Oh, The Faces That Can Be Found In Unusual Places!

By Jhoana C January 21, 2021
Oh, The Faces That Can Be Found In Unusual Places!

People see patterns such as images and faces in objects we see every single day, even though these images don’t exist. This phenomenon is called pareidolia, and it is not uncommon. Sometimes we think that the cereal is smiling back at us. Other times it’s the sandwich we have in our hands that seem to be upset that we’re devouring it. Well, one thing is for sure, it makes life more interesting and enjoyable. How dull life would be if we can’t see these patterns or images. We have scoured the Internet to come up with interesting pictures of the many faces we see in everyday things. If you also see these happy, scared, worried, or sad faces in everyday objects, there’s no need to worry. You’re quite normal. If you want more, you’ll be happy to know that there is a huge community on the Internet dedicated to this phenomenon. But enough talk, let’s get the ball rolling.

Have you ever seen a chicken church?

We have not seen a chicken church, that is, until we came across this photo. It’s not just us; there really is a chicken staring back from the photo. Who in their right mind would make a chicken church? Your guess is as good as ours.

Image courtesy of lighthugger/Reddit

We think that the firm which designed this church got a lot of flak for what they did, or maybe it’s a clever ploy to get more people to attend Sunday service. Whatever the reason may be for this design, we think it’s unique.

Go on, I’m listening

Have you ever been in someone’s company who likes to talk about uninteresting things, so that when they speak, they can send you right to sleep? You just sit there and pretend that you’re interested because it’s impolite to get up and walk away.

Image courtesy of lighthugger/Reddit

That must have been what this box was feeling because the expression on i’s “face” is exactly what we’d have if someone talked to us about boring things, but we can’t say no to them and leave. The box looks like it’s about to drift to dreamland.

I need some rest

Each of us has 24 hours to spend in any way we like; however, some people are more tired than others at the end of the day. Some of us are so busy catching up on loads of work that there’s no time left to enjoy a leisurely lunch anymore.

Image courtesy of MightyWizard2/Reddit

After a long and demanding day at work, all we want to do is crawl into bed and collapse in the soft embrace of the blanket. This must be how this electrical socket feels. You can tell from his face that it is exhausted.

Please, don’t eat me             

People look forward to Thanksgiving and other holidays because that’s when families travel from far and wide to get together and celebrate. Although it’s always a good thing for people we love to spend time with each other, others would rather skip such occasions altogether.

Image courtesy of potatofree/Reddit

We think that there is no one much more averse to these occasions than the dinner centerpiece, the turkey! Just look at that poor fellow as if in a panic that it will be roasted and devoured soon. It seems as if it’s pleading that it not be eaten.

Loafers fit for Michelangelo himself

If there’s one show that has been a part of growing up for children of the past generation or so, it’s the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The four turtles, together with their rat sensei, provided us hours of entertainment and lifelong lessons.

Image courtesy of slew1039/Reddit

Who could forget Donatello, Michelangelo, Rafael, Leonardo, and Master Splinter? They were exactly the characters we remembered when we looked at these loafers. We think these loafers would make excellent footwear for the turtles when they are off work and just having their “me” time.

Yippee, I’m gonna fly

Flying makes people happy, especially after we have been cooped up for months. Once things return to near normal and it is safer to travel, you can be sure that people worldwide will be flocking to airports around the globe to travel.

Image courtesy of IrateGinger/Reddit

Some may be traveling to see their family and loved ones, while others may be going somewhere they’ve never gone before to discover a new culture, meet new people, and see new sights. What about the planes? Will they be thrilled to fly to the skies after being grounded for months? Yes, they will be. Just look at the expression of this plane after finding out it’s about to fly.

The cookie monster is here

Sesame Street is probably one of the most popular TV shows for children. It has been on the air for so many years; we don’t even care to count anymore that it’s basically become an institution. Your childhood is not complete if you haven’t watched a single episode of the show.

Image courtesy of the-hang-man/Reddit

One of the most popular and most memorable characters in the show is the Cookie Monster. Who could forget his distinct blue color and his big eyes? It seems that the Cookie Monster decided to pay a visit to this warehouse but we’re wondering where the audience is.

A fish out of water

Piranhas are misunderstood creatures, thanks to incorrect Hollywood depictions. The freshwater fish inhabits the waters of South American lakes and rivers, and although it is largely believed to be predatory, it has extensive and varied dietary habits.

