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40+ Cooking Hacks That Bring Better Results

Anyone who cooks regularly knows the importance of a good, solid cooking hack. Having a delicious homemade meal is one of the best things in life and shouldn’t be taken for granted. Sharing it with your family and friends brings even more joy. Cooking is not always quick, and in this fast-paced life, there is not much time left to prepare meals every single day, which is why we compiled this list of cooking hacks that will help you work more efficiently and spend less time in the kitchen getting meals ready. Plus, these are hacks from professional chefs who have much experience in the kitchen cooking all sorts of dishes. Hopefully, these fantastic hacks will come in handy to make your cooking process easier. 

1.Steaming Eggs 

Eggs are the most versatile items in the fridge. They can be boiled, fried, or one can even use them as an addition to a dish. If you have an egg in your fridge, then you can use it as a foundation for many dishes.

Image: Eggs.Bestcrab

Plus, boiled eggs last in the fridge for a couple of days too. They can be eaten as a snack, added to a salad, or as part of a proper meal- usually breakfast. But, boiled eggs can be tough to peel. You can just steam them for ten to fifteen minutes, and the shell will come off easily. 

2. Lemon Slices Under Grilled Fish

Along with eggs, salmon is one of the easiest meals to cook. Plus, it is really delicious and nutritious. There are many different ways of cooking salmon, but there is a simple way to cook and elevate the dish to a new level.

Image: Jan Sokoly via Flickr

Cut some lemon slices and put them under the salmon fillet. Let it marinate in the lemon juices for a while. Once the juices get soaked up, you will see that the lemon fish is super flavourful—an easy trick to make your dinner more flavourful. 

3. Storing Chopped Veggies

Chopping veggies takes the most amount of time in preparing a meal. If you have chopped veggies ready to use, then cooking the meal becomes ten times faster. The biggest problem is storing the prepped vegetables. Chopped veggies tend to wilt really fast.

Image: Sarah R via Flickr

Instead of putting the sliced up veggies into a container and popping them in the fridge, try to freeze them instead. They will stay fresher for a longer time. Before cooking in a pan, you will just need to defrost them.

4. Avoid Burning Onions When Cooking

Sauteed onions are the base of many dishes. However, they are very easily overcooked and tend to burn. The minute you look away, they turn from a caramelized brown to a deep burnt brown. There is an easy hack to avoid this cooking mishap.

Image: Serious Eats

If you got distracted for a moment and come back to almost burnt onions – do not panic. Just take one ice cube from the freezer and add it to the onions. The ice cubes will evaporate quickly whilst adding a bit of moisture to the veggies. 

5. Preserving Moisture In The Food

Microwaves make our life really easy. It is fast and most of all convenient. One can just pop in food, coffee, or leftover takeaways to make the item hot again. But, a microwave often tends to dry out dishes, making them less tasty.

Image: Louis via Flickr

You can keep this problem at bay by simply adding a glass of water along with the food. This will add much-needed moisture to the food while it is cooking in the mocrowave. Isn’t this such a handy hack?

6. Shredding Chicken

Chicken can be eaten in various ways and dishes, but the easiest way to add chicken to any dish is by shredding it. The only problem with shredded chicken is that it takes forever to shred the chicken manually with a knife. 

Image: downshiftology.com

There is a much easier way to shred the chicken though. Boil or bake the chicken and just add the chicken to a mixer! The chicken will be shredded really easily, plus you will save a lot of your time.

7. Easily PeelPotatoes

Potatoes are essential to many dishes, but the most annoying part of cooking potatoes is probably peeling them. Using a potato peeler or knife is not the most effective at times. Potatoes need to be peeled to be cooked as fries, mashed potatoes, or chips.

Image: Spruceeats

If you loathe the peeling process, just boil the potatoes first. Let them cool then, and then you will be able to peel them easily. The skin comes off a lot easier after they have been par boiled. An easy hack to a tough process.

8. Hurry Up Your Meal Prep

Are you really tired every night and don’t have the energy to cook a meal for your family? Invest your weekends in doing meal prep, which will make your life much simpler during the weeknights. Cutting veggies is one thing you can do in advance, as we have previously seen, but you can even make and freeze your sauces ready for later use.

