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45 Times When Internet Searches Got Better Results Than The Intended Answer

We live in a world where we have almost all knowledge at our fingertips. It takes a few taps, a couple of clicks, and BAM! You have the answer to that question bugging you all day! Being able to Google things to find what you are looking for almost instantly is such a huge blessing. Of course, that is only true if you actually manage to correctly type what you are looking for. We have all been there before, where we accidentally type something wrong to our search engine. Sometimes, this can be a little annoying, but there are other times when the results are hilarious! Here is a collection of times that people accidentally typed in the wrong thing and ended up with something completely different from what they were looking for. You might be quite surprised at the results!

Beets By Dre

Dr. Dre is one of the famous rappers of all time, and his headphone brand is just as iconic, if not more so! Everyone around the world has heard about them – Beats by Dr. Dre, usually just called “Beats.” This user got the spelling wrong, though…

Image Credits: PickleRick/imgur

…and they ended up with something completely different instead! Something tells us that these vegetables are probably no good for listening to music. Still, they are definitely much healthier for you. It would be funny if Dr. Dre was really selling these!

Ryan Goosling

Another pretty famous face is the American actor Ryan Gosling. He is known for starring in a whole bunch of movies, from action films to comedies. He is pretty recognizable and is definitely a household name across America. Or should we say, mostly a household name…

Image Credits: @JessicaNolting/Twitter

…because it appears that this user managed to completely mess up his name when they typed it into Google! Thankfully, the results were just as charming as the talented actor, and we think that the user probably enjoyed the mistake, too.

Cat Wedding Dress

We have so many questions about the next entry on this list. Namely – why?! We have no idea why someone wants to put a cat into a wedding dress, but we do think that the picture itself is pretty funny. Take a look!

Image Credits: @elliefaith_/Twitter

Naturally, the user was originally trying to find a “cape wedding dress” but somehow ended up Googling this instead. Honestly, we are a little surprised at how good this cat looks in the outfit. It is pretty incredible how well the dress fits!

Bathtub Pugs

Pugs are truly one of the cutest breeds of dogs out there. There is just something so adorable and lovable about those squashed-up faces! Of course, we definitely would not recommend using one of these when you try to draw a bath.

Image Credits: @lindsayjanej/Twitter

We are pretty sure that they would not do well to stop the water from flowing! At least the user seems to be pretty happy with their mistake – we would be, too. Just look at how adorable those little doggies are!

Tom Tanks

We have another famous face for you now. Tom Hanks is an actor whose name is known in every household, across several generations. He has starred in films of every genre and has the reputation for being an overall nice person.

Image Credits: @jackieuribee/Twitter

You could hardly imagine him ever being in a fight – but someone certainly did! They photoshopped a picture of him onto a huge tank, which rhymes with his surname. Tom’s head seems to be having fun at the front of it!

Llama Del Rey

Lana del Rey has been one of the defining singer-songwriters of the last ten years, starting with her global smash hit “Born to Die” from 2012. But did you know that Lana is actually just her stage name? Her real name…

Image Credits: @jadengo_/Twitter

…is actually Llama! Okay, we are joking, of course, but that would be pretty darn funny if it were true! Lana’s real name is Elizabeth Grant, and we love her music all the same – as Lana, Lizzy, or even Llama!


Dodgeball is one of those activities that we have all played at some point in our lives, whether it is at school or just with friends somewhere else. As fun as it is, it can turn into a pretty intense game, and is sure to cause some injuries.

Image Credits: sprintkayaker/Reddit

But this new game, called “dogeball”? Even we do not know how to play this one – even though it sure does look like a lot of fun! We love how unimpressed the looks on these dogs, also known as “doge,” face are.

Kimono Dragon

Komodo Dragons are the only “real” dragon alive on our planet. They can be found on a bunch of islands in Indonesia. Sadly, this species is currently under threat from extinction because of hunting on these islands, which is so sad.

Image Credits: @mulishajoha/Twitter

Even so, we have to admit that we love the mistake that this user made. They were looking for a picture of these strange creatures and ended up finding a drawing of one wearing a kimono instead. What a find!


