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Toothy Doggie Grins That Will Make Anyone Smile

They say, “an apple a day will keep the doctor away,” and while we can not agree with this more, we do believe that a smile does the same to people’s well being. And not only to people because it turns out that smiling is not good only for humans but for our four-legged friends too. It is known that dogs inherited some of our traits, and smiling is one of them. And dogs sure love to smile and get that “AW” reaction from us, and we sure love to see it too. Here are a bunch of dogs that will most likely melt your hearts with their super cute smiles and fill your day up with positive energy.

“What’s up, Doc?”

This little Chihuahua guy may not look anywhere closer to the cartoon character that marked our childhood, Bugs Bunny. But those two front teeth sure do remind us of him and of his famous line: “What’s up, Doc?”.

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As cute as those two teeth look, let’s not forget that Chihuahuas were classified as being one of the most aggressive dog breeds. They might be small, but those teeth can do serious damage if the little guy gets angry.

If Monday was a person…

Or a dog, we’re sure that is exactly how it would look like: exhausted to the bone and not ready at all to kick start the week. The position he sleeps in looks pretty uncomfortable, but the squashed face of this Italian Greyhound shows what a good, deep sleep he was having.

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According to this tired guy’s owner, he is the master of weird sleeping positions. The picture above is just one of the many funny positions he ends up in during his naps. We can not help but wonder what do his other sleeping positions look like.

That awkward moment…

That awkward moment when your owner takes out her phone and asks you to take a selfie with her. As much as you love the idea, you’re an old lad and have no clue how to pose for a selfie, so you just follow the lead.

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It’s clear that following the lead in this situation is not to this guy’s best advantage, but we have to give him props for making us laugh with his forced smile. This poor guy looks so uncomfortable; there’s no need to say that this is one of our favorite photos of the day.

The selfie expert

Here we have another German Shepherd, albeit this little guy is still a pup, and a lot more in touch with his social media presence than the one we just saw, and he is clearly more comfortable posing for Insta than his fellow fake smiler friend above.

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The pose, the angle, the fur, and even the “full-dentured” smile (what scientists call it), everything is just perfect, and we are loving it. We can not help but wonder how many selfies did this guy take in order to get the perfect one.

If “Derp” was a dog

If Derp was a dog, he would clearly look exactly like this Husky doggo pictured below. For those who are not familiar with the Derp meme, you should definitely check it out. The resemblance between the two is beyond uncanny.

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According to this sweet boy’s owner, every time he gets locked-up in his crate, this is his way of trying to impress and change his owner’s mind. It’s hard for us to think: how can his owner resist this cute, funny face?

Cuteness overload

Pitbulls and Staffies sure carry a heavy stigma about their breed. It is sad to think that these dogs are vicious when most of the time, they are complete sweethearts, loving family dogs that are very protective when it comes to children.

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Take a look at this cute doggo pictured above. He looks like such a good and friendly boy. Even if those fangs can surely make you have second thoughts about it, these dogs are nothing but calm and gentle beasts.

Seal or just a Lab?

It took us a moment to realize that the animal we were looking at in the picture below was not a funny colored seal but just a playful Labrador pup. So playful that it looks like he ended up biting a hole in the blanket he was ferociously pulling when his owner took the picture.

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You just got to love the phase when pups realize they have teeth and fangs and start learning how to use them around your house: on cables, on shoes, blankets, and even furniture. As annoying as this phase is, it is as relieving that they start losing their pup teeth and give you and the objects around your house a break.

Crooked smile

You got to love a crooked smile and the confidence the person (or dog in this case) has. Turns out some Pitbulls have really odd teeth. Not only does this fellow seem to have too many upper incisors, but somehow he seems to have too many chompers on display in general.

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Leaving the veterinarian talk aside, we can not help but laugh at the beaming smile this doggo decided to show to his owner and the camera. We have to admit that the angle is not really doing him any justice, but it doesn’t matter cuz he’s still super cute.

Another Greyhound

At first, we thought that this was the real-life Syd the sloth, the funny character from the movies Ice Age. But unfortunately for the movies’ fans, this is just another picture of a Greyhound doggo giving us weird sleeping positions.

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His neck sure looks like it will be painful for a couple of days after this nap, but judging by his face, he looks like he is having the best sleep of his life. What is up with them and the way they sleep?

Hello there, bunny teeth!

These might be the cutest bunny teeth you will see on a dog today. And not on just any dog, but on an adorable Bambi looking dog. Our hearts are completely melted from the amount of cuteness that lies in this picture.

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According to her owner, who posted this picture on Reddit, those two adorable teeth are just how she was born. Lucky for her dog, the two teeth placed in an overbite position do not affect her in any way, and it does not need any treatment.

The Joker doggo

If the movie character of Joker would have been a dog, we are sure that this is exactly what he would have looked like. Maybe his owner can’t see it, but his full toothy smile has “crazy” written all over it.

