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Reactions So Extra That Our Inner Drama Queens Can’t Help But Relate To Them

It is a fact of life that some people are born to be dramatic. They are over the top about everything, and we’re grateful because it offers us some entertainment. Sometimes, though, it can be pretty annoying for those with less patience. After all, who wants to be around somebody who seems to make a big deal out of everything? It can get frustrating! But we are here to focus on the times when the drama is so over the top, it makes us laugh. We all love to see people use comedy to make light of a situation, right? So, here is a list of some of the most hilarious times people (or animals!) have been overly dramatic. Each of them is guaranteed to have you chuckling!

Easter Bunny

As a kid, there are a few lies that you were told by your parents, such as the existence of the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, and the Easter Bunny. Finding out that they are not real can make you feel devastated.

Image courtesy of trashboxhousewives / Reddit

For this child, it was absolutely heartbreaking! They seem to be pretty angry that they found out the Easter Bunny was not real. It was so upsetting that they felt they had to write about their anger in their diary.

Diet Coke & Mentos

If you did not try this nifty trick in your childhood, then you seriously missed out! Putting a mentos inside a bottle of Coca-Cola causes some kind of chemical reaction that makes it fizz up and shoot into the sky. It is a homemade rocket!

Image courtesy of

We can’t help but feel that the Coca-Cola bottle is overreacting a teeny bit. After all, there is no need to explode like that, just because you have tried a Mentos mint! Just be cool, Coke. No need to get all worked up.


We have all seen the films, where the big dramatic apology scene takes place outside someone’s house in the middle of heavy rain. There is something so romantic and perfect about those kinds of scenes. Perhaps a little too perfect…

Image courtesy of Sharmaine NC / Pinterest

That is exactly what this guy tried to do when he was apologizing! Instead of just waiting for the rain to fall, he used a hose to make it appear like it was raining when making his overly dramatic plea to his girlfriend.

The Golden Gate Bridge

Honestly, we do not think this one is too dramatic as we felt the exact same way when we found out the truth. Finding out that you have been misled to your entire life about something so famous is definitely enough to make you cry!

Image courtesy of SophiesMum / Imgur

Yes, that is right – the Golden Gate Bridge is not at all golden but actually a red color instead. The name also comes from the water underneath the bridge, which is called the Golden Gate Strait. The more you know, the less magical life seems.

Too many lids

We have all been in this position before: you are carrying a stack of items in your hands at work. All it takes is one wrong move, and everything goes crashing down to the floor. It’s enough to make anyone upset!

Image courtesy of

It seems that this Starbucks employee was carrying a bunch of lids when, somehow, they slipped to the floor. Apparently, this happened at the end of the day during stock take, which makes it even more annoying for him. But we got this photo out of it, so that’s a win!

Kim Kardashian

The Kardashian family are known for being pretty dramatic. The majority of these over-the-top incidents were recorded on their popular TV show, called Keeping Up with the Kardashians. In this scene, Kim lost a pair of diamond earrings in the ocean.

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If you watch the show, then you will know that Kim’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, is a pretty straight-talking person. She made sure to tell Kim how ridiculous and overly dramatic she was being – there are much bigger problems out there!


Sometimes when you get angry or frustrated, you just feel like throwing something to let out your anger. That is exactly what this person did, but with pretty terrible results. They tossed their TV out the window! Maybe there was a different solution?

Image courtesy of

Certainly not for the most dramatic among us. Maybe they were annoyed that they still had a TV from the 90s. Whatever it was that frustrated them, we are sure that the damaged TV mess was probably ten times more annoying than that.

A cat’s life

Every cat owner will know that they seem to be pretty unimpressed with most things in life, particularly other animals that take our attention away. This cat takes that feeling to another level! He can see his owner showing the dog some love.

Image courtesy of nanatalada / Reddit

He looked straight at the camera, like he was in a sitcom, just to show how deeply unimpressed he was by the whole situation! It just goes to show that it is not just humans who are overly dramatic. Cats might be the queens of drama.

A cat’s life part 2

Similar to the cat above, this cat seems pretty annoyed about something, too. We are not too sure what it was, but we are confident that the cat’s reaction is a bit excessive. Even having a photo taken of its “bad side” does not warrant this reaction.

Image courtesy of basshead541 / Reddit

Cats usually use their claws to show their anger, so the fact that this one is taking a bite instead of that is quite alarming. We wonder what it was that caused such a terrible reaction from this fussy feline!

Fiery text

Getting a message from your parents to check in on you is pretty touching, and we always appreciate it (even if it seems a bit extra). However, this mom was probably not expecting the reply that she got from her child to the message!

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Image courtesy of

We have no idea what happened, but it goes without saying that this reply is pretty dramatic. It is not uncalled for, though, as your house catching on fire is a really scary situation! We hope everyone was okay in the end.

