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Dogs Who Are Clueless About How Much Space They Take Up

Perhaps you got lucky this holiday season and received a brand new puppy as a gift. Is there anything cuter or more fun?   For dog lovers, there’s no greater joy than playing with an adorable little puppy, caring for him, and watching him (or her) grow. And grow. And. GROW. Most of us have heard of Clifford the Big Red Dog – but did you know the character was based on a true story? Could be! Ok, Clifford might be an extreme case, but there are quite a few giant dog breeds out there, and some impressive standouts among them. These beloved behemoths often make irreplaceable family members. Skeptical? Check out these insanely huge gentle giants. Seeing is believing.  

Doggie Day Care

These two massive pooches make excellent babysitters. Look at how attentive they are! Mom can go about her business with peace of mind that her baby is in good paws. Hmm, might there be some doggie treats in that container?

image courtesy of Instagram: @tamanegi.qoo.riku

Ok, well, the treats may have the doggies’ attention, but look how patient they are! Who needs teddy bears when you have these adorable canines to hug? Imagine growing up with two furry friends who will always have your back. 

Brainy Beast

Love is in the air! Giant pups love a good nuzzle just as much as the rest of us. You’ve got to wonder, though…a head that big must house a pretty big brain. Definitely bigger than the owners. Could this giant lovebug also be a genius? 

image courtesy of jasoncorey411

With all that extra brain volume, maybe Rover will teach his owner a thing or two. Whatever this black beauty might be thinking in the moment, his eyes give away his true feelings. Complete contentment. Time for a treat, Dad.

Coiffed Canine

Is that a leash in her hand, or reins? This gorgeous puff-ball is almost big enough to be rideable. Maybe they are heading out to see the groomer. That thick, luxurious coat is calling out for a good brushing.

image courtesy of  @discovery_earth #Animalonplanet?/via Instagram

A beautiful giant like this needs a lot of care and primping. Hopefully, she enjoys going to the groomers. Imagine cutting her nails! If she’s at all resistant, we wouldn’t want to be the ones to convince her otherwise.

You Can’t Make Me

So, it appears that traveling with giants is definitely as difficult as it sounds. If a giant does not want to do something, it takes a herculean effort to convince him otherwise. Although, we do give this kid kudos for trying.

image courtesy of Instagram/ralphie_the_newf_and_the_boss

To be fair, maybe the dog has a good reason not to want to get into the car. Lots of pets get car sick, you know. Pooch could be doing you a favor. Who wants to clean up after a giant Newfoundland? 

Grandma’s Guardian

Grandma didn’t get run over by a reindeer; she got pinned down by a Great Dane! It’s hard to tell if Grandma is smiling or grimacing here, but, regardless, the gentle giant’s intentions are no doubt pure. She’s just friendly and looking for some attention!

image courtesy of u/JChilly12/via

Or, with such an intense expression on his face, maybe this magnificent grey canine is actually trying to protect Grandma. Grandkids can get pretty rambunctious, you know. And no one knows better than the dog what those young humans are capable of!

Three’s a Crowd

Ok, we aren’t quite sure how to explain this one. The pup is obviously not hurting her owner, but something is amiss. It could be frustration at the bird. Big dogs don’t really like sharing their owners with anyone, never mind a loud, squaking, demanding parrot.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydus

Probably some Mommy and Me time is in order here. Animals get jealous of each other and vie for attention just as humans do. If we had to choose, we would first make sure to keep the giant animal with the big chompers happy. 

Stress Reliever

This is what happens if you don’t. Mom must have really pressed her luck playing with that parrot. At the first opportunity, the frustrated pooch decided to take out all her irritation on poor Mickey Mouse. Better that than the bird. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydus

Now that all the afternoon’s negative energy is strewn upon the lawn, clean up and take your “neglected” (in her mind) pooch for a nice, long walk. Belly rubs are welcome too. And keep the parrot in her cage tonight.

Bernards’ Baby

Not all dogs have a jealous streak. These two St. Bernards dote on the family’s baby billy goat. They watch over her like two giant protector furry Mamas. No one will mess with her and get away with it with these two on guard duty! 

image courtesy of

St Bernards have a natural tendency to want to protect and defend. Historically, they have been used as rescue animals. See how the dogs flank her on both sides? This baby goat doesn’t have a worry in the world.

