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45 Amusing Hedgehog Cake Fails That Shouldn’t Have Been Served

If you’re having a bad day, we might just have the solution to lift your spirits: hedgehog cakes. This type of cake has become increasingly popular thanks to baking competitions and because many people fail at baking hedgehog cakes. These fails are easily one of the funniest things you will find on the internet right now, and there’s no way you won’t laugh at most of the pictures you are about to see. If you don’t laugh at least once, it will probably be because some of them are genuinely scary — but in a funny way, we promise! Who knows — maybe you’ll even feel inspired to bake a hedgehog cake of your own! If you do, please don’t forget to upload a picture on the internet and brighten other people’s days. Here are the 45 funniest hedgehog cake fails you’ll ever see!

Is that medusa?

If you bake a regular hedgehog cake, it should look charming in the end. However, it seems that following the recipe of a hedgehog cake only leads to a disaster, and most people end up baking the craziest cakes you’ll ever see.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

This cake, for instance, doesn’t look like a hedgehog at all. The large eyes are creepy, the lips look like they’ve received their fair share of botox — and let’s not get started on the topping! Instead of looking like this hedgehog has spikey quills, it looks like it has the same hair as Medusa!

What’s up with this look?

It’s kind of hard to explain what is going on in the next picture. The hedgehog cake this person baked looks nothing like a hedgehog, and to make matters worse, we’re not exactly sure if it even tastes good at all!

Image courtesy of achedartatyan/Twitter

Judging by the long eyelashes, this was supposed to be a girl hedgehog cake. The keywords here are “supposed to” because we’re not even sure what that looks like. And those dentures? We’re not sure why they’re there, but we certainly are looking forward to seeing this hedgehog on the next season of Real Housewives of Hedgehog Hills!

It doesn’t look that bad?

On a different note, now we have shed light on a hedgehog cake that doesn’t look as bad as the other ones on this list. We’re pretty sure that, had this baker put in a little more effort, the cake probably would have looked amazing.

Image courtesy of brilio.net

Well, maybe we were exaggerating a little. The cake doesn’t look that amazing, but we were not lying when we said it looks better than the previous ones. Using chocolate chips as quills surely helped this baker, and at least they got the hedgehog nose kind of right…right?

That’s just creepy!

Real hedgehogs are adorable, and everyone loves them. However, children love them even more than adults do, especially because of the world’s most famous hedgehog and star of many videogames, Sonic. Because of him, many children ask for hedgehog-themed parties, cake included.

Image courtesy of faithfitzy/Twitter

Now imagine your child asks for a hedgehog cake for their birthday, and you decide to bake it yourself instead of buying from a professional baker. Let’s say that the cake in the picture was your creation. Can you imagine how creeped out your child would be? We mean, look at those eyes!

Where is the skin?

All it takes is a simple Google search to get a detailed description of a hedgehog’s appearance: dark skin, brown mask, and rust and cream-colored quills. Overall, we see that there are many dark tones to a hedgehog’s appearance, but there’s for sure no pink at all!

Image courtesy of Thunder Dungeon

If there’s no pink, why did this person decide to bake a hedgehog cake that looked like this? Where did they get the idea that there are pink hedgehogs? This looks like a skinned hedgehog, if we’re honest. And here we go with the dentures.

This looks like a human head!

If we’ve given the title of “ugliest hedgehog cake ever” to another cake in this list, we’re revoking that title and giving it to this next cake. Not only does it not look like a hedgehog in any way, but it also looks way too creepy. 

Image courtesy of RIP_Doc_Hudson/Reddit

See what we mean? Hopefully, there are no children around you right now, or else they’ll probably flip. Here we have yet another pink hedgehog cake, though this one looks like a human head instead. We have so many questions — why are the eyes so far apart? Why the dentures?!

What happened to its eyes?

When we see so many weird-looking cakes, it’s hard to find the words to describe them after some time. This next cake, for instance, looks so utterly weird that we can only stare at it and wonder how its baker reached this final result.

