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40 Texts From Grandparents That Are Too Wholesome

Our grandparents love us, spoil us, and would do just about anything to show us their love. Even if it means learning to do something that they know nothing about! Whether it’s knitting, cooking, sneaking us some money, or learning how to text, there is nothing stopping them, and for that, we’re so grateful. Sometimes, however, their attempts land up being hilarious enough to make us want to show them to you all. We’ve compiled below a collection of the funniest and most wholesome screenshots of text messages people have received from their grandparents. Scroll through these and make sure you text your grandpa and grandma soon; it might lead to entertainment and comedy for the entire family. No matter what, your text to them will most definitely put a smile on their faces!

Fried WHAT?

You may love fried chicken, or you might hate it. We’re not judging. But it’s not everyday you see a grandmother saying THIS. Have you ever eaten this? Don’t tell us here, because then we might have to report you! 


We don’t know about you, but this is making us hungry for some fried chicken, and we hope you read that correctly! And no ones fries chicken like grandmothers. They sure do know how to feed and stuff us children (hehe). 

A Scare

Is  this a genuine typo, or is this something we should be scared of? Considering the grandkid also doesn’t know what “a scare” is in this situation, we would prefer to be cautious here. Maybe calling Grandma would be better for this one.


But hey, at least the grandma isn’t having any of her grandkid’s attitude and shuts them down with a quick “Don’t get cocky” text. The only thing we would add to make that really stick would be a period at the end. 


We got so excited with this screenshot! Imagine having a grandparent so cool that they would willingly pick up and package two dead insects to send to you, just so that you can experience the true fascinating beauty of nature.


If these kids don’t grow up to be scientists or something cool working with animals, we might be just a little upset. The passion should flow through the family. This is inspiring to us, even if it’s pretty unconventional, or even a little weird.


This grandma and granddaughter duo might have melted our hearts. We’re 100% certain that they’re both the hippest and coolest girls in their circles. And if being cool is a competition, this grandma won. She is too cool for us, that’s for sure.


We wonder what kind of coffee this grandma likes to drink. We’re thinking Irish coffee. Do you think any of her friends knew what YOLO meant? We want to believe no, so that she can stay the coolest in our minds. 


Is your grandparent more of a linguist than a texter? Is this your granddad? You’re sure? Send your grandparents a text with a semicolon and a parenthesis and have them tell you what they think it means. We’re curious to know.


If you get funnier responses than we did, please tell us after you’re done having a good laugh. There is no end to the funnies. While you’re at it, tell your grandparents you miss them very much. They need to hear it; trust us. 

Old School

It makes any and everyone feel special and loved when another person remembers a detail about you, or what you like. If our grandparents texted us asking if we had a fun time watching our favorite band perform, we’d be touched too. 

itsKateA / Twitter

But hold on. Have you ever heard of “one dimention?” We haven’t either. If One Direction had Zayn, Harry, Louis, Liam, and Niall, what must be the names of the members of ‘one dimention?” We’ll have to track them down for you!

What’s up?

Perhaps the strongest suit of texting is the introduction of attaching gifs, emojis, and images to our conversations. Combine that with one of the cutest animated films of the last decade, and we have got ourselves the perfect grandparent poke. 

danielclay / Instagram

It’s gently asking the grandkid to respond. No passive aggression, no demands, just a “hi, hope all is well. Just checking in. Let me know if you need anything.” It may sound annoying to some, but grandparents love their grandkids as much as minions love Dr. Gru.


Don’t know whether this is fun for the grandmother in the photo or not, but the cat is definitely enjoying itself. But hey, grandma has perfected the art and skill of taking a selfie, and all the grandkids have to teach her now is how to pout. 

redcarpetkittens / Instagram

By the way, grandma seems to be wearing a comfortable hoodie, something we love! We think she would prefer throwing up a peace sign with her kitty if it wasn’t scratching her head and scattering her hair, but what about you? 


Grandpa woke up and chose Hollywood. Since it was a big decision, he took the time to send this text to his grandchild at 8:39 in the morning. It obviously stems from something important. But what could it possibly be? 

Beccaann_2015 / Twitter

Was it a life long dream of grandpa’s to be an actor in Hollywood, or an actual dream he had the previous night and wanted to tell his grandchild about? We may never know, but it’s most likely he thought the chat box was Google.