Standing Tall

No, that woman is not a dwarf. She’s just being dwarfed by her impressive Great Dane. It makes sense because Great Danes are officially the tallest dogs in the world. He looks like he’d make an interesting dance partner.

Image courtesy of @freddygreatdane/Instagram

Great Danes are known to be big softies. They have gentle natures and make loving family pets. They must also be effective guard dogs, because really, who’s going to want to risk getting jumped on by this guy in the middle of the night?

Graceful Mastiff

Look at the paws on these guys. They are huge. Tibetan Mastiffs are massive dogs that were bred to guard property and livestock. They claimed the title of “Most Expensive Dog in the World” after a Chinese businessman bought one for $1.6 million!

image courtesy of

Typically, this bear-like behemoth would cost about $10,000, which is a far cry from a million but still pretty steep. They are affectionate family members but can be fierce with strangers. You want to stay on their good side.

Dog’s Gotta Lounge, Too

This St Bernard doesn’t realize he’s just a tad too big to be a lap dog – three laps might work, though. He looks so comfortable! I hope this girl doesn’t need to use the bathroom any time soon. 

Image courtesy of u/immunosuppressivePip/via

Despite all of that weight on her, she seems pretty happy. And who could blame her? St. Bernard’s are good-natured and affectionate dogs. But they do shed- a lot. Now would be a perfect time to work in a little grooming.

Does it Bark or Howl at the Moon?

Love the smile on this happy giant – but his eyes seem a bit wild, don’t they? They do, and with good reason. Our furry friend here is almost 90% Grey Wolf with some Siberian Husky and German Shepard mixed in. 

image courtesy of Shy Wolf Sanctuary

This cool wolfdog lives at a sanctuary in Florida, where he eats 10 pounds of raw meat a week! He has just enough dog in him to be tame but still would not do well in a house full of people. 

Generation Gap

Are we looking at Mama and her baby? Possibly. Whatever the case, this little gentle giant to-be has got a lot to learn about the ways of the big dog. Luckily, it seems he has a ready and willing teacher.

Image courtesy of beautifulntrealistic

Hard to believe that this adorable little puppy is destined to grow into one of the biggest dogs around. He will reach his full height in about a year and a half and then continue to put on muscle in year two of his life. 

Giant Lap Dog

This big boy is really just a baby at heart. All he wants is to curl up in a loved one’s lap and take a looong nap. Looks likes he’s just about ready to conk out in this photo.

image courtesy of u/fadedcommunity/via

So, getting out from under this sleeping giant isn’t going to be easy. It might be a good idea just to stay put and consider yourself lucky for having such a warm, heavy blanket breathing on top of you.

Ears down, Nice doggy

Cute baby has no fear of this enormous Rottweiler. The big pup is obviously trying to communicate how harmless and submissive he is by keeping his ears down and his paw gently protecting his little human friend. 

image courtesy of

Mom’s keeping a close eye on this interaction, which is a wise thing to do. We love our furry family members, but it’s important to remember that they are animals, not people – which is easy to forget sometimes!

Mommy Doesn’t Need a Spotter, Thanks

Aww, this big ol’ bulldog wants to join in Mommy’s workout! Well, you can make him happy and up your exercise game. Let him jump on for extra weight. With all of his bulk, your muscles will feel the challenge! 

image courtesy of

Getting encouragement from your pet is a huge boon when you are feeling down and depleted. With unconditional love and support, they buoy our spirits and motivate us. Maybe this big guy is urging Mommy to push through one more set!

Car Rides Suck

Poor giant Pit Bull! This big guy hates car rides and is letting everyone know it. He could barely wait another minute to be free from the truck and back down on solid ground. Maybe they were just from the vet? Get him some water, please, quickly.   

Image courtesy of iam_thehulk/via Instagram

Many young dogs suffer from car sickness, but they tend to grow out of it over time. If yours is still struggling, try feeding him a few hours before getting into the car, and leave the window open throughout the trip.  

