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45 Crazy and Peculiar Celebrity Phobias

Many celebrities have absolutely zero qualms about performing in front of thousands of people or performing dangerous stunts. But that doesn’t mean they’re fearless in the face of certain things. Interestingly, there’s a gamut of celebrity fears out there that are just downright weird and even crazy. When we usually think of phobias, we think of heights or snakes, the simple things. But then, there are some celebrity phobias that we can’t even begin to try and explain. What kind of reasoning would you give fear of spoons or clothes hangers? But then again, who are we to judge? Whether we like to admit it or not, we all have our own quirks. And whether you already know it or not, we bet you have your own irrational fears. While you ponder on that, here are some of the craziest and most unusual celebrity phobias.

Alfred Hitchcock – Eggs

When you think of what Alfred Hitchcock, the man behind some of the scariest films in movie history, might be afraid of, you might think of something deep or profound or something really messed up. But in reality, the man is scared of something more simple: eggs. “I’m afraid of eggs,” he once famously admitted. “That white round thing without any holes…have you ever seen anything more revolting than an egg yolk breathing and spilling its yellow liquid?”

image courtesy of CBS Television and Tengyart/ Unsplash

Strangely enough, there is an actual term for the fear of eggs: ovophobia. And when you’d think that that’s the only bizarre thing the famous director was afraid of, you’re sorely mistaken. He was also scared of sex, heights, and he also reportedly has a lifelong fear of being mistakenly arrested and thrown in jail for life. 

P. Diddy – Toes

Some people don’t like feet, and we get it. Feet can be smelly, feet can be weird, and feet can just be offputting to some. P. Diddy takes it to a whole other level, though. On the Tonight Show With Jay Leno, the rapper revealed that he specifically has a phobia of people with long second toes. 

image courtesy of Rune Enstad/ Unsplash and Mario Perez/ CBS Broadcasting

P. Diddy’s phobia of long second toes goes so far that he admitted it even affects his dating life. He doesn’t even wait ‘til the second or third date. On the first date, he definitely has to know how long his date’s toes are. He may hold off on the kiss, but he has got to see those toesies. 

Jake Gyllenhaal – Ostriches

An ostrich can kill a lion, so maybe Jake Gyllenhaal’s fear isn’t that crazy. Still, when you consider the majority of the human population who treat ostriches with neutrality, it is kind of bizarre. As it turns out, though, Gyllenhaal developed his fear of the long-legged bird while filming Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. 

image courtesy of A24 and Krzysztof Niewolny /Unsplash

The crew would tell the poor actor not to make a sound around the birds lest they tear his eyes and heart out. No wonder Gyllenhaal was so terrified. His co-star Gemma Arterton can even attest to it. She said that when Gyllenhaal would run away from the birds, his face was just a mask of terror. There was no acting, just plain fear. 

Christina Ricci – Houseplants

Everyone seems to love houseplants. The things have become quite a staple in house decor in recent years. But apparently, it’s not everyone who loves these beautiful little things. If there’s one person that dislikes them so much she wouldn’t even go near them, it’s Christina Ricci. 

image courtesy of Mahmoud Wally/ Unsplash and Amazon Prime

Interestingly enough, Ricci is not afraid of all plants. It’s just the ones in people’s homes. She revealed that this comes from her intense dislike of gardening and soil in general. It makes her feel dirty, and if she has to touch one, it really freaks her out. At least now her friends know what not to get her for any housewarming or birthday present. 

Khloe Kardashian – Belly Button

Kendall isn’t the only one with an abnormal fear in the Kardashian clan, but we will get to that later. Her sister Khloe has an even more bizarre phobia: a fear of belly buttons. In 2016, Khloe revealed her hatred for belly buttons on her website and app. As she said, “You can’t touch mine, and I don’t want to touch yours.”

image courtesy of Bunim/ Murray Productions and Mateus Campos Felipe/ Unsplash

Her hatred/ fear of the thing even goes so far that when she washes her belly button, she wears hand mitts and screams, according to her, at least. When she was pregnant, she was also terribly concerned about her innie becoming an outie. Fortunately, plenty of moms came to comfort and support her through it. 

