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Great Danes- Big Dogs With Even Bigger Hearts

The Great Dane, also known as the German Mastiff, is most likely one of the world’s largest dog breeds. They can easily grow to be 80 kilos and almost 1 meter tall. Great Danes are hunting dogs, and back in the day, they were used for hunting boars and even bears. They sure are a breed that looks very imposing and all in all scary but guess what? Behind this scary exterior, there lies the heart of a giant puppy that just wants to be loved and carried around. Not to mention they are not aware of their size, and because of this, you will always see a Great Dane trying to squeeze his big body onto his owner’s lap. Here are some of the cutest Great Danes you have probably seen on the internet.

Shadow, the lap dog

If you look at the picture below for too long, your intuition might tell you that the big black doggo is probably photoshopped. Well, at least that was our first thought. It turns out, Shadow is nothing but a big boy.

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And also that the picture is 100% real. His big face is nothing but cuteness personified, and it definitely distracts you from looking at his owner. You can tell the poor thing is really struggling, having all that weight on her lap.

Doggo loves grandma

The picture below just melted our hearts. Turns out this big guy loves his owner’s grandma so much that every time she comes to visit them, he decides to sit on her lap. Does grandma love it as much as he does?

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It is clear, just look at her smile! Grandma loves her four-legged, furry great-grandson, and enjoys cuddle time with him. And he loves her too, just look how gently he is sitting on her lap, having just one leg on her and the other one on the couch so he won’t make her too uncomfortable.

The Hulk

A big dog needs to have big toys, and there is no doubt about that. But what if the toy you got him from the pet shop the other day is not good enough or not challenging enough for him?

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Improvisations will need to be made, and Duke, pictured above, wasted no time. Playful color, pretty heavy and challenging too, Duke’s choice of ball is nothing but hilarious. Imagine the struggle his owner had to go through trying to throw that pumpkin for Duke to fetch it.

Only 10 weeks apart

The pictures below were taken only ten weeks apart. In the first picture, the pup was only 7 weeks, while in the second one, he was 17 weeks old. The fact that only ten weeks were needed for this gigantic transformation to take place blows our minds.

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So if you do not feel motivated enough to start working on that goal of yours that you set on New Year’s Eve, we hope that looking at these before and after pictures will help you find all the persuasion you need- big changes can occur in a short amount of time.

Out and about

You’ve got to love a good meet and catch-up with your friends. But more than this, you got to love a dog owner that includes his loyal friend in his daily activities. We all know how much dogs hate being left alone at home.

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We are sure that this dog-friendly cafe/ bar did not expect their customers to show up with a dog half the size of their terrace, but we have to give them props for allowing this big guy to take part in his owner’s lunch date.

Were they ready?

By looking at the picture below, we can not stop wondering if the couple was ready for their baby to grow this big in such a short amount of time. The photos were taken one year apart and the size difference is WOW.

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One thing that did not change when looking at this Great Dane before and after pics is definitely his bored, “no impressed by anything” face. We can not say the same about his owners. They look like they are really struggling in the second picture.

Patiently waiting

It’s funny how you can judge Great Danes just based on how they look and, most likely, put the wrong stigma on them if you don’t really know much about their breed. Look at the big girl pictured below.

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She is patiently sitting and waiting for her turn to go into the vet’s office. The person who tweeted this picture made sure to mention that she was nothing but gentle and well behaved the entire time they were there.

They need help.ASAP!

One of the siblings pictured below posted the following picture asking their virtual friends to send them some help. They clearly knew that their pup would grow into a big dog, but something tells us they did not expect this level of BIG.

Photo courtesy of

It’s funny how everybody in this photo is laughing. Even the dog in the right corner of the pic, who seems way smaller than the Great Dane, is amused by it. Meanwhile, the big boy carried by his owners looks oblivious to the fuss he is creating.

High 5!

Who would have thought that a Great Dane’s paw is as big as a man’s palm? We mean, sure, we know they are big dogs, but this fact right here is simply mind blowing. Seriously now, this dog’s nail is as big as his owner’s knuckle.

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It is hard to believe that these huge paws with big nails belong to such docile, calm, and loving dogs. But hey, we live in a world where a Great Dane is considered one of the most non-aggressive dogs while the Chihuahua is on top of the “most aggressive dogs” list.

Someone save her!

As cute as this picture may be, it gives us mixed feelings. Half of us are like, “awww, this is so cute!” and the other half is seriously demanding someone to please go check if the owner of this big boy is still breathing.

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All in all, we hope that the owner is comfortably sleeping, even though we don’t know how someone could sleep while having about 80 kilograms of dog on their lap. No matter how the owner is feeling, looks like this boy is enjoying it to the fullest.

Meet Lola!

This beautiful girl pictured below is named Lola, and her owner describes her as being the “gentlest of giants.” Not only that but apparently, Lola is very obedient too, and training her to sit or give the paw was a piece of cake.

