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When DIY Projects Don’t Go According To Plan

Everyone has been busy growing plants and learning a new hobby since the pandemic kept everyone locked in their homes. After all, it can be very boring just sitting around and looking at the screen; there’s plenty of other things to do aside from watching Netflix. Plenty of people have taken up arts and crafts, and we think that it’s a good thing. Sometimes the things people produce are amazing, and we are at a loss for words when describing their creativity. However, there are times when DIY projects are not only ugly but actually kind of atrocious. We are not discouraging you from taking up that hobby, though. By all means, learn a new skill or two; it’s for your benefit. However, we can’t deny the existence of works of art that people shouldn’t be proud of, but hey, at least they made people laugh. So, prepare to laugh out loud and scratch your head.

#1 Why would you even do this?

Nail art has progressed so much over the last few decades. People no longer settle for the boring single-color pedicures and manicures. Nowadays, they want to put glitter on their nails, metallic dots, stripes, crystals, and all sorts of other things.

Image courtesy of That?s it I?m craft shaming/Facebook

However, this nail art has got us scratching our heads. Our first question is, why? Why in the world would you want a dead mosquito on your nail? It’s not appealing, and it’s not artistic. We may be wrong, but we’ve never heard anyone say, “Wow, what a nice mosquito art!”

#2 Somebody’s been watching too much Spongebob

We have nothing against Spongebob. As a matter of fact, we love the little weirdo from Bikini Bottom, as well as his friends, Patrick and Squidward. They make the deep waters more entertaining and funnier, and what would Mr. Krabs do without them?

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

However, it’s clear from this picture above that somebody’s been watching too much Spongebob during the lockdown. We understand a few decorations inspired by the yellow fellow but to fill your entire bathroom with them is just way too much.

#3 We’ll pass on those

Some people are creative enough that they can produce works of art out of very ordinary things. However, some other people think that they are artistic, but the rest of the population would beg to differ. This is the case of such.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

This bag is so realistic that it looks horrifying. It’s like wearing your beloved cat on your shoulder or your back. People who see you might want to report you for animal abuse when seeing you with this bag. Nope, we’ll pass on this offer.

#4 Would you wear these in your ears?

Earrings, a woman’s look is incomplete without them. Wearing the right earrings can complete your look and make you feel confident. There is a myriad of styles of earrings. You can go for those that have expensive precious stones or you can go for the cheaper type.

Image courtesy of creativemeni.tumblr.com

We’re all for being fashionable, but the earrings in the photo are things that we won’t wear. This is a very good example of earplugs, and although there’s no chance of us getting electrocuted, this is something we won’t put near our ears.

#5 Put that back on the rack

Shopping is fun, and for some women, it’s a sport. It can be very exciting to sort through racks and piles of clothes looking for that perfect dress, jeans, or shirt. It’s doubly exciting when you find something you like at a discounted price.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

But if we saw this pair of jeans on the rack, we’d put it back. There’s no way we are buying those. There’s just too much yellow going on there and way too many ribbons and other embellishments. This is an attempt at arts and crafts that has failed, in our opinion anyway.

#6 Glad we got that cleared up

DIY projects are fun. You get to showcase your creativity and artistry, and you get the opportunity to make something really unique. However, before you proudly show off your DIY project on the Internet or in your local fair, you should perhaps spellcheck and edit the wording first?

Image courtesy of shenanigans-assemble.tumblr.com

You certainly don’t want to end up like this person. We’re quite sure that what he wanted to say with this project was, “this isn’t just a house; it’s a home.” However, for some reason, the word house was repeated a couple of times.

#7 No, we don’t want that bag

Just like the cat bag, this bag makes us uncomfortable too. It doesn’t matter if it’s made of leather; it’s something you won’t see us taking with us to our appointments or on a date. This is just plain creepy. It would feel like someone is constantly looking at you.

Image courtesy of zunnyzee.tumblr.com

This bag would make the hairs on your neck stand on end, and it looks like it belongs on the set of a horror movie. But we do want to give the creator kudos for attempting to create such a bag. He or she may not get a lot of orders, but we know some goth fans who’d love this.

#8 House paints are for houses

Sometimes we are so bored that we look for something to do, and we often find DIY projects that can keep us preoccupied. However, if we don’t have any clue what we’re doing, it’s best just to call the professionals and have them do the job.

Image courtesy of dn1688.blogspot.com

This is a good example of that. This lady wanted to repaint her couch, and we’d like to say that it’s a very nice-looking couch. Instead of improving the looks of her furniture, she ended up destroying it because she used house paint, and not one suitable for fabrics and upholstery.