Image courtesy of nimi85/Reddit

First of all, the hedgehog’s spikes are all over the place, so that’s minus 1 point for aesthetics. Moving on to the face, it’s hard to tell what happens there. One eye is higher than the other, and it looks like its face is melting away. Well, all we can say is that this baker won’t be winning any hedgehog cake competitions anytime soon!

This may be the cutest cake on the list!

If you think you’ve seen enough ugly cakes, we’re going to give you a short break now. While not necessarily perfect, this next cake doesn’t look nearly as bad as what we’ve shown you so far. Depending on how you look at it, you may even think it looks cute!

Image courtesy of nnawseibba1/Reddit

The heart-shaped nose certainly makes this hedgehog cake look adorable. The high brows also add a nice touch, making it look like a cute hedgehog. And yes, we’re ignoring the spikes that make this cake look like a porcupine, and we’re pretending those dentures are not there.

Why the red icing, though?

Have you ever seen a vampire hedgehog? If you haven’t, we’ll gladly show you one. This next hedgehog cake is not only a failed attempt, and it is a complete disaster! The cake batter itself looks unusual, and we have no words for the decoration.

Image courtesy of daiwyawergy/Reddit

Doesn’t it look like this cake didn’t even go into the oven? The long spikes are back, making this look like a porcupine cake instead of a hedgehog cake. At least the dentures look different this time — with those two fangs, it looks like this alleged hedgehog is also a vampire. Let’s just ignore the red icing, though.

Why the dentures, though?

By the end of this article, most readers will reach a definite conclusion: the people who bake hedgehog cakes have probably never seen a hedgehog in their lives. Like, not even a picture of a hedgehog. That’s got to be the only explanation for this.

Image courtesy of elizabethpaige2088/Pinterest

Why in the world would anyone think that this is a hedgehog? With those long spines, this might as well have been called a porcupine cake. However, what gets our attention here are the dentures. Do people really think that hedgehogs have human teeth?

Is this even an actual cake?

If you think that the cakes we’ve shown you so far are bad, that’s because you haven’t seen this next cake yet. Easily the worst hedgehog cake in this list — and possibly in the history of hedgehog cakes — there is no explanation of how this even came to be.

Image courtesy of pheromonekvlt/Reddit

Can we even consider this thing a cake? A few scattered and broken spines, half of its face melted off, and the tiniest denture you’ve ever seen. Maybe this can be considered a cake, but it sure is not a hedgehog cake. It’s difficult to even find an adjective for this cake, so we’ll leave that to you.

Do you see the subliminal message?

It’s obvious that baking a hedgehog cake is a task that requires a lot of work, a lot of time, and a lot of effort. The thing is, even if you work hard to create a beautiful cake, things may not go your way!

Image courtesy of SeanfaceM001/Reddit

And that’s why this baker decided to add a not-so-subliminal message in this picture. After spending hours trying to bake a beautiful hedgehog cake, she ended up creating this thing. All she could do afterward was ask for help. We’re not sure what kind of creature this is, but it sure isn’t a hedgehog! 

It shouldn’t be so hard following a recipe!

Depending on how you want your hedgehog cake to look, it can take you anywhere between 50 minutes and 3 hours to get the cake done. Naturally, recipes that require longer preparation time will result in better-looking cakes. If you don’t follow the steps accurately, this is what you’ll end up with…

Image courtesy of ozbadboy/Reddit

As we can see in the inspiration picture in the background of this image, the original hedgehog cake from the recipe book looks adorable. Theoretically, the person who did this should have baked a cake similar to that one if they had followed the recipe as it was written. Instead, they tried to rush things and got this scary cake in the end!

At least it looks tasty?

We’re still on the search for the ugliest hedgehog cake in history, and we found this conflicting cake. Conflicting because it looks nothing like a hedgehog, but it looks incredibly tasty at the same time. Look at all that chocolate!

Image courtesy of rainydaybrigade/Instagram

The eyes, though, look kind of weird as they are too big for a hedgehog, and they’re all white, which is pretty creepy in itself. Once again, we see the long spines, which look like they belong to a porcupine. Hey, at least this baker didn’t add dentures to the cake, which earned them a couple of points in our book!