Noisy neighbors

Having a noisy neighbor is just the worst! It does not matter what time of day it is, as they do not seem to care for anyone else. They are just intent on making as much noise as they can. Or that’s how it seems!

Meme Generator on Twitter: "I swear that my neighbors are renovating their  apartment once a month. At least. #renovation #neighbours #drills" / Twitter
Image courtesy of MemeGZomboDroid / Twitter

For those of us who revel in drama, is this not how it feels? As we lie AWAKE at 6 am on a Sunday morning, as our neighbors drill or do their weird rituals or whatever the heck they are doing at that ungodly hour, this is what we imagine.

Shoe situation

If you have a brother or sister, then you will know that sometimes the rivalry between you can get pretty bad. You can end up doing things that you will seriously regret, as this user did with their sibling’s shoes!

Imaeg courtesy of

They almost set them on fire! They appear to be a pair of Nike’s Air Max shoes, which are pretty expensive. We really hope that they stopped themselves before taking things too far. It would be a total disaster otherwise!

Soup explosion

If you drop some food on the floor, you can always try following the “five-second rule” and picking it up again. After all, it should be safe to eat! But what do you do when you drop soup instead? You break down, of course.

Image courtesy of

There’s no way to clean that and still be able to eat it! So, we agree entirely with this girl’s reaction. We would also be laugh-crying if this happened to us! Hopefully, she had something else to eat. They say there is no use crying over spilled (insert liquid here) but we disagree.

Where’s my food?

Continuing on the food theme of the picture above, there is nothing quite as frustrating as waiting for your food to cook. When you feel hungry, the wait seems like it is even longer! We totally get this kid’s feelings.

Image courtesy of

He understands that the oven is the tool that gets his food ready. But he does not appear to know that there is no way to make the oven cook any faster! We bet the food was worth the wait, though. We know we always think it is, once it is in our hands.

Dramatic sign

It is very important to have signs around the let people know of any problems to avoid, like slippery floors or dodgy pavements. But we cannot help but feel that this sign is being a little excessive with its warning!

Image courtesy of

After all, there does not appear to be any sinkholes in the area. So, what are they warning folks about? Yes, you guessed it – they are letting people know about the slightly misplaced brick on the sidewalk. How dramatic!

Man Flu

If you did not know, “man flu” is the term that is used to talk about how dramatic men appear to be whenever they get ill. This mug is making fun of anyone who makes a huge deal out of a little cough.

Image courtesy of

We definitely think that you should get this for any dramatic man in your life. It’s a great way to remind them of how ridiculous and over the top they can be (and it’s not just women who can be dramatic). But make sure to only get this gift for those with a sense of humor. No use hurting anyone’s feelings!

The last straw

It’s pretty much a fact now that dad jokes are truly the best and worst kind of jokes. They are just a collection of terrible puns! We do love rolling our eyes at them, and couldn’t imagine life without dad jokes. This one could be the worst.

30 Kickass Pics To Help You Make It - Funny Gallery
Image courtesy of

We are not sure what this dad was protesting, but we sincerely hope that it was worth telling this awful joke! At least it would have given the other people a chance to have a chuckle or cringe. Look at his face – he is so proud of himself!

Dramatic robot

We have already seen how animals can be just as dramatic as people. Now, it is time for a robot to show us this, too! This Roomba was trying to clean the house when it ran into a slight problem.

Image courtesy of s0ff3 / Reddit

That problem being “a cliff”! Of course, it was very likely not a real cliff and just some stairs or elevated part of the floor. That did not stop the Roomba from acting like it was an emergency, though, and was totally overdramatic.

Problematic pennies

When you’re a child, everything either feels like a life-or-death situation, whether it’s eating food or cleaning up toys, or like it’s NBD. This child seems to be absolutely exhausted and unable to do anything, including picking up the coins right next to him!

Image courtesy of

We reckon that he must have had a really tiring day, and that is why he is just too exhausted even to pick up those pennies. Either that or he is an extremely dramatic child – we’re going go with that, actually.


One debate that never seems to go away is whether pineapple belongs on pizza. Some people love eating fruit on their pizzas, whereas other people think it is disgusting. We believe this woman took the debate a little too far!

Imagecourtesy of

Either she had a very bad incident when she tried eating pineapple on pizza, or she just feels super strong about the whole situation. Whatever the reason, we feel that this reaction is more than a little hilarious for and gloriously dramatic!

No, baby!

For many of us, going to a Justin Bieber concert is probably not our idea of a fun night. But for this little girl, it seems like it is a nightmare! Just look at how much she’s crying and screaming!

Imaeg courtesy of

We do not think his singing is that bad, honestly! This is a pretty severe overreaction – she is even wearing headphones! We wonder what she thought was so bad that it made her feel this way. Maybe Justin’s dancing abilities?

