If you’ve seen Shrek, you can’t forget the precious Puss with his adorable eyes. This cat is almost the same color as Puss, and all that’s missing is his boots. The eyebrows add to his character since, in actuality, he’s a feisty little tabby cat!

image courtesy of Mjones_bulldog/imgur

We think the toddler was watching a little too much Shrek and decided to bring Puss in Boots to life – and he succeeded! He did a great job of capturing the eyebrows; they sure look on fleek! We’d love to know where he got them done.

But Hear Me Out Mom

There’s something about this toddler’s expression that makes him look like a full-grown adult. He has the look of: “wait, mom, I can explain.” We sure hope mom could listen to his explanation without first throwing a fit cause he looks like he’s really trying to talk his way out of trouble.

image courtesy of Mjones_bulldog/imgur

He must’ve tried to reach for the flour, and it ended up toppling over. After all, flour is messy, and it can always be seriously hard to clean up after. Good thing he was able to save face by throwing this cute expression; if we were the mom, we’d give him a whole hour to explain himself.

Loose Keys

Anyone who has a laptop can understand the pain that’s in this picture. All the keys are virtually removed, and it looks almost pointless without its keys. This toddler sure did a meticulous job of finishing his project and not leaving a single key untouched.

image courtesy of MatthewTheRaven/imgur

If there were a competition for removing all the keys on a keyboard the quickest, this kid would win hands down. He cleaned it spotless! But not in an entirely good way; this isn’t a look for your laptop that’s worth having. Luckily, keys can easily be put back in place- once you figure out where they need to go.

Jam Drunk

We’ve heard about being getting drunk from liquor, but have you ever heard people getting tipsy from jam? This kid ate his fill of jam, and this is how he ended up. That smudge of jam on his face isn’t looking attractive at all, but good thing he’s a baby, so it’s fine.

image courtesy of B0Bi0iB0B/Instagram

It’s adorable how he finished the jam and passed out. For some of us, this picture is extremely relatable. We’ve all been there a few too many times. We’ve downed a big meal and just passed out from the sheer happiness of having our stomachs filled. You go, kid! Nap away.

Where’s The Dog?

In an alternate world, this dog would’ve been considered the king of his tribe. In this world, he’s lord sock dog. He comes out at night to answer his fellow friends and their questions and makes sure the kingdom of sock dogs is in order, and all socks are clean.

image courtesy of MatthewTheRaven/imgur

This sock fits perfectly on his head, which makes him the ideal king of socks. Also, that’s one big sock! We’re surprised his head managed to fit through the entire thing. Some socks come with extra stretch, and this one’s definitely larger than your usual sock.

White Lady

In some East Asian stories, the white lady is one of the scariest people in folklore because of her long black hair and white dress. She also walks in a freakish way that makes her body look distorted. This little girl is the equivalent of that, but with blonde hair, and she’s much cuter.

image courtesy of MatthewTheRaven/imgur

But if we saw her at night lurking in the dark looking like this, we just might scream. Luckily, paint washes off and doesn’t stay on your skin forever. She’ll probably need a shower (or 4), but that shouldn’t be much of a problem; the issue is that beautiful flat screen tainted with white paint!

Love Letter

This little kid left their mom and dad a love letter. Who wouldn’t appreciate a nice well-written note? Only problem was she decided to leave it on their car, complete with Santa Claus and his reindeer. She gets plus points for drawing the sled.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

But, she gets minus points for scratching the design on their car. While the gift is thoughtful, it’ll be a lot of work and expensive to fix. At least the parents can appreciate the art for a little while longer and show their friends how much their kid loves them. Before they completely remove the hood and replace it.

Toilet is Comfier

In many ways, taking a long soak in the bathtub is one of the best feelings in the world. You have the whole space for relaxing and spreading out your entire body. You don’t need to worry about bending over and having your knees touch the side of the glass doors.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

This kid, though, had the bright idea that taking a dip in the toilet seemed like a better idea. For a kid, it’s the perfect location and the exact size for him. For everyone else, it’s most likely a no go. But when you’re a baby, anything is possible!

Fit for A Queen

This tea area looks like it’s fit for a queen, or rather a dog queen. The toddler thought so too and decided to prepare a little tea party for the queen herself, complete with an umbrella, tea set, and even cups! Also, the tiny hat fits her little head perfectly.

image courtesy of B0Bi0iB0B/Instagram

This doesn’t look like much of a mess, except the dog might just not feel in the mood for tea. Either way, it’s a cute attempt at playing with your dog, and we’re all for this look! But hey, where’s the toddler? The queen can’t dine all by her lonesome.

