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40+ Awesome Plastic Wrap Hacks That Make Life So Much Easier

After being used once or twice, plastic wrap is often left untouched for ages in a kitchen cupboard. Sadly, aside from wrapping sandwiches or covering up leftovers, most people don’t realize the full potential of this product around the house. Let us tell you, we’ve been missing out on a lot. While it’s not the best hack-for-all product, or even the best for the environment, plastic wrap can actually save you so much trouble in plenty of situations in your life. From DIY kitchen solutions to simple and fun projects, plastic wrap has far too many uses we’ve been sleeping on. It’s time to stop that. Below are some of the many ways to make the best use of your plastic wrap. 

Lower Your Heating Bill

You might not notice it immediately, but your windows may have minute gaps that help boost your energy bill. This might be caused by damage to your windows, or simple aging, but plastic wrap can help save you money on your electric bills either way.

image courtesy of Family Handyman

First, cover your windows with plastic wrap and secure them with double-sided tape. Once it’s in place, blow dry it to seal the deal. This will help your home become energy efficient again, until you can find a way to permanently close up those gaps. 

Prevent Any Jewelry Tangling

Lugging around your fancy jewelry organizer to store the jewelry you want on your travels – just to keep them safe and tangle-free – isn’t really the best idea. Instead of that, try using plastic wrap as an easy alternative. 

image courtesy of Kathleen Kamphausen/ House Beautiful

You can wrap each piece of jewelry individually. Or, you can lay down one big piece of wrap and place each of your jewelry on it with ample space in between, and cover it with another piece of plastic wrap before folding them on top of each other. Either way, you’ll be keeping your precious beauties safe and sound. 

Easy Peasy Christmas Tree Keeping

Decorating the Christmas tree is a fun activity that you can do with the family. Sure, it can get messy, but at least you can be proud that it’s all from the heart. Unfortunately, when packing up time comes, it can get a super messy. All you need, though, is some plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Clyde 1/ Facebook

Instead of taking down all decorations from your tree, you can simply leave them be, and wrap the entire tree with plastic wrap. This prevents the decorations from falling off, and it also keeps the tree in tip-top shape. Now, come next season, your Christmas tree will be like a present you get to unwrap. 

Protecting Furniture From Moving Damage

It’s inevitable, but sometimes, furniture can get damaged while in transit. They can get scratches, something can break, something can tear, and so much more. One way you can protect your furniture from damage is to wrap it up entirely with plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Family Handyman

This not only protects them from scratches, but also helps prevent drawers or cupboards from opening. In addition to that, you can also wrap the legs of your furniture with plastic wrap to avoid scratch marks when dragging them along the floor. 

No Mess Painting

No matter how careful you are in painting a room, there is always that chance of getting a drop or a splatter of paint on things you don’t want it on. If you want a neat job without breaking the bank, just grab a few rolls of plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of easthomes.co.uk

You can use it to cover up furniture, parts of the room that you don’t want paint on, or even add an additional layer of protection to your floors. With this, you can remain mess-free, and you won’t be worrying about any splatters every time you flick your brush. 

Preventing Spilling in Travels

Spillage is the bane of many travelers. No matter how tight you shut a lid, there always seems to be a cause for leakage that can’t always be foreseen. So, instead of relaxing after a long journey, you have to clean up the mess left behind. 

image courtesy of Jaiden Animation/ Twitter

To prevent this from ever happening again, cover your bottles with plastic wrap before putting the caps on. This will give that extra cover that makes your bottles spill-proof and entirely safe for travel, no matter how rocky the road gets. 

Make Your Own DIY Sippy Cup

If you have kids, or if you’re still a kid at heart (don’t worry; we’re not judging you), sippy cups may still be part of your cup collection. What happens if you run out, or if every one of them has been tossed? The answer is: plastic wrap and plain old cups. 

image courtesy of Brightside

Simply wrap the plastic around the mouth of the cup well into the sides, making sure that there aren’t any gaps. Then, all you have to do is carefully poke a straw through it. This wouldn’t automatically turn any cup into an actual sippy cup, especially if it’s glass. But, you can minimize any spillage just as well with this. You can also create your own to-go cups with this hack. 

