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45 Pictures that Prove that Squirrels Are Simply Delightful!

Let’s be real: squirrels are some of the cutest animals to ever walk our Earth. 

If you don’t agree with us, you probably haven’t watched movies like Alvin and the Chipmunks — singing squirrels? You can’t get any cuter than that! With their long bushy tails, tiny hands, and sometimes chubby cheeks, it’s basically impossible to look at a picture of a squirrel and not feel your heart skip a beat. 

From the way that squirrels jump off trees, the way they hold onto things, to their expressive mannerisms and expressions- we have collected concrete proof to show you that squirrels deserve a spot among the loveliest members of the animal kingdom! Scroll down, and you’ll find 40+ pictures that prove that squirrels are simply delightful!

A squirrel shopping for nuts!

One of the most common things that happened during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic was panic buying. A lot of people were worried that grocery stores would run out of essential house products such as toilet paper rolls, for instance, so they started buying as many products as possible.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest/ user- Jax and Anne

For squirrels, things weren’t that different. In fact, these cute little animals were already used to stocking essential stuff way before humans started panic buying. The photographer responsible for the picture above used props to attract the attention of squirrels near his house and snapped a bunch of fun pictures!

What does the squirrel say?

Have you ever heard the noises of a real-life squirrel? Well, thanks to the internet, now we can all listen to the cute sounds that squirrels make when they’re eating their precious nuts. Their high-pitched noises are certainly captivating — even more so when it’s a 7-weeks old baby squirrel making sounds!

Image courtesy of Dani Connor Wild/YouTube

Wildlife photographer Dani Connor caught a baby squirrel peacefully eating a nut, and she couldn’t keep herself from recording the moment. With a powerful microphone, the photographer managed to capture the squeaky little sounds coming out of this red squirrel’s mouth!

Stop! In the Name of…Nuts?

One thing is for sure: this next picture is HILARIOUS! But above anything else, this picture gets you wondering: what could possibly have made this squirrel pull that face? He looks a mixture of frightened and exasperated — but the true story will remain a mystery to all of us.

Image courtesy of BRPROUD/WFLA 8

With his tiny arms extended and his mouth agape, we can only guess this squirrel was trying to stop something from happening. Maybe a fellow squirrel was trying to take his nuts away from him? What we know for certain is that the photographer, Mary McGowan, submitted her picture to a National Geographic competition, and she was chosen as a finalist!

Lunchtime in the Park!

In some places, passersby are not allowed to feed animals at parks. However, for us, animal lovers, it’s pretty hard not to offer food to those poor, defenseless animals we see on the streets. Luckily, the woman in the next picture found a way to outsmart this rule!

Image courtesy of TIKOTANABI

Instead of feeding squirrels using her own two hands, this lady counted on the help of a friend she created: a marionette version of herself! Not only is this sight beyond cute, but it’s also incredibly fascinating to think how smart this lady was! She can’t be scolded for feeding the squirrels, considering that, technically, it’s the puppet who’s feeding them!

A pregnant squirrel!

Have you ever seen a pregnant squirrel? Well, this is our first time seeing a pregnant squirrel too, but it certainly exceeds every single expectation we might have had. If you thought squirrels couldn’t get any more adorable, be ready to change your mind with this next picture!

Image courtesy of QaaludeDreams

Though some may say that her belly could also be due to eating one too many nuts during quarantine…we don’t know for sure how far along in her pregnancy she is; we can guess by the size of that belly that this squirrel is almost ready to give birth to more cute baby squirrels. 

A human family was this squirrel’s guardian angel!

As adult humans, we’re lucky enough that we’re able to tend to our own needs on our own. For instance, if we’re injured, and it’s not severe, we can tend to our wounds. Still, every once in a while, we all might need a helping hand, and we feel grateful to those who help us.

Image courtesy of Priami

It’s harder for animals to take care of themselves when they’re injured — and it’s not like they can hop in a car and make their way to a hospital to get help. The baby squirrel in the picture above was severely injured when he was found and rescued by this family, who have since become his guardian angel!