Locked Away

This toddler redefined the meaning of “timeout.” She made sure that her sibling was locked in a pet carrier, probably because she didn’t want to deal with her crying. The pleased look on her face says it all, but her sister isn’t feeling too happy about the setup.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

While we’re analyzing this picture, the cage looks massive for a child! Do they have a Doberman in the house or a Great Dane? This cage looks like it’s for a full-grown doggo. It’s the perfect size for a human toddler; she can even build a tiny fort in it.

Bean Bag Craze

Bean bags are the best; not only are they the ultimate comfortable chair, but they’re great for lounging around and listening to music or watching movies. This kid also had a lot of fun with the bean bag in his room that he ended up removing all the stuffing and getting it stuck all over his body.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

How cute! But at the same time, mom’s going to have a hard time helping him to get that all off. After all, he could just jump into the shower and remove the balls, but the ground is covered with the stuff, and that’s going to be a doozy to pick up.

A Monster Emerges

This little girl that once had blondish hair and smooth pale skin has transformed into a mud monster. She went out with her friends one day in the backyard and emerged back in her full form, looking more frightening than ever!

image courtesy of funny/reddit

Good thing mom was able to recognize her despite the dirt and filth. After a few washes, she went back to her normal self. But boy, was the bathroom a mess! We sure hope her parents hosed her down outside before stepping foot into the bathroom.

All About the Art

This little girl told her mom that she was going to “be back in a jiffy.” But when her mom noticed that she was gone for a while, she decided to check up on her daughter to see what she was up to. She was busy decorating the bathroom and making sure mom would appreciate it.

image courtesy of spotsister/reddit

While this act is super sweet, it might be a little hard to close the lid on the toilet. The ribbons sticking out from the sides prevent it from fully closing – but hey, at least it looks pretty, and anyone who uses it will feel like a total princess (or prince)!

Time For A Facial

Facials are great for exfoliating dead skin and minimizing the appearance of pores. There are also so many kinds; some are meant for moisturizing, while others can tighten fine lines and prevent aging. This little girl wanted to start the facial game early.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

She decided to color her face black with a black pen, and this seems like it’ll be tough to take off. If it isn’t a permanent marker, then we’re still in the safe zone, and she’ll be fine. By the looks of it, it doesn’t look like regular pen ink. Next time, mom and dad should hide the pens!

No TV Tonight

While mom and dad were busy contemplating what movie to watch at night, it looks like their son decided to take matters into his own hands. They’ll be watching a blank screen. That was easy! No need for mom and dad to bicker over what they want to watch on Netflix anymore.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

Sometimes a kid comes in handy when you get into arguments because sometimes they end up making the decisions for you. This is the best part, so you don’t need to waste your time arguing with your spouse. Even though the TV was compromised, now they can spend time together as a family cleaning it up.

Designer in the Works

This little girl is pursuing her lifelong desire to be an artist and graphic designer. Hence, the concentration she’s using on the screen. She’s fully in her zone, in her most comfortable position, the squat, and she’s happy to be painting away.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

While this may look uncomfortable for some, she’s got this squat covered. It doesn’t matter what position you’re in when you’re painting, as long as you’re sitting in the way you feel is best for you. Good on her for creating this masterpiece, but not so good for the computer.

Adding Color to Life

When you have dull-colored walls, sometimes it’s important to add a splash of art. Whether that art is squiggles, lines, or dots, it’s important to follow some kind of pattern. This kid strayed away from the typical norm and decided to color his dog too.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

In no way is the puppy pleased, nor was his parents’ reaction. Nice try, kid! But next time, try drawing in the lines or even on a surface that isn’t fur. This is probably a mistake he won’t commit again, and it looks like he learned his lesson with that sour-looking face.

Dog-Human Hybrid

So since Catdog exists, a show wherein a hybrid cat and dog are joined together by the body, why can’t a dog be half himself and half-human? With the world becoming more open to gender stereotypes, animal stereotypes should also be widely accepted too.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

This dog is flaunting her pink wig flawlessly like Natalie Portman from Closer. The pink wig is spot on, and she’s showing it off it likethe queen she is. The pink tights she’s working, also fit perfectly with her outfit. Is she a dog or a fashionista?

Lolly Craze

This kid has the classic case of a sugar rush. She’s opened one too many lollies and is now fast asleep on the bed. The only thing is, she’s scamming mommy by pretending she’s sleeping. The lolly in her hand that’s standing up is a dead giveaway.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

Normally if you’re asleep, the lolly should be facing down or on its side; she blew her cover with that small move. Luckily, mom will let this one time slide. She laughed when she saw the scene and imagined her darling daughter could grow up to one day be an amazing actress.