Image: deviprasadregmi

This will make your meal prep super easy, and your meal will be ready in a jiffy. Cook a bunch of your favorite sauce in advance and store them in an ice cube tray. They will freeze up in the freezer and stay fresh for a long time.

9. Peel Mangoes With a Glass

Mangoes are probably one of the most delicious summertime fruits. No wonder that they are called the king of fruits. However, peeling a mango is no easy feat. While it is very easy to cut, peeling the skin off is a tough and messy job.

Image: Bill Bumgarner via flickr

There is a simple hack that you can try the next time you have mangoes. Slice up the mango, take a glass and use the rim of the glass to peel it. Get the part between the fruit and skin, and once you push it down, the skin will instantly slide off.

10. Using Silicone Baking Sheets

If you love cooking and, more importantly, baking, then this hack is for you. Baking cookies can be super fun but what is not fun is cleaning those messy baking sheets after. The next time you want to treat the family, try baking using silicone sheets.

Image: Didricks via Flickr

These silicone sheets can be cleaned easily, plus the cookies have less chance of catching on the bottom. Now you will be able to enjoy baking cookies right from start to the very end. This will make your baking experiences a lot of fun.

11. Cutting Strawberries Easily

Strawberries are one fruit that almost everyone loves. This refreshing summer indulgent is so tasty, plus it is also full of a lot of nutrients. But, those green leaves on top of the fruit are tough to remove. Preparing them can take forever.

Image: Opacity via Flickr

An easy and mess-free way of removing those strawberry tops is to use a straw. Push the straw from the bottom of the fruit all the way through to the top. This will remove the green leaves of the strawberry easily. 

12. Adding Marshmallows to Brown Sugar

Brown sugar is considered to be much healthier than white sugar. Not only is it a better addition to coffees, but it tastes nicer too. However, there is one major problem with brown sugar; it dries out much faster than white sugar. 

Image: Nicole via Flickr

If you forget to store it in an airtight container, you might get stuck with blobs of sugar instead of loose granules. To keep this problem at bay, add a few pieces of marshmallows to the sugar box. This will help keep the moisture in the container.

13. Flatten Ground Meat

If you have a lot of meat in your freezer, then you know how much space it takes up. When you want to organize your freezer, you can repack your ground meat before storing it. Try this simple trick to freeze it in a space-saving way.

Image: Bewitchinkitchen

Place the meat in a Ziploc bag, flatten out the meat with the help of a rolling pin, and put it back in the freezer. This should create quite a bit of space in the freezer. This trick is simple yet efficient. 

14. Cut Your Herbs Easily

Herbs such as coriander or parsley can be an excellent addition to any dish. They can elevate the entire dish to a new height while also giving it some fantastic flavors. Cutting herbs finely can be time-consuming, though.

Image: Lizard mama via Flickr

In order to save time and maximize efficiency, you can use a pizza cutter to cut herbs. Place the herbs on a chopping board and roll the pizza cutter over the herbs until they are chopped to your requirements. You will certainly thank us for this hack.

15. Prevent your cutting board from sliding

Cutting and chopping vegetables is an inevitable part of cooking. But what if the cutting board you chop on keeps on slipping. It can be a bit annoying and potentially dangerous as well. Prevent slippage by using this hack.

Image: Baomoi

Place a damp dishtowel under the cutting board to prevent it from slipping away suddenly. Use this hack the next time you are chopping vegetables and see how well it works. Most likely, it will keep the board in its place.

16. Cut Corn

Cutting corn can be a time-consuming process. Plus, it is difficult to be efficient while cutting corn too. All of the corn kernels tend to fall all over the place. It does not matter how carefully or neatly you try to do this. 

Image: popsugar

Instead of resorting to the packaged kernels, there is an easy corn hack that you can use. If you have a Bundt cake mold, peeling corn will become very easy. Put the cake tin upside down and slice the kennel off by putting the corn upright in the middle of the tin. 

17. Cutting Cheesecake Properly

Everyone loves cake, especially cheesecake. But, cutting cheesecake into clean even slices can be hard to do. A knife just does not seem to do it. There is a simple way around this- by slicing your cake using a piece of dental floss!

