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People Having Icy Fun With The Frozen Pants Challenge

Winter might soon be over, but the cold months have given people enough time to have some fun in the snow. It’s getting warmer in most places, and it will be a few months before temperatures dip in the negatives again. Spring has indeed sprung. Most people are waiting with their arms open for warmer months and plenty of sunlight. They may be more than ready to say goodbye to the cold, but it doesn’t mean they didn’t enjoy it. What’s more fitting than bidding farewell to the cold months with frozen pants. Yup, you heard that right. The trend gained some traction and saw people from all over the US dipping their pants in the water and leaving them outside to freeze. The good news is, we’ve got the very best for you.

#1 Bernie’s out there and he’s still cold

Bernie’s been very busy lately. From the inauguration where he seemed to be freezing out in the cold with his now ubiquitous mittens to becoming an internet meme with people seeing him placed in historical pictures, as well as various other numerous contexts, he must be exhausted.

Image courtesy of bernie_s_world/Instagram

We’re thankful that he finally got to take some time off, but we’re unsure if he chose the right setting. He’s so afraid of the cold, but he’s out there sitting in the snow. We’re just happy that he still has his signature mittens, he’s wearing a mask, and he’s observing social distancing at the same time.

#2 Damn that dementor is fashionable!

Ask anyone, and they’ll tell you that the dementors are so old-fashioned. These “soulless creatures” that are described to be among the foulest on Earth have got a lot of catching up to do when it comes to fashion and style.

Image courtesy of

It seems they finally got the memo that villains don’t have to dress up in rags to look evil. Miranda Priestly must have gotten in touch with them and offered them a badly needed makeover. We’re sure everyone will agree that they are better off in the sartorial department now.

#3 It’s time for some hockey

We all know what winter means. Time for some hot chocolate drink with marshmallows and plenty of winter sports. It might get colder than we’d like it to be at some point, but hey, at least you can make snow angels and snowmen.

Image courtesy of thepaintedtablebalgonie/Instagram

Plus, you also get to live your Winter Olympics dreams. Always wanted to be a hockey player? Now is the best time. Just look at this fellow who’s ready to roll. We’d just like to remind him though that he’s missing a helmet.

#4 Just taking the dog out for a walk

Dogs need a lot of exercise if they are to get rid of some pent-up energy. If they are confined in the house 24 hours a day, they’re going to act out. They’re likely to chew on things, and they will probably become a little destructive.

Image courtesy of willbyington/Instagram

Always take your dog out for a walk. Every pet parent should know this, but it’s also important to remember one thing when taking the dog out for a walk, and that’s to show some enthusiasm and not be like this fellow. He stayed at home to watch TV and asked his clothes to do the job for him. What a lazy dude!

#5 What happened here?

We’re just happy that this pet parent took the time to take his dog out for a much-needed walk, even if it was freezing cold. However, he seemed to have disappeared on his pet. Did he just vanish and forget to take his pants with him?

Image courtesy of maryschwalm/Instagram

Did he vaporize? Spike isn’t happy that he’s got any part in this, to say the least. Just look at that face! He’s not amused, and if we got things right, he won’t be going out with his pet parent for any future walks.

#6 Follow the leader!

The cold can be bitter and harsh up north. Just ask any Canadian, and they will agree with that. However, that doesn’t mean that they haven’t come up with fun things to do during the wintertime. Take a look at this man. He’s taking the pack for a walk.

Image courtesy of ray_marnoch/Instagram

Yes, the temperature was at -45, but they seem to be having much fun. You don’t see anyone complaining about the cold, about being hungry, or about being tired. That’s the great thing when you take a walk with frozen clothes, you won’t hear any protesting from them.

#7 Seal of approval

Animals in the aquarium are used to seeing people crowding all around them, admiring them, and not being able to get enough of watching the goings-on behind the glass. We can’t really say if animals love attention but do they even have a choice?

Image courtesy of moya_planeta/Instagram

We’re just wondering if people even think from the perspective of animals. For all we know, they’re judging us behind their cages and their glass windows. “That handbag is so last season. That lady shouldn’t wear stockings to the zoo.” Luckily this fellow here got the seal of approval. The animal is even willing to pose for a picture with him.