Katie Holmes – Raccoons

People who live in raccoon infested places know that those little things are pretty ballsy. And it seems that that didn’t go well with Katie Holmes. When a raccoon just blatantly ignored the assumption that most animals are more afraid of humans than we are of them, Holmes just lost it. 

image courtesy of FX Network and Richard Burlton/ Unsplash

In an appearance on The Tonight Show With Jay Leno, she explained how she discovered her fear. She was just sitting comfortably outside in New York one day, and this raccoon comes up to her. She stared at it, expecting it to go away in fear of her. But it just stared back. As Holmes said, it looked absolutely ready to kick her butt. Hilariously, Holmes’s defense mechanism kicked in in the form of barking at the creature. Amazingly, it worked, and the raccoon scampered away. 

Tyrese Gibson – Owls

Tyrese Gibson isn’t afraid to do complicated and dangerous stunts. But if there’s one thing anyone can’t get him to do, it’s to get near an owl. These wide-eyed birds just terrify the living soul out of the actor so much so that he completely avoids anything that has even the hint of an owl in it. 

image courtesy of Ahmed Badawy/ Unsplash and Paramount

He’s never been to Hooters, which has an owl on its logo. And he has never seen any of the Harry Potter movies because they had owls throughout the films. According to the actor, the fear started when he was very young. He hasn’t been able to look at even an image of the bird ever since. 

Ellen Page – Tennis Balls

Ellen Page played Kitty Pryde in both X-Men: Days of Future Past and X-Men: The Last Stand. And the reason why her acting was so convincing, especially on the parts where she looked so afraid is tennis balls. The crew had to use tennis balls as props on the scenes involving computer graphics, and with Page’s phobia of them, it all worked out pretty well. 

image courtesy of Valentin Balan/ Unsplash and Christos Kalohoridis/ Netflix

Page revealed on Late Night With Seth Meyers that she has always been terrified by the small balls. She can’t even watch tennis matches on TV. When it comes on, she immediately gets up and leaves the room. That’s pretty intense. 

David Beckham –  Birds

David Beckham always looks cool and suave. But if there’s one thing that can get under his skin, it’s birds, particularly pigeons. Apparently, Beckham is terrified of being attacked by a flock of these things, especially in public spaces. That’s not his only fear, though. 

image courtesy of Warner Bros and Max Berger/ Unsplash

Aside from things with wings, Beckham is also afraid of things that hop, more specifically, frogs. As the tale goes, while he and friends trekked the Amazon, they came across a poisonous orange frog, and Beckham totally freaked out. Aside from that, his wife Victoria also said that he has a thing with clutter and general untidiness. His clothes have to be coordinated by color, and his drinks should be lined up properly in the fridge. 

Kylie Minogue – Clothes Hangers

Hangers can’t hurt you unless they’re in the hands of a maniac probably. All the same, Kylie Minogue hates them. She loves indulging in fashion, and like other celebrities who love style, she has a whole room of her house dedicated to her clothes. But she will never let a single piece touch a clothes hanger. 

image courtesy of Christian Fregnan/ Unsplash and Pierre Grise Productions

The reason why she hates the things so much is that Minogue hates the sound they make when you put them in the wardrobe. Her solution? To lay out all her clothes. No wonder she needs a whole room all for her clothes. It’s probably a huge one too just for the sake of keeping all the hangers out. 

Orlando Bloom – Pigs

Pork is delicious! And the animal that this comes from is probably one of the most harmless creatures on the planet. Apparently, those cute little snouts and their general place in the food chain can’t convince Orlando Bloom that pigs are far from threatening. 

image courtesy of Jez Timms/ Unsplash and Walt Disney Pictures

Allegedly, the actor’s fear was revealed while he was filming the Kingdom of Heaven. While we may see him standing his ground against monsters and such on screen, Bloom actually ran like crazy when a pig ran loose on set. Sorry, Orlando, but that would’ve been such a sight to see. 

Matthew McConaughey – Revolving Doors

Alright, alright, alright. When you think of Matthew McConaughey and all the wild tales that have sprung up about him all these years, you’d think, “Ok, maybe this man has his quirks and all that, but he couldn’t be that weird,” but you’d be slightly mistaken. Snakes don’t faze this man, but you know what does? Revolving doors.

image courtesy of Paramount and Artem Sapegin/ Unsplash

McConaughey simply can’t stand them. He even gets antsy just by being near them. Not only revolving doors, though, but he’s also afraid of tunnels. He’s specifically afraid of that blindspot you have when plunging into a tunnel. You momentarily can’t see anything in front of you, and you don’t know whether you’ll hit something or not. This one makes more sense. 

