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CatStanding To Attention!

Cats are delicious and truly agile creatures that make our days all the better just by gracing our lives with their presence. They do not just amuse us with their silly antics but amaze us with their patterns of behavior and the funny things they do. Among them, their ability to stand up on two legs! They seem to be trying to look like penguins. And when they have black & white fur, they surely can mimic them almost perfectly. Their leg strength and the flexibility of their spine are the perfect combinations to create that graceful yet effortless effect. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the felines who have perfected the subtle art of the perfect “catstand”.

Puss in Boots

This kitty knows it is not enough to stand like a penguin to get what she wants. She goes above and beyond and uses her secret weapon of the perfect “Puss in Boots” kitty eyes. Rendering all helpless against her- who could say no to that face?

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

This lucky kitty is tiny and is also a natural gingy. Perhaps that makes for the perfect combination to make anyone powerless to resist her. She is one clever kitty knowing how to use her cuteness to get whatever she wants. We see a big bowl of milk in her future.

Snowy cat

The natural habitat of penguins is in the snow, and this cat is trying to figure it out. He starts by standing on his hind legs but seems to have doubts about the cold. He stares at the snow and keeps thinking to himself, how do those penguins enjoy running around in this stuff?

Image courtesy of @cats via

Then he continues looking in front of him, trying to find an answer. Mmmm…Although he seems to be surveying the scene, we bet he cannot wait to get back into the house and take a well-deserved nap next to the radiator.

Three is not a crowd

Together, these three cats standing on their hind legs seem to be in the middle of plotting a covert mission. Are they trying to use their penguin skills to act as a diversion?  We bet that they are! And it is a fantastic idea because they can really hide their mischievous objectives under that veil of cuteness.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

And their synchronicity reveals just how well prepared and trained they are. All of them are looking at the same place simultaneously; we are assuming that their target is driving past with a car full of yummy things just waiting to be catnapped by this crew.

The Acrocat

Standing on hind legs is not only about looking like a penguin. Instead, this posture allows cats to explore their well-developed acrobatic talents.  And this cat wants to include a human and his head to practice her balancing at the same time.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

If this cat is auditioning for the “Cirque Du Soleil,” she will surely get the job! She is well balanced, stylized, and is holding a straight posture that will surely make her famous—what a way to show off such skills.

Early penguin

It is never too early to learn how to be a penguin, and this kitty proves it. Perfectly standing on her tiny hind legs, the kitty is getting ready to take over the penguin identity whenever it needs it. 

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

With such soft and fluffy hair, this little kitty will be a pro at the penguin begging stance soon; she is a natural. And get ready because the little bell announcing her arrival is just next-level cuteness. This little sweetie would get our last can of tuna for sure.

The cat in parachute pants

An extra benefit of going full penguin is the “parachute pants” effect it has on the legs. Or should we call it the “Hammer pants” effect? Yes, this little guy is displaying a pair of fluffy and very fashionable ones, like those worn by the famous singer MC Hammer in the 90s.

Image courtesy of r/catsthinktheyrepeople via

It is fair that this cat wants to stand up and show off what he has to his best advantage. He looks determined and focused when in penguin pose- and his Hammer pants are making him look like a true pop star.

Office cat

Some cats have to work for a living and earn their keep, and this pose allows this guy to have a 9 to 5 job in an office. Or is the cat a freelancer? He looks like a boss ready to hand out some urgent deadlines for sure.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

When you see him on this office chair, you know he is used to delegating projects and planning an on-point marketing strategy. Perhaps he is implementing the next big idea to expand the company…In any case, the cat means business!

The love seeker

This cat found the best way to get some love and attention. Yes, you guessed it. It is by posing like a penguin. It is an invitation to get some petting while looking totally adorable. And the strategy is working purrfectly!

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

The cat’s head is now at the perfect height to get pampered, and this girl is delighted to do it. We could say she was powerless against the penguin-power of this pose, and that would be the truth indeed.

The giant

Yes, we know a tiger is not exactly a domestic kitty, but big cats are still felines that deserve a spot on our list. It seems that his big size is not an obstacle to standing like a penguin.

Image courtesy of r/aww via

The position allows him to get direct access to a human´s face and show his appreciation for the treat that is being offered. It seems that all cats, no matter big or small have the same ability to catstand perfectly. They both share this fantastic flexibility and balance.