All Taped Up

This kid decided to have some fun with his siblings with tape and a black pen. The only issue is that he got the shorter end of the stick here. He ended up being the kid that people would draw on. Too bad, his eyebrows and eyes look disproportionate!

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

That look on his face says it all. Not only does it exemplify shock, but it also showcases remorse. He’s in the “gosh, that shouldn’t have happened” kind of mood. Next time, he’ll know better than to let his siblings draw on his face. Lesson Learned.

What Are Sisters For?

Having a younger sibling is a huge responsibility; not only do you have to watch over them, but you also have to make sure they aren’t doing anything potentially dangerous. But what if you’re the one who wants to get into a bit of trouble?

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

This big sis went a little too crazy with the black pen and ended up using her sister’s face as a canvas. While this is super adorable, we can’t help but feel slightly bad for her younger counterpart. She’ll definitely have to be scrubbed down after.

The Magic Cream

Vaseline truly is the magic cream. You can use it for your eyes, skin, legs, arms, and even your hair? This little kiddo went a little overboard with the Vaseline and decided to slather it all over his body. While this is great for your skin, it might not be great for your parents to have to clean up.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

Mom and dad must’ve spent so much time cleaning and scrubbing the Vaseline off their child. He must’ve come out squeaky clean and smoother than ever! As kids, we liked to experiment with various creams and such, and this kid is a living example of this.

Chocolate Lovers

Having a whole box of assorted chocolates is one of the best things in the world. You can choose whichever piece you like, and you don’t need to mind or think about what other people will eat. This chocolate box was, unfortunately, meant to be shared.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

But the toddler decided they wanted a little bit of each piece – and we don’t blame them! It isn’t easy when there are too many choices. Good on him for trying each and every single one; mom and dad are the only people who can finish the other half of the chocolate now.

Lay Still Furry One

This dog is under the spell of his human being, and therefore he can’t move. Luckily, he is in a convenient position. He can drift off into slumber at any time when he gets bored with his human. This position doesn’t look so bad when you think about it.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

The only downside, though, is he’s white, which might be a little hard to get clean. Good thing mom and dad keep some extra strong doggie shampoo at home to deal with all their children’s tomfoolery. We do have to add that we love the details on his face!

Not a Sandbox

This kid thought that the fireplace was a sandbox. He’s so used to playing in sandboxes that when he sees anything that resembles one, he goes for what he wants! Poor thing, though, he shouldn’t have gone in there. He made a huge mess of himself!

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

Luckily it’s just ash, and it can be easily washed away. Next time, he’s learned his lesson not to play in the soot anymore. At least this kid has an imaginative side and can make the most out of any given situation. We have a genius at work here.

Oh Dear

Yes. That brown stuff on the wall that you’re thinking is exactly what you’re thinking. This is a common sight with toddlers and babies, but more so with babies. This little one made a huge mess, though, and this sight is quite rare. Good heavens!

image courtesy of funny/reddit

Mom and dad must’ve been terrified when they set foot in the room. In no way is this a sight you’d like to come home to. The streaks on the carpet will be a little hard to clean, and hopefully, the parents can replace the flooring with something more suitable.

Bomb’s Away

This kid just unleashed a paint bomb all over his home. In no way was this what he intended to do, but kids usually tend to make more of a mess than they think. Maybe the family should consider painting the floor blue? That is a nice shade.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

Some parents should consider having a room for their children where they can solely make art and paint. This room would be called the “mess room,” where they can make tons of art without having to worry about the mess they made.

Two’s Trouble

What’s worse than one messy toddler? Two messy toddlers! These two cuties pies decided that paper wasn’t enough; therefore, ink and skin integration was a must. They’re adorable despite being smeared in ink and colors. Luckily, these markers look like they are the wash off kind!

image courtesy of kwirky88/reddit

The parents of these kids are gonna have a hard time cleaning both of them up. At least they had fun, and it looks like their parents caught them in the middle of a creative sesh. These two are going to grow up to be artists; we hope they learn to clean up after themselves in the future!

Shaving Cream Gone

What’s worse than finding out your shaving cream is finished, and you have to shave before an interview? Finding your kids using all your shaving cream and not only is the bottle empty, but their bodies and all the surfaces in the bathroom are covered in the cream too.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

These kids are having the time of their lives with this cream, but their dad isn’t. It’s loads of fun to pour cream or oil on the floor and slide on it. That’s exactly what these kids did, but in no way is it a lovely experience. Good thing he snapped a picture; when his kids grow older, they owe him a can (or three!)

Face Time

This girl is growing up so fast; she’s into skincare at such a young age! While this is admirable and a great thing, she may be starting out way too early. This method of using tissues isn’t so effective, and she should’ve started with sunscreen or moisturizer, maybe.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

It’s a cute attempt, though. She tried to make sure to cover every inch of her face. Maybe next time, mom should give her a face mask to try out. It’s much more effective than using tissues, anyway. Nice try, though, girl! You almost aced it.