Pamela Anderson – Mirrors

We really can’t blame Pamela Anderson for her mirror phobia. With all the horror stuff out there, mirrors have gained an eerie reputation. But for someone who has built a career with her looks, this is a strange fear to have. 

image courtesy of Elena Kloppenburg/ Unsplash and Toglenn/ Wikimedia Commons

Anderson revealed to the Daily Mail that she can’t stand to look in mirrors. She also can’t stand watching herself on television. So when her face pops up on anything, she either leaves the room or makes someone turn off the tv. You got to admire her, though. She got us all beat. How does she even get herself model ready every day without looking in a mirror?

Adele – Seagulls

Remember those scenes from movies where a bird would just suddenly swoop down from the sky and swipe food or something from a character for comedic relief? Well, Adele had her very own experience of that. But it wasn’t as fun for her.  

image courtesy of Elena Kloppenburg/ Unsplash and Toglenn/ Wikimedia Commons

Apparently, when she was young, a huge seagull swiped her ice cream from her hand while she was walking down the street. It probably would’ve been ok and would’ve given her a great tale to tell if not for the scar it left on her shoulder. Now the singer is terrified of them. Yikes. 

Nicole Kidman – Butterflies

Australia is filled with pretty terrifying creatures like giant snakes and spiders. And growing up there, you’d think Nicole Kidman would be terrified of much scarier things, but no. The actress is actually terrified of something that is far from terrifying for plenty of us: butterflies. 

image courtesy of HBO and Yuichi Kageyama/ Unsplash

Kidman has had her fear of butterflies ever since she was young. In an interview, she said that if she saw a moth or a butterfly on their front gate when coming home, she’d jump over the wall and crawl around their house just to avoid it. She tried to conquer her fear by walking around the butterfly cages in the Museum of Natural History, but sadly, it didn’t work.

Cameron Diaz – Doorknobs

If there’s something that can beat Matthew McConaughey’s fear of revolving doors, it’s Cameron Diaz’s fear of doorknobs. This fear seems like it belongs to a quirky character in a comedy film, but it’s real. And Cameron Diaz is one of the rare ones who suffer from it. 

image courtesy of Twentieth Century Fox and Elias/ Unsplash

Diaz can’t stand touching doorknobs with her bare hands. Now, that’s quite a tricky one to get out of. How does she manage, you ask. She wears gloves all the time, and instead of using her hands, she’d often use her elbows to open doors. 

Tyra Banks – Dolphins

How can anyone not like dolphins? They’re smart, they’re playful, and they’re overall lovely creatures. It’s often, a lot of people’s dreams to go swimming with dolphins but not Tyra Banks. She’s petrified of the majestic creatures and would rather stay on dry land for her whole life rather than encounter one. 

image courtesy of Tyra Banks/ Instagram and Silviu Georgescu/ Unsplash

As she revealed on her now-defunct talk show, the fear has been with her since she was eight. She used to dream about them. In her dream, she was in a pool, and the dolphins would keep bumping into her. She did, however, try to conquer her fear, even touching, hugging, and kissing the animals on her show, but as she admits, she still has a long way to go. Now though, she’s assured that when she snorkels and sees one, she won’t hyperventilate and drown. 

Kyra Sedgwick – Talking Food

When you think about it, the idea of food coming alive and having faces and talking would be pretty darned terrifying, so maybe Kyra Sedwick’s fear isn’t that illogical. Because of her fear, she reportedly can’t stand any of those commercials with all the dancing, singing talking food. She has to leave the room every time one comes on.

image courtesy of Columbia Pictures and Manis Film

Once he realized the extent of her fear, her husband Kevin Bacon did everything he could to comfort her. He even rejected a lucrative deal with M&M because he would’ve appeared as a giant talking candy in one of their adverts. As he told the Huffington Post, he couldn’t do that to his wife because his marriage was more important. He really believes she would’ve kicked him out if he did it. That’s very sweet of Kevin. 