The camouflaged cat

This cat found the perfect way to be camouflaged. Could he be trying to avoid a bath by blending into the ceramic tiles behind him? By standing like a penguin, he can easily be overlooked hiding there in the corner of the bathroom.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUpvia

Also, the kitty seems to be saying, “Go Ahead, Karen, try to tell me I am dirty enough for a bath, I dare you” Like most cats, we are sure this kitty doesn’t like water very much and would make that task next to impossible to complete.

The angry cat

Yes, you can see the point here. The cat is angry and stood up on its hind legs to make sure it gets what it wants and deserves. What is he demanding? More food, a way out of the door to hunt mice, a better sofa to laze on, or simply, some cuddles?

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

We may not know exactly what he wants, but we can all agree that he is a cat of character! Yes, he is worthy and seems to know that he deserves nothing but the best—a complete lesson in feline dignity.

The lovely belly

For this cat, standing on its hind legs is not an option but a necessity. That belly hardly lets him stay in another position. But lucky for us, we can get to enjoy this plump little cutie. And what a good sense of balance!

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

Aren´t you curious, though, about what he would look like if he were standing on all fours like a regular cat? We bet you are. Can he even manage it? Someone needs to put this guy on a diet! Stat!

The surprised cat

Well, well, well, this is what a cat looks like when you give it a shower unexpectedly. It uses the penguin position to make a point. But sorry, it won´t work to avoid the shower. Still, it is nice to see it nonetheless.

Image courtesy of r/aww via Panda

The cat is also sporting a wide-eyed look of surprise. But sorry again. It won´t work either. This is a no point of return once the kitty is already in the shower, and she knows it. Hence, we can say it is too late to avoid the bubbles.

The cat and the dog

Usually, cats and dogs don´t get along. But in this case, the cat made an exception by posing next to the dog and is justifying his position because, well, it ain’t a real dog at all, so no need for rivalry and keeping up that age-old facade.

Image courtesy of r/aww via

To make sure that the dog doesn´t steal the spotlight, the cat stands on two legs. As a result, he looks as tall as the dog and surely cuter than the dog too. And the best part? There is no risk of being chased by a toy pup.

The cat lamp

This is how a cat can light up your home. It is hilarious and worthy to see. The fact that you can use the pose to add this kind of accessory is a great way to take advantage of a cats´ balancing skills.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

The way the cat is standing in front of the cord makes it look like you can plug and unplug him whenever you need to. Anyway, you will need to get a new lampshade when the kittys’ cone of shame is ready to come off.

A cat in a tuxedo

A cat in a tuxedo is a statement of elegance and good taste. Is he ready to go to a party? He is probably the guest of honor. Perhaps he is about to jump the fence and get married. His choice of attire is perfect for so many different occasions.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

It doesn´t matter where this cat goes because his dress code will be welcomed anywhere, although he might be slightly overdressed for the park. It seems he was born to wear a tuxedo because the design and colors of his hair match pretty well.

Furtive mode

This is how a cat avoids disturbing anyone. By standing on their back legs, they can go in stealth mode and creep into a room without getting noticed. And, they take their chance to see if anyone is awake and ready to play with them.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

Who would have thought that cats could be so considerate of the people around them? Perhaps they are just checking before going to raid the kitchen and taking whatever they want. So be careful because it might be a tactic to see if someone will be mad at them.

A supermodel

Yes! Cats can model, and this picture proves it. Can we please take a moment to focus on what a gorgeous fellow he is? This is a fierce attitude that is only possible to pull off when the cat adopts the penguin posture. His eyes and the way he is posing here is stunning and totally original. 

Image courtesy of Alexis Reynaud via

We have to say that we would be buying whatever he is selling! He could be the brand ambassador for anything- from cat food to conditioner and anything in-between- we are all here for this gorgeous “catstanding” guy.

Waity Kitty

And now what? This is what this kitty seems to be saying with the expression on its face.  It has been waiting and waiting and waiting and is getting tired of it. The big question is, what is he waiting for?

Image courtesy of @mrbatmancat via

The thing is that he looks so cute that it is almost enjoyable to make him wait even longer. That expression of his is one of a kind! Calm down, a bowl of Fancy Feast is on its way.


This cat not only mastered the penguin position, but it is doing it freestyle and with an attitude all of his own. And the cat seems to know he is great at it because he seems to be showing off just a little bit. No need to tell him how clever he is; he is already well aware.

