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The Group Toilets With Threatening Auras Is The Last Place We Want Take A Load Off

Ever since the toilet was invented way back in the 1500s, and even before phones became everyone’s constant toilet companion, people have been spending huge chunks of time in the bathroom. We’re not quite even sure why. Our butts are hanging out there naked, and we’re engulfed in the smell of our poop, and yet, we just love sitting there until we remember we have lives to live. If you’re forced to do your business on any of these toilets in our list, though, you might think twice about spending a minute longer than you need to in there. Thanks to the Facebook group, Toilets With Threatening Auras, we have compiled a collection of strange toilets from all over the world that might make you want to hold it in for as long as possible. Here are the most disturbing ones we could find. 

Crawly Toiletmates

We all say that cockroaches aren’t scary. When they start flying, though, that’s a different problem. Now, just imagine, you’re in the middle of answering nature’s call, sitting helplessly on the toilet, and this swarm of cockroaches appears before you. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Would you even dare wipe your butt, or would you just hightail out of there butt naked and all? Of course, you can battle it out with the roaches, but with that many, we doubt you won’t end up in one disastrous situation or another. 

The Safest Spot In The Woods

There are pros and cons to an outdoor toilet. Sure, the smell will infect your house, but on the other hand, you’ll have to worry about any other creature using your bathroom. Apparently, someone’s solution to that is to put their toilet way up high. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We admit that it does keep it pretty safe from any unwelcome visitors. When the call of nature calls in hot and intense, though, you might be the unluckiest person in the world to have this toilet in your vicinity. Just imagine having a chili night. Yikes!

Annabelle’s Bathroom

Toilets should be a place where you can feel safe. After all, we’re at some of our most vulnerable moments here. We are not sure that is what we will be feeling if all these dolls are hanging around our toilet, though. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Dolls are creepy enough in any other part of the house, but having them in the bathroom just makes them twice as creepy. Just imagine them staring at you with those lifeless eyes while you’re trying to do your business. For sure, this is what a horror toilet looks like. 

A Little Thrill First

When we feel something in our tummies, we want the path to the saving toilet to be nice and clear. Any obstacle would only induce the anxiety and cold sweat all of us dread, so this bathroom can just go to the depths of the underworld. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

What do we have to do to have a decent dump here? Learn to do some parkour before we can poop? Or do we have to break our necks first as some kind of code or something? That is some toilet to get to alright. No, thank you. 

Standing Ovation

A lot of people don’t like public speaking, and we get it. You’d have to endure the scrutiny of so many strangers when all you want is to be left alone peacefully. It’s understandable, then, that this would also be those people’s worst nightmare. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Yes, you won’t have to say a word, but this toilet is the representation of something akin to giving up your entire dignity. Honestly, whoever made this seems like they’re bringing their nightmare to life, and we have to ask, are they okay?

Underwater Loo Experience

We’re so sorry (kind of not sorry) to share this monstrosity with you, but well, here it is. Behold everyone’s nightmare underwater toilet. Here, you’ll never need to worry about the lack of toilet paper ever again if you’re so lucky to use this unique toilet.

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Seriously though, this toilet looks like it belongs to a flooded house. We take our hats off to whoever took this picture because they must have been knee-deep in sewer water. And hopefully, this toilet didn’t stay submerged forever.

Fancy Toily

We love fancy toilets, but this is not exactly what we had in our minds when we say fancy. All that lace makes us want to throw up the word fancy. It’s like someone stole all their grandma’s curtains and put them all together into this monstrosity. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Plus, can you just imagine cleaning that? What if there was an accident and all your biological waste didn’t go where it should land exactly? How would you clean up all that lace and make them all sparkly again? 

Crowd Surfing In Style

See, there’s always something scary about those portable commodes. For one, anything can get in them. And two, it can be knocked over, and all the contents of that bowl can go spilling all over you. If there is a person in there, we feel more than sorry for them.