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Who would have known that a dog this imposing and big can be so easily trained? You wouldn’t say because they look like the type who do whatever they want to do. The more we hear and read about this breed, the more we fall in love with them.


This picture of the cute guy below is the perfect depiction of how most of us wake up on Saturday morning after a stressful week at our 9 to 5 office jobs. Most of us look exactly the same on Monday morning too.

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All jokes aside, he looks like he has had a rough start to the day and is in need of a refreshing beverage and a nap. Maybe he has just returned from a trip to the vet? We aren’t sure, but someone pet that sweet guy and tell him it’s all going to be ok!

Just one?!

Look at this big doggo proudly posing with his birthday cone at his party. His name is Lincoln, and he is one handsome birthday boy, indeed. But there is something that bugs us. Does he look to you like he just turned one?

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This may be insulting, and we’re sorry, but he looks way older than his actual age. One year old, and he is a legit giant. And look at those paws. They are huge! Great Danes don’t waste any time when it comes to growing this big in their first year.

Hello, there!

This photo was taken at this Great Dane and kitty’s first encounter. The fact that the Dane is probably 100 times bigger than the kitty gives us nothing but anxiety and makes us think of the worst ways this doggo could have reacted to seeing it. But if we are honest, though, he looks like the one who is afraid of the tiny kitten.

Photo courtesy of

But if his owner allowed this encounter, we assume that he or she really trusts his Dane and that this Dane is a very docile and friendly dog. We would love to see how the friendship between these two evolved.

Take it away from me!

When we said that the Great Dane breed dogs are not aware of their gigantic size, we really meant it! We don’t know for sure if they see themselves as small dogs, but sometimes we have the impression that they do.

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Or at least that’s precisely how they act. Take a look at this big guy pictured above. Calling him big is definitely an understatement, yet he is scared to the bones when the owners introduce him to a puppy, his new neighbor.

Cutest selfie you’ve seen today

You have to agree with us; this is the cutest selfie you may have seen today. A Twitter user’s husband sent this while she was at the hospital delivering their baby. We’re sure this cute pic managed to ease her pain a bit.

Photo courtesy of

Seriously now, the angle these two chose for the selfie is everything. Even though it makes the Dane look a bit older and cranky, those big floppy years save the situation and makes him look like he’s going to start flying soon.

Is it us or…?

Okay, guys, you have to keep your cool! Is it just us, or have we discovered the real life Scooby-Doo? We mean, the resemblance is striking. You can not un-see it now that we mentioned it. The goofiness, the face, the color…

Photo courtesy of

All of these combined just makes us think of Scooby-Doo. Now that we know exactly who this Great Dane reminds us of, we cannot help but wonder what his human looks like. If he’s a tall, slender man with red hair, our conspiracy may be right.

Retro Doggo

This retro picture of a Great Dane going for a ride with his owners is giving us a nostalgic feeling. The amount of style, attitude, and coolness depicted in the picture below makes it nothing but an amazing art piece.

Photo Courtesy of

And can we take a moment to appreciate the model vibes this Great Dane is giving the camera? The fact that even if he is not a professional and still managed to be this expressive, it’s just WOW to us!

So cute, yet so uncomfortable!

This big boy looks beyond cute while taking his nap, but we can not help wondering if he is really that comfortable. The chair is way too small for him, and from the way this head hangs on that armrest, you can tell he will wake up with a sore neck.

Photo courtesy of

So with this being said, can someone pick him up and put him in his bed? This may be a tough mission considering his weight. But at least can someone wake him up before this guy wakes up with a crick in his neck?

No effort

Being short can have its ups and downs, and so is being tall. One of the perks of being tall is that in situations like the one in the picture below, you don’t really need to put in too much effort.

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For example, the guy on the left is seemingly struggling while trying to stay up on his back legs. The tall guy, on the right, on the other hand, all he needed to do was to get close to the fence and put his floppy muzzle on top of it.

Talking about floppy muzzles…

One of the cutest traits of this giant breed is definitely their floppy muzzles. While it can be the feature that makes them appear scary and mean, once the dog moves and the floppy jaws together with it, too, you can not help but laugh.

Photo courtesy of Harper

We saw that they have big floppy jaws, but this is actually the first time we see how big they are and how wide they can spread when the Dane is laying his head on a surface. Those prominent, wide jowls can be used to fly, no doubt.

Someone call 911

And we really mean it! Someone call the police because this guy in the picture below is nothing but a thief because he has stolen our hearts. How can something be this cute? And why are those puppy eyes not illegal?

Photo courtesy of

They should be illegal! These eyes are so dangerous; you can not say “no” to them. And according to the person who posted this picture of him, he is only 10 months. Imagine how good his puppy eyes game will be when he will be older.