Super Squirrels!

Recently, superhero movies have become extremely popular, especially given the success of Marvel’s cinematic universe, whose movies grossed over 1 billion dollars — some of them individually. In some of these movies, there are even animals that are part of the superhero team — and we know some real-life animals who would look super cool as heroes!

Image courtesy of Blende/Mandy Pollack

Look at that pose! That’s what we call a Super Squirrel! Even Spider-Man himself would be jealous if he caught sight of a squirrel landing in such a perfect and cool-looking manner. Marvel and DC should keep an eye out for any squirrels who might be interested in auditioning for a role in a superhero movie!

Have you ever seen an albino squirrel?

Coming across a white squirrel in North America might not be a common thing, but these tiny creatures do exist — and a lot more people have been spotting white squirrels all over the continent lately. In the United States, albino squirrels are even rarer!

Image courtesy of Edinburgh Live

If you’re in the States and you spot a completely white squirrel with two red or pink eyes, then you’ve found an albino squirrel. Their eyes’ color is unique mostly thanks to genetics, as albino animals lack melanin pigments in both their fur and in their eyes.

Hello, I’m the stubborn squirrel!

If you have children, you know that when they’re being stubborn…it takes a lot of your patience! You may even think that there’s no one or nothing out there that can be more stubborn than your kids. Well, let us introduce you to the stubborn squirrel!

Image courtesy of Reddit/photoshopbattles

Unlike stubborn children, stubborn squirrels are the cutest thing ever — look at those crossed arms and adorable pout on his face! Squirrels crossing their arms are actually quite common, and we can only guess what left that beautiful creature feeling annoyed!

Follow him on ‘Squirrelgram’!

Considering the success of social networks such as Instagram, it’s no wonder squirrels might want to join the modern world and become animal influencers. While this cute guy does not have a social media account, all jokes aside, we sure would love to follow him for more pics like the one below!

Image courtesy of Daily Express/Caters

On a beautiful morning in Canada, a photographer set up her camera in a park in hopes of capturing some awesome shots. Much to her surprise, a curious squirrel approached her camera and held up his hand towards the lens — which looked like a selfie pose!

This squirrel didn’t stick to his nuts-only diet!

Who said that squirrels only eat nuts? This squirrel certainly decided to break that mold! Instead of having nuts for dinner, our cute little friend here decided that it was a pizza night after he came across some pizza leftovers in this family’s backyard!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/user/chappylol

The family members were so surprised to see a squirrel eating a slice of pizza that they immediately snatched a camera and took this picture — even though the quality is not perfect; we can clearly see how much that squirrel enjoyed his dinner!


One thing that is more adorable than an animal being sweet to you; it’s two animals being friendly and caring towards each other. Sometimes, pet owners watch as unlikely friendships blossom right in front of their eyes. Whether it’s a cat and a dog, or even a dog and a chicken, animal friendships are the absolute cutest!

Image courtesy of Reddit/Michelle Gables

Michelle Gables, a Reddit community member, posted this picture of her cat Jimbo and her sister’s pet squirrel Trevor being super friendly as they played around the house. These two cuties grew up together and have developed a pretty strong bond over the years!

You know I had to do it to ‘em!

If you’re an avid internet user, you’re probably familiar with the sentence above. Mr. Lucky Luciano on Twitter became an internet legend after he posted a picture of himself posing on a sidewalk. Even now, years later, his iconic pose is copied by many — including squirrels!

Images courtesy of thechive.com/redbubble.com

Although we know that this cute squirrel wasn’t actually copying Mr. Luciano’s pose, it sure looks similar — and that’s why this picture went viral on different Reddit communities. Plenty of meme lovers immediately spotted the similarities between the two pictures and requested to have the squirrel picture photoshopped!

Let’s sunbathe!

One thing that we now know for sure: humans are not the only species that enjoys getting their tan on. Apparently, squirrels are also pretty fond of laying down and sunbathing! The squirrel in the picture below found a way to “kill two birds with one stone.”

