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Cheating Hacks That Deserve Nothing Less Than a B+

Whether the class you struggle with is difficult or just boring and hard to focus on, it’s definitely tempting to take the easy way out when it comes to tests and quizzes. If you’ve ever considered cheating on your test but decided against the idea, it’s probably because you weren’t sure your plan was going to succeed. While we don’t condone cheating and certainly don’t recommend it, it’s safe to say that there have been some pretty creative methods of cheating over the years. It’s pretty fun to see all the neat ways people can hack school and even boost up their grades. Some students have so much creativity to beat the system using their own methods. Let’s check a few of them out!

Nail Notes

It’s pretty easy to see that this student has a talent for nail art. From a distance, it looks like her nails are simply done up with a pretty pattern. Up close, however, you can see that the lines of text are actually test answers!

Image courtesy of dalimkh/Imgur

She must have had to write small – like, teeny tiny! – to pull this off. But once she had it finished, there’s no doubt that she realized what a foolproof plan she had; teachers are never going to think to inspect a student’s nails for cheat codes.

Cheating In Plain Sight

Ah, the power of the term “hiding in plain sight”. Sometimes, this is the best way to get around things. Surely they won’t expect what they’re looking for if it’s right there in front of them! One such case is when you want to cheat on your test without making it too obvious.

Image courtesy of ETgoHome/Reddit

Do you see the cheat sheet in this photo? We do! But if we were the teacher in this classroom, we probably wouldn’t. We’d be too busy looking for students using extravagant, overly-obvious cheating methods to notice the conservative one pictured here.

Brain Vitamins

When you take a sip of vitamin water, you probably don’t imagine that it could be used for much more than re-hydrating. This crafty student, though, thought outside of the box and saw an opportunity when he bought his pre-class vitamin water.

Image courtesy of solidsnake4545/

Before his test, he took the time to use his computer to recreate the vitamin water label. The kicker though? Instead of nutritional information on the label, he replaced it with answers to his upcoming test! This is one creative cheat, if we must say so ourselves.

Hydration Is Key

Everyone – even students taking tests!- needs to stay hydrated. Most teachers understand this and allow their students to have a water bottle or drink at their desk. And if your teacher just so happens to be one of these teachers, you’re in luck!

Image courtesy of TuTte FutTe JoK3S/Facebook

Why not have a juice box next time you take a test? Not only are juice boxes delicious, but they’re also handy for stashing mini cheat sheets. All you have to do is slide a slip of paper into the side of your juice box and take a peek when you need a hint.

Cell Phone Nook

In the digital day and age, the easiest way to cheat on a test is by using your phone. The thing is, though, that teachers are as aware of this as their students are. As a result? Test takers are monitored for phone use during their test. Some teachers even confiscate them!

Image courtesy of Rhea Kelly/

Most of the time phones are used to look up answers or store electronic notes which can be accessed during the test. Without a phone, though, or with a teacher’s watchful eye on you, there’s no way to use these strategies – unless, of course, you take a lesson from this savvy student.

Caught Underhanded

When you’re shorthanded, it’d be a blessing to have an extra hand or two, right? Well, this student has decided that being shorthanded during a test is a no-go. Instead of using only his two hands and brain for his test, he’s made use of an extra set of hands.

Image courtesy of dalimkh/Imgur

This hack, as clever as it is, isn’t one that we could see ourselves using, but let’s face it – even if he got caught, the teacher would surely be impressed by his creativity. Let’s hope he or she finds it as clever as we do!

Calculator or Computer?

The best thing about old smartphones is that they’re small. Most of them are small enough to fit on top of a scientific calculator, which is something we’ve never thought of…until we saw what this student did with his phone and calculator.

Image courtesy of

Sometime before the test, this student took time out of their day to transform their innocent calculator into the equivalent of a mobile answer sheet. They removed the inside portion of the calculator and placed their old smartphone inside, giving them access to the web while they’re supposed to be doing calculations manually. If this isn’t sneaky, we don’t know what is.


The entire premise of this cheating hack relies on one student. That’s right – one student is responsible for his or her classmates’ grades. Talk about tons of pressure, in addition to their usual trials and tribulations! Regardless, this method is nothing short of genius.