There are so many wrong things with this cake!

Up until now, we couldn’t tell for sure what was the purpose of all these hedgehog cakes. Maybe people were baking them just for fun, or maybe they were genuinely trying to learn how to bake a proper-looking hedgehog cake.

Image courtesy of it’z Leah/Twitter

However, this is the first cake in which it is clear that it was meant to be a hedgehog cake for someone’s birthday. The thing is: it doesn’t look like a hedgehog at all. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a cake — it just looks like someone threw some chocolate on a plate and then put chocolate chips all over it and dentures. Even the candles are positioned in such a bad way that you can barely read the phrase, “happy birthday!”

Well, it looks better than the inspiration.

Cooking almost always involves following a recipe and looking at inspiration pictures. You usually want to make sure that whatever you’re cooking looks like the original recipe. However, that’s obviously hard to achieve when it comes to hedgehog cakes.

Image courtesy of lotttiiee/Reddit

This cake may be the only exception on our list. The person who baked this did something unusual: they inspired their cake on a hedgehog cake that was already ugly in the first place. The funniest part about this is that their cake somehow ended up looking slightly better than the inspiration. Maybe that’s the trick to baking the perfect hedgehog cake?

What did you try to achieve with this?

One would think that, at this point, we would’ve gotten used to seeing weird hedgehog cakes. However, the truth is that these cakes will never cease to amaze us, and we’ll always be surprised to see them. This next cake, for instance, certainly got us pondering.

Image courtesy of zuzia/Pinterest

If you look at it closely, you can see that the person who baked this cake was, perhaps, trying to give it a heart shape. Maybe they gave up halfway through it and just added a bunch of chocolate straws on top of it and put three giant M&M’s on the hedgehog’s face. Well, we’ll give this person kudos for the effort.

Imagine giving this cake to a child!

We’ve already talked about giving hedgehog cakes to children on their birthdays. One thing is for sure: they’ll never forget this day, and it’s not going to be because they loved the cake. On the contrary, these cakes can traumatize a child forever!

Image courtesy of darkdove93/Reddit

We mean, look at that! Even adults would be scared to see a cake like that, let alone children. Those teeth alone are enough to give anyone nightmares! Well, at least the person who baked this added two little ducks on the side as an attempt to make this cake look friendlier!

Are you sure you want people to rate this?

Baking a hedgehog cake seems to be a highly entertaining task. Putting in a lot of work to end up getting the weirdest cake ever as a result? We’re certain it would be amusing to try to bake a cake like this at home just to have a good laugh with the family.

Image courtesy of RateMyPlateNow/Facebook

Now, baking a horrible hedgehog cake and purposefully showing it to the world is just asking to be judged! The person who baked this cake posted a picture of it on a Facebook page specifically to rate other people’s plates. We’ll keep assuming he did not get positive reviews!

This one looks kind of presentable, doesn’t it?

While we wouldn’t go as far as saying that this next cake looks exactly like a hedgehog, we can assure you that it looks slightly better than what we’ve been showing you so far. Ignore a few details, and you can even say it looks kind of cute!

Image courtesy of BritishBakeOff/Twitter

See? Obviously, whoever baked this cake didn’t do it for the jokes — we can see that there has been real effort put into this hedgehog cake. In fact, this cake looks so well-crafted that we’re not going to comment on those bizarre dentures!

Did you find the inspiration for this in a horror movie?

The next hedgehog cake on our list looks like it came out straight from a horror movie. It looks like a mixture of a badly injured hedgehog mixed with a skull and an alien. Sounds pretty crazy, right? Well, check it out for yourself.

Image courtesy of tastefullyoffensive.com

Let’s start by talking about those creepy eyes. It looks like someone stopped by the Halloween costume store before baking this cake. And what about those tiny claws coming out of the hedgehog’s sides? They kind of make this creature look like a spider, don’t you think?

Is this really a hedgehog, though?

Thus far, we’ve seen different kinds of hedgehog cakes that resembled different kinds of things and creatures. But not one of the cakes we’ve shown you so far looked like a dog. Well, if that’s what you were waiting for, here it is!