Wasting no time

The three pictures below were taken when the pups were 3 months, 6 months, and 12 months. The difference between the Great Dane and the Golden Retriever in the last picture, where they are 1 year old, is simply mind-blowing.

Photo courtesy of

Do you know what else is mind-blowing when it comes to this picture? The fact that the Great Dane’s owner is trying so hard to smile while he is obviously struggling so hard to hold his one-year-old fur baby.

Luna, the model

Someone call a modeling agency because such long legs are worth displaying on the cover of every magazine. Besides her long legs, take a look at Luna’s face. She is beyond expressive. No doubt she will have contracts in no time.

Photo courtesy of

This if her strict mom allows her. It turns out this picture was taken while her mom was scolding her human brother. Poor Luna seems terrified and looks like she wants to get out of there but is too scared mom might start scolding her next.

Good doggo

It is generally known that good and well-behaved doggos get to ride the train; they get to get a seat and all this with no ticket needed. How lucky! We love how well behaved this guy is during his train trip.

Photo courtesy of

You can tell this was not his first train ride just by the way he is sitting so casually on that small seat like it is nothing. And the people present don’t seem too bothered about this big guy’s presence on their morning commute.

The funny bunny

The boy pictured below looks like he is tired of his owner taking pictures of him, and he wants to show how he really feels about it. He may be tired, but the pose he decided on makes him look like a big goofball with that cheeky-cheezy grin.

Photo courtesy of

On top of this, laying like that with his ears up makes him look exactly like a bunny. An angry bunny, it’s true- but cute anyway. It’s fair to say that without even trying, this doggo gave his photographer one amazing photo.

Two dogs and a wall

There is nothing, and we mean nothing, that can stand in between two love birds that sincerely adore each other. Not even a high, cement wall. The cute couple pictured below is definitely a great example of this statement.

Photo courtesy of

Not even the fact that the poor Labrador is not tall enough to reach the top of the fence. As you can see, the Lab found a solution (the chair). However, we’re sure that this Great Dane needed to put no effort into getting to the top of that fence. Must be cool to be tall.

Mommy and me

As you may have already read earlier, a Great Dane adult can reach almost 1 meter high and can weigh up to 80 kilos. Can you imagine that they grow this big from something as small as the little guy pictured below?

Photo courtesy of

It seems like the little guy was no more than 4 weeks old when this picture was taken. Everything about this picture is cuteness overload. The photographer managed to capture a loving stare between this guy and his giant mama.

Cool flight

Imagine instead of getting a crying child seated next to you on a long plane; you get a very friendly and inquisitive looking Great Dane instead. Don’t get us wrong, we love babies, but at this point, we think we love Great Danes even more.

Photo courtesy of

We did not know that big breeds like Great Danes are allowed in the cabin, but we love the idea. We are sure that the passengers of that flight were delighted by the presence of this good guy on board.

Can someone explain to her?

The owner of the cute girl pictured below saw that her Great Dane was bored so she decided to give her a loo roll inner so she can play with it and have some fun. Turns out, the poor girl thought that tube was meant for something else.

Photo courtesy of

Something else like breathing, for example. According to her owner, she proceeded to breathe through it for over a minute. We are no vet, but we can assume that the tube made no difference to her breathing.We wonder, what made this activity so interesting to her?

Floppy jaw part II

It is in moments like this that you realize that Great Danes have ginormous, floppy jaws. If they keep their muzzles shut and stay up straight, far from any surface of any kind that can uncover their secret, you can barely tell it.

Photo courtesy of

The Great Dane pictured above may look straight out of a horror movie, but it is for a reason. According to the person who posted this picture on Twitter, his owner, we assume, says that he loves playing with the leaf blower. Don’t we all, big boy? Don’t we all?

Forever a lap dog

By the look this Great Dane has on his face, you can tell that he is committed to being a lap dog forever, no matter the circumstances and no matter the size of the lap he will sit on.

Photo courtesy of

And it seems like his little owner has no other choice than to accept this and have his giant dog on his lap. We assume he is heavy but lucky for the boy he will grow, and his dog’s weight won’t be felt the same. Or at least that’s what we hope for him!

English Bulldog lovers

We were today years old when we learned that Great Danes love English Bulldogs. But let’s be honest now, who doesn’t love them? Not to mention when they are pups and have all those cute, chunky folds of skin. They are the definition of cute.

Photo courtesy of

And so is the picture above of the giant Dane hugging the English Bulldog pup. The pup looks a bit uncomfortable, but this doesn’t stop the Dane from showing the pup all the affection and love he has for him.

Are we there yet, hooman?

Poor doggo! His face says it all. He is beyond over and tired of the road trip, and he can not wait for them to just get to their destination. Those rolling eyes and that tongue hanging out are a dramatic move, but you have to agree; it is really funny.