Poach the Perfect Egg

Plastic wrap is always associated with covering food, but never with cooking food. Apparently, though, it might be the key to finally getting that perfect poached egg every time you want one. It might sound weird, but hear us out. 

image courtesy or Russell Hobbs Europe/ YouTube

First, cover a bowl with good quality plastic wrap that can withstand boiling water. Then, give it a little spritz of cooking spray so the egg won’t stick on it. Then, crack your egg on it and tie the corners of the plastic wrap into a knot to keep the egg in place. After that, boil your water and cook your eggs in it for at least 6 minutes. You’ll have the perfect poached egg. 

Homemade Mini Green House

Some people are content with their succulents and little hanging plants, but some people want actual gardens in their spaces. If you’re one of them, but you’re afraid that the cold season might kill off your plants, you can use a little plastic wrap to create your own mini greenhouse. 

image courtesy of Kelly Ladd/ Popsugar

To create this, gather a couple of pieces of sticks or iron rods, and stick them around your plant. Next, wrap your plastic wrap around the sticks, leaving no space even at the top, until the whole area around the plant is covered. This will keep your plants nice and warm once the cold starts setting in. 

Makeup Savior

If ever the unfortunate event of your makeup compact breaking happens, save your tears, because it is not yet the end for your makeup. You can still save it with a little bit of plastic wrap, and a few drops of alcohol. 

image courtesy of Make Life Lovely

First, add a few drops of alcohol to the cracked makeup. Then, cover it with plastic wrap and pack it in with your finger or with a small spoon. If your makeup still looks a little shattered, repeat the process until it’s as good as new. And don’t worry about the alcohol. It will just soften up your makeup, but it won’t affect your makeup quality at all. 

Keep Your Fridge Clean, Nice and Easy

Although cleaning the fridge is a one-time task that doesn’t happen often, nobody loves doing it, because it can be difficult and time-consuming to do. Fortunately for all of us, plastic wrap can help make the task a lot easier. 

image courtesy of Joe Lingeman/ The Kitchn

After your next fridge cleaning session, wrap your shelves with plastic wrap. This will catch all the accumulated dirt. and any spills. When you need to clean those, you just have to take off the wrap, and replace it with a new one. It’s a heck of a lot easier than taking out all your shelves and scrubbing them clean one by one, right?

Enhance Ointment Treatment

Some people rely on massages or pain relief medication, but others reach for ointments when they experience some kind of soreness. Rubbing and massaging it onto the spot provides a warm kind of relief, but if you really want to feel more relief from your ointment, grab some of that plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Juno Le/ Demand Media

After spreading the ointment over your skin, and giving it a bit of good massage, wrap the area with plastic wrap. This will enhance the heating effect of the ointment. But before doing it over a whole knee or leg, make sure to test it on a small patch of skin first to make sure that it doesn’t sting or burn. 

Keep Lettuce Fresh For Longer

Who in the world loves wilted lettuce? We sure don’t. Unfortunately, the leafy veggie really isn’t made to hold onto freshness. Just leave it out on the counter for a night, and you’ll surely see some kind of wilting. With plastic wrap, though, you can hold this off a little bit longer. 

image courtesy of gawkerassets

Simply put your lettuce in a bowl and cover it with a damp paper towel. Then, wrap the entire bowl with plastic wrap. While this might not keep your lettuce fresh for more than a week, it will keep it nice and crunchy for a good few meals. 

Keep Your Flowers Fresh

Flowers can be pretty resilient, and just a little bit more care in handling them can prevent you from delivering a rumpled bouquet. However, if you want to ensure that your flowers remain as fresh as possible, have some plastic wrap handy before buying them. 