Image: Instructibles

Grab some unscented dental floss and easily cut however many pieces of cake you want. It will be easy, mess-free, and equal slices can be cut as well. Who knew dental floss could come in handy while cutting a cake.

18. Catching Popsicle Drips

Ice creams and popsicles are a staple snack for many kids. It is yummy, flavourful, and amazing to have in summers. The only downside is the mess that popsicles make as they start to melt. There are popsicle drips on every item of clothing kidswear.

Image: Allison Suttcliffe/https://redtri.com/

An easy solution to this is to put some cupcake liners at the bottom of the popsicle before handing it to the kids. This will catch all the drips! Which means happy kids and clean clothes. Isn’t this hack so amazing? 

19. Storing a Birthday Cake

Everyone loves a good birthday cake. They are delicious to eat plus so festive at the same time. However, storing a birthday cake in the fridge is a whole different story. Sometimes more than half of the cake is left over, and it ends up drying out. 

Image: Bittle via Flickr

To prevent the cake from drying out, you can stack white bread slices where the cake has been cut. Just stick the bread to that part of the cake, and it will not dry out in the fridge! Now, no more cake wastage.

20. Soften Butter

Softened butter is a necessary ingredient in a lot of recipes. But, it is not easy to soften small amounts of butter in the microwave. Especially if you need the butter for baking, softened butter is essential to have.

Image: Joy via Flickr

To quickly soften some butter in the microwave, just use the cheese grater to grate some butter too. After that, you can put the butter in the microwave to easily soften it. The results will be super fast and efficient.

21. Keeping Your Food Fresh

Binder clips are regularly used on papers and for keeping folders together. But, did you know they can even be used to keep your packaged food fresh? Binder clips can be used to store your favorite snacks in the fridge.

Image: 242mirror

Grab a few binder clips, roll the packets of snacks, and hang the packets from the shelves of the fridge. This will create more space and keep the snacks fresh too. This hack is truly ingenious, is it not?

22. Have a Bit of Fun with Food

We never need an occasion or excuse to want cookies. What makes them even more interesting is baking them in fun shapes. Why wait for Christmas every year? You can use those cookie-cutter molds to have fun with all types of food. 

Image: Sakurako Kitsa

You can use cookie cutter molds to make eggs, pancakes, or any other food that you like. This way, you can make breakfasts for your kids or even yourself fun and tasty at the same time. Isn’t that a great hack? 

23. Making popsicles Easily

As we do know, kids love popsicles. But, one may not always have the time to make them, even though it is not too tough to make popsicles. There is an easy hack for making this easy snack too. 

Image: Staveitoff via Flickr

Take a couple of packets of Capri Sun’s, put them in the freezer, and wait. After it has been frozen, just take it out and rip it open. There is an easy-peasy but tasty popsicle for your kids to snack on. 

24. Make Oatmeal Easily

The Rice cooker is truly an amazing invention. Since rice is a staple food in many parts of the world, this cooking device truly makes life easy. But, have you ever wondered that the rice cooker can be used to cook other dishes too?

Image: Alyson Hurt via Flickr

If oatmeal is your go-to breakfast, then you can easily make it in a rice cooker. The pros of making oatmeal in a rice cooker are that you will not have to check on it constantly since oatmeal tends to burn easily. 

25. Store Herbs Easily

Herbs are absolutely necessary to make a great, well-rounded dish. But, the problem is not all the herbs are available all year long. In this case, it is great to store herbs. But, they tend to dry out in the fridge.

Image: Rise.gr

An easy solution for this problem is to freeze the herbs. Grab a couple of ice trays, add some oil to them, cut the herbs and freeze them. The oil will help to preserve the herbs much longer, and you can use them whenever you want.

26. Make French Fries Easily

French fries make for a great side dish or a nice hearty snack by themselves. Plus, you can add any type of toppings to the fries to make them taste even better. Whether it is cheddar cheese or sour cream – let your imagination go wild.

Image: coupons.com/thegoodstuff

However, making french fries at home has one drawback. Peeling the potatoes and cutting them up into slices can be time-consuming. To simplify this, you can just use an apple slicer to cut your potatoes easily and quickly.

