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DIY Hair Disasters That Make Us Want to Praise Our Hairdressers

There are things that you can easily do yourself without worrying, and there are those who are better left at the hands of professionals. Doing it yourself projects may be a challenge you are willing to take on, but sometimes they don’t come out the way you expected them to. Hair dying and bleaching are two things that professional hairdressers literally went to school for, so they deserve some praise. Plenty of disasters could happen; you could end up with a totally different color than what you hoped for, or you could catch a severe allergic reaction. Even worse, you could end up losing half the hair you originally started with. Trust us, these are things you don’t want to witness. We have compiled a list of hair-raising, hair dye disasters that will make you feel fortunate you didn’t make the same mistakes. Consider yourself warned.

Never ask your boyfriend to dye your hair

No matter how much you love your boyfriend, it’s probably never a good idea to entrust him with your hair dye duties. They don’t know much about hair, and they don’t know much about dying it. So, trust us on this one. We know what we are talking about.

Image courtesy of emack2199/Reddit

This lady probably didn’t get the memo and asked her beau to help her. The results were disastrous, to say the least. Not only did he agree to dye her hair blue or purple, but we can’t be sure of the color. He also ended up dying her neck.

Too early to go Avatar on Halloween

This lady is going to be a valuable member of the Blue Man Group or the Avatar fam. She’s already got the skin tone on point, so she doesn’t need to worry about plenty of other things. Seriously though, she had the misfortune of not paying attention.

Image courtesy of tinypeepeehole/Reddit

She must have been thinking of other things while dying her hair that she ended up wearing the gloves inside out, and got the dye all over her hands. This big mishap is going to take a lot of soap, time, and rubbing to remove.

Wreaking havoc in grandma’s shower

This lady could be the lost member of the Smurfs. She’s blue, and she’s in a lot of trouble for what she did to her grandma’s shower, where she attempted to do a decent job of dying her hair. She tried, but she didn’t succeed.

Image courtesy of kinsey_dixon/TikTok

Not only did she dye her hair, but she also dyed her arms, feet, face, and the entire shower. Look at those bathroom tiles tinted blue. We’re certain grandma is not going to be happy about this. Where do they even begin cleaning the shower?

Pay attention to your gloves when dying hair

When dying your hair or other people’s hair, wearing gloves is essential. You want to protect your skin from the dye, because it’s not supposed to be applied anywhere on the skin in the first place. It should be applied to the hair on your head, ladies and gents.

Image courtesy of CriticalReality/Reddit

She didn’t notice that her glove broke while she was dying her friend’s hair, so the result was extremely blue fingers. She looked like she got a really nasty bruise from punching someone or something. We love the blue gradient though.

Orange you happy to see me?

Hair coloring is the practice of changing your hair’s color, simply put. This is either done to cover gray hairs, or to just change your natural hair color for a fresh change. After all, it can be boring to have the same hair color for your entire life.

Image courtesy of socialistdogmom/Twitter

This woman wanted to change things up a bit, so she thought of dying her hair orange. We also don’t know what got into her head that made her choose bright orange. Not only was it disastrous, she ended up looking like bag of oranges herself. And, we think she gets this.

There’s an explosion in the bathroom

Before dying your hair, you should always read the instructions on the label. The last thing you want is to catch an allergic reaction to the dye and accidentally end up coloring your hands, or in this case, have the bottle of dye explode in your bathroom.

Image courtesy of sashagreylovesme/Reddit

Look at all the mess! Hair dye on the sink, rug, walls, cabinets, and toilet . What we are trying to say is it’s pretty much everywhere. Her parents are not going to be happy to come home to this. Hopefully, she can remove all the dye before they arrive.

Look mommy, I’m pink

Before hair dyes were available on the market, they went through rigorous tests. It’s also important to know how they will react in the bottle before they are sold to the general public. However, there are times when hair dye bottles are faulty.

Image courtesy of jennanemelka/Instagram

Such a thing happened to this little girl’s mom. They had an accident while trying to use the hair dye, and it seemed like it exploded everywhere. The little girl, Nora, was the only one happy with the result, because she was dyed pink from head to toe.