Image courtesy of Weshalljoinourhouses/Reddit

They mainly feed on fish but also eat plant material. What would you do if you saw a piranha? You’d surely be concerned for your safety because you don’t want to be devoured by it. But what would you do if you saw a piranha on your jacket, like this?

The contented pots

Pots and pans are staples in the kitchen. How will we ever be able to prepare meals without them? Most of the time, we don’t pay attention to the pots and pans, and there are even times when we forget to clean them.

Image courtesy of 0qDzgdjy/Reddit

But the thing is nobody wants to use dirty kitchenware. If you clean your kitchenware regularly, you’ll have a more enjoyable time preparing meals for yourself and the family. The kitchenware itself will also be happy and contented. Just look at the clean pots and pans in the photo.


When someone tells us something so incredible, we become so flabbergasted that we don’t know what to say and how to respond. Some of us manage to let out something like “I don’t believe you!” or “That can’t be!

Image courtesy of zarx/Reddit

Sometimes we are at such a loss for words that the only thing we can say is “Really?” We wonder what this car was told or what it had heard from the driver and the passengers that it looks like it just can’t believe what they are saying.

Startled greens

We have been told time and again to consume adequate amounts of fruits and vegetables. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables will help ensure you have a healthy body and a sound mind because they give you essential vitamins and minerals.

Image courtesy of archrival33/Reddit

But what would you do if your vegetables and fruits look like they have been badly hurt when you prepare them for cooking? Just look at the capsicum in this photo. It looks frightened that it’s about to go to the pan with the rest of the ingredients.

The creepy house

Houses, just like people, have personalities. Some homes are very warm and welcoming, while others are cold and foreboding as if forbidding you from touching anything inside. And there is another group of houses still, the creepy houses.

Image courtesy of archrival33HGTV/Twitter

We believe that the house in the photo belongs to the last group. Why do we think so? Well, it looks like it’s spying on people. Just look at those eyes. They look like they’re formulating a plan while observing what people are doing.

The sorrowful kiwi

The kiwifruit is also called Chinese gooseberry. Rich in nutrients, the kiwi is a great choice for people trying to lose weight because it is rich in nutrients but low in calories. It is said that a schoolteacher introduced the fruit to New Zealand upon returning from China with the seeds.

Image courtesy of mulletarian/Reddit

Some of the benefits which the kiwi offers are better sleep and healthy skin, heart, and blood pressure. It is also said to help prevent cancer, constipation, and kidney stones. If there’s one takeaway from this, it’s that you should include the kiwi in your diet, but how can you do so if it looks dejected once cut in half?


We wonder what it is with houses that have uncanny expressions. Did the designer not think about how it would like from the street? Did they only take into consideration the appearance of the house from the inside? People look at homes from different angles, so all angles and views should be considered.

Image courtesy of vladrichdemaclant/Imgur

For instance, this house looks like it has two huge eyes and an open mouth, and it looks like it’s about to blurt out “Omg” any minute now. We’re wondering what it saw from across the street to make it act that way.

Goofy grater

One essential which a kitchen should never be without is a grater, sometimes called a shredder. Invented in the 1540s, the modern grater is used to grate food into fine pieces, primarily cheese.
You can never call yourself a respectable homeowner if you don’t have a grater in the kitchen.

Image courtesy of Paul Galvin/Flickr

Not only is it helpful in the kitchen, but it can be goofy too. This homeowner’s grater looks like it’s smiling right back at her. It gives you the impression that it’s more than happy to do its daily chores and it’s not complaining at all.

The elephant eggplant

There are times when fruits and vegetables take on funny shapes, and other times they come with hilarious faces. When these “defects” happen, produce is usually thrown away, and it’s such a waste because they are just as great and delicious as those without imperfections.

Image courtesy of realbestusernameever/Reddit

We really should stop this practice as it’s not sustainable. The eggplant in this picture does not look “normal” like the other eggplants. It has a face that looks like an elephant’s, but we bet our bottom dollar that it tastes great.

Unhappy in the snow

Anyone left out in the cold without the proper clothes will not only be suffering from hypothermia, but he will also be feeling more than dejected because it means nobody cares for him. We think this is what the Beetle is feeling being out in the cold.

Image courtesy of SpaceEngineer86/Reddit

The blue car has surely been out for some time now because it’s already covered in thick snow. Not only does it look sad because it hasn’t been taken for a drive for some time, but because it hasn’t been cleaned too.