27. Easy to eat Watermelons

Watermelons are a great summer treat. Not only can they be eaten anywhere, but they give instant relief from a hot day. Cutting watermelons into wedges can get messy, though. So, how about slicing them into wedges instead?

Image: A Thrifty Mom

To do this, you can cut the watermelon into slices as per usual, and after that, slice it nicely into the grids. That’s it, in a few minutes, you will have a nicely cut watermelon that is ready to eat without a mess.

28. Keeping Apples Fresh

Apples are the perfect snack in the lunchbox or even in the office. The only drawback of eating an apple is that it can spoil really quickly after cutting. If you love eating sliced apples, then this is the hack for you.

Image: The Kitchn

Just slice the apple as you do every day and hold it together with the help of a rubber band. Not only will it keep the apple together, but it prevents it from turning brown. This is a neat hack to help you keep this fruit fresh!

29. Cook Eggs In An Oven

Eggs make for a delicious breakfast. The best is that it can be had in various forms: boiled, fried, omelet or even a sandwich. Have you ever tried to cook eggs in an oven? Yes, that is possible too!

Image: buzzfeed.com/morganshanahan

If you have a muffin tin, you can crack a couple of eggs into it and just leave them in the oven for a while. Additionally, the eggs will be in perfect shape. You can even add all sorts of other ingredients like cheese, ham, or veggies. 

30. Pizza Cutter for Pancakes

Pizza cutters are a common tool that is of great use in the kitchen. They are useful for cutting slices of pizza and can be used for a multitude of other tasks. If you are making pancakes, pizza cutters can be used to cut them as well.

Image: Cook and Craft Me Crazy

Small pancakes can be cut, so you can add different toppings. Sandwiches or even rolls can also be cut using pizza cutters. Once you think about it, these tools may be one of the handiest things to have in the kitchen. 

31. Water Cups in Handy

If you have a big family, then you might be going through a ton of water cups a day. This can be really tiring as you keep having to wash them after each use. To minimize this, all you need to do is stick the cups to the fridge.

Image: Dana Williard via Made Every Day

Get a few magnets and place the cups there. This way, everyone will know their cup, and they will stay in place as well. No more washing cups all day long! Plus, all the cups will be in one place too instead of all over the house.

32. Frozen Grapes

Grapes are one of the best snacks that are out there. The downside is that they are arent available year-round. This is where things get interesting. You can always store grapes as frozen snacks in the freezer!

Image: Kendialia via Flickr

This is a great hack for someone who loves eating something refreshing during the day. Not only are grapes cool and full of juice, but they are loaded with anti-oxidants too! Just put them in a bag and shove them in the freezer. 

33. Make your own Uncrustables

Almost everyone loves a good peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Sometimes, one does not even have the time to make these simple sandwiches. Imagine making your own uncrustable sandwiches! There is a quicker way to make them and freeze them.

Image: Jill Nystol via One Good Thing

Just put some jelly on one side of the sandwich, peanut on the other side and cut the crusts off the sides off the bread. Then grab a small cutting board and press the edges. There you have it – a sandwich that you can store. 

34. Cut Noodles With Scissors

Spaghetti and noodles are two dishes which are loved by everyone: kids and adults alike. However, the long noodles and spaghetti stick together, making the dish difficult to share at the dinner table. Though this trick might get controversial, you can try it.

Image: Molly Des Jardins via Flickr

Cut the noodles with a pair of scissors to create smaller pieces that are easy to serve up and share with everyone at the table. While it may look odd at first, this method really works and is really easy too.

35. Easy to Make Popsicles

Do you have kids screaming and yelling for snacks, but all you have is yogurt in the fridge? Worry not; this handy hack will save you. Simply transform yogurt jars into yummy popsicles, which will even be healthy too!

Image: The Kitchn

All you need to do is put a stick in the middle of the yogurt and keep it in the freezer for a couple of hours. You can always prepare some ahead of time, and store them in the freezer for a healthy and yummy snack.

36. Store Your Snacks in Coffee Filters

Instead of storing your snacks in plastic bags, try to opt for a much more environment-friendly option. But, this is not always possible. If you are a coffee drinker, this is where your long lost coffee filters can come in handy.