Image courtesy of B.J. Knapp/bjknapp.com

If you look at this attempted hedgehog cake, you’ll start noticing that it resembles a puppy. We can’t exactly pinpoint what it is, but maybe it’s that cute nose or the mouth line. If you added a pair of ears to this cake, it would certainly look like a dog and not like a disfigured hedgehog!

Did it get involved in an accident?

Some hedgehog cakes look funny. Some look weird. And some hedgehog cakes look plain scary. We don’t even have the words to describe this next cake properly, or whatever that is. In fact, we have tons of questions we would love to ask the person who baked this.

Image courtesy of McLuckoff/Yaplakal

Was this supposed to look like a hedgehog that was involved in an accident? Judging by the blue topping, we strongly believe this cake was meant to look like Sonic. Well, it does look like Sonic, the hedgehog — only Sonic crashed into a wall and destroyed half of his quills and his teeth!

Take him to the dentist!

Baking cakes requires talent and special skills. Well, we’re not sure about the second one, but if you want to bake a presentable and delicious cake, you have got to bake it with all your heart at least. Otherwise, you may end up with a cake like this one.

Image courtesy of EvilHolly/Reddit

When you look at this hedgehog cake, does it look like the person who baked it did it with love? Or does it look like they just threw a bunch of ingredients together and decided to call it a hedgehog cake? Those messed-up dentures alone should give you the answer!

Scary cake!

Depending on how you look at it, you could say that these hedgehog cakes aren’t failed attempts. If you want to come up with an excuse for the bakers, you can always say that they were just reinventing the concept of hedgehog cakes!

Image courtesy of yubisaki/Imgur

If they’re taking a different approach to baking, we guess we just have to accept that they have full liberty of using their creativity and creating these…unusual cakes. The person who baked the cake in the picture above, for instance, decided to mix Halloween and hedgehogs and ended up creating this skull-inspired hedgehog cake!

Why are the eyes so far apart, though?

Sometimes, hedgehog cakes fail so miserably that the people who bake them feel the need to share their creations with the internet. And, to be honest, we’re glad they do — looking at their bizarre cakes has certainly got us laughing!

Image courtesy of ladyjuliamorris/Instagram

However, “regular” people are not the only ones who share their creations on the internet. Julia Morris, a famous performer in Australia, tried to bake a hedgehog cake and created that thing we see in the picture. Well, good to know we’re not alone in this!

It’s turning into a puddle!

When we think that we’ve seen all kinds of ugly hedgehog cakes possible, the internet throws an even uglier hedgehog cake our way. Don’t believe us? Then look at this cake and answer the question yourself: Is this not the biggest hedgehog cake fail on this list?

Image courtesy of axenaa/Reddit

Let’s start our judgment by talking about the spines. Most people have used chocolate waffle straws so far, but this baker thought it would be better to use breadsticks instead. However, that’s not the worst part: this cake is so poorly assembled that it looks like this hedgehog is melting and turning into a huge chocolate puddle!

This looks like a different species!

Some of the cakes we’ve shown you in this list looked downright awful. However, the other cakes at least looked like they were edible. If we look at this from a different perspective, we can say that, even if some hedgehog cakes look bad, they may taste excellent — and that’s all that matters for a cake, right?

Image courtesy of thunderdungeon.com

This cake, for instance, doesn’t look that good, to be honest. It doesn’t really look like a hedgehog, for starters, but more like an anteater with that long nose. On the other hand, all the chocolate makes this hedgehog cake look quite delicious!

How do we explain this?

Do you know when we’re doing something for the first time, and it is super hard, and we just feel like giving up? It’s kind of hard to stay motivated when we can’t get something right, and some people do give up halfway through. It looks like the person who baked this next hedgehog cake went through exactly that.

Image courtesy of cakefails/Reddit

We don’t know why, but when we stare at this cake, we can just tell that the person who baked it gave up halfway through the process. They probably just threw all the ingredients together, added a few white chocolate straws and those creepy eyes, and said, “Voilà, the cake is ready!”