Opposites Attract

Did you notice the tiny kitten sitting atop this giant Irish Wolfhound? We alomst missed her! She seems intrigued by his long tongue! Despite the difference in size, the two are best of friends. Who said cats and dogs are natural enemies?

image courtesy of storyofohno

Indeed, dogs and cats do not always get along, but if they have calm demeanors and are raised together in a supportive environment, the two often become fast friends or, at the very least, learn to tolerate each other. 

Like Father, Like….

Do people really look like their pets? Well, here’s a case in point. These two peas in a pod get a lot of looks while cruising around on a Sunday afternoon. Where’s Shaggy’s sunglasses? That would make the picture complete.

Image courtesy of TheGospelofMark

Apparently, this is not a dog who gets carsick. Kudos to the owner for keeping his giant puppy safely buckled into his seat -but belting him up in the back seat would be an even safer way for him to cruise around the neighborhood.

I Love Everything

Pet lovers know that animals have distinct personalities, and this big, white fluffball epitomizes the happy-go-lucky type. For a good-natured dog like her, being in the middle of a group of adoring humans is probably a dream come true.

Image courtesy of GreenDethKing

A dog’s temperament determines how well she’ll get along with humans, other dogs, and any other pets living in the household. Dogs like this one can sometimes be too friendly – even burglars might get a warm welcome!  

The Floor’s Too Hard

Is this pup a huge, wanna-be lap dog, or does he just want his own comfy chair? By taking such good care of our pets, we can inadvertently spoil them. Eventually, they may decide the floor is a bit beneath them.

image courtesy of u/thebeardedcannuck/via

Dogs like to sit on humans for a variety of reasons: affection, comfort, fun, even dominance. Whatever you do, if you own a giant dog, make sure he knows who’s boss, or you might wind up surrendering your favorite chair.

Big Hug

Something tells us when this man was young, he had a stuffed animal that looked just like this Alaskan Malamute. Now, as an “adult,” he gets to carry around the bigger than life-size version – or at least try to carry.

image courtesy of Instagram/@malamutemoosh

What a gargantuan bunch of cuteness! And so patient too. Maybe his tongue is out because Dad’s squeezes are a bit too enthusiastic. There is nothing sweeter than the love between a man and his forever best friend. 

Standoff in the Forest

Looks like a stubborn standoff in progress. Maybe it’s time to go home – but not according to these Newfoundland’s watch. No matter. This little boy is holding his ground, and with doggie support behind him, he’ll be ok.

Image courtesy of @northwestmommy/Instagram

Kids learn so much by growing up with dogs—responsibility, kindness, and, apparently, how to assert themselves. Studies have shown improved social-emotional development in children with pets, especially dogs. Another good reason for parents to finally get that puppy!

Begging isn’t Becoming

When your big “bear” dog lumbers over to your chair to ask for a walk, or a treat, or attention, he’s impossible to ignore. And with such an ample supply of cuteness at your feet, he’s also impossible to resist.  

image courtesy of

No matter the size, dogs communicate with humans in so many interesting ways. Ever wonder why your dog is staring at you? Yes, you are a sight for sore eyes. Paw in your lap? He wants your attention – now, human!

Where’s My Cape?

This is one proud and imposing Great Dane. He is so stalwart in his stance that he looks like a super-hero in the making. Perhaps they are in the middle of a training session. Check out that laser focus. What discipline!

image courtesy of pinterest/ Veronica Mahan

Great Danes have become quite docile through the generations, but they were originally bred to guard large estates and hunt wild boar. This pic provides an impressive example of how Danes can exude a fearless defender’s strength and confidence. 

Is it a Muppet? 

Ok, this pic is questionable. Probably a trick of the camera and a bit of fancy editing. But can you imagine having this exuberant giant running excitedly at you? What on earth could they feed him to get him to such an enormous size?

Image courtesy of u/mateo139/via

These days, a lot of illusions can be created digitally, and this pic is probably a perfect example of that. Unless those girls are really short! Still, it’s fun to imagine riding atop what looks like a giant toy poodle. 

Ugly Christmas Sweaters are for Humans!