In case you are too young to remember, most people went through an “emo phase” during the early 2000s. This basically involved pushing your dyed hair to the side, so it covered part of your face, and wearing dark clothes.

Image Credits: @Elenyalendon/Twitter

Apparently, even some cows went through this phase as well, since this one is sporting a typical emo wig! Of course, this is just a good piece of photoshop that someone has done, but we still love it all the same. It is hilarious!


Pokémon was another trend from the late 90s and early 2000s, but has maintained popularity ever since. The video games and cards are so well-known that even people who have never touched a GameBoy know who Pikachu and Charizard are.

Image Credits: @Mohd_Abdrabou/Twitter

But you might be surprised to see what these creatures get up to when they are not battling in the gym or evading capture in Pokeballs. Apparently, they like to play games of poker with one another, judging from this picture. How strange is that?!

Garlic Brad

We have no idea why so many people seem to be getting the names of such famous actors wrong, but it appears to be quite a common trend. In this person’s defense, they weren’t searching for the famed actor Brad Pitt, but a picture or recipe of garlic bread.

Image Credits: @nick6steele/Twitter

Most of us would assume that they typed “Brad Pitta” into Google to get a picture like this – but you would be wrong! They were actually looking for “Garlic Bread” and misspelled it, which resulted in this hilarious picture instead.

Bird Shoes

Most of us think of birds as being elegant and beautiful creatures, particularly because of their gorgeous feathers. There are also some of us who are absolutely terrified of these creatures and always run away from them when they are near.

Image Credits: @Squishytiel/Twitter

However, we definitely would not run away from these birds – mostly because they are not really birds at all! They are just pairs of shoes that look very similar to all manner of birds, from swans to ducks to crows.

It’s a Tarp!

If you have not watched any of the Star Wars films before, then this next entry might be lost on you. We would honestly be surprised if that were the case, as Star Wars has been a cultural icon ever since the 80s!

Image Credits: @CrimsonCateye/Twitter

Even so, there is one pretty famous line from the series, which is “It’s a trap!”, said by the character Admiral Ackbar. It became an internet meme, but there are still some individuals who manage to get the spelling incorrect.

Steven Seagul

It is time for another celebrity misspelling here, and, just like Ryan Gosling, it is another actor with a name like a bird – Steven Seagal. Of course, you can probably already guess the mistake that this user made with his name.

Image Credits: @ZuluFarmer/Twitter

They mixed up the spelling of his last name with a “seagull” and ended up getting some pretty funny images instead! We can only imagine how hilarious a seagull with Steven Seagal’s kung-fu ability would be. It would be so amazing!

Machu Pikachu

We have already mentioned how famous the Pokémon series is around the world, and here is another example of this. Apparently, these characters are so famous that they even have a mountain dedicated to them in Peru. Check it out!

Image Credits: GMJack/Reddit

Of course, we are just joking, as this is actually just an edited picture of “Machu Picchu.” It would be pretty hilarious if this were real, though, and we can imagine plenty of people would take a trip there – us included!


Birkenstocks are quite a famous shoe brand, and most people around the world own a pair of them – or at least know someone who does. This user was in the mood to pick some up for themselves but made a mistake.

Image Credits: @julialoneman/Twitter

Instead of typing in “Birkenstocks,” they forgot the letter “t.” They ended up with this rather hilarious pair of socks instead! We have no idea why someone would want a pair of these, but it appears there is a market for them.

John Lemon

Another very recognizable name is John Lennon, one of the members of the iconic 60s band “The Beatles.” We would honestly be surprised if there was someone alive today who did not know that name! This user appears to be one of them.

Image Credits: @elipollylu/Twitter

They made a very slight mistake with the surname and put “lemon” instead of “Lennon.” As you can already expect, the internet had some great ideas in mind, and there were plenty of hilarious results to see. How funny is that?!

Deli Lovato

Demi Lovato is a name that is more likely to be recognized by the younger crowd than any older folk. Still, this does not make them any less famous, and you would be forgiven for not knowing who they are.