Image courtesy of shareably.net/ Pinterest

Take a damp paper towel and place it on the base of your flowers. Then, place a rectangle of plastic wrap on top of it, and wrap that around the ends of the stalks. After that, you can just use a bow or some decorative paper to cover it all up. 

Avoid Messy Blending Splatters

As much as we love how blenders and mixers make our lives so much easier, we don’t exactly love the mess that comes from the splatters they create. The solution? Cover up their tops with plastic wrap before blending or mixing.

image courtesy of Real Baking With Rose

Not only will this help you avoid a giant mess, but it will also help prevent food from sticking to lids, if you’re using one. Now, you can just blend and mix, and focus on perfecting that recipe of yours. 

Keep Your Meat Together

Tenderizing meat can be a stress reliever for some people, since they’re given a chance to vent their frustrations in a way that’s actually productive. But not when the meat keeps scattering around, and you have to keep gathering it all back in before you can deliver the next blow. 

image courtesy of Food52

To avoid that frustration, all you have to do is wrap your meat with some plastic wrap. This will keep everything in place, and allow you to keep flattening it without interruption, making the task a lot quicker and stress-free. 

Clean Shoes, Clean Clothes

Shoes attract all kinds of dirt, and no matter how much you wipe them on a rug, there are still some dirt and germs on there that you might not want to mix up with the rest of your clothes when packing for a trip. 

image courtesy of Sprinkle Some Fun

To make sure all your shoe dirt doesn’t infect your clothes and belongings in your travel bag, clean your shoes as much as you can, then wrap them in plastic wrap. In addition to keeping your clothes dirt-free, you can also use plastic wrap to sort of compress your shoes together, giving you a little bit more space in your bags. 

Fresh Bananas For Days

Even if bananas are half-covered with brown spots, they’re still so good. If you prefer fresher and yellower bananas, though, all you have to do is wrap your banana stems with plastic wrap. A lot of stores and groceries do this to slow down the rate of ripening.

image courtesy of Instructables

You can keep the bananas on the shelves longer, and avoid unnecessary waste. With this hack, you can enjoy fresh bananas for more days – at your own pace – and not have to worry about what to do when they start getting overripe. 

Easy, Mess-Free Labeling

For all organization- loving people out there, labeling is such a satisfying thing to do. Not only does it make finding things a lot easier, but it’s also a subtle way of showing off just how organized everything is. It’s also another fantastic way to put plastic wrap to use. 

image courtesy of The Daddest

Instead of grabbing your fancy label makers, or writing on your things when arranging, moving, organizing, simply cut out small pieces of plastic wrap and stick them onto each object. After that, write on them. Once you’ve arranged everything in place, you can simply peel off the plastic wrap, leaving behind no stain of any kind. 

Make Rolling Dough A Lot Easier

Bakers make it so easy on cooking shows and movies but in reality, rolling dough can sometimes be a little complicated. Sometimes, the dough can tear, and other times, it can stick to the rolling pin. It’s this hassle that makes baking so annoying.

image courtesy of Cookist

To avoid that kind of a mess, lay a piece of plastic wrap on top of your dough before rolling it out. This will make rolling a lot smoother and prevent any dough from sticking on your rolling pin. Although it might not look as professional, it will make your baking life a lot easier. 

Separate the Kids and the Mess

No matter where they are, kids have this talent of getting things on themselves, or on their clothes. It’s fine, since it’s how they explore the world. That doesn’t make it any easier for parents, but with a little plastic wrap, this can actually be controlled. 

image courtesy of Family chic

This hack might seem a little weird but if you want to minimize the mess that your kids make on their clothes, simply put some plastic wrap on them. This acts as protection so when you take it off, their clothes remain clean and stain-free. 