Rita Ora – Toilets

There’s a lot of scary things that can happen in the bathroom. You can slip and hit your head, you can get mugged in a public restroom, or as horror movies would suggest, you can get haunted in a bathroom. But that’s not precisely why Rita Ora is afraid of bathrooms, more specifically toilets. 

image courtesy of Rita Ora/ Instagram and Curology/ Unsplash

Rather than anything else, Ora is scared of toilets because she always feels that something’s going to come out of the bottom, ala The Grudge. She has this idea stuck in her head that there’s a tunnel that starts from somewhere, and it might end up in the toilet. That’s why she hates hanging around there, especially when it’s dimly lit. So when she goes, she makes sure that all the lights are on. 

Sarah Paulson – Bees, Tiny Holes, and Clowns

No one is more afraid of American Horror Story than one of its lead stars Sarah Paulson herself. Apparently, the actress doesn’t even do much acting there, especially for her stint in AHS: Cult. Everything she’s screaming at on-screen would also make her scream bloody murder in real life. And that includes clowns, bees, and heights. 

image courtesy of FX Network and Sebastien Rosset/ Unsplash

She once told Ellen DeGeneres that if she was holding a baby and a bee would fly over, that baby would be dropped. She simply has to run away. That feeling goes the same way for tiny holes as well. Paulson just thinks they’re disgusting. She can’t even stand to look at coral reefs. Sadly for her and more for our amusement, Ellen has used those fears more than once to get a good scare out of Paulson. 

Oprah Winfrey – Chewing Gum

Oprah has been an inspiration to countless people that it’s hard to find one bad word against her. Even her fear of chewing gum is hard to insult. Surprisingly, this is a genuine fear with the name chiclephobia. And Oprah very clearly remembers when hers started.

image courtesy of Sebastien Rosset/ Unsplash and FX Network

In an appearance on Stephen Colbert’s show, Oprah recounted growing up poor in Mississippi. Her grandmother would always try to save gum by sticking chewed balls of gum on the bedpost or the cabinet. Oprah would often bump into them, and it would rub against her. She absolutely hated the feeling of chewed gum that’s been left out for weeks, so she grew to fear it. Her fear is so extreme in fact that she banned chewing gum in her offices. Sadly, she has the rest of the outside world to contend with. 

Channing Tatum – Porcelain Dolls

Dolls are creepy to a lot of people, ok. If you don’t believe us, you should probably go watch Annabelle or any of the Chuckie films. Channing Tatum’s fear of dolls though is more focused on the porcelain kind. 

image courtesy of Bruno Neurath-Wilson/ Unsplash and Paramount Pictures

Tatum just thinks they’re freaky. In an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show, he mentioned their red eyes and how he imagines their heads turning to follow him every time he walks by. He also thinks his fear was influence by a possessed doll on a Friday, the 13th episode. Ellen was merciless, though, and showed up with a pair of creepy porcelain dolls for Tatum. And sadly for him, it was pretty amusing to watch him squirm in his seat. 

Helen Mirren – Phones

As an in-demand Hollywood star, you can expect Helen Mirren to receive tons of calls and messages daily. But it seems that the actress would much rather you send her a letter on paper than answer her phone. Mirren has a crippling fear of phones, and she admitted that it has somewhat gotten in the way of her professional life. 

image courtesy of Mika Baumesiter/ Unsplash and Bleecker Street Films

Phones just make her unbelievably nervous, and she avoids picking them up at any cost. So she always has to have an agent or two on hand to pick up her calls. She’s also quite a fan of answering machines, which she often uses to make up for her fear. 

Liam Payne – Spoons

If you ever get the chance to dine out with Liam Payne, better be careful with your spoon. The former One Direction star has made it known that he has a fear of the kitchen utensil. As he explained to Capital FM, though, he’s not afraid so much of his own spoons but other people’s spoons. 

image courtesy of vagueonthehow/ Wikimedia Commons and Joanna Kosinska/ Unsplash

It’s not that he can’t use them. He’ll eat with one but it has to be his spoon. As it turns out, this fear came as a result of being a naughty child. He wasn’t whipped with it or hit over the head with one, no. He was just made to wash many of them as punishment, and what he saw on the nasty spoons of other people just stuck with him. Interestingly enough, there’s actually a name for his condition: koutaliaphobia.