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This mischievous boy looks like he just destroyed the couch and has no regrets about it, and on top of that, he appears more than ready to go into his owner’s shoe closet so he can start destroying her favorite boots too.

Hello, it’s me!

The moment we bumped into this Husky’s photo, Adele’s song automatically started playin in our heads. It’s funny how the poor thing just wanted to convince his owner to let him inside by using the old “puppy eyes” method.

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Instead, all he managed to do was to give a silly face that delayed the door opening. We are sure the owner ran back inside to get his camera so he or she can capture this priceless face and moment before letting him in the house.

Another crooked smile

If the first doggo that had the crooked smile looked beyond cute while showing it, we could not say the same about this guy pictured below, who, unfortunately for him, looks like he is plotting to do something maleficent.

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We’re sure that he is the most handsome and the most adorable dog in his owner’s eyes, but you have to agree with us: this pup looks like he is up to no good. Could it be the teeth, could it be the eyes? We don’t know, but can someone stop him before it’s too late?

German Shepherd strikes again

There is something about German Shepherds that makes them incredibly photogenic. We have given you some examples so far that sustain our affirmation, and we’re here to give you more proof that they just know how to master the front camera.

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Take, for example, this sweet German Shepherd pup who is a couple of months old, and at this age, he managed to pose for the photo of a lifetime. Angle on point, face expression on point, and his smile is shining like diamonds. Some of us need some advice from this little guy, for sure.

Camera ready

There is one important thing this Border Collie pup pictured below is teaching us, and this is: always be camera ready! Sure this is not easy when you’re not born with it, but maybe he can give us some tips because he is surely a pro at it.

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According to his owner, this is Riley’s face every time he hears the word “walk.” He sure knows what he is doing when he gives his owner this big smile. We mean, who could possibly resist such an adorable face?

Help us out!

We can no decide if this Labrador dog is trying to give the camera the best of him and of his smile or that’s just the face that you pull when you accidentally reveal a secret that will most likely bring drama to the table.

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Well, as accurate as it may be, this guy did not reveal any secret. It turns out that poor thing is trying his best to give his owner a good photo of him, worthy of being hung in the living room on the main wall.

Anything for you, hooman!

There is one thing about dogs that make them the best pets ever, and this is definitely their nonstop struggle to always make us happy and amused. And if this means them accepting funny costumes that will make their hooman laugh, so be it.

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This guy did not hold back when his owner decided to put his toy rope on his head to make him look like Dorothy from the book The Wizard of Oz. Not only did he stand still for the picture, but he also gave her a big full toothy grin.

Shiba-Inu perfect smile

We need to take a moment to appreciate the perfect teeth this Shiba-Inu pupper has. He sure knows he has it, and he doesn’t hold back from exposing this as many times as he has the occasion. And we love it!

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And we are sure toothpaste brands will love it enough to have him as a model in their commercials. That smile can definitely sell anything. And who knows, from the toothpaste commercials, he might end up straight on the Paris Fashion Week catwalks.

Crooked smile Frenchie edition

As most of the brachycephalic breeds, French Bulldogs too have a very crooked denture. Compared to other dogs this is a breed characteristic and not just a defect or malformation. And not only that but it is highly appreciated by the fans of this dog breed.

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The blue Frenchie pup pictured above has, compared to other Frenchies, a good looking smile. He, too, can easily model for oral hygiene brands. Not to mention those bat looking ears are made to be seen by TV viewers everywhere.

“It’s so fluffy, I’m gonna die!”

This is the line that came to our minds when we saw this fluffy Chow-Chow pup pictured below. Just like Agnes from the movie Despicable Me, all we want to do is squeeze and hug and love on this ball of fur.

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And then, when we’re done, to hug him a little more because we can certainly not deal with this amount of cuteness. And those adorable puppy teeth that he will eventually lose when he grows big. We just can’t deal with this overdose of adorable.

Who’s a good girl?

If this girl’s face is not the friendliest dog face you have seen today, then we don’t know whose is. This Golden Retriever and Border Collie mix “doguette”, called Cindy, has managed to make us fall in love with her.

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Her big, from ear to ear smile not only has melted our hearts but it also shows her perfect chompers. Looks like someone has been a good girl and has not skipped her teeth brushing routine. Way to go, Cindy! Your teeth are shining.

Which one of you…

This little girl looks like she has done something that she probably did not want her owner to find out. But judging by her smile, we can only assume that her owner discovered what she did and demanded explanations.

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An excuse is most likely something this girl did not prepare, so she is trying to buy herself some time with this cute yet forced looking smile. We can only hope that she managed to make her mom forget about her punishment.

Nom, nom, nom

If you have ever played with a puppy, we’re sure you already know that they don’t really know that they don’t have to use their teeth while playing with their humans. We can blame this on their lack of experience.