Don’t bleach your hair with a Walmart plastic bag

One of the major trends in hair today is bleaching. It helps people with darker hair achieve the classic Marilyn Monroe bombshell blonde. However, bleaching should be done sparingly because it isn’t good for your hair. It can make your hair dry and damage it.

Image courtesy of theghostofme/Reddit

This lady was doing a DIY job of bleaching her hair, and enlisted the help of friends. One of her friends used a Walmart plastic bag to help keep the heat in while bleaching, and the result was of retail proportions. Her hair looked like a Walmart advertisement.

I’m bleeding purple

One of the risks that comes with dying your hair, if you’re not doing it right, is having the color bleed into your skin and your body. This young girl had that misfortune when she dyed her hair, and the result was less than perfect.

Image courtesy of adrienneirda/Reddit

She ended up looking like a big purple blob just like the dino, Barney. We’re quite sure that color also bled to the carpet and the shower tiles. Well, this isn’t fun. Hopefully the dye comes off her skin easily and quickly. You can’t meet your friends looking like that.

Another case of exploding hair dye

Hair dyes should be used right away, and leftovers should be disposed of. It shouldn’t be kept for a later date, because there’s a big risk of the bottle exploding or chemicals expiring. If you don’t want to end up like this lady, you better heed this advice.

Image courtesy of harold_the_cat/Reddit

This lady kept her leftover hair dye, for reasons we are not sure of. So, it ended up exploding in the bathroom and dying the tiles on the floor purple. This is going to be a very difficult cleaning job… something that we wouldn’t want to do.

Is that the latest hairstyle?

This lady was trying to color her hair blue, but for some reason, it only worked on the bottom portion of her hair. Perhaps it wasn’t supposed to be blue to begin with, or it was supposed to be blue all over? Anyway, it was a hair dye disaster.

Image courtesy of natalievontiki/Instagram

The lady in the photo was thinking of just shaving her head in the end, but perhaps there are still things she can do to save her blonde locks. Perhaps she can mix some conditioner with the blue in different portions and ratios until it fades into blue?

Use gloves when handling hair dye

The gloves that come free with your box of hair dye are there for a reason. The manufacturer didn’t just throw it in there in the hopes of amusing people who buy DIY hair dyes.  Make good use of them, and save yourself a lot of trouble.

Image courtesy of britthallowellart/Instagram

This lady was stubborn and opted not to use the free gloves even though she was advised to do so. No good thing can come from this for sure. The results were blue nail beds and blue fingers. At least they go with her blue hair.

Nothing could go wrong

Some people just don’t give hair dye the respect it deserves. It can cause so much damage when not used properly. Although there are men who also use hair dyes, the majority are women. They like to stay on trend and change hair colors from time to time.

Image courtesy of Th0r_0d1ns0n/Reddit

This guy thought it was just a another normal day when he heard his wife wants to try a new hair color. However, it turns out that it was a big deal indeed, because the entire shower and bathtub turned pink. What was she trying to do exactly?

Yet another plastic bag dying horror story

If you think that Walmart bag on bleached hair was a disaster, you should try putting an ASDA plastic bag on your head while dying your hair. The color transfers to the hair quite well, and in no time you’re going to have ASDA plastered on your hair.

Image courtesy of Rebecca___R/Twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, we know using plastic bags from the store can save you some money, but when it comes to bleaching or dying your hair, just take a couple of dollars and buy plastic wrap or foil to wrap your hair with. It’s more safe, trust us.

Shouldn’t hair dye be used on hair?

Hair dye is for hair, right? So, why do we see people on the Internet with hair dye on other parts of their body? Well, one of the most common reasons for this is not following instructions when using the hair dye. We are not surprised.

Image courtesy of frenchwinterblues/Instagram

Sometimes, people just get careless. This woman’s feet ended up turning dark pink from her hair dye. Yes, we get it, your feet are the farthest from your head, so what could have happened to cause this? Did she step on the hair dye?