Printer problems

It is time for another piece of dramatic technology. This time, it is a printer that is acting up. We all know that feeling when the printer runs out of toner – it feels like the end of the world.

Image courtesy of

For this printer, it really was the end of the world, judging by that last message! We guess that they mean the toner’s life is almost over, but we can’t help feeling that this message had a little more behind it than something so simple.

Dramatic cats

Now, we have another pair of dramatic cats. Just what is it about this species that makes them act like this?! For this picture, these two kitties were in a shelter, one above the other. No cages can stop them!

The creation of cats
Image courtesy of

Somehow, these two felines were smart enough to reach through the bars to find each other! Although this is pretty dramatic, it is also pretty sweet too. It just goes to show how much they love each other! This is the best kind of drama.

No more emails

Sometimes, overly dramatic people have a point – take this guy, for example. He might be holding a sign to let everyone know what he thinks, but what he says is pretty justified! Hitting “reply all” on work emails is annoying.

Image courtesy of dudewithsign / Instagram

We don’t all need to hear what you have to say to one individual. That is what the “reply” button is for! We recommend that everyone understand email etiquette and avoid doing this in the future, as this guy suggests.

More movies?

The Fast & Furious movie series is pretty popular and has nine films so far, with a few more coming out in the next few years, we bet. For a film series about racing cars, that is quite a lot!

Image courtesy of

You would think that the filmmakers would run out of material soon, but apparently not as they are still getting made. We have to agree with this protestor – there really does not need to be any more entries. But making a sign about it is a bit extra!


One of the most essential toys for a lifeguard is a lifebuoy, as they help to get people out of a rather sticky situation. But for some reason, people like to steal the lifebuoys and use them in other ways.

Image courtesy of

That’s why a warning has been written on this sign to stop people from taking it. We do think it’s a bit overly dramatic, even though it is true! A simple “do not steal” sign would probably have been enough.

Possessive love

Candles are a really great way to spruce up your home, as not only do they add a great scent, but they also look pretty. But we think that this candle should be kept out of our homes at all costs.

Image courtesy of

…and the person who made it needs looking after, too! This is pretty dramatic, and we really hope that it is just a joke. Okay, we are sure it is a joke, but sometimes the answer to something acting dramatic is to beat them at their own game!

Trying hard

Sometimes, life can get really hard, and you just have to confess that you are working your hardest. Things were a bit too stressful for this little kid, and they could not help but write about the problems weighing them down.

Image courtesy of Jenna Abel / Pinterest

We are not too sure what was troubling young Frank so much, but we hope that he managed to sort it out soon enough. Judging by his handwriting, he is quite young, and we are sure it wasn’t that bad!

A true Belieber

We have already seen one little girl who hated Justin Bieber. Now it is time for one who loves him – perhaps a little too much! Another student in the class insulted Justin, so this girl decided to take revenge.

Image courtesy of

How did she do this? By cutting off a piece of her hair, of course! We guess that shows that she really is devoted to him, although we cannot recommend this kind of behavior. The evil side of us is laughing at this photo, though!

RIP Cricket

If you have a funny team at work, then that can really help to make things much more bearable. The workload does not feel so tiresome, and you have plenty of colleagues to joke around with! This group seems awesome.

Imaeg courtesy of

There was a cricket that frequently hung around their work. Unfortunately, it died, so the office gang decided to pay their respects by having a memorial. It is definitely a dramatic and pretty funny moment to experience in the office.

Bring me to life

Prom night has long been one of the most important nights of the year for high school students. Because of this, there are plenty of people who pull stunts to get attention on that night, like this girl and her date.

Image courtesy of

She went to the venue in an ambulance and pretended to be unconscious. As soon as her date gave her a quick peck, she was suddenly brought back to life and able to attend. That’s one way to get attention!


Some kids are really talented with art and love to show off their skills from a very young age. They create beautiful paintings that really get you thinking. Then there are other children, like this girl, who created a mess!

Imaeg courtesy of

The expression on her face seems to suggest that she put a lot of feeling into her art, but we think that she just made a huge mess of things instead! We imagine that mom and dad hung it up proudly.

Reading skills

If you have any kids, then you will know that they can be overly dramatic at everything in the world. This picture is a perfect example of this! The child in the picture is crying his eyes out. Why, you ask?

Image courtesy of the

Because he looked down at his t-shirt and thought the letters were upside down! Not only is he wrong, but we really do not think that it is worth crying about! But then again, we know how that stuff works, and maybe we’d feel equally dramatic in his shoes.

What a present

Some of these overly dramatic people can really hit a little too close to home with their feelings. This guy is one of those people. He was asked about the worst gift he had ever received from someone. His answer was highly dramatic.