Image Credits: @jimmydeegz/Twitter

That includes this user, apparently, who accidentally typed “Deli” when they were meant to put “Demi.” Somehow, this still gave them a relevant result, as they got a picture of Demi sitting inside a deli, eating food. That is not too bad!

World Cub

The FIFA World Cup is held every four years, and it is always quite an event each time. People all over the world stare at their screens and watch as their favorite sports stars battle out in a game of soccer, or football as it’s more commonly known.

Image Credits: @bheater/Twitter

However, we think that this picture is much better than any football game could ever be. Just look at how cute and cuddly that bear is – we want to pick it up and cuddle it straight away. Imagine seeing this on your screen!

Pearl Ham

In case you cannot already tell, a lot of the mistakes that have been made on this list are by people who got one letter wrong. Usually, this would not be too dramatic, but sometimes it spells out an entirely new word!

Image Credits: @dylan_frim/Twitter

Take this one, for example. Instead of getting the name of the early 90s band Pearl Jam, this user made the mistake of putting “pearl ham.” We are pretty sure that the only singing food is Meatloaf. (Sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves.)


It is now time to take another trip to a galaxy far, far away. This time, we are switching sides from the Rebellion forces to someone a little more evil – Jabba the Hut. Somehow, this user got the word “JavaScript” wrong…

Image Credits: @GaryDower/Twitter

This is a pretty easy mistake to make, as the letters “b” and “v” are right next to each other on most keyboards, so we can forgive their error. Still – that does not make the result any less hilarious. Just imagine Jabba using a computer!


Gotye released a song titled “Somebody That I Used to Know” way back in 2012, which featured another artist by the name of Kimbra. This track went viral and was a huge hit across the world, topping many of the charts.

Image Credits: @TheMattPina/Twitter

However, most people do not remember the name of the original artist. They often end up making mistakes when trying to Google their name. Take this user, for example, who put in “goatye” by mistake. The results were so hilarious!

Push Up Bats

There are some animals out there that are pretty impressive with the ways that they can use their bodies. You have ants that can lift things many times their weight, birds that can fly for very long distances, and chameleons that can change their color and pattern.

Image Credits: @mattterror/Twitter and Ltshears/CC BY-SA 3.0/Wikimedia Commons

But let us not forget one of the most impressive animals – bats! According to this user’s Google search, bats are able to perform press-ups with their bodies. Just look at that posture – it is almost perfect. What a clever animal!

Battle Slippers

For a ballet dancer, ballet slippers are the most important part of an outfit – after a tutu, of course. It is difficult to do those beautiful movements gracefully in any other kind of shoe than ballet slippers. You’ve probably seen them before; silky and slender shoes with pointed toes.

Image Credits: @bandaidknees/Twitter

However, we wonder what on earth shoes like these are used for! Battle slippers are a pretty crazy design, and we reckon they would look rather funny on anyone who chose to wear them. We have no idea why you would want to, though!

Overweight Car

Obesity in pets is no joke, and you should definitely take your furry friend to a vet if you are getting worried about their size. Being massively overweight can cause your pets to have serious health problems and associated risks. Not your car, though!

Image Credits: FlyMeToUranus/Reddit

We have absolutely no idea why someone would make this image in the first place, but we are so glad that they did – it looks so funny! We have never thought about what an overweight car looks like, but we reckon this is a pretty close one.

Lamb Brother

So far, we have seen quite a few examples of typos that have ended up with pretty hilarious results. But now it is time for a cute mistake instead! This user was meant to type in “lamb broth” into Google images.

Image Credits: @anjapatel/Twitter, Darren Baker/Shutterstock, and Ben Schonewille/Shutterstock

You already knew how this ended up – they made a mistake with “broth” and typed “brother” instead. We’re sure that they were pretty pleased with the results, as these pictures of lamb siblings are utterly adorable! We cannot get over their cuteness.

Jimmy Falcon

It is strange how many famous figures have names that are close to bird names. So far, we have had Steven Seagal and Ryan Gosling. Here is another one for you – Jimmy Fallon. Which bird is he like, you wonder?