#8 Just some family barbecue

If there’s one thing people think of during summertime, it’s barbecuing in the backyard. Who would be able to resist hotdogs and meats grilling juicily and some cold drinks? Add to that the company of family and friends, and there’s plenty of catching up and eating to do.

Image courtesy of anthonygoesmoo/Instagram

Who’s to say you can’t have the same fun during winter? Don’t believe what they say; barbecues are not just for summer. You can enjoy one anytime you want to. Just look at this family. Nobody’s complaining, even if they’re freezing in the cold.

#9 Power rangers freezing in the cold

Who can remember the mighty morphin’ power rangers? We’re quite sure that a lot of people have seen the American entertainment franchise. They were a part of many people’s childhoods, and a lot of kids aspired to be just like them.

Image courtesy of pamlyn/Instagram

Real-life happened to them, and this is what they are now. They have bills to pay, children to take care of, a career to focus on, and laundry to do, just like everyone. They also have to sometimes go out in the cold just like the rest of us. They’re a rainbow in winter.

#10 Relaxing on the weekend

Stress can sideline anyone, no matter how strong they are. This is why you need to learn a few relaxation techniques such as meditation, yoga, visualization, and deep breathing. After a hard day at work, all we need is some time to recharge ourselves.

Image courtesy of saegervillecedar/Instagram

Burnout will sap your energy, reduce your productivity, and leave you hopeless and feeling helpless. So, never feel guilty about taking some time off. Just look at this guy here. He’s sitting in his yard and de-stressing. Now all he needs is a cold beer.

#11 Oops it isn’t spring yet?

After long, harsh winters, it’s understandable why some people look forward to spring. Spring is the symbol of new beginnings, an opportunity to start over, and progress. When spring comes, we can all get rid of our thick wool coats and go for something lighter.

Image courtesy of fitnessfunmonica/Instagram

Blooming flowers are the penultimate symbols of spring. We all love seeing and smelling fragrant flowers. They seem to make everything more beautiful. This family can’t wait for spring to spring, but spring isn’t ready for them yet. They weren’t wearing the most appropriate clothing, so they froze in the cold.

#12 Caught in a snowstorm

This family is freezing their pants off, and we don’t mean that figuratively. Snowstorms can bring winds in excess of 35 mph. When blizzards happen, it’s important to keep yourself warm and avoid hypothermia. You surely wouldn’t want to freeze like this family.

Image courtesy of nwain_lowe/Instagram

When caught outdoors during a blizzard, you should always keep moving around to ensure that your blood keeps flowing. If you’re traveling by car, you should make sure you have an emergency aid kit, as well as non-perishable snacks, in case you get stuck in the snow.

#13 Skateboarding in the snow

Considered one of the world’s top ten sports today, skateboarding was originally called sidewalk skating. The predecessors of today’s skateboards were created in California and came with handles. Despite its popularity, the US has less than 500 skateboard parks.

Image courtesy of ellebound/Instagram

This is maybe the reason why this family chose to go skateboarding in their own backyard. We’re not sure what area of the backyard this is, but we’re just as confused as the dog in the background about the presence and purpose of the wire fence.

#14 Merry boozy Christmas

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas.” Most people have this playing in their head, especially those who can’t go home and have to spend their holiday season abroad in warmer and drier climates, not that it’s a bad thing.

Image courtesy of bozemanspirits/Instagram

Bozeman Spirits Distillery got in on the Frozen Pants challenge and made a Christmas tree of frozen pants in the spirit of the holiday season. Their pant tower, supported by barrels of booze, is everyone’s dream. We just hope they don’t fall over if they have too much to drink.

#15 Nothing much, just out here chilling

If you watched the movie, Eat, Pray, Love, then you’re familiar with the phrase “Dolce far niente.” Translated in English, it means the beauty of doing nothing. Yes, we agree, it can be very beautiful when you don’t have deadlines to meet and urgent things to take care of.