Image courtesy of Jonathan Ernst/

One particularly studious pupil studies for the test, memorizing all of the correct answers and cementing them in their memory. Then, during test time, the student and their buddies communicate the test answers through various bodily signals: a cough for A, a sneeze for B, and so on. The classroom could get pretty noisy using this method!

A Scribbling Idea

One of the more classic cheats on our list, this one is handy and easy to pull off. If you’ve ever broken or taken a pen apart, you know how easily it can be put back together without all of its internal parts – that is what this method depends on.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

To get away with this cheat, all you have to do is take apart your lucky pen and replace its internal parts with a rolled up piece of paper (preferably one that has your answers written on it!). Put the pen back together; when you need an answer off your sheet, click the pen to produce the paper.

Shoes to Pass The Test

Wearing the right shoes is critical to the success of your test – especially if you’re relying on your favorite sneakers to give you the right answers. A pair of shoes with a thick rubber sole can be a good place to store helpful hints if you’re lacking an extra piece of paper.

Image courtesy of Cedric Jackson/

This is a pretty good way to get a bit of extra help, all things considered. The teacher isn’t going to think that you have cheat cheat codes on your shoes, but at the same time, he or she will probably wonder why you’re taking your shoes off in the middle of class.

2x The Notes

Some teachers allow students to have a single index card of notes with them for their tests and exams. This card can be as full as humanly possible, as long as it’s the only card in your possession. That means that anything goes: writing small, abbreviating words, doodling, high lighting – truly, anything and everything!

Image courtesy of zacksilverberg/Reddit

Instead of writing as small as possible or squishing the card full of information, diagrams, and word abbreviations, this clever student made use of a pair of 3D glasses. By writing notes on top of each other in red and blue pen, the student can use the 3D glasses to isolate each color and read their carefully thought out notes.

Edible Evidence

If you can write small, you can manage to succeed with this cheat. See, it involves writing small enough that you can fit your answers on a stick of gum, which can be quite the challenge if you have a habit of writing big.

Image courtesy of Tara Freeman/St. Laurence University

When you’re done with your answers, just pop in your gum and call it a day! This is a cheat best suited for short quizzes; eating every piece of gum with an answer on it can and likely will make your jaw super sore if your test is a long one.

Half Past Cheat

The teacher doling out this student’s test was equally impressed and angry. After all, who wouldn’t be? The idea is pure gold but the motive? Questionable (cheating is never encouraged!). Nonetheless, this certainly looks like something pulled straight out of a Cold War spy movie.

Image courtesy of Nasir/Pinterest

The student managed to rig up a scroll system using a watch and a piece of rolled up paper. When he tunes the watch, the paper turns, revealing his answers. We wouldn’t be surprised if this student turns out to be an engineer in his later years!

Screenshot Success

The younger generation tends to have more knowledge about technology than the older generation. This tech-savvy generation knows how to harness the power of technology and use it to their advantage in many areas of life – including the classroom, which gives them an advantage over many of their teachers.

Image courtesy of thisismyNaMe/Reddit

Taking a graded computer-based test, this student decided to use their tech knowledge for the greater good of their fellow peers. The student took a series of screenshots of the correct test answers and sent them to their peers. Talk about helpful!

Rubber Band Fidget

This basic cheat takes a little planning. A few days before the test, you’ll need to start fidgeting with a rubber band during class. Stretch, flip, twist, and snap it – have fun with it! Just make sure it’s obvious, and make sure you wear it out a tad.

Image courtesy of missAwitton45/Imgur

The day before your big test, stretch the rubber band across a book or binder and write the answers on it while it’s stretched out. Then, when you remove the rubber band, the writing looks like scribbles and doodles. A nervous habit, perhaps? With any luck the supervising teacher will think so.

Ring of Notes

This is, we conclude, the definition of “ring of knowledge”. While it doesn’t look like anything unethical, this handy little ring is actually a naughty yet genius little book of cheat codes, notes, and tips to help wearers ace the test.

Image courtesy of Rachel Ashcroft/

You could wear the ring as a fashion statement, or you could use it to cheat, of course. When the teacher comes by, you can always do what this student did and turn the ring so that the book side is facing down and out of sight. We’re not sure where to find one of these handy cheating contraptions, but it’s nice to know that they’re out there.