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

The worst-case scenario is for you to be busy with your business when a crowd suddenly decides to pick up the commode and make it crowd surf. Not only will its contents be sloshing around with you, but you’ll probably be too embarrassed to come out after the ordeal. 

Sitting Pretty

Using squat toilets can actually be pretty beneficial to some people since squatting can help the poop come out better and faster. Squatting and squat toilets aren’t for everyone, though. Fortunately, it seems someone found some kind of solution to this ordeal. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

It’s pretty clever, especially for people who would really have difficulty using a squat toilet. It would be a bit uncomfortable, and you’d have to somewhat balance yourself as well, but it might be worth the try. The tissue lining is a nice touch, too. 

The Doors Had One Job

Privacy is very important when going to the toilet. However, in public bathrooms, you might not be able to achieve that in full, given that most of the doors in them are short. At least most of them aren’t this short, thank goodness. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We can’t imagine anyone going in there and actually using the toilet. They might as well have ripped those doors off their hinges because it doesn’t make any difference. No matter what you do, you and your tushie will be out for everyone to see. At least your face will be hidden. 

Glassy Toilets

We have no objections to glass floors as long as they’re used right, and this right here is not one of those occasions. Glass floors and toilets are a match made where the devil resides. This is just the proof of that. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

It’s like whoever made this wants you to lose control of your bladder before you even reach the toilet. Just looking down on that black hole makes our tummies queasy. It’s like something’s just going to reach out and grab you. Yikes!

Nature’s Toilet

Finding a toilet in the outdoors is actually a lot easier than most people think. You simply have to dig a hole in a discreet area, maybe behind some bushes, and do your business there. Other times, though, nature provides the toilet for you.

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It’s so considerate of those trees to grow that way and even give us a friendly and cozy place where we can sit and do our business comfortably. Just look at that perfect throne. That will do nicely, alright. 

Never Going To Run Our Of Toilet Paper Ever Again

One of the most frustrating things in life is when you go to the bathroom and confidently do your business only to find out that you’ve run out of toilet paper. It’s worse when it happens in someone else’s house. It seems someone found a solution to this problem. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Unfortunately, we can’t say that this solution doesn’t have its cons. Sure, you’ll never run out of toilet paper ever again, but why is this entire image just so unsettling. Oh, and if you have a cat, you can say goodbye to your clean bathroom forever.

Adventure Awaits In The Loo

There are some gimmicks you got to love, and there are some you just have to hate. We can say that this is one of them. Who in the world would want to go through wall climbing first when their bladder is about to explode? 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

Plus, who in the world would want to go wall climbing to the urinal while being watched by other people who are peeing the normal way? Hats off to you if you’re a daring soul, but why go through so much trouble? 

Fuzzy Toilet

Isn’t it annoying when the toilet seat gets so cold, and you just have no choice but to warm it up with your tushie? With this toilet, you won’t have that problem again unless you manage to get those soft, fuzzy sock covers wet. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Looking at it, it does look like a comfy seat. Given that toilets can get pretty wet and moist, though, we don’t think it’s the ideal solution to cold toilet seats. Just imagine all the mold and the smells that can cling to those things. Nope. 

Noping Out Of There Fast

We know that creepy crawlies aren’t out to get us, but it doesn’t change that they can still be pretty scary. It also doesn’t change the fact that if we see one, especially a big one, lurking underneath our toilet, we’d be sprinting out of that place as fast as we could. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

With this one, we won’t even try to fight. With tiny spiders, you can flush them down the toilet. However, this one is ginormous. If it wants the bathroom, we’re definitely giving him the freaking bathroom, no questions asked. 

Need Some Cheering? 

If you think about it, choosing the design of the toilet floor isn’t the most challenging decision out there. It won’t take you days to think about. We have a feeling that whoever chose this spent some time coming up with the ‘perfect’ design. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Maybe they were thinking about all the people who would feel lonely or who would need some encouragement in the toilet. It’s nice of them, but what about the rest of the population who doesn’t want people’s smiling faces looking at them while they poo or pee? 