This unhappy canine is clearly not taking kindly to his festive Christmas sweater. Don’t feel too bad, big guy. At least there isn’t a hat to match. And it is better than being dressed up as a cat for Halloween. 

Image courtesy of u/wonderwobbler/via

Dogs really know how to lay on the guilt, don’t they? Who needs words when an expression can say it all? Such travesties will be quickly forgiven as soon as the treats come out. Good thing dogs have short memories.

How About a Smooch?

This smoochy pooch just wants to give the newest member of the family a warm, sloppy welcome. He is so curious about the tiny human and wants to get to know her a little better. Be gentle with her, big puppy!

image courtesy of grin660/via

Notice Mom closely supervising this entire interaction. Dogs tend to be protective of babies, and no one is sure why. Maybe they sense babies are more vulnerable than adults. It’s best to always keep a close eye on your dog around young children. 

Where Have you BEEN?

Some dogs struggle with separation anxiety. When we return home from work, they often behave as though they haven’t seen us in weeks! If your pup is a giant St Bernard, his effusive welcome might just sweep you off your feet.

image courtesy of u/therealrico/via

Dogs are social creatures, and many do not like to be left alone. To help him feel more secure while you’re away, provide plenty of toys, allow access to a window, and keep either the TV or the radio on.

You Choose the Movie

It’s evening, and you just want to get comfortable and watch some movies. Don’t be surprised if your giant best friend tries cozying up with you, especially if you’ve got some tasty treats to snack on while you’re watching.

image courtesy of u/codyhudym/via

After a long day alone, your pup wants physical contact and affection. The fact that he is gigantic doesn’t really factor into his plans. He will do anything to make a snuggle happen. Puppy love knows no bounds or size restrictions.

Christmas Cheer

The holidays are a notoriously busy and hectic time of year. However, moments like these make us want to stop and slow down. Capturing such a sweet and innocent connection between two special friends is truly a lovely gift. Merry Christmas!  

image courtesy of Erin Vey/via

The baby may not remember this moment years from now, but the growing bond between these two will last a lifetime. Is that a smile I see on the pooch? Aww. Where can I get one of these kind hounds?

A Furry Embrace

It looks like a big sheepdog has lots of love for his human Mama. After a run around the park on a beautiful afternoon, it’s time to show his appreciation. And this boy doesn’t hold back. Get him a juicy bone!

Image courtesy of

Dogs are happiest out of doors. They love nothing better than to take long walks and go exploring. It provides the stimulation and exercise almost all dogs need and crave. Be sure to incorporate regular outdoor time for a happy pup.

Study Time

Hmm. What is so interesting on that computer screen? Giant puppy is really concentrating hard. Or, maybe he’s just squinting. Perhaps glasses are in order? Nah, he’s probably napping while Mom reads her emails. Time together is what matters.

Image courtesy of Instagram/@trez_and_tydus

Somehow, everything seems easier and more enjoyable if our furry friends are in close vicinity. Work is less of a hassle, and we are generally in a better mood. Studies have proven that dogs are good for humans’ mental health. 

Patience is a Virtue

Have you noticed how patient dogs can be with tiny annoyances? Maybe a child likes to pull on its tail or baby chicks confuse his nose for a nest. Whatever the situation, mellow giant dogs like these keep it in perspective. 

Image courtesy of imatsol/via

Dogs get along quite well with a host of domesticated animals. Besides cats, dogs have been known to live in harmony with guinea pigs, ferrets, rabbits, farm animals, and each other. And apparently, they also do well with baby chicks. 

We’ve Met Our Match

Size is relative. Next to their own species, and even beside humans, these two dogs are massive; not so much compared to a horse. Here, they look a bit submissive and ready to take orders from this strange new “dog.” 

Image courtesy of @northwestmommy/via

Being giant Newfoundlands, these two are probably not used to looking upwards very often. But they appear to be showing an open interest in the new life form before them. Maybe a rigorous gallop together will deepen their burgeoning friendship.


As most of us know, dogs are pack animals. They like to lay down in a group to stay warm and safe. This “pack” of gorgeous Malamutes and their adopted human are perfectly content to chill out together for the evening. 