Photo courtesy of

We can hope that the trip was not too long and the bored doggo recovered fast and went back to his old, joyful self after they reached their destination. We have a feeling that his four-legged traveling buddy helped the situation a bit.

Guess who’s coming to dinner– reinvented

This is the exact movie title that came to our minds when we saw this picture. We are sure that Bambi’s arrival at the front door came as a surprise to the hosts as the unexpected guest did in the movie.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know if the two were raised together or not, and it may not even matter. But this one right here is another good proof that Great Danes are nothing but affectionate giants that could not hurt a fly.

Scooby Dooby Doo, Where are you?

Meet Parsley! Parsley is a 3 years old Great Dane that not only looks like the cartoon character, but he is exactly like him, afraid of everything. From tiny dogs to bags to the laundry machine and especially the vacuum cleaner.

Photo courtesy of

Reading the description his owner wrote and looking at Parsley’s picture; we can definitely agree that it’s nothing but accurate. His face says it all. It’s funny how Parsley is such a scaredy-cat and yet is not aware that he looks scary to some.

Keeping company

It is said that animals can sense when their owners and humans, in general, feel down or when they are sick. Animals, more exactly dogs, absorb negative energy and transform it into pure, positive ones. The great Dane below is no exception.

Photo courtesy of

The girl’s mother posted the picture. The girl was sick that day, and their family dog went to her room and laid with her to comfort her. Simply heart-melting! Animals are amazing creatures, and we humans don’t deserve them.

Someone should tell him…

Someone should tell this big guy that the seat he is sitting on is that comfortable because he is actually sitting on someone’s child. He looks unbothered, that’s for sure. Meanwhile, the kid looks like he’s laughing at the situation, at least we hope he is.

Photo courtesy of pups

Despite his smiley face, we can not help but wonder if the kid is alright with all that weight on him. Also, it’s fair to admit that the parent who took the picture has his/ her priorities straight. Instead of making the dog get off her child’s lap, he/she decided to take a picture for us to enjoy instead.

Sitting like my hooman

So far, it’s fair to say that we’ve learned quiet a few interesting facts about the Great Dane breed. One that is both funny and interesting is that they tend to copy their owner when it comes to sitting down on chairs and sofas.

Photo courtesy of

We can not help but laugh at the gigantic guy pictured above. The position he decided to lie in looks anything but comfortable. And even if he has the whole sofa for himself, he decided to skip it and do this instead.

Party Dane is ready to party

We don’t know what type of party this cute girl attended but we have a feeling that she may have stolen the show. We mean, look how cute she looks with that pink tutu and those colorful butterfly wings.

Photo courtesy of

Not to mention the pink socks that match her pink nails. She can easily be mistaken for a fairy. Whoever got her ready thought of everything, and we can not help but give her owner props for creating such a cool outfit.


That’s exactly what we feel when looking at the picture of this cute little boy and his Great Dane, who is maybe two times taller than him. We can not help but think of the worst scenarios that could have happened.

Photo courtesy of

For example, if a cat passed by and the dog would have started running to catch it. This is beyond scary, but if the parents took this picture, we are certain that their dog is trust worthy and well behaved, and their son is safe with him.

Hypnotized by his treats

This is Peanut, and according to his owner, who decided to pet shame him on the internet, this is his face every time he sees his owner getting the bag of treats. And not just his dog treats but any kind of “treats,” even those that aren’t healthy for dogs.

Photo courtesy of

We know you, too, are laughing at his facial expression, and we get it; it’s impossible not to. But isn’t this the same exact face we all have the moment we see our favorite snack in the kitchen cabinet?

Dress up party

You got to love the creativity of this boy’s owner who decided to embarrass him by transforming him into a very exotic Lambada girl. By the ecstatic look on his face, you can tell how much he hates the idea.

Photo courtesy of

The costume might not be his favorite, but he does look super cute in our opinion. We hope he had heaps of fun at the dress-up party and that the girl dressed as a pink fairy (that we saw earlier) did not make too much fun of him.

A matter of DNA

We have seen all these photos of Great Danes sitting on everything and everybody, and we got to the conclusion that this is a matter of their breed. It is in their DNA and genes, and this should be a good characteristic when trying to identify their breed.

Photo courtesy of

The pup pictured above can be identified as being a different breed, but there is one characteristic that makes him a Great Dane and this is : sitting almost on top of his friends head in a tiny bed.

Loyalty and friendship

The story of Madison and Lily is just more proof that Great Danes are amazing dogs. Lily, the white Dane, suffered from Trichiasis, a condition that she developed in her pup years and that could only be treated by removing her eyes.

Photo courtesy of

Ever since Lily’s surgery, Madison took over and became her guiding dog. This happened so fast yet naturally that everybody was shocked because Madison was never trained to be a guide dog. The two girls are now inseparable, and the bond they created is beyond heart-melting.