DIY Fly Catcher

While fruit flies don’t really harm us, they can be pretty annoying, especially if they fill your kitchen. You can’t just spray insect spray, or put up a fan hoping it will blow them away either. A better hack is to make your own fly catcher. 

image courtesy of Joe Lingeman/ Apartment Therapy

Take a bowl and fill it with a bit of juice, some overripe fruit, and soap. Then, cover it up with plastic wrap, and poke at least 3 or 4 holes on it. The smell will attract the flies and once they go into the holes, they’re trapped forever. After a few hours, you’ll have a clean kitchen. 

Don’t Let Your Paint Dry Out

More often than not, when we have painting projects, we usually don’t finish up all the paint. There is always a bit left that can be used for another project. To prevent drying them out, and wasting them, cover the top of your cans tightly with plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Brightside

The plastic wrap will keep air from coming in and hardening the paint, allowing you to keep it longer for another future use. In addition to that, it also keeps the strong and sharp scent of paint in the can. 

Open A Tight Lid Sweat Free

There is always that moment of regret when you realize you’ve screwed a lid on too tight, and now, no matter how much you try, the lid just won’t budge. To solve this, and to maybe prevent any accidents or embarrassments, just grab some plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of WikiHow

Wrap the lid up tight, including the edges where your hands will go, and try twisting again. The plastic wrap will give you more grip and will allow you to use all of your strength just to get that jar open. 

Prevent Brushes From Hardening

Painting and plastic wrap seems to go together so well. Not only does plastic wrap prevent stains on furniture and clothes, but it can also help prevent paint stains that are hard to wash off your hands. Simply wrap your hands in plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Andrea Dekker

Another thing that plastic wrap helps with is preventing your brushes and rollers from hardening. If you’re not going to wash off your rollers and paintbrushes immediately after a painting project, wrap them up in plastic wrap and they’ll be good until you have the time to wash them.  

Keep Your Fridge Top Nice and Clean

Nobody really pays attention to the top of the fridge, because nobody really uses that space all too often. However, come cleaning time, trust us, you’ll be forced to pay attention to the thick layer of dust that would inevitably settle there. Fortunately, you have plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of MakeSpace

Come next cleaning time, after wiping down your fridge top, cover it with layers of plastic wrap. The next time your fridge top is due for a cleaning, you’d simply have to switch out the plastic wrap like you’re changing sheets. 

Say Goodbye To Hangnails

Everybody knows that picking a hangnail only makes it worse, and yet, we continue to do it anyway. We start out small and then suddenly, it feels like we’re peeling every inch of our skin off. If you want to avoid this pain, we advise you to be a bit more gentle. 

image courtesy of RickP/ Wikimedia Commons

Try using plastic wrap to help with the treatment. Before going to sleep, apply hand cream to your hangnail, wrap it with a bit of plastic wrap, and leave it overnight. The wrap will make sure the moisture stays in and softens up your cuticle for a painless hangnail cure. 

Unclog Your Toilet

After a full day of feasting or after a good meal of spicy foods, we all know that some of us would be spending some well-deserved time on the toilet. Unfortunately, not everything might go as well as expected, but if the plunger fails, don’t worry. There’s no need to call a plumber to further your embarrassment. 

image courtesy of Toilet Reviewer

Simply take some plastic wrap and cover the entire toilet seat tightly, without leaving any space. Next, flush your toilet a couple of times. This should make the plastic swell and once it does, push down on it to create enough pressure to push everything down the pipes. 

Make Your Shelves Easy To Clean

For some people, taking on that weekly task of wiping down shelves is fine, but if you’re one of those who want to save time and make your cleaning tasks a little bit easier, then this hack is definitely for you. 

image courtesy of magnolia.com/ Pinterest

After wiping down your shelves, line them with plastic wrap. This will catch all the dust and would be very easy to peel off, giving you one less thing to scrub. If you don’t want your secret to be too obvious, give it a good stretch and have it lie as flat as possible on your shelves. 