Notes From The Source

If your teacher allows you to bring a full-size piece of paper with notes on it to class, this cheating hack could be just the thing for you. Most of your notes probably come from your textbook, right? If so, then great!

Image courtesy of willwork4luv/Reddit

You can use your computer to create a font that looks almost like your printing. Then, copy and paste the textbook notes into a document, apply your font, and print! You’ll be left with a page of “hand written” notes that are straight from the textbook. An added bonus here is that if you squint your eyes the right way, it might not even be considered cheating.

Notes To Blow Your Nose In

This method of cheating has been around as long as tissues themselves. It’s not original but does seem to have some success, seeing as it’s still used so commonly. Before the test, write your notes on a piece of single-use tissue and tuck it securely into your pocket.

Image courtesy of GnomeoWilkins/Imgur

Once you’re completing the test, all you have to do is sniffle, cough, and sneeze like you have the worst cold of your life. Throw the notes away afterwards and feel free to rip them up just to make sure evidence is destroyed.

Baseball Cap Time

If you don’t wear baseball caps, whether or not you have a particular team you root for, now might be the time to start. Why? It’s simple – a classic baseball hat is a great way to cheat the system and get some additional help with tests.

Image courtesy of Brian Reed/Penn State News

By taping a cheat sheet onto the inside brim of your baseball hat, you’re not only smuggling extra help into your test but also giving yourself easy access to said help. With this one, though, you’ll need to make sure that the people on either side of you aren’t going to rat you out to the teacher.

All Wrapped Up

It goes without saying that to function properly the brain and body need a certain amount of sugar. So, during an exam, this crafty student had just that in mind, and was sure to bring plenty of sugar with her – just in case.

Image courtesy of Charlotte Shuter/WordPress

Before the exam, she had unwrapped a dozen or so pieces of candy and written cheats on the inside of the wrappers. She then painstakingly wrapped each piece of candy back up, only to unwrap them and enjoy a sweet treat while giving herself helpful hints later on.

Stylish And Sneaky

What’s better than being fashion forward and sneaky? Getting an A on your tests, of course! But no worries if you’re not the scholastic whiz you ought to be – using this simple cheat hack, A’s are never too far out of reach.

Image courtesy of Marie McGlathery/

After writing various keywords and helpful notes on her arm, this student then covered them up with bracelets. The good thing about this is that bracelets are cheap, fun to accessorize with, and unassuming: no one’s going to clue in to what’s beneath them without some serious thought.

Band-Aid Coverup

Everyone knows that cheaters never win, right? Well, whether you get that weird gut feeling about it or not, surely reminding yourself of one or two answers isn’t cheating…after all, the rest of the test was completed using brain power alone!

Image courtesy of Household Hacker/YouTube

If that idea is something you can get on board with, you’ll love this cheating hack. By using a band-aid, you guarantee that even if you’re tempted to, you can’t get out of more than one or two questions and that you won’t get caught.

Skirting Around

While this hack is most effective for girls (who look totally natural wearing a skirt to class), it could probably work for guys, too. Regardless, this cheating method is somewhat bolder than the ones we’ve mentioned so far and is likely to get you some extra attention from peers.

Image courtesy of Huian Zhao/

It could very easily gain your teacher’s attention, too, but by writing your answers on your upper leg, it’s a lot less likely that he or she will ask to see your cheat sheet if you get caught. Imagine how awkward it would be for your teacher to ask to see your thigh!

Smartwatch Of Secrets

Let’s be honest: students cheat at some point during their academic career. Usually, this is done by smuggling in notes or cellphones. This student, though, took things up a notch and purchased a Smartwatch specifically to be used to cheat.

Image courtesy of Sarah Kimmorley/

He simply screenshots his notes and sends them to his Smartwatch, which he wears to all of his tests and quizzes. This way, he can sneakily and quietly view his notes whenever he needs them without looking like he’s breaking the rules.

A Signature Method

One way to ace a test is to wear the answers you’re looking for. If you’re like us, you probably saw the photo of this sweatshirt and immediately began to wonder how on Earth this was used to cheat….and how we could do it ourselves.

Image courtesy of bivy/Ebay

Apparently, this student wrote their notes and cheat codes hidden among the different types of writing that appear splashed across their sweater. If we had done this, we’d show up to class confident that no one would ever guess that we were literally covered in cheats.

