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Pets That Were Caught With Their Paws In The Cookie Jar

Your kitchen counter is your pet’s Shangri-La. Don’t believe us? Just observe how they try to reach everything that’s on there. It is the source of hypnotizing aromas and mouthwatering dishes that hold endless appeal to four-legged, furry creatures in the home. Watch carefully as they reach, stretch, beg, and contort their body into impossible positions just to get that elusive slice of pizza, fruit, muffin, and chicken. Food can easily turn a beloved pet into a serial thief. The only consolation their owners get is that they are cute, adorable, and cuddly that you can’t stand being angry with them for so long. This list is in memoriam of all missing pizza slices, misplaced muffins, lost meat, and other goodies that our beloved pets have taken as their own. They have committed petty crimes and although we have the pictures to prove it, we just don’t have it in our hearts to report them to the pet police.

Rib robber in the neighborhood

How many times has your little dog left your sight only to come back later with something that’s not theirs nor yours? This user got the surprise of her life when her pooch came home with the neighbor’s full rack of ribs.

Image courtesy of

If your neighbor has been on the verge of reporting the theft of meat products to the police, perhaps you’d like to know that dogs steal for several reasons. They can do it out of boredom, and they can also do it to attract attention.

Vegetarian cat burglar

Most cats are meat eaters because they need protein for good vision and a strong heart. You’d find cats reaching for chicken, turkey, beef, and even fish. But not this kitty. He just happens to be a vegetarian cat burglar.

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Mr. Sugar Paws was caught reaching for a plate of cauliflower while trying to look adorable at the same time. We have never seen a cauliflower-loving cat ever before. This cat has to be the first who has a quest to stay healthy.

Dog escapes and comes back with the neighbor’s food

It’s not unusual for dogs to leave the house and explore their surroundings. The call of the wild and the appeal of exploration is irresistible for canines. However, the smell of food or the neighbor’s nachos seems to have a stronger pull.

Image courtesy of pitx1/Bored Panda

Just look at this dog who seemed to have gone shopping in the neighbor’s pantry without permission. His owner did not notice him leaving the house, and when he came back, he had a tray of unopened nachos in his mouth.

Cereal thief

Some cats are so brazen that even when they are caught doing something they are not supposed to, they act as if nothing happened. A case in point is this cereal thief who was caught with his head stuck in the cereal box.

Image courtesy of KCdadO/Bored Panda

He proceeded to walk around the house with panache, thinking that if his humans can’t see him, they won’t know who’s been raiding the cereal box. We’ve got bad news for you, kitty; they know exactly who you are.

The mysterious flour thief

Let’s just say that this pooch’s attempt at stealing flour was half baked, to say the least. He was caught wearing the evidence, and the flour was all over the place, so there is no denying the crime. He might be spending a night in the dog house for his antics.

Image courtesy of Devon-Day/Bored Panda

He tried to act surprised when asked what happened. This is an additional cleaning job for his human, but he looks adorable, so we think they won’t mind. Perhaps keeping the flour container out of his reach will curb the temptation?

Dog gone bananas

Doggos like to mess with their humans sometimes, like this one. He makes it his life’s mission to steal bananas from the counter only for the fun of it. He doesn’t eat them, though; he gets a kick out of successfully taking them from the counter.

Image courtesy of EVDESIGN/Bored Panda

Look at that face! As if nothing happened at all. Would you rather get a doggo that steals things and eats them or a doggo that steals things and just keeps them? Whatever it is, you better keep a stash of bananas in the house to keep this pooch entertained.

A dog with no boundaries

Dogs and other pets often don’t have boundaries. They invade your space, sleep on your bed, and even eat your food. This guy’s pug seems like he hasn’t been given enough food as he’s now resorted to stealing the pizza right from his human’s mouth.

Image courtesy of bctaylor43/Bored Panda

It seems like the competition will go down to whoever has the strongest teeth or jaw, for that matter. It would be helpful to warn houseguests of the little pug who likes to steal pizza, so they are not caught off-guard when visiting.

Helpful taste-testing dog

A taste-testing dog is always a welcome addition to any home. It is always a good thing to have your pet ensure that your food tastes good or is still fresh. This dog is so thoughtful that he wanted to make sure that his human’s bread passed his quality standards.