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/aww

After a squirrel started visiting their backyard, this family started to feed him. Naturally, the squirrel began to visit their home more frequently to get some more food. After some time, this cute creature began sunbathing on the family’s outdoor able while he waited to be fed!

Would you like a cuppa?

Just like most people, squirrels also love drinking a good strong cup of tea. Judging by the picture below,  we can tell that this tea must taste delicious — considering how eager this pair of squirrels look as they consume their beverage!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen

This amazing picture was taken by Mr. Geert Weggen, a wildlife photographer who specializes in getting squirrels to pose for cute pictures using miniature set props. According to the photographer, he uses nuts and berries to attract squirrels to his set!

Social distance like a squirrel!

If you’ve ever been face to face with a wild squirrel, you know that they’re not exactly fond of being too close to humans. Instead of coming towards you, as house pets do, wild squirrels tend to keep their distance — and that’s a lesson we can learn from them amid the coronavirus pandemic!

Image courtesy of Solbury/Reddit

In New York City, everything is possible; it’s almost as if the most creative people in the world all decided to live there. Reddit user Solbury, an NYC resident, decided to create these social distancing signs for squirrels — and it’s the cutest thing ever!

Won’t you give me some of that food, ma’am?

A word of advice: think twice before deciding that feeding a stray squirrel is a good idea. You feed a squirrel today, and the next thing you know, they’re permanently living in your home and replacing you in the family picture!

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/pics/

Obviously, we’re just joking. If you see a squirrel asking for food, and you have food that is adequate for squirrels, it’s okay to feed them. Just keep in mind that these tiny creatures will win your heart over with their cute begging pose, and you won’t be able to let them go!

Squirrels are natural traders!

While the squirrel from the previous slide was just begging for food, this next squirrel decided to go one step further — instead of just politely asking for food, he’s more than willing to trade some of his assets for a delicious nut!

Image courtesy of White Wolf Pack

Similar to cats, who absolutely love bringing “presents” to their owners, this squirrel began dropping dry leaves on this house’s window every day. Once the homeowner realized that the squirrel was trying to trade products, he started giving fruit to the squirrel in exchange for the dry leaves!

The cutest picnic table ever!

Many companies had to shut down during the coronavirus pandemic, leaving thousands of people unemployed, unfortunately. Consequently, many people had to find other sources of income — and Rick Kalinowski found his’ after spotting squirrels eating in his garden!

Image courtesy of Rick Kalinowski/Insider

Mr. Kalinowski has always loved squirrels, and he decided to build a miniature picnic table so that the squirrels visiting his garden would have a place to sit and enjoy their meal. After he posted a picture on Facebook, his post went viral, and Rick Kalinowski opened an online store and turned his hobby into a profession!

An intoxicated squirrel?

This is not commonly known, but some animal species enjoy consuming intoxicating substances. Butterflies, for instance, have been spotted consuming beer to improve their nutrient production. On the other hand, squirrels don’t drink on purpose — they get drunk by total accident!

Image courtesy of The Sun

Squirrels living in the wild need to find food sources to survive, and sometimes they come across fermented fruits. In the picture above, a family left fermented pears on a picnic table, and this squirrel found them — and after eating them, he had a hard time trying to stand up straight!

It’s playtime!

What’s cuter than a baby squirrel? It’s four baby squirrels playing around in their crib! As we all know, playtime is an important aspect of our lives when we’re children, as playing helps us grow healthy and well adjusted. What you may not know is that squirrels also need playtime in their childhood!

Image courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife

Research has shown that baby squirrels play around with each other as a way to develop their nervous systems — during their playtime together, baby squirrels are ensuring that their abilities to jump, chase, and “fight” are retained into adulthood!

Do you want to build a snowman?

FYI, Elsa and Anna are not the only ones who enjoy playing with snow! Squirrels also love being playful during wintertime, when they don’t have to worry about stocking food. Wildlife photographer Vadim Trunov snapped some awesome shots of squirrels playing on a snowy day.