I can’t take this anymore

These pants on a chair look like they are fed up with all the things that have been happening. They look dead tired and in need of an immediate break. We can’t blame the pants, though, because we’d probably be feeling the same thing if our owner refused to lose weight.

Image courtesy of man_the_human/Reddit

Either the owner needs to go on a diet or get a few new pairs of pants, we can’t tell, but either of the two solutions would be great. If these pants keep being worn a few more times, they’re going to start getting holes.

What happened?

Nothing to see her, just a normal windmill doing what it’s supposed to do. There’s also at least one person who is either trying to clean or ensure that everything is working the way it’s supposed to do. However, if you take a closer look, you’ll see something else.

Image courtesy of ellenpal/Reddit

It seems like the windmill is so shocked by something that it saw that its mouth is hanging open. We’re curious what was in the air that day. Could it be a skydiver who’s in danger? Could it be unidentified flying objects? Guess we’ll never know.

The cheeky chocolate

Oh, chocolate, the sweet treat people just can’t seem to get enough of. Show us one person who doesn’t love chocolate, and we’ll tell you there’s something wrong with that person. How can anyone not be tempted by that yummy goodness?

Image courtesy of Huemons/Reddit

One look at this bar will convince you to eat it all up. The cheeky expression on its face seems like it’s telling you to take one more bite until you are fully satisfied. We wish all chocolates were as cheeky as this so we’d feel less guilty about all the calories consumed.

Shocked bitter melon

Bitter melon, otherwise known as bitter gourd, is a tropical fruit that is widely grown in Asia, the Caribbean, and Africa. This edible fruit varies widely in shape and bitterness. Sometimes it can be tolerable, but it can often be quite a challenge to consume due to the extreme bitterness.

Image courtesy of rawrtherapy/Reddit

If there’s one thing bitter gourd is popular for, it’s for improving glucose tolerance in the body, making it highly recommended for people who have diabetes. Amazing right? We’re quite sure that right about now, you have the same expression as the bitter melon in the photo. Whether you suffer from ailments or not, you should include it in your diet for its nutritional value.

Monster jalapeño

The jalapeño is a chili that is an essential ingredient in various dishes. It is commonly picked and consumed while still green, but it’s also occasionally allowed to fully ripen and turn into different colors such as yellow, red, and orange.

Image courtesy of helookedsohappy/Reddit

A milder pepper, jalapeño, is also often included as a pizza topping, and if you’re not very sensitive to spicy things, it makes pizza tastier. However, if the jalapeño in your pizza looks like this, you’d probably be scared because it looks like it’s about to do you harm.

The peeved peanut butter

Most of the time, we get peanut butter from a jar and spread it on our toast. We don’t pay attention to it, especially during breakfast when we are very hungry and are in a rush to leave the house to make it to the office on time.

Image courtesy of Reddit

Well, the next time you take peanut butter from the jar, take a closer look at it. It might just stare back at you, wink at you, smile at you or let you know that it’s so peeved off, like this spoonful of peanut butter. It just isn’t happy at all.

The boat that can’t be bothered

Sometimes we just get to the point of Zen in our life that we zone out from the rest of the world and retreat into our little happy cocoon. We don’t care what’s happening around us, and we don’t let our surroundings affect us.

Image courtesy of JaromirAzarov/Imgur

This boat seems to have reached that said state because even if it’s dirty, unkempt, and in dire need of a fresh coat of paint, it seems to be still smiling. The boat that can’t be bothered, Louie, seems to be just sitting at the dock with a smile on his face.

The morose monkey

The world is filled with unusual plants, and orchids are some of the fascinating plants on the planet. There are more than 20,000 orchid species, and they come in all shapes, colors, and smells. Some of the most interesting orchids are those that look like monkeys.

Image courtesy of sezwat/Reddit

The orchid that you see in the photo is an orchid that’s called Dracula Simia.  It’s an orchid that has a monkey’s face on it with different facial expressions. This particular photo shows a morose looking monkey as if it has been burdened with a lot of problems.

Wall-E has been traveling the world

If you remember the movie Wall-E released in 2008, you’d remember the lovable titular character, the robot Wall-E. The movie was thought-provoking, but it was also heartwarming, moving, and entertaining. Have you been wondering what Wall-E has been up to lately?

Image courtesy of PotentialBillionaire/Reddit

Apparently, he’s been busy globetrotting, and his last photo was taken at the Maiden’s Tower, locally known as Kiz Kulesi, in Istanbul, Turkey. Look at him without a care in the world, happy and content. Just you wait for us Wall-E, we’ll be traveling too when things get better.