Image courtesy of r/aww via

“Did you see me? You better have!” The cat seems to be saying. Isn´t he adorable? No matter what you are doing, you will stop because this kitty will do anything to get your attention. And, of course, he always gets it.

The Elvis version

Who said that standing like a penguin had to be boring? This cat is having a hell of a lot of fun moving its entire body dancing to the rhythm of rock and roll. This cat’s moves remind us of Elvis rocking it out on stage in Vegas.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

And the more he moves, the more fun it gets. It is an endless flow of movements and twists. Even his tail has its own beat as it sways from one side to another in time to the music—party on Kitty. Long Live Rock and Roll!

The chaos

What a mess! This is what the cat is thinking while looking at the chaos. The creature is trying to overlook the mess and seems to be lost. How did this happen? Why are humans so untidy? The cat seems to be having a hard time understanding.

Image courtesy of

Even his ears seem to be folded back from all the stress. This kitty doesn’t like to sleep in a mess and is looking for a tidy spot to take a nap. We can only hope the humans will come and clean up soon.

A talkative cat

When it comes to cats, we haven´t seen it all yet. This cat amazes us by showing a talkative side when standing on his back legs. Does he think he is a person? What is he trying to say? We do not know, but surely his human must have been really impressed.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

And what a way to get your demands across. He is demonstrating a strong character and conveying what he wants in a clear and direct manner. We can only assume he has a specific lunch request, and we hope his human obeys him.

A penguin in Spring

Ahhh, the sweet aroma of spring and this cat will do whatever she can to enjoy her favorite time of year. She decided to stand up like a penguin to reach the flowers and pose for the photo to commemorate the change of season—what a cute scene.

Image courtesy of via

And the contrast between the pink color of the flowers and the black & white of her coat make for the perfect photo opportunity. She is definitely enjoying some time outdoors after a long winter of being cooped up inside.

The penguilicious

As this cat stands up, it also accesses new views and aromas in the air. And the penguin position seems to be offering the faint waft of bird in the breeze, and the cat is absolutely delighted. The position, expression, and new scenarios are working well for the cat and getting her in the mood for lunch.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

Where will lunch be coming from? Self-caught or hand-delivered by her human? It is hard to know that, but she is surely working up an appetite. Cats have more fun with their food if they think they had to earn it or hunt it down themselves.

A cat costume

An important element for a cat is hair. Hence, when we see a hairless cat, we wonder if it is really a cat at all. But if you haven’t seen one before, this is what they look like. They have a mutation that doesn´t allow them to grow a coat of hair.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

And, seeing it standing on its back legs makes it look more similar to a penguin than any other cat, except for his ears, of course, those are a dead give away that he is a penguin impostor-. well…a bluish-gray kind of wrinkly penguin impostor anyways!

Cat with a coat

This cat is showing off her gorgeous coat and is in a penguin pose for the full effect. If you’ve got it -flaunt it, or so they say, and that seems to be just what this kitty is doing.

Image courtesy of Alexis Reynaud via

The coat provides an element of sophistication and beauty. She looks positively regal, and it becomes obvious why people used to worship cats in times gone by. She looks worthy of a bit of adoration as she stands there waiting for the people to bow before her.

Penguins and cats

Penguins and cats seem to be getting along very well, and this pair is proving it. The owner definitively gets our respect by promoting harmony between the species. There is no doubt that this cat looks like a real penguin.

Image courtesy of @miandtito via

Probably the black & white cat noticed how different he looked from the other cat and conducted research to know why it was. And, yes, he might have happened to glance at the TV while a documentary about Antarctica was screening and decided that he was part penguin for real.

The harlequin

What can you do after a bad trip to the groomer but stand on your humans’ bed asking why did you let this happen? We can’t help but feel his dismay at being partially shaved and given fury sleeves. Don’t worry, kitty, it will grow back eventually.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

He is catstanding in protest and will be hiding under the bed for the next few months. He wouldn’t dare venture out and be teased by all the other cats on the block- He has lost all hope and street-cred with the sweep on the sheers.

Yes cat!

Yes! There is no way to say no to this little sweet face! So, whatever she is asking for, she deserves it. Despite being so little, she knows all about using the powers of persuasion to get what she wants.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

Even at her tender age, she already knows how to wrap her human around her finger. All she needs to do is stand in the penguin position, gaze up longingly, and all the milk in the world will be hers.