Image courtesy of anne.nit/Instagram

It can be a great thing to just chill and do nothing. Just look at this guy; he’s out there in the cold, sitting and relaxing and literally chilling. Well, maybe more like freezing and less like chilling, but he’s having the time of his life.

#16 The flight took off without him

Why must we check in early for our flights, and why are passengers asked to be at the airport at least 2 hours before their take off? For one, it gives you ample time to check the details of your flight, and if you want to do some shopping at the airport, you still have the luxury to do so.

Image courtesy of mspairport/Instagram

This guy most likely forgot to set the alarm, and he woke up late. He rushed to the airport to catch his flight, but horror of all horrors, the gate has closed, and the plane took off without him. That’s a waste of a good ticket. But at least, he got a great picture at the airport.

#17 Someone to keep her company

You can always have some fun on your own, or you can ask friends to do some fun stuff with you. It’s always great to share experiences with other people and have someone to laugh with when you fall on your butt.

Image courtesy of mtb_ismyspiritanimal/Instagram

This woman has found the perfect companion and is having the time of her life roller skating in the snow. However, her companion seems afraid. Maybe it’s her first time trying to roller-skate. We can almost feel the hesitation on her part.

#18 Feline to the rescue

Hypothermia is a real concern during the cold season, especially for the homeless. Temperatures can plummet, and this leaves people living on the street with little or no protection. It’s vital to wear the right type of protective and warm clothing when it’s cold outside.

Image courtesy of natashik14/Instagram

This invisible lady doesn’t seem to be too concerned though. It’s a little too early to be wearing thin, dresses as it’s snowing and is still cold. The cat seems to be saying, “Hey lady, it’s too early for that hideous floral dress. Get dressed for the occasion.”

#19 Dropping everything and leaving

There are times when you wish you can just drop everything, leave, and never look back ever again. However, there is what we call real-life, there are jobs to go to, bills to pay, and there are responsibilities that you can’t just forget.

Image courtesy of eugenibach/Instagram

People who don’t need to work to eat are lucky because they have more freedom to do the things they really want to do. If we can be like this guy who dropped everything, we would make sure of one thing: to bring more than a pair of jeans.

#20 Baby shark out of the water

If you’ve been within the proximity of children, then you must have surely heard of the song “Baby Shark.” The song is atrocious but we couldn’t get it out of our head. This shark wanted to see all the fanfare for himself and decided to get out of the water.

Image courtesy of go_barnaul/Instagram

What good would it do to be a shark if you can’t even enjoy the hit song written about you? If you’ve suddenly become a star, you might as well enjoy the limelight. Thankfully this shark had the good judgment to wear some pants.

#21 Diving into the snow

If you want to have some fun, you shouldn’t let a little bit or a lot of snow stop you. What’s a little cold in the way of a lot of fun, right? If you can’t dive into the pool, you should be able to dive into the snow just as easily.

Image courtesy of utculture/Instagram

These pants sure know how to have a good time, and we wish we can be just like them, do what we want to do no matter what people say or regardless if we don’t fit in. We can feel their anticipation as they wait for their turn.

#22 Frozen family apocalypse

We’ve always seen and heard of frozen goods, but it usually just pertains to cuts of meat and chicken parts. It doesn’t refer to whole bodies, much less a group of people. Here’s to your first picture of a frozen family. Care to let us know your theories about what happened?

Image courtesy of knwanews/Instagram

Things might have already gone apocalyptic, or perhaps there was a curfew, and the family stayed outside past it, and that’s why they were zapped into oblivion, leaving all their clothes behind. It snowed so hard that night, and this what was left in the morning.

#23 Just nobody skating

It might not be the best of ideas to skate during the cold season because the snow and moisture can easily make surfaces slippery. But this guy isn’t going to let a little moisture and snow stop him from indulging in his favorite pastime.

Image courtesy of maryschwalm/Instagram

We never thought of Mr. Nobody as a skater boy, but judging from his looks, he could have easily starred alongside Avril Lavigne in his Sk8er Boi video. He would fit right in with the rest of the crew, and he could be her boyfriend.