Celebrating Holi

In India, Holi festival is a popular ancient Hindu festival, also called the “festival of colors.” It’s meant for people to dress up and throw colored powder on each other to celebrate life. This little girl isn’t actually a messy toddler; she’s just a toddler being herself in the best way possible.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

We love how the yellows and bright orange accentuate her skin tone and face. This is the face of innocence and joy merged with celebration. While it may be hard to wash off the colors, we’re pretty sure in India, they’ve mastered the craft of cleaning up after Holi.

Finger Licking Good

Peanut butter is the best, especially when it’s eaten with jam and bread. On the other hand, this kid decided to smear peanut butter on his face and the rest of his body. That works too. It might be a huge mess to clean up, but it’s the best way to maximize the enjoyment of peanut butter.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

He looks like he’s had a sugar rush with that beaming smile. He finished off the entire jar almost, oh no! With that face, it’s hard to get mad at him for it. Blame mom or dad for buying the peanut butter in the first place; this little kiddo just wanted to have some fun.

Black is In

In the past, in some Southeast Asian tribes, people would paint their bodies with ink to resemble clothing. This kid is definitely an old soul and has adapted the ways of his ancestors. While his parents may not fully understand his motives, he did this purely for art’s sake.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

He intentionally kept the upper part of his face clean, so he could see better, but the rest of his body is a work of art. Now his parents won’t need to worry about buying him new clothes; he’s got that department covered. Now he has a complete bodysuit. After all, clothes are so overrated!

A Tornado Blew Into this Room

A tornado blew into this room, and the parents weren’t pleased with it at all. This partly looks like a scene from a horror movie, the kid looks pretty freaky, and we’re sure the parents reacted in a stunned way. That’ll take weeks of strenuous cleaning.

image courtesy of funny/reddit

That’s the downside to having a toddler, cleaning up after them. At least if they were a little bit older, they could be held more accountable and made to clean up after themselves. But this little girl just went awol with the colored pens. Could this be a side effect of being a budding genius artist?

Smeared Car

What’s worse than a couch covered with paint? Well, here you have it. A black car smeared with white paint! Not only will dad and mom have a hard time going to work in this, but the paint job will also be pricy to fix considering the damage done here.

image courtesy of kidsaretheworst/instagram

Maybe they can paint it over with black paint or simply turn the car into an art project? It’s a little hard to predict the outcome of this situation, but we’re pretty sure the kids were in big trouble. Cars should always be off-limits for kids!

Mini Hulk

This little kid is a huge fan of the Hulk and tried to imitate his hero by covering himself in green paint. While this is a great idea, it’s quite hard to scrub the paint off. But hey, at least he had fun. Just look at how big his smile is. Dad, on the other hand, feels otherwise.

mage courtesy of kwirky88/reddit

Mini Hulk is the happier version of the actual Hulk; he’s more carefree and loving life. He doesn’t smash cars into sidewalks and instead plays with his friends and goes to bed on time. Occasionally he gets a scolding from his parents, but that’s as much action as mini hulk gets.

Butter Clean Up After Yourself

Everyone loves butter. Well, most people. It’s the delicious fat that’s just so tasty that you want to spread it on every little piece of toast! This toddler, though, decided to gnaw the stick of butter instead of gently taking a butter knife and smearing it on the bread.

image courtesy of kwirky88/reddit

We understand him. If we were in his place, we’d probably do the same thing. After all, butter is heavenly! The only con is that not only did he eat from one stick of butter but he had several bites from 3 packets. Thats going to give him a tummy ache for sure. Who lives in this home, kids or bears?

Winter is Here

Playing with powder always results in a mess, especially when you’re a family, and you have powder lying around the house. This kid got ahold of the talc and kaboom! It exploded all over the living room area, on his face, and all over their leather couch.

image courtesy of kwirky88/reddit

He doesn’t seem too happy about it, and it seems like he wishes he had gone for the colored pens instead of the baby powder. Luckily this won’t be as hard to clean off compared to permanent markers. Wipe it down with a wet wash cloth, and everything will be solved, eventually.

Birthday Boy

Sometimes, when people have birthdays, it gives them an excuse to do crazy things. They get a one-day free pass to do absolutely anything they choose since it’s their special day. This birthday boy took advantage of his situation and played with his cake.

Not only did he play with it, he smashed his head into it too! Must have been loads of fun. With that icing covered face, how could you get angry at him? Also, it’s his birthday, so he gets double protection from any scolding because he’s superior (only for today).