I’ll Be Watching

Many of us already hate making eye contact with other people in public toilets, and those people aren’t even totally watching you. Now imagine having a camera solely directed at you while you’re having a poo. We’d rather hold it in.

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It’s so wrong! Who in the world would want this? Even presidents who have to be guarded at all times wouldn’t want to be watched while they let it all out. It’s not like you’re going to be stealing the toilet paper. What is the purpose of this? 


Nobody wants to get peeped while using the bathroom, and yet this toilet right here just makes sure of that. They even put it at a perfect angle where you can’t really hide anything no matter how much you want to. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

The only time we think we’ll be forced to go into this bathroom is if it was the only toilet around for miles and if our tummies feel like it’s nearing a nuclear explosion. The only pro we see for this toilet is that you can easily see if it’s occupied or not. It doesn’t beat the cons, sadly. 

For The Tall Maybe?

We understand that toilets are made with the majority of the population in mind, but how about those who are taller or shorter than the average person? As it seems, whoever made this toilet had the same concern in mind. They took care of one-half of that problem somehow. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

We’re not really sure how tall they think all those more than average height people are. If there’s one good use for the toilet, though, it’s for puking. It even has handles and all that. In that regard, we can say it was also made for the general populace. 

One Way Toilet

There’s nothing wrong per se with this toilet. You can still sit on it. You have toilet paper. There’s a lid. It’s not even that dirty. The only problem is there’s just no turning that will be happening there. To use it, you might have to walk in there backward and then walk straight out. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

Even if we’re not claustrophobic, it’s a long walk to a dark and tight corner, and we say nope to that. Plus, can you just imagine the smell in a tight and not-so-well-ventilated place like that? That alone would make us want to hold our poo and pee. 

Quick Stop To Shadyland

This dark staircase looks like every dark staircase in almost every eerie horror documentary or movie that has ever been shown. Although it might lead to a safe place, we’ll still have a hard time believing it does. So why put a bathroom beside it?

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

If this is where we’d have to go potty in the middle of the night, we might wet our pants first before we even get to the toilet. You just get the feeling you’re being watched or that something’s going to come up and grab you, so we’ll pass!

No Time To Miss

It is common knowledge that sometimes, boys just tend to miss the spot when going number one, right? Of course, we’re not saying that all boys do it, but there are just some people out there who miss the mark. This toilet might just prevent that. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

While it might get rid of the sprinkly problem, this toilet might create new problems in the department of hygiene. It’s not exactly easy to clean, and you can’t expect anyone who’d use it to aim their pee at such a tiny hole, right?

Pirates Of The Caribbean Toilet

Say humans are able to live underwater – can you imagine how toilets would look like because, of course, you can’t just poo or pee anywhere? Well, here’s a pretty good picture to give you an idea. It’s straight out of Davy Jones’ ship!

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

If there’s one thing for sure about that toilet, it is one heck of a painful thing to sit on, and it is one heck of a nasty thing to clean. Can you imagine how many hours it would take to scrub away all those shells? That’s going to be a rough time. 

Toilet To Wonderland

This toilet is one travesty. Why? It could have been a perfectly normal toilet. In fact, it could have been an excellent toilet, and yet, someone just decided normal isn’t enough and put a hole down to wonderland next to it. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It’s a well-made design. That’s for sure. But if you’re feeling a little woozy, this might be the worst bathroom for you to use. At least if you fall over, though, you would still land on level flooring. Still, better to close your eyes. 

Fancy Toilet #2

We really don’t have anything against people fancying up their toilets. In fact, it’s nice that people pay such special attention to something so important to our everyday lives. We just hope they don’t do it like this, though. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We’re not even going to talk about the overall look of that thing, but can you just imagine getting a small smidge or a single drop of pee or poo on that? That thing isn’t waterproof, and we’re pretty sure that it isn’t smell-proof either. It’ll just take one simple splash to ruin it all. Now, who wants that?