Image courtesy of

Dogs descend from wolves and engage in pack behavior. That’s why it is so important for humans to quickly establish themselves as the leader of the family “pack.” If not, the dog will assume the role and behavior problems will ensue. 

Please stop.

We are sure there’s someone laughing in the background here, but pooch doesn’t seem to be having much fun. Once he’s out of that baby swing, whoever put him in better run. He’s got that wild look in his eye. 

image courtesy of

These owners got it half right. A day at the park is a doggie dream day. Just nix the swings. Maybe the baby slide would be a better idea. Or, best of all, how about a lively game of fetch?

Nanny Pit

This monstrous Pit Bull is a loving caretaker at heart. See how protective he is of his human sibling? He is so well behaved he doesn’t even need a leash – the dog, that is, not sure about the boy.  

image courtesy of Barcroft USA/

Aggressiveness in Pit Bulls tends to be overstated in the news. While there are documented attacks, most Pit Bulls become gentle family pets when raised in a loving home. Intelligent and affectionate, Pit Bulls have also been used as service dogs. 

Where Did They Hide Those Treats?

With a giant dog in the house, you need to think twice about where you hide the treats. This gargantuan Great Dane can access places that humans wouldn’t consider possible. He is determined and indefatigable. Might as well give in.

image courtesy of pinterest/

He could just be fed up with searching altogether and is now looking in the high cabinets as he’s seen Dad putting the good treats up there. A dog’s ingenuity might surprise you. When there’s sandwich meat at stake, all bets are off.

Home, James

Wow, this big guy’s head barely fits through the window. At least he’s taking in the fresh air. As we’ve seen before, when a huge dog gets carsick, it isn’t a pretty sight. Hopefully, water is on the way.    

image courtesy of SaveCachalot346/via

This boy is panting a bit, but his owner probably just ran in for a quick latte. No matter how fast you think you’re going to be, please don’t leave your dog in the car when it’s hot out. It’s dangerous.

Ferocious Giant

It’s pretty scary when a Tibetan Mastiff gets mad. With that fiery mane, he looks more like a lion than a dog here. These dogs are sweet with their families but can become territorial and aggressive toward strangers if threatened.

image courtesy of tantengyi

Along with the Pit Bull Terrier, Tibetan Mastiffs are banned in certain parts of the world, including areas in the US. Although they look fierce thanks to their size alone, we are still of the opinion that there are no bad dogs- just bad dog owners. People who keep so-called dangerous breeds need to put in the time to train and treat their animals correctly.


Ok, did a cloud just jump right out from the pages of a storybook and land next to this little one? This fancy giant is amazingly soft and poofy! Yes, puppy, have a seat. You can snuggle next to the baby during storytime.

image courtesy of

Dogs want to be near their loved ones so much; they sometimes forget they’re dogs. Case in point:  fluffball is daintily trying to sit like a human so she can be next to baby! Maybe she’ll try reading the book next. 

A Dog’s Life

Here is another example of a huge, lovely beast trying to sit like a human! Only instead of a footrest, he’s got a headrest. Doggy gets props for a good effort; but he doesn’t look too comfortable at all. 

image courtesy of @gotdirewolf/via Instagram

When you are a giant dog living in a human world, life can get a little frustrating sometimes. It’s challenging to find things that fit:  dog beds, dog bowls, good places to sit. What an inspired idea for an invention!

Bewitching Duo

Here’s another case of a pet looking like her owner. Not sure if they’re aware of it, but they are eerily similar. Notice the expression around the eyes. And the pointy hat with the pointy ears. And what about those smiles?

image courtesy of @dannydirewolf/via Instagram

Maybe this is what happens when true soul mates find each other. You can tell these two are completely in sync. Life is so much more fun when you go through it with a giant, furry friend who loves you unconditionally. 

A Dog’s Life, Continued

Why can’t a giant dog get comfortable? All he wants to do is be as close to his human sister as is caninely possible. I’m sure he stayed in that awkward position all night and was able to sleep, no less!

image courtesy of

Look, the cat’s there too! It’s just one big, happy, mixed-species family. Having a giant dog in the house is no doubt challenging at times (for him and his owners), but you know the old saying, the bigger the dog, the bigger the heart.