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It looks like this pup’s owner is already used to his four-legged friend’s shenanigans. We can not explain how instead of making the pup let go of his arm, he decided to take his phone out of his pocket to take a picture.

Someone had a little bit too much fun

Or at least that’s what his face is telling us. Have you ever gone out with your friends and came home in the morning? Well, if the answer it’s “yes,” this guy’s face might look very familiar to you too.

Photo courtesy of Jaru?evi?i?t?

And that’s alright! We’ve all been there at least once. Lucky for us, there was no camera to capture the funny face we “sported.” We can not say the same about this poor guy pictured above. We have a feeling this picture might have been framed and displayed in the owner’s living room.

“Ftop the picturef, hooman!”

This sweet pup pictured below looks like he had enough of his owner and his camera. His pose looks like he was taken by surprise, and we have to agree this is most certainly the cutest “taken by surprise” picture we’ve seen so far.

Photo courtesy of

His face says it all. All he wants is for his human to stop taking pictures of him and his adorable teeth. Oh well, this little guy might not have seen himself in the mirror, but we understand why his owner would not stop taking pictures. Our camera roll would be full of pictures of him too.

That moment when…

That moment when your parent asks you to smile for the camera and, even if you don’t want to, you remember that you are a good boy, so you give that camera a smile. A visibly fake smile, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Photo courtesy of

The intention matters, your dad will be happy, and your “good boy” status will stay the same. Sometimes a dog has to sacrifice quite a lot in order to please his human parent, and this good boy is ready to do whatever it takes.

You think it’s funny, hooman?

One thing about having a dog with a jiggly muzzle is that you can make him look really “Derpy” if you tuck it just like the owner of this Pitbull doggo did. His new face looks so funny you can barely tell he belongs to one of the most aggressive breeds.

Photo courtesy of

“Derpy” jaws, corny overalls, pajamas, and a perplexed face… If only this doggo would know how funny he looks. Or if only he knew his owner posted the picture that was supposed to stay in the family archive, and now the whole entire internet is laughing at him. Bad, owner! Bad, bad, owner!

Yoda& Chewbacca

If Yoda and Chewbacca had a baby, we are sure this is exactly how their baby would look like. Having Yoda’s amber eyes and Chewey’s brown hairy face, this pup pictured below is the perfect combination of the two characters.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know for sure if his owner sees it too, but the resemblance it’s definitely there. Not to mention the bottom teeth that are showing. Looks like the Chewbacca genes were way stronger. Nonetheless, the pupper is beyond adorbs.

Window cleaning expert

Meet Bob. According to his owner, Bob decides to clean the window’ each time he wants his owner to open the door and let him in. Does it work? We don’t know, but Bob looks like he is about to lick that door down.

Photo courtesy of

A determination like Bob’s should always be appreciated. Tenacity is rare these days, and this doggo sure does not lack any. There is one thing we can not help wonder about. How many times a week does Bob’s owner wash that glass?


When looking at the picture below, the first thing that comes into our minds is “Awww, so cute,” but then we remember that this little guy belongs to one of the most savage breeds, the Chihuahuas, and we all know how mean they can be.

Photo courtesy of

Seriously! Take a look at his two teeth popping out. They might be small and cute but, trust us; those two can cause serious damage to your favorite pants. Sure not all Chihuahuas are mean, but what we’re saying is that we have never seen a Chihuahua that didn’t try to attack us.

Appearances can be deceptive

It is said that appearances can be deceptive, and this right here is one good proof to support this affirmation. Sure, English Bulldogs (and Bulldogs in general) can look quite scary and aggressive, but in fact, they are nothing but pure sweethearts.

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It’s funny yet bizarre how the small Chihuahua is considered to be more aggressive than the Bulldog. You wouldn’t say, right? Well, not when you see those big fangs and muscly bodies. They definitely look like the dogs that would make any postman run for his life.

Just another Yoda dog

Even though his eyes are not the same as Yoda’s, the ears are definitely making us think of the Star Wars character. The smile, on the other hand, his smile is unique. We have never seen such a “flossy” smile before.

Photo courtesy of

But props to him for taking good care of his teeth and for not skipping the flossing part. Sure he must have flossed his teeth before leaving home so he wouldn’t have to do it in front of everybody. But who are we to judge?!

Strike a pose

We don’t know if it’s a characteristic of this breed, but can we take a moment to appreciate this Mini Pincher’s talent when it comes to posing? She is giving us nothing but a professional model pose in the picture below.

Photo courtesy of

The way this pupper decided to look sideways and give the camera the bestest and the mostest smile she could have given, it’s just too much to handle. Way to go, girl! We can see that smile printed on the cover of a famous magazine.