Imaeg courtesy of godsdog23 / Reddit

His response was that “my life” is the worst gift! He even put on a sad smile for the picture. We really hope that he has the same dark humor as us and it just joking. We wonder if he also stares out the window on the bus while listening sad music, pretending he is in a music video.

Meeting Bill Murray

For many of us, meeting an actor as famous and talented as Bill Murray would be a cause for celebration. Who would not like to meet him?! Well, this young boy apparently did not get the message about who this man is!

Image courtesy of LukeDangerHoppe / Reddit

He is crying his eyes out about meeting Bill and seems like he would like to be anywhere else. Poor Bill Murray! At least he decided to play along and cry for the picture, too. What a funny guy!

Too real

Reading a book and finding a character that you relate to is a pretty incredible feeling, as it makes you feel a little lesson lonely in the world. This user managed to find someone fictional who is just as dramatic!

Image courtesy of victoriavandal / Tumblr

Whenever we are given even the smallest of tasks to do, we definitely feel like this character, named Artemus. In fact, we might actually just start quoting this directly, as it is a great line to use for pretty much any situation.

Snow problem

Snow can cause many issues for both pedestrians and those using the road. It is very easy to slip and have an accident, so it is very important to make people aware of the problem. However, this warning is just so funny!

Image courtesy of

It is not like it is particularly difficult to see the snow, so the cones placed around it seem to be pretty ridiculous. It also looks relatively sunny too, and the snow is melting! It is all just so unnecessary and dramatic. We love it.


If you have a dog or a cat, one of the important ways to look after them is nail-clipping. It helps keep them feeling comfortable and not damage any of your things. However, most pets do not like the experience…

Imaeg courtesy of _NITRISS_ / Reddit

…especially not this puppy – just look at the expression on his face! He looks like he is trying his best not to scream and is trying just to stay brave. The result is absolutely hilarious! Spoiler alert: in the video, he “passes out” during the experience and stares at the camera like, “why me?”

I’ll have revenge

One good thing about having cats is that they are super clean animals since they spend so much of their day grooming themselves. This means you should not have to worry about bathing them. Not that you would want to!

Image courtesy of

Cats are famous for disliking water, and the expression on this kitty’s face is perfect proof of that. He looks so angry and shocked like he is plotting someone’s death! We really don’t think a bath could be this bad.

Ride time

Some animals really enjoy going for a car ride because it can give them a way to get out of the house and see some new things. These two animals do not agree with this, though. Look at their faces!

Imaeg courtesy of

The cat looks absolutely terrified and is holding onto the car seat for dear life. Meanwhile, the dog is super unimpressed and looks more bored than anything. We reckon they’re going to the vet, which is why they feel the way they do about the experience.

Not snow!

If you live in a colder area, seeing even just one tiny snowflake can be enough to get you stockpiling for winter, just like the guy in this picture. He is getting ready to hunker down with plenty of supplies!

Image courtesy of

We would probably gather a few more supplies than that, though, as tons of milk and bread is not going to be great for you. Even so, we think this reaction is a little over the top. Just calm down!

Not so funny

We really, really hope that this one is just an elaborate joke and not something real. Someone put a cup over a “huge aggressive spider” that was found in the office. However, they did not do a very good job.

Funny, Subtle Pranks That Are Sneaky and Brilliant
Image courtesy of

Somehow, the spider managed to bite its way out and escape into the office! We can only hope that this was just a prank. There is absolutely no way we would stay in the office if we saw this! We might leave the state, honestly.

Keep it inside

Going out and about, it is natural to find yourself screaming on the inside at interactions that you have with others. But we don’t think we would ever feel the need to post about this on social media! Unless you like to publicize your dramatic nature. Then, by all means.

Image courtesy of

That is why each of these commenters decided to play along and post funny renditions of the original post. It is pretty dramatic, after all, as screaming internally is something that we all do. But now we’re screaming for ice cream…

Too angry

Just what is it about people feeling so dramatic that they need to create a poster announcing it?! We’re not sure what this person is protesting, but whatever it is has them feeling so annoyed that they made a sign.

The Best Protest Signs Of All Time! - 24 Pics (Set-2)
Image courtesy of

That might work in their favor, though, as they can just use this sign at any protest that they feel passionate about. No need ot make a new sign each time. It also helps to make other people smile, no matter what these protestors are fighting for.


This guy felt so annoyed about the issues in his life that he wrote about them on his hand. Unfortunately, he made the message look pretty ironic. How did he do this? He failed at spelling the word “failure”! This might be intentional, and either way we are here for it.

Image courtesy of

We hope that this mistake cheered him up and made him stop feeling so down. There is no reason for someone to feel this terrible, and we really hope they decided to be nicer to themselves after this. We do see evidence of the “E” on his thumb. You did it, bud!