Three dentures in one mouth?

If you look up hedgehog cakes on Google, you can expect two things: to have a good laugh and to see a lot of dentures. Why do people think that hedgehogs have teeth that look like human teeth? That’s life’s greatest mystery!

Image courtesy of bronactitley/Twitter

Apparently, just putting dentures on a hedgehog cake was not enough for this baker. They had to put three — yes, you read that right, three —  dentures on that poor hedgehog! But other than that, this cake looks kind of delicious, so kudos to that.

That is a capybara, sir!

This next cake is the result of a series of mistakes committed by the baker. First of all, they downloaded pictures of porcupines as the inspiration for their hedgehog cake. However, it looks like they also drew inspiration from another animal.

Image courtesy of cakecentral.com

Capybaras are rodents that can be found in almost every country in South America. If you look up capybaras on the internet, you’ll find that this cake looks almost identical to a capybara, if only it didn’t have those long spines. The bottom line is that this cake looks like anything but a hedgehog.

You probably don’t want your children to see this cake!

If you’re a parent, you know how great it feels to do things that make your children happy. Even the simple things, such as cooking their favorite meal, are rewarding when we see the happiness in their eyes. But sometimes, things just don’t work!

Image courtesy of The Mirror

This man, for instance, decided to bake a hedgehog cake for his daughter’s birthday. The thing is: he had never baked a hedgehog cake before and had no idea how to do it, which is pretty clear in the picture. We don’t think this cake is what she was expecting, but we bet that the whole family had a good laugh during her birthday!

Angry Medusa!

Do you remember the very first picture we showed you in this article? It was a hedgehog cake that didn’t have quills but rather Medusa-like hair. Well, guess what? We have found that cake’s long-lost cousin! But this one looks slightly different.

Image courtesy of lenforth/Reddit

Do you spot the difference? The first hedgehog cake looked like Medusa, but it was a chill cake. This cake, on the other hand, looks quite mad, which is probably a more accurate representation of Medusa. We wonder if he’s angry about the way he looks!

Don’t mess with this hedgehog!

The roasting of hilarious hedgehog cakes is the main thing going on in this text so far. However, we may have to think twice before we say anything bad about this next cake — it looks like the type of cake you don’t want to mess with!

Image courtesy of Tacky Raccoons

See all those chocolate shards? Those are the very first sign that you don’t want to get on this hedgehog’s bad side. If the pointy shards are not enough to scare you, maybe a closer look at those dentures will!

Where’s the other eye?

Even though most cakes on this list look pretty bad, none of them were missing any limbs. This next cake, however, is an exception to that. Maybe the baker ran out of ingredients before finishing the decor, but this is what happened…

Image courtesy of yubisaki/Imgur

It’s like half of this poor hedgehog’s face came off somewhere along the way. Or maybe this cake tasted so delicious, despite its looks, that whoever baked it couldn’t resist grabbing a bite before taking a picture of the cake!

That’s still not a hedgehog.

This next cake is easily one of the prettiest ones on this list. Just looking at the picture gives us an idea of how much effort the person who created this put into baking this hedgehog cake. Still, there is something off about this cake.

Image courtesy of cookandrecipe.com

First of all, the shape of this cake doesn’t resemble that of a hedgehog at all. Not in height and not in width, but what gets our attention here is the size of the spikes. Once again, we have a baker who doesn’t know the difference between the spikes of a hedgehog and a porcupine.

Is this really a professional cake?

Judging by the quality of this next picture, we can already tell that this was a cake that was made professionally. However, being a professional baker doesn’t mean you can bake good-looking hedgehog cakes, apparently. In fact, this cake looks just as bad as the amateur ones!

Image courtesy of hollywoodpurl/Reddit

See what we mean? This cake looks no better than the other cakes we’ve shown you so far, even though it was made by a professional. Actually, we have so many questions about this cake, starting with the fangs on that denture. It seems like we’ll have a part two in the vampire hedgehog saga!

What in the world is this?