A Bathroom Break

This clever girl used bathroom breaks to her advantage: every bathroom break was an excuse to check her notes, which she kept in the bathroom and away from her teacher’s gaze. To make sure that no one removed her notes, they’re up high enough that most people wouldn’t bother trying to take them down.

Image courtesy of Adam White/

With so many notes here, we’re assuming that she got herself an A on whatever test she was taking, but we’re also crossing our fingers that she remembered to take them down as quick as can be after the test.

A Great View

Everyone knows that students perform better in subjects that they enjoy. When you take a test in your favorite class, you’re probably a ton more enthusiastic about it than you would be taking the same test if it concerned another subject.

Image courtesy of Dinesh Babu/Quora

Unfortunately, tests comes in all shapes and sizes and you’re going to have to take one in your least favorite subject at some point. When this happens? Do as this student did and be sure to get a seat with a view of the pole that you wrote your notes on.

Underneath the Nails

Wow. Now this method of cheating is particularly impressive. We’ve seen people write small to get away with cheating before, but have you ever seen someone write small enough that their notes can fit right there under their finger nails? We haven’t!

Image courtesy of Michelle Ralston/Quora

This student has managed to write small enough, which is the first success. The question is, though, can she even read her own miniature writing in the first place? We sure hope she has 20/20 vision or all this effort was for nothing.

Tap Twice for A

Tests have been scaring the information right out of people’s heads for hundreds of years. Think about it: how many times have you been totally prepared for a test the night before, only to have all of the information vanish when it comes down to filling in your answers?

Image courtesy of Micheal Ricci/Unsplash

As long as one of your friends can remember the correct answers, you’re good to go. Whoever is designated to be the brain’s of the operation can tap their pencil once for A, twice for B, and so on! Simple, right? We almost wish we could go back and try this cheat ourselves, just for the sheer fun of it.

Cheats Up Your Sleeve

Academic integrity is a great thing to strive for. But it’s honestly no wonder that so many students resort to cheating. After all, they wake up early, go to class all day, do homework for hours, only to tuck themselves into bed with hours’ worth of work left to do.

Image courtesy of bigbluecat76/Reddit

Worn out and functioning at a low level, this guy has taken to tucking the test answers up his sleeve. He’s taped a piece of paper with the correct answers on the inside of his shirt sleeves and we can’t blame him.

Starbucks Saves the Day

Addicted to caffeine? Is Starbucks the first stop of the day everyday? If you answered yes to both of these questions, then this cheat hack is going to be your new favorite. Starbucks employees are supposed to give you a sleeve on your hot drinks.

Image courtesy of Kiki Williams/Unsplash

When they do, take it off your cup and write the answers to any tests you have that day before replacing the sleeve. Be careful not to scald your hands! Who knew that outside of its usual purpose, that green and white logo would become so handy?

Ruling It Out

Got one of those old wooden rulers kicking around? You know the ones: solid wood or maybe with a metal back. This quick-thinking person did – and they used it for more than just drawing straight lines and measuring the length of objects. As it turns out, the backside of your wooden ruler is a great place to write yourself a cheat sheet.

Image courtesy of Ashley Willis/

When setting up this cheat, you’ll need to make sure that you use a pencil – a pen or marker is too permanent and will make this cheat a one-time-only affair. It might also be a good idea to keep your ruler cheat side down on your work surface!

Proper Plagiarism

On the list of unethical things you could do in an educational setting, plagiarism is one of the top points bound to get you in a whole lot of serious trouble. If you must do it, though, there are right and wrong ways to go about it.

Image courtesy of John J. Briar/Unsplash

Don’t copy and paste a passage from a book or website and call it a day – that’s just asking for trouble (teachers have strategies to weed out cut and dry cases of plagiarism!). Instead, copy and paste and then go through and change a few words within the phrase. You can even rewrite and reorder sentences to make it original.

(Acrylic) Nailed It!

Another great example of nail art coming to the rescue, this student has made use of her acrylic nails. These stick-on nails can be purchased from any beauty store and are a lot less costly than a real set of nails from a salon.