Image courtesy of Vadim Trunov/Trendingly

Trunov was looking for the perfect shot in a forest when he caught sight of two squirrels playing in the snow. While we’re sure that squirrels can’t actually build a snowman, those two seem to be having the time of their life as they play some sort of volleyball for squirrels!

Friends are everywhere!

Having friends makes life even more special — and that’s also true for squirrels. Naturally, it mustn’t be hard for these adorable creatures to make friends, considering that they’re extremely playful, and it must be a delight for other animals to be around them!

Image courtesy of imgur.com/5ixZT.jpg?1

As we’ve shown you before, it’s not unusual for different species of animals to become friends. But we’re pretty sure that you’ve never seen a giraffe being friends with a squirrel, now have you? They are entirely different animals — but their friendship is strong enough to overcome any adversities!

Blessed be the fruit!

If you’ve heard this sentence on a certain TV show before, don’t worry — it doesn’t have the same negative connotation here. On the contrary, this next squirrel is genuinely thanking the Lord for the fruits and the nuts that he found!

Image courtesy of Project Inspired

For squirrels and many other animals, collecting food is hard work that takes up most of their year. Once they’re done stocking food for the wintertime, squirrels can finally take a break hence why the squirrel in the picture above looks so thankful!

Help me quench my thirst!

While we’re warned that we must let wild animals be wild, sometimes we just can’t deny them simple things in life such as food or water. It’s part of human nature to feel empathetic towards vulnerable beings —  including animals who don’t have a house to live in.

Images courtesy of No One Cares/UNILAD

The tourists shown in the pictures above sure felt bad when they saw those squirrels trying to quench their thirst — but to no avail, as there was no water around. That’s why they decided to let those sweet squirrels drink from his water bottle!

Say cheese!

Photography has come a very long way since it was first invented — from photographers snapping black and white pictures to directors shooting entire music videos with a cellphone, we think we have seen it all! But then again, life is always surprising us!

Image courtesy of Vadim Trunov/Pinterest

One thing is for sure: we know you’ve never seen a bird taking a picture of a squirrel! Wildlife photographer Vadim Trunov got this perfectly-timed shot after he lured this cute squirrel in with some nuts, and a bird stopped by just in time to be photobomb the picture!

Squirrel love

Love makes life brighter, more colorful, and happier. We all need love — whether it’s the platonic kind of love that friends share or the romantic kind of love shared between couples. And just like humans, squirrels also need to have love in their lives!

Image courtesy of EGOTOU/Amazon

We’re sure that living in the wild must be pretty lonely for animals, and that’s why in this picture, we can clearly see how happy those two squirrels look as they cuddle on a branch of a tree. Good for them!

A Pumpkinhead reboot?

Now, who wouldn’t love that? Unfortunately, there’s no reboot of the 1988 horror classic ‘Pumpkinhead’ — as far as we know. But this squirrel in our next slide certainly would be up for playing the role of the main villain!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/Fox 5 DC

A wildlife photographer from Sweden became popular once his perfect shots of wild squirrels went viral online. Geert Weggen has become a master at luring squirrels to his set props and snapping pictures of these adorable creatures doing a bunch of different stuff!

Who’s up for a well-deserved vacation?

This next squirrel certainly is! Going to the beach is a marvelous experience, no matter how many times you go. Being surrounded by the fresh, salty air is definitely a way of cleansing the soul — and our friend below is definitely cleansing hers!

Image courtesy of Kelly Foxton/CBS News

Judging by the miniature set and this squirrel’s pose, you may think that this adorable friend is a professional — and she truly is. According to CBS News, Sugar Bush is the most photographed squirrel in the world, and she has posed for over 5,000 photographs!

Cirque Du Soleil, check out this little guy!

Isn’t it wonderful when we get to visit a circus and bear witness as acrobats fly all over the place? It’s almost as if gravity doesn’t bother keeping those artists grounded! But for all circus artists out there, watch out: there’s a new acrobat in town!