Donald Has Your Back

See, we have nothing against Disney characters being placed in toilets. It’s the placement that matters, however. If you place them by the sink, by the door, or on top of the toilet, that’s all fine, but this? It’s just a huge no-no. 

image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Sure, Donald’s looking away and all, but can you just imagine sitting your tushie down on a bowl that a giant duck is holding? It won’t make us feel like a prince or princess, all right. It’s just wrong on so many levels. 

Tuba Abuse

For all music lovers out there, this would be a sad, sad scene to see. We all know how expensive tubas are, and yet, someone got the idea to make these precious instruments into peeholes. This is just disrespectful to the instrument.

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It is definitely creative. We give it that. But why did it have to be tubas? Does it play music while the pee goes in as well? Or is it just for the looks? Anyhow, please give us a valid reason to think this is worth it. 

Toilets of the Future

There are the usual odd bathrooms, and then there are the bathrooms that seem to be out of this world. This is just one of those. From the looks of it, it seems like it came straight out of the poop deck we don’t see on Star Trek. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We wonder what other features this toilet has. Does it also do time travel? Or does it give you a clone or something? As wonderful and as peaceful as it looks, it gives off the feeling that it’s a trap. So sorry, we’re not going to risk our tushies. 

Fancy View

We admit it. Looking at a great view while going to the bathroom isn’t such a bad idea. This, however, is not a great view. If you want everything to go back into your body or drop out quicker than you can sit, this is the view you look at. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Sure, it’s fancy. The glass looks nice. The walls going down look nice and polished. There are even lights. Everything also looks so clean. But why in the world would anyone want to look down at a gaping black hole where anything can emerge. Didn’t we mention this before?

Cold Seat?

Cold toilet seats are bad enough, but how about an explosion of snow out of your toilet? That’s sure to freeze out your butts. We wonder how in the world this could happen, though. The bathroom has just become a toilet volcano of snow. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

This is not a fun one to clean, but at least the snow didn’t come out with anything else. Just imagine having to deal with frozen poop. It’s frozen, but it’s still poop, and given that the toilet drain might have some trouble, you’ll have to find a new place for it. 

Look Closely

We love it when people get creative with their house designs. It really gives the place some character and makes it truly unforgettable. Take this toilet design, for instance. No one would surely forget the image of Turanga Leela staring so closely at them while they do their business. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It’s a clever design, especially since they incorporated the tissue holder and all that, but what are they really trying to achieve with this? Are they just looking for a good time, or are they trying to stop people from using the toilet? It works either way. 

New Bathroom Attendant

If even tiny creepy crawlies that we can easily crush with our foot can scare us out of the toilet, how does anyone expect us to use the bathroom with this colossal bird around? Sure, it doesn’t look like it can do much damage now, but we don’t want to find out if it could. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

There’s also just no going around it. That toilet isn’t big enough for that, and that bird is taking up all the space in front of the toilet and the sink. It also looks kind of angry, don’t you think? Anyhow, if anyone’s looking for ideas to keep people out of their toilet, here’s a good one. 

Tinkle While You Tinkle

It’s strange, but a lot of great ideas come from our times in the bathroom while we’re taking a bath or taking our time on the toilet. For whoever owns this toilet, it seems that they didn’t want to miss out on any sudden burst of musical inspiration. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/ Facebook

Who loves when just the perfect tune hits their minds, right? It might just be the next trend or the start of a great musical piece. Maybe their housemates can even get a request in. Let’s just hope they wash their hands first before touching those keys, maybe?

Stairway To Relief

Sometimes, people put toilets in odd places. In some places, you can find it in odd pods. In others, you can find it on the landing of the stairs or literally at the bottom, so when you’re about to go, it would feel like traveling down the stairway to heaven. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

This is quite an interesting toilet, though. How in the world did they get it there, and why in the world did they decide to place it there? Either way, that last step is going to be a tricky one. Hopefully, everyone’s butts end up where they should. 