Image courtesy of BlavkRabbit/Bored Panda

It seems like the bread was still delicious as he ended up taking a huge bite. You can tell that he was looking up to his human, telling him, “It’s alright. You can eat it”—such a loving bond between dog and pet parent.

Little broccoli thief

We don’t normally see vegetable-loving cats, so when we do get across one, it not only puts a smile on our face, it also makes us hold on tighter to our greens, in the case that the said pet comes to steal it from us.

Image courtesy of Freezerpops/Bored Panda

This cat loves to go into the kitchen and steal veggies. He jumped on the kitchen counter and took the broccoli. We are not certain if he enjoys broccoli or if he just wants to save his tiny human from having to eat it. So heroic.

Caught yellow-pawed

Pets are sometimes caught red-handed, and no matter how cute they may seem, you just have to accept that they stole your food. For instance, take this cat; she wasn’t caught red-handed, she was more yellow-pawed but you get the gist.

Image courtesy of meetthegingersons/

She was apprehended reaching into a bowl of sauce or curry or maybe even a bowl of flaming hot Cheetos; sometimes you don’t know with these pets. She couldn’t deny the wrongdoing, so she turned into this lovable and darling feline, the tried and tested way to get out of trouble.

The mystery of the missing baguette

Crusty baguettes are perfect for making bruschetta and a great way to fill your empty stomach, but not if your baguette seemed to have gone missing. What would you do if you caught your beloved dog with the baguette?

Image courtesy of

Just look at the face of this dog. She looks so innocent, as if she can’t hurt a fly. But look at the baguette next to her paw. There is no denying the crime here. Either she’s hungry, curious, or she just wanted to see what it would be like to be French.

Photographic evidence of a cat thief

If your cookie seems to go missing now and then without explanation, you better set up some cameras to catch the cookie thief. That’s exactly what this guy did, and he was amused when he finally got photographic evidence.

Image courtesy of

The perpetrator was none other than his beloved kitty. She was caught on camera right at the exact moment she stuffed that cookie in her mouth. This kitty will be going to the cookie jail, where she belongs for that crime.

Chinese takeout kitty

Chinese takeout is a delightful break from home-cooked meals. We all need tasty and greasy food sometimes. Many people look forward to their Chinese takeout nights, this little kitty included. He also wants his share of deep-fried wontons, beef in oyster sauce, spring rolls, and lemon chicken.

Image courtesy of

It seems that this kitty missed Chinese takeout so much that he couldn’t help diving into the box of goodness. He was so caught up in the deliciousness that he didn’t even notice he was sitting on the edge of the table. Hopefully, he got his fill and didn’t fall off.

The cat stole my lunch

We have all heard the “the dog ate my homework” excuse, but we have rarely heard of the “the cat stole my lunch” dilemma. We might not have believed it without this proof. This person submitted a picture of his cat with a sandwich in his mouth.

Image courtesy of bulldozer6/Bored Panda

This is the perfect excuse to get some fast food. The poor fellow was probably so hungry, or his human was having a tuna sandwich for lunch, so he couldn’t resist breaking the law and possibly getting caught for stealing.

Cookie needs some cheese

Pet palates are getting more sophisticated that you can’t please them anymore. Cat food is a thing of the past. Their discerning taste needs so much more, such as cheese. This kitty was eager for a taste of the high-life.

Image courtesy of

Look at Cookie reaching for that block of cheese, as if it’s the most delicious thing in the world. “Get in my tummy,” she seems to be saying. Not only that, she looks dignified and pretty, although she is trying to commit a crime.

You just can’t be mad at this cute thief

Some thieves look so adorable that you don’t have it in your heart to ask the authorities to arrest them. Just look at this pooch who stole strawberries from the picnic basket. He might be guilty, but he looks 100% innocent.

Image courtesy of

How can you be mad at this cutie? It’s just impossible to call the paw police to arrest him. His pet parent is more likely to give him the whole picnic basket rather than spoil his fun. There’s plenty more where that came from.

The case of the missing lunch

In yet another reported case of missing lunch, it was found that a pet masterminded the theft. The lovable feline with the big eyes looked as surprised as her pet parent when she was caught with the bagel in her mouth.