Take Off Bottle Labels Or Stickers A Lot Easier

We love it when brands use pretty bottles or containers for our products. However, they don’t really make them easy to reuse, do they? Some stickers and labels seem to be made to stick on for life! Don’t give up on those containers so easily, though. 

image courtesy of Reynolds Brands

First, soak the sticker area with a mixture of dish soap and warm water. Then, completely wrap the container with plastic wrap and leave it aside for five to ten minutes. After removing the wrap, the label or sticker should slide off easily and cleanly. 

Boost Your Psoriasis Treatment

Psoriasis is often uncomfortable for those who have it, especially when it lasts for weeks, or months, on end. However, there is a way to speed up the treatment process that you can do at home without breaking the bank. 

image courtesy of WebMD

After applying a topical steroid cream to the affected area, cover it with a small piece of plastic wrap and use tape to secure it to your skin. Then, leave it on for a couple of hours or overnight. The wrap will keep in moisture and enhance the effectiveness of your cream. 

Keep The Cold Out

Playing in the snow and throwing snowballs at your friends or family is really fun, but not when the snow is getting under all your clothes and making you freeze. To avoid this, and to keep the fun going a little longer, get some plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of The Daddest

Wrap it around your legs or arms over the first layer of clothes before tossing on another layer of clothing to really keep the heat in. This will also keep the cold out, and prevent anything from passing through and dampening your clothes. 

Create Some Cool Photography Effects

Photographers are some of the best hack finders out there. From using CDs to create pretty light effects, to using smoke bombs, or even just the glare of the sun to create stunning photos, their creativity is just astounding. One photographer hack you can easily do is using plastic wrap for that hazy photo effect. 

image courtesy of gambartop.com

Just take some plastic wrap and wrap it around your camera lens, leaving the center wide open. You could also try crumpling up the wrap a bit to create a bit more texture. Don’t be afraid to experiment with it and find your own style for that hazy effect. 

Leave Your Stovetops and Countertops Shinning

Once the grease and dirt accumulates and hardens on your stovetops and counters, you can spend hours and buckets of sweat just trying to get rid of them. To avoid all this unnecessary effort, get some ammonia, paper towels, and plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of The Daddest

First, soak the paper towels in ammonia, and then place them on top of the dirty stovetop or countertop. After that, cover the entire area with plastic wrap and leave it soaking for a night. The next morning, you can simply pull off the wrap and paper towels and watch as the thick dirt comes along with it. The, use a clean towel to wipe off any residue to really bring out that sparkle. 

Keep Pets Out Of Plants

We don’t know what the thing is between our potted plants and our pets (cats and dogs mostly), but our furry little friends just can’t seem to help themselves from attacking the plants every time they have them within reach. 

image courtesy of truckassistances.us

If you think your plants are fine without their help, the solution is to cover your plant pot with plastic wrap. Just place it around the plant, and leave some space for watering. This might, sadly, end any gardening hobbies for your pets but at least your plants remain safe. 

Create Unique Faux Paint Patterns

Not everyone can be an artist. However, you can still get creative designs for your room if you really wanted to with a little bit of a plastic wrap. After applying the first coat of paint, place plastic wrap on top of it and move it around with a paintbrush to create a pattern. 

image courtesy of Artzy Fartzy Creations

Once you’re satisfied with the design, carefully pull off the plastic wrap and apply a finishing coat to get a smooth surface for your walls. Not only is this a fun and easy way to create a unique pattern for your walls, but it also costs very little time and money to do. 

Drawer Packing Hack

When it comes to silverware, you pack them the way you want to. No rules apply and everyone simply does their own thing as long as the stuff gets to their destination safe and sound. If you really want to make silverware packing a lot easier and more effective though, here’s a hack for you. 

image courtesy of thefrugalgirls.com/ Pinterest

Instead of taking out your silverware from their containers, simply wrap the entire container in plastic wrap. This ensures that no piece will go missing, and that no dirt or grime will touch the set. Plus, you won’t have to do any washing or searching once you move into the new place. 