Image Credits: @EveyKing/Twitter

Well – a falcon, of course! We just love the edit on this picture, as Jimmy’s screaming face suits the falcon perfectly. It really looks like it could be a genuine bird of prey that is flying around. We cannot imagine it on a talk show, though!

Chicken Coupe

If you did not know, the name for where chickens live on a farm is known as a “coop.” This place gives them protection from the elements, as well as other animals like foxes, which might want to eat them.

Image Credits: bartarton1/Reddit

We are not too sure what a chicken “coupe” is meant to be! We have never seen chickens in a place that look so stylish before, and we really wish that all “coops” were this fabulous. It looks so amazing!

GOT Cats

Game of Thrones is one of those shows that was a cultural phenomenon pretty much as soon as it was released. People all over the world tuned in every week to see what was going to happen in this fantasy world – and for a good reason!

Image Credits: @SFXbelle/Twitter

The show was so popular that it is difficult to think of a way to make it more popular. Well, this user certainly has the answer – cats. If they had included more cats, maybe then the finale would not be so hated by fans!

Corgi Shorts

Everyone has their own opinion about animals wearing clothes. Some people think that this trend is utterly adorable and love wrapping up their furry friends, whereas others think it is cruel. No matter what you think, we can all agree on one thing…

Image Credits: @DannyPage/Twitter

…these corgis wearing shorts look utterly amazing! We have no idea if these shorts were made specifically for these dogs or if they have been cut down to fit them, but we love them either way. They are so cute!


We have all been there before, where we Google a misspelled word even though we know that it is incorrect. We just hope that the algorithm will know what we meant to put and give us the right answer! To be honest, we probably rely on auto-correct more often than we should.

Image Credits: @Valeria_Vidrio/Twitter

Sadly, this user was completely out of luck for their one. They were meant to write “Ford” but wrote “Fird.” The internet being the internet came up with an equally hilarious result – a picture of a half-bird, half-fish creature.

Cut Furby

If you were not around in the late 90s or early 00s, then you will probably not remember how popular Furby toys were. Almost everyone had them, and nearly everybody knew about them! They did have a creepy side, though…

Image Credits: @starskehlani/Twitter

There were lots of stories of Furbys doing strange things, but we think that there is nothing weirder than the robot underneath the fur. It looks so terrifying, and we are sure the user regrets making this mistake! We’re also concerned for the person who decided to cut up a Furby in the first place.

Stark Trek

We can imagine that there are plenty of people around the world that wish this crossover was real! This user was trying to search for “Star Trek” on Google but accidentally put an extra “t” in “Star” to make “Stark Trek.”

Image Credits: @marveleveryday/Twitter

Of course, the most famous Stark out there is Tony Stark from the Iron Man series, played by Robert Downey Junior. Just imagine him playing a role in this sci-fi show – we think that it would be equally fantastic and odd to see.


Sharknado is one of those films that you might find yourself wondering how it got made. Honestly – we totally get that because who else would have thought to make a film about a shark-filled tornado? It is pretty strange, for sure!

Image Credits: Biologistics/Reddit

However, this typo takes weirdness to totally new levels! In case you could not work it out, this image is a bunch of sharks photoshopped around a NATO table. We wonder what they could be talking about – maybe they’re trying to figure out why humans hate sharks so much.


You can get cakes in all shapes and sizes today, thanks to the advancements in culinary technology and tools. You do not have to settle for just a boring Victoria Sponge – instead, you can get something to reflect your interests.

Image Credits: @PaintYourDragon/Twitter

Take this one, for example. This user was trying to find pictures of a “cupcake” but somehow stumbled upon pictures of a “CPUcake” instead. We had no idea that something like this existed, but we love the level of detail!

Tesla Cat

Tesla cars are another brand that is pretty popular nowadays, as they are probably the most famous electric car brand around. The owner, Elon Musk, has invested in plenty of other things, too, such as space travel and underground car systems.