#24 Committed delivery guys

“Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds.” That is the USPS motto, and you can be assured that they’ll go through anything and do whatever it takes to deliver your mail safely.

Image courtesy of tomgrotting/Instagram

Just how committed is the USPS guy when it comes to delivering mail? Well, they’re pretty committed. They’re willing to go through a forest of threatening pants to hand your mail and parcels over on time. Phantom pants be damned; they’ll deliver your hairdryer.

#25 Are those pants on your car or are you just happy to drive?

What would your reaction be if you saw this first thing in the morning? You eat a quick breakfast and rush off to make it to the office on time. You head to the car but saw pants propped on top of your car. You’d thought somebody was wrecking your car for sure.

Image courtesy of maryncreates/Instagram

The frozen pants challenge was gaining so much traction that folks in Nashville thought they should have their very own version, and this is what they came up with. This would make a good Halloween decoration. It would easily scare people, especially late at night.

#26 I can’t shovel anymore

Shoveling snow has got to be one of the most hated chores come wintertime. It requires strength and time, and people just can’t be bothered with it at times that they’re willing to pay money for children to do the shoveling for them.

Image courtesy of vermesser_de/Instagram

Well, if you don’t want to do the dirty work, you can always hire Mr. Nobody. He’d be more than willing to get put out to working with his shovel and a lot of elbow grease to make sure that your driveway is cleared.

#27 Saturday frozen disco

Admit it; you loved a little disco dancing. Aside from that, you also have a copy of Saturday Night Fever somewhere in your home. We know it’s something you don’t show guests, but you secretly don your 70s disco outfit and get your groove on when alone.

Image courtesy of whereisjefferydenney/Instagram

Now, you don’t have to feel so lonely. Mr. Nobody and his friend will keep you company. They’ve got their fancy pants on, and they’re ready to wow you with their dancing prowess. They’re going to make the night warmer than it is.

#28 Dad and his mini-me

Chicago has always been known as the Windy City, and during wintertime, it can get seriously freezing. Just ask any Chicago native, and they’ll tell you that the winter times can be something of a challenge. If you need more proof, look no further.

Image courtesy of mommychicago/Instagram

Mr. Traveling Pants and his son have frozen over. We’re not sure why they are outside in the cold, but you can see they’re not very comfortable. Little Pants seems to be exhausted and is in dire need of a good rest. Quick, Dad! Bring him into the house to thaw out.

#29 Just checking my plants

Do you ever wonder what happens to plants during winter? Well, during the cold season, they rest and live off stored food until spring comes around again. The days are much shorter during winter, but plants have found plenty of ways to get through the harsh days.

Image courtesy of cortenfabriken/Instagram

Mr. Nobody must have also been curious; that’s why he went outside to check on his plants despite the cold. Are they ok? Are they shivering in the cold? Do they need water or shelter? He must have spent a very long time outside that he’s covered in snow.

#30 What were they waiting for?

Cold weather can be fun, or it can be gloomy, depending on how you look at things. We may not have rose-colored glasses with which we can see the world, but we can always find the good in little things, even in cold weather.

Image courtesy of lethbridgemom/Instagram

This family knew how to have fun, and instead of spending the whole day inside the house, they froze their pants and put them outside. It certainly made the drive and the walk more interesting for neighbors. You’ll surely have a better day if a family of frozen pants greeted you in the morning.

#31 Fighting over parking space?

Parking availability can be a big problem. We have often heard of people fighting over one and even getting injured over available parking spaces. Many companies have come up with ingenious solutions for parking problems, but we have to take off our hat to this fellow.

Image courtesy of channelocho/Instagram

He came up with an effective solution that’s sure to get attention and it costs next to nothing. He reserved his parking space by freezing some pants and putting them in his favorite spot. Sure, other drivers can run them over but they would be “pantslaughter.”

#32 Just hanging out here

What do you do when you’re bored? You can always read a book, binge-watch Netflix, or go out with friends. If you don’t want to have any of that, you can also participate in the frozen pants challenge and be as creative as you possibly can be.