The Moai chocolate drink

Who doesn’t like chocolate milk? We sure do. There’s nothing like drinking that chocolatey goodness in the beginning, middle, or end of the day. Chocolate milk doesn’t need any rhyme or reason, it’s just great, and it’s one of the many things we always have in our fridge.

Image courtesy of yesy0u5/Reddit

Well, this person’s fridge seems to have plenty of chocolate milk, and one of them looks like a Moai. If you’ve been to Easter Island, then you’d know what we’re talking about. The Moai are monolithic figures that were carved from 1250 to 1500 by the Rapa Nui people.

Look and be afraid

In Scandinavian folklore, a troll is a monstrous being that sometimes has magical powers. They are sometimes depicted as small beings that look similar to dwarves. Trolls live in the mountains, and they often steal human maidens. Suffice it to say that it is scary to come across one.

Image courtesy of wideeyedrevelation/Reddit

A troll is indeed what seems to be on this door. Perhaps we are just too tired that we are seeing things that are not there but still, it pays to be careful. You wouldn’t want to be stolen by the troll if a young woman was about to knock on the door.

Top of the morning to you!

We come in contact with little things as we go about our daily chores that put a big smile on our faces. Thanks to these pleasant surprises, our day becomes a lot better. Folks who use and enter this lavatory have something to look forward to.

Image courtesy of evalottchen/Flickr

The hand towel dispenser is as friendly as can be. It smiles right back at them when they take a few sheets to dry their hands. Now, that’s excellent customer service. If you can’t have a person to smile at people, get the paper towel dispenser to do so.

Get ready to roll

Bowling is an excellent recreational activity that can be played with friends. It’s a great outlet if you are tired from work and just want to let off some steam. There are many bowling alleys that you can go to enjoy a few rounds of bowling.  

Image courtesy of DaneilFlickrski/Flickr

Of course, to play, you need bowling balls, and they come in different sizes and weights. It also helps to know how to hold the balls correctly so that you can hit the pins in just the right place. The balls in the photo seem ready to roll a strike. Pick them up as they are raring to go.

Drooling on my seat

Drooling is something most, if not all of us, have been guilty of doing, especially when we were small, although only a few people might care to admit it. Drooling is the result of excess saliva in the mouth, but some medical conditions might cause it as well.

Image courtesy of naconthread/Reddit

Some of the medical conditions behind drooling are tonsil infections, allergies, and sinusitis. But we can assure you that none of these things are happening to the seat belt in the photo that seems to be drooling. Maybe it fell asleep.

Let’s go to the opera

The opera is like the theater but with music and lots of singing, but there is a difference between musical theater and opera. Some of the most popular opera singers to ever grace the stage are Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo, Maria Callas, Andrea Bocelli, and Montserrat Caballe.

Image courtesy of Bill Kennedy/Flickr

Not only does being an opera singer pay well, but it also opens the door to a lot of opportunities, that’s why many people want to become opera singers, including this wall. It seems like it’s in the middle of belting out a piece for tenors.

Come play with us

These plugs in the photo seem to be a happy bunch. They do not seem to be bothered with all the devices that get rammed into them the whole day, every day. They are just happy to serve their purpose and be of use to everyone.

Image courtesy of naigiri/Reddit

However, before you plug in anything, you must ensure that the device has the right voltage because if you don’t, something could happen. It can result in a power trip, and the while building you’re in could end up in darkness.

Happy birds

Birds migrate from one area to another, and their most important reason is that when the seasons change, they go to where resources are more abundant. Food and nesting locations are two things that are paramount to the survival of birds.

Image courtesy of Life Hacks

The birds in the picture seem to have been separated from the rest of their friends, or they might not be migrating at all. Perhaps they are just exercising? They are flying in a very interesting formation, though; they look like a happy and contented face.

V for Victory

When we win something or when we get good news, we can’t help but rejoice. After all, good news, whether big or small, need to be celebrated. Some people dance, others treat themselves to a good meal, while some jump around for joy.

Image courtesy of naconthread/Reddit

This stick seems to have gotten a piece of good news too, judging from how it looks like it’s raising both its arms in victory. We wonder what it’s been told. Perhaps a large area of its homeland is going to be reforested?

Let’s plan something

Have you ever seen two more sinister-looking boxes in your life? They look like they are up to no good and are plotting all sorts of evil things that are to be executed later as soon as no one is watching.