Smart or sneaky, we just can’t decide. But one thing is certain, this grandmother right here is a real genius. Grandchildren can be tricky to buy gifts for; one minute the child likes one thing, and the next, something else entirely. 

emfava / Instagram

We believe it’s a much safer and smarter option to ask people what they want to ensure maximum joy and happiness for all those involved. Why try guessing? Who wouldn’t want a waffle iron or jumper cable? Life is full of choices.


One of the most common things people associate with grandmothers is food. They never get tired of feeding those around them with delicious meals and snacks, especially their lovely and growing grandchildren. Who has ever left their grandmother’s house hungry? We haven’t!

tracieeubank / Instagram

See this grandmother for example. She wishes she lived closer to her grandchild for the sole reason that she cooked pork tenderloins and it reminded her of the child. We’re drooling over, Grandma! We’ll take the leftovers gladly.


If this isn’t us when we’re old, we don’t want it. The idea of being safe, healthy, and happy, while sitting at home “as snug as a bug” in our beds is not something we can resist. It sounds like she’s living her best life.

bitchin_ona_mission / Instagram

Add to that a stable phone and Wi-Fi connection, a cool grandchild to text, some food, a lot of pillows, and a Netflix account, and we’re all ready for a party. The fact that LOL doesn’t mean “lots of love” is not even relevant.

Need This

We wish we had half the confidence this grandma has! She’s owning herself and her grandchild, while patting her back and saying it oh so coolly. But what really gets us, and what is probably the reason behind your giggles right now, are the words.

rebrum / Instagram

These might just be the words some of us need to hear to have better days, weeks, months, years, and decades. So to you, in case you have no one around you to tell you think, we say, “have a blessed day.” 

Touch Screens

English isn’t the issue, our dear readers. The entire fault lies with the invention of the touch screen, and this thing we’re all highly dependent on called autocorrect, which often show us just how out of touch technology is to human experiences. 

j.criswell / Instagram

In all the years of using these devices, our mobiles still underline the names of some of our loved ones, identifying them as incorrectly spelled words and on top of that, they make it impossible for our grandparents to fix their grammar! How dare autocorrect correct Granny!


What could this possibly be, Grandma? What could she possibly need the measurement of her grandchild’s foot for? We know! A foot long sandwich? No, it is obviously socks. Live a little. We love some homemade socks that are knitted with love.

mollymcdevitt / Instagram

While you’re at it, go through the depths of your drawers. Chances are, if your grandparents ever knit you some really cozy socks, they’re still around and very much a trend waiting to happen. Pull them out and rock them!


If you want to celebrate with us, your RSVP messages better be this fun filled! This grandpa reminds us of the enthusiastic Grandpa Joe from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. He sounds like so much fun to be around!

_ashleykatherine_ / Instagram

Hats off to the grandchild, too. They really know how to build the excitement and hype their grandparents up with genuine joy and love. We wonder what the countdown is for! A birthday, perhaps, or a visit that reconnects families?


This took a darker turn for us than what we expected. Either this grandchild doesn’t know that they’re laughing at the potential injury that can be caused to their grandparent, OR they think that emoji will bring some humor to the situation!

Courtney37Anne / Twitter

We love this drama. Clearly, this grandpa is a master of humor, especially of the sarcastic variety. We wonder what he would say after a loss. What is legitimately concerning is the amount of battery left. Get that thing on the charger, Gramps. 

Mad Money

The best things about birthdays for some of us are definitely the love and presents we receive, but many people are horrible at thinking of gifts for their loved ones. Which is why the best gift is always bagged by grandma! 

l_caza / Instagram

She doesn’t try too hard; she doesn’t force. She gives freedom of choice, and just hands her grandchild some “mad money” when she sees them next. Now if this isn’t the dream, we don’t know what is. It’s like having Nicki Minaj as a grandmother with her cash money. 


Hey, they’re not theirs, the Brussel sprouts belong to the trader whose name is Joe! They really are beautiful, though. We want to see photos of the horses that the grandchild mentions! It seems this grandma has a green thumb, or did in the past.

nicolexann / Instagram

To be honest, Brussel sprouts are just about okay. The only fun thing is the appreciation and enthusiasm this grandma has for them and their beauty. What can we say, beauty does lie in the eyes of the beholder, right?