Image courtesy of kinoinemcy/Instagram

So here’s another entry of Mr. Nobody hanging by the sidewalk and taking some time to do some people-watching. Nothing much to do here but just kill time. But we imagine that it must be getting warmer as the pants don’t look frozen solid anymore.

#33 Fallen family

It’s always more enjoyable when the whole family gets in on the action instead of doing everything by themselves. The whole Nobody family looks like they’re having loads of fun with their time out in the snow. There’s Mr. Nobody, Mrs. Nobody, and Little Nobody.

Image courtesy of megan_ellis_ /Instagram

We’re not sure what’s up with Little Nobody, though. He seems to have stumbled and gotten himself stuck in a bank of snow. Perhaps he’s doing a handstand and enjoyed it so much that he decided to stay down there. Time to get up, little man!

#34 Network freezing over?

This wasn’t used as an official advertisement for T Mobile, but we think it would be a clever way to get people’s attention and promote the brand simultaneously. Everyone in the US is familiar with T Mobile, and we have the perfect concept for their next commercial.

Image courtesy of jzeschke/Instagram

“If you’re tired of your network Freezing and don’t want to take chances, you should switch to the better and faster network. T Mobile has got your covered.” Do you think that would make a good advertisement? Or do you have a better one?

#35 Time for a family photo

If you have children, you know that one of the most difficult things to do is take a decent family picture. You just can’t get kids to say still. They like to move and run around, and the only time they stay still is when they’re asleep.

Image courtesy of themomhost/Instagram

Now, it wouldn’t make sense to take a family photo when the children are asleep. So, Dad Nobody and Mom Nobody found an ingenious way to ensure everyone stays still, even for a few minutes. Get ready to say “Freeze.”

#36 Topsy, Turvy, Freezy

How would you let people know you need help or that you’re in distress with just the use of pants? It would help if you thought of a way to alert people and convey the urgency of the situation to them. How would you do that?

Image courtesy of papadiscobravo/Instagram

We think this is the best way to do so. It would make the neighbors wonder about what’s happening and even get them to go to your front door and knock. The only problem we foresee is the neighbors freezing some sweaters and putting them upside down on their front yard as an answer.

#37 Nothing to see here, folks

One look at the pants, and you already know where this guy lives, in the Windy City of Chicago! They sure love their sports teams down there, and they’ll root for them during competitions. If you’re not in Chicago, this is a good way to let people know that you’re a native.

Image courtesy of thingstodoinchicago/Instagram

It must be the start of the sporting season that this guy wants to show his love and support for the city’s teams that he put these pants on the roof of the building. We’re just hoping nobody looks at it at night and makes a police report due to suspicious activity.

#38 Mr. Dracula Nobody

If you’re familiar with vampires, then you’d know that they can’t stay out during the daytime because they’ll turn to dust and go up in flames. Although this is a belief that only originated from the Hollywood movies of the 1922’s, we still believe it until now.

Image courtesy of konishisekiyu/Instagram

Perhaps that explains why this particular worker only works the nightshift and goes home as fast as he possibly can before the sun rises. However, he seems to have missed the clock this time. He got off work late and couldn’t make it home on time. Now, all that’s left of him are his pants.

#39 Frozen Waffles

Most parents would recognize that lazy but adventurous orange cat from books, especially if you have children. Before Waffles the Adventure Cat, nobody knew that felines would make the perfect companion for adventures.

Image courtesy of wafflestheadventurecat/Instagram

However, Waffles seemed to have been caught in a blizzard, but he’s not complaining though. He still put on his big boy pants and decided to explore his backyard. We just have one concern, though; he needs a thicker jacket than that.

#40 What seems to be the matter?

When you’re extremely busy and up to your neck in work, the last thing you want when you don’t even have time to think is to have someone disturb you with trivial things. That seems to be the case with Mr. Nobody here. It seems someone just pulled over to ask him a few questions.

Image courtesy of stitchinsis/Instagram

He doesn’t seem very happy about it either. He’s like saying “What seems to be the problem here? Are we done? I’ve got work to do.” He’s up to his pants in work and we’re sure if he could roll up his sleeves, he would already have done so.