Image courtesy of tylersaurus8/

In a bid to deny involvement in the theft, she put on a shocked face. Cats are particularly attracted to the yeast in bread, and apparently, sourdough is one of their favorites. Just make sure they don’t eat raw dough because it will rise in their tummies.

Sneaky dog caught in the act

At first glance, the picture looks like there is a hamster who got into a box of apples and started eating to its heart delight. However, that is not the case. What you see is not a hamster butt but a dog’s snout getting into the apple box.

Image courtesy of ILikeCuteGifsAndICannotLie/Bored Panda

Not only did the doggo manage to get his snout into the box, but he also started chewing on one of the apples. Now that’s one more box that his pet parent can’t sell because he got to the goods first. At least he is taking the doctor’s advice to heart.

Mr. Muffins and his stolen muffin

Pets can be sneaky at times. One moment you’re sitting on your favorite chair, enjoying your favorite show. You get hungry and decide to get a snack for yourself. Just when you’re about to take a bite, they take it from you.

Image courtesy of

Just check the pain and anguish on this kitty’s human’s face when the feline decided that his muffin is fair game. The horrified look of betrayal is part sad and part entertaining. One thing’s for sure, though, the kitty had fun.

You’re busted!

This kitty decided that the best thing to end the day was to get a few bites of the cinnamon rolls, but the thing is, they don’t belong to her. However, that’s not gonna stop her from getting them inside her tummy.

Image courtesy of _sophocles_/Bored Panda

The agile thief was caught reaching for the cinnamon rolls, and with that look on his face, you can tell she’s up to no good. Don’t let the cuteness make you believe her defense that she was trying to check if the cinnamon rolls were still warm.

The family’s wily cat

This pet parent has caught her feline trying to reach for food every time the fridge is open, so to protect the cat from getting hurt, she has put up a sign on the fridge. The sign warns that it is a must to check for a cat arm before closing the fridge.

Image courtesy of Panda

Look at that kitty trying her very best to reach for food. Either she has a big appetite that can’t be satisfied, or she just likes being a daredevil. Either way, we sure do hope anybody who opens the fridge sees the sign.

Food Coma

We’ve all gorged on food more than we should and got a little sleepy after, so we can all relate to this adorable pooch. He’s got stuck into his mom’s lunch and is now happily passed out on the floor in a food coma. It was a different story for his pet parents, though, who got a fright when they saw him just lying there.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

After his mis-adventure in her lunch box, he was left covered in gravy and sticky to the touch. When his pet parent picked him up from the floor, we can only assume they were carrying him straight into a bath.

The “egger” kitty

This cat must have taken a look at the bowl and said to herself, “Well, that egg looks delicious. Must find a way to get it in my mouth”. The determined kitty did not let anything get in her way, and in the end, she got the yummy egg.

Image courtesy of

She might have been caught with the evidence in her mouth but we’re sure they will let her off this time and but maybe not in the future. Who could say no to that face? We don’t know about you, but we’ll give her a dozen eggs if she asks for it.

Dogs these days

If you have had all eyes on your dog because he tends to steal food, you might end up like this pet parent. The little pooch has been devising scheming ways to steal some food, and when his old tricks didn’t work, he found a surefire way to divert his pet parent’s attention.

Image courtesy of

He started barking at the door as if someone was there, and when his pet parent got up to see who it was, he quickly stole a slice of pizza. The catch? There was no one at the door. Dogs these days.

The great pretender

Imagine you just left to go to the toilet, and when you come back to the table, you find your cat with his paws on your bagel? Would you get angry, or would you just let him get away with it? What would you do if Neji was your cat?

Image courtesy of eclipseb2k2/

Neji, the cat, likes to steal bagels, and when he is caught red-handed, he likes to pretend that he is sleeping. Although there is no denying that a crime had taken place, he attempts to deny any wrongdoing by pretending he’s off to dreamland.

When you turn your back for a second and the kitty steals the muffins

This clever kitty was waiting for the opportune time to get her paws on the muffins. What she needed was for her pet parent to be distracted, then she could reach in and take all the goodies for herself.

Image courtesy of

She didn’t waste any time when she got the opportunity. She reached for the muffins, and her effort didn’t go to waste. She managed to open the plastic, took some of the corn muffins, and started munching on them.