Megan Fox – Dry Paper

Avid book lovers out there, beware. If you hand Megan Fox a book, don’t expect those dry, crispy pages to remain so forever The actress simply can’t stand being around dry paper, including scripts, books, newspapers, and other things like that. 

image courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Brandi Redd/ Unsplash

This means that the scripts and papers sent to her should be laminated first so she wouldn’t have to lay her fingers on them. Just imagine how many laminated pages of writing that would be. She also revealed that she always kept a glass of water by her bedside for the sole purpose of dipping her fingers into it so she wouldn’t have to touch dry paper. 

Shannon Elizabeth – Chickens

Chickens are delish! You fry them; you put them in a stew, you make a soup out of them, basically, almost every way you cook a chicken, they taste great. The reason Shannon Elizabeth doesn’t eat them, though is not just because she’s vegan. She’s terrified of them.

image courtesy of Hallmark Channel and William Moreland/ Unsplash

Aside from the claws and beaks that can do some damage if used against her, Elizabeth is also apprehensive of their small parts. She thinks they’re small enough that they can enter parts of her. So whether she’s vegan or not, you won’t find this gal getting close to any chicken any time at all. 

Hillary Duff – Dirt

Something stranger than fear of dust is liking dirt. Who likes dirt? People don’t like being dirty. And a lot of them certainly don’t love cleaning up every single time. For Hillary Duff, though, it’s a necessity. The actress simply can’t stand dirt.

image courtesy of MGM and NeONBRAND/ Unsplash

Duff has to keep her house free of dirt. Every night, she has to clean up before going to bed to combat her fear. Now that she’s a mom, we wonder how everything’s going with her phobia. We all know that taking care of a baby is difficult enough as it is, especially with all the mess that comes along with them. 

Kelly Osbourne – Being Touched

If you ever meet Kelly Osbourne, it’s better to skip the handshake and definitely the hug and go for something a little more low key. The fashion icon and the daughter of rock legend Ozzy Osbourne suffers from haphephobia aka fear of touching or being touched. 

image courtesy of Tanny Do/ Unsplash and Lifetime

Haphephobia is a rare phobia. It is often described as an exaggerated tendency of a person to protect their personal space. A lot of people express it as a fear of invasion or contamination. Can you imagine fearing some of the best things in life like a hug?

Andy Roddick – Bunnies

Some rabbits have these red glowing eyes, and sure, that‘s terrifying for some people, but it’s hard to imagine anyone actually running away from them in fear. They’re just so fluffy and cute, and if they do attack you for some reason, you can just grab them and put them in a cage. Sadly for Andry Roddick, that’s not enough to reassure his fear of the fluffy hopers. 

image courtesy of Sandy Millar/ Unsplash and Edwin Martinez/ Wikimedia Commons

The tennis star apparently panicked at an Easter brunch when he caught sight of all the workers in bunny costumes walking around giving candy to kids. We can bet he didn’t stay long after that. It makes us wonder how the man also gets through Easter.

Eminem – Owls and Giraffes

Eminem has been through a lot in life and has built a reputation as one tough nut. Kudos to him, he used all his experiences to bust out some chart-toppers. And while there may be so few things that can make him quiver, nothing compares to owls and giraffes. 

image courtesy of Aidas Ciziunas/ Unsplash and DoD News Features/ Wikimedia Commons

The iconic rapper has admitted more than once that he’s terrified of the wide-eyed birds. And you’ll never see him smiling with one around. He’s also pretty creeped out by giraffes. According to him, it’s something about their long necks that’s unsettling to him. 

Rihanna – Fish

Oh, Riri. Growing up in the Caribbeans can be pretty great with all the sun, the beaches, and the culture of the place unless you’re afraid of the one thing that’s plentiful there: fish. Unfortunately for Rihanna, she wasn’t able to enjoy much of her hometown’s abundant supply of the sea creature because of her fear of it. 

image courtesy of Rachel Hisko/ Unsplash and Rihanna/ Instagram

In 2008, she admitted to Blender Magazine that the sea creatures terrified her. She recalled one time when she was out swimming, and she looked down at the clear waters to see tons of tiny fish swimming near her feet. She had a panic attack and just froze. A man had to pull her out of the water. Yikes!