And the dad of the year award goes to….

Let’s face it, dads may be some of the most awesome men in the universe, but they don’t know much about hair coloring. Some of them might have their hair colored, but they don’t do it themselves. They rely on others to help them.

Image courtesy of medicfourlife/Reddit

This young girl was dying her hair when her beloved dad told her to not rinse her hair anymore. Instead, he told her to go straight into the shower. Well, she followed her dad’s advice, and the color ended up bleeding from her head to the rest of her body.

You go to college with who?

When you go to college, you finally get to spread your wings and learn, as well as gain opportunities for self-development. You meet a lot of people in which some may be in your life for just a semester, or some that become family.

Image courtesy of KennzieMack/Twitter

Never in her wildest dreams did this girl think that when she heads off to college, she’d meet a smurf. Well, it’s actually not a smurf, but one of her friends who experienced a hair dye disaster and ended up dying her entire self blue.

Another Walmart disaster

We’ve said it before, but we’ll say it again in case it wasn’t clear enough the first time. When dying your hair, stay away from Walmart plastic bags or any bag with writing on it. They are not going to do you or your hair any good.

Image courtesy of BoopBoop20/Reddit

This girl must have missed the memo, so she decided to wrap her hair with a Walmart plastic bag, and the result is far from pretty. The color from the plastic bag transferred to her hair, and from the looks of things, it was an old Walmart plastic bag too.

You’ve been warned

Whenever possible, you should just leave the hair dye and bleach to the professionals. You might end up with severe allergies that can make you look like you’ve been stung by a million bees or worse, you could end up bald or with half the hair your started out with.

Image courtesy of Kristen Rankin/Facebook

Bleaching is something that’s especially challenging and dangerous to do at home. This lady tried to bleach her hair at home with box color, and then also tried to put a relaxer or toner on it afterwards. Well, she ended up losing her hair in big chunks. Yikes!

How did the color end up on his arms?

This man didn’t even handle any hair dye, and didn’t even go near a bottle. So it was a big mystery for him when he suddenly got hair dye on his arms. Well, turns out he didn’t have to look far to find the culprit.

Image courtesy of cootrswampgrass/Reddit

His wife just dyed her hair, and she must have snuggled up close to him or ended up cuddling with each other making the color from her recently dyed hair end up on his arms. Men, be warned, don’t cuddle your wife if she just dyed her hair.

Expectation versus reality

Most “expectation versus reality” comparisons always end up in a disaster. Rarely do you get exactly what you expected, and it’s even more rare to end up with a result that exceeds your expectations. This lady got a harsh dose of reality.

Image courtesy of carli_snyder/Reddit

The picture on the left was how her hair looked prior to the hair dye job, the middle was how she wanted her hair to look, and the picture on the right was how her hair ended up looking after going to the salon. We also wouldn’t be smiling either.

Don’t be the guinea pig next time

When you allow student hairdressers or novices to practice on your hair, you end up saving some money on hair coloring and styling. But, you’re also subjecting yourself to risks. Why? Because things could go wrong. After all, they are not experts yet, they are still learning.

Image courtesy of KillTh3King/Reddit

This girl’s friend loves hairdressing and wanted to go to school to be a professional. She said ok when her friend asked to practice on her hair. Their aim was to make her look like the photo on the left, but what she ended up with, the photo on the right, is only slightly different…

Don’t dye your hair in front of your laptop

Dying your hair is a job that is done best in the bathroom so you can easily wipe any surface where the dye accidentally lands on. This will happen. You shouldn’t even think about dying your hair in the living room or bedroom where the dye can stain fabrics easily.

Image courtesy of Rilalia/Reddit

We don’t know what got into this girl’s head when she dyed her hair in front of her laptop. Her keyboard ended up turning blue. We’re quite sure that the entire laptop must have had blue speckles after her hair job. Even on the screen.

Why would you even dye a wig?