Image Credits: @abigail_cunn/Twitter

However, judging by this picture, it seems that giving felines superpowers is his next idea – seriously! This cat looks like it has all the power of the world at its claw tips, and we wonder what it will do with this. Probably take over the world!

Dog Train

If you have a dog, then you will know the difficulties of training them. It can be such a challenge to get your puppy to follow the rules like peeing outside and not eating the couch, but someone has got to do it to keep that doggy behaved!

Image Credits: @aie2009/Twitter

So, you might find yourself Googling “dog training” near you. Well, let’s just hope that you get the spelling of it correct, unlike this user. They managed to get an adorable photo of these lovable little pups instead. How wonderful!

Nerd Stark

We have already mentioned Game of Thrones before on this list, but here we go again! If you did not watch this hit TV show, then you probably will not recognize the character called “Ned Stark.” This user was looking for a picture of him.

Image Credits: @ivymusee/Twitter

You already know where this one is going – they misspelled “Ned” and wrote “Nerd” by mistake, which gave them a very different result! We cannot imagine seeing someone like this fighting on TV. They look too geeky to be on the battlefield.


Spongebob Squarepants is a TV show that almost everybody around the world knows, no matter their ages and background. The humor is top-notch, and the characters are very relatable – even though the show is primarily designed for children to watch.

Image Credits: @austin0216/Twitter

We are not too sure about this result, though, and we have so many questions about it. Our first one is – why?! We really do not understand why anyone would want to dress their dog up like this, as it is pretty odd.

Dog Bread

This user walked straight into it with this one! They were looking up some pictures of dog breeds – perhaps so they could find the exact breed that they wanted to adopt. However, they made a huge mistake with their spelling.

Image Credits: @PinkMiruku/Twitter

Instead of writing “breed,” they wrote “bread,” which meant that Google ended up giving them some rather strange results indeed! This picture of a dog as a loaf of bread creates lots of questions, and we don’t think they’ll ever be answered.


Kangaroos are probably one of the most recognizable animals on the planet. This is mostly because of their ability to hop so far, kick way too hard, and the pouch for their babies. People everywhere think of kangaroos whenever they think about Australia. But do you know the “mangaroo”?

Image Credits: @Rachelejeter/Twitter

Of course, we are just joking – there is no such thing as a “mangaroo”! To start with, there is no space in the pouch to store any babies, so there is a problem right there for you. Still, it is pretty funny to imagine!

Pumpkin Spice Chair

We have already had quite a lot of “what on Earth?!” moments on this list so far, but we reckon that our next entry is probably one of the greatest. Just why would someone want to make a chair that looks like a Starbucks drink?!

Image Credits: @chattykinson/Twitter

To start with, you cannot even drink this chair, not get that delicious smell from it either! It is pretty darn ugly, and we do not think that there is any way that anyone could make this thing look pretty. It is downright gross!


Most of us will have played the board game Battleship at some point in our lives, as it is a pretty fun activity during rainy days! This user was trying to Google that but made a huge mistake in their spelling.

Image Credits: @cryteifunny/Twitter

They wrote the word “sheep” instead! However, this is quite a big difference from the word “ship,” so we are not too sure how believable it is. Either way, a picture of a fighting sheep is not what we expect to see!

Cat Owl

If you do not have a cat, then you probably will not know about how particular felines can be with their water bowls. They must have a bowl of fresh water that is kept away from their food. Otherwise, they get sick.

Image Credits: @Pawley3000/Twitter

However, we wonder what an animal like this one likes to eat and drink – we have a feeling that it is not water! Sadly, the picture is just a clever piece of Photoshop because there is no such thing as a cat-owl.

Civil Rights Act

Our last entry on this list is taking you way back to the year 1965 when the Civil Rights Act was passed in the United States. It was a pretty landmark decision, and people all across the USA still celebrate this Act today.

Image Credits: @Master_Jakey/Twitter

We are not sure why anyone would want to use their cat to celebrate, though, as that seems like a rather strange decision indeed! Cats have no concept of such things, but we do love the dedication to making this cat seem older.