Scarlett Johansson – Birds and Cockroaches

A lot of people don’t like cockroaches. When one of these creepy crawlies starts flying about, you can expect everyone in the room to start scampering out of the room in a panic, and that’s normal. When you wake up with one of them on your face, though, it can cause quite the trauma. Unfortunately, that’s precisely what brought about Scarlett Johansson’s fear of cockroaches.

image courtesy of Marvel and Marina Khrapova/ Unsplash

Aside from roaches though, Johansson has also admitted to having a fear of birds. While promoting her movie We Bought a Zoo; the actress revealed that the flying things terrify her, and it’s something about their beaks, wings, and all the flapping. She also revealed that her uncle has the same fear and mused that it must run in the family. Let’s hope her kids conquer it. 

Lyle Lovett – Cows

This country singer, songwriter, and actor can sing about them and talk about them, but one thing he’ll never do is put himself anywhere near a cow. Lovett, who was also Julia Robert’s ex-husband, has a crippling fear of the creatures and for a good reason. 

image courtesy of Alex Azabache/ Unsplash and Adam Taylor/ American Broadcasting Companies

Cows left him with quite the traumatic memory. While spending some time on his uncle’s ranch, a bull attacked Lovett, and he suffered a severe leg fracture as a result. Ever since then, whenever a cow confronts him, he feels helpless and opts to run away. Poor dear. 

Kristen Stewart – Horses

Kristen Stewart has no qualms hanging about vampires and werewolves, and she’d much rather prefer them then hang around a horse. She has hated the majestic beings ever since she was a child, and we honestly can’t blame her for it.

image courtesy of Universal Pictures and Alex Iby/ Unsplash

When she was nine, she fell off a horse and dislocated her elbow. However, she has since learned to conquer her fear. For Snow White and the Hunstman, she hated all the horseback riding, but she did it anyway because she wanted to be badass. And guess what? She freaking nailed it. 

Billy Bob Thornton – Antique Furniture

Billy Bob Thornton has done some pretty strange things in his life. Remember that time he and Angelina Jolie wore vials of each other’s blood while they were married? Apparently though, he’d much rather do those strange things rather than hang around antique furniture. 

image courtesy of Warner Bros. and Tim Mossholder/ Unsplash

Interestingly enough, it’s not just general antique furniture that he’s afraid of. It’s specifically the European kind. He told the New York Times that he could go the mile with Asian or Mexican antiques but never those French, English, or Scottish stuff. Something about the lion head carvings, the old heavy drapes, and their too large sizes to be functional creeps him out terribly. 

Kendall Jenner – Tiny Holes

You may have heard of trypophobia before, the fear of irregular patterns usually by tiny holes. And when you think of it, there is something a little freaky about it especially when you think of maggot holes or a wasps nest. Kendall Jenner suffers from that fear.

image courtesy of Zineddine Dehar/ Unsplash and Hayu/ Wikimedia Commons

The model revealed that even the sight of pancakes, lotus heads, and honeycombs can trigger her phobia. She simply can’t bring herself to look at tiny holes. It gives her the worst anxiety and as she said so herself, who knows what’s lurking inside those holes. 

Martin Freeman – Avocado Seeds

It’s easy to imagine choking on orange seeds or grape seeds or anything of the like but never avocado seeds. Who would even try to put those humongous seeds in their mouth in the first place? Strange as it may be, actor Martin Freeman has a fear of choking on avocado seeds. 

image courtesy of Alina Karpenko/ Unsplash and New Line Cinema

In an appearance on The Graham Norton Show, Freeman revealed that whenever he cuts through the fruit, he just envisions the stone lodging in his throat. And he immediately starts to feel like he’s gagging. His solution? Not eating that many avocados. 

Jennifer Anniston – Being Underwater

The reason we don’t often see Jennifer Anniston hanging around pools or the beach is that she has a fear of being underwater. Sure, she’ll hang around, get some sun or dip her toes into the water, but you’ll never find her casually just slipping under the surface and doing a few laps. 

image courtesy of Glen Wilson/ Paramount and Jeremy Bishop/ Unsplash

Anniston revealed that fear started when she was young. She was driving on her little tricycle around a pool and she somehow managed to drive it into the water. She didn’t let go and it took her brother to get her out of the pool. For the movie Cake though, she had to face that fear since her character did have to go through water therapy. 