#9 A for effort but F for result

Sometimes you see something on the Internet, and you want it copied, so you look for local vendors that can do the job. Such was the case with this person. She saw a nice cake online and wanted to order one similar for a celebration.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

The cake to be copied is on the left, and the cake she got is the one on the right. It’s a far cry from what the customer wanted, right? It looks like the horror version of the cake on the left. It seems that a lot of effort went into making the cake, but the result is not something we’d want. We can only hope she asked for a refund!

#10 Fit for a horror house

If you’ve seen the movie Tusk, then you’d recognize this erm, décor. While we admit that the person who made this is creative and has insane skills, we can’t help but think that this is something that belongs in a collection of the macabre.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Who in their right mind would want to decorate their home with this? Unless they are deliberately trying to scare or shock visitors. It’s an excellent likeness of the film, but it’s something that’s going to give people nightmares.

#11 Poor baby doll

Dolls have been in existence for a really long time. The earliest documented dolls go as far back as the ancient civilizations of Greece, Egypt, and Rome. Although they were crudely made, there’s no doubt that they were playthings.

Image courtesy of dn1688.blogspot.com

Dolls are meant to be played with and sometimes displayed, especially if they are the rare and expensive kind. However, this person decided to turn their doll into a planter, and it’s just plain scary. Why would you even do this? Like Ever! Just let the doll be.

#12 Who would sit on that?

Over the years, sofa and chair designs have changed drastically. During Victorian times, sofas and chairs were more elegant or highly ornate with a lot of moldings and curves and very stylistic. Today, furniture is more streamlined and minimalistic in design.

Image courtesy of reddit.com/r/ATBGE

This chair, although it looks very comfy, has mushrooms sprouting from it. Don’t be alarmed, though, as those are not real mushrooms, but they look strange, and we’re wondering what it would be like to sit on this chair. You can’t even lean back because the “mushroom” is going to push against you.

#13 Is that edible?

At first glance, we thought this was different parts of raw chicken, but it’s not. We had to look at the description to find out what it was, and it’s actually an elephant made out of seashells. We don’t see any resemblance to an elephant here but ok if that’s what the seller says it is.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

We all have different interpretations of things, and the person who made this must have believed that this is an elephant, and we have nothing against that. It’s just that it doesn’t correspond with what we imagine an elephant to be.

#14 You’d sell that for how much?

This picture is something that a person found on her local marketplace group, and because it’s so unusual, she just had to share it with people on the Internet, bless his or her heart. Now the seller is selling a toilet in the shape of a high-heeled shoe.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

We don’t know who has this in their homes, but apparently, it’s the definite focal point of their bathroom. First of all, we can’t help but notice that the toilet is so dirty and secondly, asking for $250 for this unusual thing seems a bit steep if you ask us.

#15 No, that’s not the kind of ramp we’d want

First of all, we’re not even sure if this would pass for a ramp. It looks more like an accident waiting to happen. It doesn’t look professionally done, and it seems that someone with no prior training just got some cement and dumped it in a heap on the ground.

Image courtesy of laptrinhx.com

We’re not being mean here, but if we’re gonna pay that much for a concrete ramp, we’d want value for money. People’s safety depends on this, and we’d rather have professionals do the job properly rather than a DIYer.

#16 We think babies are cute but we don’t want this

Babies are adorable. They make you smile and make you coo as if you have lost all the power of speech when they’re in front of you. The world is much sweeter with them in it. They just make us want to shower them with all the love in the world.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

As much as we like babies, we’re not buying this wreath of antique and vintage baby shoes. It just screams horror movies and haunted houses. We don’t want to be visited in the night by the ghosts of the dead children that used to own them. Creepy!

#17 You got that perfect smile

Most people spare no expense when it comes to decorating their homes. They go for plush fabrics, artistic, tasteful decor, and nice patterns. But let’s remember that our patios and gardens are also part of our homes, and they also need attention.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

If our home’s exteriors don’t look nice and inviting, it won’t entice people to go inside. However, this DIY concrete smiling stone is not something we have in mind when it comes to exterior décor. Yes, it’s hilarious, but it can also be scary in the evening.

#18 Here we go again with dolls

Since we’ve talked about dolls previously, let’s add this doll entry to the list. Now, this is a doll you don’t see everywhere (thank goodness). It’s a unique creation, but we’re sure it’s not something you’d want in your house, especially if you have children.

Image courtesy of buzzfeed.com/de/philippjahner

This is made entirely of buttons, except for the hair, for obvious reasons. If you were about to go to sleep and you saw this, would you still be able to get any good shuteye? We didn’t think so. This is nothing but nightmare fuel.

#19 What happened to the elephant’s head?

There are those with excellent drawing and painting skills, and then there are the rest of us folks who have no talent drawing whatsoever. Instead of forcing ourselves to become artists, we should just accept ourselves for what we are and support those who promise when it comes to the arts.