We don’t know about you, but if you ask us, it makes no sense to dye a wig. Why don’t you just buy a wig in the right color in the first place, and save yourself a lot of trouble, right? Wouldn’t it make more sense to do so?

Image courtesy of magenta.girl.x/Instagram

This person bought a wig, but she wanted it to be in pink, so she thought she could remedy the situation by just buying pink hair dye and doing the job herself. Well, she must have accomplished her mission, but her sink ended up looking like Barbie bled to death.

No use dying this guy’s hair

How unfortunate are the people with stubborn hair, that no matter how they try to dye it, it just doesn’t cooperate with anything? A case-in-point is this guy and his hair pictured below. On the left, you can see that his hair is dyed. We’re just not sure why he chose a blue color.

Image courtesy of outofmytree/Instagram

Anyway, after leaving the dye for the time indicated on the instructions and washing it, his hair color is still the same. The dye literally made no difference at all. Well, looking at the rest of the people on the list, we’d say that this guy is quite lucky.

Gloves, people!

Here we go again with people not wearing gloves when dying their hair. This has been mentioned a million times, but it seems to be something worth mentioning again. Always wear gloves when dying hair, or else you’re gonna have a lot of problems.

Image courtesy of EuropaMaddie/Twitter

This person’s hands turned pink because she refused to wear gloves. This isn’t something that’s gonna go away quickly. It might take days before she can get rid of the pink color. This would indeed make for a funny facepalm.

Dispose of excess hair dye properly

People have been using hair dyes for years, but it seems that not many know about how to properly dispose leftover hair dye. You certainly don’t want to end up like this person whose hair dye exploded in her garbage can.

Image courtesy of aanderson222/Reddit

First off, don’t pour excess hair dye into drains because the chemicals it contains can do damage to wildlife, water, and soil. It should not be thrown along with your household waste, either. It’s best to check with your local health and environmental waste agency to find out the options in your area. Better yet, share it with your neighbor or friend so that there is no excess.

People, don’t dye your hair when you’re bored

When you’re bored, look for things to do that can entertain you, anything but dying your hair for kicks and giggles. You should put a lot of thought before you even think about coloring your hair. Do you really need to do so?

Image courtesy of gruffaloe/Twitter

How will you look after dying your hair? And we mean all of you. This person tried to color her hair for lack of nothing better to do. So, she ended up with purple hands at 1am, probably because she also didn’t wear any gloves while coloring her hair.

Another bleaching disaster

If you don’t want to end up with clumps of hair in your hands or bald spots, you better entrust the hair professionals for your bleaching needs. They have learned the science and have been trained on the procedure, making up for years of experience that you don’t have.

Image courtesy of chamore/Reddit

This lady decided to do her own hair, and although the results were not as disastrous as the other fails on this list, it still didn’t turn out the way she wanted. She tried to bleach her hair to get rid of the red color so she could then color her hair blue, but the bleach only worked on the roots.

Mail fail

Ever bought something online, and was all excited for you item to finally be mailed to you? We’ve all been there, and nothing beats the feeling of finally opening the envelope only to find out that whatever you bought had been damaged while in transit.

Image courtesy of Emmam0408/Reddit

That seems to be the case with this unfortunate person. She chose to purchase hair dye online, and when the envelope was finally delivered to her, she opened it to find that her hair dye somehow exploded or spilled while in transit.

The red thumb

Blessed are the special boyfriends and husbands who follow instructions and do their very best to help their significant others with hair dye, even though most of the time, the results are disastrous. Hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?

Image courtesy of wildbeaver635/Reddit

This hair dye fail is not as severe as the others on the list, but still deserves a mention because it’s kind of funny. This guy was helping his fiancé dye her hair, but he didn’t notice that the glove had a small hole, so half of his thumb turned red.

Another case of leave it to the professionals

If you don’t want to spend endless hours scrubbing your life away in your bathroom to get rid of hair dye, it’s better to just go to the salon, and get a qualified hairdresser do the job for you. Trust us, the few dollars you save isn’t worth it.