Got cone? No problem

Cones are designed to stop pets from licking or scratching an irritation, surgical incision, or a wound, and these cones often extend past their nose. Cones can make it difficult for pets to eat, and we have often seen them struggle with their meals.

Image courtesy of radtoria/Bored Panda

However, this cat did not let her cone get in the way. The smart kitty even figured out that her cone can help her scoop up food, and while she was at it, she stole her human’s taco. Now that’s one ingenious kitty.

The potato boss thief

Felines are not known for liking vegetables. They are meat-eaters because they need protein to function properly. So, when we see cats that love vegetables, it is quite surprising. This cat likes stealing potatoes, but she doesn’t like eating them.

Image courtesy of SithLady/

She gets raw vegetables from the kitchen, but unlike other pets, she is far from ashamed of being caught stealing. She walks around the house like the boss that she is with the evidence in her mouth. She’s proud of her successful thievery.

Who might have eaten the bread?

Missing items and food in the household is a common occurrence for people who have pets, be it a dog or a cat. This person was always wondering who was eating the bread in the house; lo and behold, it was her beloved kitty.

Image courtesy of moebububu/

One time there was no denying who was the thief because the little kitty was caught “bread-handed.” There were paw marks on the bread, so there is no getting out of this one, but she still tried her very best to look innocent.

Trying her hardest to get some food

Some pets are bent on getting what they want that they don’t care what gets in the way, and most of the time, they want food. You can put hurdles between them and their food, but it won’t matter. They will pursue their prize and won’t stop until they get it.

Image courtesy of the_ZA/Bored Panda

This kitty was trying to steal the food that was placed on top of the fridge, and she ended up looking like the cat version of Tom Cruise in the quest to get her food. She was literally caught between the microwave and a hard spot.

The pepperoni perpetrator

The smell of pepperoni pizza fresh from the oven can easily convince anyone to run out to get some. It seems that it can also easily turn a good doggo into a thief. This adorable pepperoni perpetrator just couldn’t help himself.

Image courtesy of uhamako96/Reddit

If somebody says that his pizza was stolen, you can certainly look for this dog. But we think that when caught, he will come up with a clever excuse, something like, “I was just taking the pizza out for a walk”.

This cheeky chap

Some pets are just too damn cute that even if they steal, we just let them off. This dog was trying to reach for something on the counter, and when his hooman caught him, he pretended that he didn’t see or hear anything.

Image courtesy of RexChapman/Bored Panda

His owner was looking right at him and talking to him,but he was oblivious until he got the bowl of food. Talk about persistence! He might have been embarrassed by his actions but the Tupperware thief stuck to his goal.

The croissant house cat

Some pets don’t pretend when they are caught red-handed with goodies and even walk proudly around the house with their prize. But not this kitty though, she was a tad embarrassed with her actions, or maybe she was trying to hide her prize later for snacks.

Image courtesy of

Her human saw her getting a croissant from the table and in an effort to hide it, she promptly stuck it in a slipper. However, it was all caught on camera. We’ll still give her an A for effort though.

The dog that was trying to hide the pretzel in his mouth

There you are, lying on your favorite bed, trying to relax with a nice book with perhaps a good snack on the side. Suddenly, your dog jumps on the bed and grabs the pretzel with his mouth. What would be your first reaction?

Image courtesy of

We can assure you that this parent was just as shocked as you would have been. So the first thing he did was take a photo of his pup with the pretzel and plate in his mouth. At least, the dog still had manners. He didn’t want to leave any crumbs on the bed.

Caught with the strudel in his mouth

Naughty cats bring more color into our lives, and they create endless joy with their antics. The pet parent user who submitted this photo was trying to heat a strudel in the toaster when the family cat suddenly grabbed it.

Image courtesy of TheWibbly/Bored Panda

Of course, if there is no picture, it didn’t happen. Before prying the strudel from the guilty cat’s mouth, she made sure to ask her mom to take their picture first. Now there is no denying that this happened. We’re just curious what she’s going to do with the strudel, though.

Excuse my french…..fries

This kitty was caught stealing french fries after a trip to the veterinarian. When she was spotted, she didn’t even try to deny it. Her pet parents let her off easy because she was such a good girl at the vet’s office.

Image courtesy of BravesMaedchen/

The fact that she was also high after the visit from the vet excused her behavior. If it was her first time to steal food, we totally understand and would be just as lenient as her human family. We want to know if she makes it a habit, though.