Uncorking Your Wine

When wines are described as corky, it means that they have this unpleasant taste and musty chemical smell that comes from TCA, which often occurs in natural corks and is transferred to the wine. Although it isn’t harmful to the health, the resulting taste can be quite unpleasant. 

image courtesy of livingmgz.com/ Pinterest

While most people would immediately dispose of this wine, you can still save it with some plastic wrap. Ball up some PVC-based plastic wrap, and place it in a jug or pitcher before pouring the wine over it. The plastic wrap absorbs the “corkiness,” and leaves your wine tasting better. If it doesn’t work on the first try, repeat the process until you’ve got a decent wine. 

Protect Your Gadgets On The Beach

Phones and beaches don’t always go together. Sand and water can both get into your phone and ruin all the fun. Fortunately, you can simply wrap your phone, and other gadgets, in plastic wrap to keep it safe while still keeping it functional. 

image courtesy of How To/ YouTube

While a lot of gadgets nowadays are waterproof, sand and dirt can still get into speaker holes and other parts of your phone. Plus, the body of your device can easily get scratched. With plastic wrap though, you have a cheap and easy-to-use alternative to protect your gadgets.

Prevent Freezer Burn

All ice cream lovers would tell you that ice cream is good no matter what. However, they also know that a freezer burn can take away some of that creamy goodness. To make sure your ice cream stays nice and creamy, have some plastic wrap at the ready. 

image courtesy of doyouremember.com/ Pinterest

Cover the top of your ice cream container with plastic wrap before putting the lid back on. This will prevent ice crystals from forming, and keep your ice cream fresh and creamy. This hack also works for other food items that you keep in your freezer. 

Make Your Own Marble Nail Paint Design

The marble nail paint design isn’t disappearing from the fashion scene any time soon. It’s classy, elegant, and it fits everyone. If you don’t want to spend all that time and money to have it done at the salon, though, you could easily do it at home on your own, with the help of plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Art Insider/ YouTube

First, paint your nails with your base color, and let them dry completely. Then, apply your second coat and second color, and then use plastic wrap to blot it or rub it on the surface to create the marbling design. Repeat the process on each nail, and apply a layer of protective coating to finish it off.  

Simple and Cheap Home Decoration

There are so many ways to create DIY home décor. With plastic wrap, you can elevate the look of any glass jar or container. Simply take a jar or any transparent container, fill it up with water, and place some plastic wrap in it. 

image courtesy of The Daddest

This will create a fancy ice-like effect on the water, and make your simple jar décor a lot cooler than minutes earlier. You can even add elements like fruits, flowers, or even toys to add a little more spice to your new decoration. 

Keep Devices Splatter Free In The Kitchen

When you’re too busy chopping up meats, hauling out the flour, or doing what you need to do to prepare your next meal, you might not notice all the splatters that are raining down on your gadgets that hold the recipe you’re following. 

image courtesy of Reynolds Brands

To make sure that your gadgets remain safe, clean, and splatter-free, simply wrap them in plastic wrap. That way, you won’t have to worry about any grease marks, and you also won’t have to be so careful with where your fingers touch.

Prevent Muddy Messes On The Floor

Dragging in mud from working in the garden won’t only earn you muddy floors, but will also earn you the ire of whoever cleaned the floors that week, or day. To avoid such a scenario, make sure you keep your floors clean with some plastic wrap. 

image courtesy of Family Handyman

Before coming inside, try to keep plastic wrap handy by the door to wrap around your shoes. Then, before going back out into the world, simply take off the plastic wrap. This will help save you time and make cleaning your shoes a lot easier as well. 

Replace Sealers With Plastic Wrap

Sealers are pretty great and easy to use to seal up food items and keep them fresh for longer, or until you fully consume them. However, in the event that one isn’t readily available, you can simply use plastic wrap to seal your bags.

image courtesy of bernzomatic.com

Place the items in the bag and push out as much air as possible. Then, wrap it around with plastic wrap. This will effectively seal the contents and prevent any air from coming in as well allowing you to keep it for a day or two.