Image: Kimberly Harris via The Nourishing Gourmet

Switch the plastic bags for coffee filters. This will hold your small snack perfectly, plus they are better for the earth than plastic bags! Whoever thought of this amazing and handy hack sure deserves a medal. Try this useful trick next time you are about to grab a ziplock bag.

37. Elevate your Grilled Cheese Sandwich

If you love a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, plus you are a cheese aficionado, then this hack is for you. While PB&J sandwiches are super popular worldwide, next time, try to add jam to a grilled cheese sandwich.

Image: LF1MGaming via Twitter- @LF1MGaming

This is a jelly and grilled cheese sandwich. Once you are done grilling the cheese sandwich, simply add a layer of jelly to the top of it. The combination of jelly and cheese is something you will want to eat again.

38. Use Ice Cube Trays to Store and Hold Snacks

Ice cube trays are more useful than we thought. If you are using them just to store ice, then you are missing out on a lot of uses for the tray. Next time you have guests over, you can use ice cube trays to serve food.

Image: mommygaga.com/

If you are hosting a party and do not have enough dishes, then your handy ice cube trays can come to the rescue. Just divide the food using the ice cube trays and try to make them look festive too!

39. Split Your Black and White Cookies

Black and white cookies are really yummy, but sometimes it is tough to enjoy them to the fullest as both the flavors are mixed in a disproportionate way. There is a way to experience both the flavors at the same time.

Image: lalalalalooola via instagram.com

Just split the cookie in such a way that each bite contains both. This way, you will be able to experience both the black and white part of the cookie. Try this the next time you are eating a black and white cookie.

40. Freezing Gummy Bears

Gummy Bears are one of the most popular candies that have probably ever been invented. But, have you ever had frozen gummy bears? The next time you buy gummy bears, place a few of the candies in the freezer.

Image: beardsleymegan via instagram.com

They will become super soft and chewy, which will make the gummy bears taste even better. Though it might not seem like it, but this hack will change the gummy bear game completely. The kids will also love this new type of gummy bear!

41. Eating Donuts Upside Down

Who does not love donuts? Iced donuts and chocolate donuts are everyone’s favorites. But, it is the manner of eating donuts that matters. Eating a donut the “traditional” way might be okay, but eating them upside down is totally worthwhile.

Image: lindsaystephenson via instagram.com

You might wonder why you would eat a donut-like that? Well, the icing and chocolate hit your tongue way faster. This way, you will be able to enjoy the icing more. Ask your kids to try it too and see the difference in this experience.

42. Eating Cheetos with Chopsticks

Cheetos are probably the most popular chips of all the chip brands. This is because the taste of Cheetos is unparalleled. No other chips have been able to match up to Cheetos. Maybe the only drawback is the color it leaves all over your fingers.

Image: oscarisaacposts via Twitter- @oscarisaacposts

If you are a fan of Cheetos, the orange coloring it leaves on your fingers and the smell is something that no one really likes. To enjoy Cheetos without this staining, try to use chopsticks! It will solve all of your problems.

43. Combine cereals for maximum flavor

There are many cereal flavors on the market, but choosing the one you want might be confusing. There are some tastes you might prefer in one cereal, but other tastes in another brand of cereal. There is a solution to this too.

Image: willieleester via instagram.com

Take two cereal flavors and just mix them together every morning. This way, you will never have to settle for just one cereal anymore. You can just have whatever combination you like every morning. You will thank us for this handy hack.

44. Seasoning Your Ketchup

Though we always think of seasoning our food with salt, pepper or oregano, have you ever thought of seasoning your ketchup instead? While it may sound weird at first, but seasoning your ketchup makes much more sense than seasoning your food.

Image: woolywalkers via instagram.com

Plus, using this hack, you can make different types of ketchup flavors and try your food with all of them. After adding seasoning, the amount of extra flavor that will be in your food will be great. Try this the next time you maybe have french fries. 

45. Change your Nuggets Game

This is for all you McDonald’s chicken nugget lovers. Though these snacks are yummy to eat as it is, there is a way you can up your nugget game too. The next time you order them, take off the breaded part first.

Image: blkman via Instagram

Eat the breaded part first and then dip the chicken in the ketchup and eat it. While it may be sounding strange, once you try it you will not go back to eating your Mcdonald’s chicken nuggets the usual way!