Image courtesy of Pinterest/Bored Panda

The picture above sure looks awesome. Whoever snapped this picture was more than lucky; they were at the right place, at the right time. Although we can’t see whatever it was that this squirrel was trying to reach, it sure looks super hard to pull that pose!

Ice cream is for everyone!

We can all agree on one thing: ice cream is one of the most delicious desserts ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a mint chocolate chip ice cream kind-of-person, or if you’re into organic mango gelato — all it takes is a simple spoon of this sweet, and you feel like you’re in heaven!

Image courtesy of The New York Squirrel

Apparently, squirrels are big fans of ice cream as well! If you’re at a park and you’re eating ice cream that contains nuts, beware! A squirrel may come up to you and trick you into giving him some of your ice cream, as you can see in the picture above! 

Draw me like one of your Squirrel girls!

If you’ve watched Titanic, you immediately understood the heading of this slide. This unforgettable line has been used in parodies all over the industry — and just like humans enjoy recreating iconic scenes from movies, so do squirrels, apparently! 

Image courtesy of André Villeneuve/Bored Panda

In a similar way to Geert Weggen — who’s an expert on photographing wild squirrels —, André Villeneuve, who’s also a wildlife photographer, lures these adorable creatures to his miniature set by placing nuts and fruits in specific places. When a squirrel stops by to grab some food, André then snaps the perfect shot!

May the Force be with you!

Not very long ago, everyone on the internet went crazy over The Mandalorian’s Baby Yoda. He was most definitely the cutest thing ever, but we might know someone else who’s a close second in cuteness. We introduce you to the Yoda Squirrel!

Image courtesy of reddit.com/user/53ND-NUD35/

Maybe he’s not as green as the original one, nor is he able to come up with the most confusing sentences ever. But one thing is for sure: the force is strong with this one! Look at him lifting that nut like a true Jedi!

What have I done?

Do you know those days when you pour yourself a glass of juice and then drop the glass before you get to drink it? We’ve all been there; we’ve all done that. Being clumsy is part of human nature — and, perhaps, it is also part of animal nature!

Image courtesy of Daily Mail

The squirrel in the picture above sure looks desperate, doesn’t he? Well, we would be desperate, too, if we had just messed everything up after putting a lot of work into something. This little guy, for instance, dropped a bunch of nuts after spending hours collecting them!

Watch out, Williams sisters!

Tennis might not be as popular as other sports, but it sure is one of the most exciting sports to watch, even if you’re not a fan. The quick back-and-forth dynamic of the game is mind-blowing, and even squirrels are getting into the sport now!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/CGTN

Human spectators turn their attention to tennis competitions such as Wimbledon and Roland Garros, but the Squirrel Grand Slam is the animal kingdom’s favorite championship. While this competition does not exist, we sure would love to watch two squirrels playing tennis!

Home sweet home!

There are two types of squirrels out in the wild: chipmunks and tree squirrels. While they’re not exactly the same, they’re all part of the same family. The difference between these two species is that the former lives on the ground while the latter lives in trees, as its name suggests.

Image courtesy of WildlifeNYC/NYC.gov

While some people aren’t too happy about having squirrels living inside the trees in their backyard, there are several reasons why these tiny fellows choose that location. Trees are the perfect place to collect and store their food, plus they offer protection from wind, snow, and rain!

He loves me, he loves me not!

When we have a crush on someone and are not brave enough to act on it, every act of reassurance is enough to lift some weight off our chest. And the classic “he/she loves me, he/she loves me not” game is one of the best ways to do that!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/National Geographic

While the squirrel above is not picking the petals off a daisy, as people usually do, it sure looks like she’s making a wish. Perhaps she’s trying to get some reassurance that her loved one loves her back, or maybe she just wishes to find delicious nuts this year!

Thanks for the mail!

By now, you’ve probably realized that wildlife photographer Geert Weggen is one of the best when it comes to snapping shots of squirrels doing everyday tasks. For this next picture, he used his usual tactic of placing nuts in strategic points to lure squirrels in.