Did you Know?

We didn’t know this cool fact, and we bet you didn’t either! Maybe this grandma witnessed the launch of these sunglasses just like we sit and wait for the latest technology to drop in stores! Either way, this is some neat trivia.

poster anonymous

What a strange time it would have been for her, to see the world through a tint instead of her own eyes. Sunglasses are now fashion statements around the globe. If this grandma has more fun facts, we want to sign up to hear them! 

Copy Paste

Oh no, it seems like grandma is in a tough spot with her auto-fill text or has accidentally copy-pasted “how are you” three times into the same chat. Regardless, she cares about her grandchild and she can ask however many times she wants!

200percentmeg / Instagram

What would you do if your Grandma repeated a question to you even after you answered it the second time? We might do what this grandchild did, and post it online, or we might call her and tell her that we miss her. 

Social Media

Grandma, meet Facebook. Facebook, treat Grandma with care. She doesn’t like to be touched, told what to do, and definitely will not like being poked! Even if it is just a virtual poke, which is more of a “hello,” she is not interested.

jennalopez / Instagram

Those who are either too old or far too young to remember, poke was a feature massively overused on Facebook where you could poke a person’s profile to remind them to accept their friend request. Most people found it pushy and undesirable. 

Someone’s Watching

If you have really religious parents or grandparents, chances are that they’ve told you that God is watching every move you make, and maybe is making note of your misdeeds. This grandma took it on herself to set a reminder. 

juliazepeda2 / Twitter

Imagine waking up to a text this grim and dark. It feels full of foreboding threats involving the supernatural. And then you decide to respond, “Yes, Grandma. Thank you. I’m being a good child.” But you have this nagging feeling throughout the day that you’re feeling watched. 

Oh No

This is literally an upgrade of “new phone, who this?” And not just because it’s a new iPad and not a mobile, but because two names are involved in identification like a guessing game. But we don’t blame this on the grandparent!

bearrito13 / Reddit

Autocorrect can be surprisingly frustrating for humanity, a species that has previously communicated through hand signs, symbols, letters, and far slower technology. Maybe that is also why people in the same age range as our grandparents don’t complain about technology, seeing how far it’s come. 


We didn’t make the rules, and only this grandma can call herself the realest linguist in the world. No, because while we were all sitting and making boring puns with predictable numbers and word sounds, this queen was a step (and number) ahead. 

oppositeofdryless / Instagram

If our grandma was this cool, we’d be over at her place way before one to make sure she knows just how much we love her. In all seriousness, drive enthusiastically, but safely. Your grandma is so obviously excited to see you! 

Our Secret

One of our favorite things to see is people accepting their age and living it up, regardless of their circumstances. This grandma, for example, is old enough to gift her grandchild some humor about being put away by the family. 

medical_muscle_ / Instagram

Personally, we believe family is incredibly important and should be well taken care of. However, it is refreshing to see an old woman not shy away from cracking jokes about herself to make light of the blunder she has made. 


This grandma seems to be friends with the rapper Lil Wayne, and we bet you couldn’t be more jealous, huh? She speaks of him like they’re best friends, and honestly, we can see one of the most famous rappers in the world wanting to be friends with this grandma.


She’s hip, to the point, wastes no time, and absolutely knows the important information to keep on top of her list as well as inform her grandkids about. Keep her close, and maybe on your birthday you’ll get an autograph from someone else really famous! 

They Know

Grandmas just seem to know our insides as well as they do our outsides, and sometimes, it can lead to creepy experiences where it feels like we’re being watched. The connection is undeniable and we bow down to her skills!

cnfoster / Instagram

We know you’re excited to get to your grandma and your destination in time, or even sooner, but she knows better than to rush you. Be careful on the roads and reach her safely, please! She will be happy to wait.


We’ve called it – she did this before Bruno Mars. Petition to replace “where you at?” in the song Leave the Door Open with the line, “where d herbs are?” NOW. Does Bruno Mars come to pick you up from the store after your exhausting grocery shopping trip?