The giraffe

A cat that is standing on two legs is already a novelty because it looks kind of like a penguin. But having a long neck and from the angle this pic was taken; he looks kind of like a giraffe too. And with his coloring, wild stripes, and facial expression, he looks anything but feline.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

So, what would you prefer at home a cat, a giraffe, or a penguin, or perhaps a strange kind of hybrid mix of all of the above? Whatever you decide, we are sure that on the inside, he is all cat and is waiting for something tasty to eat, or something fun to chase and not much else.

The fashionista

Anytime is the right time to show off and model the latest trendy looks. And this cat stands up on two legs to show off what is on point for cat couture this year. And it looks superb! Besides being perfectly cut, the kitty is also showing off the latest style of ombre outerwear.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

The outfit is perfect for a day on the ski slopes or for sightseeing in any funky city. In any case, the kitty is a fashionista and is ready to go out and have the ultimate fun. It is elegant, practical, wearable, and the cat will have the chance to show it off forever.

A fluffy lamp

At first glance, you would be forgiven for not knowing exactly what you were looking at. Maybe it’s a lamp; maybe it’s an ornament. However, you soon realize that the amount of hair coming from everywhere makes you take a better look. And surprisingly, it is a fluffy cat in a cone of shame standing in a penguin pose!

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

He looks as if he is standing on a snowboard, although it’s not very clear, and we cannot help but wonder if he is a daredevil cat, and that’s how he got injured in the first place? Maybe he needs to choose a quieter pace of life for a while, especially seeing that he cant see where he is going with that thing on his head.

Jumping cat

To jump or not to jump…that is the dilemma. The cat partially adopts the position to leap but seems to be wondering if it is a worthwhile activity. A pair of glasses is not enough to grab his attention. But the container appears to be attractive to him.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

He is effortlessly waiting in half penguin pose – deciding on his next course of action. He looks lost in thought, and we wonder what he is thinking about. Something way more interesting than a pair of glasses no doubt.

Sunny cat

It is possible to enjoy the cold weather and the winter sun at the same time. And this cat is taking a stroll and standing up on two legs to warm up as much of his body as possible. Please don´t get fooled by the grumpy expression on his face because, according to his owner, he always looks a little mad.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

By standing up, he gets even sun exposure, and can enjoy the great outdoors and all it has to offer. After all, both cats and penguins are both part of the animal kingdom and enjoy the sun shining down on them just like the rest of us.

Wisdom cat

Aha! We told you so. With this expression and position, this is exactly what this cat looks like- a wise elder about to say something profound and deep. No doubt it will be life-changing. He looks like someone who has seen a lot and has much to discuss.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

Due to social distancing, this little guy will have to save his lecture for another day as he watches the world from the comfort of his bed; being wise, he knows that safety comes first, and he will get to share his words with the neighborhood cats when it’s allowed to congregate again.

Majestic fur

This cat really takes her beauty and grooming regime seriously, she is a stunner, and she knows it. Standing in a penguin pose gives her to chance to show off all her efforts, and her fur is impeccable and groomed to purrfection.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

Who can blame her for being proud? She has coughed up many a hairball in her routine to stay in tip-top condition. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to look this good. As they say, if you have got it- flaunt it.

Hopeless cat

Cats are not always happy and playful. They can get sad and depressed sometimes, just like the rest of us. We can honestly say that most of us have looked like this more than a few times in the last year, as we watch the world from our homes, wishing we could go outside.

Image courtesy of

This has been an impossibly hard time for everyone, and this kitty is no different. We can only hope that soon everything will go back to normal and the kitty and her family will be back to the usual busy routine of their lives.

The balanced cat

Well, this kitten is just starting to learn how to be a cat, from chasing yarn to perfecting the penguin pose- there is a lot for this little guy to learn. He seems to be off to a really good start, now all he needs to learn is to balance a bit better, and he will be all set.

Image courtesy of r/CatsStandingUp via

He seems to be veering a bit to the side, but the good thing is that there s a nice soft cushion to catch him if he topples over, The catstand takes time, but we have faith in him. Yes, you can do it little kitty!


Are cats patient? Well, this cat is showing a lot of patience while standing in front of the window waiting for her human to come back from the pet store with her dinner and hopefully something fuzzy to chase.

Image courtesy of r/cats via

She looks so adorable with her paws crossed and eagerly waiting for her human to return. There is no better feeling in the world than the welcome you get from a pet waiting for you to return home to make you feel special.