Image courtesy of peanutbuttersam/Imgur

This girl’s roommate decided to dye her hair purple on her own, and let’s just say that their bathroom, specifically their shower, was not too happy about it. We’d feel the same way too. That’s going to take some serious elbow grease.

There’s a thing called bleaching

One of the principles of hair dying is that before you dye dark hair with a bright color, you need put a few rounds of it so it will actually work. So, if you want to go from black hair to blonde, you need to bleach your hair first, then again and again. This lady seemed to be unaware of that.

Image courtesy of Valenette/Reddit

She had black hair, but she wanted to go blonde. However, she decided to take a short cut and instead of following the careful instructions. What she got was the color of rust. It doesn’t look really bad, but she definitely didn’t get the hair color she desired.

What just happened?

This one is a little confusing. We’re not sure if this lady bleached her roots, and then dyed it dark brown with the rest of her hair. Or it’s possible that the hair dye she got was in the wrong box with the wrong label.

Image courtesy of freckledmexicanI/nstagram

This is another example of the importance of just letting the professionals do it. We can’t stress this enough. The last thing you want is to dye your hair over and over again in such short intervals, because it’s going to result in a lot of problems.

So into the moment

Sometimes, we are so engrossed with what we are doing, that we don’t notice something that is going horribly wrong. This lady was so into her hair dying job that she didn’t notice that one of her gloves broke until she was finished.

Image courtesy of fibbybritches/Reddit

One of the fingers on her hand ended up looking as if she dipped it into blue ink on purpose. Well, mystique, you don’t fool us. We know it’s really you behind that average college girl disguise trying to dye you hair blue.

Going purple

We have no desire to dye our hair purple, but we have nothing against those who might want to experiment with their hair color. We just don’t think purple is a good look for us, especially on the face. This young girl wanted to join the purple bandwagon.

Image courtesy of

She never thought that her this stunt would end up becoming an all-day affair. She agreed that after removing the plastic wrap covering her hair, she looked like she was on the set of an alien horror film. Probably because she looked like a walking eggplant.

What’s up with the blue forehead?

This guy’s hair dye job isn’t as bad as the lady before him on this list, but he did end up with a blue forehead. If you’re new to dying your hair at home, please read the instructions carefully, and maybe do a little bit of research on the Internet.

Image courtesy of JayPines/Reddit

If you get a hair dye on your skin, you should wipe it off using a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol or a baby wipe. You can also use a washcloth with soaked in a mixture of baking soda and dishwashing liquid. However, you should never wipe it with just a dry cloth, or else you’ll just end up spreading the dye on your skin.

Her kid beat her to the hair dye

Children are naturally inquisitive. They like discovering new things, and they are always up for adventures. This little boy’s mom must have forgotten that she had a child at home, because she kept her hair dye somewhere he could reach it.

Image courtesy of ontour4eternity/Reddit

When she woke up, she was horrified to find her child in the bathroom, playing with her blue hair dye, basically just making a mess. She must have been very angry when she walked into the bathroom because she was greeted with this scene.

Dyed everything but the hair

Hair dyes are, well, supposed to be used solely on the hair. Where else is it supposed to go? Actually, maybe it’s supposed to be used to dye eyebrows, eyelashes, corneas, and nail beds for that matter. However, for the life of us, this girl was able to achieve just that and we don’t know how.

Image courtesy of thievesbrotherhood/Reddit

If you look closely at the photo above, you’ll see that her corneas and nail beds are the same blue color. Her eyebrows seem to have a blue tint to them too. And her hair, well that’s another story. It does have the least bit of blue, but the color doesn’t show that much.

Hair dye allergies

Obviously, hair dye contains a lot of chemicals that enable you to change your hair color quickly. Some people are just fine with these chemicals, but there are others who suffer from allergic reactions. This is why you need to do a patch test first.

Image courtesy of southwoodhunter/Reddit

You need to take a small amount of the hair dye and apply it on the insides of your wrist to see if you’re going to react to it or not. This guy didn’t follow instructions, and just dyed his hair right away. His head ended up swollen. Well, that’s another excuse to miss class.