Image courtesy of gosocial.co

The person who did this needs to do the supporting because we can’t even tell what happed to the elephant’s head. Is it supposed to be like that? The butterfly above it must have been shocked when it saw this strange-looking creature.

#20 Rain boots with wheels?

When we saw this, the first thing that came to mind was, “What was the inventor thinking?”  We understand that these boots are meant for heavy rain or flooding, or wet conditions, but what we don’t get are the wheels? What are they for?

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Are they for gliding on water? Or so that you won’t be late when you’re in a hurry when it’s raining? Not only are the wheels atrocious, but the price is ridiculous too? $1000 for that? They’re more expensive than designer boots.

#21 A case of expectation versus reality

Most often, reality is very different from what was expected, and it can also be disappointing. A case in point is this cake order. The photo on the top was what the customer expected, and the photo at the bottom was what the customer picked up from the bakery.

Image courtesy of creativemeni.tumblr.com

We can say that the baker tried, but the product was just so different from the inspiration. It just looks like a few cupcakes with icing on top with no thought to shape or design. Well, at least it’s edible, and anyway, everyone loves chocolate.

#22 Can this even be sold?

Well, if we priced each paper boat that we made $30 since we were young, we’d have hundreds of thousands of dollars by now. The absurdity of the price just makes us want to roll our eyes. This business-minded guy thought of selling his paper boats for $30 each.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Not only is the price ridiculous, but he also called his paper boats handmade ciggy lighter holder. That’s just false advertising because we all know it’s not a cigarette lighter holder. It’s not even a pretty paper boat at that.

#23 No, we’re not going to wear this

Designing clothes comes naturally to some people, while others spend a few years in fashion school and serving as an apprentice in a fashion house. Fashion is powerful, and it influences the colors and the patterns we wear. Some designers make it big while most others fade into oblivion.

Image courtesy of thunderdungeon.com

We’ll let you decide which group the designer of this skirt belongs to. She thought it would be a fun idea to make a skirt out of neckties, but the neckties are of various colors and patterns. We’re not big on the clash of color and patterns.

#24 would you pay someone to glue your remote controls?

Now, this guy must be so bored and desperate to make some cash, that he advertised his services for a fee. What service was that? Gluing together remote controls, of course. Is that a paid skill nowadays? We must have been living under a rock all these years.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Who would spend $10 for such a service? We can easily do that on our own with a glue gun. How would you even change the batteries once they run out? Kind of inconvenient, don’t you think? This isn’t even a guarantee that you won’t lose the controls.

#25 What is that?

Nowadays, it seems that people who own glue guns and can put random things together have started calling themselves artists and offering their services to the public. That’s just disrespect for true artists who have spent years perfecting their art and studying under real masters.

image courtesy of creativemeni.tumblr.com

This person found himself some seashells and decided to glue them together to create a “fountain.” We don’t know about you, but we were struggling to make out what the shells were supposed to resemble in the first place.

#26 Patio shelves anyone?

The patio and the garden deserve the same attention that we give the interiors of our homes. People get different decorations to liven up their patios and gardens but what this guy is offering is not what we had in mind.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

If you look at the photo it looks like random blocks and planks of wood haphazardly thrown together to produce something which we are still confused about. We don’t know about you but this surely can’t pass as patio shelves.

#27 We don’t even want to know the story behind this

What is going on? Do dentures pass off as planters these days? Perhaps people have been spending too much time indoors that they don’t know the difference anymore. This is seriously alarming. We thought dentures belong in mouths or in a glass in the bathroom.

Image courtesy of laptrinhx.com

We know a lot of people have discovered their love of planting during the lockdown, and the sale of plants and planters has been staggering, but we never thought that there would be a lack of supply of vases and cute pots that people started using dentures.

#28 Crib or cage?

If you saw this on your local marketplace without reading the caption or the title first, what would you think of it? Is it a crate of some kind? A cage? The last thing we thought of when we saw this was a crib.

Image courtesy of pleated-jeans.com

Yes, this was supposedly a crib for babies, but it certainly doesn’t look like one. It looks dangerous, and it seems more like a death trap. We are not even going to let our babies and toddlers anywhere near that thing.

#29 Nope, that’s not a hygiene product

Contrary to popular belief, tampons are not new. They have been around since ancient history, and Egyptians even used papyrus to control their monthly flow. Aside from papyrus, some of the earliest tampons were made of wood and weeds.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Thanks to technology, we now have more comfortable, more absorbent, and way more hygienic ways of handling that time of the month. But when we talk of tampons, what we have in mind are not those that are made of yarn. Yes, this is eco-friendly because it’s washable, but it doesn’t offer any protection.

#30 Something’s growing on your sandals

Footwear is essential to your wardrobe. Not only do they have to be comfortable, but they also have to be stylish and compliment your outfit. Some fashion experts even say that your handbag and your shoe should match, or at least compliment each other.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

We don’t care how cheap the footwear in the above photo is, but we’re not going to let them come anywhere near our feet. Well, this would be great if you’re cosplaying as Poison Ivy, but we don’t think they would be appropriate to wear to the office.