Image courtesy of Tara Lilliard/

Using teeny tiny writing, the student managed to write answers underneath her nails. At test time, she can simply flip her nails up to retrieve the answers, replacing them when the teacher walks by. This is pure genius! We do wonder if it’s only applicable for girls?

Answer Swapping

If you have a best friend, chances are that the two of you make a great team. So, why not work together to earn an A? Fill in your test answers to the best of your ability and be sure to sit beside your best friend.

Image courtesy of David Gessler/Barnimages

Once you’re both done filling in your sheets, swap papers, and then fill in any blanks that your friend left. Together, neither paper will be left with blank answers and you have a good chance of getting a higher grade.

Socks On, Shoes Off

The most ingenious methods of cheating come in a variety of shapes and sizes. It comes down to creativity and stealth, essentially. So, if you want to be remembered for your innovative cheating methods, consider making use of your ankles.

Image courtesy of bigworldblues/Imgur

Yep, you heard that right! You can wear ankle socks to school and use them to cover answers written on your ankles or to conceal a piece of paper. If the teacher walks by, just pull your sock back up and act like you had an itch.

Invisible Inking

As the saying goes, tests are not the things that condone cheating; it’s actually the conditions that the tests are given under. Even if there is a teacher present and monitoring the situation, there are still plenty of different opportunities to cheat.

Image courtesy of chickenlittle4/Reddit

In instances where you’re allowed a blank piece of paper for working out problems, use your paper as a secret notebook. Write notes in invisible ink and use the note paper as the permitted blank paper. Be careful, though, because you’ll need to use a small light to see your ink!

Extra Words

Honestly, there’s nothing worse than an essay with a specific word count. The higher the word count, the more effort you need to put into the essay and, let’s face it – effort is not something that should be dragged out of a person who has been hit with writer’s block at 1,000 words.

Image courtesy of Ellen Bryant/ Unsplash

If your essay contains names that have been shortened to only the last name of the person, go back and add their first name wherever possible. You can also do this with abbreviations for states and other place names. This should add a few extra words and help you meet your word count.


There have definitely been times in our educational career where we didn’t want to read our assigned books. We did, though, but we might not have had we known about this handy trick. This student has taken his assigned novel and conducted an online search for reports on it.

Image courtesy of Fredrick Holmes/Unsplash

He found one he liked and translated it into multiple different languages. At the end, he translated it back to English and did some minor adjustments to correct grammar, spelling, and other minor flaws. Voilà! If you can handle a bit of copy and pasting and then a few minutes of editing, you can handle this cheat.

Music Notes

Like spare sheets of paper and index cards, many teachers allow students to listen to music during their tests. Back in the day, this wouldn’t have been a problem. But in today’s society, even music can be used to cheat.

Image courtesy of rbagwell1/Pinterest

It’s simple, really. You can use your smartphone to record yourself reading your notes, saving the recording for later use. You can play it in class with your headphones in, using it to fill in your answers and get a good grade. Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly daring, you could also search up a video related to your test subject online.

Deadline Extension

Ideal for college and university students who might hand things in online, this cheat is pure genius. If you’re stressed about an assignment deadline, don’t worry! All you have to do is send your teacher a file he or she can’t open.

Image courtesy of Roman and Igor/Barnimages

They’ll likely try to open it a few times before responding to you and informing you that, for whatever reason, they can’t open your assignment. Oh no! This gives you a bit of extra time to finish the project and then hand in a version that they can open and grade.


Studying for tests is all about memorization. Usually, you’d try to memorize key points and information from notes and textbooks. But have you ever tried to memorize, word for word, an entire textbook page? Much like a robot running on auto pilot, the student who told us about this cheat said that she simply sat down and memorized her book word for word.

Image courtesy of Jacob Lund/Shuttershock

This way, she memorized the entire thing and not just specific information. This hack works because it’s much easier to remember a passage word by word without thinking than it is to really let each word sink in – think of muscle memory as an example.

Pencil Reader

Multiple choice questions are a favorite kind of test format for many students, if not most. They give you choices and you can use your gut to determine the best one – even if you don’t actually know the correct answer.

Image courtesy of Dina Kromm/Pinterest

Or, you could always try to decode what the smartest person in the class is writing down by observing the movement of their pencil. Okay – it’s not the most solid cheating hack, but with a bit of practice you might get good at it.

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