I just want to hold on to the food

When pets start stealing food, pet parents often think of the possible reasons. Are they bored? Are they not getting enough food? Do they need more exercise? Do they need more toys and entertainment? Do they need other dogs to play with?

Image courtesy of Bean-4-The-Dream/

The reasons for stealing food are many, but sometimes pets enjoy stealing food for no reason, like this doggo here. Nico doesn’t eat the food, he just likes holding on to it. Over time he has stolen an array of other goodies too.

Dog, cat, and baby teamwork

Cats and dogs are known to always be at odds. However, there are delightful times when they become the best of friends and work together. Add a baby into the mix, and you’re in for a lot of surprises.

Image courtesy of Lockraemono/Bored Panda

This pet parent was distracted by her crying baby while having dinner. Her pet cat knocked the dinner onto the floor, which the dog quickly pounced on. She had only eaten one bite of her dinner. We have to commend the cat, dog, and baby for their enviable teamwork.

The ramen rouge

Do you have a klepto-canine at home? Do you have a pet that slowly sneaks up on you and snags something, or a pet that suddenly jumps out of nowhere, grabs something, and runs away? This user has a canine thief at home.

Image courtesy of

The adorable doggo has been caught coming out of the kitchen with a pack of ramen in his mouth. We love ramen too, so we understand why the dog stole it. Or, he could be a very thoughtful pet. Perhaps he didn’t want his pet parent to starve, so he took it upon himself to bring him some ramen.

The steak-loving pup   

Who doesn’t love steaks? Tender, juicy, perfectly cooked, and loaded with flavor, it’s enough to make anyone’s mouth water. Usually served with potatoes and a few veggies, a steak makes for a good dinner, but it’s another story when your pup loves steak too.

Image courtesy of RSV130/Bored Panda

This little rascal loves steak so much that he had to resort to stealing some. He was caught by his human taking off with the piece of meat in his mouth. At least, the food didn’t go to waste. The little doggo seemed to be having a good time with it.

Theft is this doggo’s bread and butter

Bread is generally safe for dogs, provided that they don’t have allergies. This must be a fact that this doggo found out first hand as he has made it his life’s mission to steal bread. Suffice it to say that theft is his bread and butter.

Image courtesy of

Here is one of his pictures with the bread still in his mouth for everyone to see. In his defense, he might have mistaken it for a chew toy. We think that this doggo and the banana loving husky would make great friends.

Stealing chips and getting stuck

You know what they say about Pringles, “Once you pop, you can’t stop,” and this pup is the perfect example of that. He saw an open Pringles can, and despite his better judgment, he just couldn’t get away from it.

Image courtesy of

Not only did he steal some chips, but he also managed to get his snout stuck in the can. We’re pretty sure that by the time his human gets his snout free, he would have already consumed all the chips.

This dog is going to pizza prison

“I am not a thief!” is what this pooch seems to be saying, even with a slice of pizza in his mouth. We will give him the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was just trying to relocate the pizza into a much warmer location of the house.

Image courtesy of

This is proof that Italian cuisine appeals to everyone, even canines. If this list is any indication, pizza is indeed a dog’s best friend. Maybe next time, they’ll develop a flavor that’s solely for canines so that the cases of missing pizza slices are reduced.

Chicken stealin’ kitten

They say you’re innocent until proven guilty, but we’re not sure if that also applies to this little kitten caught with a piece of chicken in her mouth. She must have been starving, or perhaps she just had a craving for a nice piece of fried chicke, and who can blame her for that?

Image courtesy of jgolden832/Bored Panda

The kitten is cute, and we are fair folks here, so we are not going to make any accusations. Who are we to say that the chicken didn’t fly right into the kitten’s open mouth? After all, she is not the only cat this has happened to. Something is going on with those chicken dinners.

He tried until he succeeded

Wise Thomas Edison once said that he did not fail. He just found 10,000 ways that something won’t work. Those seem to be the wise words that this pup kept in mind in his relentless pursuit of a pasta dinner.

Image courtesy of Bored Panda

He contorted and worked his body into many positions just to be able to reach some of his pet parents’ meal and he finally succeeded. We’d say he deserves a reward for not giving up. Give him his own plate of pasta already.