Emily Blunt – Garden Gnomes

Seriously, we blame all those horror movies and all that stuff for giving garden gnomes a more sinister side. But those things can look quite creepy. Just imagine looking out at your lawn in the middle of the night and seeing this little humanoid face peering up at you. Emily Blunt gets this. 

image courtesy of Jay Maidment/ Disney and Lyndse Ballew/ Unsplash

In a 2011 interview with US Weekly, Blunt revealed that she was always creeped out by little things that resemble people when she was a kid. Her friend had gnomes in their home and she recalls just being particularly afraid of them. Funnily enough, she has actually voiced a gnome in not one but two children’s movies. 

Keanu Reeves –  Darkness

Fear of the dark is a pretty common thing. Almost everyone had it when we were children because we thought there were monsters in the dark. Keanu Reeves’ fear made our list, though, because of the unusual reasoning behind it.

image courtesy of Steve Halama/ Unsplash and Summit Entertainment

Reeves is afraid of the dark not in the “jump into bed because the monster under the bed might catch your ankle” kind of way but in a deeper way. According to the beloved actor, he’s afraid of the dark in a more philosophical way. We may never know what that exactly means but it’s clear enough for Reeves to deem it as a legitimate fear of his. 

Kristen Bell – Prune Fingers

Sure, some people might find prune fingers a little weird but Kristen Bell just hates them. She dislikes them so much that she even debuted what she now calls “pool gloves.” It was her husband, Dax Shepard who revealed this bizarre fear of Bell’s. Apparently, even after 11 years of marriage, Bell’s pool gloves come as a surprise to her husband. 

image courtesy of Dax Shepard/ Instagram and Taylor Simpson /Unsplash

At first, Shepard thought his wife just hated swimming. The reality is that Bell just hates the feeling of those granny fingers on skin. So when she goes swimming and her fingers turn pruney, she avoids touching other people at all costs. 

Taylor Swift – Sea Urchins

Taylor Swift has some pretty strong feelings about urchins. And honestly, she’s not wrong to have them. These little critters are harmless as long as you keep them in your sights. But when you’re walking on a rocky beach where everything looks the same, you won’t see these nasty little things coming for you. And boy are they painful!

image courtesy of Taylor Swift/ Instagram and NOAA/ Unsplash

As Swift told Ellen DeGeneres, sea urchins are like grenades. While you’re out and about admiring the beautiful waters and such, these things are just waiting. Then you step on one and it’s spikes get into you and you need to head straight to the emergency room. Her rant might be a little overdramatic but seriously, these things can hurt a hell of a lot. 

Kylie Jenner – Dust In a Cup

It’s difficult to even begin explaining this one since doesn’t everyone not want their cups to be dirty or dusty? According to the business mogul though, seeing dust on her cups really bothers her. And she simply insists on impeccably clean cups.

image courtesy of Juliet Furst/ Unsplash and Kylie Jenner/ Instagram

In an appearance on The Ellen Show, Jenner admitted that she doesn’t also know the reasoning being her irrational fear but it simply is there. She mused that she’s just afraid of it getting into her system. We better hope her dishwashers are performing at their top best then. 

Danielle Jonas – Balloons

Danielle Jonas must have a hard time going to some parties, especially the ones with all the balloons just left to float around on the floor. Kevin Jonas’ wife hates the things because as she said, they scare the crap out of her. 

image courtesy of Hybrid/ Unsplash and Danielle Jonas/ Instagram

During an episode of Married to Jonas, Danielle revealed that balloons aren’t her favorite party items. In fact, she’d rather not have them at any party altogether. According to her, something about their movement and the hitting things just gets to her. They just seem all out of control. 

Robert De Niro – Going to the Dentist

When you look at Robert De Niro, you might automatically assume that he’s this tough guy that has little fear because of all the badass roles he’s played over the years. Interestingly enough though, he has a pretty specific fear: going to the dentist. 

image courtesy of Nhia Moua/ Unsplash and Marro Films

De Niro believes that the equipment dentists use can and will cause disease. It makes us wonder just how he gets convinced to go to the dentist to get his pearly whites cleaned. Another interesting point though is that he did spend thousands of dollars to make his teeth look bad for his role in Cape Fear. He spent another few thousand dollars to get them all restored. That must’ve been a hell of a time on the dentist’s chair for him.