Reddit u/deeznuttiebars

Nope, it’s your loving grandparents who are so anxious to pick you up early and take you home safely that they’re there on time, and give very detailed and precise instructions about how and where to meet them. Thanks, Grandma!

YouTube Fan

Autocorrect, voice typing, Siri, and their annoying technological advances joined forces to strike an innocent grandmother once again. Despite the mistake, we we love that she fixed it as best as she could. The message is pretty clear to us, anyway.

chelseatrues / Instagram

We’ve got to say, though. Tracy – oops we mean “Crazy child” sure is lucky to have a grandmother this cool. being called crazy by Grandma is a lot better than having a very strict and proper grandmother that never cracks a joke.


If only this grandparent was familiar with Drake’s discography, maybe they would have remembered that phone calls go through cell phones and not printing machines. While the grandchild is definitely bobbing their head to Hotline Bling, they’re also smiling because of this text. 

im_a_goat_factory / Reddit

You used to call us on our printer, late night when you need our…ink? We don’t know, we’re just as confused as you at this point. Someone get this grandparent a secure socket, please! Give her whatever helps she needs, like a good kid.

God. Bless.

We’d like to believe this is not a robot, but you’ve got to admit, this is a fairly better attempt at texting than most others we’ve seen in this compilation, at least in regards to sentence formation. It makes total sense.

taiv / Instagram

The. Message. is. clear. And. precise. We. Appreciate. That. There is a clear motive – a greeting – and an end with a sign off. However, we tried and this style of writing has been deemed exhausting by us and most linguists.

Stay Safe

There is nothing like receiving a caring message about our safety by someone we love and who loves us back. Whether you keep the notifications for your weather app on your phone on and accessible or not, it is always good to get a reliable source to look out for you.


Nothing screams love more than a text message asking us whether we’ve reached home safe and well, and that we should stay at home because our path might be obstructed by something that could harm us. Who wouldn’t listen to this text?


Now, regardless of whether this grandma got the hang of using caps on her phone, or whether she had to individually press down the capital key for each letter, it doesn’t matter; we’re proud of her, and you should be, too! 

christabel_frye / Instagram

We’re so glad she has such a hyped grandchild to text, because once we’re older, we want our tiny technological achievements to be celebrated just like this. YAY! And just to clarify, in case you belong to the small group of people, we still love you! 

Shakespeare Who?

Look here, reader. If you don’t think this text message deserves all the international awards and recognition for poetry writing, then we absolutely must say we disagree! The rhyming scheme? Immaculate. The intention and love? Supersedes anything we can say to compliment it. 

Some of the kindest and most touching birthday wishes you can receive are those written honestly, and with a touch of the person’s self in the message, and this message hits all the spots. Messages from Gramma can really make anyone’s day.

Gold Star

Give this granddad a gold star every single day because he’s damn right; he’s getting better at this texting shenanigan on the regular. What can we say, practice makes perfect and granddad knows that fair and square. 

Apart from that, can we talk about how his contact has been saved? Shockey, really? Because frankly if granddad is fantastic at everything he does, maybe the people around him shouldn’t be shocked so often! Okay, we admit it that was bad, but hey, practice will make us perfect too. 

Another Rapper

We didn’t know entertainment news about rappers were topics so many grandmothers around the globe enjoyed! But who is Conyea? We only know Kanye West and considering how his life is going currently, he definitely pays his barber more. 

This grandmom is so cool though, she’s up to date with everything; celebrity gossip, pop culture, salary insights for barbers she’s never met… perhaps old people are wiser than the rest of us. And maybe all of us need to learn how to cut hair. 


We’re honestly not surprised at the level of enthusiasm shown by this grandparent when it comes to meal plans and options because food and love are perhaps the most important sources of joy and good health. 

If you had a bunch of food options in your head that you were excited about, wouldn’t you too hurriedly text your grandchild and rattle them off in excitement? Thought so. That “DOES SHE WANT” at the end just gets us. 

LASTLY, Party!

We have no words. We’re either shocked at the level of adventure this old woman has and wish we can be as laid back and happy as her after leaving the hospital, or concerned about whether her procedure went okay.

We bet she was a fun and calm patient and the doctors loved her. Grandparents rock and after reading this, you really should go show your loved ones some care and affection.