Slender Man’s Toilet

If Slender Man had a toilet, this would be it. He would be the only one who can use this properly. No average-sized man could unless they’re really skinny, and maybe if they turn to the side a little and do a little shimmy. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Seriously though, why did anyone think of forcing a toilet in there? We get that they must have wanted to use every square inch of space available, but that is just space abuse. We’re pretty sure no one would appreciate having to wedge themselves in a tight corner before they can pee. 

The Classic Thinker Pose

Everyone knows that everyone poops, so being seen doing the deed shouldn’t be an embarrassing sight. It’s a natural body function, after all, like sweating, right? And yet, we still wouldn’t want to be in this man’s vulnerable position. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Whoever thought that glass cubicles were a great idea should really try to screw their brain the other way. As we’ve seen multiple times, glass and toilets don’t usually go great together, but more especially when it’s a public toilet setting. 

Good Way To Make Friends Fast

There is nothing wrong with wanting to save space. It’s just that when it comes to toilets, we think there is very little leeway for that. We’re not sure anyone would want to end up next to strangers in this way, right?

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

On the other hand, it’s a great toilet solution for men not to miss. There are two cubicles catching it all for them! More than that, it’s also a great opportunity to make friends fast. How can you not when you’re bearing everything right next to each other like that?

Want Some Mariachi With That Tinkle?

It’s strange, but we have no problem with it when it comes to having other living people with us in the bathroom. It’s a different story when it comes to having life-size or even bigger pictures of them accompany us. It’s unsettling. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Take this picture of a mariachi guy, for instance. There’s nothing wrong with him, and he’s not placed in a weird angle, but just the image of his overly happy face bearing down on you while you do your business doesn’t make us comfortable. However, we probably won’t mind a song while we spend time in there. 

Eye See You

If you’re a fan of Sauron, this toilet might delight you, but for the rest of us, this looks like a demon’s bathroom from you know where. Eyes in the bathroom are just a big no for us, especially with this kind of design. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

For one, there’s the danger of actual eyes looking at you behind those eyes. Then, there’s also the uncomfortable feeling of being watched, and no one wants to be gaped at when they’re having their moment in the toilet, okay?

Pretty, But Why

This is probably the prettiest and most decent toilet we’ve seen in this group, and we would actually have used this if not for the fact that it’s positioned at the stair’s landing. It’s like the house owner really said, “This landing’s looking a bit bare. A toilet would work nicely to spruce it up!”

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It even has great lighting and ventilation and all that and would have been great for toilet thinking moments. Instead, you have to play a game of lookout before getting to pee or poo. Imagine how thrilling that would be if there were a house party. 

Frozen Splash

We know this is probably fake since icicles don’t really work this way, and no matter how cold it gets, water in the toilet just doesn’t freeze that way. All the same, we still wouldn’t want to use this toilet with that thing there. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

We also know that those icicles have no way of poking our butts, but the fear still remains. They’re menacing, okay? If it’s not that, we’re betting the seats are as cold as ice, and that is enough to keep us away for a while. 

Cult Toilet

If there ever was a cult bathroom, this would be it. It looks like the kind of place people would gather wearing hoods and bearing all sorts of weird stuff like pigeon skulls, things for a fire, and voodoo books and whatnot. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

It is also the perfect site for a secret door. In this case, it looks like all it takes is four people to pee all at the same time on the cubicles to open the door to their secret lair. Now, which of your friends are you bringing with you to this bathroom?

Tiny Toily

This toilet is best used by small kids. If you’re an adult that really has to go with no other option, though, you’d have to prepare yourself for a lot of squatting and “crap loads” of aiming to not make a mess. 

Image courtesy of Toilets With Threatening Auras/Facebook

Other than that, let’s hope that the toilet can flush down adult-sized poo. It just looks so tiny and fragile next to the adult man that we’re kind of second-guessing if it can take any adult business at all.