“Ftop it, hooman!” part II

We’re sure the picture of the first Pitbull that had his muzzles tucked inside his mouth while wearing some corny pajamas made your day. Here is another Pitbull doggo brought to you in order to make your day even better.

Photo courtesy of

Compared to the first dog, this one pictured above doesn’t look “Derpy” at all. Instead, he looks kind of nervous, something that makes us believe that the picture was taken with a frontal camera, and the poor doggo got to see his face. We can only hope he recovered after this traumatic episode.

Ingenious girl

It is known that girls are pros when it comes to posing, finding the perfect angle, and trying different poses that will make them look younger than they actually are. And this girl right here is no exception to that.

Photo courtesy of

The white hair around her face is telling us that she is not puppy young but, the pose she decided to do is definitely good enough to hide the wrinkles. This girl used the benefits of gravity to her advantage. We love it!

Holiday fun?

The pup’s face in the picture below looks like every teenager that has ever been forced to go on a vacay with their family when all they ever wanted was to be allowed to stay home and play video games all day with their friends.

Photo courtesy of

We don’t know if the pup was dragged into that road trip he was on, but he sure looks like he was forcing that smile he gave the camera. Oh well, we hope he started to enjoyed it eventually and that the rest of the pictures taken were better than this one.

Tiny teeth

According to her owner, miss little tiny teeth pictured below loves to bite everything that’s in her way. It might get really painful if she bites a toe or a finger, but it’s beyond cute how puppies start testing their teeth once they get them.

Photo courtesy of

Sure it doesn’t get any cuter when all they want to do is bite is you, but still, those puppy eyes will surely not let you stay mad on them for too long. The puppy eyes are definitely a pup’s trump card.

That moment when…

That moment when your favorite person on Earth, your hooman, goes to the pantry and comes back with the bag of your favorite treats ready to give you some. That big smile on this Labrador’s face could only be because of food.

Photo courtesy of

Don’t we all have the same big, from ear to ear smile when we are at the restaurant, and we see the waiter coming towards us caring our favorite food? That person who said that dogs copy their human’s behavior was so right.

Wrong angle, buddy!

The Mini Pincher model we saw earlier should come and give a modeling/posing lesson to this clueless guy pictured below. He sure looks like he does not know what he is doing because the angle he chose is not helping him at all.

Photo courtesy of

The nose looks too big, the teeth look way too small, and the muzzle looks longer than a broomstick. We’re sure he is a handsome guy, and if he discovers his best side and learns how to work with the lighting and angles, he will give the photographer awesome poses.

“Smol toofs, big paws”, irresistible puppy eyes

And one big, wrinkly face that deserves nothing but smooches all over. This adorable English Bulldog pup looks like he is ready to use that set of teeth he just grew. No wonder his owner placed a dog barrier there.

Photo courtesy of

He sure saw his pup has quite a potential for using his teeth for chewing stuff around the house, so he did not want to risk anything. Although the puppy eyes the pup is giving might be able to convince the owner to open the gate.

Someone got caught

This right here is the same exact face everybody makes when we are caught doing something right after we were clearly told not to do it. For humans, something like this won’t help much, for dogs this is a “lifesaver”.

Photo courtesy of

“You caught me, hooman! Here, I’ll give you this adorable smile that will make you run to get your camera to capture it and forget about scolding me.” We’re 100% sure that his plan worked. Dogs are such smart beings.

Another pupper that needs help

After the model Pincher finishes teaching her first student the art of posing, she will have to come over and help this guy too because he clearly could use some of her advice. Poor guy, he probably thought that would be a good pose.

Photo courtesy of

When it’s clearly not even close to being a good one, but hey, it looks like he really tried. And we should give him props for that and also for making us laugh out loud at him for looking exactly like Syd from the movie Ice Age.

Someone found out!

It looks like someone has found out that he is, in fact, not the biological son of his human mother. The shock is real, and his face says it all. He looks like he did not expect something like this. Poor pup!

Photo courtesy of

We personally would have postponed this moment for later. For way later, matter of fact for never because it is clear that the poor thing did not take it well at all. We can only hope that a treat and a good belly rub will make him forget about it.

Savage boy

If you did not believe us when we told you that Chihuahuas are savage dogs, there you go! Here is a picture that will show you they are far from being friendly puppers. How do those teeth make you feel now?

Photo courtesy of

Because to us, they are beyond scary, and if we were to be in the place of the person that holds the mad doggo, we would safely put it down and run for our lives as fast as we can.

Book club doggo

This dog pictured below looks like he is the founder of his neighborhood’s book club. He looks like the type who would recommend excellent books, but he also looks like the type that would test you to see if you really read the week’s featured novel.

Photo courtesy of

And get really angry if you did not read. We have mixed feelings about this guy and this is probably because of the turtle neck he’s wearing. We are sure that without it he looks just like the funny and playful dog that he is.