Image courtesy of Blawndee/Twitter

We should be afraid. Are they gonna steal all the paper in the office? Are they going to destroy the printer? Are they planning on taking over the world? Your guess is as good as ours, but one thing’s for sure, everyone better be careful.

The happy jam

If you’re like most people, you’d have a selection of sandwich spreads when you open the cupboard or the refrigerator. After all, nobody wants to keep eating the same kind of sandwich day in and day out. It’s just too boring.

Image courtesy of GenericUsername2437/Reddit

You probably have mayonnaise, peanut butter, and a whole selection of fruit jams to make life a little more interesting. It seems that today strawberry jam bested out all the other options as it’s the one on the bread. No wonder it can’t contain its happiness.

Are you teasing me?

Imagine if you were in the car park waiting for your friend and you were busy taking a selfie and making sure that you have the best angle in your pictures when this sight is looking back at you. We don’t know about you, but we see a face there.

Image courtesy of Xandsomepeople/Twitter

The seat seems to be saying that your selfie game is not on top. You should probably have worn that other shirt, or you should have styled your hair another way. Maybe with more practice, you’ll be able to perfect your selfie game.

May the force be with you as you clean the floor

Star Wars continues to be one of the most popular film series ever made, and when we think about how George Lucas wasn’t almost able to create his masterpiece, we’re just thankful that he was able to make it happen.

Image courtesy of KeepingItSchwifty/Imgur

So many things around us remind us of Star Wars and its many characters. A case in point is this floor mop that looks like it has the face of a Storm Trooper. It looks like it’s about to go mopping with all the powers it could muster. May the force be with you!

A dog knob or a doorknob?

Who doesn’t love dogs? We sure do. Man’s best friend didn’t get the name for no reason. Dogs are cuddly, lovable, friendly, and loyal. They are companions for life who will keep every secret you tell them and never betray you.

Image courtesy of fireisblu/Reddit

If you have been missing your dog a little extra today, you must be seeing the face of a dog on this doorknob. Go hug your dog and play with him a little longer when you get home. You both need it after a long day.

Are those a pair of turtles?

These adorable turtles seem behaved; well, at least one of them is. The other one looks like it’s ready to come out of its shell and go exploring. Now, we’re not quite sure what kind of turtle they are, but they look quite small.

Image courtesy ofzgold2192/Reddit

However, when you stare longer at the picture, especially the part where you see the reflection of the turtles, they seem to turn into something else. They look like the faces of two middle-aged, bearded men who seems bored of whatever it is they’re doing.

The moccasin that’s maniacally happy

The first time we saw this picture, the first thing that came to our mind was, what’s so funny? Because the moccasin looks like it can’t control the fits of laughter. It’s looking maniacally happy, and that can either be a good or bad thing.

Image courtesy of ylsouiresemekat/Reddit

Someone must have said something hilarious, or someone must have messed up big time. Funny how normal things like shoes can suddenly take another form or a face with several expressions. We’re just thankful that the shoes don’t look scary.

The sandwich is looking right back at me

A sandwich is a great way to fill your hungry stomach, and with all the choices available right now, it’s quite easy to customize your sandwich and have it prepared just the way you like with the ingredients you want.

Image courtesy of St.Stello/Flickr

But, would you be able to take a bite if your sandwich stared right back at you? On the one hand, it looks like a sloppy person eating we don’t know what, and on the other, it looks like the tasty sandwich we can’t wait to devour for lunch.

Umm, do I have a funny backside?

Now, this is an interesting chair, to say the least, especially the expression on its face. It looks like it’s keeping a funny secret, which it’s not about to share anytime soon. Did anybody accidentally poop in their pants because of nervous laughter?

Image courtesy of ChEbrewdog/Reddit

Did somebody forget to zip their fly? Was someone wearing mismatched socks? All we can do is speculate unless we can get the secret out of this smug chair. Come on, chair, give us a clue. We wanna be in on the secret too.

The cool barbecue pit

There must have been heavy snowfall during the day as there seem to be inches of snow on the ground, or maybe that’s the porch; we can’t tell anymore. We couldn’t recognize the barbecue grill at first glance as it looked like something else.

Image courtesy of sun_tzuber/Reddit

At times it looks like a motorcycle, but for the most part, it looks like a cool barbecue pit. Cool not only because of the temperature but cool because of its appearance. Plus, it’s smiling, so it must be having a really good time.