At this point, we genuinely believed we had seen it all when it comes to hedgehog cakes. But then we came across this picture, and it made us realize that we can always be surprised when this is the topic at hand.

Image courtesy of Cake Decor Ideas

Can you describe what does this cake looks like? Because we certainly cannot! The only thing we can think of is that this, whatever that is, doesn’t look like a hedgehog in the slightest! And judging by the cute floral decor, the baker also knows this is not a hedgehog and tried to make things somewhat better by adding the decor!

That’s so realistic!

If there’s one rhetorical device we can use to talk about hedgehog cakes, that device has got to be irony. So, when we say that this next cake looks so realistic, we actually mean the complete opposite — because this cake looks awful!

Image courtesy of 9GAG

The distance between the eyes and the upper and lower dentures is way too large for this cake to represent an actual hedgehog. But that’s not even the worst aspect of this cake! The gigantic spikes and the shape of this cake are also pretty bad — and this cake just looks weird overall!

Isn’t that some type of frog?

Even if we’re not experts in biology, we all know that there are many types of frogs all over the planet, and some species are still unknown to this day. The person who baked this cake aimed for a hedgehog — but she ended up discovering a new species of frog!

Image courtesy of Grazing Kate Blog

Yes, we’re just kidding. No frogs were discovered by the blog owner, Grazing Kate — this is merely her attempt at baking a hedgehog cake for her son. It doesn’t look like a hedgehog at all, but the four feet do make it look like a frog!

Seems like things didn’t end well for this hedgehog!

If cakes had feelings, they would be extremely hurt by the comments we’ve been making so far. And they would feel literal physical pain if they looked like that, that’s for sure. Especially this next cake, which looks like it was run over by a car!

Image courtesy of Jacqui G/Facebook

Poor hedgehog, right? As if those huge red eyes on that small head were not bad enough, it looks like this cake was found on the side of the road — after having been run over. We don’t understand why the head is so far from the body, so all we can do is stare at this cake in silence as we try to figure it out!

How is that even possible?

Funny-looking hedgehog cakes are a huge sensation online, and deservingly so. These cakes are like gifts for those who are in need of a good laugh. Considering how popular these cakes are becoming, it’s no wonder other bakers are trying to copy them.

Image courtesy of memecenter.com

The pink cake on the left was already used as inspiration for another cake on this list, so we guess this design must be popular. However, this one also failed similarly to the other cake, and the baker could not copy the original, ugly hedgehog cake. Instead, they ended up baking this cake, which is creepy, to say the least!

I feel like I’ve seen you before!

There comes a moment in life in which you’ve seen so many hilarious-looking hedgehog cakes that you don’t know if there are any new pictures out there. This next hedgehog cake, for instance, looks kind of familiar, doesn’t it?

Image courtesy of wanna-joke.com

Well, this cake was not featured in this article previously. It looks familiar because it is just as ugly and funny as the other hedgehog cakes that came before him. The melted icing, the creepy dentures, and the long spikes are characteristics that are shared between most hedgehog cakes, apparently.

This hedgehog has been through a lot, it seems.

While all hedgehog cakes we’ve seen so far looked like they were butchered, none of them seemed as rough as this next one. It looks so messed up that it makes us feel bad thinking of all the things this fictional hedgehog has gone through.

Image courtesy of piratesushi/Reddit

Do you see how even his spikes are harsh-looking? Instead of using chocolate chips as quills, this baker used triangular chocolate shards — and that’s the first sign this hedgehog cake has been through a lot. The worn dentures are also a sign of that (not commenting on the red filling)… that’s just weird!

And to end things on a positive note…

Over the course of this article, we have shown you 44 pictures of the craziest hedgehog cakes you have ever seen. Some of them were admittedly quite scary, but some of them could pass as slightly cute. But all of them were incredibly funny!

Image courtesy of Matt Trabaham/The Great British Bake Off

Considering all the cakes that came before this one, we just had to end this article on a positive note. This hedgehog cake is not as ugly as its fellows, but it sure doesn’t look very normal. In fact, this cake reminds us of the crazy characters in comedy animations!