#31 More impractical nail art

We don’t care how colorful or artistic nail art is, if it’s not practical, then it just won’t do. How else are you going to type on your keyboard, pick something up, or do other daily tasks if your nails are always getting in the way?

Image courtesy of dn1688.blogspot.com

This nail art, although it looks cool and edgy, is just too much. Not only are the nails too long, they are of different colors too, but what really takes them over the top are the piercings and the spikes. It also doesn’t look professional at all.

#32 Would you get these note cards?

Greeting cards, before the emergence of the Internet, were flying off the shelves. People purchased them for all kinds of occasions, from birthdays, graduations, weddings, Christmases, and even New Year’s. You name it, and there was a greeting card for it.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

However, since we all started using the Internet, greetings have been more or less digital, but some people still get excited when receiving cards in the mail. Would you get the note cards above and send them to family and friends? We’ll let you decide.

#33 Disappointed with Etsy find

Etsy is a distinct marketplace because of its variety of unique handmade, vintage, and custom gifts. It’s a treasure trove of things that you wouldn’t find anywhere else, and it has grown exponentially over the last few years. This woman decided to order a homemade bar of soap for her daughter and look at what she got.

Image courtesy of laptrinhx.com

It doesn’t look like a cat at all, and we’d even think twice before saying that it resembles a pig. We don’t know what made the artist think that it’s a cat. Did it get squashed during shipping? Doesn’t look like it, though. Not surprisingly, the customer was very disappointed with the product.

#34 That’s too much glue gun use

Being artistic is more than just getting a glue gun and using it to glue things around the house. And too much glue gun doesn’t look attractive and can become tacky real fast. The person who owned this car clearly had too much time in their hands.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Instead of learning a new hobby, they used their spare time to glue crystals to their car. Although it looks good, we think it’s too much. It must be quite distracting to drive alongside that car on the highway. You can also imagine trying to wash it.

#35 Is that macramé?

Macramé is another hobby that many people discovered after being confined for so long in their homes. Some of the materials used in macramé are hemp, linen, twine, cotton, leather, jute, and yarn. Although it looks challenging, macramé is actually rather easy to learn.

Image courtesy of acidcow.com

This person thought that it would be a good idea to showcase her “bohemian macramé” creation and perhaps even sell it to people who’d be interested. But the only problem is that it doesn’t look macramé or Bohemian at all.

#36 No, we don’t want any of that

Ok, we had to do a little research for this thing. Herbs in French is herbes, so we think that’s what this mug is trying to stay because it’s all green, and you can see the plants in the pots, although they look more like flowers.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

The background is also green so naturally, we’d think of plants. However, for most English-speaking people, the mug says something else, herpes. And no, we don’t want any of that and we think a lot of people feel the same way.

#37 They should have read the sign again before putting it up

Before putting up signs, it’s crucial to look at them from all angles. The last thing you want is for your sign to convey the exact opposite message of what you want it to. It can turn laughable and sometimes even dangerous.

Image courtesy of creativemeni.tumblr.com

Instead of reading “You matter, don’t give up,” this sign says “You don’t matter, give up.” But hey, at least it’s in glitters. Perhaps it’s less depressing with all the rainbow colors, the red cone, and all the other embellishments.

#38 Pattern placement is important

When doing any sort of arts and crafts, it’s important to remember that pattern placement is vital. Without it, your work could look funny and sometimes disastrous, such as this one. Normally, this would be an innocent Winnie the Pooh image.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

However, the pattern placement made something innocent look so scandalous. Is there only one bear? Or is there another bear beneath? We don’t even want to think of all the possibilities. We want to keep the memories of our Pooh bear intact.

#39 This isn’t arts and crafts but deserves a mention

This isn’t a craft or a DIY skill, but it’s unusual, so we’re gonna talk about it too. This guy is against watering and mowing grass, so he decided to put carpets on his entire backyard lawn. We’ll tell you it doesn’t look good.

Image courtesy of thechive.com

Plus, the carpet is a home for bacteria, fungus, and other things to live on. Who knows what’s going on underneath those carpets, especially after a rainy night? We don’t even want to think about it. It’s just plain gross.

#40 One cake to rule them all

The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien was hugely successful and became the inspiration of many modern authors, including J.K. Rowling. It paved the way for fantasy and magic, and the world would be very different without it.

Image courtesy of That?s it, I?m craft shaming/Facebook

Because of its popularity, a lot of fans want to incorporate The Lord of the Rings in their daily lives, including celebratory cakes. However, this is one cake that we don’t want on our table because not only does Gollum look different, that’s also not the eye of Sauron we envision.