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/Pinterest

As the squirrel tried to retrieve a nut from inside the miniature mailbox, Mr. Weggen took this perfectly-timed photo. We don’t know where exactly this adorable squirrel lives, but we’d love to get his address so that we could send him some delicious fruits and other gifts! 

Bruce Lee who?

Who said that squirrels cant aim to be Kung Fu masters? Well, no one ever. These miniature creatures are so cute that they can be and can do anything they want — and that includes defying gravity whenever they feel so inclined!

Image courtesy of LoveHappinessAndPeace

The squirrel in the picture above sure looks cute, with those tiny hands and beautiful doe eyes. But, above anything else, it looks extra cool pulling off that Kung Fu pose so effortlessly! Even Bruce Lee himself would feel jealous looking at this squirrel!

Squirrel seesaw!

Ever since picnic tables for squirrels recently went viral on the web, woodworkers — amateurs or not — have been taking things to a whole new level during the 2020 quarantine. Creative minds are working hard these days, and their final products are becoming increasingly more interesting!

Image courtesy of Spriggyp/Reddit

Reddit user Spriggyp, for instance, decided that building a miniature picnic table for the squirrel who lives in his backyard wasn’t enough. After all, squirrels don’t just eat — they enjoy their fair share of playtime, too! With that in mind, Spriggyp built this squirrel a miniature seesaw for him to enjoy with his tiny friends!

It’s costume time!

Sometimes, being in college can be pretty boring, especially once you’re done with all the homework and exams. That’s why students try to find entertaining pastimes and hobbies, just like this Penn State undergrad did. His hobby, however, is not like anything you’ve seen before!

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

Mary Krupa made a reputation on campus for herself a few years ago, when she was a senior at Penn State. Instead of going on walks or hanging out with friends, the former student decided to befriend the squirrels who lived on campus, and soon enough, she began dressing them up in the cutest costumes!

This squirrel reversed the roles!

And Mr. Geert Weggen strikes again! After snapping so many pictures of squirrels doing a bunch of cute things, the Swedish photographer decided to break the fourth wall when he made an appearance in one of his pictures alongside a “pupil” of his!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/My Modern Met

The reversed roles in this picture are amazing! It’s clear that this squirrel wants to master the art of photography — and there’s no better person for him to take pictures of than the person who has always photographed squirrels, right? 

Ninja Squirrels!

Universal truth: timing is either a hit or a miss — and as you’ll see on our next slide, this photographer’s timing was definitely a hit! Somehow, they managed to capture the exact moment when two squirrels were battling over a pine cone.

Image courtesy of PerfectTiming/Reddit

Don’t they look cool? At the same time, they look super cute, though. Still, we certainly wouldn’t want to upset these two squirrels and give them a reason to fight us! Hopefully, they’ll be able to solve things in a more amicable manner next time!

An Olympian champion retires!

Before passing away in a water accident in 1997, Lou Ann Best’s husband Chuck had started training a squirrel to water-ski. After the tragic accident, Lou Ann decided to continue her husband’s work and kept on training a generation of water-skiing squirrels.

Image courtesy of Boyd Huppert/KARE 11

Twiggy, the squirrel, became popular after a local newspaper published photos of his water-skiing show. Soon enough, the Best family were traveling around the world and putting out amazing performances focusing on water safety! In 2018, however, Lou Ann and Twiggy retired after almost 40 years doing her show!

Quidditch for Squirrels!

Beware, you’re about to see a very rare species: the wizard squirrel! Just like Harry Potter and his father before him, this adorable creature is a genius when it comes to playing Hogwarts’ most popular sport, Quidditch. Check out how cool he looks!

Image courtesy of Geert Weggen/mediadrumworld.com

While we’re not sure which Hogwarts House this squirrel belongs to, we can tell by this picture that they’re going to be this year’s Quidditch champions — considering that they have the MVPE (Most Valuable Player Ever) playing for them!